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Jan 30It's happening. [Thread]

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Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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>> No. 133929
Somepony somewhere is a asshole for incorrectly using that term all over the place.
A reboot is when it completely ignores pre-existing canon, the sequel to Legend (Underworld) ties directly into the original games. Maybe they retconned some plot details but it's not a reboot.
>> No. 133932
A reboot is when you restart the series.

The CrystalDynamics games are a reboot because they completely disregard all the insane batshit of the earlier games, re-treading and retconning the whole origin story about Natla and throwing out stuff like Tomb Raider 4's magical egyptian god robot armor magic mummy curse apocalypse.
>> No. 133934
>completely disregard
Which it didn't. Changed a bunch of stuff but not everything.

File 142371113942.png - (1.80MB , 2995x3064 , Test.png )
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I wanted to know if there was any interest in a Pony Munchkin Style game/expansion. I figured seeking any input on the subject would be good. I have most of the cards decided I just need to design the cards themselves and wanted to know if there was any interest in something like this.
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>> No. 133812
File 142383860293.png - (56.12KB , 183x276 , adiposey.png )
There's a Pony Munchkin expansion?
>> No. 133813
I was in the process of making one, provided it was something that people would enjoy.
>> No. 133933
File 142556748179.gif - (922.12KB , 500x380 , 11-derp-face.gif )
That'd be so cute!

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  How many copies a game need to sell on this modern age to satisfy Publishers?

I just asking this because for what i hear, prototype 2 sold like 2 million copies on the first 2 weeks, and activition said "mmm, no, your development team is lame, we close you down"

And tomb Raider sold like 4 million copies and Square was like "mmmm, this game was a complete failure, this was a complete waste of time"

the games need to sell 10 million copies so the publisher say "mmmm, not bad, could be better, but is fine"?
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>> No. 133926
when it was a 3.7 millions square said "it was a faiulure"

then, after revealing the sequal, and how they get the support of microsoft, they are saying "it sold well"...

probably they just said "meh, we made money after all, we didnt sold the 10 million copies we wanted, but we made money."
>> No. 133930
It failed to meet projected total.
It was a 4th of what they wanted.
Why do you think they accepted the exclusivity money for the sequel? MS probably paid more than whatever they would have made in PlayStation sales.
>> No. 133931
>It was a 4th of what they wanted.

File 141962544463.png - (223.03KB , 1233x1458 , PirateRadio.png )
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Heya guys! Might remember the share package I did last year. Well I'm doing it again; this time with over $100 worth of games!

It's a ton of games, so I'm gonna try to do my best to keep everything organized.

To see the full games list and rules, visit

Be sure to post your Steam URL here. Happy holidays everypony!
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>> No. 133257
File 142132221663.png - (86.88KB , 500x556 , dash =3.png )
You're awesome, thanks a million!
Sorry I wasn't online when you got on
I may as well tell you now, better late than never… I'm grateful that you gifted me the game even though I didn't answer your message :)
>> No. 133927
my name is Tiefenrausch (
, is the binding of Isaac still open for giveaway?

Last edited at Tue, Mar 3rd, 2015 11:26

>> No. 133928
>bumping a two month old dead thread begging for videogames

for shame, anon.

File 142437183519.png - (317.47KB , 400x390 , call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-season-pass-box-art-04-ps4-ps3-us-07oct14.png )
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Is it really worth it?
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>> No. 133880
Unless you want to play Exo Zombies now, maybe wait for a price cut.
>> No. 133910
It's never worth to buy a Season Pass, neither is it to buy CoD. Unless it is made by Treyarch.
>> No. 133918
Treyarch is dildos.

File 142464465652.jpg - (26.21KB , 480x270 , 2508567-gta_1920_041814.jpg )
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>favorite title
>favorite main character
Luis Lopez
>best vehicle
Tampa (TBoGT)
>best supporting character
Packie (gta4)
>favorite radio station
Radio X (SA)
>favorite weapon
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>> No. 133901
File 142493700946.gif - (95.06KB , 340x340 , dancingbananapie.gif )
>> No. 133902
File 142493805119.gif - (852.16KB , 311x207 , not_the_father.gif )
>> No. 133906
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Tyler should be in GTA.

