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File 141659663583.jpg - (1.06MB , 3264x2448 , 141659629220.jpg )
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i just got a new video card.

and you know it have to be good because it say Pony.
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>> No. 132909
File 141679949821.jpg - (164.18KB , 800x1233 , chibi_golden_freddy_plush_by_shinyhunterf-d87di0e.jpg )
>> No. 132912
File 141681129239.png - (8.74KB , 178x295 , DrDoktorLurking.png )

is this a legit thing cuz if its not im going to stab you
>> No. 132914
Almost all Asus gpu claim they are 20% cooler

File 140978915688.jpg - (65.62KB , 480x640 , Okcupid_8_jul_2014_4.jpg )
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We wanna talk about this?
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>> No. 132817
The reason Sarkeesian is terrible:

Her "well-researched" video series made for over $100,000 donated by her fans, large sums of which were donated by suspicious accounts or by accounts owned by her personal friends, are incredibly short and incredibly basic videos by youtube standards that absolutely anypony with a home greenscreen setup and a decent video camera could have made in a couple days at most, and are full of hilariously inaccurate, completely nebulous, or just plain meaningless "facts" that in no way support her claims.

Also she stole most if not all of her video game footage from youtube LPers and never actually credited the sources.

Also she's not a video gamer and doesn't even like video games. In her own words. Repeatedly. At many, many of her seminars and appearances before she decide to suddenly be a video games expert.

Moreover, Sarkeesian in no way actually attempts to debate any of her points. She states her own personal opinions as absolute fact, does nothing to actually argue those opinions, gives no open forum for anypony to disprove or counter those opinions, and has had a long ongoing campaign of censoring any evidence against her. Her vast claim of the entire video game industry being an evil "boys only club" is supported by a minute handful of cherry-picked examples taken grossly out of context, most of which are represented in a wholly misleading fashion or just plain incorrect altogether.

She's a con artist and she's getting away with it, and in the process she's become a huge figurehead for "feminism" in the eyes of the mass media, doing arguably more harm to the cause she claims to support than if she'd never existed at all.
>> No. 132829
>> No. 132913
File 141685034115.jpg - (8.87KB , 300x144 , norman_jayden_by_scorpion6198-d4tyjs8.jpg )
I for one could not be more delighted that #Gamergate is an actual thing that is happening. This cronyism and nepotism has been plaguing games media and just media in general for ages now and it's about damn time that people started speaking out against this kind of tosh.

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  So at the end what happend with destiny?
for what i know, it feel really shallow, even it look great, but it just grind and pay later if you want any context.

some one here play it?
>> No. 132908
The plot of the game actually starts at the very end of the release and will be continued in further patches and expansions.

Because Bungie can't be fucked to actually write a complete narrative.
>> No. 132910
What is a sequel?
>> No. 132911
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A sequel will be that game which all your old dlc become worthless, and it will be so vanilla that the game will require new DLC to have some substance, taking at least other 100 from people.

File 141488066005.png - (225.60KB , 800x495 , Hrm.png )
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Anybody here still play these? You know, those games where you run in lanes and try to knock over other people's sandcastles?

I'm a League man, myself (despite the laggy servers and such going on right now), and thought it might be fun to throw some Ponychanners on my Friends list and open a meet/greet/socialize thread for players of this genre.
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>> No. 132862
File 141635848025.jpg - (104.49KB , 600x700 , 1371354448475.jpg )
I'm a Dota2 player.

It's one of the games I got into because of ponies. A few fellow fans who later became good friends of mine introduced me to it back in 2011.

Sadly, I'm the only one left who's into FiM, but we still play on a semi-regular basis.

I know Dota2 players are a rare kind here, but if there are any who would like to play, just let me know.
>> No. 132876
File 141641455720.png - (122.66KB , 225x236 , leshockedpronactress.png )
2 years ago or so I started Dota2 on a whim and played with a group like once a week, accumulated 75 hours.
Also checked out League for a few rounds, but I was alone, and that's boring.
Somewhere we stopped.
Should I get fed up with chans and anime, and not have less spare time on my hands, I don't see why I couldn't try dabble back in sometime.
That's kinda spooky with its resemblances and differences.
>> No. 132907
File 141664583844.png - (716.31KB , 824x717 , crossspacehypertravelmode.png )
It's been a while since I've had a no deaths game.

