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Only eggheads invert their controls.
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File 140217748348.jpg - (137.35KB , 600x847 , microsoft-first-mouse.jpg )
>And you're just satisfied with that?
>> No. 131725
File 140217846187.jpg - (62.25KB , 500x375 , catfromhell.jpg )
Seven computers??

Now you're making me depressed that I can't afford seven computers either.
>> No. 131726
SEGA Saturn
SEGA Dreamcast
Playstation 2
Playstation 3
Xbox 360

But if we trim things down to only the consoles of the last decade that are actually comparable in price to a full PC, that's still the Wii, the 360 and the PS3. That's still four computers.

Of course I am also omitting the original Xbox that I gave away to a relative, the Gamecube that I don't use any more, the NES that broke a few years ago, the Commodore Amiga that my sister took off my hands some time ago...

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Murdered Soul Suspect
Battle Princess of Arcadias


Heard MSS was short and linear and unfavorable things about it, as long as it has a good atmosphere and story it should be alright.

Transformers will be a combiantion of the movie-verse and the Cybertron series by High Moon Studios.
Problem is they fired every at HMS after Deadpool bombed. So major factor for me is if this game plays exactly like the Cybertron games, keeping all the modes and doesn't mess things up like Transformers 3 did.
>> No. 131623
>buying games for full-price at launch and not waiting for a price drop
>year of the horse

I was actually considering buying the Cybertron games this month, along with Project Gotham Racing 4, Rez, Drakengard, Nier, Silent Hill 3, and maybe Mugen Souls Z if I actually feel like spending $50 for a recent game.
>> No. 131629
Well Transformers has multiplayer and the community is at its best when early on. People haven't learned all the exploits and the casuals are still playing because it takes them a week to realize they're trash and they sell the game to GameStop for like half the value.
MSS because I assume it will have a challenge achievement and I like retarded useless things like that.
Battle Princess, because I can.

>Cybertron games this month
Should have done that a few weeks ago when they were on sale on PSN/XBL, sure you cna find them for $20 or less probably but not the DLC.

>Mugen Souls Z
Did you play the first one?
I still have my special edition wrapped up, never played it.
>> No. 131633
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  What I buy this month pretty much depends on what happens to end up massively discounted.

If I wasn't poor, I'd buy Divinity: Original Sin.

File 140092401836.png - (189.15KB , 500x269 , steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_148841358_preview.png )
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lol heammer^

Game raffle for hammer watch?
Game raffle for hammer watch.

post with your steam id or if you don't want it public email it to me at

steam id REQUIRED, new steam accounts aren't allowed (less than a year, etc....)

the drawing will end on the 31st

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File 140159579393.png - (289.69KB , 800x850 , will_i_fly_one_day__by_alasou-d6y0yrk.png )
>> No. 131628
File 140159774167.gif - (87.16KB , 202x222 , Eye.gif )
Yes thank you very much
>> No. 131632
File 140167041853.png - (153.48KB , 981x814 , 137028799929.png )
Enjoy it, Sant!

Sorry your evil plan got sabotaged, Caterpillars!

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  Haven't done this in a while, what are you guys getting or thinking about getting this month?

What I'm getting:
Watch Dogs
Mario Kart
Shit Art Online (Chinese version)

What I'm thinking about getting:
Spiderman 2
Draakengard 3
God of War Vita collection
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>> No. 131487
File 140045995529.png - (92.48KB , 532x353 , Hmm___.png )
College tuition...
McDonalds food...
>> No. 131542
Maybe Mario Kart, but dammit that video they showed of the N64 Rainbow Road where the entire course is one lap pissed me off. For fricks sake Mario Kart, its okay to have a course last more than 1:30. We have ADD, but it's not THAT BAD...

Nothing else strikes me as a must by, but I'll see what my friends are hyped about.
>> No. 131613
File 140150465766.png - (518.03KB , 640x663 , 1392779460924.png )
With my country's economy, I have to be happy with what both Xbox's Free Games With Gold and Playstation Plus bring to the table. I'm actually pretty satisfied with the reveal of Sly Cooper Thieves In Time as this month's free game for PS+.

I MIGHT be getting Shin Megami Tensei Digital Devil Saga for PS3.

I also have to complete Soul Hackers on my 3DS and get the true ending in Persona 1 for the PSP.

