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72569 No. 72569
Welcome, one and all, to the TWELFTH iteration of the round-table discussion that is known to some as THE CONVERSION BUREAU Thread! Started back in March, this over-arching fanon universe of The Conversion Bureau has spawned over 40 spin-offs, many worthy of standing on their own as fantastic stories in their own right. Come in, sit down, have a cold one, and enjoy your reading! Feel free to participate if you feel so inclined to do so!

Obligatory video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXoYK4b_q24

Old Thread: >>60773

We’re always ready to welcome new writers and any ideas they may have! Also, make sure to comment and give feedback on new stories and new updates! Authors absolutely love hearing what people think of their work. Be sure to try to offer civil and constructive criticism if you find any problems with their story! (They like it when you do that) If you don't say anything, you are depriving the author of input that could make their story 10 times better, so speak up whether you're a lurker or a regular poster!

Compilation post on Equestria Daily: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/04/conversion-bureau-compilation.html
Midnight Shadow's TCB guide: http://tinyurl.com/436eesa
Midnight Shadow's Story Compilation Document: http://tinyurl.com/43othw2
Krass's Open-Doc Extravaganza: http://bit.ly/nENanm (READ AT YOUR OWN RISK)
We have a thread on /rp/ that may or may not be dead! http://tinyurl.com/3r2eq25
IRC CHANNEL!! We got one! It’s super crazy fun time! (But soul crushingly lonesome when no one but you is there...)

Channel: #TCB

(NEW) indicates stories that have been added or have new chapters that were posted in the previous thread. You can find the new fics at the bottom of the post!

NOTE: In an effort to save on post space, some links have been swapped for fimfiction links.

Here's the stories we got so far, some in the order they were made:

THE ORIGINAL: The Conversion Bureau (Blaze)
part 1: http://bit.ly/gZFoQi
part 2: http://bit.ly/eR7eoC
part 3: http://bit.ly/eaDLy8
part 4: http://bit.ly/io8PWj

The Conversion Bureau: Pride (Pride)

Midnight Shadow's Stuff

Midnight's Tale

A Twist in the Tail NEW

A Twist in the Tail: Community Service NEW


The End

The Day the Sky Changed (Collection) NEW

Sidelines (Sonic)
collection: http://bit.ly/gwDk4c

Ten Rounds (Defoloce)

Last Man Standing (Windchaser)
FimFiction Link: http://tinyurl.com/3zlkok5 (NEW)

Change of Life (FirstTimePonyWriter)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/hrUIKS
Part 2: http://bit.ly/fgFtdI
Part 3: http://bit.ly/mQaoIx
Part 4: http://goo.gl/4K6TY
Part 5: http://goo.gl/7kSZ8
Part 6: http://bit.ly/oevuQg

Yellowstone (Anonsi)
Equestria Daily Link: http://tinyurl.com/3v8ln6j
FimFiction Link: http://tinyurl.com/4y5n6x8

Yellowstone the Series (Anonsi)
Episode 1
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/3ok5qb8
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/3grwdv7
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/44y75qz
Episode 2: http://tinyurl.com/3p65m6u
Episode 3: http://bit.ly/mOFrmS
Episode 4: http://bit.ly/oMbTY6

Minisode 1: http://bit.ly/qHYjl9
Minisode 2: http://bit.ly/pw94CP
Minisode 3: http://bit.ly/nNbOSN
Minisode 4: http://bit.ly/pYmdc2

A Mare’s Tail (HiddenBrony)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/h5NPaz
Part 2: http://bit.ly/lMYnZg
Part 3: http://bit.ly/jPRBs7
Part 4: http://bit.ly/mvLDiJ
Part 5: http://tinyurl.com/3ptd8pn
Part 6: http://tinyurl.com/4ynab85
Part 7: http://bit.ly/qrvH1P
Part 8: http://bit.ly/qlhDpP
Part 9: http://bit.ly/n4RzoY
Part 10: http://bit.ly/r1ZMfz
Finale: http://bit.ly/rmcRHz
Epilogue: http://bit.ly/qh1Z8a

Dinner Among Friends (Mray)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/knhZaE
Part 2: http://bit.ly/jDkRb7
Part 3: http://bit.ly/pmfXG9

An Azure Future (Krass McWriter)
Compilation: http://bit.ly/ntqI7n
Part 1: http://bit.ly/iwMxoA
Part 2: http://bit.ly/kkYv4P
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/3mqv2aw
Part 4: http://tinyurl.com/44jeo2r
Part 5: http://tinyurl.com/3sawj7r
Part 6: http://tinyurl.com/3vrq8gz
Part 7: http://tinyurl.com/3tpyljv
Part 8: http://bit.ly/nE08wH
Part 9: http://bit.ly/pRHRm8
Part 10: http://bit.ly/p6vWEd
Part 11: http://tinyurl.com/44fs4ss (NEW)

Lost Chapter 1: http://bit.ly/nKgxMw

Maverick (Lightsideluc)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/m73xwc

The Conversion Bureau: Guardian Chronicles (Jack Anarchy)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/3dl8zhe
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/3cycb9e
Part 3: http://bit.ly/p2Db9V
Part 4: http://bit.ly/pQM0L1

First Contact (Purple Prose)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/44zourj
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/3ptxvzk
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/3huowc8
Part 4: http://tinyurl.com/43wdlrq
Part 5: http://tinyurl.com/3vnx8r2
Part 6: http://tinyurl.com/3fg795a
Part 7: http://tinyurl.com/4y8sn9o
Part 8: http://tinyurl.com/3rg5ko2
Part 9: http://tinyurl.com/6486u38

Ponies of a Rising Sun (Purple Prose)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/6bf94f5
Part 2: http://tinyurl.com/6egksa3
Part 3: http://bit.ly/oywWaR

Last Man Standing: Aftermath (Videomaster20XX & Windchaser)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/3hwkwg6
Part 2: http://bit.ly/neTm10

Shard (Sparky)
Main Directory: http://tinyurl.com/3v5a5n4 (NEW?)

The Kid, Colt, and a Filly (Erac)
Part 1: http://tinyurl.com/5rmelmz
Part 2: http://bit.ly/rfxifb

Death Row (Dermathil)
Prologue: http://bit.ly/mRlGWn
Part 1: http://bit.ly/rab3Rf

More (SonicBoom01)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/nLXM5K

Ring of Fire (Windchaser)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oxmkTy
Part 2: http://bit.ly/rscakC
Part 3: http://bit.ly/naZb1u
Part 4: http://bit.ly/o4Icy8

Pandemic (Sir Isaac Johnington)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/peydMe

The Breaking Point (BronyOfSteel)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/ovV2xN
Part 2: http://bit.ly/nYlLFs
Part 3: http://tinyurl.com/3s6e8h3 (NEW)

Third Party (PonySoldier)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/peydMe
Part 2: http://bit.ly/pzKhZ4
Part 3: http://bit.ly/oIc00E
Part 4: http://bit.ly/nsQXmx
Part 5: http://bit.ly/qQLqdC
Part 6: http://bit.ly/q2BKVf
Part 7: http://bit.ly/qRqoyw

The Scientist (Azul)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/mUVzch

Second Impact (Purple Prose)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/r1LZ6L
Part 2: http://bit.ly/nxJEJf

IX Days (Scalier)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/pGJ4Wt
Part 2: http://bit.ly/ppcZ0e
Part 3: http://bit.ly/pAewej

Singularity (Hunter X)
Prologue: http://bit.ly/oy5mlp

Yellowstone: The TV Movie (Videomaster 21XX)

Chatoyance’s works (links to FimFiction) (NEW)
The Big Respawn: http://tinyurl.com/43etmu9 (NEW)
Euphrosyne Unchained: http://tinyurl.com/435m4sd (NEW)
Letters From Home: http://tinyurl.com/3kgnv7b (NEW)
Teacup, Down on the Farm: http://tinyurl.com/3sg3dxg (NEW)

High Stakes (Zaka51)
http://tinyurl.com/3lwea7o (NEW)

To Serve (FredMSloniker)
http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1664/ (NEW)

Coexistence (Secrios)
http://tinyurl.com/3z9t7cy (NEW)

Speed Fics that might be continued:
Opening Week (Anonsi)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/p0cuyv
Strained and Striped (Erac)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oQHfrf
How I Learned to Teach Newfoals
Part 1: http://bit.ly/qp8aMI
The Wide Open Road (Windchaser)
Part 1: http://bit.ly/oWC8Js
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>> No. 72575
eh, there's a few misplaced news' in there. so sue me.
>> No. 72589

Well, if you insist!
>> No. 72592
Where is Change of Life chapter 7?
>> No. 72599
File 132424619675.jpg - (1.39KB , 120x120 , images-1.jpg )
Why is it the less I know someone the more meaningful their compliments are?
>> No. 72604
File 132424715270.png - (56.23KB , 500x500 , OctaviaAvatar-1.png )
Because you FORGOT

>> No. 72608
Aw man... I wanted to suggest a video for the new thread.

I hereby toast this thread with a video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avU5onrWfYo
>> No. 72650
>> No. 72652
There is only one proper response to the video in the OP.

>> No. 72653
Gaaah! Why don't you have the FimFiction link to Change of Life up? http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1058/The-Conversion-Bureau%3A-Change-of-Life-

Oh who am I kidding, if you're not updating all the links and I don't feel like trying to do so either than it's never going to happen.
>> No. 72694
Blaze isn't internet dead. He mentions you guys in this interview. It's positive.

Might be old news, but I'm not a TCB regular.
>> No. 72700
to be fair, the story compilation doc is easier to update... if I make the next one of these I might just rip out all non-updated links and make it clear that the compilation doc (which will need updating) is the go-to place...
>> No. 72702
then he should get off his flank and finish the original! I wonder if he'd let me rewrite it...
>> No. 72723
His deviantArt contact info is in the link. If you ask nicely, he actually might. As for finishing the fic... Well, he thought you guys were doing that for him, t'would appear.
>> No. 72866
File 132435899381.jpg - (45.44KB , 200x200 , 1301011410755.jpg )
Finished reading the almost final chapter for Taste of Grass and now I'm certain that if I was given the choice of conversion I'd stay human. There's no way I'd want to live in a static civilization, no matter how peaceful or perfect it is. I'd rather keep pressing on and reaching higher and farther into the unknown secrets of the universe that Equestrian society seems to be content without.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the story; not at all. I loved it. But I also got a jolt of humanist pride after realizing what we're capable of.

