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Aug 27Come say hello to our new !!Pinkie Pie.

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File 139310021991.jpg - (160.34KB , 1191x670 , ponyfield_4_wallpaper_by_buttercrumpets-d6xp6qu.jpg )
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Check the forums for MLP: FiM
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File 139311789713.png - (742.13KB , 677x640 , turtle.png )
which forums? there's like six.

File 139275935296.jpg - (180.94KB , 1000x647 , HNI_0003_JPG.jpg )
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The PS4 is never gonna be backwards compatible, right? I used to hope that one day we'd get a Slim version with the ability to play at least PS3 games.
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File 139305570090.png - (197.52KB , 374x384 , tfw not the best in the world.png )
Is that how PSNow works?
I was under the impression that it was a streaming service.

>> No. 130820

Yeah, isn't it streaming? You need to download the games and stuff.

They'd need to redo the hardware or something if they want the PS4 to be BC.
>> No. 130827
It is streaming but at the very least you don't need to rebuy a game you already own.

File 139310022913.jpg - (160.34KB , 1191x670 , ponyfield_4_wallpaper_by_buttercrumpets-d6xp6qu.jpg )
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Check the forums for MLP: FiM

File 139279923611.gif - (402.13KB , 900x700 , tumblr_n18gr4Dlxw1rpu5hio1_1280.gif )
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Thousands of people playing Pokemon Red on Twitch and I haven't seen much if any anything about it that's pony related.

What's the deal everypony? It's been up for almost a week! Where's the Button and Sweetie Belle cult following of the Mighty Helix??? Where's the Pinkie Pie Anarchy Collective???

Seriously though, give it a watch. It's pretty awesome.

(Pro Tip: Put it on in the background. Don't ACTUALLY watch doesn't get anywhere fast...It's unlikely you'll miss out on anything)
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>> No. 130784
Technically, it's not. It's unlawful duplication.

Not that anypony can really do fuck all about it so they can shove their insane clauses up their butts.
>> No. 130815
File 139305433876.jpg - (143.24KB , 1110x719 , OBJECTION.jpg )
Only the RIAA, MPAA, Universal, etc feel that way.
Under certain conditions as provided by section 117 of the Copyright Act. Although the precise term used under section 117 is “archival” copy, not “backup” copy, these terms today are used interchangeably. This privilege extends only to computer programs and not to other types of works.

Under section 117, you or somepony you authorize may make a copy of an original computer program if:

the new copy is being made for archival (i.e., backup) purposes only;
you are the legal owner of the copy; and
any copy made for archival purposes is either destroyed, or transferred with the original copy, once the original copy is sold, given away, or otherwise transferred.
>> No. 130816
>you are the legal owner of the copy

Doesn't basically every single software product today have an EULA that includes "You are not the legal owner of this product, we are"?

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  So, this is a thing.

What do y'all think, PC gamers? Do y'all want more SEGA games on Steam? And if so, which ones?

Personally, out of all the games from SEGA I'd like to see on Steam, I think Valkyria Chronicles is the one I'd like to see the most. Valkyria Chronicles is just a really underrated game, and one of the only reasons I own a console.

Not really interested in Vanquish, but good for Vanquish fans if they port it, I guess.
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>> No. 130686
I like this idea. I would love to see Anarchy Reigns ported to PC as well
>> No. 130687
>on Steam

I cannot say yes loud enough.
>> No. 130811
Condemned 2 was shit, you're better off.

File 139296290106.jpg - (7.51KB , 318x159 , hard ass game.jpg )
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I've been reading the wiki and watching some LPs of it and it looks amazing. Plus the whole "challenge" thing just looks amazing. Also the world looks super interesting, with all those really cool looking buildings and stuff.

I'm looking to get it on the PC and I have a controller so I won't be dealing with the stupid PC controls. Should I pick it up now or wait till Dark Souls 2?
>> No. 130805
Buy it, try it, decide whether DS2 is the game for you.

Be warned: Dark Souls is a hard hard hard game and does not hold your hand in the slightest.
>> No. 130806
its fun and worth it, yeah. its the most overrated thing like ever but its fun

one thing to remember if you do get it though is that for some reason every dark souls player ever cares about how other people play the game for some reason and cry if you ever mention you look something up. ignore them tho and play however you want

File 139293991411.jpg - (36.48KB , 400x225 , 5244.jpg )
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File 139285062129.jpg - (60.19KB , 249x353 , bio.jpg )
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>BioShock or BioShock Infinite ?

>I've never played any of them.
>> No. 130787
File 139285091795.png - (31.54KB , 306x377 , 151__mew_by_happycrumble-d303n3z.png )
Bioshock 1 and then Infinite. Definitely one and then the other.

