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File 139352280019.jpg - (84.43KB , 630x420 , HNI_0084_JPG.jpg )
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I never understood peoples complaints toward The Sims 3. For me it's a lot more fun, open, and fluid than TS2.

I'm looking forward to 4.
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>> No. 130930
The adventures of Chinman alone makes me love Sims 3.
>> No. 130996
It keeps crashing...
>> No. 131009
File 139505760432.jpg - (56.43KB , 733x628 , Do you think I'd look good in one of those psychiatric suits.jpg )
The Sims 3 is (or was?) pretty good with a few expansion packs and stuff packs here and there. If you got too many, I had a really hard time keeping track of all the occurences and items that were in them.

World Adventures had an oversight the size of an 18-wheel lorry, where if you completed an area's quests with one Sim, you couldn't redo them with a later Sim because all the quest items had been picked up already, making it mightily unpractical to get the third rank for the destination.

And you needed a doctorate in game strategy/planning/building if you wanted to create your own fish pond, skyscraper (Late Night? I forgot the name of the pack), or especially a W.A.-style obstacle course.

File 139499564180.png - (4.55KB , 640x400 , bedner.png )
131001 No. 131001 [View]
I'm making an open source fighting-game engine in Blender, and I feel like talking about it.

Anything you think I should implement? Anything you're curious about?

File 139160302312.jpg - (104.43KB , 520x448 , Qf9zY5P.jpg )
130639 No. 130639 [View]
You get to wipe three games from your memory completely, then play them all over again from scratch.

What three games would you pick?
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>> No. 130984

And for the sake of staying in topic:

Super Metroid
Killer 7
Super Mario RPG
>> No. 130985
Telltale's Walking Dead: Season 1
Chrono Trigger
Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
>> No. 130986
File 139465019923.jpg - (69.42KB , 554x794 , 4198 - crossover Chrono_Trigger pinkie_pie uncolored artist_inkwell-pony.jpg )
>Chrono Trigger
Ooo, I might have to change one of my answers.

File 139359574191.jpg - (18.15KB , 452x368 , HNI_0098_JPG.jpg )
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Apparently Crash is going back to being a Sony exclusive. There was that suspicious cameo in a PS4 promo and there are these Amazon 'leaks', amongst other things.

Mm, Crash.. We haven't had a game in like eight years. I'm still butthurt about that cancelled reboot title though.
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>> No. 130975
Question, how does everypony feel about the Traveller's Tales games?
>> No. 130976
not hitler, but not good.
>> No. 130977
You don't feel like Hitler about Traveller's Tales games?

Does that mean you won't have them put in concentration camps?

File 139412618710.jpg - (232.37KB , 650x366 , a_house_divided.jpg )
130958 No. 130958 [View]
Well, it's 33% off.

Was hoping for better but aight, we still have 3 more to go.
>> No. 130959
Bought it on Xbox Live for whatever it was and then 50% off on PSN.
>> No. 130965

Well my philosophy is if you were willing to spend whatever the full price was for the thing, then it was worth at least that much to you and you shouldn't worry about saving whatever.

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Youtube embed play button
  Trailer of the supposed final episode of the batman arkham saga....

lets see if it really is the last one....

and damn you pre-order stuff to get harley queen
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>> No. 130955
Oh hey look, it's another one of these. Let's hope it's not a rush-job like Origins was. Let's hope that the sandbox isn't copy-pasted from Arkham City. Let's hope that it can measure up to City or Asylum(it probably won't though).

Honestly the Arkham series just seems now.
>> No. 130956
at least they are pressuming is the last of the series.....

of course that doesnt mean other studios cant work on it on the future....

i guess i dont count origins for being the filler game.....
>> No. 130961
File 139414973204.jpg - (14.45KB , 214x317 , batmane.jpg )
Brightside, he's back as the bat.

File 139383093399.png - (480.68KB , 589x363 , Fighting is Magic menu.png )
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Here is the link:!R05FAJrT!lnF8VnACxAN_9ZRP1Aw2iAmk7OgyYzalB3KDwMZfj4s

I have trust issues with downloads online, so would anypony that doesn't be kind enough to verify if it is legit?
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>> No. 130951
Is the quality up to par with what was left of the Mane6 game?
What stuff was added?
Did they fuck up any of the pre-existing characters?
Were these people smart enough to protect their identities so they won't get sent to jail and assraped?
>> No. 130952
I believe their now located somewhere in New Zealand, or somewhere else that Hasbro can't get to them. Same reason The Pirate Bay is still up and running.

