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File 139361660047.png - (1.60MB , 1280x1024 , Ratchet-and-Clank-Future.png )
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Ratchet and Clank Thread.

>> No. 130917
File 139362021183.jpg - (10.36KB , 259x194 , 1.jpg )
It's awesome.

Next item on the itinerary.
>> No. 130920
Youtube embed play button
  I'll leave this here, for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

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When's the PS3 gonna go down in price at least 100 bucks? $250 seems too expensive for it nowadays
>> No. 130919
File 139363658129.png - (23.40KB , 158x217 , DrDoktorPoolsClosed.png )

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File 139104579030.jpg - (108.04KB , 1131x707 , you_are_smalltime_by_discoprince-d4685td.jpg )
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Also 10-year-old-games-that-companies-are-rereleasing-on-Steam-to-bank-on-nostalgia-but-I-don't-have-room-for-5-consoles-and-hundreds-of-discs-in-my-house-
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>> No. 130652
>Hopefully the costumes are unlocked from the start.
I got bad news for you...
>> No. 130904
5 or 6 hours to go.
>> No. 130910
if you haven't play it, them yes. If you already did, them is up to you. If you have any desire to see it in HD, them buy it. Is only 20 dollars, so is not much to loose.

File 139316540004.jpg - (2.09MB , 2509x3712 , WRT54G_Linksys_Router_with_7_dBi_Antennas_Digon3.jpg )
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hey /g/amers I recently hacked a router and now I SHOULD be able to host a game server.
the question is, what I should host?

relevant links:
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>> No. 130871
A router most likely wouldn't have the processing power or the RAM to host a game server
>> No. 130872
File 139328038218.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )

something like minecraft I probably could
>> No. 130900
File 139351410040.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )
bump also it is a model version 2.2

File 139325465342.jpg - (33.65KB , 506x285 , HNI_0075_JPG.jpg )
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The Wii was a fluke. People need to take their nostalgia goggles off and acknowledge Nintendo has been the way it is now for over ten years: They've always had trouble with games.

The N64 had game droughts and it lacked in several genres, such as RPGs and fighters. People only remember the good memories like OOT or Mario 64. The NGC had similar problems too but it's received well in hindsight.

As a Nintendo fan you just deal with this and play the games that are released.
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>> No. 130892
And that's just the problem. EA continue to exist and be the utterly unbearable assholes that they are only because they buy out development studios who make good games, purchase the rights to all their intellectual properties, and then dissolve them all and keep the profits.
>> No. 130893
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>they buy out development studios who make good games, purchase the rights to all their intellectual properties, and then dissolve them all and keep the profits.
And that's if they're lucky !
>> No. 130899

When a new Nintendo console comes out I think of the new:

Super Smash Bros
Harvest Moon
Mario titles
Mario Kart
Metroid potential

File 139307568697.jpg - (11.23KB , 320x238 , HNI_0061_JPG.jpg )
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The next DKC game needs to be open. Mario and DK both work better in games like DK64, Sunshine, and 64 then in sidescrollers.
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>> No. 130881

I just stumbled upon this and it's relevant.
>> No. 130882
File 139330770455.png - (1.12MB , 1000x692 , full.png )
This post mirrors my feelings for the most part, though I've never actually played Donkey Kong 64. I do have some major nostalgia for the Banjo games, though.

I would be very interested to see Retro design a 3D platformer, regardless of whether it's open world style or linear obstacle course style.
>> No. 130895
File 139345445217.jpg - (72.07KB , 718x720 , bfa76c6aa308060d4e67c0d7e014693c-d5lpgal.jpg )
Yeah, I'd prefer to see Retro make a 3D DK game rather than completing the trilogy. It would give us something new and refreshing to play, methinks.

also bonus points if chunky shows up

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Youtube embed play button

File 139328731032.jpg - (509.08KB , 1050x825 , the frags have been doubled!.jpg )
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I'm running a Quake III Arena server, if you're interested, it's at
>> No. 130883
port #?
>> No. 130888
the default, 27960

File 139318158252.jpg - (8.81KB , 276x183 , descarga.jpg )
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Getting a better Wifi router could give me a better experience with my xbox 360 downstairs?
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>> No. 130859
Get a Homeplug. $50 last I checked.
>> No. 130864
File 139325513365.jpg - (126.57KB , 600x267 , guardians-of-middle-earth-a-lord-of-the-rings-moba-game-announced-for-consoles.jpg )
some times it is because the low strenght of the signal.
but now i placed my xbox where it can play youtube on hd with out any problem.

