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File 139665110156.gif - (1.85MB , 764x526 , 559236__safe_twilight+sparkle_animated_princess+twilight_cute_eating_messy_loop_spoiler-colon-s0.gif )

File 139831394375.jpg - (66.79KB , 713x525 , 0a5.jpg )
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Jimmy Wales needs your $3.50. Coincidentally, so does the GNOME Project, they're pretty damn near broke.

Anywho, welcome to the HAY thread! Come in, we don't bite! And if the old ponys start round-table discussion again, just tell them they should be less round-table discussiony, because that's not what this thread is about

Old thread:
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>> No. 1308761
File 139841849160.png - (214.78KB , 2000x2437 , 137876731740.png )

I 'unno...
>> No. 1308762

It is, you should watch some sometime!
>> No. 1308765
File 139841862599.png - (323.77KB , 773x713 , 138994648982.png )



File 139824972433.jpg - (71.81KB , 609x630 , Twi hai.jpg )
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This is the story thread!
We talk and write stories.... occasionally... hardly ever... okay you got me.
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File 139841847231.jpg - (25.25KB , 250x250 , image.jpg )
Planing on staying up until it's time for your errands?....
>> No. 1308763

Might not have to do errands... starting to feel bad actually...

Which in this case is good, the past few errands have just been going to help my sister get her daughter ready for school.
>> No. 1308764
File 139841859619.png - (144.12KB , 1080x802 , 1358005291328.png )
Yeaaah, good luck with that. There's very little that'd do the trick.

Unfortunately not. Sorry.

File 138927412335.png - (85.25KB , 422x287 , Fillychan.png )
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Welcome to Fillychan, where everything Filly, Funtasia, or both, is what it’s all about. Whether you’re having high expectations for the show, are interested in learning more about it, or are just a random bypasser, we wish you welcome.

It’s basically a serial thread at Ponychan, and not really its own forum or board. For those who are primarily experienced with 4chan or general forums, quick step introductions are at >>1017061, and other than that, you’re free to post here and try to talk about whatever you find fitting.

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>> No. 1306695
File 139835036556.png - (90.33KB , 392x492 , Clingywigs.png )
Newman? Megachrome? Mira? Reflet?

>Kids shows don't even get the translators' notes about it, do they?
For every pun they got surprisingly right (Ursa Major, Huff the magic dragon, Mare in the Moon), they fumbled on another one (Canis Major, the supernatural cure book, Discord's riddle) and sometimes heavily. It seems to me that most of the translating had to be done based on the translator's English skills, and those skills failed sometimes.

>Isn't that the blue gem from the cave scene landing? We need a bingo for these guesses!
Yes, it seems to be that. Good spotting. I've never been good at making bingos as I can never find enough guesses to fill 24 spots, but things like "Mermaid appearance", "Sports episode" and "Al and Elio not being themselves" would be things I'd put in something like that.

>Maybe she volunteers to show them around? Would also explain the surprise of her friends, given that she's the new Filly there herself.
>> No. 1307491
File 139837619881.jpg - (67.32KB , 609x520 , Carol.jpg )
>illness and work
Ah, hope you feel better soon!

>Some cheats may be in order, like playing an animated texture instead of doing proper reflective surfaces. Those can cause errors.
Like the bottoms of hooves showing on reflective surfaces they're walking next to?

Then again, I think the rich set layout looks better than the upcoming Postman Pat movie (even with art styles taken into account), so I still think Funtasia's in a good place for quality, even if it doesn't have the time/resources to do hair effects and such at a film level.

>I'd like to vote for something that's not Wiz or Wizzie, as that happens to be a nickname of mine in some furry chatrooms
>> No. 1308721

>Ah, hope you feel better soon!
Mostly just tired and frustrated with some stuff, but the fever only lasted a day or two, that's a plus. Thankchu ^^

>Like the bottoms of hooves showing on reflective surfaces they're walking next to?

