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Hello everyone! This is the board for Ponychan's serial threads and subcommunities.
Generally, a serial thread will be remade after it hits the autosage limit or falls of the first page (unless a given thread has some other standard for it).
The Serial Directory has been removed since it was heavily outdated. If you'd like to look for a thread, you can find it in the catalog page, or if you make a new thread, feel free to post a link here.
If you're new, or would like to check out other threads, most threads are pretty welcoming of new people.
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>> No. 1639367
Newest clean hay

File 141650905128.png - (188.84KB , 644x569 , tumblr_neyjv858TE1r3r84uo1_1280.png )
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Oh you don't want this thread, it was posted on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.
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>> No. 1660877
File 141676134595.png - (707.41KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-11-20-08h34m02s220.png )

Good morning sempai~!
>> No. 1660880
File 141676159191.gif - (1.28MB , 273x198 , 1389593500919.gif )
"The best way to succeed in life is to act on the advice you give to others" -List 2014
>> No. 1660881
File 141676164118.gif - (580.31KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mtc8n93I6I1rck5tco1_500.gif )
First acolyte/priest (healer).
Later I started playing Hunter for the longest time and even became Sniper eventually and played that for the longest time.

However then I started to love Alchemist/Creator and when they got the possibility to brew their own (so damn cute) homunculi and even were able to program their artificial intelligence with scripting.. they became my favourite class.

File 141650589108.jpg - (48.02KB , 799x614 , twitired.jpg )
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Sometimes you wanna ask people how they're doing so badly that there's just no time for sleep. Let's stay up until we hallucinate.

Old Thread: >>1651972
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>> No. 1660872
File 141676083543.png - (308.35KB , 405x569 , Jolly Ringworm.png )
It's a new in-game application that lets you catch Pokemon differently. It's actually really cool..

See, every now and then you'll physically see a Pokemon rustling in the grass and if you lightly press on the control stick you can creep up on it. DexNav focuses on this feature, but also allows you to search by Pokemon in that region - thus making that particular Pokemon more likely to appear in this way - and it gives you information on what you're sneaking up on and the possibility for rare variations. The more of that Pokemon you encounter, the more information you get and the better the chances of finding something rare. Egg Moves, Hidden Abilities, IVs, and even held items can be obtained this way.

The only thing it doesn't seem to tell you is nature, which is a pity, but it seems you're more likely to get a complementary nature using this method anyway. Not to mention you could probably fix that with a synchronizer. I actually just used it last night to catch a ton of Synchronize Ralts so I can try and use that approach myself.
>> No. 1660874
File 141676117969.png - (172.30KB , 849x941 , 131395990220.png )
That IS pretty sweet. Definitely makes some things easier,anyway
>> No. 1660879
File 141676153387.png - (194.41KB , 500x500 , 19702__safe_surprise_artist-b0nbon.png )
Oh for sure!
You can only get a max of three IVs (unless more features unlock when you encounter enough of that Pokemon) so you still need to breed to get that perfect 5iv beast but this makes it so that every Pokemon can be obtained with three IVs making it much easier to create a competitive team.

File 141592205710.jpg - (156.85KB , 1500x1000 , EMBLEM 3.jpg )
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Welcome stranger, comrades and lurkers alike!

This is The Order of The Insomniacs, ready to accept and entertain the newest of people to the oldest of legends. Packed with exciting daily madness, your dose of unhinged chaos and of course the magical aura of this thing we call 'friendship'.

So why not introduce yourself? Make a few friends, relieve yourself of chronic boredom or even just chat along! There's a lot of oppurtunities to start up a conversation, so don't be shy! Whether be it spontaneous roleplay or your usual babbling, anything goes.

And remember, treat everyone with respect and maintain your manners.

Have a great day!
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>> No. 1660770
File 141675054397.jpg - (54.26KB , 600x600 , Matsuba_(Pokémon)_600_982527.jpg )
I apologies for passing out often in the middle of conversations ..
52 hour work week just started and I'm already a wreck.
>> No. 1660849
File 141675781099.jpg - (41.46KB , 500x357 , salsa-01.jpg )
Nov 22 2014 - Nevar forget
>> No. 1660878
File 141676143379.jpg - (52.35KB , 439x600 , Matsuba_(Pokémon)_600_980063.jpg )
You know reading back through the thread, it just sounds like you all want to fuck that monkey from Eartbound.
Bunch of monkey fuckers.