What's everybody else's positions on conversion if the option was open to you? Both if it were presented today and if it were presented in a dismal future.
>> No. 72871
Pony. Not really a choice in the matter. I'd just get a unicorn to change me back with the shapeshifting magic, if possible. Lord knows I'm not going ANYWHERE in Equestria
>> No. 72877
It would depend on whether or not I'd get stuck as a filthy earth pony.

Hmm... idea...

"Machine of Pony"
A fic about the invention of a machine that could tell you what type of pony you'd become (ala Machine of Death*) and how it would affect demand for ponification.

*A collection of short stories about a machine that tells you how you will die, compiled by Ryan North and friends ( http://machineofdeath.net). Available as a free PDF or a printed book. Highly recommended.
>> No. 72878
No conversion. I don't care how bad things are or will be. I would refuse to give up on Earth.

Even if Equestria was gradually taking over with its magic bubble like in many TCB fics.

Human pride. I am a human and shall always be a human. Although I would likely end up standing alone and losing my mind. A fair sacrifice.

...Well, truthfully, I might do it, but only if backed into a corner. I would want to ride the wave and see what happens until that wave crashes on the shore. Then I'd look and see where to go from there.
>> No. 72880
File 132436728088.png - (82.87KB , 444x550 , 36530-artistlulubellOctavia.png )


anyways, >>72866

well... >>72878 I'd stand with you brother, I fought for this world, and I wont stop til I die. Hell, maybe even HLF.

Now if I were time-ported to a chaytoyance-esque future... Well, the world and everything I fought for would be dead and gone. I would go pony. Or suicide.
>> No. 72882

Its a good question, and one I've thought on for a long time.

But in the end it always comes back to the same thing, I'm a human, and that's just how it is. Not only that but I fee obligated to do something, to keep pushing ahead, and to do my best. Heck, in many of these worlds, I would probably stay human just to show that there's hope for those who stay this way anyway.

Conversion would be interesting if I ever got backed into a corner as well. I mean, its basically a get out of any terminal illness free card. Better believe I'm not going to use it willy nilly.
>> No. 72884
I've seen enough of this world that, as amazing as it would be, I'd go pony no matter what.

With joys no less joyful, but hardships oh so much less hard, with a family as big as the sky, I'd be Equestria bound.
>> No. 72897

I'd probably go pony, just because it would be an interesting experience.

I don't see why turned human's couldn't pursue the mysteries of the universe.
If no one else would do it I would just be a crazy hermit scientist pony then.
>> No. 72900
For me it would come down to what my prospects are for life on either side. I'm a programmer myself, and becoming a pony would likely prevent me from doing that. At the same, time I get the sense that the TCB-era AIs would likely be able to do a better job at programming than humans would, and as such would have taken over much of the software development industry. If that were the case I would put further consideration into conversion and what kind of job I could perform afterwards. And let's not forget the issue of family and what their stances are on conversion, and whether or not they are planning on getting converted themselves.

I'm not opposed to either side of the argument, but I would have to give it a great deal of consideration before I decided to go through with it.
>> No. 72901

Just because you're a pony doesn't mean you stop wondering and exploring and learning :)
>> No. 72908
What he(?) said. I'd really need to think about it a lot.
>> No. 72918
Human. Because quite frankly, I freaking love having hands. Like holy shit you have no idea. Hands man. Goddamn.
>> No. 72933
there's only ONE THING that hands do I'd need to make sure hooves can do too... and I'm told hooves do it pretty well, all said and done... ;)
>> No. 72955
File 132441064563.jpg - (526.62KB , 1280x960 , Old Death.jpg )
Here it is. After 3 (or more) months of eager anticipation, you all get what you've been waiting for! And then be utterly disappointed. But don't worry, I'll be in there ready to fix any errors I (or you) find! Person who finds the most errors gets a cameo! I'll also be rewriting any sections that need improvement, and will be grateful for any suggestions. So enough words! Here it is:
>> No. 72963
What I meant by that is that Pony culture (at least in Cat's story) seemed to stagnate in the way that it was nigh impossible to tell 155 years in the future apart from the past. I enjoy watching society improve and expand in virtually every aspect. I just wouldn't be able to live with myself in that kind of society.
>> No. 73011
Wouldn't causing improvements in life via technological advancement cause a bit of problems in a society like this?
>> No. 73015
I love Chatoyance's stories, but I have to say that his version of Equestria just doesn't seem that realistic to me. Twilight Sparkle clearly demonstrates the existence of Science, and astronomy is an infinite number of times more interesting when Space is a place instead of a picture. I think that if Equestria exists someverse, then computers and spaceships would eventually get created in one form or another. Besides, there's plenty of 'evidence' from the show that Equestria isn't a static society at all.

Even though I will do my hardest to change things and avoid anything like those dystopic futures that Humanity seems to be heading towards, there's little chance that I will really make a significant difference. As much as I want Humanity to be as (to sum it up in one word:) good as we can be, I really can't honestly say that I have the ability to do more than a small part, like most of us, no matter how hard I try. And I really want to do something besides get a crappy job working for a crappy, oversized corporation for the rest of my life.

If I really could become a Pony, then I would. It's not like I'm abandoning all of Humanity, I'm only an individual and I it would just be helping myself have a better life. If Conversion Bureaus really existed, then I probably would go. It would depend on how life's going for me and the nature of real Equestria, but I have a thing for probability so I really think it would be a good choice. If I lived in some dystopic future, then I wouldn't even have to think about it. I would go pony.

Also, wings. I know that I would be a Pegasus. (I'm just that kind of person.) Pegasi have wings. I want wings. I'm the kind of person that would love having wings...to an excessive degree.

One more thing: If you haven't read the last chapter of The Taste of Grass, you really should. It's hilarious! http://www.fimfiction.net/story/2841/The-Taste-Of-Grass
>> No. 73021
I would not convert. I'm a graduate student in bioinformatics and all of the techniques I use to do research would immediately become unavailable as soon as I became a pony and moved to Equestria. I think that a lot of other scientists and engineers would give about the same response as contemporary R&D simply can't be done with pre-20th century technology.
As for the whole "friendship" and "magic" thing. I have plenty of friends right now, I don't really like flying, I can and do garden, and I have reason to suspect that the magic at the disposal of your average unicorn is severely limited in scope and power.
Furthermore, I am an American, I value my freedom and my independence, and I could never envision myself swearing fealty to a pair of princesses; the very fact that monarchs still exist in this day and age disturbs me.

Perhaps if I had no friends, no money , no passion and no dignity I would consider converting.
But not without those conditions being met.
>> No. 73026

Science in Equestria works the same as everywhere else-

except that once every so often, a dark age is intentionally engineered by their immortal rulers in order to prevent the discovery of the TERRIFYING TRUTH OF THEIR EXISTENCE ...
>> No. 73029
>Implying that others who would decide differently have "no friends, no money , no passion and no dignity."

For all you science people, consider what encountering an alien civilization would to do science: Funding everywhere as both worlds try and comprehend each other.
>> No. 73032
>fact that monarchs still exist disturbs me

>> No. 73041
Anyone notice that the founding of Equestria had nothing to do with the princesses?
>> No. 73042
>> No. 73046
File 132444196488.jpg - (809.13KB , 2000x1351 , After Men.jpg )
I forgot to throw one at you when I posted Episode 5, so here it is!
This one shows you some of the more prominent nations of the world and what they'll be doing during this whole "Crazy Magic has gotten loose" affair
>> No. 73054
do you pledge allegiance to the flag, and the republic for which it stands, under god?

That's a whole lot more right there than the princesses want or need...
>> No. 73070
*grumbles something about the Second Great and Bountiful British Empire*
>> No. 73077

My biggest problem is that I know my friends would most likely get ponified. One of them has a bad life and wants to ditch it so bad. So she would end up in Equestria, while I...stick around a failing, chaotic Earth, kicking back and watching everything go crazy.

When it comes to the last days of humanity...maybe I'd go pony and go visit her, if I could...
>> No. 73079
I've been tempted for a while now to try my hand at a "Don Quixote" riff of a TCB story... but my "bubble" is more like Yellowstone than Chatoyance's story.

I can handle a Geocentric cosmology, just not the "Plane of Leng" *shrug* And, well,my take on Celestia and Luna is a little less Cosmic Horror Goddess than C's
>> No. 73080
so do it. Each writer's vision is going to be a little different, just make it logical and comprehensible and stick to your script.
>> No. 73093
Ponification in my current situation? No way, that'd be dumb. But if the life on Earth turns into a meaningless nothing, then yes. That's just the short version, of course.

If humanity's time was limited, and aliens came here and offered to save us to their wonderful planet, but with their terms. I'd ask myself: "Can I still be who I want to be? Can I make a difference?" The fact that I couldn't know anything for certain would be the worst thing. I'm already ridiculously terrified of changes in general, so that'd probably force me to stay on Earth.
>> No. 73098
Ahh new thread.

What? No link to TCB: My December? I am dissapoint. :P

As for the 'would you get converted' question. I really don't know. I'm willing to bet I'd be leaning toward it a LOT. It'd be an adventure, and god knows I've wanted that sort of adventure my entire life. It'd also probably help me find 'dates' a lot better. Being single isn't bad, but just once I'd like to try NOT being single ya know?

The biggest issue is what pony I'd become. I have nothing against Earth Ponies, or Pegasus ponies. But I -WANT- to be a Unicorn. I would NOT be happy any other way. To go into details would be a post in itself.

Besides that I'm sure there aren't that many things I'd regret once I got to Equestria: Me: "Hey there my good pony. I'd like one Mountain Dew Please"
Other Pony: "What's a Mountain Dew?"
>> No. 73170

truly mountain dew is the pinnacle of our civilization
>> No. 73172

You wouldn't stand alone. Ponies are sweet but I'm proud of being who I am and what I am too.
>> No. 73183

We should launch a spacecraft filled with Mountain Dew into outer space, such that the greatest cultural treasure of our civilization shall live on in perpetuity or until another race of beings discovers it's wonders.
>> No. 73201
Sooo..... it's been three weeks since Last Man Standing was posted on EqD. (BTW, it inexplicably still has a "Star-Needed" tag when it has 146 votes at 4.5) Is it a good time to suggest trying to get Change of Life on EqD? It's still the best CB story EVER as good as it's ever been, but some of the newer CB fics are also good-enough-to-get-on-EqD and I fear that if we don't get a story out at least each month then we're going to be tardy! we might start getting a backlog of best stories. Remember, it's been nine months since Blaze got the first part of the original Conversion Bureau story (bad-writing good-idea how did-this-really-happen-anyways?) and the CB stories that all these brilliant authors have been creating are still going full-steam ahead. I would be surprised if there weren't great new CB stories a year from now.

