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The old plushie general has been archived.

This is the new one! All things plushie go here - tips, advice, critique, advertising, general questions, etc. etc. Let's try to keep the random threads from popping up and be organized, like Twilight Sparkle would want!

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>> No. 132802
is this supposed to be dərpy? Dərpy has yellow eyes just so you know

File 130499818745.jpg - (120.20KB , 472x1072 , deus_ex.jpg )
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We get several threads a day about this topic so I thought I'd make a general for it.

All questions about the proper styling of pony hair and all tutorials for it should go in here.
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>> No. 132064
What kind of seal coat/spray was it? I've used a brush on one on a Celestia custom, but it yellowed her a small bit.

File 141711133145.jpg - (268.48KB , 1000x1000 , Ponymania-Talking-Queen-Chrysalis-Packaging.jpg )
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Ok, so i just got a Pony Mania "Talking" Chrysalis... She's not talking at all. Only laughs and some sound effect. I'm from the Netherlands, so i guess i got a European version...but i can't find info on it. I was hoping there would be a hidden switch somewhere to turn on the voice, but can't find any. So is there any info on her voice being removed in the EU version?? This sucks cause it's the best thing about the figure :(
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>> No. 132806
and are you sure the american version speak?

the nightmare moon talk, but she doesnt have lines from the show or anything.
>> No. 132807

Yeah, the US-version has like 4 or 5 extra lines. I guess the other versions they didn't want to translate, so they just removed them.
>> No. 132808
>wears socks

File 141566962908.png - (362.99KB , 749x768 , 001.png )
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I wasn't sure if this is where I should post this but I just finished the designs for 6 My Little Pony inspired posters I'm making on 11x17" cardstock. I'm going to get them printed in limited quantities and sell them at a high school swap meet ^,^ What do you guys think?
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>> No. 132799
File 141645735117.png - (4.97MB , 1920x2560 , p1.png )
Check em out!
>> No. 132800
File 141645753046.png - (4.01MB , 2560x1536 , p2.png )
>> No. 132803
File 141672137740.png - (261.50KB , 900x900 , twilight_sparkle_seal_of_approval_by_ahumeniy-d4p69ku.png )

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File 141671451993.png - (238.82KB , 900x567 , mane 6 (2).png )
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I want to know where I can buy merch in Brisbane QLD Australia
Pic completely unrelated

File 141634679651.jpg - (26.12KB , 500x372 , 41z05m+BLyL.jpg )
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Been a while. Had to drop out of the Pony scene for quite some time and had to sell off every last piece of my collection. But now I'm financially stable (somewhat) and am looking to build a small, modest collection. Nothing spectacular or life consuming, but a single solitary shelf housing ponies amidst Godzilla and my video games.

Anyway, enough babbling.

I'm currently looking for the small molded figures that came with the MLP Monopoly game. Probably a long shot but if anyone is willing to part with them at a reasonable price, I'd love to re-start my mini pony army with them.

File 141624479599.gif - (480.29KB , 250x142 , fish_custard.gif )
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Hey, I know it's a bit early for a Christmas thread, but I need help. I need to find really cool pony merchandise for under $10. I want something neat for my brother, but I don't want to break the bank. Any ideas?
>> No. 132796

Check all the usual sites (Hot topic, Toys R Us, FYE, etc.) on Black Friday & Cyber Monday. I guarantee you'll find some wicked sales & probably something cool for under $10.
>> No. 132797
I maybe take a look to megabloks products, because they have a discount until today.

File 139758748129.jpg - (67.78KB , 704x869 , elements.jpg )
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Hello all! I'm not certain is anyone remembers me, as I used to post custom holographic series 1 cards back in the day. I recently became enlightened with an idea as I'm a Rarity cosplayer myself and wanted the my element to adorn my cosplay and thought... why not do the rest? Now that I finally have them as I want them... I bring you the Elements of Harmony!

They are reflective and just gorgeous. So excited :O!

If anyone else is interested I have them available here:

(I also have the Discord/Twilight friendship necklace. When I viewed that episode I just had to :x)

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 13:41

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>> No. 132341

Yeah, that was disheartening. Still iconic though :)
>> No. 132392
These are also available on my Etsy page for those that prefer Etsy over storenvy:
>> No. 132794

File 141127000087.jpg - (64.32KB , 900x675 , Flutterbat Onlyfactory.jpg )
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Seems that lots of Onlyfactory-produced plushes have made their way onto eBay.