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  Has Anypony played "Darkest Dungeon" ? It seems to have pretty good reviews and I'm looking for a game to get myself off of steam.

The premise seems kinda interesting - a turn based RPG with pretty flawed 'heroes' whose flaws come out or even exacerbate in stressful situations.
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>> No. 133890
it looks neat but I was considering waiting too, I hear there is only 20-40 hours of content
>> No. 133904
20-40 hours of content is a lot :o

I'm currently playing it and played 14 hours so far, but it really puts other early access games to shame.

It's pretty cheap as at the moment, and pretty damn fucking good.
>> No. 133905
yes i know. is accesable, and really good.

but i was thinking. what would be better?

get the most of it when the game is more develop.

or play now, and wait a long time, and just say "i hear the game finally have more stuff" and try to play back again?

better get the most of it on my first experience, the most classes, the most psycho traumas, the most items, the most enemies.

or at least that is my reasoning.

File 141892504680.jpg - (0.99MB , 1920x1080 , dead_or_alive_5_last_round-2610703.jpg )
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So, Dead or Alive 5 Final Round is going to come out on steam.

I like Dead or Alive series, it have a good balance of horrible perverted half naked chicks, and the fighting sistem and stuff is good too. (the voley ball games, i dont know, i play the second one and it was horrible, and dont know how the first one was)

but the steam requirements at the moment say you have to at least have a i5 processor.

i have a half decent video card and a bunch of ram, but i have just a i3 prosesor.

you think i would be able to play it, at least if it allow me to downgrade graphics. or it saying "i5" at least mean "at minimum" settings.

The game comes out until februrary.
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>> No. 133883
dont forget that is a game which already existed before.
>> No. 133896
Hayashi tanking every game the studio makes is what happened.

Sigma 1 on the PS3, it was a alright game I guess. Black was still superior but lets blame the problems on the fact it was the PS3.
Sigma 2... Um, not sure why he did these changes and messed with things. Blame it on the PS3?

Sigma 1 on the Vita was meh. Sigma 2 on the Vita is actually unbeatable and the devs don't give a single shit that they shipped a broken game. Dimensions on the 3DS was possibly the best post-Itagaki game they did.
>> No. 133903
>average PC gamer
>has a Titan Black

File 142439054402.jpg - (32.96KB , 600x399 , crying-baby.jpg )
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So how about Ready At Dawns response to that criticism huh?
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>> No. 133895
>so it is basically the PS4 version of Rise son of Rome
Except Ryse had reasons to replay the campaign and had multiplayer+expansions.
It's more like a Uncharted or Gears ripoff.

Obviously not considering the outrage.
>> No. 133898
But being like Uncharted and Gears is ok.
while Rise is a ultra basic beaten up
>> No. 133900
>But being like Uncharted and Gears is ok.
Not when you lack all the things that make those franchises really great.
>Highly replayable
>Not QTE-fests

I've bought $60 10 hour games before, most recently Murdered Soul Suspect but that game was dripping with atmosphere and had a pretty good plot with interesting characters and mechanics.

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  so, Nosgoth exist because was the multiplayer of this Legacy of Kain game.

No. 133482 [View]
Nowhere did it say deleting uplay would remove the game files as well. It said it MIGHT, but I figured no company could be so dishonest as to force people to sign up for a useless service and keep it.

I hope your mothers are proud of you, you twats. You no longer have any right to complain about piracy.
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>> No. 133848
If you bought it on Steam then Steam needs to be installed.
>> No. 133851
Yes, and Steam does things that make me tolerate it, like allowing me to actually afford games.
>> No. 133863
If you delete Steam, your games are all still there though, you just can't load them. It wouldn't make much sense to do it, but you could.

File 142422559521.png - (201.45KB , 865x1000 , mlfw3668_large.png )
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So the people behind LoE are hosting yet another open server event. People around here i am asking has anything changed since last year? Last i played was at January during last years open servers.
>> No. 133861
File 142432049034.png - (591.72KB , 1280x960 , 012620152259557283.png )
Last I played, brand new Ponyville! Also Crystal Empire!