Did I loose track of my point and forget to edit something again? Nah! *Post*
>> No. 73240
Or until it went flat.

Also, no, I really think that would be pushing luck too far with EqD.
>> No. 73244
File 132454079309.png - (350.58KB , 639x802 , deranged_dingo_by_nijiko12345.png )
I personally wouldn't convert... at least for a couple years. I would give living as a human one last stand before I gave into the Bureaus. I can say safely that I would oppose the HLF at every chance I got however.

Then again if all my friends and family did it on day one I might just break into their pressure and go too. Afterall life in a destroyed world can't be fun without my bros. (Assuming that it is in fact a ruined world of course.)
>> No. 73274
well that's the thing you need to remember - the earth is being painted as a crapsack version of itself, with all the crime, corruption and suffering our current monetary setup entails magnified into a highly stratified society of have and have-nots. Today we talk about the 99% and #occupywallstreet and you know what? I don't think the average person understands what that means.

1% of the world's population owns something like 40% of the entire wealth of the planet. 50% of the adult global population owns barely 1%. Think about that.

You want to know what's worse? 5% of the population own something like 66% of everything.

Want to take that further? 20% of the population own 80% of the world's wealth.

You're probably in the 80% of the population that collectively owns something less than 20% of the entire wealth of the planet.

Welcome to the human race, do you understand now why some are not so proud of it?
>> No. 73283
Maybe it's just been my upbringing, but I've always been keen on the idea that, no matter what cards you're dealt, it's always better to see your journey through to the end than to step away half-way through. Now, I'm not saying that major life changes are a bad thing- they aren't, at all! Especially when they have to do with revelations about the self, etcetera.

But I kind of feel like jumping species is throwing away a lot of great stuff. I mean, like Midnight said, humanity has a pretty screwed up wealth distribution- I should know, I've seen it everywhere in nearly every Third World nation I've visited, but there's so much we're capable of, too. Humanity has reached out and touched the stars with nothing but its ingenuity and the tools it has created. We have achieved spiritual paradigms and are capable of analyzing our bodies and minds to plumb even the barest depths of the myriad structures that create who we 'are'.

The sciences we've created, the knowledge we've uncovered, and all the great acts of heroism against the worst possible odds. These are all things I couldn't bare to throw away. And, maybe this is just my romanticism showing, here, but I probably couldn't just turn away from all the terrible things we're capable of, either. I know very well what man can do when he is pushed by desperation or desire- I know to what ends he might fall, in pursuit of what he feels he truly needs. But it's for every one of these acts of villainy that our brightest moments shine all the more gloriously. The dichotomy of- and the struggle between- 'good' and 'evil' (though I loathe to use those words) within each and every one of us is something that I find extraordinarily beautiful about the human condition.

Again, maybe it's just because I bend toward more eastern philosophies, but I just can't see how disposing of my most basic P'o in favor of all else is a good thing. It's hard for me to understand how you could throw away the worst of yourself while still maintaining what makes the best so wonderful. That inner war of virtues, and that outer conflict of self versus the world are too important to give up. It's a wise notion, that knowing evil- and having the capacity for it- makes the act of being virtuous so much more significant than it would be otherwise.

So yeah, I'd probably stick to being human. Besides that, I totally dig being able to use my body to break things in n + 1 different ways.
>> No. 73317
and THIS is what I feel the best of the CB fics are about. Humanity being humanity, in all it's wonderful awfulness, whether it's on two legs or four.

That's why it's so much sadder when I write in the world that could have been, but for being conquered by the adorable and being saved when it was on the brink of saving itself.
>> No. 73318
File 132457741811.jpg - (12.38KB , 415x329 , shepard-statue.jpg )
If you want a problem bucked, you call an earth pony.
If you want a problem rained on, you call a pegasus.
If you want a problem levitated, you call a unicorn.

But if you want a problem solved
you call a human.
>> No. 73325
Wait, I'm a little confused here. As far as I have seen, the princesses live in a huge palace while everyone else lives in thatch-roofed hovels. Sure all of the little ponies are happy, but I don't think that the inequality is any less severe.
>> No. 73326
File 132458143952.jpg - (824.54KB , 873x1280 , 64708 - artist-john_joseco hoodie twilight_sparkle.jpg )
Mids, you hear that slow clap? That's for you.

I find it disturbingly insightful to the state of our cultural conditions that you speak of the superiority of "human solutions" while posting a picture of a fully armored and armed soldier.
>> No. 73345
is a slow clap in this context good or bad? D:
>> No. 73346

I assume bad.
>> No. 73348
File 132459068227.jpg - (14.67KB , 252x192 , alan_fgsfds.jpg )
Deluded Internet Tough Guy, hoooo!
>> No. 73375
I'd stay Human unless I got some really bad injury or illness that'd kill me. Like zombie-itis.
>> No. 73386
That's because we humans are problem-solvers. We solve problems.

With big guns. Big, big guns.

>> No. 73387
>is a slow clap in this context good or bad? D:

What? Nah mate, it's in an incredibly good context in appreciation for your appraisal of our species' situation.
Most people don't know those numbers.

>I'd assume bad
How odd.
>> No. 73390
It's weird. Everyone seems to forget, that humans always survive, one way or another.
We may change appearance and mannerisms over time to adapt to enviromental changes, but we still survive.
>> No. 73397
We have survived a lot of stuff that's wiped out a whole host of other living things, yeah. That said, we're still pretty young yet, as a species, so we'll see how we deal with the bigger catastrophes (like polar shifts) soon enough!

I do have confidence that we'd survive, though. Somehow.

>Fully armored and armed soldier.
Well, yeah. I mean, the military isn't just around to fight wars, you know. They also keep the peace, do a lot of rescue work when things go south. Soldiers are kind of a great thing when they're being professional about what they do. That, and warfare is a big thing in our society- it says a lot that the biggest technological advancements are made during, or based on technology conceived of while in wartime.

Also, ain't nothing wrong with Commander Shepard. 'Cause no matter what scars you bear, whatever uniform you wear- you could fight like a Krogan, run like a leopard, but you'll never be better than Commander Shepard.

Pretty much, yeah. I do like reading stories that capture that the whole ponification thing may not be the best solution to the problem. Humanity can save itself, if it's given the chance and the tools, and it's a wonderful tragedy when they don't have the opportunity to pull it off.
>> No. 73399

We shouldn't post Change of Life before it is finished, which is to say, seemingly never.
>> No. 73404

I still can't feel this 'human pride' thing.
It's not us as a species that created the sciences and flew us to the moon ect. It is a select group, the scientific community, the best of humanity really.
Just because some other people have achieved great things is no reason for me to feel pride. I will have to achieve great things myself in order to do that.
>> No. 73413
I feel like there's a difference between 'pride in your species' and 'pride in yourself.' And feeling proud for something isn't mutually exclusive with being ashamed for that same something!

I personally find a lot of pride in the stuff that we're capable of. I might not have achieved greatness yet, but the potential is there, and it's something I reach for, as inspiration, to achieve. Aim for the moon, end up among the stars, and all that.

If you feel like you can't be proud of your species because you can't be proud of yourself, then go fix that problem, somehow. Go out and help your neighborhood, or go and volunteer if you have the time. Write something, make art or science happen. The world's your oyster, go tear out its pearl with your own two hands!

(I may be getting carried away here, a little bit.)
>> No. 73415
File 132460387514.jpg - (86.92KB , 1024x889 , hands.jpg )
I haven't read much Conversion Bureau fanfiction. I've read a bit, but not all of it. Some of it I enjoy and some of it seems a little trite to me.

I'm a big fan of HFY- that stands for "Humanity Fuck Yeah," which is a theme of short stories that originated from 4chan's /tg/. So, when I imagine the ponies meeting humans in any context I imagine that they'd find us to be pretty awesome- all our faults notwithstanding.

One of my fancanons for MLP is that, if by some way they encountered humanity as it is to day, the things that would stand out about us are twofold: one, we've established powerful and inspiring "spiritual paradigms" as >>73283 so eloquently put it, without a flesh-and-blood divine monarchy as the ponies have, and two: without magic our technology has become our greatest talent. The ponies have technology too, but it's supplemented by magic, whether it be unicorn magic or pegasus ponies' weather control or earth ponies' plant-growing ability. They have some tech but it ranges from what we had in 1800 to 1940 at the latest, I think.

We've faced harder struggles and every bit of development and progress we've made we've had to fight tooth and nail for. I wouldn't want to just abandon that. (this is why I'd remain a human)

To illustrate that fancanon I mentioned, here's a bit of entertainment: It's the blue man group performing their "Rods and Cones" act. Presumably the ponies would have knowledge of anatomy and physiology, but this act, which delves into some pretty advanced knowledge of the physiology of sight, would be the kind of thing that ponies would remember about us. We would seem to know so much about everything except magic, and we'd be able to do things like this performance- without magic.


(if you want the Blue Man experience plug in headphones and play it LOUD)
>> No. 73430
Monarchies are a pointless relic from an age when the very idea of individual rights had yet to be thought of. An utterly obsolete mode of governance, they were the product of a period in Human history where the right to rule was established through conquest and bloodshed. To me, showing affection towards a monarch is comparable to being nostalgic about burning people at the stake for performing witchcraft.
>> No. 73440
File 132461253457.jpg - (30.30KB , 405x600 , 132088794834.jpg )
I know what you mean. But I stick with what I said, even if I were living in such conditions I would most likely put off giving up my humanity, not because I am proud to be human but because I would want to see how far I could struggle before I gave in to the easy way out. I guess it is just my personality, but I have always wanted to see just how far I could make it in a desperate situation like that.
Has anyone written a story about that yet? About a human that somehow gets around the whole system? (Purification style or otherwise)
Would we really have to leave it ALL behind though. I am sure that some scientist who converted might continue his research after going pony, I am sure that artists would continue to draw the human form, All of the potential could remain, its just a new body.
>> No. 73444
It's not really 'just' a new body, though. Think about how we define ourselves, mentally. Our minds know our body, how to move in it, how to live in it. The hormones and the other chemicals that affect our behavior are built into, and regulated by our bodies. Perhaps there'd be less difference than I'm imagining, but I can't help but feel that we leave a lot behind, if we were to abandon the human (or even humanoid) form for an equine one.

