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File 136172383413.png - (270.74KB , 1166x1506 , discord_purchases_fluttershy_by_mattyhex-d4b7rlu.png )
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The old plushie general has been archived.

This is the new one! All things plushie go here - tips, advice, critique, advertising, general questions, etc. etc. Let's try to keep the random threads from popping up and be organized, like Twilight Sparkle would want!

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File 140326233675.jpg - (336.31KB , 1600x1257 , flutt.jpg )
Fluttershy plushie - starting bid: $1!

File 130499818745.jpg - (120.20KB , 472x1072 , deus_ex.jpg )
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We get several threads a day about this topic so I thought I'd make a general for it.

All questions about the proper styling of pony hair and all tutorials for it should go in here.
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>> No. 132064
What kind of seal coat/spray was it? I've used a brush on one on a Celestia custom, but it yellowed her a small bit.

File 140041880497.jpg - (73.61KB , 1024x394 , discord___full_color_3d_print_by_uncommented-d5y4xe2.jpg )
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With Discord playing a prominent role in season 4, when will we see an official Discord figure?
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>> No. 132614
i guess is fine. i mean, it will be imposible to ask for a bigger version.
at least it should keep the price tag really closely.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 26th, 2014 12:36

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File 140643596053.jpg - (134.11KB , 900x1208 , discordplush.jpg )
I need a brushable discord so I can comb his beard.
>> No. 132643
File 140665861443.jpg - (65.38KB , 550x408 , image.jpg )
You think discord was going to be bigger?
The rest of the ponies in the small blind bag line at just reductions of bigger figures. And the discord here isn't just a reduction of the other discrod that we are going to get?

You think it was changed later or something? Why they didn't just reuse the same mold for the small one?

File 140657648700.jpg - (1.36MB , 2592x1456 , WP_20140728_15_21_23_Pro.jpg )
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I got my Mane-iac today, so I thought I would give you guys some size comparisons.

This first one is next to a normal brushable size pony.
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>> No. 132638
That line is horrible.
>> No. 132640

Yeah it really is, but she looks GREAT from the side.
>> No. 132642
Woah nelly. For fifty bucks they couldn't even make the seam less noticeable? I guess they were anticipating people keeping them MIB.
I think I'll reconsider where I toss my money on this one.

File 140658464533.jpg - (127.14KB , 563x676 , WIN_20140728_145338.jpg )
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I have a Coco Pommel card for something different
>> No. 132634
File 140658967622.jpg - (7.15KB , 200x154 , 7ab.jpg )
>trade Coco Pommel
Are You High?!
>> No. 132635
I have multiples
>> No. 132639

File 140150716776.jpg - (1.62MB , 3264x2448 , pony collection.jpg )
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How much pony merch can I have before I become a pony?
>> No. 132446
I forgot this website censors the f word lol
>> No. 132447
Hasbro reccomend getting all of it.
>> No. 132615
that makes it even better

File 140372712667.jpg - (23.47KB , 540x380 , Maneiac.jpg )
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Found via dollienews. Looks like EqG will have an exclusive this year.

Thoughts? Speculations? Any word on the Funko exclusives?
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>> No. 132604
I haven't

it really depends? MLP Fair has always had it's own exclusive (it used to be totally separate and different than the SDCC one).

What is "worth it" to me is totally different than for you :) I honestly wouldn't have bought it had it not been for the fact that I was actually at the fair and was able to for-sure secure it for myself. I also told myself that when I finally get to go to the fair (and any other times I get to go) I'd for sure get the exclusive figure no matter what it was.

I do think she's super cool! I think for SDCC she's a great fit, based on the episode being a comic. She's also HUGE, so the price-point is (slightly) justified. Would I have been happier if it was a brushable, "art" pony (like they used to make)? Yes of course. But for the memory of getting her, and liking the episode she's in, it was worth it to me.

You might be able to get it after the con on the Hasbro website for price-tag. I think they had DJ on there for a while last year?
>> No. 132605
To answer my own question, sort of? Nothing we haven't already seen.

Something tells me Hasbro didn't ok that.
>> No. 132606
of course it isnt, but it falls under "parody".
so that is why they cant do anything, is just a pink horse which share some stuff with pinkie pie, but it isnt call pinkie pie, the hair is sligtly different, and they are done in a small amount.