but the other day i had my xbox next to the router, and tried to play "Guardians of middle earth", and the match was so laggy it was unplayeable....

so i want to know if is my router fault, or litteraly the wifi was never intented to be a playeable resource?

here the floor is made of concrete and stone.
>> No. 130887
Well, GoME is infamous in having bad connection problems since it relies on peer to peer connection instead of having dedicated servers, like most MOBA's.
So if that's the only game you have been experiencing issues with, then i'm sure it's the game and not your connection.

File 139333963933.jpg - (14.10KB , 275x240 , HNI_0065_JPG.jpg )
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Let's say Nintendo does another direct this E3. How can I see it?

I have no PC right now and my tablet is down. I don't have a Wii U yet - I might get one for my birthday in early June though - but I have a Wii.
>> No. 130886
Go to an Internet cafe on the day of the Direct to watch it live? I remember i did that on e3 2006 since I didn't have a computer.

File 139325602181.jpg - (158.23KB , 982x697 , HNI_0071_JPG.jpg )
130866 No. 130866 [View]
It sucks how few console MMOs have been released. I never liked keyboard controls and I'm more into console gaming.

I remember FPS were once PC-only but now they appear on consoles constantly
>> No. 130867
MMOs generally have a very large complicated UI and a lot of controls to juggle.

File 139255713504.jpg - (202.75KB , 1267x724 , xbox-one.jpg )
130742 No. 130742 [View]

Guess people don't like paying an extra hundred dollars for an accessory they don't want. I really don't understand why Microsoft double downed on the Kinect. At it's most useful it added voice support to games.
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>> No. 130812
File 139302266862.jpg - (259.97KB , 1100x1500 , Tomb-Raider-Definitive-Edition_2013_12-07-13_003.jpg )
What really pisses me off is stuff like this definitive edition Tomb Raider. It's a new console and one of the first things they do is release an old game on it. I don't care how much prettier it is it's still a previously released game.
>> No. 130813
I wouldn't care so much if it was a game from earlier in the gen, like say Oblivion or Dead Rising 1 but the game had came out only months before the new consoles.
They didn't do shit to fix the multiplayer either.
>> No. 130860
Can't hurt, since there aren't many games otherwise.

File 139320883419.png - (3.97MB , 2304x1707 , don__t_mess_with_duke___by_misterdavey-d4at791.png )
130854 No. 130854 [View]
This isn't a rhetorical question. The guy sells Duke Nukem to Gearbox and then makes a Duke Nukem game without their permission?
>> No. 130855
Laughed at your post, laughed harder at the article and then by the end I'm thinking this is all a ruse to drum up attention for the game.
"No such thing as bad publicity." - Ed Boon
>> No. 130856
I'd buy it. Can't be worse than Forever.

Then again that's not much of a yardstick.

File 139306037065.jpg - (1.17MB , 1361x1116 , Bravely-Default-European-Box-Art.jpg )
130818 No. 130818 [View]
I just sent a move that does 53715 damage.

Gotta love that Bravely Second ability.
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>> No. 130842
File 139318156129.gif - (326.68KB , 320x180 , 138725411550.gif )
Bravely Default is a perfectly sensible name. The game centers around the abilities "Brave" and "Default". Bravely Default.

It makes more sense than Final Fantasy. It's embarrassing that you have to specify "which Final Fantasy" you're playing to other fans of it.
>> No. 130847
The first game was Squaresoft's Final Fantasy RPG before they went bankrupt.

Then it was a gigantic phenomenon and they decided to turn it into a series, because name recognition is a cheap way to make people buy your products.
>> No. 130853
>Dead Space (how can space be dead?)
It's funny because this came to my mind too but more because it sounds more cheesy than actually stupid. Name makes perfect sense; everything is "Dead" and it's in outer "Space".
A game that really belongs here is Infinite Undiscovery.
The game producer or whatever didn't know English that well, wanted to get the image that you could do infinite things in the game and constantly discover stuff and so he tried to mash undiscovered in there or some shit.

Game is alright, worth getting I guess.

File 139319993519.png - (231.70KB , 670x706 , 4chins.png )
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