File 141501152897.jpg - (115.88KB , 432x335 , 02956d238f74c0dd6c3186b322d3f5b4.jpg )
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Because you're all a bunch of fgt's and we probably won't hit auto sage before christmas have an early seasonal themed thread.

Thread theme -

Story time from some random fgt's on the internet -


Fuck hannakuh and kwanza this is Christmas the most capitalistic holiday of the year. Now let the thread orgies commence!
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>> No. 1660294
File 141671364263.jpg - (94.40KB , 500x542 , 139162596517.jpg )
very fortunate!
>> No. 1660716
File 141673207938.jpg - (99.00KB , 599x590 , 1415896294154.jpg )

what about you
you get anything interesting
>> No. 1660873
File 141676090020.jpg - (54.35KB , 582x765 , 1416676900287.jpg )

File 140070411815.png - (375.34KB , 894x894 , TKC emblem toppled.png )
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For those that remember: Welcome back!

For those that do not:

Does the party not stop until you arrive?
Does your arrival inspire crickets to play their song in loud approval?
Does your mind just cease to function whenever you're faced with those strange "other people"?
Well be welcome regardless of the answer, there's bleach and more, a general thread in the widest sense of the word.
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>> No. 1654209
File 141635391176.png - (2.84MB , 1920x1080 , 495102__safe_spike_sad_dragon_rain_skeleton_egg_artist-colon-assasinmonkey.png )
I still think of you. I miss you.
>> No. 1654222
File 141635446905.gif - (4.62MB , 420x420 , octopus dreams of nautical sheep.gif )
>> No. 1660854
File 141675859157.jpg - (21.39KB , 202x204 , k4-139162362943.jpg )
>mia faccia quando it's not kill yet

File 138927412335.png - (85.25KB , 422x287 , Fillychan.png )
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Welcome to Fillychan, where everything Filly, Funtasia, or both, is what it’s all about. Whether you’re having high expectations for the show, are interested in learning more about it, or are just a random bypasser, we wish you welcome.

It’s basically a serial thread at Ponychan, and not really its own forum or board. For those who are primarily experienced with 4chan or general forums, quick step introductions are at >>1017061, and other than that, you’re free to post here and try to talk about whatever you find fitting.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 9th, 2014 06:31

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>> No. 1658113
As of the 15th or 16th, I've been on Ponychan for three years straight. A lot has changed since 2011, both for me and the site.

And I've got a job. Or at least something resembling a job. It involves a public neighbourhood café, where I shall sort out their food storage shelves, which I consider myself very good at. One day a week, three hour day. Since there's no pay, and I have to take the bus to get there, I actually lose money by working there. But still, sorting things is possibly what I'm best at in life.

>Your fic's continuing well! Skundi "overcoming" Nordic accents made me laugh.
Thanks! Progress has been slow for the last two days due to a writer's traffic jam where I've had problems finding stuff for Cedric to do until dinner on Day 1, but it goes forward all the same. In contrast, I had such an overflow of ideas for the Human-in-Funtasia part that I had to move planned stuff to later days in the story to avoid a massive overweight of the HiF parts of the story.

I'm 4.8K through a story I'm estimating to end up at the very least at 15K, possibly longer depending on the fic's endgame.

>Small note (though I know you're not after 100% accuracy): I'm a lucid dreamer and always know when I'm dreaming. Thought it was normal for most of my childhood.
I can't claim to have expected that of you. People on /oat/ back in the days almost universally treated lucid dreaming as something they had to actively practice/train to achieve. I've given the line to Raichu' now, in case that would be preferrable, though that leaves you at the time I write this as a silent party in the "Listing up brain- and location-swaps in pop culture" conversation.
>> No. 1659437
File 141667063118.jpg - (59.44KB , 700x525 , ButterflyTree.jpg )
Vid of the McDonalds toys was posted on Club Filly:

And a Filly magazine with free reindeer sled has been posted! I think he's named Romy? Why can't those magazines come here...

