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Apr 17PonychanX version 2 has been released. [Thread]

File 138630676726.jpg - (4.78KB , 120x120 , 120px-MLP_Mobile_Game_Fluttershy_icon.jpg )
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Does anypony have the soundbite of Fluttershy from the gameloft game goin 'hi..' in mp3 or wav format? if so thatd be greatly appreciated ^^
>> No. 129433
>> No. 129440

You should be able to download the software and look through the data files. You can install android as a VM if you don't have an android device.

File 138608316456.jpg - (95.03KB , 620x350 , Xbox-One-day-one-controller.jpg )
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>Forza 5 has significantly less content (cars and tracks) than its predecessor. The game is stringent with its in-game payouts causing players to grind tracks several times in order to pay for expensive cars, while constantly reminding them of the option to use tokens (which cost real money) to level up faster or buy cars quicker.

>Ryse lets you eventually unlock everything through experience, or you can accelerate this process by buying and spending coins. They're more important in multiplayer, where you can earn coins by battling and spend them on booster packs full of items.

>You can use microtransactions to turn Crimson Dragon into a pay-to-win game in its most literal sense. In lieu of checkpoints and and a retry option, Crimson Dragon gives you consumable Revival Gems. Should you fall in battle, you can opt to use a Revival Gem and continue right where you left off. The catch is that you need to purchase these, either with in-game credits or real money.
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File 138625443954.png - (533.96KB , 637x357 , tumblr_mwds91VrTq1sr1r9jo1_1280.png )
Stop buying the things.

We could do with another video game market crash about now anyway.
>> No. 129385
Just pointing out it's not exclusive to any one platform.
It's been on the 360, PS3 and PC already.
Nintendo is slowly letting it into their games.

Video games are only going to become more and more popular from this point on, it won't crash and will only get shittier.
>> No. 129401

File 138573587475.jpg - (59.99KB , 400x300 , you had one job.jpg )
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If I get Windows 8.1, can I rejoin the Firefox master race?
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File 138617464635.jpg - (55.30KB , 523x400 , 479495__safe_solo_meme_lyra_reaction+image_lyra+heartstrings_laughing_glass_tintin_captain+haddo.jpg )
That's like one thing I learned in school, really
>> No. 129382
File 138625454412.png - (1.55MB , 1366x768 , 3dgod.png )
It's an Nvidia thing, I didn't realize I had it installed until 8.1 pointed it out for me though. It's also a one shortcut enable/disable which is neat. Going to go look for 3D glasses, I wanna see if it has a future in games.

Will try that thingy tomorrow. Got a bunch at work I need get done first though.

In unrelated news when is walking dead season 2 coming out holy fuck
>> No. 129386
>I wanna see if it has a future in games.
Already confirmed it doesn't.
While the 2DS design is retarded, it was made because a vast majority of people don't use the 3D.
Sony was trying to make a push into 3D but realized no one gave a shit (much like half of the "innovations" they've tried to push) and have since stopped pursuing it.
3D was in like two 360 titles and Assassins Creed 3 on the Wii U.

3D tech should be limited to movies.
Oculus is a whole different story though.

File 138544048318.jpg - (44.26KB , 500x606 , twigame.jpg )
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I really like playing video-games, and I really like sharing them. I thought it might be a fun idea to stream if at least a few people were interested in what extremely weird licensed games I could dig up. So how about it?

Some things I really need to know and need you to know:

>What time would you most be willing to join the stream personally? (Include your timezone for obvious reasons)

>Please pick a preferred title for me to stream from this list:

1. Lilo and Stitch
2. Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
3. The Cat in the Hat
4. Spiderman 2000
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>> No. 129239
File 138605458138.png - (452.50KB , 964x1024 , twicookie.png )
That went horrible!

Cat in the Hat is finished!
>> No. 129370
File 138621772609.jpg - (85.22KB , 1306x856 , twiyescomputer.jpg )
>> No. 129372
Thank you for coming!

File 138554926045.png - (38.98KB , 908x202 , dpcYH4Q.png )
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So...this just went down.
5.5K spent on a golden pan.

I mean, I love trading and all on this game, but there comes a point when there is to much.