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  Seriously, I have no idea how I did this, but I beat my friend's score and she's about 3k ranks higher than me, so I'm pretty proud of that.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 12:35

>> No. 132903
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  Embed didn't work, so here's a link:

Last edited at Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 12:36

File 141648734262.png - (518.26KB , 1596x1055 , 113408+-+crate+crossover+jarate+kukri+mann_co+piss+red+sniper+Team_Fortress_2+tf2+twilight_spark.png )
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Haven't been here in some time. Does this place still play Team Fortress 2?
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>> No. 132895
It wasn't very good a few months ago either, we enjoyed the game a long time ago.
>> No. 132896
Cawl-o-Dutay Advanced Titanfallfare is pretty fun if you're looking for a new fast paced alternative.
>> No. 132898
File 141659162507.jpg - (1.30MB , 1137x1498 , 0c9ddcd20401d7224252df5c099f5315.jpg )
About to hit 1.8k hours in it.

File 141637546471.png - (47.49KB , 251x257 , Dulset pinkie.png )
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I know I shouldn't ask, but would anypony be willing to gift me Civ V complete for my birthday today? It would be the best thing ever.
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>> No. 132882
>> No. 132883
When you add a game to your cart, a warning message appears if it isn't a ROW (Rest of World) game [EDIT: The warning message actually appears when you click on the "purchase as a gift" option]
So far, the only game I've seen that has a region lock here is Tales from the Borderlands.

I just added Civ V complete edition to my cart and it is not giving me that warning, meaning it's a ROW game.

Last edited at Wed, Nov 19th, 2014 12:28

>> No. 132897
File 141656705381.png - (21.82KB , 200x200 , trixie_found_your_pine_cone_stash_by_jotoast-d4nlg8r.png )

File 141651191545.jpg - (365.53KB , 1280x800 , 3uSmXXA.jpg )
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(Pic somehat related)
Just wondering, does uh, does anypony know any mods for Fallout: New Vegas?
I somewhat to launch huge beams of rainbows at the enemy maybe without using the Tesla Cannon.
that thing takes up so much weight
>> No. 132890
If you can't find a mod there, then it doesn't exist.
>> No. 132891
Personal Recomendations:

New Vegas Bounties - Essential if you want to play as a bounty hunter badass.

Essential Visual Effects (EVE) - Makes energy weapons look considerably cooler.

Project Nevada - Adds a buttload of new weapons and functionalities.

JSawyer.esp - Small patch made by one of the official devs of the game. Tweaks a bunch of stuff, restores some cut content, and overall makes the game a lot more challenging.

New Vegas Strip Overhaul - Makes the Strip look considerably more impressive.
>> No. 132892
>Asking about mods
>Bitching about in-game limitations
You realize why this is retarded right?
Just mod the thing to have no fucking weight or give yourself super speed. Better yet, do both because no one can fucking stop you.

No. 132860 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  New mode!

If Goat Sim isn't named GOTY by at least one reputable publication, WE WILL RIOT!
>> No. 132861
That guy gets it.
>> No. 132885
File 141646666350.gif - (1.35MB , 533x295 , giphy_1__by_multinator-d7sfp3a.gif )
That guy...

Is he trying to be up there in the ranks of Pewdiepie and tobuscus where they just scream and talk fast cause they have nothing else to say?

Like holy shit is he bad and he has half a million views.
>> No. 132888
Burger goat is amusing, but I'm not sure what good he is.

Jousting goat is completely useless.

File 141635129440.jpg - (20.27KB , 350x329 , DS_Lite_vs_PSP.jpg )
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hi should i buy a ds or a psp
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>> No. 132869
PSPs are much easier to hack and load ROMs onto. No additional purchases required. (except a bigger memory card if you want more roms) NES/SNES/Genesis/GB/GBA and even N64 and PS1 roms.

I've turned mine into a mobile emulator machine.
>> No. 132870
>But the PlayStation Vita is where you're going to find lots of nice kitschy Japanese titles (like Disgaea)

This, so much this.
>> No. 132884

PSP has barely any games that are note worthy. If you want an emulator, just download it on your computer like a normal human that doesn't have all the time in the world to do unnecessary hacking to your portable.

If you can, I'd recommend you get a 3DS, though. You can play DS games on it (although DS oddly don't look that good on it for some reason imo). More games on one console.

