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859 No. 859
Simple: we share our gamer tags and meet new people.

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>> No. 860
shameless self bump
>> No. 861
File 129999505492.png - (136.74KB , 945x945 , 129765430968.png )
I'm DandymanX Xbox live my xbox is not connected ATM
>> No. 862
File 129999508890.jpg - (33.01KB , 598x583 , 129964847213.jpg )
ArduousRenegade for XBL and PSN
>> No. 863
GT: xJWB96x

I am saying right now, I do not go on xbox live that much anymore and I only do to either to play Marvel vs Capcom 3 or rent movies.

So if you wanna add me, I am more then happy to accept and play some Marvel with you.

Also I don't join parties (accept for special reason involving talking with a friend i never get to see anymore)

But I am more then happy to play with my bronies ^_^
>> No. 864
Yah Posting the games we play might be a good idea. No offense but I think we all wouldn't want to fill our friends lists with bronies who don't even play the same games as us.
>I mostly play any cod title CoD 2-Black ops and Bad Company 2
>> No. 865
oh yea lol I got halo reach and Marvel vs capcom 3
only two xbox games but I got steam and that is:
>> No. 866
xGOONx HAMMER, all i got is Reac and Black Ops...the life of a poor college brony...
>> No. 867

That is true.

All I have right now is:

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Gears of War 2
Unreal Tournament 3
Marvel vs Capcom 2
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
Super Street Fighter 4
Devil May Cry 4
Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
Brutal Legend

- xJWB96x
>> No. 868
just keepin the thread bumped
>don't mind me
>> No. 869
I mostly play Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Black OPs, Halo Reach-around, and Rock Band for the 360

Marvel's the only online game I have for the PS3 so far
>> No. 870
File 129999914828.png - (44.99KB , 447x543 , 129773452924.png )
GT Twilightspark1e, I already have a huge friends list of bronies and theres always room for more :)
>> No. 871
File 129999986173.jpg - (49.64KB , 494x532 , Fluttershy 2.jpg )
Just because I love my fellow ponies.
I'm going to give away a free Halo: Reach, Recon helmet. Because I love you.
>Wait, I thought it was because you couldn't find anypony else to take it because Halo: Reach is pretentious.
Shhh Inner Conscious, They might take it.
>Oh alright.

..and maybe a 48 free trial xbox live code.
>Wow aren't you Mr.Santa clause today, 48 whole hours. Couldn't cough up a month?

Speaking of, Code below:

>> No. 872
Thank you Fluttersanta!
>> No. 873

feel free to add me bronies. i play a ton
>> No. 874
GT: ZombiemePK
PSN: Lopez916

I just got some older stuff, I usually play steam games but these days school and all has killed a lot of my free time, but I hop on the consoles time to time.

i just got Modern Warfare2 and Dead Rising 2 on xbox, for PS3 I really only use it to play Metal Gear Online
>> No. 875
I have a Xbox, but no Xbox live... to be honest, I don't even have a working controller right now... OR a decent game for it. I pretty much got it from a friend for a pretty cheap price, so it's cool, even though I never actually use it.
>> No. 876
psn: UB3R-BR3NDAGE (might make a new one; UB3R-PONAGE
>> No. 877
XBL is Delc017
PSN is Delc17

Feel free and add me
>> No. 878
File 13000332311.jpg - (22.09KB , 532x310 , 130003036496.jpg )
>MFW I realized hardly anypony mentioned Steam.

Checking out the MLP:FiM Steam groups now; hoping they're filled with friendship.
>> No. 879
XBL: cubicDevourer

I still wanna sing winter wrap up on black ops.
>> No. 880
still bumpin thread
>keep this goin I wana build up a bit of a community of gamerfriends
>> No. 881
XBOX live:ANGELDUSTT on all the time will play anygame have them all Halo, cods

just add me to any and will have a kick flank time just tag me your a brony so i now where you came from^^
>> No. 882
File 13000375652.jpg - (827.37KB , 3296x2472 , 100_3900.jpg )

Samepony here. Just thought I'd share since these expire soon and I only game on PC. Gotta show some love for the console ponies!

I've got the codes that come with the retail version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 that give you access to the "VIP Club" - a map or two extra or something like that, I honestly don't know what. However, they aren't included with used versions unless the original owner didn't use theirs. I don't like that they restrict content from those who buy second-hand, so I have 10 codes for PS3 and 13 for 360. They should all still be good because it says The don't expire until April 1, 2011. I used to work at a rental store and we would have otherwise thrown these away like we normally do, but I stashed them away and haven't found a use for them until now.

I've also got three 48-hour XBL gold trial codes, which I can't be sure still work - they have no expiration date on them but they're all rather old, so my apologies if they aren't valid.

Codes are first-come, first-serve. Please don't ask for multiple codes so that everypony can have one. To request one just E-mail me at the address below and ask for one. Put "Friendship is Magic" in the subject line so I know who it is, just in case my spam filter catches it. I'll post back whenever I run out.

E-Mail: Halifax.Samuels --AT-- Gmail (dot) COMMM

And no, I'm not from Canada. ^_^
>> No. 883
File 130003767244.jpg - (286.28KB , 700x637 , 129996514698.jpg )
Xbox: Derpy Hooves
>> No. 884
File 130003785560.png - (123.46KB , 900x815 , 2dseres.png )
oh yeah, almost forgot. i play mostly guitar hero WoR, and reach/l4d2. i do have deadspace 2 though.

on pc, i mostly play single player games, but im getting back into DoW 1 with a few friends.
>> No. 885
File 130003799495.png - (443.11KB , 500x221 , IMG_0109.png )
Not to be that guy but this thread should be in /g/. Also, it's already IN /g/.

Oh well... Pic related, my gamertag.
>> No. 886
GT - Doku Kageru
>> No. 887

>> No. 888
XBL: elite guy 94
Im mostly on everyday at 16:00 GMT exept saturdays when im on all day and sunday when im rarely online
>> No. 889
File 13000400652.jpg - (807.48KB , 1359x768 , recrarity.jpg )
XBL GT: Sharkstorm86

Feel free to add me.
I don't have a vast library of games as I tend to stick to a few out of financial necessity.

Some of the games I got (not counting arcade titles):
Halo Reach, Left 4 Dead (1-2), Saints Row 2
>> No. 891
Mostly play reach,black ops, mvc3, and ssf4.
>> No. 935
I'm EGS5680 on PSN. Don't have a 360, though.
>> No. 941
File 130005914452.jpg - (47.14KB , 375x500 , BlackopsRarity.jpg )
>> No. 942
File 130005941375.png - (897.37KB , 912x881 , 129844002010.png )
Oooooh, forgot to post

no Xbox D:

The only games I have now are MW2 and Blackops. Planning on buying MvC3 soon.
>> No. 975
File 130008708039.png - (55.43KB , 125x113 , Fluttergrin.png )
Gamertag: kingmush360

Find me on TDU2, Brunout Paradise, Forza 3 (MLP cars!) and COD:MW2
>> No. 977
File 130008794843.png - (79.14KB , 325x308 , Sigh.png )

Too bad there arent custom car skins for burnout paradise or need for speed hot pursuit
>> No. 998
You have BP on xbox?

also, make the cars the colours of ponies, like the P12 yellow/purple for flutterhsy
>> No. 1001
File 130012524878.jpg - (89.32KB , 570x402 , Aj.jpg )
Actually, I have it for both systems. Ps3 and 360
>> No. 1002
And you said your GT was...
>> No. 1006
GT : X MW2 X K3Y
I'm usually on either tf2, Halo, Brutal Legend, or Red Dead Redemption, so if anypony have those, add me.
>> No. 1008
XBL GT: yo yo 700
Steam ID: yoyo700

Feel free to add me to either. Always looking for more bronies to chat with.
>> No. 1009
File 130013390355.jpg - (89.32KB , 570x402 , Aj.jpg )

posted it earlier. take a looksee
>> No. 1011
Steam ID: Pungrongo.
>> No. 1016
just went through and added a couple of yah on my XBL freinds list. Feel free to send requests to anypony. Just make sure they know your a brony
>> No. 1030
XBL: RainbowDa5h

Mostly Reach but I have some other games as well.
>> No. 1031
Add me, Redemp7ion56
>> No. 1163
went ahead and sent some friend requests out. If I missed anypony let me know
>> No. 1205
shameless self bump for community
>> No. 1211
File 130032998860.jpg - (33.06KB , 600x404 , Pony 04.jpg )
Gamertag is Supernova1337

I pretty much play Black Ops exclusively, so if you don't play that there's really no sense adding me. (Unless you just wanna chat about ponies and friendship, which is just fine of course)
>> No. 1214
is anypony on xbl right now? if so my gt is: RocketMan259
if not my gt is: RocketMan259

also this computer doesnt have any pony pictures atm so just pretend theres that pic saying "where my bronies at?" beside this text here.
>> No. 1279
>> No. 1410
File 130051633175.jpg - (417.05KB , 560x560 , my_little_chief.jpg )
Xbox GT: ZeeGreat1
PSN ID: ZeeGreat1

Too many games to list them all but chances are good that if it was a popular release that has good multiplayer and/or co op action then I own it. manely playing Halo: Reach on the 360 and Marvel vs Capcom 3 on the PS3 but willing to switch to something else for anypony that asks, so go ahead and add me!
>> No. 2096
GT: kingmush360

Plays Halo Reach, CoD6, Forza 3, TDU2 and Burnout.

But would love to have general party chats about Pony!

Clearing friends list to make room.
>> No. 2097
GT: green leader68
A bunch of games
just need some bronies to play with
>> No. 2102
File 130082050265.png - (123.15KB , 800x595 , 1297202512471.png )
PSN: Shiron10
no Xbox here:P

I'm not a hardcore gamer (actualy, I suck a little at multi) and lately I don't have much time to play, but as soon I can, you can count on me.
>> No. 2103
Forgot to list games
On PS3 i have:
CoD: MW2 & BOps
GTA4 and RDR
Bioshock 1 & 2
Killzone 2
Metal Gear Online

On Steam i mostly play L4D 1 & 2
>> No. 2126
File 130082687302.png - (117.96KB , 307x307 , aj what04.png )
Didn't I just see a Stickied Gamertag thread earlier or am I just losing it? I actually sent "Joe" A friend request

Add App1eJ4ck, I play BC2+, MW2, Black Cops, and HomeFront.
>> No. 2128
File 130082731991.jpg - (95.07KB , 998x1155 , Yari and Derpy.jpg )
GT: Yaridovich
Multiplayer Games:
DJ Hero
Burnout Revenge
Saints Row 2
Halo Reach
Test Drive Unlimited 2
Dark Sector
Red Dead Redemption
Condemned 2
Dead Rising 2
Dead Space 2
Marvel VS Capcom 3
Rock Band 3 (guitarist)
>> No. 2309
File 130091250338.png - (263.65KB , 781x566 , 130065288383.png )
Outdated XBL GT:used man

My taste in games is super generic, so i generally play Reach and Black OPs.
>> No. 2312
File 130091346990.png - (48.38KB , 469x352 , 130069625346.png )
XBL: Ra1nbow Da5h

Hit me up :D
>> No. 2326
File 130092462881.png - (94.02KB , 637x657 , Cute Derp.png )
PSN: DarionBlake

Sadly, I don't have many online games.
>> No. 2651
File 130108280363.gif - (52.24KB , 120x120 , headbobtest2.gif )
Add me for BC2, L4D, L4D2, Halo 3, and TF2.

DJ P0N 3
>> No. 2710
hrm.... I'll probably send out another batch of friend requests tomorrow.
>> No. 2714
Bleh, I made this video too:
>> No. 2722
Xbox GT: JewMallow.

Kind of want to change it but don't want to pay $10 dollars for it.
>> No. 2724
Fairly sure my PSN is DivaRatrika.

Haven't been on in a while though, since it's my friends PS3 and he doesn't have internet at the moment.
>> No. 2728
PSN: Barakku
I think those are right. Send me an invite mentioning ponies or something and I'll add you. Def add me if you want to play TF2 or better L4D2 on Steam.
>> No. 4014
badumdumdum bump
>> No. 4024
File 130136186753.png - (128.41KB , 800x800 , trixie_cute.png )
GT: TalixZero
Mostly Black Ops, although if somepony has Borderlands I'll gladly break it back out :D
>> No. 4029
PSN: Necrodancer

I have Tekken 6, Brutal Legend, Demon's Souls, Fat Princess, and I'll be getting Arcana Heart 3 as soon as they're done delaying it.
>> No. 4071
File 130137429052.png - (111.70KB , 348x362 , 130127970148.png )
GT: Yez Yazari (if you want to add me message me so I can add space)

Games: Halo: Reach (all maps), Crysis 2, Saints row 2,ect ect alot of multiplayer games
>> No. 4660
File 130154913747.png - (277.98KB , 681x590 , 20_percent_cooler-(n1299566824805).png )
XBL: TwentyPctCooler

Halo: Reach(all maps) only. Sorry, I just got back into XBL two days ago.
>> No. 4663
File 130155287294.jpg - (9.08KB , 188x180 , 1300763290612.jpg )
Derpy Delivers is my GT. Hit me up if you'd like!

In terms of multiplayer, I mostly play Black Ops and MVC3.
>> No. 4664
So, you found me eh?

GT: Kingmush360 (The guy with '20% cooler' for a motto)

I'll add you tonight.
>> No. 4697
Imma post here again, cuz everypony's offline all the time.
elite guy 94
Im british, so fellow brits would be appreciated, time zones suck. Also people who are online a lot (Im on almost every day)
lots of Reach, not much else
>> No. 4702
PSN: decpeachyboy.

Let the fun times begin?
>> No. 4703
Just realised there's a thread for this.

GT: Pinkie Pie

u jelly?
>> No. 4726
PSN and GT: Bigstank0

360: Forza 3
Saints Row 2
Hardly ever on

PS3: Read Dead Redemption
GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City
On once or twice a day usually
>> No. 4747
Xbox GT: Dragoon0fdeath
I'm very rarely online, and currently on a silver account

If I go gold, I got TF2, L4D 1&2, Saints row 2 and Bad Company 2 for multiplayer.
>> No. 5000
just sent som requests out.
>keep this up, its good bein able to chat and play with other bronies.
>> No. 5236

i usually play:

GTA IV (Normal Or EFLC)
Saints row 2
Halo 3/Reach/ODST
Bad Company 2
Black ops (zombies only)
Red Dead Redemption
Midnight Club: LA

So ya, lets play some time
>> No. 5240
XBL: Fachsenbude
Steam: Fachsenbude

Country: Germany, but I am looking for fellowbronies all over the world. Fell free to add me.
Bronies 4 life.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Bad Company 2
Halo Reach
waiting for BF3
(watch my list on ;) )
>> No. 5413
XBL & Steam: Yahtzee37

>> No. 5453
My psn is: Derpy_Hooves
Somepony play Black ops zombies with me
I also play homefront and some sports games
>> No. 5517
hey you!
>> No. 5530
i will
my PSN:leorrixx
>> No. 5903
File 130211784709.jpg - (42.71KB , 564x714 , scarity.jpg )
I have no bronies at all on my XBL friendslist!

Quick, errypony add Flutterguy! I play LOTS of kinds of games, so I'm sure we'll have plenty to play together.
>> No. 5909
File 130211962965.jpg - (347.19KB , 963x689 , whatwasIthinking.jpg )
Steam: Twizzle (
XBL: Derpy Twizzle

I'm really only on XBL to play me some MVC3. Lookin' for more to play with, cuz I need to level-up.