>Then again, I think the rich set layout looks better than the upcoming Postman Pat movie (even with art styles taken into account), so I still think Funtasia's in a good place for quality, even if it doesn't have the time/resources to do hair effects and such at a film level.

Oh, definitely. Part of the reason I like it so much is because it is a 3D animated series using its medium to its advantage, instead of trying to be something it's not. The reflections may be accurate, even; it almost looks like Rose's hind hoof is about to slip in. Not artsy enough to be sure, though. Might be camera angle, ray tracing, [insert more random 3D terminology here], or something along those lines. Me, I'm just happy they added that in the first place. Little bits of added effort like that can help it stand out compared to other series which focus on other details. Sets can be more detailed in 3D, too, since you can bake lighting information to it, unlike with moving characters (I think).

>I guess we should wait until closer to the first ep... Hm. I wonder when we should expect new content. The costs of delaying 'til 2015 must be something they thought was worth it by boosting the graphics and so on, but then I'd expect them to make a bigger deal of their product to help the investment pay off.

File 139839462635.jpg - (75.78KB , 849x565 , My My Cricket You're tasty.jpg )
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Welcome ladies, welcome gentlemen, welcome ponies, fillies and anyone else. Welcome to /pony/ After Dark, a serial thread that people come to hang out in and chat about random stuff, and have a good time relaxing. 

Tonight's thread is brought to you by those cute little critters that no one really pays attention too, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE FRICKEN ADORABLE...

All the rules of PonyChan shall be followed, and legal stuff etc.


>P-If you could have any animal in the world as a pet and, no it can't be the normal domesticated animals like a dog or cat, what would you have?

>A-Have you ever just watched an animal eat their food? Isn't it just so cute??? (You'd better say yes)
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>> No. 1308528
File 139840561465.png - (189.56KB , 405x357 , pinkie lalala~.png )
Anyways, I'm skadoodling! Maybe to play some games or something eventually~
>> No. 1308575
File 139840998823.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , 209488__safe_solo_oc_happy_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )

Well, I played some Monster Hunter. Got immediately bored in the village, so I went to the port solo. Farmed up the materials for a Thane Lance, then almost killed a Lagombi. For my second attempt, I will bring along extra whetstone and that should give me the kill.

I really need to just kill a Great Jaggi or two for materials to upgrade my lance again, but I can't seem to find those in port.
>> No. 1308602

Yeah, it's a slow start initially. Can frankly hardly remember already, heh. I'll probably hop on that game and play some here in the next couple minutes. Been busy cleaning up some and not actually playing any games.

File 139743648232.png - (36.70KB , 716x276 , a-man.png )
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Welcome to the dirty hooves hangout - Bronies in a nutshell edition.


Feel like you're on drugs without the high dealer rates -

Oh my fucking god, fucking dinosaurs -
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File 139831590802.png - (205.86KB , 388x438 , 133748858121.png )
>> No. 1308346
File 139839891008.gif - (1.60MB , 416x232 , omgappulsaj.gif )
>> No. 1308579
File 139841023252.jpg - (44.97KB , 712x687 , 133779082241.jpg )

File 139830843183.png - (193.90KB , 900x675 , mlp art pinkie test thinkie PAD edit~.png )
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Welcome to Pony After Dark "Test" Edition~
This edition is a test of the emergency PAD OP system. This is only a test.
And you're all getting graded on it! Surprise! You get to do a test cuz I'm studying for finals atm, or was until I started typing this up you distractions, and since I'm doing it you get to also! Hope you've been studying and don't give me that "I didn't know this was gonna happen you didn't tell us" nonsense. Wouldn't be a test if I wasn't testing you. Everyone will be graded on thier answers if I'm not too lazy to do it. Actually, I am too lazy so I'll let chance take care of it with my Bonus. So don't get testy on me and my PAD test, kay. Oh right, and now this part....