I give props to the guy though. He has a nice backpack
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>> No. 129191
File 138594542858.png - (141.30KB , 1161x1024 , roseluckcrab.png )
>> No. 129194
File 138597585717.png - (246.20KB , 340x340 , ___.png )
>> No. 129332
File 138620425792.gif - (849.00KB , 700x400 , roseluckhelp.gif )
im gunna fuckin' hug you

File 138608201855.jpg - (205.68KB , 1024x768 , 135486168856.jpg )
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Opinions on New Super Luigi Bros Wii U 64?

I had this funny experience where I let somepony else play because 'yea whatever I have 90 lifes, have some fun while I do stuff' and they went down to ~60 in a matter of minutes
>> No. 129312
File 138615965760.png - (361.53KB , 991x1000 , twireading3.png )
It looks like Nintendo absolutely nailed that bridge between casual players and platforming fanatics with Super Mario Bros Wii. U, and the Luigi stages seem to offer exactly what anypony who wants more of the creative, challenging level design from later in the game would be looking for.

Last edited at Wed, Dec 4th, 2013 05:23

File 138570191683.jpg - (399.73KB , 1280x720 , Dark-Souls.jpg )
129004 No. 129004 [View]


what i mean?

i got the game just right now. and i try to play it, the game say about my cdkey and stuff, i say play.... and the game open a little black window and it crash instantly.....

why it have to be so mean....

some one know a trick to solve it, i took a look to some tips, but they didnt worked, so there is a better solution in this cases?
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>> No. 129189
well, there is some progress....

it open an alternative window, where i can see the game "loading" but it never finish loading.
>> No. 129200
File 138600931555.png - (446.28KB , 894x894 , skullgirls_squigly_and_leviathan_by_grinningdoll-d6e9d80.png )
Try manually reinstalling GFWL.

Uninstall "Microsoft Games for Windows MarketPlace", then "Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE Redistributable".
Then download the client from:

This helped me with Super Street Fighter IV since it was crashing a soon as it opened.

Hope this helps you my hombre.
>> No. 129235
File 138603727926.png - (292.97KB , 911x876 , dark_souls_derpy_by_239asd-d6chy62.png )

i got it to play.
finally.... and was by the dumest things i have ever done...


all was because aparently since i instaled windows, i forgot to active the update.... so i had a lot of stuff not updated...

so yea... that was my horrible bad.

File 138546910346.png - (1.12MB , 1432x1080 , unf.png )
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Abronymous here!

Looking for CS:GO Players to do Match making with.

Requirements to play with me (I generally top frag unless play blatantly more experienced than I.)
Minimum Rank: Master Guardian 1 (AK1.)
Minimum hours: 250+
Must be a legitimate player.
Must be in the U.S.

Allow me to carry you.
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>> No. 129071
File 138574187549.jpg - (89.31KB , 900x550 , ponystrike.jpg )
When were rankings introduced?

I thought they just used an Elo system for matchmaking and the different weapon proficiency badges.

Are you on a console or something?

Anyway, I'm on steam as hugsie muffinball, though my main rig is out of action (I'm looking at black friday GPU deals) and my old laptop overheats in more advanced maps like Rambo.
>> No. 129192
Lol. You're much better of building a computer than trying to upgrade a laptop. Buying a computer (gaming) is expensive as hell these days. Building a computer saves at least 25-40% overall. No I am no on console. The ranking system got updated months ago from 4 wins to rank up to based kdr, win/loss ratio, and activity. Based on my kdr, I should be a much much higher rank but do to playing with shitty team mates and team killing them (resulting in a 1 week ban) prevents me from ranking. Consoles are for eggheads and eggheads only.
>> No. 129197

That's what I said. My desktop rig needs a new video card, so until the new one arrives I'm stuck on my laptop.

Really, it runs CSGO just fine for the normal maps, but some fan made workshop maps make the internals shoot up to 90 C.

Particularly all the foliage and shading effects in de_rambo.

Insanely fun map, but maddening every time you get sniped through the foliage and never saw the other guy.

File 138501695356.jpg - (65.03KB , 465x620 , image.jpg )
128832 No. 128832 [View]
Okay so by this time, gamers already know the game theories of the Pokemon series, which a majority of people believe. Now the most common one is the one described in this picture. This is one of the leading theories that people believe. That there was a huge war in Kanto or possibly the world. Well there is one other thing that I would like to point out. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. In this movie the beginning is literally a battle. This proves that there have been wars in the world of Pokemon. This also could mean that this theory is entirely true.
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>> No. 128886
You kill your Rivals Raticate and then his dreams when you beat him moments after he becomes champ.
Discovering this Red becomes a silent emotinless badass in the other games.