I don't know what all was added, granted the only AI I can beat is Rainbow Dash, but it looks like they currently have the main 6 playable, and possibly four other unlockable characters. They're all very solid and professional feeling fighting characters, even if Fluttershy has an extremely high learning curve.
>> No. 130953
I doubt they're unlockable, probably just teasers.

Saw the launch videos, can't wait till I get on a real computer to play the new build.
Signed up for the big tourney but unfortunately I've been placed in reserves. I honestly believe I could get into top twenty if I get to play.

File 139361660047.png - (1.60MB , 1280x1024 , Ratchet-and-Clank-Future.png )
130916 No. 130916 [View]
Ratchet and Clank Thread.

>> No. 130917
File 139362021183.jpg - (10.36KB , 259x194 , 1.jpg )
It's awesome.

Next item on the itinerary.
>> No. 130920
Youtube embed play button
  I'll leave this here, for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

No. 130914 [View]
When's the PS3 gonna go down in price at least 100 bucks? $250 seems too expensive for it nowadays
>> No. 130919
File 139363658129.png - (23.40KB , 158x217 , DrDoktorPoolsClosed.png )

>> No. 130921

File 139104579030.jpg - (108.04KB , 1131x707 , you_are_smalltime_by_discoprince-d4685td.jpg )
130588 No. 130588 [View]


Also 10-year-old-games-that-companies-are-rereleasing-on-Steam-to-bank-on-nostalgia-but-I-don't-have-room-for-5-consoles-and-hundreds-of-discs-in-my-house-
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>> No. 130652
>Hopefully the costumes are unlocked from the start.
I got bad news for you...
>> No. 130904
5 or 6 hours to go.
>> No. 130910
if you haven't play it, them yes. If you already did, them is up to you. If you have any desire to see it in HD, them buy it. Is only 20 dollars, so is not much to loose.

File 139316540004.jpg - (2.09MB , 2509x3712 , WRT54G_Linksys_Router_with_7_dBi_Antennas_Digon3.jpg )
130838 No. 130838 [View]
hey /g/amers I recently hacked a router and now I SHOULD be able to host a game server.
the question is, what I should host?

relevant links:
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>> No. 130871
A router most likely wouldn't have the processing power or the RAM to host a game server
>> No. 130872
File 139328038218.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )

something like minecraft I probably could
>> No. 130900
File 139351410040.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )
bump also it is a model version 2.2

File 139325465342.jpg - (33.65KB , 506x285 , HNI_0075_JPG.jpg )
130863 No. 130863 [View]
The Wii was a fluke. People need to take their nostalgia goggles off and acknowledge Nintendo has been the way it is now for over ten years: They've always had trouble with games.

The N64 had game droughts and it lacked in several genres, such as RPGs and fighters. People only remember the good memories like OOT or Mario 64. The NGC had similar problems too but it's received well in hindsight.

As a Nintendo fan you just deal with this and play the games that are released.
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>> No. 130892
And that's just the problem. EA continue to exist and be the utterly unbearable assholes that they are only because they buy out development studios who make good games, purchase the rights to all their intellectual properties, and then dissolve them all and keep the profits.
>> No. 130893
Youtube embed play button
>they buy out development studios who make good games, purchase the rights to all their intellectual properties, and then dissolve them all and keep the profits.
And that's if they're lucky !
>> No. 130899

When a new Nintendo console comes out I think of the new:

Super Smash Bros
Harvest Moon
Mario titles
Mario Kart
Metroid potential

File 139307568697.jpg - (11.23KB , 320x238 , HNI_0061_JPG.jpg )
130819 No. 130819 [View]
The next DKC game needs to be open. Mario and DK both work better in games like DK64, Sunshine, and 64 then in sidescrollers.
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>> No. 130881

I just stumbled upon this and it's relevant.
>> No. 130882
File 139330770455.png - (1.12MB , 1000x692 , full.png )
This post mirrors my feelings for the most part, though I've never actually played Donkey Kong 64. I do have some major nostalgia for the Banjo games, though.

I would be very interested to see Retro design a 3D platformer, regardless of whether it's open world style or linear obstacle course style.
>> No. 130895
File 139345445217.jpg - (72.07KB , 718x720 , bfa76c6aa308060d4e67c0d7e014693c-d5lpgal.jpg )
Yeah, I'd prefer to see Retro make a 3D DK game rather than completing the trilogy. It would give us something new and refreshing to play, methinks.

also bonus points if chunky shows up

No. 130889 [View]
Youtube embed play button

File 139328731032.jpg - (509.08KB , 1050x825 , the frags have been doubled!.jpg )
130880 No. 130880 [View]
I'm running a Quake III Arena server, if you're interested, it's at
>> No. 130883
port #?
>> No. 130888
the default, 27960

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