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If you suscribe to some channel on twich. it is 4.99 each month, or just once?
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Heheh. Google.

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File 140771345993.jpg - (147.15KB , 450x285 , goat+simulator.jpg )
>> No. 132175
But that game was actually amazing though.
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File 140865965088.gif - (21.34KB , 300x250 , 140393214569.gif )
yeah, i loved that game

File 140865852680.png - (254.69KB , 388x512 , T_Hercules_Derpules_Card.png )
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So how is your experience with Awful players, im not talking about the ones which are just bad.

but about the ones which on the first second something went wrong, they start crying, and wyning and ruining the game for everybody and start feeding.

i just got with one of thouse. on smite
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File 140865877713.png - (13.75KB , 345x382 , I feel the cosmos.png )
I have to work with one of those a few times a week. It's incredibly aggravating.

Can't say I've encountered them in games, though.

File 140198516287.gif - (267.85KB , 500x374 , DJ-PON3.gif )
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You guys ready for some AWESOME upcoming new titles!?
Me...I'm waiting for the following games:
>Mortal Kombat X
>Battlefield: Hardline
>Assassin's Creed: Unity
>Batman: Arkham Knight


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File 140289056941.png - (90.54KB , 268x269 , But why is that relevant.png )
Mmm, can't say I was really aware of any, or at least not variants. I didn't think it ran on a scumm engine anyways, or whatever port/base Beneath a Steel Sky runs on. I don't know much about those engines or whatever they ran on.
>> No. 131813
Youtube embed play button
  Gameplay analysis for MKX.
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File 140865802968.jpg - (38.43KB , 854x480 , homeworld_remastered_collection.jpg )

File 140862996364.jpg - (208.54KB , 950x350 , 18209_1.jpg )
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Twilight Sparkle and her friends are planning their annual picnic on the day they became friends and things seem to be going great as they prepare until the next day when Twilight wakes up the next morning to find out that not only is there another mare in her house who claims to live in there, no pony in town knows who she is!

It soon becomes a race against time for the princess as she finds out one terrifying fact:

>If she doesn't fix the time-line soon, the "current her" will cease to exist!

Experience a story like none you've seen before in a video game! Where *every single choice you make* determines the the fate of Twilight and her friends! Unlike "other games" that claim this and only end up having a few select choices affect the outcome of the game, this game is the *REAL DEAL!*


>Side-battle system with high definition animated combat sprites.
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File 140864046306.png - (8.03KB , 525x130 , gay.png )
oh hey, was this you?
i remember this..
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File 140864683694.gif - (347.62KB , 720x405 , This-is-Luna-giving-a-fuck-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-27757017-720-405.gif )

>implying that quoting me out of context is going to have any effect on who wants to view and download this game

and your point is?
>> No. 132174
i wasn't >imblyink anything
i was just asking if that was you

File 140854927844.png - (518.99KB , 3300x2300 , serling21.png )
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File 140854855651.png - (566.75KB , 800x600 , hellrisinghand.png )
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Hey games, so about half a year ago I posted about this game here.

Its a browser based survival game where you get to play one of three races during the apocalypse, those being that of humans, vampires or zombies.
As a human you have to try to survive, generally by searching for items that will be of use to you, teaming up with other humans and annihalating the undead.
And as zombies and vampire's its your job to attempt to kill off the humans.
If you played before, lots of features have been added as well as a new map, NPC's with some new types of buildings and items.

File 140842296124.jpg - (36.11KB , 500x694 , 6XWWYSA.jpg )
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I think we all know by now that a good man has passed away. Sadly, Robin Williams took his own life after battling depression, anxiety and Parkinson's disease.

What I learned recently was that Robin Williams was an avid gamer, specifically of the Legend of Zelda franchise. So much so that he named his daughter Zelda after the famous Princess Zelda.

Now, Gamers from across the world have banned together and called for Nintendo to immortalize Robin into one of their upcoming Legend of Zelda titles.

Nintendo responded with a very tactful responce:

"Robin Williams was loved at Nintendo." offered a Nintendo spokesperson. "Our hearts go out to his entire family, and especially to Zelda Williams who we've worked with multiple times.

"We appreciate the outpouring of support from the gaming community, and hear the request of fans to honor him in a future game. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close."
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File 140844358083.png - (37.56KB , 640x400 , Yancey-Hausman will pay.png )
A better king than Lord British.
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File 140853787977.jpg - (27.39KB , 403x403 , its time to play the game.jpg )
>Hard to say, you're both pretty magical

Every. Damn. Time.