On steam, I play all kinds of random indie nonsense. Pic related.
>> No. 5910
I'll add you soon, but remember you can go through this thread and add anypony you want. I made this thread so we all can hook up and play over the internet togather. Just add anypony you feel like. You probably wouldn't even need to tell them your a brony because of your name.
>> No. 5911
File 130212042457.png - (222.58KB , 700x700 , Pony eater.png )
PS3 pony here. Psn: Chrome109, eveb though the only game I really play online is Metal Gear.
Pic somewhat related.
>> No. 5912
File 130212043215.png - (222.58KB , 700x700 , Pony eater.png )
PS3 pony here. Psn: Chrome109, eveb though the only game I really play online is Metal Gear.
Pic somewhat related.
>> No. 5951
File 130213120097.jpg - (6.41KB , 236x214 , 130163488205.jpg )
GT/PSN - Sycrow. Steam ID - PsychoTekCrow. I play Halo: Reach (Mostly forge with friends, Action sack or SWAT), Black Ops for both consoles, Killzone 3, LBP2, BF:BC2 for consoles, and TF2 for PC. I have many other games (mostly console, my PC can barely run TF2 sometimes.), just ask and I'll see. Honestly, I'm kind of meek when meeting others.
>> No. 6305
File 130229603928.png - (48.20KB , 627x450 , xover19.png )
PaladinVance on XBL and Steam
>> No. 6320
may flank well to

XBL - jagdragonheart
im not really big on partys unless its like big team on reach

left 4 dead 1 & 2
resident evil 5
dead space 2
fuel of war
metal of honor (maybe)

i mostly sta with one game for months at a time unless a new game comes out but i always go back to reach to snipe and teabag people
>> No. 6333
Hi everypony

Am New
and My Steam And Psn ID's are both :Aj3035
>> No. 6631
File 130234556561.png - (35.03KB , 570x483 , games_derpy.png )
xbox, playstation, and steam: paragonofevil

Sure why not. No, I don't have BlOps.
>> No. 6844
Add me, broskis.
>> No. 6870
feel free to add my psn and i play mag and alot of fps and marvel vs capcom 3 and my id is gooaygar
>> No. 6895
I play alot of well games currently my ps3 is out of commission but add Onebitmouse and once I do I'll catch up with ya.
>> No. 6957


Halo, borderlands and SR2
>> No. 7139
I'm keiyakins on XBL. No Gold though. You can still send stuff in Viva Pinata if you play that I guess? >_>
>> No. 7148
File 130244437412.png - (145.55KB , 397x339 , 130057784301.png )
Gamer Tag - The GaP Trixie
>> No. 7179
XBL/GFWL: AsukaSohryu13

fair warning, I lack an xbox360 since my last one decided to RROD me and I lack funds to buy a new one. and for PC the only games I got although arent installed are Street Fighter IV, Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet Colony Edition. not sure if anypony here plays on pc much less those games. but id love to meet up with a brony in RE5 and instead of actually play just screw around and talk about ponies! I used to have Dawn of War 2 and Chaos rising, but they where installed on my comp by a friend who no longer lives anywhere near me so I cant get the game installed again... sigh lost everything in a pc crash.
>> No. 7192
Gamertag: paranoid pengui
Steam: the derpiest deliverer
>> No. 8153
>will try to add some of you before spring holiday.
>> No. 8160
My steam ID is CoffeeCubone ( )

I play games like Killing floor, Minecraft, Burnout Paradise, plenty of co-op games, and sometimes Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2. I do play TF2 as well, but I don't really care much for that game. Sometimes I pick up Quake Live and Doom 2 and play those games as well, though I don't really have anypony to play with for either game. Oh! A game I miss is Alien Swarm, that was fun! Feel free to give me a ring!
>> No. 8167
GT: therino42
Everything can have more pony bros
>> No. 8217
... XBL scottthemedic

My list is fairly full, but there's room for friendly entertaining bronies.

Halo:Reach/3/ODST, Forza3, BFBC2, MW2, Ace Combat, Orange Box
>> No. 8225
Gamer Tag: Hitokage Sama

I Got Way To Many Games To List.
Halo, Redemption, World At War, Just To Name A Few
>> No. 8237
Already posted this thread like, twice, but what the hey, I will post again.

GT: kingmush360

Not many games, but I like to chat while playing the little games I have so, add me with a message that has something pony in it!
>> No. 8324
File 130282887987.png - (15.74KB , 212x257 , sad wido luna.png )
nopony added me...
guess il try again
gt: RocketMan259
games: halo reach, halo 3, forza 3, black ops, mw2
>> No. 8330
mw2 crysis 2 halo reach
>> No. 8643
Don't worry brony... its just I havn't been on all week. I'll add you in a minute.
>> No. 8651
Youtube embed play button
  GT: XeNoN SkyLine

Games: MW2, Forza 3, TDU2, Midnight Club LA, CoD4. I do have other games, just not ones that I play too often, being in a quickscoping clan, I don't really get chance to play much else, but I'm fine with that.

Also, I make montages, as it is obligatory for every quickscoper to do so, even if I aren't very good, so embedded is my latest, should anypony be interested.
>> No. 8659
PSN: Raynomnom
Or if that doesn't work it's
PSN: Raynomnomnom

I always forget what it is.
>> No. 8661
File 130290412857.png - (32.74KB , 945x945 , celestia dunno.png )
PSN: Thanatos_729
Brutal Legend
COD: Black Ops (for zombies only)
Modnation Racers

I posted something Modnation related yesterday, but I'm too lazy to find it in all the posts here...
>> No. 8745
File 130291960901.jpg - (20.08KB , 853x479 , Twilight - Smile.jpg )

PSN: Asterisk-P

Seems that you and me like Black Ops for Zombies as well. ;)

There's too many BO people here to reply to, so any PS3er can just add me. Be sure to put "Brony" or "Ponychan" in the message though.
>> No. 8782
File 130294070193.jpg - (20.47KB , 600x378 , 1098110-big_boss_salute_super.jpg )
I play BF:BC2, LBP2, and RDR.

PSNID: zsiffin

(And i'm into game sharing with bronies^^ One of my PSN accounts has Worms:Armageddon, Deadliest Warrior, WipeoutHD/Fury, Shatter )
>> No. 8785
PSN: Doggmatix
I... uh, am not playing much games these days due to many uni papers to do. Add me if you wish (just be sure to say where you saw this).
>> No. 8807
My GT : E06 Priyom
>> No. 8816
PSN: Livi70590
Xbox: LenziePlace

I play lots of things. I haven't played much recently because of Uni, but I should be on a bit over the summer. I have lots of games.
>> No. 8912
File 130300448384.jpg - (145.28KB , 900x900 , xover23.jpg )
Somewhat re-posting mine, due to new trip
PaladinVance on XBL and Steam
For XBL have most shooters (I suck, but whatever), SSF4, Blazblue, Borderlands (would love some help on Crawmermax or whatever he's called)
Steam - TF2, L4D 1 and 2, again, I'm pretty bad, but I play for fun.
Just mention Ponychan if you send an add
>> No. 9008
File 130305767464.jpg - (45.06KB , 600x600 , mostashe you a q.jpg )
is that the xbox verson of BC2
i'm a boss at that game also anypony geting battlefield 3
poptartpoole if anypony wants to add me. xbox works ps3 broke but i have one anyways. :(
>> No. 9648
just bumpin my thread
>also still addin some of you, though I almost never get to play with most of the ponies I add.
>Of the about 20 to 25 of you I have added I've only played with maybe 5.
>> No. 9674
Add me if you want copious amounts of Halo Reach, I'm online almost every day. See name for GT (minus the ipod bit, obviously).
>> No. 9687
sry, but don't play halo
>> No. 9793

I manely play racers and what not like Gran Turismo 5, Burnout Paradise, TD:U2 and others like that. So add me if you wanna race.
>> No. 9796
PSN is down.
Xbox GT: Skateaton
(chaning it to RAINB0W DASH)
>> No. 9816
File 130349168319.png - (177.46KB , 456x406 , applejack.png )
Coulda sworn ah'd posted 'ere. Oh well..

XGT: Appl3Jack
PSN: Applejack_
Steam: lol_fang
>> No. 10446
bump cuz.... well I feel like it
>> No. 10451
XBL: MeatWad09070

I mostly just play Halo: Reach, but I also have Halo 3, L4D2, Gears of War 1 and 2, CoD MW 2, and more stuff like that.

PSN: SupahChef

I really only play Uncharted 2 on this, but I also have Red Dead Redemption and Little Big Planet.

Steam: GhostSquad111

The only game I play on here is TF2, and even then, the last time I played was months ago.
>> No. 10460
File 130379755947.png - (335.72KB , 1000x812 , loss.png )
XBL: JsW116

PSN: Stallout

Im currently playing Halo: Reach, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, and Dead Space 2
>> No. 10464
Gamertag: Subbaculture
Steam: debaser33
>> No. 10469
GT: Mr Flufferz

Games i own: Orange box, Halo: Reach Portal 2, Duke Nukem 3D, and so on..

I own a mic, im not a squeaker and neither are my friends.
>> No. 10471
Steam: ROFLtheWAFL
>> No. 10476
File 130380974169.jpg - (24.60KB , 327x266 , fancyshy.jpg )

I.. really mostly only play Rockband 3 and some Blops. <3 Make sure to include something that lets me know you're from Ponychan if you add me~
>> No. 10480
XBL: Voyagerin

Games I play: Assasins' Creed Brotherhood, Portal 2, Gears Of War 2, FIFA 11, Halo 3 and Halo Reach
>> No. 10524
XBL: javafr3kseattle

Mostly play BFBC2
>> No. 10541
Repostan' due to a lack of people on my friends list.

Gamertag: Pinkie Pie.

I'm meant to know every pony in ponyville. :(
>> No. 10563
My Xbox live gamertag is: xXGARYxOAKXx
cant wait to play some halo, crysis, cod, with you guys.
>> No. 10795
GT: Fargone Cowboy
I play BFBC 2, Black Ops (not very often), and I've got Crysis 2 in the mail.
I live in a fucked up Timezone. GMT+2, and I don't play much during the week.
>> No. 11372
>> No. 11384
File 130423430298.jpg - (57.76KB , 600x558 , this is your brain on drugs.jpg )
App1e Bloom here, For 360.

Don't have all that many games but I frequent CoD: Black Ops, Bad Company 2 (plus Vietnam), HomeFront, and Crysis 2.

Got Halo too but I suck at it.
>> No. 11386
My tag for 360 is "Emo Woof 252"
though at the moment I only have Gears of War 2 and Borderlands. I spend most of my time playing the Gears of War 3 beta right now though.
>> No. 13333
one final bump before I finaly let this thread die...
>> No. 13334
XBL: WiHaHoo
>> No. 13337
Dem quads.... maybe I won't let this thread die just yet...
>> No. 13476
File 130519741876.png - (24.78KB , 945x945 , 24021_jpeg.png )
I posted in another one a while back and got 2 bronies. If anypony wants to add my xbox it's Rainbro Dash. I'll post my PSN if it ever comes back online....

>mfw PSN is still down
>> No. 13477
idk if ive posted in this tread yet but GT: The bbJR
>> No. 13480
I'm just bored waiting for PSN to get back up. when it does, I'm going to send a friend request to a couple bronies here
>> No. 13481
File 130520429196.png - (41.65KB , 1051x955 , 130481144663.png )
GT: Twitch789
>> No. 13507
File 130521669875.jpg - (52.22KB , 500x466 , disappoint.jpg )
my cbox gamertag is Im Rainbow Dash

usaly play cod and other games
>> No. 13605
File 130524791825.jpg - (42.42KB , 300x300 , DJChocobo - Logo ns.jpg )
PSN: DJChocobo
XBOX Live: DJChocobo
Steam: DJChocobo

Mostly I'm playing Black Ops on PS3, BF:BC2 on Steam and nothing on the XBOX 360.
>> No. 13606
GT: Basharoonskis
>> No. 13624
anypony here stream their matches like halo cod gears whatever?

and on what like
>> No. 13638
My GT is sweetie be11e but I am banned until Saturday D= if Anypony wants to give me a 2day trial code I will love u forever. I hav been so bored without xbox
>> No. 13672
I think I have one left
>> No. 13715
Do u have one?
>> No. 13722
Bump so maybe somepony will give me a code
>> No. 13746
File 130532290612.jpg - (26.35KB , 600x414 , 1304837589968.jpg )
i just got home
wrote tha while at work

ill see it i have one left
i know i used one already
>> No. 13753
File 130532388133.png - (114.56KB , 400x400 , 130361673278.png )
ok found one with halo wars

i used the GTA L&D

(pinkie shark)
>> No. 13771
File 130532813746.jpg - (5.33KB , 142x120 , 210b32ccbc0edac2dcae4c0d4ada1460.jpg )
My GT is noseyminotaur.thought you'd like to know
>> No. 13864
File 130535899784.png - (126.51KB , 945x883 , pinkie_pie_the_hacker_by_moongazeponies-d3fzrpz.png )
Need bronies on my friends list.
You are going to LOVE ME!

GT: Mr Fugums
>> No. 13949
what games you play?
>also feel free to add anypony here.
>> No. 13953
what the hell ill send you a friend request to next time im on my xbox
>> No. 13957
uhm, my xboxlive gamertag is 'Mashmakhan' and I play alot of L4D and Black Ops Wager Matches. since my desktop died, xbox is pretty much all I play.. so I'm on there alot, renting new games and stuff.
>> No. 14255
Bump for the return of PSN in most territories. You can find me as:

PSN: Livi70590
Xbox: LenziePlace.
>> No. 14256
PSN- Forever_Italia_X
>> No. 14259
friend request will be sent soon
>> No. 14265
Hm, why the heck not?

XBL: TriptychR

I do some MvC3, YDKJ, S&SASR and other acronyms.
>> No. 14313
>> No. 14318
Xbox: burntnorris

Hit me up, bronies.
>> No. 14345
File 130556028452.jpg - (139.00KB , 661x1000 , 13514 - bomb derpy_hooves Fallout muffin muffin_bo.jpg )
might as well throw my XBL GT on here as i've got a gold membership again


games I play atm: Homefront, Reach, BF: bad company 1.
others i have include: L4D, CoD 3 & WaW, deathsmiles and forza 3 when my brother returns it
>> No. 14362
File 130556164792.jpg - (26.35KB , 600x414 , 1304837589968.jpg )
friend quest will be sent by noon

im up three bronies on my friends list and adding two more this afternoon its going great
>> No. 14368
brohoof for Deathsmiles
>> No. 14449
File 130559838791.jpg - (30.70KB , 600x318 , wutisthis.jpg )
GT: TheKiller0703

Mostly I play Gears of War 2, CoD (MW2/BO), and Halo Reach when I play online. Boring, I know :)
>> No. 14452
File 130559864202.png - (33.46KB , 191x113 , 130238322509.png )
adding you later tonight

the gathering of bronies goes on!!
>> No. 14482
GT is in name field, on most days from 4:00 mountain time to 10. Have castle crashers, reach, black ops, gears 1&2, nfs prostreet, and 400 ms points i havnt spent if anypony recommends a good arcade title they actively play.
>> No. 14486
i only got fortresscraft dont really like it

btw adding
>> No. 14496
>good arcade title
>400 ms points

I heard Dead Rising, Case West was good, and two player.. but I've never got it. next time I get 400msp I'm getting that.
>> No. 14497
File 130561104432.png - (78.67KB , 600x537 , 1299721772689.png )
if its anything like case zero the it may be worth getting

then again im a zombie fan
>> No. 14498
Think it got raised to 800 points, could be mistaken.
>> No. 14502
Forgot to mention that when i start talking, its difficult to stop. You've been warned! Have a lot more games than i listed so ask me if i have something and ill let you know.
>> No. 14503
for the longest time I thought it was an addon to Dead Rising 2(which I don;t have anymore) so I didn't buy it. I'm not sure how much it's worth, but I could've sworn it was 400..

case zero was great, but really short. everypony I know who has played it completed it on the first day. still a really great game, though.. and just having the ability to play as Frank and take pictures in Case West would add alot of replayability.
>> No. 14505
ya i did everything in zero in a short time

im going to start playing it before i get dead rising 2 to have a large amount of money to start with
>> No. 14508
yeah that's a good plan.

if you have a big lump of money in Dead Rising 2, making it bigger isn't very hard. there's gambling everywhere! the only problem is starting off broke.
>> No. 14509
File 130561289699.jpg - (150.63KB , 900x696 , 1296967979156.jpg )
if you work on the bike first then getting all the doors and weapon cards last you will be fine on your first time

getting 1000 kills didnt give me the time to finish the bike
>> No. 14524
I don't remember what I did to get all the acheivments, but it didn't take me more then 3 replays. I haven't played that game(or DR2) since. I still have Dead Rising 1, and I love that game. the survivors are dumber, but you can take pictures instead of duct taping everything together.. which is fun!
>> No. 14526
im still playing it

the whole taking the ai back to a safe place kinda turned me off from that game for a while

right now im still on the first game day three i think with that fat cop chick that tied up those chick in a store
>> No. 14527
File 130561867891.gif - (312.44KB , 125x86 , 130526699821s.gif )
>fat cop chick
hahahahaha, I know who you're talking about. I love the psychopaths in the first game.
>> No. 14530
File 130561913896.jpg - (16.66KB , 353x311 , 130447533176.jpg )
the guy with the amored cart was funny the clown dam i didnt even go near that area, last time i did i got killed easy
>> No. 14533
File 130561971830.gif - (16.12KB , 200x200 , 130500574489s.gif )
eh, yeah, he's kind of tough. you need to get yourself some guns if you want to fight him. there is an easy way to kill him, but I don't want to spoil that part of the game in case anypony else hasn't played it yet.
>> No. 14534
i may start playing it right around the time dead island and resident evil come out to get some early zombie killing in

well im off for the night
>> No. 14535
File 130562041344.png - (60.25KB , 104x125 , 130543471362s.png )
>> No. 15399
File 130603134769.jpg - (31.11KB , 600x260 , bump aj.jpg )
Needs moar XBL love.

