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File 141136051128.jpg - (10.82KB , 300x168 , 42.jpg )
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Anypony here played the Infocom text adventure Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?
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>> No. 132502
File 141140157866.png - (49.47KB , 196x147 , ArthurDentTea.png )
You'd do one better to pick up a copy of the Hitchhiker's Guide yourself. That's how I completed it.
>> No. 132504
I've read the entire pentalogy... ohh, it's been a few times.
>> No. 132506
File 141144440684.png - (79.86KB , 239x211 , magicalscience.png )
It is the best penology.

File 141110409454.png - (364.73KB , 680x428 , Chrysalis M_ Bison Yes.png )
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Is it worth it?
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>> No. 132501
what's the opposite of a hallway?
>> No. 132503
Tales of Vesperia is amazing but only if you have a dedicated buddy (I think). The combat is extremely fun, story = okay, but I love the character interaction after battles. Depending on who you use and how much they've interacted they'll say different things. Kinda awesome.
>> No. 132505
So I run into this boss battle out of no where that I have no idea how to deal with. I get killed. have to start over and get the same unskipable cut scene again and again.

File 141135233550.jpg - (128.61KB , 1051x767 , nameme.jpg )
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Hi /g/.

Any cs go players? I just bought this new StatTrak M4A1-S and I want to name it. I wanna name it after a pony, so far I have a StatTrak AUG Torque name Dərpy Hooves and a StatTrak Ak-47 named Rainbow Dash.

I need some ideas on what to name it, please help.
>> No. 132495
When did they add nametags to CSGO? I've been out of it for a while.
>> No. 132500

File 140867128682.jpg - (491.78KB , 1153x692 , ponies_of_might_and_magic_3.jpg )
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So who remembers/plays this series? In the past week I've found that two of my friends enjoy it and we started playing Heroes 3 online together. Maybe we can get more people to play with? I've played 3, 5, and 6, and will multiplay with anypony, but if you want to talk about the other games and join up for them go ahead. But leave the Might and Magic series out of it.
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>> No. 132488
Hah yes, get enough vampires and they just revive themselves constantly.

...Unless you have to fight gargoyles, golems, elementals, or lava dragons -_-
>> No. 132490
my friends used to get mad at me because I would remove all but one or two stacks from the battle and still win it flawlessly

they would use their whole armies and constantly have units dying here and there
>> No. 132491
Something else I really like about 5, being able to leave stacks out of battle :)

File 141116663326.png - (51.70KB , 164x322 , DrDoktorFancy2.png )
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hey guys I might stream me developing a minecraft modpack for this site tomorrow (Saturday) if I get enough positive response that you guys would show up
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>> No. 132482
File 141122968906.jpg - (15.05KB , 190x266 , FinallyV_2.jpg )
I would love to watch you make a mudpack, take notes, and copy the idea and make millions off it. Then I can finally become Lord of Ponychan!
>> No. 132484
File 141123823482.jpg - (18.91KB , 236x236 , b6a13f7aa180a2f99a44c084c5ff51c2.jpg )
Become star of the lords?
>> No. 132489
File 141133334232.png - (60.90KB , 202x160 , starlord.png )
I could only wish to be amongst the ranks of Starlord.

File 138872155353.jpg - (683.61KB , 1280x720 , sleeping-dogs.jpg )
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Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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>> No. 132461
The game with the strongest story is ugh? Come on now, you can tell the truth. What really happened?
>> No. 132462
Is a response to
>> No. 132485
So I've been playing Dishonored and I have to say these non lethal take out methods sound worse than death.

File 139623373019.png - (267.10KB , 265x376 , Yu-Gi-Oh!_The_Duelists_of_the_Roses_Cover.png )
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>> No. 132336
File 140993243318.png - (65.27KB , 372x457 , 1583__safe_solo_apple+bloom_simple+background_artist-colon-strobo-dash-pop.png )
I played Tag Force 2 somewhat on PSP. Always nice to have videogames which are true to the TCG, especially since no friends to play proper cards with.
>> No. 132460
File 141084963862.png - (112.48KB , 219x261 , 2146361-box_gfight.png )
Don't you judge me. Actually, yeah Judge me.
>> No. 132470
hey if you guys like yu-gi-oh come to the Buchannan county public library on September 20th their is a tournament and you will get to met the host oh wait that is me

File 141057409994.jpg - (240.27KB , 1600x1495 , avatars.jpg )
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Why so many people want really hard that videogames are name "a sport"?
you know, for the Esports and stuff.
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>> No. 132465
people will look at them and call them names because they dont have "a real job"
>> No. 132468
Streaming for ad revenue and donations is worlds apart from playing professionally for an organization, and the pay is usually much different. Some people can only make ends meet by doing both, and that might only last for the year or two that they're relevant in the scene.
>> No. 132469
They're just marmalade because they have shit jobs working for minimum wage.

