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File 139836714663.jpg - (348.32KB , 1600x900 , 1600x1600.jpg )
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I was trying to play NeverWinter, some MMORPG or something.

but it require a platform name Arc...
but it works or not?

because i have been trying to make an acount and run such platform, but i just cant.

i make an account, but when i try to Sign in, it tell me it is wrong or doesnt exist, but if i try to make a new account it say the name is already use, and then i change the password so there is no failure about it, but it keep saying my password is wrong.

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>> No. 131397
File 139840877980.jpg - (27.68KB , 450x338 , notacop.jpg )
Don't do it. Uninstall. Escape before it's too late.

File 139733641142.gif - (0.97MB , 500x250 , Happy Mask Man.gif )
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Let's here your deeper profound thoughts on various games.
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>> No. 131326
File 139761009092.jpg - (24.81KB , 435x459 , hatup.jpg )
The bushes in the original NES Super Mario bros. are just clouds that are feeling green and had to lie down so as not to feel so sick.
>> No. 131354
File 139787221445.png - (33.91KB , 284x262 , doomtar.png )
Doom is really the story of a mad dog postal worker who finally flipped and bat shit insane somewhere. All the demons are in his head as well as the space bases and hell locations, and he's really just gunning for innocent people, police, soldiers, and Colorado children at hangars, bases, schools, and the South (On account of all the guns he manages to find laying around).
>> No. 131396
File 139836807812.png - (358.20KB , 343x613 , Baron_Praxis.png )
Sort of long. Not funny at all. Wrote it out for a different thread but I might as well post it here as well.

Baron Praxis (as seen in the Jak and Daxter II game) was actually a kindhearted and benevolent addition to the city guard in his younger days, until he lost half of his face defending the city from a metal head nest. People around him were shocked to behold his countenance and renounced him as a freak.

Praxis realized that no matter how much he had done for these people to protect them, he could never again earn their respect due to his deformity. He resolved to seek out as much power as possible, the only thing that was left to yearn for once his fickle family and friends left him.

As time went by, though, he realized that the injury he recieved when fighting for the guard was going to kill him someday, so, he put the resources he had aquired thus far to experimentation with dark eco in order to hopefully find a way to physically augment himself and survive his injuries. Unfortunately, what he hadn't counted on was that the test subject he used (Jak), a person whom he had thought ideal to his experimentation since he seemed to have no connections in haven, and no one to miss him, would use his dark eco powers to aid the rebellion against him, and eventually overthrow him.

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File 139704624274.png - (221.77KB , 550x630 , gamerluna_girlwood.png )
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>Greninja confirmed
>All signs point to Pac-Man
>Ridey deconfirmed
>Lip's Stick is still an item

So I guess we're not interested in representing Nintendo's rich and varied history any more? We just want to add characters who are in everything anyway, parasprite characters no one wanted, and Pac-Man, is that it?

Shame too, you almost had my money.
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>> No. 131392
File 139833181907.png - (202.07KB , 471x339 , doho.png )
>I don't care about pros, I just like playing SSB.
I 100% understand what you're saying. You're saying you loves to go to the zoo and a lion can be as cool as a lioness, meanwhile I'm a zoologist and telling you the lioness is actually cooler because it's the hunter and provides food for the pack while you just yammer on about how every dopey friend and acquaintance you know loves lions more because of their manes. None of you actually know shit about that family of animals. I'm fine with that, as long as that makes you happy, just don't go spouting off shit like the lion is the hunter though when it clearly isn't.

>I honstly don't give a shit about tiers or any numbers. All I care about is what I need to do, to kill somepony.
Those numbers are what make it so that you can kill people.
Certain characters have a easier time and better numbers for killing characters, this is where tiers come from.

>Dude, you brought up out of nowhere that you played with the best people
Well you brought up that you were getting wrecked by a shitty character and you asked how I knew he was shitty:
>> No. 131393
>Those numbers are what make it so that you can kill people.
...I thought that SSB was about making Mario punch Pikachu in the face, not about killing...
>> No. 131394

File 139829399243.jpg - (31.68KB , 640x400 , 5345345.jpg )
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>> No. 131386
File 139829780411.jpg - (43.23KB , 482x358 , Souseiseki 1284074334837.jpg )
>> No. 131390
FAQs bitch. Or just quit because you're probably only playing for Internet cred.
>> No. 131391
Punch trees; get wood.