As a reminder, my XBL tag is my posting name, burntnorris.
>> No. 15406
File 130603185717.jpg - (101.91KB , 900x900 , 130316447405.jpg )
you post hasnt gone unseen

adding tonight
>> No. 15411
File 130603216944.jpg - (85.74KB , 640x360 , this pleases applejack.jpg )

Always happy to have new friends to game with.
>> No. 15413
Oh, why not.

Just note that I'm one of those terrible people that only really plays Reach and RB3 and other CASUAL CANCER THAT IS KILLING VIDYA. And some Netflix.
But yeah, I'll totally play/chat with some of you fine folks.

Rocking XBL as Metaprotist.
>> No. 15414
so you dont like shooters?
>> No. 15416
oops your already on my list haha
>> No. 15417
Er...does Mass Effect count?
Kidding, kidding.

I don't mind shooters; I was just always more of a platformer kid.
Not that those are really around anymore, but c'est la vie.
>> No. 15418
cool by me i play more then shooters to but mostly
request already sent
>> No. 15421
Btw to anypony wondering I mostly play SSFIV and MVC3, but I also dabble in Castle Crashers and Rainbow Six Vegas 2
>> No. 15424
File 130603523347.jpg - (598.46KB , 879x1642 , xover30.jpg )
re-posting for simplicity
XBL- PaladinVance
odds are if it's an FPS or a Fighter, I play it, but am only mediocre at best
>> No. 15427
and its off
>> No. 15436
File 130603819563.png - (30.70KB , 160x160 , 1304355903603.png )
Here's my Steam account:

It would be great to game with any of you.
>> No. 15447
xbox live gamertag: Shonathan
games: Halo: Reach. It's all I play online. I also play with another bronie who'd love extra hands on deck: bBbBEEEESbBb
>> No. 15457
File 130605955282.jpg - (39.06KB , 600x441 , 130487450570.jpg )
XBL: Fargone Cowboy
I've got BFBC2, Black Ops(I'm terrible), Red Dead Redemption, Transformers:WFC (I rarely play it), AC:Brotherhood (I'd play more if somepony would show me how to not suck as much), and Reach (I'm worse at it that Black Ops).
>> No. 15460
Huh. I guess I already posted my GT. Oh well.
>> No. 15474
PSN: carrot708
>> No. 15476
xbox angeldustt
>> No. 15478
Might as well put mine up too.
Gamertag: Daznf
I've got Reach, Black Ops, Forza 3 plus some others I can't remember atm. I need to keep up with the releases.
But yeah add me if you'd like.
>> No. 15566
two more to add
>> No. 15859
psn: hamyojo1
>> No. 15861
psn(s): hamyojo1

i have 3 accounts cause im cool like that
hamyojo1 is mane
>> No. 15865
im guessing one is steam?

what about a XBL?
>> No. 15866
steam is just hamyojo
dont have xbawks
dont have any games on steam :P
>> No. 15872
I made a new PSN after it got back up. Ra1nbowCrash, I have Killzone 3, BF: BC2, MW2, Black Ops, LBP2, Modnation Racers (Barely play, though), and MAG.
>> No. 16677
XBL- GhostMoustache
I've been told I'm pretty fun to play with, so whatever.
I play generic games, so you'll probably guess the titles.
I JUST sent out a huge batch of requests, so if my list is full, send me a message saying you're a brony or from ponychan, even though those two go hood and hoof.
>> No. 17074
my gamertag is linkzelda122

i have a ok selection of games to play. not to many of the big ones though.
>> No. 17085
Xbox Live gamertag is NTATaiX, feel free to add me.
>> No. 17138
more to add send request later
>> No. 17163
My GT is Bulletsponge97

Go ahead and add me, I'm not on much but I play BFBC2 and Halo: Reach mostly.
>> No. 17167
ok hope you can snipe lol
>> No. 17182
File 130670622514.png - (51.74KB , 224x220 , twilight.png )
My PSN is "Rebelgamer", if you want to add me tell me that you're a Brony in the friend request.

I mostly play MW2 & Gran Turismo 5 when online
>> No. 17196
Add me my Bronies


i love to play Black Ops and Skate 3!
heres my youtube channel:
>> No. 17219
XBL is Poptard1 (Black Ops, Reach, Dead Space)
Steam is poptartov3rlord (CS:S and Portal 2)

Send me an invite!
>> No. 17221
File 130671394301.png - (153.32KB , 1250x1806 , Young Soaren (vectored).png )
hey bronies... XBL GT webbo9291 (soon to be Flutt3r5hy or So4ren)

I'm manely found on forza 3 creating pony vinyls or i'm on halo: REACH....... Add Me
>> No. 17222
adding soon watch out for request
>> No. 17306
File 130674733925.png - (59.46KB , 945x945 , 130161254241.png )
cheeseyman94 for XBL
finnthehuman21 for Steam
>> No. 17324
File 130675928960.jpg - (31.98KB , 469x440 , 130500173897.jpg )

To correct my latest post. My GT is officially Flutt3r5hy *Gaaaasp* *yay*
>> No. 17330
GT: Delocracy (I don't play much on the X360 right now considering it's gotten a case of the red rings)

PSN: Koroshi13 (Hook me up for some Battlefield: Bad Company or Street Fighter)
>> No. 17362
ill add later

already sent you one

should clear this up my tag is jadragonheart
>> No. 19300
nearly 3 months old... well now I feel obligated to buck, this is kinda like an archive of gamertags now.
>> No. 19325
xbl: Supreme Ron
black ops rock band 3 and fortresscraft(may play reach)
>> No. 19352
File 130733810967.png - (52.61KB , 400x382 , 8838 - communism derpy_hooves.png )
PSN: SovietWolf762
>> No. 21820
Xbox 360: Amtyk

I manely play SSF4 and Blazblue.
>> No. 22651
any chance at this getting a sticky? for the newer members at least?
>> No. 22896
Really dunno, Its been up now for a good 3 months now, sorta surpriesed its lasted so long. Really its become a bit of an archive of gamertags, PSN accounts, and Steam IDs. So I think it might be a good idea just for the networking aspect.
>> No. 22917
GT: UnseemlyMarlin5

Got a new 360 a few days ago, and the thing chose a name for me...
>> No. 23066
File 130836505728.png - (295.96KB , 500x695 , 22296 - artist GuNMouTH like_a_boss spike.png )
PSN: GoodDogPhoebe

If you look up my PSN name, you'll find an interesting fact about me that involves LittleBigPlanet
>> No. 23082
PSN is swweet
GT is swweet360
I mostly play ps3

Portal 2
Uncharted 2
Wipeout HD
Fat Princess
>> No. 23220
PSN: JToad7
Steam: JToad9 (name appears as Sanjo9, if one doesn't work, try the other)

I don't do too much online, aside from Marvel vs. Capcom 3, TF2, L4D2, Minecraft (using the FiM Steam group's server), and WoW (a few different servers). My internet connection sort of sucks so it explains why I'm not on terribly often. Still, if you want to add me, go ahead. I'll do the same.

When Street Fighter X Tekken comes out, I'll do that, and the same applies for Torchlight II and Diablo III. I also own StarCraft II but I don't play it very often.
>> No. 23221
Call me Nitro836 on XBL. L4D2 is my game.
>> No. 23223
Make that Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Portal 2 and Crysis 2.
XBL: Voyagerin
>> No. 23278
finally got an Xbox GT: Ikthop
>> No. 23471
File 130851771896.png - (118.50KB , 410x410 , rarity n_n.png )
Just created a new PSN and looking to get some bronies on the friendo's list!

PSN: Epic_Rarity

Games: Uncharted 2, Mortal Kombat 9, GTA IV(norm), Dead Space 2, Castle Crashers, Hard Corps: Uprising.
>> No. 23615
File 130857281290.gif - (135.54KB , 274x308 , 130574644240.gif )
You can add me on psn under xXRA1NBOWDASHXx
I play various games any who off to bed I go
>> No. 23631
The_Pwn_Machine on PSN. Play mostly Black Ops, but im up for MW2, Bad Company 2, Burnout Paradise, or RE5.
>> No. 23638
File 130858423607.jpg - (107.23KB , 692x1153 , supermeatbandageget.jpg )
Adding you Epic rarity!
>> No. 23639
File 130858433995.png - (155.04KB , 894x894 , supermeatsmiley.png )
Also PSN: SuperMeatDude
>> No. 23673
>> No. 23696
GT: AzDs Ronin
i know, im so original with my names.
>> No. 23710
PSN: MrWolfox
>> No. 23739
File 130861895990.jpg - (51.84KB , 513x356 , 130703450925.jpg )

>> No. 23792
PSN xFlutterShy
I only use it for playing with a FiM clan on Black Ops.
>> No. 23802
PSN: slaveoficetea
>> No. 24063
GT: Noirdemon

Halo: Reach
CoD: BlOps

Xbox is broken, but I play whenever I get the chance.
Add me if you want.
>> No. 24093
File 130870556942.jpg - (78.40KB , 960x540 , 130076325297.jpg )
>FiM clan, Black ops
Is there one for XBL?
>> No. 24102

Right now I play:

Wipeout HD
GT 5
MW 2
>> No. 24106

I'm on XBL as Poptard1, and I use the FiM clan tag. Of course, I'm the only one I see with it. I'm a clan of One
>> No. 24857
File 130900960138.jpg - (133.12KB , 900x675 , 130748179861.jpg )
>> No. 24886
I use it on all my fps game but in all caps and I never so any other pony related names or clan tags
>> No. 24891
File 130901904741.png - (134.61KB , 500x281 , 130899393717.png )
psn: techan9ne969
>> No. 24892
I don't play often
but feel free to add me
>> No. 24926
TenderestMeat on xbox and steam, julirium on psn. Only have mortal kombat and mag on ps3 however, and all the welcome back rewards.
>> No. 25060
xbox live- twilight5parkle

i play alot of games just add gladly accept any bronys who ask
>> No. 25311
File 130919025856.png - (240.10KB , 500x500 , 130781786105.png )

Just picked up Red Dead Redemption for PS3.

Also I've been playing a lot of TF2 lately.
>> No. 25371
File 130920670876.jpg - (277.48KB , 572x433 , tender_loving_care_by_cocolli-d3fodmp.jpg )
Adding again due to new pony related Gamer Tag

New Gamer Tag: Rose Luck
>> No. 25408
File 130921703846.png - (62.46KB , 260x270 , 130375804899.png )
PSN: MuchFuzz
just started White Knight chronicles 2
Also got tekken,mvc3,mortal kombat,red dead redemption and a bunch of others i cant remember.
>> No. 26201
File 130945947474.png - (103.18KB , 764x536 , 1305665827038.png )
I buck this agian, only for the reason that this thread contains a ton of gamertags, steam id's, and PSN accounts. But I don't know if I'll buck it agian, Its over 3 months old now, and I think just about everypony who would posted in it already has.

>So if you still want to add anypony from this list, or add yourself to it do it now, because I'm not guna be keeping this thread bucked anymore.
>> No. 26205


You may add me, and I'll accept.
>> No. 26887
File 130972472970.png - (196.30KB , 900x457 , 130421780961.png )
Black Cocks, Red Dead, Borderlands, Will play halo if desperate, The Darkness, and the rest of those typical games.
Warning. I'm sassy.
>> No. 26923
File 130972691797.jpg - (353.23KB , 2048x1152 , unreal-tournament-3-screenshot-3.jpg )
Gamertag: Sedaheht

I don't do a lot of competitive online gaming outside my closest circle of friends. More of a casual gamer, just want to kick back and enjoy life. You're most likely to find me at the bottom of the team rosters in Modern Warfare 2, merrily skipping around and admiring the good graphics. :p


Unreal Tournament 3 is an absolutely amazing game. I used to have it, a couple years ago with my first Xbox, and it was addicting as hell. Capture the Flag in UT3 with full teams is probably the most intense and memorable action I've experienced in a 360 game, ever.

I don't own it anymore, I sold it when I got rid of my first Xbox, but now that I have a new 360 I'm scavenging around for it at used game retailers with no luck yet.
>> No. 27245
buck for great justice!
>> No. 31273
File 131081114829.png - (296.28KB , 488x616 , Indubitably.png )
Just added every PSN Brony in this thread that either said they play COD or didn't say anything at all.

PSN: My-Little-Brony

Games: MW2, Black Ops, Crysis 2. Focusing on MW2, will be moving to BO soon since tubes are annoying me xD. Feel free to add, just mention something about ponies in the message so I know where you're comin' from.
>> No. 31287
psnid: techan9ne969
>> No. 31600
Adding every PSN brony with BO.
PSNid: CaptainAnon
>> No. 31670
Sweet Celestia's mane, how did I not notice I hadn't posted here?

Xbox Live gamertag: TaiJParry
Games I own (that are MP relevant): CoD: MW2, CoD: BlOps, Resident Evil 5, Forza 3.

I'm also considering getting Rock Band 3 soonish, but rent and bills have to come first. :( Drat my inability to sustain myself on dew and air.
>> No. 31742
Oh hey, I was wondering why you hadn't posted your gamertag here yet, considering you got my gamertag like two weeks ago from this trhead. :p
>> No. 31750
File 131095493475.jpg - (23.06KB , 640x360 , Halo_-_Master_Chief.jpg )
GT: Vurtax (I barely own enough games for my PS3 for people to even bother)

I'm kinda light on online at the moment, I play Reach sometimes but I'm currently catching up on a bunch of singleplayer games.


This fall I will be all in and apart of Rage's online component (if anypony else will be playing that) Battlefield 3 (AND A LOT OF IT) and the Halo CE Anniversary expansion to the Halo Reach Multiplayer along with Campaign Co-Op. Implying I'll have time when I get Skyrim.
>> No. 31767
File 131095610436.png - (125.48KB , 487x353 , Dat ass.png )
Gamertag: Killawattakiwiz.