PAD is a thread where /pony/ posters past, present, and people that wandered in here one day and never found the door go to channel the off-topic and chatty side of /pony/ late at night - (and often into the following morning and day). This is a place for anyone to discuss, and everything to be discussed… well, maybe not “everything”. As usual, all Ponychan rules are to be obeyed… especially that one about having fun. There's harsh penalties if you don't comply~

OP test questions for the night:

>P¹ - (True or False): You have a test/tests to do in the next few weeks. If you answered true, please explain what it is/they are going be for and whether you think it'll be hard or easy. If you answered false, you're probably old/too cool for school~

>A² - (Multiple choice): Which is the right answer? A) I have no idea, that question doesn't tell me anything / B) I think it's B. / C) None of the above / D) Wait, if I answered C then I also answered this one and all the following questions? / E) is for Epony, just Epony~ / F) Cuz this is the grade I'm getting I assume. / G) This one just because I've never actually seen a G in a muli
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>> No. 1308083
File 139839466196.png - (377.09KB , 649x551 , pinkie experiment not what you wanted.png )
Well, I let that BSOD sit on my screen for over 4 hours but it never left. I guess no matter the setting I have for memory dumps, my computer just wont make a dumpfile for these BSODs. And until it does I don't think I'll be getting any help from anyone on how to fix my issues. The thread I started about why I might not be getting BSODs at all is totally overlooked. I'll bump it at some point tonight with news of my latest BSOD today. 10th since I first "fixed" this computer. They happen once a week give or take a day occasionally doubling up one day after the other. Weird how predictable they've become. And still I have no idea what's going on, heh.
>> No. 1308087
>> No. 1308089
I've been watching Kenshin

File 138744483257.jpg - (85.59KB , 720x720 , 131289063361.jpg )
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Ho ho ho! Christmas is drawing near. So why don’t you have a seat on Santa’s lap.

>Do you believe in Santa?
>Have you been a good boy/girl this year?
>What would you like Santa to get you?
>Planning to do anything special for Christmas?
>How does Santa get to every house on Christmas Eve?
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>> No. 1306574
Why are graveyards so noisy?
Because of all the coffin.
>> No. 1306696
File 139835046276.png - (760.22KB , 4464x4888 , 513217__safe_solo_vector_lyra_absurd+res_lyra+heartstrings_moustache_moustache+edit.png )
dem jokes
>> No. 1308045
You know you love 'em.

File 139355721596.png - (270.75KB , 794x1006 , 135427938431.png )
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Hi and welcome to the new edition of the slowest moving serial thread

now we are here to derp and we want to derp harder then anyone else before

so my questions to you are

-have you ever derped?

-do you like to derp sometimes?

-if i was to herp, would i be derping hard or failing to derp?
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>> No. 1305201
File 139829613520.png - (89.46KB , 331x245 , i came.png )
>> No. 1306482
File 139832787746.png - (103.33KB , 900x495 , 1323.png )
>> No. 1307966
File 139839035382.jpg - (30.76KB , 500x730 , 3.jpg )

File 138922292851.jpg - (255.65KB , 1280x720 , pgbl-xnpp149.jpg )
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What do you do when you're stuck?
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>> No. 1307804
File 139838500297.png - (90.41KB , 500x400 , pinkamena_but that's wrong.png )
I blame the liberals in congress for this. They obviously don't have the most rudimentary understanding of macroeconomics.
>> No. 1307882
File 139838713490.png - (183.66KB , 830x467 , one of us.png )
Thanks Oboes.
Clearly those librarians in the White Horses are responsible for keeping us in the Recess.
>> No. 1307887

File 138591175801.png - (778.02KB , 1275x714 , tumblr_mx40bh60Ds1qhyqpto1_1280.png )
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It's a brand new season, and that means the return of literally everyone's favorite horses! That's right, Applejack and Rainbow Dash!

Whether they're making stupid decisions, sending their friends alone to walk through the evil death-forest, being a total jerk to their friends, or being total wusses in a big spooky castle, season 4 AJ and RD are already chock full of fun! I'm pretty sure we can all sympathize that covering yourself in bees is probably the most productive and important thing they could possibly be doing.

