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File 134263247892.png - (87.42KB , 1490x891 , NUyDC.png )
109935 No. 109935
Another Plush Maker served with a C&D.(real?fake?) Though technically WD didn't get one but this, we saw this one coming ya?

Hoppip also had a ton of his works on DA removed for copyright infringement.
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>> No. 109938
This is the person who made the infamous Lyra?
Can't say I'm surprised.
This is exactly the kind of thing I'd expect them to crack down on.
>> No. 109939
While I can't say I'm surprised if it actually is true... it doesn't seem real to me.
>> No. 109940
These are my thought exactly. Hoppip's been known to pull publicity stunts (Lyra was just that, and boy did it work), so I won't be surprised either way.
>> No. 109941
That's where I'm at. And if it is true I feel 'whatever' about it, honestly.
>> No. 109942
I actually didn't even know it was Hoppip that made *that* plush. Shameful. I for one am glad THAT plush was seemingly-officially spoken against by Hasbro; it's offensive and their characters deserve better.
>> No. 109943
I don't care either way about the silly plush, but I'm kinda with Hasbro, it shouldn't be associated with the company or publicized when a child or parent could accidentally stumble upon it.
If you want to sell things like that, do it under the table and whatnot.
>> No. 109945
The whole message seems really suspicious to me

For one thing, why would a legal person specifically mention lyra when its name isn't even copyrighted, and even if it was because they were offended, why did they ask to get the rest of my plushies taken down too?

If it was because I was selling them, why was I the only one targeted and why was there absolutely no mention of my previous ebay auctions?

And as someone on reddit pointed out ( ), the citations are completely irrelevant and have nothing to do with copyright, and the fax number doesn't even match the one on their website.

and since other people in this fandom have gotten similar things in the past, it probably wasn't very difficult to just spoof up an email that looks realistic.

tl;dr it looks really fake to me
>> No. 109947
doing stuff like this only generates more attention about it though, which I'm sure they want to avoid. If they're seen even interacting with it, it's the sort of thing that could easily leak to paranoid parent blogs and stuff like that, resulting in a loss of sales for them
>> No. 109953
I noticed that too, adressing a character that doesn't have a copyrighted name as such a name.

Hold on though... weren't they going to release a pony with some name like "Lyra Heartstrings"? I thought that was one of them coming out soon. Or was that just a rumor? I have no idea.
>> No. 109956
File 134264738624.jpg - (57.37KB , 600x600 , LyraHS_Brushie.jpg )
Lyra Heartstrings is indeed copyrighted
>> No. 109959
That could be it then... since Hoppip's plush bears an incredibly close countenance to the one on the box (assuming the vector on the box is also copywrighted) then they could call him out for copywright on that, but still even then they'd use the full name not just the first name.

Could be fake. Could be real. My guess is that this is fake.
>> No. 110034
It still seems very suspicious that if it was solely because of copyright reasons, why I'm the only one they went after.
>> No. 110035
They went after someone else a while ago with a C&D.... White Dove or someone? Damn why can't I remember. But you aren't the first. They're just slow.
>> No. 110039
but both of them gave good reason to get a cease and desist. white Dove had around 100 commissions posted which at the minimum would get her $30,000 and hoppip made a sex toy for a children's show.
>> No. 110040
My memory might be fuzzy on this, but wasn't whitedove shut down by DA for violating some site rule about selling licensed character merch and Hasbro had nothing to do with it?
>> No. 110041
>hoppip made a sex toy for a children's show.
I think you meant based on a character from a children's show.

To put it one way, you can make sex toys from official merch. Step 1: cut a hole in a box...
>> No. 110042
you know what i meant, no need to pick apart grammar. and there's a big difference between making a sex toy in the privacy of your own home and selling it publicly with the my little pony name attached to it
>> No. 110044
Hasbro did have something to do with it, but it wasn't an official C&D. They just requested that she remove advertising about her commissions from the site.
>> No. 110054

Because you made a sex doll that was widely discussed on the internet. Hasbro can ignore things up to a point, you crossed the line. Just like WD and her hundreds of commissions that she practically waved in Hasbro's faces. It's really not that hard to figure out.

I don't know who on Reddit decided these citations are "irrelevant" as they're sections directly out of the US Copyright Act that deal with registered copyright infringement and misleading people into thinking you're selling official merch. The attorney's fax number is wrong but only the last four numbers which simply infers she got a new machine or a new office in the same building on the same line. I would heed the warning.
>> No. 110058

& this also isn't a C&D, it's a more formal warning just like WD got. Take down your dA pics and lay low for a few months. I would detach yourself from that Lyra plush as much as possible too, change the name you sell any plush under from now on.
>> No. 110070
Yes, and grow a beard and change your e-mail too. Sarcasm

No need to run. Just lay low, and do your business through your e-mail, not through dA notes. You'll be fine.
>> No. 110079
They were taken down a few days ago. That's the main reason why this has suddenly come up, even though I got the email in the OP a few weeks ago.

I already do it through email.
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