File 140978915688.jpg - (65.62KB , 480x640 , Okcupid_8_jul_2014_4.jpg )
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We wanna talk about this?
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>> No. 132449
The internet community is an endless cycle of "hey guys look I found a controversy!" "THIS IS THE BIGGEST THING SINCE EVER WE MUST DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS" "eh bored of that"
>> No. 132452
Honestly, I don't even bother doing anything about it, because of course the corrupt will get away with it, they already convinced everybody that they're in the right, that they're innocent victims while all gamers are immature and nasty. It's pointless to fight back against them.
>> No. 132455
The only reason the system works the way it does is because enough people let it.

File 141028039543.jpg - (10.66KB , 189x267 , AoT Tribute Game.jpg )
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/g/'s thoughts on the AoT tribute game? If you have not played it and are a fan of Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin I would highly suggest you give it a try.
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>> No. 132444
File 141072379463.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )

that would be a good idea and we would have to coordinate and give some time to promote
>> No. 132453
File 141080953200.png - (46.72KB , 212x251 , Leaning forwards.png )

I don't really do any streaming of my own because my internet is horrible, but I'll play in your stream if you want me to. Or just play with you in general.

Me and Jaeger still haven't coordinated well enough to actually play yet, haha.
>> No. 132454
File 141081500001.jpg - (10.32KB , 255x197 , horsepuunslol.jpg )
Okay, my Skype is ectoAlchemist if anypony wants to play.

File 140971945600.png - (26.60KB , 252x252 , 58b2f706-5bd4-4dc4-9a96-67c612761012.png )
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After a few days of planning, I have finally decided to host an osu! tournament! This thread will be for signups and everything else I will explain below. Also, I will be streaming the entire thing on twitch, so please give me your username and the bracket you wish to play in.


This tournament will be an elimination tournament. Basically, the player who comes in last in terms of score is eliminated. When winners are decided for all 4 modes, those 4 will play in a semifinals match. The map will be picked by people in the stream's chat, assuming anypony will even watch. If it comes to that, I will randomly select a map. The people who come in 3rd and 4th will be eliminated, and the final 2 will face off in a standard match to decide a winner. (If you have suggestions for better conditions, please tell me.)


There will be a bracket for each mode in osu! (CTB, Taiko, mania, and standard).
Up to 16 players can be in each bracket.
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>> No. 132349
Well, then I'd like to sing up. Username: Hd-zay, bracket: mania.
>> No. 132401
it's dead, isn't it?
>> No. 132446
No, I'm just a bit busy atm, and I can't edit OP

File 140931926028.png - (221.77KB , 550x630 , gamerluna_girlwood.png )
132245 No. 132245 [View]
>Ice Climbers gone
>Dr. Mario
>seven fucking Mario characters
>no Lip (what a fucking surprise you've done nothing except shit all over her and her series for their entire existence)
>Duck Hunt Dog
>Duck Hunt Dog
>Duck Hunt Dog

Fuck you, Sakurai. I'm not buying your shit.
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>> No. 132440
File 141066522097.png - (1.68MB , 1590x1546 , Madotsuki 43.png )
They are related to him.
And there are like only 3 smashes that do that.

There are about 3 different smash types. Super form smash moves, single target smash attacks, and AoE attacks.
Guess I'll keep up with streams.
>> No. 132441
God damn it, you reminded me of Killing Floor.

>> No. 132442
Youtube embed play button
All pallete swaps on character select.

Looking for somepony that shows all the Mii stuff.

Been playing mostly team matches online. Ended up in one where me and my teammate were both Duck Hunt against two female Robins. With so many other characters what are the odds? It's blind pick and you can't bring in friends to non-custom matches.

File 141065927689.jpg - (12.96KB , 300x179 , cc.jpg )
132435 No. 132435 [View]
Any non-apple users wanna play some pixelgun? I'll start a lobby if I get a couple people.
>> No. 132436
top lel
>> No. 132437

File 141048194584.jpg - (237.53KB , 1360x768 , tmp_5724-wGy6bhh1058034408.jpg )
132404 No. 132404 [View]
Well, its a start!

>> No. 132405
>> No. 132434
No, you failed horribly.

File 141040474707.jpg - (29.10KB , 512x384 , castlevania-symphony-of-the-night-alucard-cape.jpg )
132393 No. 132393 [View]
So I've been on a sort of Castlevania binge this past week, playing through ALLL the Castlevania games.

I took a break tonight to browse Youtube.

I suddenly stumbled across the music video for Thriller and decided to watch it.

the images that poped into my head were a mixture of wierd and epic...

I suddenly pictured the classic Micheal Jackson as a Belmont/Alucard, tackling Dracula's castle in the dead of night. He breaks into the song Thriller and begins his dance, all the monsters stop attacking and follow his lead.

In the end he battles Dracula in this epic dance off.
>> No. 132397
Youtube embed play button
There's no second chance against the one that steals men's souls girl
>> No. 132400
File 141046426231.png - (151.23KB , 852x937 , mlfw7723-1345307318817507.png )

Dude, I was playing through all the Castlevania games too! I stopped on the GBA ones though. It got a bit repetitive. Fun while I was still at it, though. I might pick it back up in the future. I actually played "Kid Dracula" on the Gameboy, too-- man. That was the best GB platformer I've ever played for sure.
>> No. 132430
File 141062943156.png - (18.58KB , 255x191 , ponyvenia.png )
If the itch hasn't been scratched yet, try this:

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