The spirituality of the body is something that's been investigated quite a bit in quite a number of Eastern philosophies and schools of thought- from the flows of qi through the body, to the seven chakras. Even today, we know that the body is something integral to the psyche. The idea that everything is centralized to the brain is one that we are now learning is somewhat flawed.

tl;dr, changing our bodies is a really significant thing, and would have huge effects on our drives and personalities.

Also, I think I've found an example of what I was talking about back in >>73283 . The fact that hope can arise even from the bleakest of histories is something I find amazing. It may not be Heroism from Villainy, but it sure captures something along those lines very well:


Because this guy is awesome.
>> No. 73448
File 132461378348.png - (19.95KB , 715x408 , TheGaPTatTheStake.png )

We DON'T do that?!


Oh well.
>> No. 73449
It occurred to me a few seconds ago the Trixie WAS burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft, figuratively speaking.
>> No. 73451
Yellowstone recently had an update in a story update post. I don't see why Change of Life can't be posted right now, and I'd bet it would get past the pre-readers if they ever read it.
>> No. 73452

LMS: Aftermath?
>> No. 73453
As much as I love last man standing I can't actually bring myself to read the aftermath story. And in any case I meant that in a more along the lines of "a human that either fixes the earth, or finds a way to viably live as a human being among ponies"
>> No. 73457
Midnight shadow written about magic inhibition rings, they inhibit magic output,maybe some scientist could change its polarity to inhibit magic input
>> No. 73505
Keep in mind that these are stories about an Earth worse than what we have now, and an Equestria better than we could hope.

The best form of government is actually a benevolent dictatorship. I would trust no human king or queen, but an Equestrian princess would suit me just fine.

If the stories we have leave out possibilities or ideas you think have been wrongly or unfairly presented, then write your own, please! That's the brilliant thing about this all.
>> No. 73517

We die all the time.
>> No. 73533
Hey midnight, A benevolent dictator keeps things hidden right? Wouldn't the bringing of human technology into Equestria by ponified humans uncover any lies or cover-ups?
>> No. 73541
You're discounting the possibility that people want to be told what to do. After all, then if things go wrong, they can blame someone else. Anyway, let's stop this discussion here. It doesn't really have anything to do with TCB.

Not that I'm dismissing your opinion, you're welcome to it. I'm just trying to help you see things from another point of view.
>> No. 73623
Dictatorships, benevolent or otherwise, are a terrible form of governance. Giving one or more persons absolute authority over how people behave as a means to ensure that the higher functions of government are carried through is grossly less efficient than even the most rudimentary of democracies. They only situation in which I could envision a dictatorship outperforming a constitutional democracy is if the people being governed were profoundly stupid.

But in all seriousness, I would NOT trust the princesses to act in any legislative or judiciary capacity within my country. Although, I think Celestia would make a great Secretary of Defense, and she couldn't possibly do any worse than the clowns we currently have running the place.
>> No. 73624

I wouldn't trust any being with absolute power to be honest.

Its just not in my nature to let any one being rule me without any checks or balances. I'd rather have a democracy where I can have a say than a benevolent dictatorship, because even if nice, they could still be misguided.

Not to mention they've been shown to have flaws just like the rest of us, case in point nightmare moon and luna.
>> No. 73638
Dictatorship is only acceptable if it were chosen as a form of government through western democracy.
>> No. 73640
File 132468464552.png - (39.83KB , 211x232 , Image49135-Angry_SexOctaviaand_then_they_fuckedartist-Niban-Destikimcomicdj_p0n3lesbianshippingv.png )
THIS is THE WORST derailment ever.

I mean, C'MON! Its not even funny! Its all boring and shit!

If we're going to stray from the topic of TCB, can it at least be awesome?
>> No. 73643

Well if someone would bloody write something!
(Preferably Change of Life)
>> No. 73644
So many beliefs. they should be implemented
>> No. 73672
Well, if you want to read anther CB story, Chatoyance finished The Taste of Grass a couple of days ago, and it's a full 115,040 words.
>> No. 73683
File 132470345582.jpg - (162.32KB , 800x600 , Then.jpg )
Okay, fine. Jeez.

So, I've noticed an alarming amount of Twilight Sparkle in the Conversion Bureau stories, mine being a major offender in this case, so I think it is high time we move the spotlight onto some other canon characters of the franchise. I nominate Dewdrop Dazzle (Who's mugshot is located here: http://images.wikia.com/mylittleponyhub/images/6/68/Dewdrop_dazzle.jpg) to be our next it pony.

But I know that this solution is not for everyone, and as such I have come prepared with a second, much more...shall we say...horrifying option. Let's say that a patch of ponification serum goes bad and results in something that was not meant to walk the earth. The poor souls afflicted with this curse vow vengeance on both pony's and man, and strive to destroy them both. What misshapen husks of pastel colored flesh do these converts look like?
That's what. And that's when my pic becomes relevant.
>> No. 73684
Forgot my name like a boss, and also, "patch" should be "batch"
>> No. 73689
This is an amazing idea. Someone needs to write this.
>> No. 73705
File 132471079400.png - (164.00KB , 1175x687 , 132076409094.png )
>> No. 73717

This...I approve.

Revenge of the G3
>> No. 73729

Oh god, the horror.

(There can never be to much Twilight Sparkle.)
>> No. 73777
File 132475952310.jpg - (42.35KB , 500x482 , tumblr_lsi1cutOwj1qflerw.jpg )
>> No. 73838
Ya'll may see a present from a certain Mcwriter 'neath ye old TCB tree morrow of late.
>> No. 73858
File 132479766444.jpg - (97.51KB , 1036x694 , 132035623785.jpg )
Somepony help this man get the story started!

Mine will be starting in a few days. I have it written, I just can't find the darn time to type it and post it onto Fim Fiction.
>> No. 73915
File 132484559201.png - (2.56KB , 344x326 , 83.png )
The things I write for you people.
I only have part 1 written right now, and a little of part 2. I have a terrible feeling that this is going to be one of those fics that I will come to hate ever conceiving.
>> No. 73918
File 132484650608.png - (114.16KB , 458x521 , hey_tavi_by_narbevoguel-d47faxypngPNGImage900x795pixels_1314149357003.png )

>> No. 73921
You need to bring back the octopi; they were making the story work.
>> No. 73934
>> No. 73951
Exorcism. Now.
>> No. 73953
Lemme continue that last bit for you.

"Marco again attempted to open his eyes, and with blurred vision, made out the form of the abominable, wretched form he was now trapped in. Seconds stretched into hours as pure fear, disgust, and terror flooded his mind, cascading through his very soul. His head was horribly misshapen, too round to be equine, too big to be human. His muzzle was short and stumpy, barely large enough to contain his tongue and saliva which was slowly leaking out of the corner of his mouth. His body was equally deformed and unbalanced, being unnaturally plump for any living creature, yet feeling fragile like a pillow; an examination with his hoof--his disturbingly large yet stubby hoof--made him wince with pain as he poked his weak self. Tears welling up in the corners of his eyes, Marco tried to ignore the fact that his body's uncanny form would be his forever; in the depths of his mind, past the panicked mental sobs and screams, he hoped that some kind pony--maybe the princesses he heard about from the colorful equines--could help him, fix him, undo his horrible mistake. But when he noticed his coloration, hope slipped away. His coat was pink--far too pink to be real. He'd seen pink ponies before but Marco himself was borderline fluorescent pink, blindingly so. His mane was long and curly, curly like a bowl of spaghetti; the fact it was bright gold, bright enough that it also made him strain his eyes out of reflex, did not assist with the analogy. He focused on his face again, and noticed his eyes were eerily large, almost like dinner plates, and where colored a shade of blue deeper than the ocean. The more he looked into those eyes, the more he wanted to scream.

"So he screamed."
>> No. 73965
I may use some of that
>> No. 74001
>> No. 74008
Take all you need, friend.

I haven't read Lovecraft, and I bet I couldn't copy him if I tried. :(
>> No. 74010
File 132489459832.jpg - (12.01KB , 313x347 , 132043376761.jpg )
This is a perfect example of giving the people what they want... fear.
>> No. 74081
After tons of (hard?) work, I've finished part four of my fic. The longest chapter so far. Yay. I've also begun (emphasis on the previous word) writing a companion in the bottom of the compilation doc.

Out of the frying pan, but into the fire. Our heroes face their enemy head-on!

and a nice lengthy derail we got there...
>> No. 74089
OH, my god... Here, I'll give you a full page with ALL of his stories for you to read. I don't usually write horror, but when I do, i use him as an example.

>> No. 74158
File 132496769567.png - (98.07KB , 464x515 , SometimesOnSaturdayNight.png )

Anosi, I have read your continuation and it pleases me.
>> No. 74499
File 132511481700.png - (215.31KB , 1152x1231 , 77904 - artist Infernal_Dalek filly Octavia.png )


>> No. 74544

H.P. Lovecraft is by far one of my favorite writers in existence. I've been reading his works for the longest time, and I've been in love with his style ever since I left /x/.

No. You can. You need to. We need someone out there that can write pony fanfiction like H.P. Lovecraft wrote horror stories. If nopony else does it, I will.
>> No. 74577
And me! ... If I try real hard.
>> No. 74609
File 132513776779.png - (111.28KB , 555x555 , 131947848279.png )
>take Classic Lovecraft work
>replace people with ponies
>> No. 74627
File 132514104536.jpg - (112.68KB , 600x554 , neenjo_tf2-heavy.jpg )
Not really what I meant... I was really just thinking of taking his verbose victorian-english, anything-not- perceived-before-will-make-you-go-insane routine. I don't do those copy and paste things.

>Seal of Approval... wut?
>> No. 74690
File 132514755024.png - (72.10KB , 387x455 , 132505703140.png )
I have 400 Octavia images. (image is the 400th)

I know what you meant, but tell me you wouldn't read Mountain of Madness with the Mane 6 in it.
>> No. 74696
When it comes to horror, I personally prefer the works of Edgar Allen Poe...