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File 140147790172.jpg - (45.26KB , 600x315 , 1549251_494402757353841_8422604220489908740_n.jpg )
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What is DFO you ask? It's essentially old school beat-em-ups (such as Final Fight) meet RPG elements. It used to be run by Nexon, but the game slowly died out due to terrible management of the game and utter lack of advertisement.

The game is returning after Nexon's horrible mistreatment and is taken up by the original developers of the game: Neople. I'm trying to see here if there were any plans on making a Brony oriented guild. I feel that this time around the game will be here to stay.

Spread the word about the game's return and help support/advertise it. It'd be so nice to return to this game in good hands.

They have a facebook page here:

The only possible con is you gotta make a Facebook account to play the game, but they probably will change that once they get out of Alpha and move into Beta.

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: They said that levels and IGNs won't get wiped in this Alpha, so if you want to play better make IGNS that'll last. Also means you can get a headstart on your characters.

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File 140141321483.jpg - (54.68KB , 900x610 , sad_doctor_whooves____hooves_by_novawhoof-d5806f3.jpg )
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Does anypony happen to have an extra copy of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs lying around cause they accidentally bought it again when it was on sale?
Cause I don't and I would really really like one if you have an extra copy.
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>> No. 131600
Its nothing like the first though, no longer a horror really
>> No. 131601
No, I'd still consider AMFP to be a horror game. Wheras TDD was Lovecraftian, AMFP is more like Edgar Allen Poe's work IMO.
>> No. 131603
>No, I'd still consider AMFP to be a horror game.
I wouldnt

File 139400255524.jpg - (61.60KB , 900x600 , teemo_by_nishime_kun-d4v2gd0.jpg )
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Which is your favorite champion?
Mine's Teemo.
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File 140103363196.gif - (0.96MB , 290x258 , never forget.gif )
>> No. 131544
File 140106129413.gif - (534.68KB , 320x180 , aj-lee-yes-yes-yes-o.gif )
>> No. 131548
File 140106814413.png - (79.82KB , 375x360 , sticker,375x360_u1.png )
>tfw this is the first autocomplete that google tries when you type "raise yo"

File 138670395759.jpg - (1.66MB , 2711x4093 , UltimateDoomPoster.jpg )
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More of an announcement as opposed to anything else, it is in fact that time of yer again where a bunch of old farts on selective forums garner around and begin the annual jaded round-table discussion of the birthday of DooM, regarded as one of the more influential video games created.

Today is different though, sorta, in that it's DooM's 20th Anniversary. A lot of stuff celebrates 20ths, 30ths, and so on. Anything lower doesn't seem important enough. But 20 is a good number of years around, especially since that DooM still catch a bit of the limelight once in a while, despite being 20 years old now. Only recently did Brutal Doom (A mod for the game) make waves on the video game websites, and only recently has DooM's father, Wolfenstein, been making its own comeback tour. John Carmack resigned at iD Software, Doom 4 is still in development Hell, and Bethesda celebrates by offering us a new T-shirt to buy.

At least Carmack and John Romero (Big names for the game fyi, and the industry as a whole) offered some insightful interviews and large collections of Behind the Scenes Photographs, and Romero has either finished or is still playing a Live play through of the game with members of IGN.

Why does it seem important? Why is this 20 year old game still beating on and continuing to fight while the industry moves on? Why the hell are most of you still clinging to cartoon ponies?

Doom revitalized a genre (Note that it didn't create one, however), one still thriving today. Without it, we wouldn't have had Quake, which led to Half Life or Quake III. Without Half-Life, Valve may of not of been what it is today, and Quake III's engine still wouldn't be empowering the latest Call of Duty overload. Sure, we may have seen this all eventually with or without, but it came out at the time, and we have everything we have now because at least shit got jumpstarted somewhere. Granted, regardless, we probably still wouldn't have Half Life 3. On the bright side, maybe we could've avoided Duke Nukem Forever, too. Or at least post-poned it for another 15 years.

Say what you want about old games being drek, pointless, u
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>> No. 131525
File 140091045273.gif - (88.09KB , 640x400 , descent1.gif )
Ahh, Doom... still remember the DOS commands for it too.

I've been an avid gamer ever since I was given a Coleco-Vision, but Doom will always hold a special place in my heart.

I'll agree that modern games are astoundingly impressive with realism now (BF, Metro Last Light, Crysis, Far Cry, etc), but the simplicity of the old games just has a charm that can't be rendered thru computer horsepower.
>> No. 131526
Personally, I find that technological sophistication is just another part of the medium that can be used, misused, or not, depending on the artist. Some games make fantastic use of their technology, others completely waste it. Some games would be infinitely improved by better, modern technology, and others just don't need it.