File 142394579795.jpg - (793.04KB , 1280x720 , tumblr_mglkpjMUG31s2bs4bo1_1280.jpg )
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Anypony playing Evolve?

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>> No. 133850
for sure, and that will happen if they make a "GoTy" edition too.

on any case, then i was confused, i mean, with all the 4 different bundles that they offered.

i thought there was some money barrier and stuff.
like "buy the edition where you dont have to grind to get stuff" so how do i know they are not going to make grinding slow just to make me buy that edition?

it maybe wasnt as bad at the end, but i think i will wait longer.
>> No. 133858
PC only had three bundles.
Consoles two.
You fell victim to the vocal minority spewing hate and general "no idea what the fuck they're talking about".

First two were just the game and then the game plus the season pass. Pretty standard for every release since last gen.
Third bundle which was PC exclusive just got the next monster that's coming plus a timed exclusive skin pack and obviously the game/season pass.

If you want to wait for the game to hit a sale though, that's up to you. I'm just giving you knowledge.
"If you don't know, now you know nigga"
>> No. 133860
The game included season pass.
but not only that, 2 different seasons passes, one for the monster and one for the hunters.
the human season pass includes new hunters and 3 skins for 3 monters, but no monster.

and then a season pass of a new monster on the future.

all this is "new content" from a game i dont know what will it have.
and all this versions are selling me the pointless skins? or are including some of the future content?

i dont know, i will just wait, i have other stuff to play.

File 142251820740.png - (39.16KB , 240x160 , Final Fantasy I & II - Dawn of Souls (USA, Australia)_02.png )
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So I'm playing Final Fantasy 1 for some light critique and examination (for reasons). Goin' in with a party of Fighter, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, because I have no reason to believe the Thief does anything and the Red Mage is presumably sorta gimped. Could be way off on that, but that's the vibe I got from their descriptions. Not really sure how the Monk and Fighter are different either, to be honest, but hopefully I'll find that out while playing.

First order of business and the reason I'm making this post and taking notes: Battle diversity. I'm gonna record all the different battles in the first zone and what I had to do to beat them to see what sort of variety I'm dealing with. I've already done a couple battles, screenshot included, but we'll get to that in the next post. You ready? 'cause I'm ready. Booyah.
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>> No. 133855
File 142426245638.jpg - (114.98KB , 960x544 , ULES00987_00057.jpg )
>> No. 133856
I take it that this is the equivalent of Laguna and his crew?
>> No. 133857
File 142429054194.jpg - (101.69KB , 650x520 , dore.jpg )

More like Dante Alighieri and Publius Vergilius Maro.

File 142341500695.jpg - (40.36KB , 352x418 , image.jpg )
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The. Subject is bad pc ports

This mean if the performance is bad, the control is bad or if the option menu are bad and over complicated.
I'm just bringing this up because I was playing some of the Nosgoth beta, it is alright.
But then I thought oh this is based on legacy of kain games, I hear they are good, and there is a sauearenix sale, so I got it.
But the option menu is bad an confusing, it just make pick up drivers to do stuff, and I don't know which one is better to pick, I even pick up one and my pc cot frozen

So you have any experience with bad ports?
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>> No. 133825

The new PC version is much better, but still badly flawed. When you plug in a controller, it assumes it's an xbox pad, making the QTEs impossible and no way to remap the buttons so it displays the prompt for the button it actually wants. Even if you set it for logitech dualshock, it still says tap button 2 to not die when it really wants button 3.

Actually. PC games assuming you use an xbox pad is a pretty common (and insulting) issue nowadays.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 15th, 2015 12:48

>> No. 133827
Starcraft 64
>> No. 133847
>Actually. PC games assuming you use an xbox pad is a pretty common (and insulting) issue nowadays.
MS is behind Windows/Xbox so they patch official Xbox product support into Windows so for compatibility reasons it makes sense for a dev to make that the main supported controller on a Windows version of their game.

It's really a nightmare for devs to build compatibility for multiple controllers.
So if you have a specific preference for controller/shape/buttons/triggers/whatever, just take apart a wired 360 controller and mod the shit out of it.

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