The only reason you should get a PSP is if the DS is really unappealing to you and those few games on the PSP are really interesting to you (like Dissidia).

File 141527019567.jpg - (42.43KB , 600x600 , 130285259083.jpg )
132748 No. 132748 [View]
Majora's Mask 3d

HUZZAH! Huzzah for probably the creepiest non-horror game ever made.
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>> No. 132841
I dunno, I distinctly remember using one of these statues to save in the venomous swamp, and next day when I wanted to resume playing I started back at the clock tower.

Maybe it was because it was the Virtual Console version, but that really pissed me off.

And before you ask "Well, why didn't you just suspend the software?", I didn't know you could do that at the time.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 15:47

>> No. 132846
File 141608586213.gif - (146.79KB , 640x480 , daibolo.gif )
>creepiest non-horror game ever made.

I challenge.
>> No. 132859
Youtube embed play button
  This auto-played after a un-Zelda related video played, made me sad that this isn't happening.

File 141581311210.jpg - (100.50KB , 720x960 , 10534466_786464008040364_2776296124327421660_n.jpg )
132825 No. 132825 [View]
If you want a game to look the best on the pc.
but dont want performance to suffer alot.

Which options consume the biggest ammount of resourses?
>> No. 132837
Youtube embed play button
  Define "best."

Quality, compression and lossiness are always a tricky balance.

Unless you mean pure computation and code optimization.

FLAC is king.
>> No. 132844
Im talking like how i know which stuff is better to turn off to make better the performance.

For example.
Shadow use alot of resourses. so that is something to have in mind. even getting low shadows is uglier.
And turning off the blurry camera help to the performance?
because the blurry camera isnt that important for how it look
>> No. 132845
Switch everything to FXAA.

File 140931926028.png - (221.77KB , 550x630 , gamerluna_girlwood.png )
132245 No. 132245 [View] [Last 50 posts]
>Ice Climbers gone
>Dr. Mario
>seven fucking Mario characters
>no Lip (what a fucking surprise you've done nothing except shit all over her and her series for their entire existence)
>Duck Hunt Dog
>Duck Hunt Dog
>Duck Hunt Dog

Fuck you, Sakurai. I'm not buying your shit.
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>> No. 132686
Game is already limited by being on 3DS.
People wondered if they would ever patch mechanics, while that's easily doable on a console, would they really do it on a handheld where somepony without internet couldn't play with their friend?
Most handheld patches with multiplayer fixed glitches or bugs, never any tweaks to the actual gameplay IIRC and so you never needed to worry about which version you had when you played local.

Only good thing about Ice Climbers being removed because of the 3DS is the addition of eight player mode in the console version.
>> No. 132842
File 141601600251.png - (608.04KB , 754x566 , zypg5Ay.png )
So back to the shitty MickyDee's toys, you're basically penalized by not getting them.
You miss out on items in Hyrule Warriors and some of these sick costumes in MK8.
>> No. 132843
maybe they just got in after the dlc patch.

so at the end this mii things would be behind a DLC pay wall..

i dont think something like this is the best thing for the amiibo...

but probably it isnt something like saying blocking day 1 content

No. 132831 [View]
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  France has never been so sloppy and dərpy
>> No. 132832
Youtube embed play button
  Ubisoft's mass layoffs are coming back to bite them.
>> No. 132835
Is Wolfpack in?
I know they took out PVP and female assassins.
>> No. 132836
There is a discovery.

you can improve the FPS issue if you turn off the internet conecction of your ps4 or your PC.

because that doesnt talk bad about Ubisoft.

File 141200832120.png - (82.60KB , 225x225 , bowties.png )
132540 No. 132540 [View]
So, I am ninety-nine percent sure that I am the only one who plays Infocom text adventures in the universe besides less-advanced civilizations light years away who pieced it together out of our space junk.
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>> No. 132762
File 141529091071.png - (23.13KB , 407x373 , Aw Yiss.png )

Yes, actually, and if I remember correctly both authors have complimented the other for their work!


I believe there's also a NanQuest? Not sure how that one's going. I don't keep up on all of his stuff, even though I follow him.


I will not comment on the nature of my statements. Everypony needs to go read Ruby Quest.
>> No. 132802
I miss Knight Blades.

I miss the amazing artwork.

I miss Patches.
>> No. 132834
Hey, I do. I love the story-based IF. It's too bad I'll be missing the deadline for voting in this years IFcomp.

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