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It's gonna be an awkward day when Miyamoto retires. He's in his 60s already. Apparently he doesn't do much for Nintendo but just the thought is bizarre. He's probably the most well-known person in gaming.
>> No. 131194
It'll be awkward when Nintendo leaves the hardware market.
>> No. 131195
Considering just how well the 3DS is performing, and how Nintendo has a history of being very successful in the portable front, I'd wager it's more likely that they'll stop making consoles and focus on handhelds.
>> No. 131202
not.. really gonna happen, I agree with >>131195

File 139604309514.jpg - (4.40MB , 3800x2138 , TittiesandDragonsPromo1.jpg )
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I enjoyed it so much I hope Matt Stone and Trey Parker would consider DLCs in the future soon to add more story to it.

If a sequal is considered, it be hard to top such an awesome game, just I want to play more. A new story as a DLC will be good even if the stick is long gone so that to use same gameplay and same South Park.

I got ideas for DLC myself.

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>> No. 131179
File 139645752492.png - (66.60KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount Feels.png )
I guess I am the only one who thought gameplay was alright.
>> No. 131180
Hey me too, all right and ok are kinda the same, innit?
It's just that i wouldn't recommend the game to a hardcore RPG fan for the gameplay alone, don't get me wrong, i really enjoyed the gameplay, but if you start nitpicking, you end up pulling on a thread that unravels the whole thing.
>> No. 131184
I'd recommend it for RPGers who want more oldskool or classic like battling, such as options and turn base.

File 139532557863.jpg - (66.01KB , 400x225 , tmp_15547-1-6-228181425.jpg )
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Do you think virtual reality will advance enough in our life times for us to be like in Sword Art Online or Accel World? Preferably before I'm in my 60s.
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>> No. 131129
File 139609868406.png - (294.41KB , 1024x580 , tmp_Screenshot2012-08-30at11110AM-2047270864.png )

Accel World or gtfo
>> No. 131143
File 139616212431.gif - (751.87KB , 480x270 , database_akatsuki.gif )
But right ones.
It's all one season though.
>> No. 131174
what about Elder Tale?

File 139611904340.jpg - (39.57KB , 256x330 , Alan_Wake_Game_Cover.jpg )
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I've had Minecraft Xbox 360 and Pocket Editions for as while now, and I wanted to get Minecraft for PC for a while so I can do all the aweosme multiplayer, mods, etc that make PC so great. the problem is I'm really strapped for cash and can hardly afford gas for my car, let alone MC. I have some steam game gifts in my inventory (Alan Wake and Max Payne 1+2 Bundle), worth $30 and $15 respectively. Note that i already have another copy of Alan wake on my account. If anypony has a Minecraft Gift code or something or could get one, and could set up a trade for one of these games (or both if neccesary), i'd be very grateful. It'd be hard to do what with MineCraft not being on steam, but with the trust that we give each other in the community I think we could make it work.

Oh, and please no "Minecraft? lolol 5 year old" stuff. That's less mature than playing any game.
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>> No. 131145
>you started this thread at 2AM
And I forgot that this site's timestamps use military time. :/
>> No. 131146
Whoa. On my end I started it at 1:50 pm
>> No. 131173
I ended up trading for it on Steam, but I can't delete this thread now as my auto-password has changed. If any mods happen along into /g/ and see this, please delete it for me.

>People visiting /g/

File 139614785620.jpg - (171.55KB , 1024x768 , l4d2_daybreak01_hotel0000.jpg )
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>> No. 131140
File 139614946724.png - (638.05KB , 1024x1024 , tumblr_mo74kq896o1rdww7so1_1280.png )
it's the worst feel
>> No. 131141
The blob comes to mind..
>> No. 131172
File 139639993145.png - (356.00KB , 600x450 , Frosting of Fallen Cakes.png )
Yah, this happened to me once, too. It was embarrassing.

File 139549530011.jpg - (124.51KB , 495x467 , barbarossa cards.jpg )
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How about a Kickstarter/general crowdfunding thread?

This is what I'm really looking forward to now, an English printing of Barbarossa:

It's a Japanese WWII mecha musume-themed deckbuilding card game. Sort of like Dominion, except you also operate a military force, and there's tons of fanservicey/moe art from top doujinshi artists. Including Nogami Takeshi, who I love.

It's already received 3x the funding in 3 days, but there are still tons of stretch goals left to get.
>> No. 131167
It's almost like Japan has a weird thing about teenage girls.

File 139586216036.png - (305.41KB , 585x568 , Capture.png )
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If you want to know why it's taking so long
here's the reason.
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>> No. 131161
ikr? That's like...half the reason I even played Soul Calibur. Siegfried's ending in 3 is just...honestly kinda cool. Even if you fuck up the QTE.
>> No. 131163
Technically, 5 was the most balanced and polished SC game ever. All it messed up on was the single player, and what kind of backwards casual IGN-tier know-nothing-about-fighters judges a competitive fighter like SC based on its single pla-

oh ._.
>> No. 131165
File 139634412393.png - (234.14KB , 631x346 , maudsedimentary.png )

Hey now, gameplay wise, SC5 is still the most balanced.

I just also think the story elements and world are important to the series.

File 129999436860.png - (134.87KB , 379x313 , 1297303806818.png )
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Simple: we share our gamer tags and meet new people.

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>> No. 128439
Why you gotta be actin' like a dick?

Also, is there not still a wordfilter? I've been gone from here a while.

Let us test, anypony.

Test was successful, wordfilter is still active.

Last edited at Sat, Oct 26th, 2013 03:27

>> No. 128751
Does the board still wordfilter fog of war?
>> No. 131160
File 139629410142.png - (738.00KB , 1280x960 , This is my fetish.png )
Sure, why not. Pretty sure I posted this before buuut..