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  Ading Moba 513 to the list of mobas
>> No. 132166
Oh, hi there, Pantheon, Ashe, Annie, Jinx, and Garen. You lookin' weird today.

File 140826132820.png - (263.83KB , 731x791 , FoE Epic Mount ghoul.png )
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If ghouls were a playable race, or will be in Fo4, what kind of gameplay would you expect for them?

I believe ghouls would be more weaker than human and loose much more HP from attacks than usual. This is due to lack of skin and rotting flesh. Not only that but drugs and medicines will also have weaker effects on them. Also gameplay wise, the majority of humans will distrust you regardless of karma.

However the primary and good quality Ghouls could have to make up for poor damage resistance, ghouls possess the unique ability to "regenerate" HP. The rate of how much HP is regenerated depends on how much rads you have. In short while humans stay away from radiation and strive for little rads as possible, the opposite can work in your favour. However 0 rads means 0 regeneration which could leave you an an extremely vulerable state.
However maxing your rads can still be bad for you as going over the limit can wear on your sanity.

Ideas for Perks: (While sharing the majority of perks with humans, some replaced specifically for ghouls, such as radiation absorbing than reducing.)
Healthy Glow +50% radiation taken whenever drinking from a water source.
Smooth Talker Unlocks many unique dialogue options with distrusting humans.
Noble Savage Feral ghouls and variants will be non-hostile towards you.
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File 140832284873.jpg - (327.18KB , 500x714 , hiking_simulator.jpg )
>If ghouls were a playable race, or will be in Fo4, what kind of gameplay would you expect for them?
Judging by how Bethesda handled playable races in Skyrim, I'd expect it to be more or less identical to playing as a human.
>> No. 132160
File 140832552024.png - (1.83MB , 1200x900 , Nukacola plant.png )
Elder Scrolls and Fallout may have had seperate history but up until Bethesda both Skyrim and Fo3 were obviously cut from the same cloth. I just think it would be interesting to explore the waste from the perspective and attention of a ghoul for a change.

I would think there be not much differences, thats why I would suggest less damage resistance with special regenerative abilities to counter weakness. This is because Ghouls are regarded physically weaker than humans and the creation of Ultrajet is because chems have little effect with ghouls. However ghoul doctors often question human survival as if there resiliant is better then humans.

Another big thing is that the rads that cause advance radiation poisoning could be considered "healthy" by ghoul standards. Too much rads (deadly-fatal radiation poisoning) could lead to going feral and too little rads will slower your regeneration rate making you need more time to recover after a fight or so.

Pretty much replace your human need to stay Rad free with a ghoul need to balance how much Rads you need to stay healthy by ghouls standards.

Other than Cain from Fo:BoS, has no one ever wondered what it be like to play as a ghoul, both gameplay and in-game socially?

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File 140837841337.png - (708.12KB , 830x607 , geneprojector.png )

File 140041416014.png - (0.98MB , 1497x1481 , 1400326028377.png )
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FF 1: Okay
FF 2: Crap
FF 3: Okay
FF 4: Awesome
FF 5: Great
FF 6: Awesome
FF 7: Awesome
FF 8: Shit
FF 9: Great
FF 10: Shit
FF 11: Okay for an MMO
FF 10–2:Steaming pile of shit
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>> No. 132087
I liked the remastered graphics for later iterations of FF1, but it sucked that they went and made the game easier. I preferred the PSX version, which still had the Normal difficulty and NES style options.
>> No. 132088
File 140757150516.jpg - (2.08MB , 1863x1704 , bravely-default-box-art.jpg )
Best Final Fantasy game
>> No. 132157

Easier? I blundered into a bonus dungeon by mistake and spent a week getting my ass handed to me.

File 138872155353.jpg - (683.61KB , 1280x720 , sleeping-dogs.jpg )
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Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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File 140819246174.png - (2.62MB , 1920x1080 , my_little_pony_dishonored_wallpaper_by_frequencyspark-d6shi1m.png )
So Dishonored. I heard this is a lot like Bioshock so that's a super plus. But it is like Bioshock if you played it as a stealth game which I did not. With me it was more a apiculture simulator. Also I heard you move bodies and I hate that.
>> No. 132148
File 140822371479.jpg - (69.57KB , 625x390 , makessense.jpg )
This is all I know about Dishonered.

