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File 134078449850.jpg - (506.00KB , 1280x960 , 2012-06-27 15_34_02.jpg )
107375 No. 107375
I was busy shopping when I saw this gigantic set. I'm actually very surprised at seeing this thing. It's basically a recolour of the available train sets, but comes with RD, Twilight and Applebloom.

It's $45 AUD but with the big toy sale tomorrow I expect for it to be cheaper.
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>> No. 107377
Could you tell is Applebloom has a raised hoof or not?
>> No. 107381
It also comes with a smaller version of Fluttershy's nursery tree and a train station standee thing.
>> No. 107382
Whoa thanks for sharing! I really want to get my hands on this set. It has a yellow cat! Eeee! Too bad I live in the Netherlands, haha.
>> No. 107390
Also, I don't think the nursery tree is any different in size. I really like that little train station/house/thingy it looks so cute! It looks strangely familiar.
>> No. 107391
I love how it's Pinkie's train, but it doesn't come with Pinkie Pie. That just made me lol a bit, but it's still pretty cool.
>> No. 107392
Raised hoof AB, why. D:
>> No. 107395
The MLP logo on the engine is painted. The US release doesn't have it painted.

Now then, will we get this new deluxe train set in the US?
>> No. 107430
it look like this include a pice of card board to use like an station... maybe.... could be just decoration of the box who never get to the toy
>> No. 107564
File 134095334196.png - (1.97MB , 1280x959 , deluxe train set.png )
Small world, I guess! I saw and immediately bought this set at my local Big W yesterday. Here's a couple of quick photographs, sorry for the low quality - it comes with Dash, walking pose Twilight and walking pose Applebloom. The nursery tree is the same size as the one in Fluttershy's set, just a lighter colour and without any paint on the flowers. The engine pictured in OP's post has yellow wheels like the one that comes in the regular set - I made sure to get the orange wheels recolour in my set.

For any international bronies that are thinking of getting this set, shipping is going to be a real drain. The box is 38x50x10 cm (15x20x4 inches) and weighs approximately 2kg (4.4lbs). You might want to hold off on the impulse purchases to see if it gets released in other countries as well.
>> No. 107566
File 134095372215.png - (1.64MB , 1919x480 , deluxe train set 2.png )
The train station is just a flat piece of cardboard that you fold the sides and bottom over to give it something to stand up on. The door and the window are perforated and can be opened. It also comes with a map of equestria and three tickets, and a sheet of stickers that you stick on the tracks and the dashboard of the engine. The tracks have indents and the instructions tell you where to put each sticker. The deluxe set comes with 10 track pieces, as opposed to the standard set's 7 pieces - there's an extra corner and two straight lengths. The deluxe set is missing the little blue caboose from the regular set, though.
>> No. 107610
I really like this set! I can only imagine the fun my little sister and I will have when we combine both the train sets, haha.
>> No. 107612
I'll wait for a US release. Even if you have the train already, if this is around $40 total then it'd be worth it for the extra track and the 2 cars, which are scarce anyway and these are recolored.
>> No. 107662
The RRP of the regular train set is $40 here in Australia, and I bought the deluxe set for $44, so I consider it to be great value for the extra ponies, cars and track pieces.
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