It's really all a matter of the individual game.
>> No. 131530
It's quite astonishing how a humble game from 20 years ago is still kicking strong whereas more modern and more powerful games are forgotten.
I guess good artistic direction, a fiercely dedicated modding community (Seriously, have you seen some of the shit people make? I know a few things about modding and I don't have a sodding damn clue how they manage to do such things.), as well as the timeless activity of shooting an enemy we can all agree are proverbial dicks in the literal dick have a lot more staying power than we give it credit.

Learn your lesson, Modern Military Shooters.

File 140089703988.jpg - (30.06KB , 653x786 , 1707415-best_commander_shepard.jpg )
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So, if you choose Synthesis option in ME3 and turn everypony into organic/nonorganic hybrids

Does that make their dicks USBs?
>> No. 131520
I'd flash their drives if you know what I mean.

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  It's the best one yet, seriously.
>> No. 131444
File 139923523668.png - (263.00KB , 1184x892 , 5138.png )
This is the only thing I could think about every time I heard him talk.
God I really hated Xillia.
>> No. 131477
File 140038943416.png - (92.55KB , 165x115 , your point.png )

File 140009238367.png - (134.02KB , 900x818 , HEARTS GODDAMNIT.png )
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Dem hearts. You want them. I want them. Only possible through "da magick of frenshep" and not a way to make more people play the game to increase ad revenue. Oh no. Anyway, ITT we exchange Game Centre names so we can all get hearts and stuff. Game Centre Name: The Ginger Ninja
Hopefully it'll be worth the weight.
>> No. 131472
>playing My Little Microtransactions
>year of the horse
>> No. 131473
Stop playing that atrociously-coded, poorly-made, transparent attempt to trick kids into giving away their parents' credit card details.
>> No. 131474
If you have the android version, its super easy to hack.

File 139878476595.jpg - (341.29KB , 908x810 , http%3A%2F%2F24_media_tumblr_com%2Ftumblr_m9iuh5saS41ryzovlo1_1280.jpg )
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It's been 10 years, where's the Xbox handheld version?

Almost every major game dev has made one. Sega, Sony, Nintendo, Atari, NEC, Neo Geo..
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>> No. 131431
File 139879346397.jpg - (62.09KB , 490x369 , halo ds.jpg )
>somepony at bungie was making halo for the DS in their spare time
>Microsoft said no
>> No. 131432
Considering what happened to all those companies and how Sony is barely holding on, it's probably for the best.

They both got it.
Windows Phone can play a Halo game, pretty close to anything Xbox related being portable you'll get.
Rare did make two DS games post-MS buyout; Viva Pinata and Diddy Kong Racing DS.
>> No. 131469
File 139986408553.png - (32.28KB , 389x476 , ah well sigh.png )
There's some fan made Halo games for the PSP built on the Quake engine.

File 139794137098.gif - (120.08KB , 575x500 , medium.gif )
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Yo guys, I got a weird request.
I opened up a random text document on my computer that contains a shitload of unlabeled codes.
This is the format:
So 5x3.

It has to be something game related but they're too long for PSN and too short for Xbox Live.
If anypony can help me figure out what they're for maybe I'll give you one of whatever they are (assuming you would even want it) or a free game on Steam (or a few even).
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>> No. 131365
Yeah, those codes are probably for Steam.
>> No. 131369
File 139817164879.png - (184.29KB , 500x599 , tumblr_miqitlf8Zp1ruaupoo1_500.png )

>> No. 131455

File 139957755780.jpg - (23.46KB , 500x281 , 500x_castlevania_hd.jpg )
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Hey /g/ I bought a month of xbox live so that I could feel the nostalgia of playing castlevania harmony of despair, I forgot how bleeding difficult the game is without a party, and am currently stuck on chapter 5 normal mode.

If anypony (even lurkers) want to join me in my Dracula smiting quest I'd love the help.

My GT: Kortallis

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No current gen consoles allow for auto-play, right? I miss being able to automatically play a game when I put in the disc or cart. I don't wanna go through menus
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>> No. 131445
It's like after I install a PC game and insert the disc, a fucking menu pops up where I have to hit play.
Jesus, could they just make it simple and uncomplicated? I don't want to have to move the mouse all the way to the center of the screen.
>> No. 131446
>First World Problems: The Thread
>> No. 131466

>your problems are irrelevant

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