But I would adore if someone imitated Lovecraft's style for a pony fic. Sounds...fun~.
>> No. 74697
>400 Octavia images

>> No. 74703
File 132515097573.png - (72.30KB , 500x540 , BRAVOMYGOSH.png )
I did my image rush.

its now 412.
>> No. 74717
tum-te-tum, oh look, somepony has added more to "bad batch"


(I am amused, yet saddened that it doesn't seem to be being continued)
>> No. 74805
I still have those other fics to work on you know (Like that Opening Week thing that's due this monday) Though if someone wanted to write the next two parts, I wouldn't be opposed to the idea.
>> No. 74978
File 132522858782.jpg - (76.12KB , 750x500 , Gandalf04.jpg )
FirstTimePonyWriter? Yes... that was what they used to call me. That was my name.

Yes...I fell. Through obligations and stress. From the lowest dungeon to the highest peak, I fought him, the Blocker of Writers. Until at last, I threw down my enemy and smote his ruin upon the mountainside.

Laziness took me. And I strayed out of threads and time. Stars wheeled overhead and everyday was as long as a life-age of Equestria. But it was not the end. I felt inspiration in me again. I've been sent back until my task is done.

I come back to you now...at the turn of the tide.

(Part 7 almost done.)
>> No. 74979

And by almost done I mean will have it posted here tomorrow/today.
>> No. 74983
File 132523224921.png - (36.43KB , 798x549 , Pirate.png )
I quite like some of these, though a few are somewhat darker than I'm used to.
>> No. 74986
File 132523606218.gif - (298.86KB , 135x135 , mfw.gif )
>> No. 74990
File 132523983120.png - (72.30KB , 500x540 , BRAVOMYGOSH.png )
That sir was an awesome post format/spoof/thingy
>> No. 75010
File 132526370336.jpg - (104.29KB , 864x594 , 2.jpg )
Goddamn! Why can't I make posts like that?!
>> No. 75027
File 132527683862.jpg - (11.74KB , 320x222 , centipede6.jpg )
Why can I not be so epic!

Also BBB was going to have part three posted today, then I thought hey I'll make it much longer than the first two parts. so if for some odd reason you have intrest in this horrid attempt at a story. it'll be out soon Longer. . . with wrestling, zombies, nanites, cult craziness, more bugs, and hopefully cowboys!
>> No. 75100
File 132530512008.jpg - (89.50KB , 500x644 , 1217827695200.jpg )
And, for the first time ever. I make technically make a deadline (if only just)

The Conversion Bureau- Change of Life
Part 7: Threshold to the Future
>> No. 75111

>Make technically make a deadline

Hoo boy. Just goes to show what working all day on internship stuff then finishing a chapter does to my brain.
>> No. 75113
So much joy at new chapter. Well done sir!
>> No. 75119
Managed to sneak it in before the end of the year! Kudos to you good sir!
>> No. 75122

It was definitely a trial, but I'm glad I was able to do it before 2012.

Now I just need to wrap the story up before the world ends...
>> No. 75124
I don't know... you only have 355 days to write it in! Best get to it!
>> No. 75155

You better!

If the world ends before CoL ends I'll have to spend my time in the afterlife going "BUT HOW DOES CoL end?!?"
>> No. 75175
File 132535219793.gif - (2.30MB , 278x166 , 1280777306360.gif )

Then there is no time to lose! Hurricane Puncher AWAAAY!
>> No. 75195
File 132536556200.jpg - (107.01KB , 400x400 , yay.jpg )
>> No. 75277
Happy New Year CB people!

My New Year's resolution: Finish my chapters in a timely fashion...and maybe quit smoking.
>> No. 75278
And I'll do my best to actually sit down and write, no matter what! Even if I come down with a terrible pox! (which I have, though it is not so much a pox as it is a cold)
>> No. 75283
Mine is to smoke and drink more.

Also, NOT DIE.
>> No. 75293

not dying.

that is a good resolution to make.
>> No. 75298
Happy new years!
>> No. 75300
File 132541003895.jpg - (14.14KB , 200x200 , 131878536715.jpg )
war 'n all
>> No. 75303
Good thing and all. I wish I could write like this. I'm not very experienced, and the only fanfic that I've had people say "I like this" is one that I haven't even bothered to put on GDocs purely because it would take a while.

You are all incredible writers, so keep up your good work.

((If you ever actually want to check the fanfic I am talking about out, email me at runforcoverfire@gmail.com))

Ponies on Earth is a hard genre to do, maybe harder than just writing about ponies, or HiE. Your stories inspired me to write my own take on the whole Ponies on Earth. I won't post it here, because it doesn't belong in this. I'm just saying, you guys inspired me for my second fanfic, Earthside.
>> No. 75323
So I was watching Avatar (The James Cameron one, not the last airbender one) the other day, and it gave me an idea for a TCB story. *cue panic in the streets as people consider what a monstrosity a combination of these two stories would look like* I'd start off by saying I'm not planning on following the Avatar story in it, and I certainly hope to stay away from the 'all humans are evil' genre that is much disliked on here. It's more of an inspirational thing than a direct basis, to put it simply.

The premise is thus: Before the opening of the bureaus, humanity had no way of seeing what was inside the barrier. This would potentially cause some distrust between humanity and the ponies, since the ponies were entering human territory without allowing humanity the same right. When the potion was first developed, I doubt the governments of the world would allow it to be publicly distributed until they could A) confirm it actually worked and B) explore the place the recipients of the potion would be travelling to afterwards. Therefore, it is likely the government would assign either a single person or a small team to take the potion, and become the first humans to explore Equestria. A number of plots could be explored through this story, including the diplomatic relations between humanity and pony-kind (many of the ponies still in Equestria would be just as unfamiliar with humanity as humans are with them), the founding of the HLF (Were they a result of the team sent into Equestria? Would they be much more widespread if the team hadn't been sent in?) and the establishment of the Conversion Bureau scheme.

When I write it down it's hard to see the inspiration I got from watching Avatar, but that's less important than the resultant plot. Comments and suggestions are welcome - I'm undecided on whether or not I'll actually write this, considering Singularity's kind of stalling at the moment.
>> No. 75364
File 132545239434.jpg - (94.43KB , 594x421 , Comedy+Centrals+Indecision+2008+America+Choice+DNdz_rfUF49l.jpg )

>I'm undecided on whether or not I'll actually write this
>I'm undecided on whether or not
>> No. 75456
File 132548796496.png - (86.15KB , 362x619 , 132202760667.png )

Personally, I don't really consider the TCB universe one of HiE nor PoE, but its own thing as the lines between the species are blurred by the presence of the ponfication potion. Sure, when they finally enter equestria, they are in the body of a pony, but they are still the same people (that is to say humans) they were before.

Now, out of morbid curiosity, which TCB fics have you read and enjoyed?
>> No. 75458
File 132548940313.png - (36.43KB , 798x549 , Pirate.png )
I haven't been online enough to read enough, but I've read Last Man Standing, and a few of the chapters of the original. All in all, it's fairly solid.

The entire thing is more like Ponies on Earth, anyways. I don't entirely enjoy HiE fics, and I've tried my hand at writing THREE different ones with the help of my best friend; unfortunately, not something that is very easy to write.

I was just saying that reading some of the chapters and parts actually, in some cases, helped me get out of writers block, as I read, and contemplated. Made me work on my characters, and in turn, move me out of Blocked Mode.

I really enjoy these.
>> No. 75468
File 132549397463.png - (321.26KB , 1004x1225 , 89862 - ask_octavia exploitable Octavia.png )


I maded LMS into an .epub for my nook, and converted it into .pdf for other readers...

IF you want it, it can be found here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B_IndbNp6fUtOGUyYmMyN2UtNWZmNC00ODNjLWEwMjUtYTVjOTFjN

BTW, it looks better on my nook, so it might look better on y'alls e-readers too...
>> No. 75597
There are no words nor images to express the fthomless uncontrolable anger.

My laptop broke. I don't even have it for as long as it took to fix and it FUCKING BROKE! I deploy before they'd be able to fix it! I have to find a local shop and their turn around is12-14 GODDAMN DAYS!

I'm not going to give up on AAF. I refuse. If anything this adversity has only redoubled my efforts. Just... don't get angry if I go off and it isn't done...

This is the worst thing that could happen right now.
>> No. 75623
So you're planning to type it up on your phone?

...I'll proofread it for you if you want.

And if it's not done by then, that's perfectly understandable.
>> No. 75647
I don't think you get it. If I don't finish by deployment, I won't finish.
>> No. 75651

If you're sure you can't finish it you should just bring up a googledoc of a plot synopsis since you say you won't finish it. It'll at least give the story some closure.
>> No. 75653
Okay. Its like this:
I am going to try my damnest to finish it as well as I can on my phone.

I may not be able to, as I am slower on my phone.

Deployment is end of next month.

It can ggo either wayy.

If I fail, it won't be finished, but I am determined.
>> No. 75673

Was it a Acer?
>> No. 75676

>> No. 75696
File 132555433465.jpg - (1.20MB , 2592x1456 , 2012-01-02_18-23-10_920.jpg )
Heh, pics and it happened
>> No. 75788
That's a horrible way to write. Go find a public library and use the computers there!
>> No. 75789
Dude, 15-20% Of every part of AAF was written on my phone except pt 11 which was 100% all phone at 3.1k words and 8 pages and was probably the best update to date.
>> No. 75795

I'm sure during your MWR time you can write this.
>> No. 75806
seeing as if it's missing from the directory
>> No. 75810
File 132557677358.png - (36.43KB , 798x549 , Pirate.png )
Prequel to the whole Conversion Bureau thing? Before the land of ponies was known to all? Was it known to a select few? Was it kept a secret for years that another land existed? I would like you to take a look at Earthside, which, if you think it could work, could be an effective prequel thing to the whole Conversion Bureau thing. It's not actually written for that, but I'd like to see if you might consider it that way.


I can't really provide a good summary, as it tends to butcher what the story is about. I prefer for the reader to decide what it is about, which is much easier for me. If you'd like the description a friend did for me, here:

The world has changed. People are turned into the government because their neighbors believed them to be controlled by aliens. Friends turn on friends; father against son; mother against daughter. Amongst all this, a secret government program known as the Shadow Protocol has been leaked and is now lost among the masses, the program turns a computer into a portal generator for travel between worlds; however, this particular version opens a portal between Earth and Equestria. With such potential for chaos and anarchy caused by the reconfiguration of such a portal, the government will stop at nothing to silence any who discover the nature of the program... Human or Equestrian.