>And I've got a job. Or at least something resembling a job. It involves a public neighbourhood café, where I shall sort out their food storage shelves, which I consider myself very good at. One day a week, three hour day. Since there's no pay, and I have to take the bus to get there, I actually lose money by working there. But still, sorting things is possibly what I'm best at in life.
Shame you're not making money for it, but that's still positive! Congrats!

>>Small note (though I know you're not after 100% accuracy): I'm a lucid dreamer and always know when I'm dreaming. Thought it was normal for most of my childhood.
>I can't claim to have expected that of you. People on /oat/ back in the days almost universally treated lucid dreaming as something they had to actively practice/train to achieve.
Yeah, that in itself is pretty weird to me. When I spoke to other kids as a child and asked "you know how, when you're dreaming, you always know it's a dream?" they'd say yes, so I just went with that. Was once on medication that stopped me lucid dreaming and THAT was really disorientating as I'd struggle to remember what had actually happened and what I'd just dreamt. Don't know how people manage with that!
>> No. 1660739
File 141673629313.png - (635.97KB , 742x448 , MirrorNet is spreading out.png )
>Vid of the McDonalds toys was posted on Club Filly:
I liked how Ronja's wheels was made to spin out to the right for no particular reason. The circle movement seemed far too wide to be an intentional circle.

When I saw the intro to the video, I thought "How did I miss this video? I'm subscribing to that guy just for Filly, soda and Disney Fairies!". After I found that the video was made before I subscribed to him, I saw the like-dislike bar, saw a fairly large dislike amount and thought "Ugh, it's going to be one of those comments sections...". But I was surprised again, as the main complaint in the comments was that one of the Happy Meals he ordered came with a green salad.

>I think he's named Romy? Why can't those magazines come here...
The name seems pretty correct. But regarding the magazine, I live in a country that at least has the main Filly magazine, and it doesn't offer much value for the money. £6 for a 30-page magazine and a small toy. Its main saving throw is that every edition comes with a German comic, which the Norwegian FiM magazine conspiciously lacked.

Though its value is probably reduced further in that the main magazine doesn't appear to cover rare or state-of-the-art new characters, so there's that.

>Shame you're not making money for it, but that's still positive! Congrats!

File 140980907549.png - (307.95KB , 378x524 , 134527094353.png )
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Hey there, fellow Planeswalkers. Whether casual or competitive, paper or digital, legacy or modern, Magic: the Gathering is a hugely popular phenomenon that's been breaking banks since the 90s. Its most recent block, Theros, is the highest seller they've ever had, and all the side products they've been releasing lately have been really popular, too. So...isn't it about time we had a thread for planeswalkers?

This is an open invitation to talk about anything going on in your own Magic realms. Excited for the new set? Trying out a new deck? Need help refining your deck for FNM or an upcoming tournament? Want to find people to play with online? Did you make up some custom cards you want to share with people? Post it all, let's see how many people we can wrangle on in here!
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>> No. 1659866
So, the new Commander decks have been out for a bit now. Any one else grab them?
>> No. 1659911
I'll be trying to look for the red one. but that's stupidly popular thaks to Wurmcoil Engine et al, so i'll have to dig deep for even one at msrp.

Bro wants either Ob Nixilis or Nahiri, and is leaving the choice up to me. but I CAN'T CHOOSE
>> No. 1659921
Nahiri needs a lot of work to bring it up to speed. Ob Nixilis is weird to play, tbh.

I like the green and red ones the best.

File 139957046468.png - (236.59KB , 700x500 , AppleDashGoBOOM.png )
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Are you looking for a thread about the two most based ponies of all time?Are you looking for a thread that's all about having a good time? Are you?? Well, look no further. I present to you the AppleDash thread! A thread that's all about ponies, games, friends, life, and sometimes witches. Take a load off, and join us in appreciating these two badass ponies. YA HEARD!
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>> No. 1658693
File 141662545941.png - (231.71KB , 614x629 , HELP HELP I'M BEING REPRESSED.png )
>> No. 1658781
File 141662890189.jpg - (69.75KB , 500x589 , haters_gonna_hate.jpg )
>> No. 1659417
File 141666959895.png - (217.08KB , 940x1032 , beep_beep_im_a_cloud.png )

File 141623326233.png - (179.82KB , 927x940 , SS_252.png )
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Howdy! How are things going? Doesn't matter what your answer is, we're here to listen. Unless we're asleep. But we're usually here.