I mostly play Halo: Reach when I'm on, which tends to vary, but if anypony ever hosts a Halo: Reach get together, I will fucking BE THERE.
>> No. 31781
File 131095799071.jpg - (256.48KB , 800x521 , 1304555439087-(n1308759983071).jpg )
Gamertag and PSN ID: iStricer

I've also started a brony clan, mainly for BattleField 3, but we'll be playing some other games as well!
>> No. 31832
>> No. 32076
Name: UltamiteGamr77
(PS: I am a Kid. Deal with it)
>> No. 32100
My GT is Spin93
My Steam is Stealth53

Games I got are Halo:Reach, BFBC2, RedFaction:A
>> No. 36310
system: xbox 360
Gamertag: TwistedSliver

please send me friend requests.i have no bronies to play halo reach with :(
>> No. 36570
File 131224207055.png - (202.22KB , 320x704 , playermodel_ashx3.png )
GT: mr ultramar

halo: reach
section 8: prejudice

these are the main games i play.
>> No. 36571
File 131224233892.jpg - (79.60KB , 460x592 , ultramarines.jpg )
>mr ultramar
Is that named after what I think it is?
>> No. 36572
>> No. 36844
Gt: Comandante Tre
I only play Halo Reach and some Kinect games at the moment. Feel free to add me if you wanna play some great custom games :D
>> No. 36965
File 131234281109.png - (270.55KB , 900x900 , 131226884909.png )
I know I've already said this, but feel free to add anypony you want from the list. It seems alot of people are just puting their GTs and PSN accounts here, and hopeing others will add them. Don't be afraid to friend /r/ anypony on the list.
>> No. 37794
File 131259171592.jpg - (116.92KB , 375x500 , 3768250357_d3f36788b6.jpg )
i tried adding a couple people, hopefully they say yes
GT: DevilsDontCry66

i mostly play gears 2, but i want some brony friends to play games and hang out with, so i'll try any game really
>> No. 37795
I humbly request that this thread is stickied - even if that requires the Steam thread to be unstickied.
>> No. 37819
File 131260010671.png - (3.74KB , 228x240 , sUrE lOvE tHeM hOnKs.png )
ArduousRenegade for both PSN and 360.

I now have these for Online:
>Tekken 6
>Rock Band 3/GH Warriors of Rock
>Halo Reach/3
>Gears 1 and 2

>Dynasty warriors Gundam 3
>Sengoku Basara
>Burnout: Paradise
>Resistance 1 and 2
>Armored Core 4
>> No. 37854
File 131261424499.png - (84.28KB , 219x232 , 129999550589.png )
I'm ok with this.jpg

>Though I've been keeping this thing alive now for the past 5 months.
>> No. 38013

This REALLY needs to be stickied
>> No. 38272
GT: xC2Cx Admiral Z
Games: CoD2, MW2, BO, BFBC2, BF1943, UaW:EA, Castle Crashers

Steam: atomic_boy92323
Games: Portal 2, TF2, Terraria, MC, Civ3
>> No. 39052
Copybass for Steam and PSN.
>> No. 39555
My GT is duffking56

Games I currently play: BFBC2, Halo 3, Reach, Black Ops (I am quite competitive in this one), MW2

please feel free to add me up and I wil be sure to get you into some lobbies with fellow bronies!
>> No. 41445
PSN: NEWSKHOL I have Black Ops, MW2, NFS:HP, MW1, Midnight Club: LA, BC2, NFS:U, NFS:PS, Quantum of Solace, LBP1 and Burnout Paradise. I'm willing to play any of these. Or just chat and be friendly and stuff.
>> No. 43003
File 131415519593.jpg - (91.66KB , 943x943 , 130721718587.jpg )
Pein N Wrath
>> No. 43004
File 131415528096.png - (97.08KB , 566x840 , WTF.png )
>mine countenance whereupon this is still alive
Wow, I didn't even have a trip when I posted here.
>> No. 43006
File 131415546106.gif - (214.14KB , 360x360 , 131409208549.gif )
Dead Island & Battlefield 3 anypony? If so add khamvongsa09 on PSN
>> No. 43018
File 131415723377.jpg - (39.14KB , 382x341 , what.jpg )
this thread is still alive? I just found my post back at 8600 something, holy crap.
>> No. 43082
File 131417392582.jpg - (133.12KB , 900x675 , 130748179861.jpg )
Yep I made this thread over 6 months ago. And I've made sure to keep this extensive list alive ever since. I am sure this is the oldest non stickied and non /arch/ed thread on ponychan.
>> No. 46128
File 131501815078.png - (308.88KB , 618x800 , 23.png )
Posting again, cuz I boldly assume I can:

XBLive: Sharkstorm86

I mostly play Halo: Reach since I haven't gotten around to adding new titles to my library yet.
Feel free to add me, but send a message saying you got my GT from here just so's I know.
>> No. 46456
File 131511883566.png - (107.93KB , 345x358 , 131280535973.png )
PSN - scs1958
Steam - BreadFish
Just saying, ps3 is broken right now, so I won't be on for a while. But I'm always on steam.
>> No. 46488
File 131514296519.png - (202.22KB , 320x704 , playermodel_ashx3.png )
GT:mr ultramar

add me if you like.
>> No. 46490
File 131514434577.png - (39.84KB , 112x125 , 131511404419.png )

GT: mvjstrikes

On Xbox I have RDR, Skate 2, Halo 3: ODST, GTAIV, COD4, MW2, and Blops. On Steam, well, I have too many games, so just look at my profile.
>> No. 46495
File 131514704169.png - (52.60KB , 500x500 , 130999136676.png )
GT: Colonel Gecko
Steam: CubeJackal
PSN (which I never use): CubeJackal
Add me. I could use some brony friends.
>> No. 50809
File 131630821953.jpg - (35.69KB , 714x533 , hurrr.jpg )
XBL GT: Parasprite

I own nothing but single player games right now.
So I don't really know why I'm posting at all. Probably to show off my awesome OG - you marmalade, /g/?
>> No. 50837
File 131631228571.jpg - (8.44KB , 236x269 , 130127130489.jpg )
CoD 4! Please add me (Bii0HAZARD). I'm not at my xbox, at the moment. I have never found another brony who acctualy plays CoD 4.
>> No. 50852
>Sonic Adventure
>Halo 3



>> No. 51961
File 131677334421.png - (31.65KB , 175x175 , 130113598849.png )
Since my other account was Hacked, and microsoft is doing an Investigation on it, add my back-up one: AngelHelel.

>Tekken 6
>Rock Band 3/GH Warriors of Rock
>Halo Reach/3
>Space Marine
>Gears 1, 2, and 3
>Dead Island
>> No. 51978
psn id: techan9ne969
>> No. 52463
Welp, ah've already posted a few times, but ah also ain't got any replies or request before... So here it is again! Ah play mostly Black Ops on PS3, an' hardly git on Xbox.

XGT: Appl3Jack
PSN: Applejack__
Steam: lol_fang

And ah realized why: mah PSN id was spelled wrong here before...
>> No. 52466
TwistedSliver just so you know do NOT speak of Star Wars the old republic MMO. Just saw beta footage where a group of level 35's killed revan AND hk-47. My soul is very wounded.
>> No. 52475
File 131694131503.jpg - (576.02KB , 1524x1347 , 46577.jpg )
Well you can send friend /r/s out you know. Don't wait for people to just add you, go out there and add others already on this list who play the same games as you.
>> No. 52544
Xbox Live - Awumpa (Rarely ever on)
Steam - vvgyu
>> No. 52556
File 131699415348.gif - (51.44KB , 519x543 , derp.gif )
GT: thisisjose9

Add me if you want to play BF3 in the future.
>> No. 52586
Doctor-Whooves for psn
For online games: modnation, black ops (Hardly play sorry), burnout paradise, uncharted, LBP, (I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch)
>> No. 52593
Oh hey, this thread again.

>>15413 here; new GT.

Can now be found on XBL as Discord Dash.
Still playing Reach and RB3, and soon to be having a go at Gears 3.
>> No. 52915
File 131716003553.jpg - (32.45KB , 544x561 , 23493_artist_gonzahermeg_headphones_meme_rainbow_dash_sham_wow_towel_vince_shlomi_display1.jpg )
Hello I'm wolf9mil xbox live I play halo reach halo 3 and halo2 and cod was and black ops and I play left for dead 2 and total miner and I have some more games but I don't remember them ATM also I have a psn but I haven't played it in FOREVER
>> No. 52937
xbox : neuro7oxin
>> No. 52947
Previous post redacted, I am not Shonathan anymore, I am Slaughtershy. I play Halo: Reach, as per usual.
>> No. 54252
me and a friend
>> No. 54318
File 131775905120.jpg - (84.14KB , 900x900 , 3436%20-%20artist_kloudmutt%20blood%20crying%20fanfic%20pinkie_pie%20rainbow_dash%20rocket_to_in.jpg )
gamertag on xbox: NekoRyushi
>> No. 54549
Oh hey, this thread again.

>>15413 here; new GT.

Can now be found on XBL as Rainbow l Crash.
Still playing Reach and the occasional RB3.
>> No. 54663
File 131788310693.png - (477.08KB , 720x576 , vlcsnap-589544.png )
PSN: Robuttnik
>> No. 56480
>> No. 56637
File 131871744094.png - (58.83KB , 230x240 , RainbowJenson.png )
I've been playing the Uncharted 3 Beta a lot recently. I just need some ponies to hang out with.

PSN: DashTheRainbow
>> No. 56644
GT: Big lulux

Have (only multiplayer):
Gears 1, 2, and 3
Halo 3, Reach, ODST, Halo Wars
Forza 4
NFS: Hot Pursuit
BF: Bad Co 2
L4D 2
CoD 4
AC Brotherhood

Oh, and I'm 16 years old, so if you have a problem with teens or something, don't add me.
>> No. 56647

Hey, if you want to add me, can you please send me a request? Your name is invalid when I try to find it.

GT: Big lulux
>> No. 56674
File 131872580839.png - (324.20KB , 1280x720 , Colgate RS.png )
GT: Shaunnnnnnnnn
Honestly, all I play is Forza 4 right now, seeing as I run a 25 member strong brony racing team going by the name of Everfree Motorsport.
>> No. 56843
First timer replying on ponychan though I browse on here quite a bit. One of my is GT: LrgWalnutz (My cousin put the name not me) (Normally I'm against adding people like this but I really want to meet some bronies who like MLPFiM as much as I) please feel free to add me as I check this account often plus having bronies on there would REALLY make my day *brohoof*
>> No. 56846
I play Red Dead Redemption, 'Splosion Man, Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood, and TF2, all on the 360. My GT is darthhoseph1337, for those who want to add me.
>> No. 56853
File 131879334287.gif - (704B , 36x52 , fighter.gif )
My PSN is spoonfighter, just make sure you message me beforehand or I'll assume you're some random person about to spam me.
>> No. 56854
File 131879422504.jpg - (197.41KB , 780x906 , 1301525799494.jpg )
PSN crookedbull
portal 2
f.e.a.r. 3
Black ops (i have but don't really like the multiplayer)
a few others i can't think of...
I've been playing new vegas for the most part though. feel free to look me up I'll add pretty much anypony
I might be getting dead island soon so I'll keep you in mind
>> No. 56862
File 131879761190.png - (391.05KB , 900x815 , 131706337347.png )
XBOX: Cookie x Dough, I don't play CoD, Battlefield or any racing, I play everyelse though.
>> No. 56889

Oh, same here! I'd also like to say my list has changed a bit...

PSN : swweet
Portal 2
Uncharted 2
Uncharted 3 Subway (And full game when it releases... I'm already lvl 35)
BF3 (when it releases)
Fat Princess (no DLC)
Wipeout HD
Dead Nation

GT : swweet360
Halo 3
Banjo-Kazooie : Nuts and Bolts
BlazBlue : Calamity Trigger
>> No. 56901
Gamertag: Hunterwolfdog

I play a little bit of everything but I mainly stick to shooters. Please though, add a message to the request because I tend to not accept friend requests if I don't know who they are or how they got my tag. Looking forward to gaming with some fellow Bronies.
>> No. 56921
I Refute Th33

it's from when I was a wee filly, and actually played VIDYA on the xbox. Now it's just my Netflix machine. Sometimes my little brother plays his crappy games on it, though.
>> No. 57442
File 131897033094.png - (32.09KB , 133x153 , scoot5.png )
Xbox Live: Bwgmon

Dungeon Defenders comes out tomorrow. Naturally, I'm going to make a shitload of characters, and I wouldn't mind having some bronies to play and trade with.
>> No. 58165
Magic 2012
Dead Island
Assassins Creed:Brotherhood
Armored Core For Answer (dont hate)
Halo Reach (no map packs)
Gears 1 and 2
Red Dead Redemption
Halo Wars
CoD 4
Forza 3
Castle Crashers
And thats about it, hooooooo!
Also have LBP 1 on ps3, thats about it
>> No. 58195
File 131920782581.gif - (611.67KB , 640x360 , 131270048159.gif )
EngelNichtsKeit for XBL.
Come add me bro!
>> No. 58196
File 131920792574.gif - (152.19KB , 300x300 , 130630731855.gif )
xbx live gamertag:
X shadowfast X
mention something about ponies hehe
got gears 3, gonna get mf3, and a decent amount of other games
p.s. had xbox live for roughly 8 years according to the number on my nameplate xD
>> No. 58360
File 131924952704.png - (77.16KB , 246x248 , 130032064873.png )
Indeed it is. 7 months and counting without being stickied. I want to see if I can get this thread to last a whole year.
>> No. 58586
Hey everypony!
This thread is made for bronies who have Xbox live to meet up!
My gamer tag is jellybelly302, fell free to send me a friend request!
>> No. 58638
a bit late but...
if ur gunna add me just put pony chan in an attached message please
>> No. 61046
It's never too late to add to this thread. Welcome.
>> No. 61051
PSN maholler7
>> No. 61245
>i need more brony friends on xbox live if you dont mind add me GT:AiVnonyomous
>> No. 61247
HEY ALL I actually started a brony clan about a month ago, so if you are interested in joining, just add me on Xbox
GT: vanoreo
we can do mostly fps games, but I'm willing to add others, I'll be on either tonight or tomorrow :D love and tolerance for all :D
>> No. 61248
AiVonyomous needes more brony friends xbl
>> No. 61397
File 132042092526.png - (13.66KB , 128x128 , Flutteravatar.png )
XBLA Gamertag: Zarr504
Super Street Fighter IV
MvC3 (soon to be UMvC3)
Mortal Kombat

I do own shooters (my little brother loves them) but I can't get into them lmao. I guess I just now realized I pretty much only use my console for fighting games :3 haha

If anypony plays League of Legends that's where I spend the most of my gaming time to tell the truth. My IGN is "Zarroc504"
>> No. 61416

(sees BlazBlue)

(nod of approval)
>> No. 61519
File 132045280881.jpg - (216.03KB , 1360x768 , thenumbers.jpg )

TF2 and Fallout are my hay and oats.
>> No. 61863
YAY! I'd love to meet some gamer bronies! :D
Steam Name: kidx14 (i'm not actually 14 iz just random number :P)
PSN: kidx15 (same deal)
Random Games i have for PS:
Uncharted 2 + 3
Fat Princess
Red Dead Redemption
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
Little big Planet
Random Games i Have on Steam:
Left 4 Dead
Tf2 (though i don't play it much)
And a ton more
>> No. 61967
My Xbox Live tag is Addonexus666

I play:

Halo Reach
Halo 3 rarely
Battlefield 3
Black Ops

I'll be picking up MW3 on Tuesday. I'm not very good at COD and Battlefield yet, so please be patient with my noob self as I blindly charge forward and die. I live in Arizona, and am usually on in the early to late afternoon. Go ahead and add me, if you want! Maybe we can get a MW3 game going sometime on Tuesday!
>> No. 63296
File 132105708610.png - (143.52KB , 945x945 , 66230 - artist-megasweet fluttershy sweater.png )
XBL Gamertag: Ronald Hennessy

I primarily play fighters, namely Super Street Fighter IV, maybe Blaz Blue and in the future Street FIghter X Teken. Not very fond of MvC3.
>> No. 63364
i would love to get more bronies on my frind list to play nazi zombies!!! (only psn) heres my gamer tag "jacknshiv" (my names ryan btw ;D
>> No. 63558
>> No. 63576
File 132114572479.jpg - (37.86KB , 300x300 , 1288029476401.jpg )
so, finally got a PS3
and XBL is still Paladinvance
and steam.... I'm not creative
>> No. 63612
File 132115605216.png - (228.98KB , 900x695 , 131941285492.png )

Xbox live: Dotsphews

Play Station Network: god_of_bronies
>> No. 63675
File 132120083842.png - (145.16KB , 414x477 , 131938171623.png )
just sitting down now and adding everypony on ps3, then i'll do the same for XBL......yeah, I may be here a while.

also i'm on a lot but i don't know if anypony plays the same games i do (even though i have like 169 games YES I COUNTED).
>> No. 63703
PSN: SeekuhKiller

Don´t ask.
>> No. 64270
File 132138349861.gif - (296.53KB , 200x200 , djpony_display.gif )
I'll share my steam :]
>> No. 65114

>Rainbow Crash!HellionPms

>gallowsCallibrator(puella magi)!Hh.SgcH4lk

>Twilightsbrony [door creator/ destroyer]

>Dr. Dashenshmirtz
>> No. 66109
File 132202898044.jpg - (36.41KB , 394x368 , 65692 - applejack sleep_is_for_the_weak.jpg )
Hey bronies. If anypony wants a friend on xbox live my gamertag is Iced Naraku.
I have
Halo 3
Fable 3
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Brutal Legend
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

I'm not the most skilled by any means and what I am good at my recent lack of xbox until now has left rusty. I play to have some fun.
Just throw me a friend request and I'll add you.
>> No. 66439
File 132215936494.jpg - (1.43MB , 2560x1920 , Twilight colored.jpg )
anypony wanting to play Battlefield 3 on 360 Just hit me up...JOHNYBRAVOO, also play MW3, though I am just absolutely terrible at that game
>> No. 66554
Hey everypony whats up? My friend and I were wondering who wants to add a couple of bronies?

Gt: Dayvero ( Mine )

Right now we play:
Battlefield 3

He plays Forza and I play Gears of War 3 but if we got it and you got it, we play it.

Most of the time anyway.
>> No. 66597
Xbox360: MixuTTi

I play BF3 almost everyday, feel free to add
>> No. 66642
File 132226220826.jpg - (69.31KB , 718x718 , consider the following.jpg )
I feel old here after finding these old posts of mine, what do?
>> No. 66652
How do you think I feel when I'm the OP? But I guess just continue posting ponies and playing games.
>> No. 66653
Fill out your AARP card and stir up some Metamucil after you put it in the mailbox.
>> No. 66654
bmoreraven12 for psn and xbl
>> No. 66663
my handle for PSN is tobuji. somepony add me some time :)
also, perhaps we can organize an online brony meet-up on playstation home some time.
>> No. 66710
i failed to mention my games. i only have uncharted 2 and metal gear solid 4. i only recently got wifi, so i don't have a lot of online games. i should get more. any recommendations? for future reference, i HATE call of duty and battlefield
>> No. 66715
>forgets to mention little big planet
>feels like an idiot.
>returns to metal gear solid HD
>last post, i pinkie pie swear. cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.
>> No. 66720
File 132228796641.png - (389.97KB , 1600x690 , Modnation Racing is Magic colored.png )
How about Modnation Racers? With a Black Friday sale I think I saw it for maybe $20. And we have a weekly race night for bronies to get together and goof off. If you decide to join: PSN: Darth_Bellicus
>> No. 66725
sounds like a good idea. i don't have modnation racers, i don't really plan on gettimg it, and i don't care much for racing games. i still think playstation home meet-up for PSN bronies is a good idea though.
>> No. 66941
File 132237946624.jpg - (44.21KB , 510x437 , oh really.jpg )
Figured 'why not' so... here.

Sethalectuley=Xbox live gamertag
>> No. 68378
File 132297471824.gif - (1.79MB , 360x203 , 132220186738.gif )
Somepony directed me toward this thread, so i'll post again.

XBL: Dotsphews
PSN: god_of_bronies
>> No. 68379
>sees pic

well that's what i get for posting on my friends infected computer.....
>> No. 68395
Xbl: moink1234
>> No. 68410
If anypony is interested, my PSN is Vydrach.

Please put in the message that you're a brony or some such, as I do get random friend requests rather frequently.
>> No. 68605
GT: Bluestripe44
>> No. 68747
File 132316407427.png - (291.86KB , 540x588 , 1319285382767.png )
ism Fluttershy2134 on PSN
>> No. 68755
GT is Joe Jack Talcum

Catch me on NHL 12, WWE 12, or CoD
>> No. 68799
I've already posted, but I recently changed my gamertag.
New GT: CanterlotCowboy

I've been on a bit of a BF3 binge lately that shows no signs of ending until I get Skyrim.
I don't have too many games that I play frequently, but I'm going to be picking up Spacemarine, Forza 4, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, and Saints Row 3.

If you've got BF3 and want to squad upplease please I'm begging you I have no friends in my timezone(GMT+2) I'm so lonely! add me!
>> No. 68801
File 132319702825.jpg - (145.28KB , 900x900 , xover23.jpg )
I forget how long it's been so gonna re-post
XBL and PSN = PaladinVance
most of my multi-player stuff is on XBL right now, only have SSFIV: AE for PS3
Steam =
>> No. 69901
File 132366949087.png - (182.49KB , 900x770 , derpy whos awesome?.png )
whoever guided me here you is an angel in brony form
mai gamertag is treeburninsmurf
>> No. 69906
File 132367085672.png - (236.52KB , 640x493 , 130059599160.png )
Before this thread hits its 400th post, and subsequently hits autosage (At least I believe 400 posts equals autosage in /g/) I would like to, as the OP of this thread, request that it be archived, or at least not auto saged. This thread is a veritable library of hundreds of gamer tags, PSN accounts, and Steam accounts, and it has brought many, many people together over the months. It would be a shame if something which has brought so many together, and will keep bringing people together, were to autosage to oblivion. So I formally ask that this thread be in some way saved from automatic deletion. Thank you for listening and thank you everypony for making this thread the library it is!

>Also if this thread is saved by a mod, could you please edit the OP so that it would read "Simple: We share out gamer tags, PSN accounts, or Steam accounts and meet new people."
>> No. 69934
Argh and of course I am now hit by the delete post bug so I can't edit that. God Damn It.

I put a colon between the fields to help identify the name and date.

XBox / GT
App1e Bloom:20110501
AzDs Ronin:20110620
Big lulux:20111015
Colonel Gecko:20110904
Comandante Tre:20110802
Cookie X Dough:20111016
Dərpy Delivers:20110330
Dərpy Hooves:20110313
Dərpy Twizzle:20110406
Doku Kageru:20110313
E06 Priyom:20110416
elite guy 94:20110313
Emo Woof 252:20110501
Fargone Cowboy:20110427
green leader68:20110322
Hitokage Sama:20110413
I KRANKHAUS I:20110401
I Refute Th33:20111016
Iced Naraku:20111122
Im Rainbow Dash:20110512
Joe Jack Talcum:20111206
Mr Flufferz:20110426
Mr Fugums:20110514
mr ultramar:20110801
Pinkie Pie:20110331
RAINB0W DASH:20110422
Rainbow 1 Crash:20111005
Rainbro Dash:20110512
Ronald Hennessy:20111111
Rose Luck:20110627
Supreme Ron:20110605
sweetie be11e:20110512
The bbJR:20110512
The GaP Trixie:20110410
used man:20110323
WAT IS IT YUSAE:20111003
X MW2 X K3Y:20110314
X shadowfast X:20111021
xC2Cx Admiral Z:20110807
XeNoN SkyLine:20110415
Yez Yazari:20110328
yo yo 700:20110314
Yourr Mad:20110903

paranoid pengui:20110410

the dərpiest deliverer:20110410

DJ P0N 3:20110325
Pein N Wrath:20110823
xGOONx HAMMER:20110312
>> No. 69967
All of the names. All of them. But...
>Rainbow 1 Crash:20111005

That should be 'Rainbow l Crash', with a lowercase L in the middle.

Because I was a tard and thought that was a good idea when I made it.
>> No. 69990
My GT:Frank West 300 (Feel free to add me)

L4D and 2
Dead Rising 1
RDR Undead Nightmare
COD4 & Mw2
The Orange Box and Halo Reach
Gta 4
Dead Space 2
>> No. 69997
Xbox: EltNoobl
No PSN Or Steam

Games: Modern Warfares 3, Halo Reach, Red Dead Redemption, I play those on a regular basis. Send a friend request with the tagline Brony or something, Im usually on late during the weekends or sometimes all day during Wednesdays or Fridays. Also I prefer to get to know people before I add them so just be patient. Oh, and I usually don't use a mic but I will if it pleases you
>> No. 70015
File 132372447200.png - (284.33KB , 600x506 , reported.png )
because I second the motion, and they aren't very likely to see it otherwise
>> No. 70016
I took the thread off autosage for you.
>> No. 70029
File 132372651980.png - (155.46KB , 1029x777 , salute.png )
Thank you, your modliness
>> No. 70121
File 132374968937.png - (40.70KB , 185x200 , 130076101303.png )
You sir, are one amazing person. I could never have done all that by myself. Thank you so much.

Thank you very much !!Soarin for taking this off autosage.
>> No. 70325
File 132380714256.jpg - (42.09KB , 800x1000 , nyxcantseeshit.jpg )
If anypony wants to add me, I have a PSN that's the same as my name on here. Though at the moment I only play Portal 2 and TF2 really.
>> No. 70330
If you want, leave your email in a post here and I can send you the source text file which I made for this.

Either you or I should maintain the list with new entries as they come.
>> No. 70377
Col_Plisken is my PSN
Add me if you want, but I won't be on for a couple of hours. I play a lot of vidya gaems or varying types, so I'l join if I can.
>> No. 70455
File 132383753460.png - (253.26KB , 425x558 , 131331114939.png )
Yes, that sounds like a good idea. I'll leave my email for you. Again, thank you so much EA97490.
>> No. 70474
Mail sent.
>> No. 70518
File 132385146547.png - (395.57KB , 1600x1158 , 9580 - absurd_res AtomicGreymon emo emo_pie pie pinkamena_diane_pie pinkie transparent.png )
add me to your stream please
>> No. 70519
File 132385164183.gif - (366.21KB , 400x414 , partysoft.gif )
Don't have a 360 or PS3, but apparently this is the place for Steam handles too. Hit me up if you want!
>> No. 71100
GT: Kunera
Feel free to add me, I usually play Rock Band 3 and Saints Row: The Third these days, but I'm always up for playing an arcade game like Castle Crashers or something, too.
>> No. 71114
GT Joe Jack Talcum

I like NHL 12, Call of Duty, Halo
>> No. 72177
File 132435639874.png - (376.26KB , 399x492 , max 8.png )
Repost from a Steam topic

Steam Account: Doodle329.

I am a creative pony.

I'm horribly shy but I do play Terraria and Worms and occasionally TF2 online. If you want somepony boring and silent on your friendlist, I'm your man.
>> No. 72180

I will probably accept any friend request that is sent to me
>> No. 72188
File 132435753689.png - (546.33KB , 1027x1064 , 131347977283.png )
I'm "Contains The Word Orange" on Steam, and I'm always up for some Day of Defeat[:Source], TFC, Terraria, and occasionally Alien Swarm or even Frozen Synapse.
>> No. 72196
File 132435918189.png - (296.43KB , 1280x584 , My Little Specimens.png )
My Steam ID is Magicflounder and I don't really talk too much.
I like to play TF2, LOTS of Killing Floor, Sanctum, and I recently got into Magicka.
Feel free to add me if you want to.
>> No. 72263
(I originally put my XBL account LrgWalnutz on here but I decided since ponies have made my life 20% better I figured I'd add my other account for XBL on here so here it is: PWRGMRD20 (and since Ive had people have trouble saying my my gamertag on live if its easier for you guys than just call me gamer if its easier) hopefully I'll meet more friends. (Also the games Ive been playing recently are CODMW3 CODBO Halo3/Reach and so far thats all I can think of also I rarely play campaigns instead I multiplay (mainly its been MW3 so if youre not real competitive but more chill online and wanna game hit me up and I'll see what I can do)
>> No. 72273
>because psn is best pony
mostly i play MW3 due to my exponentialy increasing lack of time and bits
>> No. 74364
File 132509857464.png - (18.12KB , 220x107 , 5.png )
PandasLoveMe :3
>> No. 74432
LOL , PS3 tags ._.

Im not sure if want to add
>> No. 74488
All of the following are presumably 360 tags:


Sora 205








Philosoraptor 2
>> No. 74497
File 132512867953.png - (133.34KB , 403x360 , 1298754692830.png )
Sorry, i messed up my tying
I literally only play Halo with some CoD on the side
>> No. 74518
>posted in thread before
>posts again due to updated library
My PSN username is tobuji
i have uncharted 2 and 3, and call of duty: modern warfare 3.
i'm up to play anytime i'm online.

>the following is worth repeating

we should organize a playstation home meetup for bronies. it's be interesting.
>> No. 74556
Hello y'all.
-My PSN ID is Lord_Allfire
-I really only play Uncharted 3 and AC: Revelations.
-Also, I'd love to get to know some of my fellow bronies better, so if you want to get to know me, feel free to socialize. If you don't want to though, that's cool too.
-Don't forget to let me know you're a brony in your friend request. See y'all on PSN!
>> No. 74666
File 132518943467.png - (354.73KB , 801x717 , 8026727-(n1298227135741)-(n1304817891834).png )
Add Thund3rQuill for Xbox 360!
Send a message saying you're a brony!
>> No. 74750
File 132521094784.png - (153.65KB , 900x807 , 132501225070.png )
Xbox GT: Damzilicious x
I play halo, cod, battlefield and a few other single player games
>> No. 75013
File 132530027285.png - (273.58KB , 375x421 , 131280891295.png )

I don't play online much, but could use a few friends.
>> No. 75163
XBL: EpicCupcakeTime
Fifa 12
Dead Island
and more!

Just add brony to the message and we koo. Just got 4za though so im currently bawls deep into career mode...
>> No. 75168
Hey, OP, Is your name lax as in lacrosse? just wondering, cause i love lacrosse but I've never seen any other bronies who like it too.

Xbox 360: Wolfy1328

I don't go on much, but i'll accept a few friend requests and gladly talk with another brony.
>> No. 75242
File 132537064199.png - (212.08KB , 1000x1000 , 1319861394425.png )
I'm sorry bro, but its lax as in relaxed. Its a long story, and really this isn't my favourite name, but as you can tell I've had it now for nearly a year, and I can't exactly change it.
>> No. 75519
File 132546745163.png - (161.75KB , 320x320 , sleepy twilight sparkle.png )
Gamertag: Mazzonop

I play Halo Reach, Bioshock 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, Shadowrun. I have a webcam, and i just im pretty cool guy tobe friends with. Add me if your bronie enof!
>> No. 75531
xbl: strider of xir
dont have live gold, but might get it some day
in the meantime, always room for more brony friends
>> No. 76081
xbox = crizbitz
psn = nman10
i play 360 more and its usually mw3 or forza 4
on ps3 its rock band 2, dj hero 2 or MAG might buy cod4 one day
>> No. 76128
File 132565195043.jpg - (266.78KB , 786x786 , OHDATSPITFIRE.jpg )
XBL: OhDatSpitfire

Got the usual Reach, Gears of War, RB3, SR3, etc.
Sort of finishing up all my single-player stuff right now, but I'm always up for some multi or just chatting or watching Netflix with some bros.