File 139794137098.gif - (120.08KB , 575x500 , medium.gif )
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Yo guys, I got a weird request.
I opened up a random text document on my computer that contains a shitload of unlabeled codes.
This is the format:
So 5x3.

It has to be something game related but they're too long for PSN and too short for Xbox Live.
If anypony can help me figure out what they're for maybe I'll give you one of whatever they are (assuming you would even want it) or a free game on Steam (or a few even).
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>> No. 131362
Hopping on the bandwagon and saying Steam. I'm like, 90% sure it's Steam.
>> No. 131365
Yeah, those codes are probably for Steam.
>> No. 131369
File 139817164879.png - (184.29KB , 500x599 , tumblr_miqitlf8Zp1ruaupoo1_500.png )


File 139613702555.png - (599.85KB , 3500x3500 , 574746__safe_solo_princess+luna_filly_gamer+luna_woona_gameboy_artist-colon-t-dash-3000.png )
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I recently started, and I wouldn't mind getting some Pony friends on my list. I won't accept your friend request unless you post your in-game name as well as your own User ID, so I don't just accept complete strangers.

ID is 331,500,368 Name is Lu_cario, subject to change

Feel free to post your ID and name as well so I can add you myself. We can pretty much add each other for more helpers and more PAL points. I'm not sure if I can keep this thread going if enough people want to keep it up, so somepony else who's a more frequent board goer can maintain it.
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>> No. 131351

Actually, that's the version they planned to release for the 3DS. It's more of a single player version of the game. The one that me and shivspark here play is for the Android smart phone, hence the talk of Free-2-Play and spending money on the game. If you got a tablet you could play it on that too, just search the app store for the game.

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>> No. 131363
I do have a tablet but god damn I hate using that thing.
>> No. 131364

Some good news. I just double checked and it turns out that Puzzles and Dragons is also downloadable by iPhone users. I'm assuming that that is what you use as your phone?

File 136633069440.png - (625.89KB , 1920x1080 , commission__incoming__by_zutheskunk-d60k9r5-Wallpaper.png )
121351 No. 121351 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Ka-BONG! That will teach Pollux to mess with Surprise. All she wanted to do was bring you guys Thread #11.

This thread is a continuation of the ponyfied version of the Table-Top RPG called Savage Worlds and the custom-made RPG: Fallout: Equestria. In addition, we talk about League of Legends since a lot of our members also play the game.

Thread #10 can be found at:

Related Information:
Savage Worlds
Friendship is Savage Rules:
Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition: (We can provide a copy if you aren't able to afford it)
Friendship is Savage Character Sheets:
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>> No. 131350
File 139779820588.png - (1.14MB , 1910x997 , new-champ.png )
Champion? More like MANpion.
>> No. 131352
I know right :o
Is this the manly support that was rumored to come out?
>> No. 131361
File 139800343165.png - (144.25KB , 459x500 , OMcf52N.png )
Seems that way.

File 138872155353.jpg - (683.61KB , 1280x720 , sleeping-dogs.jpg )
130398 No. 130398 [View]
Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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>> No. 131345
File 139776304172.jpg - (305.99KB , 1500x891 , VideoGameArt_Deadlight_Stella01_JoseBalloLazaro.jpg )
So Deadlight.... It's ok. For something that is a platformer it's controls are kind of off. Looks super awesome though
>> No. 131353
I just downloaded it but haven't given it a try yet.
>> No. 131357
>controls are off
tried playing it yesterday and kept jumping forward rather than catching a ledge.
The game just seems hoaky and the gritty narration for everything doesn't really help it.

File 139775930746.jpg - (25.68KB , 346x229 , amfm8eT.jpg )
131343 No. 131343 [View]
By next summer do you think we'll have more variety in terms of PS4 games? I've always mostly played JRPGs and platformers on PS consoles.
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>> No. 131349
Knack and FFXIV are on the system right now.
Killzone is pretty good for multi and Second Son for a week or two.
Then all that indie game goodness. Mercenary Kings this week and Octodad is free next week I believe.

But lets be honest TC, you're still in your teens and this is the first time you could actually get a console at launch?
Spoiler; all console launches are like this.
You can't expect 200 games at launch but I actually have 24 which is a pretty good amount. I have/could have maybe completed about seven or so of them already.
>> No. 131355

Isn't IV a MMO?
>> No. 131356
Yea, plus that other part that got dropped from the name of the genre because it's usually implied; MMORPG.