Expect lots of sunshine and moderate chocolate

Old Thread: >>1646753
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>> No. 1656662
Guess that's my cue to drop. Cheers.
>> No. 1656673
That's just the danger of them fancy words boy.

>why we bother?
'Cause most people are scared as fuck of the alternative.
>> No. 1656676
You one delusional muthafucka. Would you like for some creepy ass guy to eat your kids? Huh?

File 141623764235.jpg - (235.26KB , 1600x696 , homeland_security_by_undyingnephalim-d6rmc79.jpg )
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I don't know what I'm supposed to put here, aside from this link:

So, new thread! Gotta love that new thread smell...
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>> No. 1656711
File 141650778769.jpg - (11.50KB , 288x306 , protip.jpg )
>> No. 1656714
File 141650784149.gif - (61.82KB , 275x200 , 40153-I-know-I-have-a-gif-for-this-s-Q0MH.gif )
>mia faccia quando
>> No. 1656752
New thread

File 141567106953.png - (207.97KB , 1208x1035 , Cutest fluttershy point ever(1).png )
1640564 No. 1640564 [View] [Last 50 posts]
the safest and most active board. c:

hi ponies! i was just wondering... what are all of your threads about? Maybe, you can share a little about each of your lovely /gala/ threads, and tell us all a little about yourself.

i am thinking, it might be nice to have some more interaction between threads in a new thread... and eventually, expand back out into new threads, while still posting and enjoying your gala homes.

does that sound like a fun idea, maybe?
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>> No. 1653807
File 141633758238.jpg - (82.84KB , 397x700 , 140107235591.jpg )
no you don't
>> No. 1655703
File 141644510442.png - (22.93KB , 521x385 , 91882__safe_rule%252B63_sad_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice.png )
>> No. 1655922
File 141645557361.jpg - (97.07KB , 500x500 , 5ad6b32130d556d3d4f8dc394e4816cc.jpg )
would you like the last say?

File 141594208705.png - (91.22KB , 850x750 , nomnom.png )
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>> No. 1652023

A lot of these were pre-order bonuses, which is understandable, but not all of them.
>> No. 1652024
Make a new thread before I burst with rage


Also pay attention to your steam messages
>> No. 1652026

I made the thing?

File 141596424341.jpg - (86.14KB , 720x540 , Darla_Dimple.jpg )
1646753 No. 1646753 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Gonna make your momma proud!

Welcome to the HAY thread. Come on in and tell us how you're doing, talk to your buddies... but no matter what you do, just remember to do it big and loud!

Old thread over here:
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>> No. 1651969
File 141623294981.png - (1.21MB , 902x975 , SSC_285.png )

I wish there were something I could do to help
>> No. 1651970
File 141623313219.jpg - (162.07KB , 879x1024 , SS_322.jpg )
It's the mess I made, and I have to clean it up.
>> No. 1651973
New Thread:

File 141568021854.png - (2.40MB , 3200x2400 , 130343925987.png )
1640936 No. 1640936 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello there.

I'd like to welcome you to the latest iteration of The Story Thread. Take a seat, say hi, read some stories if you like, but y'all best behave yourselves now. And remember to have fun every now and then. Not too much fun, though, that's just silly.

Got some stories below, take a look:
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>> No. 1646533
File 141594241222.png - (118.94KB , 289x310 , 132620095872.png )
The best part? It's completely not sinister at all.
Pffft! Haha!
>> No. 1646774
>> No. 1647656
Crimmy can't have energy drinks anymore. They make me sick, and been the cause of issues health wise with my dad.

Oh and yeah, so my dad had to have a test done... We hope the results don't come back saying he has cancer.

So uh... Hi.. What's up? I'm on a phone so I might miss someone saying hi

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