Make sure you mention ponychan or similar if you hit me up, though; I get random invites sometime.
>> No. 76133
Gamertag: linkzelda122

psn still working on it. (when i get to it, probably the same as my xbox)
>> No. 76447
codemanj94 - Steam, Xbox, Skype, PSN

I play a lot of Steam and am on Skype everyday.
Xbox I play BF3, Reach
PSN I dont really go on but I have Motorstorm 1+2
>> No. 76480
File 132579957842.png - (250.11KB , 633x512 , haters_gonna_hate____again_by_nekozneko-d4ah71a.png )
My steam
Feel free to add me. I play Civ 4 and 5 a lot.
>> No. 76498
PSN: NightDash
>> No. 76514
File 132580766516.png - (36.45KB , 184x184 , avatarnmmgears.png )
GT: iSouRiOnioN

I'm 15 and i play gears all the time

Pic related. I made it.
>> No. 76573
File 132582816826.png - (414.02KB , 1000x1000 , 132480962229.png )
GT: NIXON b23. i usually play gears3 or reach even though i totally blow at both, but feel free to add me and we can find some common ground.
>> No. 76786
360 GT: Flawed Skills

I usually play U. Marvel vs Capcom (my original broke, that's the last time I buy pre-owned).
Other than that I have MW3, sadly, along with Blur, GTA4 and Saints Row 2 & 3.

Just let me know that you're from here, you wouldn't want me to think you're some random person would you?
>> No. 77378
File 132623070509.png - (63.39KB , 293x273 , 1308252353474.png )
XBL = kyouko toshinou
MW3, GTA 4, MW2, Black Ops, Halo Reach

Cod4 & Disgaea 3...
>> No. 77383
File 132623287936.gif - (50.04KB , 440x275 , hazama-hat.gif )
Gamertag: CurliestBus
Don't currently have gold due to me spending all my money on BBCS:extend
(damn you Aksys, taking my money)
>> No. 77386
I just realized I need to my tags here:

PSN & Xbox Live: SpecialDragoonJ

Steam: MasterDragoonJ
>> No. 77611
File 132632240649.png - (342.68KB , 500x318 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-conan-the-bronybarian.png )
Names Dycoon on PSN. I play alot of dynasty warrior games. Mainly DW7 and Strikeforce and I'm going to get DW Gundam 3 soon. Just tell my your a brony and I'll add ya.
>> No. 77625
File 132632608942.png - (296.28KB , 488x616 , 131699789040.png )
>Dynasty Warriors
You, my good sir or madam, are doing it right.
>> No. 77737
so if anypony is looking to play s&d on MW3 you should add my xbl.
>> No. 77740
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Blazblue, Continuum Shift

Name: DanteMustRock

Need some more bronies on my list, so I'm not raging when I play. >.>
>> No. 77751
Xbox Live: NomNomZmobie17
Playstation 3: Vamp God 69 (or something like that I haven't gotten on in a while.
>> No. 77938
File 132648003204.jpg - (350.67KB , 1200x800 , celestia_vs_nightmare_moon_by_rubendevela-d474ysk.jpg )
Got DW Gundam 3 today and it shall be glorious. Also a big brohoof to Dr. Lumbermound S. McClassyattire for bein down with DW.
>> No. 78448
I'll give it a try
GT : Moi Manticore
>> No. 79918
My psn/XBL is KnucklesX2.
Stay on:
Black ops/MW3(xbox)
Mortal kombat(ps3)
Littlebigplanet (ps3)
Gears of war 3(xbox)
>> No. 80676
File 132736642753.png - (176.36KB , 1024x1030 , scootaloo_.png )
My GT is petsthatloveu77.
I would love to meet more bronies to play Call of duty or Halo Reach with.
>> No. 80724
File 132737551422.png - (681.92KB , 1920x1080 , gtfo (2).png )
>> No. 80725

hooray /g/ got more posts!
>> No. 80726
And then it didn't.
>> No. 80727
uh oh~
>> No. 80982
XBL: a_Luumberjack

yes, that is with two "u" 's
>> No. 81825
File 132768778373.png - (59.94KB , 471x415 , woona.png )
Back to page 0.
>> No. 82091
Xbl: Alomustar, need some friends
Steam: AlonzoDaCookie, cant run many games though cuz my computer is shit (still got a singlecore processor)
>> No. 82135
File 132777744706.jpg - (23.34KB , 250x350 , theREALUncleBourbon.jpg )
>> No. 82289
File 132783237028.jpg - (166.50KB , 470x612 , Metro2033_2010-04-16_13-43-43-87.jpg )
I love you more than anypony ever.
>Metro 2033 FTW!
>> No. 82304
File 132785011075.png - (129.69KB , 890x897 , scratchthinksyoushoulddealwithit.png )
Uncle Bourbon <3's you too.

My tag is XBL by the way.

>> No. 82364
XBL: Deranged Greed
>> No. 82415
File 132788165645.png - (76.98KB , 858x1016 , Hopping Noi.png )
Gamertag: "The Wet Onion"

I play an ample amount of MW3, a little bit of BF3, as well as the odd game of RAGE multiplayer.

I also record with a Hauppauge HD PVR, so if I play a good game of MW3, with you in the lobby/my party, there's a good chance you'll end up on YouTube.
>> No. 82442
pex1100-- , it's a new account so anypony add me free ly ;3
>> No. 82937
File 132807335192.png - (77.16KB , 246x248 , 130032064873.png )
I'll add you as soon as I remember and get on my Xbox.
>> No. 83214
File 132822372920.png - (50.59KB , 350x208 , pinkie sad.png )
Starlitalpha on steam and Xbox 360.

please be patient with me in games as I've been out of the multiplayer scene a while now and i prefer playing with people who enjoy having fun above all else.

just got internet back today and i literally have no friends on either.

I'm willing to play a lot of oddball stuff on steam, some left 4 dead 2 on steam and especially 360 arcade games like guardian heroes which I'm salivating over.
>> No. 83406
lol I got ignored
>> No. 83673
File 132841152800.gif - (0.97MB , 600x337 , fymlookdown.gif )
I do not play much online, but feel free to add me if you want. I am open to casual play or conversations if you are bored or whatever.

Xbox Live GT: MeatWaffles

PlayStation Network ID: Meat-Waffles

On Xbox 360 I play a large amount of Halo games online, a bit of DeathSmiles 1 and 2, various downloadable games (SEGA arcade stuff usually) and Gears. I will get Mass Effect 3 sometime this year and plan to preorder Halo 4 probably... Currently I do not have a Gold account, but this weekend is free anyways so I would be up for a few games of whatever.

On PlayStation 3 I have Metal Gear Solid 4 and Resident Evil 5 with online play, totally suck at both but am willing to play them if they would not mind me not doing great. I plan to get Binary Domain on this by the end of the month, though if anypony is interested in that.
>> No. 83714
maholler7 Add me BROS
>> No. 83724
File 132844918024.png - (59.94KB , 471x415 , 132841497519.png )
xbox live: dillicious14
>> No. 83786

Xbox 360 GT: MetalBladeSeed, I play Transformers War for Cybertron mostly.
>> No. 83796
File 132850192342.png - (51.25KB , 320x346 , 130932781420.png )
Thats not how this list works. Yes, you post your name, but if you want to get new brony friends to game with you have to send the friend /r/s. If you wait for them to come to you, you won't get many new contact /r/s.
>> No. 84210
File 132870757885.png - (68.70KB , 240x200 , 000z53t8_thumb_.png )

My PSN account, as well as steamid is "Razesdark"
I don't play anything but Vita these days though.

Except for spending too much time on Eve online under the same name. (Might be moving away from my corp at this moment, and might want to try to find some fellow bronies to team up with in 0.0)
>> No. 84972
File 132909487693.gif - (482.17KB , 500x281 , 132261943100.gif )
psn: Abiaxas_13
ps3 games: Resident Evil 5(and dlc), portal 2,
guitar hero 5,call of duty MW3, SSF4AE,mortal kombat tekken 6, resistance 1-2, mgs4(never played online yet), killzone2.

i like to trophy hunt....and i need help in RE5 with multiplayer trophies and i need some help with the co-op of MW3 if anypony can help i would be great full! :)

we can try :)
>> No. 84979
XBL: DərpyHoovesiM
>> No. 86393
File 132968531124.jpg - (25.21KB , 398x398 , surfingonlaptop.jpg )
This thread dead?
>> No. 86396
File 132968553551.png - (117.80KB , 400x400 , Kermitjack.png )
>> No. 86421
File 132969534833.png - (23.06KB , 140x140 , Smiley Cymbals.png )

Haha! Feel free to add me guys. LifeInSteps for XBL.

I'm also on games for Windows live! And Steam! Any o' that stuff. Hit me up sometime.
>> No. 86452
File 132970198551.png - (162.81KB , 480x270 , vlcsnap-3742759.png )
GT: AnalSeapage
>> No. 86457
DanteMustRock; PS3

Playing Continuum Shift Extend; Ultimate MvC3

Also have 3rd Strike, MvC2, SF Alpha... not much else.

Oh, Battlefield 3, which I haven't played yet.
>> No. 86740
File 132988868664.jpg - (18.91KB , 404x408 , 130109973856.jpg )
About as dead as a slow-moving immortal zombie.
>> No. 86796
File 132992360937.png - (36.51KB , 117x117 , 132655932616s.png )
PS3: PitchBlackR, I don't have too many multiplayer games on it though.
>> No. 86816
File 132994171353.jpg - (41.24KB , 422x423 , 2340 GLEE.jpg )
>Just got Xbox Live
>See this thread

Gamertag: Drunken Reverie

I only have Reach right now. Will probably get a CoD soon.
Open to suggestions for good multiplayer games.

Adding you right away. Our big philosophy question was, like, my first on this site and I still have fond memories.
>> No. 86817
Well, which ones do you have?
>> No. 86826
GTA4, motorstorm apocalypse. Only multiplayer games I posses on the console atm.. GTA never gets boring online though.
>> No. 86848
Xbox Gamertag: blasphemousbear
Honestly, I don't play multiplayer a whole lot. But I do like to chat with people while playing video games, so if you're up for that, add me!
And let me know because I don't get on much unless I'm expecting contact from somepony.
I will play multiplayer though - I have both L4Ds, Portal 2, both Doom games from the arcade, Quake Arena Arcade, and blur as games I like to play multiplayer in.
>> No. 86852
>> No. 86854
PSN: DanteVSparda

I have, like, 3 boxes of games, and a handful of downloaded ones, too. So add away. xD
>> No. 86863
File 132996510838.png - (223.17KB , 1000x1000 , 59731.png )
I'll accept you as soon as I get to my Xbox. Also your making me nostalgia hard there. That philosophy thread I made way back was probably one of the most fruitful philosophical discussions this chan ever saw. I'd make another, but I had enough trouble keeping up with the last one as it was.
>> No. 87150
I want to game it up or talk to the fellow bronies
Multiplayer Games I own:resident evil 5(all DlC),Castle crashers(all DLC),Aien Hominid,The Dishwasher:Dead samurai,Halo Reach,MVC3,MW2,L4D and L4D2(L4D2 The passing DLC),Gears of war 1 and 3,The beatles Rockband and Rockband 1,Fable 2,and Mortal Kombat(Also i have unlimited rents From Blockbuster so if you want to play a "recent" game and i dont have it i can go rent it so yeah)
So Look me up guys oh im mostly always on,also let me know your from the herd :P
>> No. 87154
File 133014503213.png - (147.58KB , 1000x625 , 00548650549.png )
I'm going to re-submit mine to the thread, because this was my post and now it's super out-dated.
PSN: Darth_Bellicus
Games: Battlefield 3(all DLC)
Borderlands (All DLC)
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (all DLC)
Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon
Brutal Legend (All DLC)
Assassin's Creed: Revelations (no DLC yet)
>> No. 87190
File 133018667175.jpg - (17.74KB , 264x320 , 130973 - artist john_joseco Gamer pc twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Sure, I'll put my gamertag here. I've been looking for some bronies to play with anyway.

Gamertag: Flutterguy2pnt0


I play BF3 (I play this the most.)

Assasin's Creed BR


And I HAVE the CoD games, though I am not a huge fan.

So, yeah. I look forward to meeting some of you!
>> No. 87244
If only i had a ps3 too >_<
>> No. 87249
Why the hell not?

XBL: NythOLOGY (cause I fucked up the last part)

Dark Souls is my main stay for now, along with BF3, but I play MW2 and Bad Co 2 every now and then. Borderlands and Black Ops are dusty as hell, but if you want to play them send me a message, I might be in the mood.

C&C 3 I'm interested in, but only ever played against the AI.
>> No. 87288
File 133021632636.png - (100.36KB , 279x351 , 132583375040.png )

My Xbox is dead, but I have a helpful hint. Get both you and your partner up to 25,000 dollars, then have them gift you all their money in one of the armories. Then gift it all back to them. You'll both the the achievement. Also, here's a pretty helpful site for Xbox achievement help:

They stopped putting guides actually on the page for the game, but people still write the guides and post them on the game's sub forum.
>> No. 87300
File 133021923731.jpg - (45.26KB , 596x394 , Impossibru.jpg )
Good idea. Now to find an adult on MW3 Survival mode.
>> No. 87479
File 133029568281.png - (208.08KB , 1208x1035 , 14.png )
I am up for helping if you need one.
>> No. 87539
File 133031317537.png - (124.71KB , 699x851 , Mugshot.png )
PSN: NightDash
>> No. 87540
File 133031328666.png - (25.18KB , 500x500 , I spy with my derpy eye.png )
What games you got?
>> No. 87680
Thanks for the offer, finally got it done myself. I can still help you get it if you want.
>> No. 87702
I already had it I was just going to help you if you still needed it.
>> No. 87732
So I got a PS Vita.
I got Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3,if anypony's interested.

PSN is Skymin99.
>> No. 87740
Stupid question, but there's no way to play against somepony with a PS Vita if I have a PS3, right? I don't really keep up with handheld systems anymore.
>> No. 87817
File 133045634799.jpg - (17.38KB , 467x349 , hamtaro.jpg )
My Steam:
>> No. 87949
i don't play my PS3 to much lately but my PSN is DUVANT if anypony wants to add me
>> No. 87950

also my steam is
>> No. 88967
File 133115918882.gif - (2.39MB , 400x353 , Im bumping this thread and you cant stop me.gif )
>> No. 88968
MLPJoshua for XBL. I'll play Cod, Battlefeild 3(I suck at it though), Portal 2, Halo, Tdu2, and AC Brotherhood when I get it back
>> No. 88998
PSN: The_Mr_Kumar
Steam: same thing, but all lower case.

Not that I am not on the PS3 right now, so I'm basically still finding good players on the tf2 pony servers :(
>> No. 89037
File 133121587461.png - (1.11MB , 1600x931 , 29 GamingPonies2.png )
XboxLive: AimxFirexRepeat

You can normally find me playing Fallout, Skyrim, Brothers In Arms and BFBC2.
>> No. 89066
File 133124924000.jpg - (29.47KB , 500x428 , e9a3c94c-dd26-4023-bd42-7b6daced9f86.jpg )
GT:Redpug1000 I'll be playing whatever usually.
>> No. 89365
>> No. 89387
Xbla: milten3006
>> No. 89677
File 133165739578.jpg - (14.08KB , 392x287 , 42922.jpg )
I just thought I'd make some kind of post here saying this thread has been up for a full year now. I don't realy know what to say other than, why on earth has the mods let this thing live for so long?!