Picture has nothing to do with the story. Pic is just what I'm using to represent me.
>> No. 75869
Pt 12 nears completion...

Expect it today.
>> No. 75916
File 132563483394.jpg - (1.05MB , 2592x1456 , 2012-01-01_11-32-47_412.jpg )



>> No. 75947
File 132564189937.gif - (8.17KB , 522x399 , 44.gif )
That reference! It has wounded my fragile little ego beyond repair, and I fear that I may never recover! If I could faint through the internet, I would be doing that right now. The rest of it was good though. Also, mfw that ending is pic related.
Well anyway, I too have an update! It is for something far less good that I doubt anyone remembers, but HA! It's something!
It's called Opening Week for any who remember, and I'll post both links just because I doubt anyone remembers what happened last time.
Part 1 (The Cliff hanger one):
Part 2 (The New one):
>> No. 75963
My first Conversion Bureau story, 'The Big Respawn' now has an enhanced audiobook version available.

It features ambient sounds, sound effects and theme music; 'Hand For Hoof' by zahqo and d.notive, used with permission. The story is read by the amazingly talented Pwezem. 46 minutes.


The Big Respawn Mediafire, 42 meg file.

If, of course, anypony cares for such things.
>> No. 75972
;| And once again... Is my story that bad, or did no one even bother to read the post? I was legitimately asking if you would consider Earthside as a prequel to the Conversion Bureau, albeit a prequel that goes MUCH farther back than the time in the Conversion Bureau, which always struck me as in the far future for some reason.
>> No. 75973
;| And once again... Is my story that bad, or did no one even bother to read the post? I was legitimately asking if you would consider Earthside as a prequel to the Conversion Bureau, albeit a prequel that goes MUCH farther back than the time in the Conversion Bureau, which always struck me as in the far future for some reason.
>> No. 75982
Hey guys just wanted to give an update on my story. I'm in a place with very little Internet connectivity so I most likey won t be able to update part 3 this week. If it's well recevied I plan on a writing more a continuation of the story, heh hopefully plenty lootin and shootin. god I wish I could write better.
>> No. 76020
earthside as a prequel? No, not for me I wouldn't. It's something completely different.

That's not to say don't write it, but you've got your own thing there that's inspired by rather than based on.
>> No. 76022
there is not enough gusta available to say how much me gusta.
>> No. 76030
Dude, by this time I have written maybe 6-8.5k words of a 30k word story on my phone. If you ask me, it isn't how much leisure time, or available connection that gets stories done. Its determination and some degree of inspiration. Now with movies, books and games all readily availabe at all times this day and age, even inspiration isn't hard.

Now get me pt 3 of a KC&F. Also that other story with the magic spiders and bugs. (Consider driders yet dude?)
>> No. 76265
Who else gets that reference? Show of hands - or hooves, as the case may be.
>> No. 76284
Regarding what I said, I do plan to ATTEMPT to do a CB story sometime in the future, after Earthside. I've got ideas coming out the chimney for it, so it's not really a possibility until Earthside is done.

But hey, I was only asking if you'd CONSIDER it as a prequel. That's all. I wasn't asking for you to actually take it as a prequel; it's not written for that.

Now, I need to go write, and find my gander. He's here somewhere.
>> No. 76334
As I said, I don't, for a large number of reasons - and as I also said, keep writing it if you want. Don't write it to be what others want, please yourself first.
>> No. 76336
I never even considered to think of it as the prequel until it struck me as I was reading this thread. Earthside is not for this, through and through.

Good day.
>> No. 76354
File 132576700400.png - (78.72KB , 250x262 , azurefuturecb.png )

Courtesy of Chatoyance.
>> No. 76494

>One man walks in, Six ponies walk out, the amazing story of Thomas Thail.

Now I need to know. o.0
>> No. 76526

Hey, someone reads my shit! That's the link, it was a collab event.
>> No. 76587
File 132588312596.png - (32.74KB , 274x239 , 1286043814699.png )

>That feel when your story will never get fanart.
>> No. 76610
>that feel when its my second piece.
>> No. 76617
File 132588960513.png - (268.26KB , 800x583 , change of life small.png )
I'd do you one, but it'd look like this...
>> No. 76636
File 132589557822.jpg - (3.51KB , 185x82 , 1293684487912.jpg )

Love it.
>> No. 76702
File 132592575569.png - (231.13KB , 440x440 , 132521881055.png )
Ahaha! Mfw I have five chapters of my story done before posting the first, that way I can take my sweet time and space it out once I start actually putting it up!
>> No. 76705
I shoulda done that. Like, really. It's been three months since I updated mine because I'm a lazy bastard and my inspiration only strikes me after midnight, when I'm too tired to write.

Whee, I wanna write a prequel to my fic already. Here's a thought, Zaka: finish the damn fic first before you begin on the mini-prequel and mini-sequel.
>> No. 76707

Pt 8 revised. Finally.


>> No. 76708
I'll be in the IRC.
>> No. 76773
File 132598277126.png - (734.60KB , 1008x985 , SING20.png )
Okay, one more chapter to go -- one more free day. Sounds like a challenge!

Anyways, chapter 5 and a brand new prologue. What the hay is RD doing in there?

Picture is
a pencil prototype of the cover image. Look! It's like a CD cover!

> one piece of "ambient sounds" is the character selection screen music from Phantasy Star Online.
Good times...
>> No. 76902
File 132605772159.jpg - (217.59KB , 1009x984 , SING20.jpg )
'nuff said, now it's at least 2-3 weeks until I get that last chapter out...

picture is a Paint.NET version of the cover
>> No. 76988
Hey guys and gals. How's it going?
So I finally started something new. I hope you enjoy it. I've submitted it for approval on FimFiction, but for now here is the link to the GDocs collection.

>> No. 77001
Do a search-replace and change "colt" to "stallion", please. A colt is a male child pony (or horse). Filly is a female child, mare is an older female.

There are other terms, but you likely won't need them - perhaps gelding if your characters have been very unlucky in the war.
>> No. 77002
I changed them, but it "gentle-stallion" certainly doesn't sound as nice as "gentlecolt".
>> No. 77007
gentlecolt is probably a suitable exception, and is in-canon, especially as mayor mare says "fillies and gentlecolts" at least once.
>> No. 77034

Well, to be fair, we don't always say "Those men are making trouble!" even if they are men, quite often we say "those boys are at it again/gather up your boys/boyfriend/girlfriend." So its not flat out never use fillies/colts, considering we don't always say woman or man. But maybe that's just me.
>> No. 77038
This is tangential, but I really wish more fic authors would say "boy" and "girl" sometimes, considering how both words have been used on the show (the second quite a bit). A lot of authors seem to be dead-set on mare/stallion/colt/filly (and in the worst cases, "buck") to the exclusion of everything else.

Also I find colt/filly/marefriend to be a very strange-sounding construction better replaced with boy/girlfriend.
>> No. 77107
So all those time i heard filly-fooler, it wasn't lesbian slang?
>> No. 77145
Um, did the thread disappear or something?
>> No. 77147
When I click "view" I get a page with the normal boxes for posting a reply but the actual thread isn't here, but clicking "view last 50" works like normal. Graaaagh.
>> No. 77156
filly-fooler and colt-cuddler is the perjorative for lesbian and gay ponies, yes, with all the negative connotations that entails.

There is of course also "foal fiddler".
>> No. 77161
The site was being updated
>> No. 77254
Hey guys, I have the next event all figured out. What I need is a good time. Its a week lon event on an individual level.

Who's available and when?
>> No. 77268
Chatoyance has something new.

>> No. 77292
File 132625838604.jpg - (7.29KB , 297x320 , zelda4.jpg )
Hey there folks I'm posting the third and final part of my new story. Hawk a group had definatly been planned but they just didn't feel right for them to show up early. I've got another much bigger story planed out to continue it, the best part is it's partially written already (or worst). If you have interest in it here's part three of BBB.

part 1.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bkSKKQ0Zz4SLbj5uDWzY4xB17pGita1_qra5NkLtprk/edit

part 2.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Tz-N3LIYW8Mw4cHWk9EHr0jK3Ovljbb4sYWbbijL6oc/edit

part3. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VxajT9jq-WHeAACE3wqzXvnY6FRX8vHrSdi701WYkwk/edit
>> No. 77314

hrrm...I dunno.
>> No. 77341

This updated! XD
>> No. 77402
Oh god, I have no idea what I'm doing. Trying to write chapter 4 and I still have no idea what pacing is.

I probably should have tried to think this out better. This is like climbing a mountain that only exists because you're a screw-up.

The hardest thing about original characters is making the audience care about them. It's so hard to figure that out, especially for me. I am so bad with people in reality, so trying to write one is nigh-impossible.

Welp, back to slogging through this...
>> No. 77414

At least I'm winding up to the good parts...maybe as soon as I hit them, I'll turn into some crazy writing locomotive...
>> No. 77441
Hello everyone. I got bored one day and several webpages, coffees, and hours filled with insanity and chanting monks with keyboards, I managed to make an e-book of Chatoyance's series "Lost in The Herd."

Now I know that everyone has different kinds of e-readers and the like, so I made three formats for it. E-pub, Mobi,(Kindle format) and PDF.




Let me know what you guys think and if there is any formating issues! Also, If anyone is interested in me making their story into one, Please let me know!
>> No. 77550
There's no chapter two in the epub version.
>> No. 77585
Thank you for pointing that out. It should be fixed now for both epub and mobi.
>> No. 77589
Thank you!
>> No. 77645
hey, as long as you point to *a* copy of the original somewhere in the text or link/website/whatever, then feel free to make e-books of any of my works, since you've asked so nicely.
>> No. 77744
If you want it, you can have it.
>> No. 77752
yes plz
>> No. 77879
Now, Grey became a pony to found PER. He chose his name because of his coat and because he believes he is leading a holy war. Thusly, the rank structure is similar to the crusades. The lowest level, or grunt is a Squire. The next level up, which handles most technical works, medical stuff, and running small ponification teams are the Knights, They also do the grunt work on the high level projects. Above them are the High Knights, which are the ones that handle more sensitive works heads of staff, the runners on their 'top secret'esque works, They lead ponifcation a good number of ponification teams, which have knights leading them. The second highest are they Grand Knights, They head everything. They oversee Top secretesque projects, head instillations, and things like thee deployment and placement of ponifications. Lastly, there is Grey Crusader, The Grand Master. The head. Number 1. Guy in charge, you get the idea. He gives the final say. He lead them to the path of 'rightousness', the Grand Knights hold his word in high regard, but their job (the nine he keeps around for this purpose) is to provide alternatives. These are "The Knights of the Nine", though they still hold they rank of a Grand Knight, they are the second highest ranking idividuals in PER. Each of the Nine heads a department (Use circle as a term?), such as R&D, Intellegence, Operations, Spec. Ops., Publicity, Membership, Magical Studies, Counter-HLF, and Medical.