Isn't his dad also Giovanni? Maybe wrong game.
>> No. 128940
Methinks you're thinking of the rival in Gold/Silver. That red haired pretty boy is Giovanni's son... I think.
>> No. 129190
Reds always been a silent emotionless badass

File 138586018875.jpg - (12.18KB , 205x246 , IF YOU LEAVE ME NOW, YOU'LL TAKE AWAY THE BIGGEST PART OF ME.jpg )
129131 No. 129131 [View]
Reminder that bringing Patricia back to Martin Madrazo was the saddest part of GTA 5

File 138565831095.png - (408.94KB , 680x647 , 107889 - artist%3Athex-plotion Drink drunk twilight_sparkle.png )
128951 No. 128951 [View]
[wow bad joke]

[Remember I'm a brokeflank Twilight]

<<2(?) I'm not sure - let's see how this goes i might have to change :c- will get to choose>>

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>> No. 129088
>> No. 129089
File 138578803449.png - (776.46KB , 2560x1600 , Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 12_04_21 AM.png )
>> No. 129095
It says you're offline. Everything okay?

File 138449596368.png - (160.32KB , 650x900 , 101235__UNOPT__safe_twilight-sparkle_vector_glasses_absurd-res_artist-choopy.png )
128787 No. 128787 [View]
Dear Ponychaners, I have returned from the other side of the market for a simple request. I am searching out the MLP Sets drawn by Kibbleknight a long time ago so that I may use them to practise 3d Modeling and importing them into TF2

If any of you have it saved or know where to find it, I would gladly like to have it. They are from about a year ago, I think.
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>> No. 128848
My one question is why hasn't anypony made a new site for pony mods. The guy horsean that old site effectively shut down the nice modding community that was just starting up.

Can't somepony make a new site and rehost the uploads or just give a place for new/updated ones?
>> No. 129086
Yeah, I'll get right on that.
>> No. 129087
Why don't you just ask Kibble yourself? You both already post on Facepunch now anyways.

File 138522891334.png - (86.29KB , 800x600 , 138522683776.png )
128870 No. 128870 [View]
crates, how you deal with them?
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>> No. 128879
File 138524087751.png - (776.29KB , 900x900 , Strange Nose.png )
>prior to the Marketplace

Drop $5, pick up two keys, and pray. Upon finding out that the keys are worth more to folks than the actual items most of the time, I just stopped buying keys and instead shuffled items around to get what I want from places like TF2 Warehouse.

>post Marketplace

Drop $5 and just buy what I want from somebody else, usually for less than even a single key.
>> No. 128932
Arrange them to spell things on the first couple of pages.
>> No. 128946
File 138561833966.gif - (106.00KB , 500x500 , mtr_1383611366293.gif )
Let them accumulate and never open them because i'm not paying for a key

File 138540080755.png - (145.77KB , 536x353 , xbox-one-controller.png )
128902 No. 128902 [View]
The xbox one controler is compatible with pc?
it need an accesory or just the usb cable?
>> No. 128904
According to /v/ it still needs drivers, so no. Same for the DS4
>> No. 128905
DS4 works out of the box on PC. Use the cable you use to charge your DS4 on the PS4 to plug it into your PC. If you're on windows, it will be instantly recognized.
>> No. 128908
How comfortable the X1 controller is... Just insane.
The shoulder buttons/triggers are weird though.

File 138506953076.jpg - (254.38KB , 1090x1052 , pony shock.jpg )
128842 No. 128842 [View]
Recently, Amazon put up an offer for all three Bioshock titles (No DLC) for about 16 dollars, total. I've already played, and beaten 1 and 2, and bought it for Infinite. Now I find myself in a bit of a problem. I have a copy of Bioshock 1, and Bioshock 2 for Steam, and no reason, or want to keep them. So! We're gonna have a little contest! Just drop a line, with the name of the title you'd like to enter for. After the Season 4 Premier (11 AM Mountain time for me.), I'll be randomly picking the winners! If you win, I'll need a skype name, or E-mail to contact you on, to send the steam code. Good luck to all!
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>> No. 128874
Okay! The season 4 premier is over, and it's time to pick the winners!

Bioshock 1

Bioshock 2

Winners coming soon.
>> No. 128875
Bioshock 1

Bioshock 2

I'll be emailing your steam keys in a few minutes!
>> No. 128894
Oh wow, thanks a lot!

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