Anyway, this thread shall continue on, bringing togather gamer bronies for a long while to come. Now get out there and spread the love and tolerance over all the gamer networks!
>> No. 89678
File 133165748766.png - (207.65KB , 200x213 , 133056123627.png )
My PSN is gb2matty. Hope I meets some new people!
>> No. 89681
>why have the mods let this live for so long
Because it was requested lol
>> No. 89687
File 133166327489.jpg - (18.91KB , 404x408 , 130109973856.jpg )
Yah I know. Still, gotta thank them for acctually filling that one.
>> No. 89704
File 133166879356.png - (11.62KB , 200x200 , 133040189666.png )
This thread should get a platinum trophy/Xbox achievement for being the oldest thread outside of /arch/
>my idea:
>"Lots of Extra Lives"
>> No. 89729
File 133167825414.jpg - (29.87KB , 500x500 , I say.jpg )
Hrm... now that would be a pretty cool idea

>Achievement unlocked
>Thread has survived for an entire year without being stickied or arched.
>> No. 89735
File 133168030352.png - (171.14KB , 480x480 , 20% cooler.png )
I like your idea better, wonder if anypony else has cool ideas.
>> No. 89897
Holy crap am I late
Add my GT gyus: II GNR LIES II
>> No. 89901
File 133178102596.png - (17.68KB , 693x120 , UNSAGEABLE.png )
How's this look?
>> No. 89902
File 133178147342.png - (119.56KB , 444x444 , 11.png )
>> No. 89903
File 133178156859.png - (250.96KB , 900x903 , 132749878028.png )
>> No. 89904
...Who are you?What was your GT?
>> No. 89906
File 133178198166.png - (387.84KB , 478x462 , Trafalgar Law.png )

I swear I played against you not even a hour ago.
Perhaps you will remember my clan tag as PON3?
Then again probably not...

>Mine Countenance Whereupon this is the second largest thread in /g/ right behind the L4D2 mod thread
>> No. 89907
Bro, if I saw your clan tag I would have added you in a heartbeat....
>> No. 89908
File 133178212357.jpg - (33.31KB , 536x401 , nami.jpg )
I swear I saw you GT earlier...
I am going to go through my recent players list like a freaking hawk until I find it...

Also add me!
>> No. 89909
File 133178295207.jpg - (615.50KB , 1440x900 , 61724 - Carrot_Top applejack command_and_conquer crossover derpy_hooves mammoth_tank pinkie_has_.jpg )
Somepony needs to teach me how to Battlefield... 3
>> No. 89910
On PS3 or XBox 360?
>> No. 89911
Played it for the first time tonight with a friend, felt like a kid on my first day of school.
>> No. 89913
I can help, I and i have a bunch of friends that can too.

PSN: Darth_Bellicus
>rank 50 something
>> No. 90311
File 133202878982.png - (665.62KB , 910x994 , 149724.png )
I absolutly love it! Saved harder than the force of 1000 suns.
>> No. 90334
File 133203897552.png - (250.96KB , 900x903 , 132749878028.png )
Do you think the mods would mind if we asked them to edit it into the OP?
>> No. 90338
File 133204079329.jpg - (22.10KB , 241x230 , 1314395119083.jpg )
Dunno. As long as you get one with a sense of humor.
>> No. 90339
File 133204132069.jpg - (105.03KB , 1024x768 , 132916221309.jpg )
I reported it, let's see what happens.
>> No. 90342
File 133204315857.png - (298.46KB , 606x735 )
enjoy your new op, everypony ♥ ~
>> No. 90343
File 133204334105.jpg - (73.27KB , 600x600 , rainbow dash it\'s beautiful.jpg )
>> No. 90344
File 133204395996.png - (38.13KB , 191x208 , neat.png )
Thanks !!Fluttershy!
>> No. 90352
File 133204691454.jpg - (56.74KB , 600x491 , rarity filly wtf.jpg )
>March 12, 2011
>> No. 90353
File 133204773817.png - (40.23KB , 350x500 , 132897538804.png )
>> No. 90355
File 133204833322.jpg - (36.66KB , 603x649 , 25070.jpg )
You just made me the happiest man on this chan Moony. I love you bro.
>> No. 90356
File 133204852496.png - (38.59KB , 199x148 , rarity dunno.png )
I've never payed any attention to this thread, I just assumed it kept getting remade, didn't realize it was always the same one
>> No. 90357
File 133204866974.jpg - (15.24KB , 236x269 , 130127130489.jpg )
Nope. Me and a couple of awesome people have kept this same thread up for over a year. You can look through this thread and find the GTs, PSNs, and Steam accounts of people who don't even post here anymore.
>> No. 90359
Not to mention people who didn't even have tripcodes back then, like me and lax brony.
>> No. 90362
Haha yah I wouldn't even find out about trip explorer for like another month after making this thread.
>> No. 90364
File 133204942871.jpg - (46.07KB , 715x203 , one of my first posts.jpg )
I didn't even have a NAME back then, I was just a lurker anon
>pic related, because I screencapped my insanely old post
>> No. 90366
File 133205172271.jpg - (76.41KB , 1039x311 , Oldest non-arch thread.jpg )
I made this just in case it becomes one of those "casualties of the new update" type threads in the future
>> No. 90367
File 133205238424.png - (168.32KB , 640x361 , ISawYouWalkingIntoTownAndIWentHUUUGGHH.png )
>this thread
>> No. 90368
File 133205244224.png - (56.14KB , 320x346 , 130932781420.png )
Yah back than I posted more...

Thank you bro.
>> No. 90369
File 133205254601.png - (154.70KB , 900x812 , 1070.png )

I know!
>> No. 90374
File 133205409324.jpg - (12.58KB , 226x261 , 132236506699.jpg )
Contributing to oldest thread.

My gamer tag is us3l3ss1. I haven't had a whole lot of time to play though since starting college and I don't have a mic, but I always accept requests from random people
>> No. 90375
File 133205457888.png - (139.94KB , 900x739 , 864.png )
>always accept requests from random people
I just can't do that if I know I just played with them on the Xbox...
Most of the time it is 10 year-olds and morons wanting me to tryout for their clan...
>> No. 90380
File 133205753073.jpg - (122.68KB , 646x626 , Snide smile portrait.jpg )
My PSN is Saturday-Saint. I mostly play Demon's and Dark Souls. I also have some fighting games that I don't play.
>> No. 90390
File 133207016780.jpg - (2.57KB , 117x125 , 132274970206s.jpg )
That's understandable. Surprisingly enough none of my random friends have asked me to join their clans or anything.
>> No. 90391
File 133207027126.png - (265.01KB , 1024x1262 , Applejack sitting cool.png )
PSN is ArcticSurvivor.
I play Demon's Souls. Dark Souls, AC:Brotherhood,
MW2, RE5, and Portal 2.
>> No. 90392
File 133207032984.jpg - (44.79KB , 568x951 , 132415576863.jpg )
Oops, forgot my name
>> No. 90395
I'll toss mine up here again.

PSN is Vydrach

Xbox Live is XxVydrachxX

Feel free to add me, but please put you're from ponychan or some such as I tend to get random flank invites.

On PS3, I tend to play shooters mostly (except Call of Duty), though I do Demon's/Dark Souls as well, and a few other things now and again.

Xbox, I haven't played a game on there in so long. I really only turn it on to chat with friends when we play different Playstation games.
>> No. 90405
File 133208186069.png - (121.36KB , 544x477 , 1113.png )
Which is weird...
Have any of them asked you to play in a boost/trickshot/private lobby of any kind?
>> No. 90434
File 133210553862.png - (29.90KB , 600x600 , N0.png )
This is still going? Anyway, I am the holder of the gamertag "Pinkie Pie" on xbox live, and no longer like the fandom or show.

Is anypony willing to take it off my hands?
>> No. 90435
Give me 800 Microsoft Points and I will do it.
>> No. 90436
One does not simply un-like the show.
>> No. 90437
I mean seriously if you give me 800 I will change it right here and now
>> No. 90439

>implying I have 800 MS points

If I did, I wouldn't be asking for somepony to help me rid of this curse, would I?
>> No. 90440
If I had 1600 i would give you 800 to get rid of it and the other 800 would go to me so I could get your name
>> No. 90453
File 133211856265.gif - (240.97KB , 393x365 , nope.gif )
Nope. Actually the only time one of them tried inviting me to a game was Saints Row 3, but I didn't have gold at the time.
>> No. 90455
Please provide an email so we can discuss a trade.
>> No. 90459
File 133212261010.png - (91.11KB , 321x301 , 130708093003.png )
my Xbox Live name is aN00bKiLLedY0u in case any of you want to play some time. I have BF3 and some other multiplayer games. I'd rather play with Bronies than the 11 year old, cursing, racist trash that are usually on Xbox live. just let me know you're a brony when you request.
>> No. 90461
That or you can accept my friend request for the time being, i added you under "Metro Katan"
>> No. 90463
File 133212355185.png - (533.72KB , 750x641 , braeburn excited.png )
>> No. 90492
File 133213415936.png - (255.83KB , 900x892 , smiling_derpy_by_sintakhra-d4rjccy.png )
Thanks, just added you.
I think what I might do is try to complete campaign on normal once through before I go back online. I seriously never play FPS games, so this is all a very new experience for me.
>> No. 90535
PSN: Peanut_94
I don't play any online games, though.
>> No. 90716
Mine be Vinyl Scratched

Cause I'm just DJ lIke that.
>> No. 90731
PSN or Xbox Live?
>> No. 91624
Gonna post again, because my last post was like 4 weeks ago.
Gamertag: MLPJoshua
I've got like 40 free friend spots, so add away.
I play CoD, Battlefield 3, TDU2, halo (3 or reach), and AC Brotherhood when I get it back.
I've been playing mostly CoD Black Ops lately, mainly because I like the customisable emblems(mines Rainbow Dash)
>> No. 91639
And Portal 2, left that out there.
>> No. 91673

no PSN i do have steam THE KILLER 10K
>> No. 91691
File 133287501905.gif - (641.16KB , 720x540 , pinkie pie smille.gif )
GT: milten3006
no steam or psn (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
>> No. 92322
File 133317468353.jpg - (4.56KB , 222x227 , pie13.jpg )
I only have PSN, sadly. It's DoctorBakazi, and I mostly play Soul Calibur V and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 online with it. I really don't have any other games with multiplayer or a multiplayer that's worth the time.
>> No. 92384
PSN: LotsOfNothing
>> No. 92402
GT: SulfuricAsh
>> No. 92618
This thread needs more posts.
>> No. 92639
File 133344007525.png - (102.42KB , 844x860 , 15.png )
Does anypony play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood?
Please tell me somepony other than me plays that still...
>> No. 92767
I lent it to a friend, but I'd play it if I still had it. But I get it back this week :D
>> No. 92785
File 133356927856.png - (119.56KB , 444x444 , 11.png )
You got it for the 360?
>> No. 92790
Indeed I do
>> No. 92819
Bahqlak for 360, anypony want to boost for Achievements?
>> No. 92820
Anypony still play Need For Speed Hot Pursuit for 360?
Other than that I'd like to play RE Operation Raccoon City, and I'm planning on buying AC Brotherhood soon.
>> No. 92837
File 133361306756.png - (229.24KB , 720x720 , 13.png )
Well if you would like to play add me I am NomNomZombie17
>> No. 92846
I'll add you, I get my game back today too ^.^
>> No. 92847
File 133363577720.png - (182.00KB , 905x883 , 26.png )
>> No. 92896
I got it back, just get online and accept my friend request when you're ready
>> No. 93180
This thread better not 404 of ima be majorly pissed
>> No. 93183

That's the name I use for my Steam and XBL.

I'm only gonna list games that are multiplayer/co-op. Games that have an asterisk next to them are ones I no longer play

I've got (Xbox 360)

>Ace Combat 6 *
>Ace Combat: Assault Horizon
>Mass Effect 3
>Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
>Halo 3 *
>Halo 3: ODST *
>Halo Wars
>Halo: Reach
>Call of Duty: Black Ops *
>Left 4 Dead *
>Left 4 Dead 2
>The Orange Box *
>Battlefield 3
>Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 *
>MGS HD Collection (Specifically Peace Walker)
>Saints Row 2
>Forza Motorsport 2 *
>Rainbow Six Vegas *

For Steam:
>Team Fortress 2
>Garry's Mod
>Counter-Strike: Source
>Eternal Silence
>Zombie Panic!: Source
>> No. 93241
>> No. 93242
Unsagable my flank.
>> No. 93428
If this thread 404s, I'm gonna flip my shit.
Somepony needs to help me keep this alive, because OP seems to have stopped.
>> No. 93431
File 133410975693.jpg - (155.73KB , 614x429 , 1302396259211.jpg )
No I keep it alive still, I just delete my bumps and allow atleat a week of inactivity on this thread to pass before I bump it because of the very slow pace of this board.
>> No. 93433
Oh alright. I'll continue to help keep it alive though, because I love playing Xbox with bronies. And I would post pictures with my posts, but no, iPhones don't have file uploading.
>> No. 93435
File 133411111656.png - (87.16KB , 246x248 , 130032064873.png )
The help is always appreciated. Thank you Josking.
>> No. 94055
GT: Whyistheostrich
Shit mang
>> No. 94056
GT: Whyistheostrich
Shit mang
>> No. 94172
GT: Pinkie Pie.

Would you look at that. Perfect spelling of Pinkie Pie without any extra letters or such.

Come on step it up.

I intend to get live again this weekend so I could play some Reach or MW3 with a few of you gentlemen then. Not before, as I am merely a man of the silver.
>> No. 94179
Would you look at that. Gone from whining about bronies and begging somepony to buy you a name change (and ignoring those who offer to) to playing with us lowly laughing stocks of the internet?
>> No. 94184
File 133488864039.png - (222.49KB , 800x450 , Twilight_Excited_S2E3.png )

Xbox Live: theGANJAkush

PSN: jj420
>> No. 94848
File 133555307484.png - (133.21KB , 600x600 , Yari pony.png )
GT: Yaridovich
XBL is expiring soon, but I'll be getting another month when Max Payne 3 comes out.

I play:
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine, Red Dead Redemption, and of course: Max Payne 3

I should play:
AC: Brotherhood, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V
(just haven't found that many people to play with)
>> No. 94849
PSN: The_Mr_Kumar

Games I play: Dead Island, CoD: MW3, CoD: BO (Zombies only) & any other games, however at the time right now I am not available to play because of finals.
>> No. 94871
I don't post on pchan much anymore (efchan is WAY better...), but I figured I should let you all know that I no longer posses an Xbox 360. I sold it.

So... there.
>> No. 95088
Even though nopony really cares, I might as well post these:
PSN: Lord_of_Sushi
Multiplayer Games: LittleBigPlanet 2, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Rock Band 3

XBL: Bec Noir
Multiplayer Games: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo: Reach, Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption, Skullgirls, Portal 2, Borderlands
>> No. 95092
File 133575187633.jpg - (8.44KB , 236x269 , 130127130489.jpg )
>nopony really cares
I beg to differ. This thread has brought many people together through games. Take a look through the thread, and you'll see tons of people connecting and making friendships over the 14 months this thread has existed. Heck I have gotten atleast 40 friend /r/s over the time this has been up, and made some very good friends through this thread. Just take a look through, find people with similar interests in games, and send out a friend /r/. Perhaps you will find some very good friends.
>> No. 95093
File 133575231410.png - (191.09KB , 477x530 , 30.png )
I made a few but no one seems to really invite me even for chat purposes.

