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93120 No. 93120
Main Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uJ8FqW1zBIzsYZoe4M1ILS9H8wgk2zjEEGQqmgNsfIg/edit
Guidelines: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FZVEqEutaD98uKFl_0D7hm3d0BLhkb_-tJQWaZBdsOg/edit?hl=en_US
FiMFiction: http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=group&group=371
DeviantArt: http://fanfictheater3000.deviantart.com/
Fanfiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/3842339/
Fic Submission: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J6wVXaXMNsqzHg_1SojxIfKGeDbldg7e7gev_beN_5M/edit?hl=en_US
Mystery Pinkie Pie Theatre 3000: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6510/Mystery-Pinkie-Pie-Theatre-3000
Old Thread: >>65451

Welcome to Fan/fic/ Theater 3000, the only MST series where ANYONE can add riffs to awful My Little Pony fanfiction.

A MST, taken from "MST3K", the popular 90's television series, is where people add humorous comments to horrible fanfics. There are many MSTs all over the Internet, for various fandoms. Ours just happens to be the only one that lets anyone add riffs through Google Docs' right-click comment feature.

In the last thread, we went through many fics, ranging from the good(Through the Eyes of Another Pony) to the horrible(My Little Unicorn: Magic is Believing). An update with a particularly horrible fic(Three of Me: School Society) just went up today, in celebration of the new thread.

Want to suggest our next fic? If it's on FiMFiction or DeviantArt, use those sites' respective groups to submit it. If it isn't, use the "Fic Submission" document linked above. Every update, we will take the submissions and add the first chapters to the main document, to test how people like to MST it. If your submission becomes one of the two most-commented submissions in the update, it becomes a full MST.

Updates are normally posted on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Have fun commenting!

(Image made by GelidEnmity)
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>> No. 93123
New fics:

Three of Me: School Society (Which you should seriously go MST right now, it's that awful)
Chaotic Order
Impossibilities: Portals

New submissions:

My Little Caboose: Blue is Magic!
Trip of a Lifetime
Angst Much

Next Through the Eyes part releases on April 1st. The next Cross and Arrow part will release on May 1st, so the EqD riffers will have a chance to MST what's already up.
>> No. 93131
Oh god, a Red vs. Blue pony crossover. We'll write anything these days, huh?
>> No. 93137
File 133276729781.jpg - (19.06KB , 350x231 , 52733.jpg )
So...what is this thread here for? The description makes it unclear
>> No. 93140
This the hub of our operations. We use it for updates, links, new members, and general discussion. Why?
>> No. 93141
Ooh, swanky~
Nothing beats that new thread smell.
>> No. 93190
Ooh, so...

Any ol' anon or trip-pony can read the submissions, post slams and snarks, and hope they make it into the final? This sounds fun.
>> No. 93191

You can also submit fics yourself, using the Fic Submission link above.
>> No. 93258
Wow, a new thread already? We have gone far.
>> No. 94449
OK, so... when are we going to comment-judge MiB?
>> No. 94453
Whelp, I guess I will give this a go. I have nothing better to do except warp my brain to oblivion!
>> No. 94503
PONI: https://docs.google.com/document/d/15HdAc4DX8EzBFHUEZEI-sPm9ca_uYUgaCfy-D1HoMLQ/edit
NON-PONI: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zczZHmGl6HvbezPwtadG0vFMFiLlts4mWN1joa2F0Tk/edit

(I think I got those mixed up.)

>> No. 95399
>> No. 95428
Iiiii was just curious if the "My Second Life" MST has started yet.

Cause if not, I'd kinda like in.
>> No. 95434

Dude, you have to submit these things. We've never actually been sent that fic before, so we have no plans to start it.

Plus, as it's over 500K words and seems to include clop and gore according to the description, we wouldn't get to it for a while, anyway.
>> No. 95471
When will Angst Much be updated with the next chapter?

I'm just WAITIN to rip into that one.
>> No. 95503
Couldn't agree more. (Cracks knuckles)
>> No. 95545
Can you update the google document with the link to the new thread?
>> No. 95552

The 15th.