I hope that makes sense, It may just come off as the rambling of a mad poet, for that's what they are. If you need something clairified, ask. I also threw in a bit more than whats on Fimfiction.
>> No. 77904
>> No. 77933
Uh oh.
>> No. 77944
I like where this is going.

Personally, though, I'd only reference PER off-handedly without much detail. Because I'd screw it up if I tried anything more in-depth than that.
>> No. 77959
If you want more PER, then the latest chapter of Chatoyance's Code Majeste has the most well-realized, interesting characterization of PER to date. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6641/The-Conversion-Bureau%3A-Code-Majeste
>> No. 78139
Me and chay have actually been passing notes for the last few days about PER.

I'm really found of the group, its the only good thing about AAF and a helluva contribution to the TCB universe. If this fandoms still around next year when/if I return from afghan It'll be fun to see what people have done with it.

ANYWAYS, Part 13 is coming along. I am almost to the second part of three. (Pt 13 is parts 13-15) Just have a conversation and a transition. The next parts should be shorter.
>> No. 78193
just promise to come back safe from that quagmire...
>> No. 78328
I finished An Azure Future.

Its being edited right now.
>> No. 78335
File 132677011789.jpg - (64.29KB , 424x336 , wizard.jpg )
>> No. 78338
May I present pt 13.

>> No. 78363
I present to you: The Conversion Bureau - Walking Man's Road.


I had just recently seen 'The Last Unicorn' for like the twentieth time, and had the song "Walking Man's Road" playing in my head when this idea just popped up out of no where.

I swear I recall seeing something similar to this, but with all the Conversion Bureau stories out there. I don't think I've seen one from the ponies perspective. What do THEY think coming over here? How do they perceive all the odd human things that we have, that they don't? Like cars?

So yeah, that lead to this story. Just a prologue for now. Not sure where I'm going with it, but at least it's out of my system for the time being.
>> No. 78501
It's been established that Krass is, in fact, a wizard. You may not have been in the IRC then.
>> No. 78511
Howdy Y'all! Welcome to the FIFTH TCB Event!

This is one I've been sitting on a while, and I wasn't going to post it til this Saturday, but I'm going to trust all of you to do the right thing and not start until its in full swing.

It will take place all next week. Now, what, you ask, denotates such a time appropiation? The event is to do a spin off of someone elses fic. A minisode, small thing type thing, or a large full scale bit. Write someone else's fic.

Go as loose as doin the story or a continuation from a random small character. Or write what you think happens next. Of course, it could be a 'prequel' in nature. Taking place before the events of the story.

But feel free to use this time to decide, plan, outline or what have you. Just try not to start til Saturday.

Oh yeah, post how ever many you want. Don't be shy. If you can write a thousand spinoffs in the alloted time, go ahead.

Just remember, HONOR SYSTEM.
>> No. 78514
I got one: John Norris, Man of the Year.
The rise of John's fortune and fame, and his own terrible crash after his wife leaves him.

...aw crap that actually sound pretty good, and out of my league. Someone who knows how to write want to do this instead of me? Chatoyance or Windchaser maybe? They're good at that kind of character driven drama stuff.
>> No. 78554
I'm sorely tempted, but I am terrible at writing any character I didn't make myself...

Hm...maybe I can work something out...
>> No. 78594
Ha! I've got this in the bag! I've done two of these LONG before this contest was even announced!

... What do you MEAN I have to make a new one to enter!? XD

(Seriously, I was doing this before it was all cool and a contest. WTH man! WTH! :P )
>> No. 78625
I may go with a Thomas Thail continuation. I had lots of fun with that.
>> No. 79066
depending how things play out, I may do something for this.

If anypony wants to use one of my characters, feel free - no strings attached, just try to stay "in character", especially if it's Midnight or Glenn. Unless you do it for the lulz.
>> No. 79072
Don't know if it'd be allowed by the rules of the comp, but anyone's free to write in my subversion*.


*and if it's not, just take this as a general statement.
>> No. 79086
File 132707299000.png - (213.96KB , 3300x2550 , Pandorum Logo.png )
Guardian Chronicles may have been on break for a LONG time due to life but I've started work on a short series called Pandorum. Check it out and see what you think! Be sure to leave some feedback!

>> No. 79223
Welcome to the FIFTH TCB EVENT!!!

The last event was a helluva time. This may very well be the last one I run, so let's make it good eh?

PROMPT: Simply put, write a continuation, prequel, or spinoff of someone else's TCB story. Satire or serious, I don't give a fuck.

TIMELINE: 0000 (As of -0700 MST) this Saturday to next Saturday 2359, same time zone. So a whole damn week.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Post it somewhere and either email me the link, put it in the comments of the FiMFiction or leave it in the current thread. Now for you AMBITIOUS peeps, it may please you to know you can submit how ever many you feel. No less than 1.5k words.

There you have it! Have fun!

I myself will be participating.
>> No. 79234
Here is my first submission for the 5th TCB Writing Event. I based it off of BronyOfSteel's Ten Minutes, it's called Ten Minutes: Aftermath.

>> No. 79244
Resistance is futile.
>> No. 79246
File 132716585588.jpg - (83.56KB , 979x816 , maidy_octavia_by_peperoger-d4lvdj8.jpg )
I started doin a community service spin off, but then it turned to clop.

In other news, I seem to be writin the first TCB clop fic...
>> No. 79250
Really? And where can one find this fic? For you know. Curiosity purposes...

... Why is everyone looking at me funny?
>> No. 79251
File 132717112200.jpg - (39.14KB , 382x341 , 130975120997.jpg )



>> No. 79252
File 132717155482.jpg - (223.99KB , 800x1169 , 114513_-_artist_theartrix_Bonbon_california_girls_at_8am_comission_derpy_hooves_equestria_girls_.jpg )
Well, I was staring at my phone, tryin to think of an idea for the crossover. I was inbetween 'Yellowstone: Electric Scootaloo' and a CS spinoff. I kept coming to 'Community Service: Royal Debt'

Its in progress.
>> No. 79257
File 132717337200.jpg - (74.29KB , 335x472 , spoiler.jpg )
I have made a masterpiece of literature that, I am quite sure, will make you rethink your entire existence.
It is a spin off not any one particular TCB fic, but all of them woven seamlessly into a majestic tapestry for all to enjoy.
As a preview, I will say this: Our protagonist will face trials and adversity in search of something that I believe is quite dear us all, and vital in our constant search of who we are as a race. There is action, drama, romance, comedy, good, evil, and everything in between.

I also wrote it in less than five minutes.

So enjoy, and prepare to have you very perception of the world changed forever in this stunning piece of fiction.
>> No. 79261
Amazing! That's an instant 5-star on fimfiction. Tracked and favorited and commented!
>> No. 79263
Who is this to?
>> No. 79269
File 132717624533.png - (19.11KB , 636x624 , handsom_rainbow_dash_by_cherry_bomb_alue-d3fuqcc.png )
Your literary masterpiece >>79257 of course! I am flabberghasted with the thoughtfulness of plot, theme, dialogues, expositions and such. Also, because there was a filly Rainbow Dash involved at some point, or did I misread that part? Peu importe!
>> No. 79281
I laughed, I cried, I needed to change my underwear. I also read your story after that embarrassing accident and went wut.

also, motherfucking poptarts.
>> No. 79282
btw, really enjoyed this, so man, do more.

As for the event... a whole week, huh?

Prepare your bodies.
>> No. 79364
It's certainly a good silly little parody/joke, but I can't judge the actual clop content. If you want actual constructive criticism on that, you are going to have to ask the experts. I suppose someone on here might give you suggestions, but this isn't really the thread for it. IMO, it doesn't seem ameturish, just short. One thing you can do from here is have this be the start of a series detailing Edge's live as the Royal.... whateverit'scalled, and throw in some more story between the clop stuff.
>> No. 79365
File 132720953069.png - (644.31KB , 900x636 , 4004154238-1_jpg.png )
Actually, the run-up was fairly humourous. You got me to smirk quite a few times. Your editing and dialogue punctuations need work. I, myself, do not enjoy clop, but I shall withold my opinions.
Now, delete it. It would be a shame for you to be banned for posting R34 when it's actually a half-decent story that you made a poor decision in where to post it.
>> No. 79367
KK Ion.

If ya'll wanna read it, it'll be up on fimfiction's comments.
>> No. 79370
File 132721026991.jpg - (38.04KB , 453x604 , 15145_1260393235138_1388893344_739352_4653437_n.jpg )
Most agreeable.
>> No. 79397
I just came up with the best Yellowstone fic spinoff idea ever.

Holy god.

It is amazing.
>> No. 79413
Ahhh.... So much interesting writing...

I'm slowly making my way through Yellowstone (finally).

Anyway, new chapter of my new fic "An Understanding of Sacrifice".

Chapter 2: Inherent Risk
>> No. 79416
...I am incensed! I am so incensed, I shall take a copy and read it regularly to remind myself how incensed I am!

( actually, that's hilarious :D one small edit to note is that when my section ends, she's in the garden... you may wish to fix the transition after that )
>> No. 79419

I have an idea for a CB story that I think of planning to write in the near future.

Its called "Generation End" and it chronicles the story of Humanity from start the initial first contact with Equestria, to the its Split from earth in search of the Secrets of the Universe.

Allow me to elaborate. There are four Major Main characters. Jackson, Doros, Gabriel and Anastasia. The story is devided into three major story arcs, each explaining the story of each one of those characters. The timeline starts in December 30th in 2018 and will end officially in October 28 in 2078.

Within those six decades there are four major events that each character will partake in. Initial First contact, the Griffin Wars, The bombing of Equestria, and the Split of Humanity from Earth. Each one of those events impacts world history and will eventually lead to "The split", in which the great minds of Humanity leave earth through Space Exploration and Colonanisation and the ponies officially end all Conversion Burues and hunt for Human Conversion.