So here's to a new season, hopefully filled to the brim with apple horse and fast horse!
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>> No. 1306958
>> No. 1307670
>> No. 1307808

File 139485207625.jpg - (37.78KB , 334x500 , DragonsofSpringDawningDra8001_f.jpg )
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Hello and welcome to the newest edition of the Life and Love threads! Spring is here, or will be soon (depending on when you read this), and it's time to celebrate with flowers, love, and a picture of the cover of a really old book that has nothing to do with ponies.

Right. So. If you please, answer some or all (or none) of these questions:
>What is your favorite season? Why?
>What do you enjoy most about Spring?
>Does Spring make you particularly prone to romantic thoughts? What about the physical side?
>What kind of flowers do you like? Is there a particular one?
>What are your thoughts on gardening?
>Did you/do you do anything special for Spring Break?
>What do you do to wrap up Winter?
>Do you have any rituals that take place during Spring?
>We would very much appreciate any suggestions you have for questions or topics for future threads!
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>> No. 1303768
File 139823825888.png - (673.52KB , 1366x768 , 94.png )

Oh, it most certainly is the way to go from a health aspect, but taste is a pretty major thing, too. The real problem with it, though, is that the water where I live actively kills things, so I can't keep fresh herbs no matter whether I buy them in the store and put them in water or I grow them myself.
>> No. 1306715
File 139835259679.png - (212.33KB , 1280x1329 , 139502327760.png )
The water kills plants, but they let you drink it anyway?

Got the tiller for the today, but it appears I overloaded the garden with compost in the fall. Gonna have to thin some of it out before I can get that done.

Other than that, nothing going on. Sitting here listening to music and ruminating.
>> No. 1307578
File 139837801669.jpg - (26.90KB , 387x356 , 1298756555697.jpg )

The water is very soft already, which means that it washes away nutrients in the soil, and they even add sodium to it, which... basically salts the soil.

It's not terrible for people or animals, but for plants? Not a pleasant thing.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 24th, 2014 15:22

File 139813705702.png - (812.59KB , 800x1134 , Pony After Dark.png )
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Pony After Dark: Tea Party Edition.

Good evening everypony!

According to the bit of copypasta that I have preserved from the Golden Age of /pony/, Pony After Dark was merely a thread where /pony/ goes to channel the off-topic and chatty side of /pony/ regulars late at night. The arrival of /gala/ turned PAD into a social serial.

This is a place for anyone to discuss, and everything to be discussed.

Everypony Welcome, Everypony Loved, Everypony Follows Ponychan Rules.

Tonight's topics are recycled because why not? I have over 100 questions to rotate, every Monday.
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>> No. 1305776
File 139830859288.png - (24.10KB , 159x250 , scootawave.png )
red is actually better than yellow
>> No. 1305779
Ah, okay.
>> No. 1305984
File 139831140389.png - (379.06KB , 1221x1345 , poker faced.png )
Woops, posted and forgot I posted again.

File 139812642561.gif - (33.05KB , 300x172 , 300px-The_council.gif )
1300242 No. 1300242 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
It's the HAY! But it's a secret!

Come on in.. But we don't exist.
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>> No. 1306070
FINALLY damn I hate these endings. They are long and annoying.
>> No. 1306071
>> No. 1306074
I don't know who he is but basically he can't be beat. Well he can't be touched by most enemy's making it easy as hell
next thread

File 138587971236.jpg - (64.45KB , 500x384 , rev_up_your_harley.jpg )
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Hello all, it's time for a new LGBTQ Hayride thread! All are welcome, whether you are lesbian, gay, transgender, questioning your gender/orientation, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, genderqueer, androgynous, or even straight
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>> No. 1283471
File 139752299182.png - (475.95KB , 835x786 , clipart_emulation__1_by_applebeans-d4q0q5i.png )
>> No. 1305427
>> No. 1305435
File 139830220119.gif - (77.51KB , 529x489 , Forever twiling.gif )

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