Oh, and MLU:SFM has two more chapters.
>> No. 95959
Just an FYI, I was perusing FiMFiction today, and I saw that CardsLafter is working on a re-write of Through the Eyes.
I felt like I should tell everyone, though I'm not completely sure why.
>> No. 97779
...There was an update on the 15th. I apparently forgot to mention it here.

New parts of MLU, 3oM, TtE, C&W, and Chaotic Order have been posted, along with:

-The final chapter of "Invader Zim: Born Again Christian".
-A second, and probably the last, Zimfic.
-The rest of "Angst Much", which is now a full MST.
-The first "F/F/T3K Shuffle", a bunch of fics that were (mostly) too short to have their own MST, all rolled into one document.
>> No. 97802
I just wanted to drop in to say I read your guys' foray into "Prayer Ponies" a few nights ago and I was chuckling the whole entire time. As a fan of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett, I approve of this community project wholeheartedly.
>> No. 98219
This and everything you do is god sauce.
>> No. 98237
My Little Unicorn and Three of Me have TVTropes pages now. The My Little Unicorn page has quite a few Tropes. Three of Me doesn't, so go help with that.

>> No. 98275
Okay, so show of hands.
Best season finale ever, or best season finale ever?
>> No. 98277
Also, I think the fight with the Changelings has successfully disproved Mykan's theory that the Mane 6 couldn't handle themselves in a fight.
I mean, damn, did you see Rarity? She was clocking those dudes left and right! And I think Twilight has officially earned the nickname of "Railgun".
>> No. 98284
*Razes hand* Decently better then the stargate series finale. *grumbles something inaudible about being melo-dramatic*
No, your wrong. Pinkie pie is best artillery.
>> No. 98287
Pinkie is the artillery, yes, but Twilight's the Railgun. Besides, Pinkie was controlling her shots, so Pinkie gets points either way. :D
>> No. 98288
Also, as soon as a fic about spikes bachelor party comes out, we are riffing it.
>> No. 98346
I have already seen a clop fic involving Celestia and Shining Armor that has the premise of Celestia needing Shining Armor's 'love' to become powerful again. This person has also written a TwilightxShining Armor fic, too. Not sure if that one is clop though. Want me to link them?
>> No. 98348
File 133506255869.png - (10.11KB , 300x300 , 2033.png )
It would be really awesome if you guys started riffing on some of the Conversion Bureau side-fics.
>> No. 98352
The fic list is a bit... over-saturated at the moment.
Once we clean out the list a bit, we could probably do some CB side-fics, like maybe some of the one-shots or something.
>> No. 98360
In practice (I am not a mod), it's accepted to name titles with a fair warning, but not to link directly. Stonershy posts Blood is Thicker than Friendship here, and there's a sex scene in chapter 8 (and a very nice one at that), but the document here omitted that scene.

The issue of course is you'd have to cut something like that to make it printable here. And poorly written sex scenes do not cut well.
>> No. 98361
They are both on fimfiction. The Celestia and Shining Armor one is Wedding Night Jitters, and the other one is My Brother's Keeper. They are both by a writer who goes by the name One Terrible Writer, and he has a few other clop stories on his profile as well.
>> No. 98362
And all are clop, as a fair warning. Well, all that were shown on his profile had the sex tag, so at least five. That is the fair warning.
>> No. 98381
I come to the Forbidden Board and find you all talkin' about clop. *Sniff* Excellent...

By the way, I'm the artist for the logo up there, but I never gave my DeviantART acct. so: tawverni.deviantart.com
>> No. 98631
All right, I know this is probably way beyond our collective grasps, but I have an idea: we do an MST of Fallout: Equestria - Project Horizons. Now, it shouldn't be part of the main document, but rather maybe on the deviantART account; it would just take up too much space on the main document. I know that there are others here who wish to tackle such a behemoth, and there's no way in hell that I'd be able to do it alone.
>> No. 98637
Guys, I really don't think we should be discussing new MSTs right now. The stuff we have is moving rather slowly, plus it's getting close to the end of various school years (mine included), and a lot of us are going to be busy with tests and projects and whatnot.
Once the summer proper kicks in, then we can start going into overdrive, but for now, let's try to keep a cap on things.
>> No. 98653
NaturalGlitch has been added to the edit list!
>> No. 98654

Yeah, we really need to catch up with the ones we have. So, temporarily, we're not accepting any new submissions.

