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Jan 30It's happening. [Thread]

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NeoGAF, your opinions?
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>> No. 133993

A video game forum.

With more developers and people in the industry using it than any other. For some reason. And with like, 80 millions posts.

#6 in the world, according to wikipedia.

Home of Durante, the person who made resolution and other fixes for games like Dark Souls. Among others.
>> No. 133997
I only ever go there when I'm searching up for vidya help or some shit via Google.
>> No. 134000
not even once.

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somepony should gift me final fantasy 8 on steam

why? because you're an awesome person, that's why!
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>> No. 133991
Like I said, you've missed out on a lot of good games.
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File 142747544238.jpg - (209.73KB , 376x537 , LostOdysseyFinalUSBoxArt.jpg )
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Youtube embed play button
Way ahead of its time.

File 142740263521.jpg - (76.53KB , 1280x720 , Ori-and-the-Blind-Forest-1.jpg )
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*Hums main menu tune*
Dear Ponychan, how come you do not know about this game?

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>> No. 133994
Unbelievably, stunningly beautiful. Touching, atmospheric fairytale coming alive. Most gorgeous game I ever saw. Gameplay is very good too; moderalety difficult and fair with very precise controls and physics. All in all, complete must have if you know at least a thing about 2D platformers.
>> No. 133996
>how come you do not know about this game?
Only two people on here one the system.

File 138872155353.jpg - (683.61KB , 1280x720 , sleeping-dogs.jpg )
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Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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File 142738664079.jpg - (103.82KB , 1920x1080 , ZE1yYj9.jpg )
Holy hell are we getting a lot next month. Terreria gears of Sar judgment, AC: black flag and devils cartel
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File 142739321776.jpg - (60.16KB , 486x720 , NWbgaW4.jpg )
Also that is the kind of dipshit attitude that almost killed comics.
>> No. 133995
File 142747495121.jpg - (182.27KB , 635x766 , batmanannual19921641.jpg )
'90's comics almost killed comics.

File 142718713457.png - (62.65KB , 343x326 , Now See Here.png )
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Recently I was on Facebook talking with some folk and the topic of Heroes of Might and Magic came up. I forget which recent one was the topic, but a statement was made that Heroes IV was the last good one in the series. I was pretty flabbergasted by this because I remember Heroes IV as being objectively the worst one of all time (though I'd never played the very first one [and most other people hadn't either]). By happenstance, I saw a couple streaming it from a link in a GOG email, so I said "What the heck, let's buy it and try it out again." These are my thoughts.
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>> No. 133980
File 142718733601.png - (1.18MB , 1281x1027 , Days of Future.png )
>So how does it play?

All that said, the good news is that if you enjoy Heroes of Might and Magic, that’s still the game you’re playing. You still travel around an exciting adventurous world collecting resources and trinkets while trying to build your armies up as strong as possible before clashing with your opponents. If you just want a new experience, then this is a perfectly reasonable game to turn to. If, however, you’re looking for the best Heroes of Might and Magic experience, this game is seriously lacking.

Since the core of the gameplay is the combat and trying to clear battles as efficiently as possible, the screen should be easy to use and understand so you can make proper strategic decisions. Unfortunately, the new grid makes that nearly impossible. While you are able to see a grid of where your enemies can currently move, it is very difficult to tell how terrain interacts with line of sight, or how you might maneuver your troops to control the battlefield. This can quickly become frustrating, especially when a misplaced or misjudged causes your archers to get stuck in melee combat with some terrifying beast that kills several dozen of them per swing, or simply stands in the way when you have other things you could be shooting at.

And on the topic of archers, the retaliation issue becomes most apparent. Because retaliation damage is calculated immediately, things that avoid retaliation take a massive preference over things that do not. This places almost every single melee creature in the realm of unusable, since entering combat at all is liable to lose you half your soldiers or more. Creatures with the First Strike or No Retaliation abilities, or creatures that simply don’t enter melee, become prized. One of the best strategies I’ve found is to have early melee units simply stand in front of your ranged units to take hits for them while they deal with the entire battlefield singlehandedly.

One place combat actually recovers somewhat is from heroes. A lot of emphasis was placed on making them cool and useful (even if their art and animations still leaves a lot to be desired). Slapping the Combat ability
>> No. 133981
File 142718743597.png - (0.97MB , 1282x1025 , Defeat.png )
>The verdict?

The end result is a game that seems fun at first, while you explore the various mechanics, but then devolves into an incredibly biased selection of very limited strategies that don’t do much for replayability, even with how many different maps there are. Depending on how OCD you are, entire factions may seem to be completely unplayable by comparison, cutting down replays even more. All this combined with the laughable art direction shows off just why this really is one of the least liked games in the series and so many people decided to just stick to playing III.
>> No. 133982
File 142723535951.png - (473.20KB , 1280x1024 , 139629691899.png )
too long, did read

-1 not enough pictures
-2 no colouring section
-2 no word search
-2 having friends

this did not sound like a fun game

File 142706862032.png - (1.70MB , 1854x1460 , 627953__safe_solo_rainbow+dash_bipedal_cloud_alternate+hairstyle_ponytail_action+pose_boxing+glo.png )
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The game is returning soon, and with the /vg/ of the game looking incredibly shitty, I'm wondering if anybody here is planning to return to the game as well. Basic idea is make an MLP guild so everypony will have a nice and fun environment rather than one infested with shitposters from DFOSource or /v/.

Going to spread the word so to see who's interested in banding together as a guild, but we can eventually branch out to recruit people that are tolerant of the show and want a peaceful/cooperative guild.