File 140573338812.jpg - (148.82KB , 1600x900 , $_57.jpg )
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Welp if I don't sell my stuff I won't be making rent, so here goes everything onto auctions.

Brushable lot (including Twilight Sparkle and Sweetie Belle with bangs)

Funko Pony lot (Twilight Sparkle, Trixie and Fluttershy)
>> No. 132596

File 140589405839.jpg - (1.80MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
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What is your opinion on this?
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>> No. 132593
File 140589539177.jpg - (2.13MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
>> No. 132594

Based on the currency conversion rate, it looks like they'll be $6-$8 when they make it too the U.S.
They might be fun for making OC customs from the bases... but that's about it. :l
I DO really want that model of Sugarcube corner though, that'll be good to house brushables in.
>> No. 132595
they could be cheaper.
normaly everything is expensier here.
normal brusheables cost $79Mx to $89Mx
while in the us are $5

Last edited at Sun, Jul 20th, 2014 21:22

File 136794010039.jpg - (115.66KB , 1171x683 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 132416
Re listed here:
>> No. 132419
File 140009942186.jpg - (134.23KB , 640x1136 , image.jpg )
50 trading card lot:

2014 Complete 8 unopened McDonalds pony set:
>> No. 132588
File 140574370856.jpg - (940.98KB , 1730x1910 , image.jpg )
For sale:

File 140548024812.jpg - (182.15KB , 960x960 , 619271__safe_equestria+girls_doll_rainbow+rocks_spoiler-colon-rainbow+rocks_sonata+dusk_aria+bla.jpg )
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I will hate myself for this.
but im going to post this because you could want to see it.
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>> No. 132575
File 140549074964.gif - (86.87KB , 500x650 , dirk_strider_chibi_by_xxjaninexx-d4sxy0u.gif )
those glasses look familiar
>> No. 132576

Wait a minute...... Don't their wings look a bit like Changelings? o-o

Maybe That's why they're villains? They're the real-world Changelings.
>> No. 132577
i think they are just butterfly wings.
because they are pretty.

and like the supposed synopsis say in the movie that twilight will be back, probably could be just changelings too.

File 140546870233.jpg - (5.77KB , 150x200 , untitled_by_derpncheez-d7qtx4t.jpg )
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Hi Everyone!

I'm offering a homemade, one of a kind costume made by SophieCabra! This awesome full bodied costume is perfect to wear at parties, conventions, and events! It has only been worn twice, once at an earlier Bronycon and the other to take the photos! It is very lightly used and ready to go to a new home! Get it now before Bronycon and I can ship it asap for you to wear there!

The costume includes:

Head - One Size fits Most / Up to 25"/ Vision is out of the eye
Body - Up to 6' 5" and 250 lbs / Arms up to 32" in length

Tail and hands attached! Hands come with hidden snappable slots to free your hands when needed!

Feet - Fit up to size 15 Mens
>> No. 132574
OMG, she is too cute! Shame you have to sell her though.... :c

Good luck with your sale!

File 140415763196.jpg - (477.46KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_20140630_204203.jpg )
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Hey I've got some blind bag ponies I'm looking to sell, all wave 1/2 from 2010 and 2011

With card/opened bag: Pinkie Pie, Roseluck, Tealove, Rainbow Dash

Loose, no card/bag: Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack

I would prefer to ship to those in the UK, willing to ship to USA as well. Anyone interested?

EDIT: sorry the pics a bit blurry

Last edited at Mon, Jun 30th, 2014 12:47

>> No. 132542
What are you asking for the tealove?
>> No. 132543
$15 including postage?
>> No. 132567
No thanks.

File 139101074246.jpg - (659.62KB , 999x1338 , 535627.jpg )
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That's right, More rip-offs of EQG dolls are popping up like wildfire, And it's both funny and awful at the same time.
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>> No. 132504
The wondrous world of bootlegging!
>> No. 132508
File 140341812159.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , cute smile flutteryshy.png )
i just wanted to say, this thread is really, really rather funny c:
>> No. 132566
File 140547311988.png - (41.74KB , 223x327 , top lel.png )

File 140522743681.jpg - (31.65KB , 752x564 , DMC12193.jpg )
132562 No. 132562 [View]
Remember long ago the Diamons select figures that got leak?

it was fluttershy and rarity.

now BigBadToystore have applejack in preorder.

and im happy this are like $20, and if i remember correctly, they are massive, so it is a good price.

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