But seriously, if you need a horrible fic to MST, go MST Three of Me. Only me, "FallenPrime", "Gagarin", and "BranRay" are commenting, even though that fic may be THE worst one we've ever ran!
>> No. 98816
Yeah, not only are we loaded with stuff to riff (and I need to add more stuff all around), but we're also behind on basic maintenance tasks--we still need to comment-judge MiB and post it.
>> No. 100921
Heads up, Mykan's writing a sequel to Star Fleet Whatever.
>> No. 101130
If you guys want some really bad stories, go check out Jussonic on Deviantart.

Read his journal posts 'Future MLP stories' and 'Future MLP stories 2'; the crossovers are just bizarre!
>> No. 101716
OK, guys, we really need to get together and comment-judge the original MiB. Especially with Mykan spawning new versions of it and claiming they're good. (I will admit I admire the sheer volume of his output. If it wasn't horseshit I'd be impressed that someone could write that much that fast.)

Also, I haven't done much with the later chapters of Star Fleet Magic because, frankly, I've done this--it's basically MiB with a veneer of oh-it's-scifi-but-not-really.

Anyway... Comment judging. When?
>> No. 101731
11pm, EST tonight (5/9). I just talked to Ring.
>> No. 102222
Where's the MST of Magic is Believing? I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 102357
Hi. Some of you may know me from the Mykan threads over on FiMChan, mostly the guy who riffed both versions of Success & Envy. (Both RingmasterJ5’s and Mykan’s rewrite.) But I’m posting here for a different reason.

I’m somewhat of an old school MSTer, and even though I’m somewhat active in part of the MST3K community it’s been quite a while since I actually really riffed something. And leave it to MLP:FiM to get me back into the mood to do it.

Link: http://goo.gl/fEH1B

And like I said, it’s been quite a while since I riffed something. Like 10+ years. So I kind of need feedback on how much writer’s rust I’ve got. And it’s a non-standard cast, and I know about Pinkie Pie Theater and I hope he keeps on doing it, but this is my take on it.

So, to quote the show: What do you think sirs?

(Oh, and even though the Dibs List is long dead I’m still claiming dibs on Wesdaaman’s works. ;p)
>> No. 102807
How long before the next update is ready? No pressure, but I am looking forward to the completed MLU mock. And if real life problems are in the way, I apologize for any undue pressure on you guys.
>> No. 102821
Agreed. We were only halfway through Part One.

I want people to see our work, dammit. "Welcome to Iron Riff! Today's special ingredient: pure smelly cheese! BEGIN!"
>> No. 102834
Finally found this place.
Yeah, I would love to help with the fic anytime.
>> No. 102858
I'm out of school now, so I can help pretty much any time. (The only reason I haven't added much to the riffs is because, unfortunately, I'm a bit of a lazy bastard. Eh he... sorry.)
>> No. 103229

(NEW) Living the Dream Chapters 1-10
(NEW) Living the Dream Chapters 10-20
Three of Me: School Society Chapters 60-70
Three of Me: School Society Chapters 70-80
My Brave Unicorn: Star Fleet Magic Part Four
Chaotic Order Part Four

All in the main doc.
>> No. 103462
OK, now can we finish comment-checking My Little Brainfart ... I mean Unicorn so we can submit it somewhere? For Real This Time?
>> No. 103662
Anyone up for some judging tonight?
>> No. 103663

Anyone up for some judging tonight?
>> No. 103665
Kids, this is what happens when you don't wait for Ponychan. Ugh.
>> No. 103825
OK, MiB part 2 comment judging begins.
>> No. 104224
OK, can we get the judging going on MiB part 3 now?
>> No. 104339
How many parts are there, and will they be ready for the next update?
>> No. 104345
There are 5 parts total, and the comments are actually fairly sparse for parts 3 and 4. It's entirely possible to have the whole thing comment-judged fairly quickly.