Gamertag: Bad Sneaky Bear

File 139626820095.jpg - (120.10KB , 700x682 , tmp_11781841804814801.jpg )
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So, anypony know if the U's e-shop and virtual console have, like, a wishlist feature? I know the 3DS e-shop does but I hated how the Wii's didn't.
>> No. 131159
It does, albeit you don't really need it due to lack of games.
They have less than twenty original digital titles on there.
A dozen good (and overpriced) VC games.
Tons of crappy VC games.
Then the retail titles, which you're better off buying physically.

File 139621275121.jpg - (483.02KB , 2164x2512 , 36795__safe_dynasty+warriors_romance+of+the+three+kingdoms_three+kingdoms_artist-colon-fighteram.jpg )
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So far the PC version that's coming out is Japan only in May. Tho some one made a petition for the NA/EU version to come to Steam. If anypony who is a Fan of Dynasty Warriors Or Samurai Warriors sign if you wish
>> No. 131151
File 139621304285.jpg - (27.54KB , 480x360 , water.jpg )
I totally need DW2014 Extreme Edition with more Ning Ping Poo PC version.

File 139545427387.png - (180.08KB , 565x368 , Cranky_Doodle_Donkey_in_Ponyville_S2E18.png )
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So I'm playing Dungeon Defenders for the first time and their are all these modded weapons. And they aren't even subtle about it. One was like 3 time longer than the player. This reminds me of this documentary I recently saw about northern Colombia where they fuck donkeys so they can say they arn't virgins. Well they still are because they really just calibrated with a farm animal.
That's what modder's are. They aren't really winning the game. They are just fucking around with the console.
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>> No. 131110
It wasn't. It was a hack. Their was also one where you could jump up and never come down. Made catch the ball games just super....
>> No. 131135
"Tank Jumping, otherwise known as Tank Pinball, refers to glitches involving Scorpions. One of them can be used to make a Scorpion fly; the other can launch a player."

Sounds like a glitch to me.
>> No. 131136
Speaking of Dungeon Defenders, I am ultra pissed at Trendy for being a major sellouts.
I have followed the development of Dungeon Defenders several months before the release. They gave all the promises, including a promise that the dlcs will be free, yes they said that, and it was a primary reason why I pre ordered it: A cheap game with online community and free updated content, a long with leveling system, what could possibly go wrong
Well it did go wrong
The game was cheap, but they started milking all these DLC's until the game was basically 60% locked content that had to be bought through DLC's.
And then what did they do? After milking all those dlcs, they realized that their game is dying because people wont play a game which consists of only 40% of the game. So what did they do? They announced a sequel.
So you made all these dlcs and in less than a year you announce a sequel?
Fuck Trendy entertainment

File 139568926038.jpg - (23.52KB , 320x200 , wox.jpg )
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Why do people hate Might and Magic? Those are good games, with the exception of MM IX which was an unfinished, rushed mess and I havent played Legacy
Pic related, my favorite

Last edited at Mon, Mar 24th, 2014 12:31

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>> No. 131102
I never played the Xeen games as much, I hear they were good, but I played 6 and on. I still put 6 and 7 as a couple of my most favorite games.
>> No. 131103
You are probably thinking of Might and Magic III with islands
>> No. 131111
Nah, it was one of the newer ones, like 7 or 8, I think.
I didn't play the first ones, so I'm sure it wasn't 3.
Yep, I played 7 and 8

File 139593030273.jpg - (183.31KB , 795x1075 , ScreenShot13.jpg )
131097 No. 131097 [View]
I trimmed my Skyrim character's beard and have him a new hairdo.

Now I'm wondering if he's too bishie-ish.
>> No. 131098
File 139593034958.png - (4.17MB , 1920x1080 , ScreenShot6.png )
>> No. 131099
>Weird man-cat thing.

>> No. 131106

Don't knock the fur until you've tried it, punk.

No. 131064 [View]
When it comes to games like MMOs it a bad idea to buy a physical copy instead of downloading from the site?
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>> No. 131075
Ehh, even if it is an MMO, having a physical case and disk can be nice some times. Not to mention those places that have data caps - these days MMOs can be anywhere from 1 GB to 20 GB. It's ludicrous.
>> No. 131086

MMOs update a lot.
>> No. 131094
MMOs have auto-patching features.

And let's be honest, if you're going to be playing an MMO in the first place, you need to have a solid high-speed connection and no cripplingly restrictive limiting, so it's not like downloading the patches is going to take very long.

File 139560355872.jpg - (15.09KB , 592x298 , tmp_ROMegaMan-972436065.jpg )
131066 No. 131066 [View]
Mega Man fans, help me out here. Mega Man classic and Mega Man X take place in the same verse, right? I keep hearing X was the first robot to think and make decisions.. So what were Rock and the others? Just normal robots without consciousness? They never seemed like that to me
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>> No. 131077
Maybe Megaman wants to kill Wily, but since he's three-laws compliant, he is incapable of doing so.
>> No. 131078

Rock trying to kill Wily was an OOC English edit
>> No. 131080
File 139572334538.jpg - (151.80KB , 509x508 , square_series___roseluck_by_sophiecabra-d66ezov.jpg )
Oh boy...asking about time line in mega man. I need to get my friend in here, he knows everything about mega man to a pinpoint. You can ask any question and he'll know

Here, watch these two for a simple explanation.

Like everypony else is saying, X pretty much was the first one to think and act on his own.

Now, if you want to know the whole time line and how everything connects....that is a bitch.
I'm pretty sure ZX splits the time into 2 different things, and at the end of one Legends happens
I only know the legends part cause that was my favorite one

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