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  Has Anypony played "Darkest Dungeon" ? It seems to have pretty good reviews and I'm looking for a game to get myself off of steam.

The premise seems kinda interesting - a turn based RPG with pretty flawed 'heroes' whose flaws come out or even exacerbate in stressful situations.
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>> No. 133904
20-40 hours of content is a lot :o

I'm currently playing it and played 14 hours so far, but it really puts other early access games to shame.

It's pretty cheap as at the moment, and pretty damn fucking good.
>> No. 133905
yes i know. is accesable, and really good.

but i was thinking. what would be better?

get the most of it when the game is more develop.

or play now, and wait a long time, and just say "i hear the game finally have more stuff" and try to play back again?

better get the most of it on my first experience, the most classes, the most psycho traumas, the most items, the most enemies.

or at least that is my reasoning.
>> No. 133975
so, I've noticed that I've been commenting back to the narrator either in my head or verbally... this game really fucks with you in a fun way XD

File 142640467798.jpg - (10.46KB , 300x168 , GTA CHEAT PIC.jpg )
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>> No. 133961
"maybe if you had a life, you'd be able to get a life"
- Dennis1998
>> No. 133965
File 142659973837.gif - (2.43MB , 351x203 , oprekt.gif )
>> No. 133972
is this like a dream or a real video?

File 142662060857.png - (631.29KB , 1280x720 , Nightmare_Moon_Real_S2E4.png )
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wrong thread...again

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File 142628228130.jpg - (49.53KB , 825x439 , Capture.jpg )
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Yes I know it's everywhere and I know that it's an overplayed, over rated game to some, but I've been immersing myself in the lore and the theories around all 3 of the games.

My favorite theory probably has to be how the marionette (the puppet) has caused everything and has always been around (video link). Another good one is the story behind the purple man and the murderer in the golden freddy suit.

What's all of your favorite theory/animatronic from Five Night's at Freddy's?
>> No. 133964
Frederick Foxybear

File 142218033694.jpg - (115.78KB , 900x506 , diablo_iii__wizard___burn_em_all__by_cglas-d4yd5re.jpg )
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I'm a huge fan of games with mechanics similar to Diablo's formula.

Does anypony here still play Diablo 3, 2, 1?

Which did you like best personally and why?

Are there any alternative Diablo-esque games you play, like Path of Exile? Let me know about those too.

I still play 3 quite a bit, after the expansion I found it to be a pretty enjoyable game. Though still not perfect in my book, it's much better.

I have Diablo 2, I plan on getting into it some day. I really enjoy the music and aesthetic of that game and theory crafting sounds fun.
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>> No. 133946
File 142621305279.jpg - (81.06KB , 494x380 , original.jpg )
"We lost another mule."
>> No. 133950
Pirate 2.
>> No. 133954
New content patches are making steady pace, with extra features which usually gets people back into the game. Plus seasons and the addition of new legendaries all the time. Depends on how taken one is by new features and class changes.

It's more likely to get boring in single player, so long as you have a good bunch of people to play with, it goes well.

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  so, Nosgoth exist because was the multiplayer of this Legacy of Kain game.
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>> No. 133951
i did one on /oat/ and one here, and it was moths ago.

and there it died.

you bring him back, like a vampire
>> No. 133952
i was drunko ro whata hell?
i dotn kown whey i typ that
>> No. 133953
it was two weeks

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  How many copies a game need to sell on this modern age to satisfy Publishers?

I just asking this because for what i hear, prototype 2 sold like 2 million copies on the first 2 weeks, and activition said "mmm, no, your development team is lame, we close you down"

And tomb Raider sold like 4 million copies and Square was like "mmmm, this game was a complete failure, this was a complete waste of time"

the games need to sell 10 million copies so the publisher say "mmmm, not bad, could be better, but is fine"?
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>> No. 133930
It failed to meet projected total.
It was a 4th of what they wanted.
Why do you think they accepted the exclusivity money for the sequel? MS probably paid more than whatever they would have made in PlayStation sales.
>> No. 133931
>It was a 4th of what they wanted.
>> No. 133935
File 142568673126.jpg - (9.63KB , 301x168 , images.jpg )
Isn't Bamco the ones that do DBZ?

File 142371113942.png - (1.80MB , 2995x3064 , Test.png )
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I wanted to know if there was any interest in a Pony Munchkin Style game/expansion. I figured seeking any input on the subject would be good. I have most of the cards decided I just need to design the cards themselves and wanted to know if there was any interest in something like this.
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>> No. 133812
File 142383860293.png - (56.12KB , 183x276 , adiposey.png )
There's a Pony Munchkin expansion?
>> No. 133813
I was in the process of making one, provided it was something that people would enjoy.
>> No. 133933
File 142556748179.gif - (922.12KB , 500x380 , 11-derp-face.gif )
That'd be so cute!

File 141962544463.png - (223.03KB , 1233x1458 , PirateRadio.png )
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Heya guys! Might remember the share package I did last year. Well I'm doing it again; this time with over $100 worth of games!

It's a ton of games, so I'm gonna try to do my best to keep everything organized.

To see the full games list and rules, visit

Be sure to post your Steam URL here. Happy holidays everypony!
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>> No. 133257
File 142132221663.png - (86.88KB , 500x556 , dash =3.png )
You're awesome, thanks a million!
Sorry I wasn't online when you got on
I may as well tell you now, better late than never… I'm grateful that you gifted me the game even though I didn't answer your message :)
>> No. 133927
my name is Tiefenrausch (
, is the binding of Isaac still open for giveaway?

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>> No. 133928
>bumping a two month old dead thread begging for videogames

for shame, anon.

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