Plus, parts 1 and 2 are already done, and last I heard Ring was cutting them up for MPPT3K.
>> No. 104680
Comment editing part 3 on MiB starts now!
>> No. 104709
Ok, colts and fillies, the last bit of comment judging on MiB Part 5 starts at 11 PM Eastern today (5/31). It's your last chance to get shots in at Mykan, show be sure to show up!
>> No. 104722

"Last chance"? We're still mocking SFM.
>> No. 104780
Last chance to mock the original.
>> No. 104802
This is it, the last time to get your riffs in on MiB. Part 5 comment judging begins now.
>> No. 104853
Welp... MiB is ... DONE.

(Except for one comment which is big enough for another Riffception, which we're leaving to Ring.)

Sven and I were the only ones to show up, but we went ahead and did the comment-judging for the whole thing.

Next step's up to Ringmaster. Let us know what happens!
>> No. 105262
So does that mean we'll be seeing MiB up on the main doc soon?
>> No. 105994
Well, I encountered someone interesting today. On the brony minecraft server Ive been playing on, I noticed a familiar user name. I ask and as it turns out, none other then the author of angst much resides on this server. Best part is, the server also has a strict PG rule. Excuse me while I wash out my mouth.
>> No. 106853
Oh my God...
>> No. 106855
I feel ashemed of myself...
>> No. 106925
Is he like anything in his story? (Which is a molesting prick.)

Sorry, I REALLY hate Drax.
>> No. 108027
I am curious as to when the next update is. If someone could let me know that would be great.
>> No. 108512
I guess sageing my last post didn't help me get any answers. So I ask again, when is the next update?
>> No. 108979
Your guess is as good as mine
>> No. 108994

July 15th, only one of the summer. It's going to be one big one, to give everyone time to get through the giant backlog we've amassed.
>> No. 110344
The problem here is that a lot of the stories have become rather... chunky. I can't speak for all of us, but me personally, even with an entire week, I don't think I have the time, let alone the attention span to do all of them. We might just need to trim some of the fat here and start fresh. (When the time comes, of course.)
On the subject, I'd like to make a suggestion: Can we try to keep to one-shot stories in the future, along with maybe one continuous fic at a time? I just think it would move things along a little faster.
>> No. 110994
*nods in agreement*
>> No. 110996
Well, I'd say the biggest problem is that whoever gets to a story first gets all the good gags.:p

The second problem is that they fill up quick. Which is an even bigger problem when the amount of comments slows down loading the doc in your browser.

But, yeah, we need to clean out the queue.
>> No. 111419

Me and Fallen Prime are setting up the big update now, and we're going to clean it out...by updating all the huge fanfics to completion in one fell swoop. That way, the people that liked to riff those have the chance to, and we can move to new stuff.

I found an especially stupid, 14-chapter abandoned fic recently that will be quite fun to riff.
>> No. 111807
It's updated. Everything's in the main doc, get to it.
>> No. 112226
Not really, you're missing any links to My Little Unicorn.

Speaking of which, what's the status of that?
>> No. 113026
>> No. 113341
File 134331966772.jpg - (6.65KB , 259x194 , awesome deathclaw pic.jpg )
Men, I have returned. I figured that it's time to come back and run with the little people again. You may proceed with bowing before me and weeping in joy of my glorious return.
>> No. 113395
Who are you?
>> No. 113402
File 134334539665.jpg - (31.13KB , 500x463 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-burn1.jpg )
>> No. 114240
Day-early update, because why not.

MLU's been added to the main document, SFM's been completed, one odd trollfic's been added to the third Shuffle, and two submissions have been posted to the main doc. Have fun.
>> No. 114371
A TvTropes page has been made for the MST of The Conversion Bureau. Now get out there and work the Wiki Magic!

>> No. 114417
And this one is the worst yet. It's in the main doc, get to it.