No. 131269 [View]
Was the fifth gen the 32 bit era or 64 bit? I always considered it the 64 bit myself, though I now know the PS1 wasn't 64 bits. The 32 bit era seemed like a grey place between SNES-MD and Saturn-PS1-N64.
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>> No. 131288
You skipped Magnavox/Atari era.
>> No. 131327
I feel talking about eras in regards to bits misses what was actually important about them. Processor development and game hardware introductions may have been close for a time, but particularly going into the future, that's going to become a more strained relationship. Not to mention it rarely says anything about the games themselves.
>> No. 131330
The n64 was 64 bit, though.

File 139499263821.jpg - (404.86KB , 1543x1080 , tes-tamriel-map-1.jpg )
131000 No. 131000 [View]
Whats your favorite Elder Scrolls game?

Elder Scrolls online doesnt count
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>> No. 131312
Anyway, when we are going to have a game set in the Black Marsh? Because that would kick so much ass.

Also, funny how oblivion has the largest portion of the map, yet it is dwarfed by Morrowind and Daggerfall (which is just RIDICULOUSLY huge).
>> No. 131313

The ambitious Beyond Skyrim mod project is working on expanding Skyrim into the rest of Tamriel.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 14th, 2014 15:55

>> No. 131321
Like that one Morrowind mod that was trying to make all of Tamriel rendered in the engine?

No. 131295 [View]
Is Final Fantasy 15 a stand-alone title? I was watching the E3 trailer and it feels like I missed something.. I don't get what's going on or the verse.
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>> No. 131308
Final Fantasy 13 is a game where you play dressup and Lightning sounds really angry at everything.

And then the universe explodes because fuck the gods they suck.

"Fuck the gods" is a running theme in this series.
>> No. 131311
Anti-religious series is anti-religious.
>> No. 131315
>I was watching the E3 trailer and it feels like I missed something.. I don't get what's going on or the verse.
Sounds like every trailer for a Final Fantasy game ever

File 139702276060.jpg - (211.06KB , 1280x720 , 04-dangan-ronpa-1-2-reload-14[1].jpg )
131238 No. 131238 [View]
Any Dangan Ronpa fans on here?
I'd love to see if any other people know this game!

Last edited at Tue, Apr 8th, 2014 22:54

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>> No. 131262
They're on the PSP in Japan, but the first game was recently ported to the Vita (and was given a US release). If you have a decent computer and don't mind downloading ISOs, PSP emulation is surprisingly really stable (much more so than DS emulation, actually), and there are fan translations available (at least for the first game). Some people have reported that you need to alter the emulator's settings to properly run the first game, though (I haven't emulated it myself, though, so I can't confirm this).
>> No. 131303
I really don't like the idea of a VN without a PC version.
>> No. 131307
999, Virtue's Last Reward and the Phoenix Wright trilogy are all great and are exclusive to handhelds, although they aren't true VNs. I understand your concern, though, if only because I'm also (mostly) part of the PC master race.

File 139400255524.jpg - (61.60KB , 900x600 , teemo_by_nishime_kun-d4v2gd0.jpg )
130938 No. 130938 [View]
Which is your favorite champion?
Mine's Teemo.
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>> No. 130974
File 139433280905.jpg - (104.16KB , 600x657 , 133981621757.jpg )
Annie, Hecarim
>> No. 131286
File 139728049182.png - (840.62KB , 1020x1200 , tumblr_n3p7yi8kS91tq6eu2o1_r1_1280.png )
>Not picking Lux

>> No. 131290
File 139732935462.jpg - (268.56KB , 1440x1080 , maxresdefault.jpg )

File 139717653881.gif - (924.02KB , 300x200 , ac9.gif )
131274 No. 131274 [View]
Where are my free games? The only reason I keep coming back to /g/ is for the free games, dude.
You can't do this to me.
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>> No. 131276
>> No. 131277
First link is a bunch of translated RPG Maker games, but unlike 90% of their ilk, these are actually worthwhile (I personally recommend Ib, The Crooked Man, and Wadanohara).

Second link is a bunch of short, experimental games made by one of the main guys behind Hotline Miami.
>> No. 131287

Having played Ib and Crooked Man, I second the first statement.

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