I ordered myself a Flutterbat, not only because it's pretty damn accurate for a plush, but I have no idea if any more of them are going to be produced.
>> No. 132791
File 141601317160.jpg - (76.45KB , 594x412 , 92045_900.jpg )

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 17:59

>> No. 132792
File 141602476421.jpg - (92.03KB , 720x540 , IMG_0304.jpg )
I got 23" of a dragon.
you could even call it a good dragon.

File 141492847581.jpg - (489.19KB , 595x900 , poorly_made_in_china1.jpg )
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I have been looking for a good pony plushy but the ones sold in stores are made in People's Republic of China, given their track record are there any plushies not made in that country?
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>> No. 132785
almost everything is made on china.
>> No. 132786

Unless you get a plush from a custom US maker, no, they're all made in china.

( a quick search on ebay shows all the plushes can be bought directly from the factories even. My 10" legit TY Rarity came right from Hong kong. )
>> No. 132790
File 141598482349.jpg - (795.04KB , 3264x2448 , NCM_0021.jpg )

I personally got mine from:

Here's a picture taken from a long time ago.

File 141574876705.jpg - (1.39MB , 3264x2448 , IMG_4235.jpg )
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I'm starting to sell my collection on eBay if anyone is interested - I have low prices for the Funkos.
More things will be added slowly throughout the week

File 141453687800.jpg - (43.89KB , 751x564 , FDM10002.jpg )
132779 No. 132779 [View]
Estimated to Arrive
December 2014
Our Price: $214.99
>> No. 132780
forgot links
>> No. 132781
their much better quality than those icky TY versions... i have the pinki pie and wingless twilight already
>> No. 132782
For each person which buy one of this $210 sets.

I gain 10 cents not tax free.

So that is why the commercial.

File 141444848313.jpg - (1.92MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
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So this is the $5 Us alternative for EG dolls?
This exist on the U.S. Or are done just for South America so they get in the really cheap market?

It look like a giant version of something McDonald's would do.
>> No. 132775
File 141444872395.jpg - (1.60MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
I mean, for fluttershy and pinkie pie you could say "it is a half ass cheap alternative, which shoulders are not even in ball joints and who knows if they even have legs., but is cheap and it represent the character close enough.

Last edited at Mon, Oct 27th, 2014 15:29

>> No. 132776
File 141444890083.jpg - (1.68MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
But rainbow dash just show a new level of cheapness, her hair is totally blue.
They couldn't slept a red and yellow line on the hair at least....

I know the line is supposed to be cheap, but is cheap using short cuts, and there is cheat just don't caring at all.

Wonder how the disney dolls after 2016 will look like.

File 141289755297.jpg - (37.74KB , 500x500 , AstronautMLPFakies.jpg )
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Just when you thought the Rambo Pinkie was bad enough.
>> No. 132770

Reveser-serch brings me here:

"After debuting at the My Little Pony Hasbro Custom Show during New York Comic Con 2011, Sucklord is finally releasing his killer Star Bronies resin figure! These My Little Pony kitbashed figures look seriously fantastic. Who knew ponies could travel in space!?! Hand painted by The Super Sucklord’s special lady friend Sam, this cute little spacefarer comes with a removable helmet and tail.

The Star Bronies Resin Figure by Sucklord stands 3 ¾” tall and is limited to just 20 pieces. Each figure comes in re-sealable clear clamshell packaging, a first for a Sucklord release, with a two sided-printed card insert. This bad boy went on sale yesterday, Wednesday, August 27th, at the Suckadelic online store for $85 and sold out almost immediately upon release. But have no fear, as the Sucklord will be releasing more Star Bronies colorways soon!"

shame this one was so limited... I hope their new line is cheaper. I'd love one!
>> No. 132771
this have to be really limited, or hasbro will jump on them and chop their heads off

File 141019931668.jpg - (1.52MB , 2092x3051 , DSCN7590.jpg )
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Mane 6 themed tart candles and original art, currently of Fluttershy, Pinkie, Queen Chrysalis, Princess Celestia and Luna:
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>> No. 132719
File 141072088247.jpg - (5.59MB , 3240x4320 , DSCN7617.jpg )
23 hours left on everyone besides Cadence
>> No. 132755
File 141212165312.jpg - (518.49KB , 1940x1742 , Cadence.jpg )
I tried to make Cadence's head but it looks a little dərpy
Also added shadows to mane, tones are based on it's colors (ex: violet is darker than pink, pink is darker than yellow) the mane looks like it's floating too
>> No. 132768
I like it, good work!

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