Perhaps I am wrong and others just haen't seen my name. At any rate here it is for all to see.
XBL: NomNomZombie17
>> No. 95098
I added you a while back. Friday, you, me, maybe some other people, and AC Brotherhood.
>> No. 95101
File 133575617524.jpg - (22.69KB , 409x682 , 18278.jpg )
If friends don't come to you, than you must go to them. Just start up a chat, and invite them.
>> No. 95102
Is this thread on autosage?
>> No. 95103
Dear mods, can you take this thread off autosage again please.
>> No. 95112
It's just that this is the third time I've actually posted on Ponychan, and I doubt that anypony would care until I actually get more involved in the community.

(And here's something that I forgot to mention: I don't have a XBL Gold account yet, although I plan on getting one in a month or two)
>> No. 95149
File 133581398255.jpg - (148.92KB , 614x429 , 1302396259211.jpg )
It still doesn't matter. You can just meet people on here that want to be friends for the sake of friendship. You don't have to be involved in the community to meet cool people on XBL.
>> No. 95195
Alright. I'll take a look around in this thread.

(Sorry if my lack of confidence puts some people off. This is the first online community I've joined with a huge amount of members.)
>> No. 95244
Some extra notes (since I can't edit my first post):
1. I do own some Call of Duty games (Modern Warfare, World at War, and Modern Warfare 2), Crysis 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2, but I've only played MW2's campaign (so feel free to ask me to join in any of these games, but I'll probably suck).
2. I'll actually be getting a Gold account this week.

(BTW, I've added lax brony and The Future Twelfth Doctor)
>> No. 95247
File 133591855733.png - (156.07KB , 477x530 , daawww.png )
I was wondering who that was.
>> No. 95390
Since my last post with my actual GT was a while ago, I'll make another.
GT: MLPJoshua
Games: BF3, AC Brotherhood, CoD Black Ops, MW3 (I suck at it though), halo 3, Halo Reach, And TDU2.
>> No. 95550

Playing TF2 of course.
>> No. 97807
File 133816244544.png - (189.51KB , 600x600 , 130722903783.png )
Im bringing this thread back
>> No. 98045
File 133834774619.png - (56.14KB , 320x346 , 130932781420.png )
If you can get it off autosage, I would be very grateful. I've already tried bringing it to mods attention, yet they have yet to take it off autosage.
>> No. 98128
File 133840436757.png - (839.64KB , 1280x720 )
let me see if i can help you c:
>> No. 98131
File 133840614607.png - (221.21KB , 640x360 , vlcsnap-2012-05-09-08h57m12s236.png )
PSN: MalcolmA10

I currently have:

Battlefield Bad Company
Bad company 2 + Vietnam
Modern Combat Domination
Tekken 6
Soul Calibur IV
LittleBigPlanet 2
NBA Jam on Fire Edition
Marvel vs Capcom 2
>> No. 98154
>> No. 98167
Gt: Whyistheostrich
Add me comrades
>> No. 98190
File 133842987789.png - (474.29KB , 1905x1913 , 132679543174.png )
Again, I must thank you profusely Moony.
>> No. 99943
File 133978456859.jpg - (30.31KB , 382x341 , 132530160466.jpg )
dat achievemant.

I'm Oreally. Spelled Oreaiiy
>> No. 99945
PS ID: MegaPatron51

Only have 3 games atm.
Dynasty Warriors 7 Extreme Legends
God of War Collection
Shadows of the Damned

Still looking for more games. Need to get a head set soon to.
>> No. 100449
File 134015648399.png - (407.29KB , 2000x2000 , 132674441557.png )
Just restating my PSN and XBL

XBL: NomNomZombie17
PSN: Doctor_Whooves1 They wouldn't let me have it without the damn one. T.T
>> No. 100470
xbl: BBMCK
>> No. 100567
I'll restate my info as well.
XBL: Bec Noir
PSN: Lord_of_Sushi
>> No. 101108
PSN: BuddyHolly93

I only joined 'cos I realised I had owned TF2 for 5 years on The Orange Box without ever playing it. It's pretty fun. I'm also considering getting a CoD game, but I don't know which is the best or the one everypony plays.
>> No. 101255
PSN: Zoomguy53
Got a PS3 and a Vita

Some brony friends would be nice. If you're going to add me, please state you're from Ponychan.

School's ending soon and I'm dying to play some games other than the few I havd on my Vita.

Online games I mostly play on my PS3 are:
Uncharted 3 - current top
>> No. 101312
Look up the following creators:
They're nice guys and they make awesome stuff.
>> No. 101328
I've already found some awesome MLP stuff, and I've made an RD kart of my own. I've uploaded it even though I'm not necessarily done it yet. I'll check out those creators anyways.
>> No. 101420
sooo many users! My PSN ID is MegaPatron 51

add me if yall wish :) ill get to adding...soooooooon
>> No. 101507

I mostly play Battlefield 3, but I'll play other games.
>> No. 101508
Playstation, by the way.
>> No. 101510
File 134070636928.png - (171.99KB , 894x894 , 133851974634.png )
How do you even find a match?
>> No. 101517
That's actually a good question. Last time I played, it was relatively hard to get into a match of Domination. Can't imagine how hard it is to get a match like that going now.
>> No. 101566
File 134074574027.png - (325.44KB , 571x768 , ___.png )
I can'r find anypony at all.
>> No. 101604
File 134075217381.jpg - (240.43KB , 1366x768 , TheReasonIBoughtGmodwithtext.jpg )
Steam: ScooterSkittles

Games: Mechwarrior 4 (Now free!), TF2, Garry's Mod theater server (Pony vids with strangers!), Dota 2 (hopefully ponies soon!)
>> No. 101607
Noob question time, how do I enter the theater server in G-mod?

Oh, reposting my steam ID sincce it been a while since I posted in on this thread.

Games: Left 4 Dead 2, G-Mod, Mount and Blade, Payday: The Heist, Killing floor, Battlefield Bad Co 2, CoD MW3, Serious Sam 3
>> No. 101648
Xbawks: Steellonewolf77
>> No. 101672
Steam: Abronymous
World of Warcraft: dunemaul - monelious
>> No. 102068
PSN ID: Lord_Allfire

I have: Uncharted 3 (which I play frequently)
Battlefield 3 (played frequently)
Black Ops (frequently)
LittleBigPlanet 2 (now and then)
Killzone 3 (rarely played)

I have a few other games, but those are the ones worth mentioning most.
>> No. 102646
Xbox GT: Genikai

I have Reach and A few others, if needed have the money to buy other games.
>> No. 103132
File 134197736874.png - (49.64KB , 256x256 )
Bump test.
>> No. 103828
File 134221333062.png - (695.37KB , 1379x836 , 132728093665.png )
Hey there everypony :D

Xbox: Silvan Orion

Steam: Silvan Orion

League of Legends: SilvanOrion

I bet you can't find a pattern there >.>
>> No. 103878
>bumping with a test
how new are you?
>> No. 103945
File 134224680781.jpg - (123.75KB , 900x1025 , mlp__let__s_play___luna___by_ss2sonic-d4chrpg.jpg )
Xbox Live: Eudal Yrral
>> No. 104485
File 134241593455.png - (49.25KB , 187x183 , 1302391497071.png )
Whats with the test bump? Afraid the thread autosaged again?
>> No. 104495
File 134244519742.png - (622.63KB , 1000x1000 , ♪Groggy♪.png )
The thread did autosage, after a server move caused some bugs.
>> No. 104574
File 134250632149.png - (261.48KB , 680x680 , 164769.png )
I guess thats also why alot of the pics were lost eh.
>> No. 104628
I may have broadband again in the first time in over three years, and I was thinking of getting an xbox again.

Would anypony want to play older multiplayer games with me? That, and arcade multiplayer like Spelunky HD.
>> No. 104630
>That, and arcade multiplayer like Spelunky HD

Hate to burst your bubble, but that's local multiplayer only.
>> No. 104637
File 134257158695.png - (145.26KB , 952x839 , sad_pinkie_pie___vector_by_regolithx-d4q6nn5.png )
Aw dammit, I forgot about that.
> local multiplayer only
> on a game you download
Why do they keep doing this? Why is the only thing people I know only want to play is call of duty? Death match only? Over and over and infinitum...
>> No. 104759
File 134273021894.jpg - (82.11KB , 1400x900 , 1699.jpg )
>> No. 104763
File 134273318136.jpg - (12.52KB , 235x214 , BUENO.jpg )
And I just last night changed my Gmaertag!
I am now DoctorWhooves12
Why 12 you ask?
Because I am The Future Twelfth Doctor, that is why!
I wouldn't have the number but Doctor Whooves, and every variation, was taken already.
>> No. 104777
File 134274679519.jpg - (282.33KB , 1024x1448 , 4237.jpg )
just sent you a request
>> No. 104780
File 134274792344.png - (407.29KB , 2000x2000 , 132674441557.png )
Thank you random Anon that I assume is the person who posted their Gamertag above me.
>> No. 104785
File 134274961582.png - (167.43KB , 1024x670 , 3924.png )
yes i am ThePinkamenaPie no worries.>>104780
>> No. 104938
You guys can add my XBL tag: Coterminus
or my PSN: aimless_transient
Ya know, if you want
>> No. 104991
XBL: javelinstark

super street fitghter 4

all the multiplayer i have at the moment
>> No. 105401
File 134354270467.png - (69.05KB , 200x189 , 134082546521.png )
i sent you a message about 20 minutes ago asking why you had added me, i just checked this thread and saw your XBL gamertag on it and now know why. woops.
>> No. 105484
I like My little pony friendship is magic.
>> No. 105496
File 134361376561.png - (50.56KB , 308x320 , d3d3.png )
Gamertag: KizuxTheo
PSN ID: KizuxTheo
3DS: 3823 - 9370 - 0174
>> No. 105575
File 134368010463.jpg - (67.75KB , 500x500 , oh what is that some avatarfagging.jpg )
Repostan because it's been a while and because I finally got around to getting a PS3.

GT: OhDatSpitfire
PSN: OhDatSpitfire
Steam (for now): ACM Spitfire (Final Form, Mk IV)

Horrible at but willing to play Halo 3/Reach, Gears, AC Brotherhood/Rev, etc on the Bawks.
Looking for some good multiplayer suggestions for the PS3 as I've just got single-player stuff for it at the moment.
>> No. 105578
File 134368214666.jpg - (122.67KB , 1440x900 , 131048125008.jpg )
Get the Uncharted games. They're supposed to be pretty damn amazing.
>> No. 105585
Suppose it's worth posting mine again since it has been a good while.

Xbox Live: Bwgmon
The only thing I'm currently playing on it is Mass Effect 3, and maybe Minecraft if I'm in the mood for it. I'm mainly waiting for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Borderlands 2 to come out.

PS3 is B-w-g-m-o-n, but I rarely play it anymore.
>> No. 105847
I just realized I forgot to re-add this to my watch list. So bump because I remembered.
>> No. 105850
Holy bejebus this thread is still going. gonna post again.
>> No. 105953
PSN: LeoLeoaro

MW3, My BF3 copy is screwing up, Black Ops, KZ3 (Dont play so often anymore).....
I didnt know I had so little online games

Steam: lil_pipster

Minecraft, DFO, Rusty Hearts, my PC is pretty shitty so I can play much.
>> No. 106871
Forgot to mention its only my GT, whoops
>> No. 106929
ZahhakGU is my PSN.
>> No. 107000
File 134473351837.png - (673.31KB , 800x544 , 1344528084718.png )
Just wanted to Update my things:
>PS3/Vita: arduousRenegade
Battlefield 3
Armored Core 5
Dark/Demon souls
Saints Row 2/3
Red Dead Redemption

>Xbox 360: xxsothothxx
Halol Reach/3
gear 1-3

You can check out my games there
>> No. 107036
File 134480638630.jpg - (219.48KB , 640x480 , morrowind_logo.jpg )
Xbox live: Private Brains
>> No. 107060

When they come out Borderlands 2 and Blops 2
Killzone 3
My BF3 copy broke but I am gonna get a new one.
>> No. 107067
File 134483850698.jpg - (33.94KB , 373x537 , 130565459745.jpg )
Well the thread appears to be on autosage again... It can be given a while before it has to be bumped again though, its probably got two weeks or more before being in any dange of deletion. Just puting it out there to any passing mods to take it off autosage again please.
>> No. 107103
File 134487946471.png - (323.98KB , 600x720 )
>> No. 107113
File 134489446099.jpg - (52.47KB , 395x395 , 130038999402.jpg )
Thank yah kindly.
>> No. 107595
Posting again...
Gt: MLPJoshua
Games: Black Ops, Mw3, Battlefield, Minecraft, TDU2, Halo 3/Reach, AC Brotherhood, and Portal 2.
>> No. 107934
gt: spedwthgun
ps3 only, i will get an xbox soon
>> No. 108221
File 134591011979.png - (407.29KB , 2000x2000 , 132674441557.png )
To the first page we go with my name again
XBL: DoctorWhooves12
All I have at the moment is MW3 and Minecraft feel free to add and please warn me if your voice is high pitched.
>> No. 108225
GT: GrazerMagick

Games: I only use it for cawwadoody. And some guitar hero. But I'm down for some things or other.
>> No. 109743
Gamertag: Vinesauce.

Anypony up for some Minecraft multiplayer?
>> No. 109848
Xbox 360
gamertag pantless_n1nj4
>> No. 109850
File 134780851982.jpg - (12.52KB , 235x214 , BUENO.jpg )
Pantsless has a 360??
Oh adding as soon as I get on.
>> No. 109932
File 134795039647.png - (91.22KB , 780x750 , What is going on in this thread.png )
I wish to correct his GT for him as there is no underline just a space and it should read "pantsless n1nj4" not pantsless_n1nj4"
>> No. 111110
Keepin her afloat
>> No. 111371
Hey guys add me on PSN

I'm Blackfirebird200

Frequently playing Uncharted 2 & 3
And Borderlands 2

I need more multiplayer games anyway.
>> No. 111372
Hey guys add me on PSN

I'm Blackfirebird200

Frequently playing Uncharted 2 & 3
And Borderlands 2

I need more multiplayer games anyway.
>> No. 111375
File 134958936859.jpg - (5.73KB , 234x216 , 1343860455406.jpg )
Oh, so you're the guy who sent that request. Weird, my PSN ID hasn't been posted in a while.
>> No. 111460

Which one?
>> No. 111469
>> No. 111735

Oh okay. I was just looking for bronies to play with. There was a lot I sent.
>> No. 112435
File 135083364647.png - (211.38KB , 371x447 , 1342233939658.png )
>>111469 Darth_Bellicus eh? I might have to add him
Because Bellicus sounds like Bell-Lickers , as in peoples bell ends, which is pretty hawt
>> No. 112436
File 135083459745.png - (45.67KB , 322x351 , 134647836911.png )
But you're already on my friend list.
>> No. 112437
File 135083501460.png - (165.23KB , 500x400 , 500f51777eb9927604ae93c4266462e6.png )
>> No. 112438
File 135083503578.png - (105.17KB , 458x500 , 134_vaporeon_by_reika_world-d4m7xh5.png )
>> No. 112949
my Xbox GT: tuxed0 cat
>> No. 112950
PS3: jj420
>> No. 113559
I play stuff like BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena, and other games I can get my hands on.
>> No. 114512
Gamertag: FSG Mythic

Halo 4, Black Ops II, Madden 13, BF3, Homefront, TC: GR, etc.
>> No. 114536
360 GT: xX7331toastXx

I mostly play RPG's and FPS games, along with fighters, but I'm open for anything. I'd love for somepony else to play me in Vanilla MvC3 or SSF4AE. Hit me up if you want to play BO2, BF3, MoH:WF, SF, or anything else you might have.
>> No. 115099
File 135474971944.png - (37.78KB , 162x191 , 0053-132175476614.png )
I have xbl for a little while and some free time to play
mostly BO2 and Forza
GT: xOBx Achilles
>> No. 115101
File 135474972139.png - (37.78KB , 162x191 , 0053-132175476614.png )