I would say #1 if you HAD to choose right now because it is for sure worth playing (and would be cheaper).
>> No. 130797
File 139292756693.gif - (156.10KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mz7nubMpfH1qhy6c9o6_500.gif )
Bioshock is the superior game, but if you enjoy it then Infinite is a must-play.
>> No. 130801
File 139293717160.png - (266.06KB , 1000x1000 , ~Slurp.png )
Bioshock 2.
Play that one first.

File 139285004098.png - (234.45KB , 662x406 , trmp.png )
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"you have entered an invalid information" my ass.

Hey, Nvidia, you should be ashamed for partnering with those cunts. The Uplay store is as bad as Origin. Oh yes, I went that far.
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>> No. 130791
>you can play Origin games without Origin
Since fucking when?
>> No. 130792
>NOTE: If you remove Origin, you will lose accessibility and playability to any downloaded games and manuals until you reinstall Origin.

Omg, an origin fanboy in the wild :o (j/k with that last part, but I'm serious as to that note from EA itself)
>> No. 130803
I've used Origin

Never tried playing a game without the client running but the GUI was awful and I had lots of connection errors

I like their refund policy though

also there are plenty of Steam games which you can just play directly from the executable without the steam client running

File 139276281645.jpg - (2.86MB , 2904x2220 , this_way_big_brother__by_insanity_eternal-d5wnk0k.jpg )
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This has me pretty bummed out.
>> No. 130772
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  Unfortunate about all the people losing their jobs, but Ken Levine working with a smaller studio and with more freedom to take creative risks probably isn't a bad thing
>> No. 130773
As you may have heard, I've decided to step down to focus on other areas.
Thank you for these 17 years. There is no one else in the world that could translate these visions and ideas into reality as well as you guys did.
Though I won't be there, I wish you the best of luck with your future projects.

Also, you're all fired. Now get the fuck out of my building.
>> No. 130774
there goes my hopes for SWAT 5

File 139117940263.png - (88.19KB , 730x1095 , 3.png )
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I got 1565 before I got bored.
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>> No. 130685
So wait, is this Magical Drop/Puzzle Bobble with ponies/parasprites?
>> No. 130689
Why the flying ass doesn't this have an aiming line like every single other game of the kind I've ever seen.
>> No. 130764
File 139269084154.png - (65.82KB , 606x507 , 08f143a3430ab0048e33e71d15d8d029.png )
This game is infuriating.


File 139259262546.png - (910.61KB , 1200x1089 , my_little_fantasy_by_x_moosaka_x-d4l3rf8.png )
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Anypony played this? I heard it has a really stupid ending.
>> No. 130750
>final fantasy 13
>> No. 130755
Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII to the store for a refund because it isn't a very good game
>> No. 130757
I've also heard it's a lot of fun.

Final Fantasy is a series that nobody can fucking agree on any more. Just play it and decide for yourself.

File 139255759959.jpg - (137.94KB , 500x869 , enhanced-buzz-7454-1380572371-34.jpg )
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I'm just gonna leave this here.
>> No. 130744
>Moon Stone
>you can't use that here

File 139077631931.png - (592.36KB , 1072x1211 , 2 battle.png )
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Games that you think are overhyped or overrated? Just curious to see what people think.

No hate in this thread; I am pretty sure that somepony might say something about your favorite game that you don't like.

For myself, I feel that Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are overrated. Although they may have been great back when they first came out, I feel that they are outdated and buggy. I had some fun with Sonic and Shadow, and some of Knuckles's and Rouge's stages were also okay. I found them fun at their best but annoying and bothersome at their worst. There are some stages that I barely liked at all; Amy, Big, and those shooting stages from both games.
Compared to other games in the Sonic series, I didn't get a lot out of the adventure titles.
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>> No. 130735
File 139251328634.gif - (42.70KB , 350x250 , tumblr_ls0bs7ynrL.gif )
It's all a matter of opinion of course. I played all three in order and Oblivion was my favorite by a small margin, but you sort of have to play them in order so you can enjoy them all. You can't play Oblivion and then Morrowind, or Skyrim and then Oblivion, it would most likely just be unplayable to you because you're so used to all the things the most recent game added to the formula.
>> No. 130737
I think you got those backwards there, bro, you generally start these kinds of analogies with what you had rather than what you traded it for.

I'm just annoyed at how much Morrowind fans shit on Skyrim while praising their own game, and I didn't get to feel all the amazingness of it. I feel cheated, I feel lied to.

And my biggest problem with Oblivion aside from the leveling system is that it takes fucking eons to kill anything.
>> No. 130741
Youtube embed play button
My biggest problem with Oblivion was the drab, dull, generic fantasy setting. The main thing that drew me into Morrowind, and by extension the Elder Scrolls series, was the setting. It was a game that was primarily about lore and exploration, and an Elder Scrolls game with a boring setting is like a Mario game with boring platforming. If you take that away, then even if you "improve" the core game mechanics, you're still left with a bland fantasy RPG that isn't good enough at any particular thing to stand out.

I mostly agree with this Youtube guy here.

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