Well that and this sick rap by the amazing Dan Bull:
>> No. 132155
This stealth is already wearing thin in me. So I need to be stealthy to get the good ending...but it's the kind of stealth that depends on the prompts working all the time.

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  Just got to level 13 and I'm gonna be hitting Ranked Matches all day long.

I will record the results of each match on here because I can.
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File 140823493497.jpg - (288.60KB , 600x572 , warlock-dota-2-wallpaper-2.jpg )
This match was proof that you don't quit. It was all back and forth, even with Abaddon and Bloodseeker there. It seemed like we lost when they charged in and broke our Top and MId barracks. But then we just charged the midlane, crashed through and destroyed the Anchant before they could blink.

I like to think my Two Demons helped.
>> No. 132153
File 140823766184.jpg - (231.04KB , 744x980 , crystal_maiden_by_finalknight6-d6zhzve.jpg )
Crystal Maiden is always the example I use when people say that heroes lose function the later games get.

In many games, I have used her as a strong Hero killer. Her Q and E combo together to completely trap a hero under her Ultimate. With the scepter, it further slows them.

In this latest game, I was laning with Luna and learned that if ther is a hero that has trouble making abilities hit, the Maiden is sure to solve that problem .A good freeze and there is no way a gank can miss.

Sadly, this game ended before I could acquire my scepter.
>> No. 132154
File 140824157512.jpg - (624.00KB , 850x895 , warlock_and_his_golem_by_keterok-d6iwub4.jpg )
and that's it! I've done it! Ten games for my Ranked MMR is complete!

Warlock was the one who helped wrap it all up and sadly, once again, I couldn't bring him to his full power. But the game was pretty good.

Had a Jungling Doom which is very weird. While he is able to steal creep abilities, this Doom almost refused to leave the Jungle to help either lane around him. Not only that, but we were just all mixed up. But when it came for Teambattles it was all wrecking power.

MMR= 1135

File 140718967186.png - (127.29KB , 736x736 , Tcel logo.png )
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Hello! My name, as you can see, is Ember Storm, and I'm here to ask some questions of you guys. A bit about myself first, because it is relevant.

So I've posted on Ponychan for over three years. I have, for the past year, been involved with a multigaming Steam clan called Team Celebrity Gaming. You can find more about them here if you're interested:

One thing you'll notice is that they have a lot of servers in Gmod, stuff in Minecraft, Killing Floor, and Hoofful of Frags. They also have a competitive TF2 team and CS:GO teams.

I run that comp TF2 team, and I recently went to the clan leader about starting up a TF2 public server. We don't have one yet, and I think we should.

That being said, I wanted to, before we start anything up, get community input on what should and could be implemented in terms of plugins, server cvars, and the like.

So, here's the link to the survey (It's really short at only seven questions. Seriously)
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>> No. 132112
Guys, check it:
>> No. 132136
We've been working on plugins for the server! There's one or two more things that we need to go over with the head of Celebrity, and one of those things is getting us the server to load the plugins on.
We're also going to work out the MOTD and finalize how donating will work, test the plugins once they're on the server, then launch the server hopefully by Saturday.
That's right, Saturday is my current estimate of when the server will go live! GET HYPE.
>> No. 132146
File 140821747848.png - (64.89KB , 184x184 , cel4tress.png )
It is time.

In less than one hour, the TF2 server I've been keeping you guys up to date with will go live. We've been very busy with plugins and making sure everything works these past few days, and I'm pleased to announce that
everything seems to be running quite well.

The first map is Badwater. I'll be putting the IP up and how to connect through console for those who don't know at 4 PM EST.

For more info on rules and stuff, please check out the Steam group:

Last edited at Sat, Aug 16th, 2014 12:36

File 140796333058.png - (362.50KB , 973x655 , 140796224153.png )
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We haven't done a /g/ get together in a long time.

What PC game would people like to play together some time this weekend?
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>> No. 132137
That's two for Killing Floor.

Awesomenauts is on sale for two bucks, maybe if people want we could do some 3v3 action?
>> No. 132138
oh awesomenauts is a nice gaym
>> No. 132139
File 140815089198.png - (12.93KB , 381x473 , head grab.png )
Eww catbutt stop liking bad things

Although Im down for Sonic & Allstars Racing Transformed or killing floor 2

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