Also, a new chapter of Dusk Shine was added to that fic's doc.
>> No. 114446
File 134396630948.jpg - (7.58KB , 184x184 , patchy.jpg )
>Dusk Shine
Is that the one that looks like "On A Cross and Arrow" except with... oh, it is. Well.

I don't have anything to contribute except my encouragement. All the best, you guys.
>> No. 116946
Getting back into this a little with a few comments on SFM1-1. A couple minor things, tho:

- The link to the story where Mykan makes fun of us is b0rked. (And yes, I kinda want to see me.) Got a working one?

- Now that MLU is done, it needs ... needs ... a TVTropes page.
>> No. 117181

I was working on it except I felt a bigger need to add a characters page to the main page for the actual story. While the other tropers are busy working the Wiki Magic I'll head on over there and create a page for it. Though I think it would be better if an page was made for the group first which then links to the trope pages of the various completed MSTs in a way similar to the main page for MST3K.
>> No. 117182

I was working on it except I felt a bigger need to add a characters page to the main page for the actual story. While the other tropers are busy working the Wiki Magic I'll head on over there and create a page for it. Though I think it would be better if an page was made for the group first which then links to the trope pages of the various completed MSTs in a way similar to the main page for MST3K.
>> No. 122149
Did this die or something?
>> No. 122707
I think so it's been ages since the previous scheduled update. I think it might pick up once Season 3 airs.
>> No. 123506
RingmasterJ5 had some life stuff to worry about, hence the update drought since August, so he left the whole thing up to me. I... admit I kind of took my sweet time getting around to it, since it's been a few weeks since he said it... but I just tossed out a nice chunk of update for all of you as my way of saying "GET THE HELL BACK IN THE GAME, SLACKERS."

I kid, of course. But brace yourselves for some of the worst stories this fandom has to offer. Yes, I am well aware of what we've all seen prior to this, but I stand by my statement.
>> No. 124624
Mykan is at it again. He's started on Star Fleet Magic The Movie.

>> No. 124640

Worse, he's penetrated out most sacred stronghold, FIMfiction. EVERYONE, BATTLE STATIONS NOW!
>> No. 124644

Wait, wouldn't that mean he can't delete any criticism he receives there?
>> No. 124657
Oh, and, guys? Now that he's "branched out", we really need to post our version of MLU with the piss expertly extracted somewhere where it can be compared and contrasted with the raw output. Just sayin'.
>> No. 124670
That's why I'm putting the update out early. And by early, I mean right the hell now. I can't hang onto it all when THIS is happening.
>> No. 124674
So do you guys check over old fics every time you update? Also, hi! First time riffer! Big fan, yadayadayada.
>> No. 124726
Mykan wasn't the one who posted it on fimfiction, or so he says on the fimchan thread.
>> No. 124817
I was wondering what happened to to riffs of My Little Dashie and Angst Much. Are they currently in the process of comment judging or are they removed because not enough people wanted to riff them?
>> No. 126911
>My Little Dashie
>not enough people wanting to riff

That's depressing.

EDIT: derp necropost

Stupid bots bumping things. I guess I'm MintyRest today.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 3rd, 2013 11:35

>> No. 127041
Hey guys, it's me Drizzel. My account got hacked a while back and I got a new email, just telling ya'll.
>> No. 127557
File 136875552405.png - (127.45KB , 348x362 , 0023-132650769499.png )
Watch your wh-

Oh, necrobumping? That's cool, continue on Vim of two months past.
>> No. 127566
... this is like three layers of necro right here, guys.
>> No. 127568
File 136883972266.gif - (1.33MB , 498x280 , 1368299050227.gif )
Minty saged his post. You did not. Fail.
>> No. 127573
File 136885471142.png - (132.81KB , 555x273 , VHoDVTR.png )
>fails to notice I'm the third layer.
>> No. 129047
What happened? There hasn't been an update on the main page in months, several of the older stories and chapters are just plain gone, and I'm a little concerned about the fate of the group. I admit it's been a while since I guest-participated, but still...
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