The story begins ust after the split, when Celestia visits the USS and its Moon Colonies and starts negotiation with its leaders. Gabriel takes it upon himself and takes Celestia to a room alone to negotiate. Panic settles in between some of the colonists but that quickly dies down after Celestia leaves as she came. Gabriel anounces that all hostilities with Princess Celestia have ceased and all conversion proccesses have closed down. A couple of hours later his daughter Anastasia comes through and asks him what he told Celestia so she could end all hostilities. Gabriel hesitates to tell her what happened inside that room and tells her that he will explain everything on the moon colonies. A couple of days later, on one of the moon colonies, Gabriel explains everything to his daughter, from the contact in 2018 up to today

Most of the story is viewed through the eyes of Anastasia and Gabriel. Garbiel tells the story to his Daughter, which takes days by the way, and she in turn records everything that happened to store at the History Banks for future generations. Its alot in the style of Maus if you get what I means.
>> No. 79424
>> No. 79426

Sorry, for some reason Ponychan didn't post the rest of the message. Weird.

Anyways, my main problem here is that, I dont know if this is a good idea or not. I have the conlflicts written down, the ideologies, the general themes and the events as such.

I also forgot to mention that I have been writing this since the first TBS stories came about, and really, it has gone for so long, and has become so... massive that I just can't really hold it back anymore. Really through I may have to but it into seperate stories.

I guess my point is a question. Is this a good idea. I don't know my foundations but does anyone find this interesting? Would this be something that you would read?
>> No. 79427
Krass? Can I use John for 2 things?

1) an alternative ending for code majeste that already has Chatoyance's blessing (if you refuse, I can structure the story such that we never see inside the vault until it's too late, seeing as he'd have to die for me to write it in that case)

2) an... alternative interpretation of the dress club night. Fair's fair :)

State which one is yes or no, unless it's honestly yes (or no) to either...

>> No. 79428
Who am I to tell you not to write? Knock yourself out. I might give it a shot...
>> No. 79431
It sounds like a good idea to me. Do it.
>> No. 79437
Bro, after what I did, you can do whatevers man.

Knock Yourself Out.
>> No. 79438
Hmm, I may have an idea for this. Gonna play around with it for a bit before I say any more though, to see if it'll actually work out.
>> No. 79439
as you wish, so mote it be.

entry 1) my raw, off the cuff, unedited, unpolished, non-proofread, written in one sitting verbal expultion:

>> No. 79462
See, this is what I love about the internet. If you have an idea you can just run with it. And if it involves someone else's IP, all you have to do is ask.

I love you guys.
>> No. 79491
Apparently plenty of ponies failed to piece together my pretty purple prose, so I have persued a program of producing a panacea.

Or something.

Silly ponies. The ending has now been elaborated upon.
>> No. 79636

Just realized one of my fic characters is a Mary Sue.

And not just any Sue, she's a Deus Ex Machina Sue.

This is a problem.
>> No. 79640

that is indeed a problem.

also, why must life torment me so.


I hope.
>> No. 79682
I would like to see someoneone do this.

I am planning on doing this for Johns BG story, but if its good enough I might just use it. It'd be fun to see done anyways.

C'mon pleeease?
>> No. 79779
I would want to try, but I doubt it'd get past brainstorming let alone a rough draft, at least by my own work ethic :(
>> No. 79804
well I made something and it semi-sucked, so maybe I should try again.

maybe I should let the people vote

1) clop clop clop! john's big night out at the dress club, what *really* happened (which, for obvious reasons, would be mature-rated).

2) something else. hmm. feel free to suggest something.
>> No. 79806
A continuation of the Original. The next part in the saga that started it all.
>> No. 79808

So its TCB Event: clop edition?
>> No. 79812
well, I'm considering getting my own back for Krass' entry by retelling what *really* happened in the private back room of the dress club, but I'm not entirely sure I want to write it. I could, that's not the, er, issue.
>> No. 79839
File 132743299168.png - (75.61KB , 387x466 , 39fe2830d09acc4ecdd6d95e945f370c.png )

Ya'll are so silly.
>> No. 79911
File 132746173853.png - (432.12KB , 600x819 , metaloo_by_kiyoshiii-d4luqcr.png )
We're just busy being the best thread on /fic/.
>> No. 79915
You know it.
>> No. 79942
File 132746891599.png - (49.30KB , 439x244 , tumblr_lo6v1qynxr1qmymj6o1_1280.png )
>> No. 79983
File 132748181785.gif - (68.56KB , 352x300 , 15473042789e0b08d0937373fa4a3881f59fb29d[1].gif )
Interesting... Do you guys realize its been nearly a year since the TCB thread started?
>> No. 79987
No this really is the best thread on /fic/.

'Tis the only one I post in, since my TCB fic idea is the only fic idea I've actually tried writing.
>> No. 79992
File 132748928822.png - (151.90KB , 250x262 , 800 Year Promise Small.png )
After finishing off my last TCB novel 'Code Majeste', I have begun another, called 'The 800 Year Promise'

It's my effort to explain the origin of the emergence of Equestria in the first place, thus leading to the Conversion Bureaus.

>> No. 79993
File 132748954231.png - (67.53KB , 250x270 , Code Majeste Title.png )
Which reminds me, I never posted Code Majeste here at all.


It tackles the touchy subject of an alicorn - but wait! I assure you it is not anything that you might suspect.
>> No. 80013
File 132750092643.png - (189.39KB , 513x742 , 118058_-_artist_miketheuser_derpy_hooves_nom_socks.png )

Not to mention we do what every other general thread does in one, mainly because we have to, but that's not the point. We have the funniest De-Rails and some the best in both writers and fiction. No other thread can compare. Fallout thread? Not if you want happy, bright equestria. Though we do have those that portray equestria as a bad place to live. Sensual thread? We ship just fine and 2nd person is stupid. Brainstorming? We got our own, thanks. Hell, we even have fun events.

Every thread that isn't this thread can suck this threads dick.
>> No. 80035
Hey fellow MLP fanfic writers, who wants to be crazy and write this...

>> No. 80040
File 132751519663.jpg - (91.22KB , 894x894 , 497480110c01f0453bc4190482df4b84.jpg )

Hey lets not be rude now Krass! Just because you like this thread doesn't make the others bad! We should be polite to everyone.
>> No. 80072
Yeah. It's been going on about 10 months now. Pretty intense.

Definitely longest-running for sure.

Also this picture makes me so happy. I've been listening to the Bastion soundtrack nonstop since I got it.
>> No. 80092

Bastion is suuuuch a good game. So I saw this and I was like "DO WANT."

It was pretty buckin sweet.
>> No. 80182
firstly, I'd like to re-start the TCB update posts and make it 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat.

Yes, that meme is so overused it's now cool again. deal with it.

Now that I have blog posting powers, I'll hopefully be getting the posts *correct* the first time, and I can update them properly myself. Also, this means that the old compilation post (As posted by sethisto) is dead.

the post is dead, long live the post.

This means a new start, again. The old post will still be there, the new post will be the one that bumps. If we do the split off post thing again, they will point to the new compilation post.

If we do the split off post again, the new compilation post (whilst being updated) won't bump, but it will be linked. Same as before.

So, what does that mean for you?

Well, everything I can identify as NEW or UPDATED since the last post is in, everything else is out. It can be in the document, but it won't be in the post.

What I need, for those of you still using google docs, is to create a cover-document with links to all of your chapters if your story is longer than a single google document. Put artwork in there to make it look pretty, but also make sure I know what you want posted:

Info I need:

whats new (chapters X to Y)
Link(s) (i.e. fimfiction and cover doc, DA folder, etc, but no more 20 gdocs links, plz)
Tags (As per EqD norm)
Extra Tags (if you have them, no more than five)
picture link for artwork if you have it

I'll be working on a submission form for a spreadsheet to make my life easier, and some of those I already have. I'll aim for bi-weekly posts if we have enough updates.

This time we have a doozy.

We also need to make sure that the story archive document is spiffy, so who wants to help me do that?

Whilst none of these go through the pre-readers, there will still be no clop and nothing overly gorey actually posted. borderline is fine. "mature" rating on fimfiction is acceptable, as long as it's not clop or cupcakes, which we don't have anyway.
>> No. 80184
I created this:


Create pages for your own story collections there if you wish, I'd like it to be a good resource in addition to the google docs.

Since it tracks changes, it would also help to know who out of previous authors are still active, even if you haven't posted in a while.
>> No. 80192
>As long as its not clop or cupcakes, which we don't have

Oh midniiiiight...
>> No. 80226
File 132760056363.png - (697.02KB , 1280x768 , Haiku\'s.png )
Might be updating with Opening Week Day 3 later today, schedule willing.

In the mean time though, have some haikus about a few of the TCB fics I can remember:

Midnight's Tail
The perfect pony,
adventured around the world.
Now he bugs Twilight.

An Azure Future
John: lost and alone,
freed from sorrow by his son,
lives his life anew.

Last Man Standing
Gone but not forgot,
under his boughs his son waits,
wishing to see him.

Change of Life
They met by mistake
growing closer day by day,
now they fly as one.

Chatoyance's Universe (I know it's cheating a bit, but I couldn't decide on a single one)
Mankind has fallen,
but they live on as ponies.
Finally at peace.

Twilight made human,
finding love with the guilty.
There's more, but who cares?

Okay, I kinda ran out of steam for those last few. But hey! TCB haikus! Write 'em if you dare!
>> No. 80236

A Mare's Tale
A woman alone,
After losing a dear friend,
Goes after her fate.

Ten Rounds
Together they lived,
Fighting for what they hold dear.
*click*... Zero rounds left.
>> No. 80242
In related news, An Azure Future apparently obtained a 4.8 rating on FiMFiction.

>> No. 80244
I meant up on EqD!
>> No. 80257
Anonsi... that was beautiful. That Last Man Standing haiku. Wonderful.

I'll see if I can make a page for my story at some point tonight.

Also I am going to make sure I get something written either tonight or tomorrow. I'm tired of waiting on that lazy bum that I call a muse.
>> No. 80331
Haiku, eh?

Lemme try...

A Twist in the Tail
A young man's mistake,
Makes him an amorous lass,
Discovers new love.

Wow I suck.

But I should contribute something to this other than my irate musings so there ya go.
>> No. 80360
Guess I'll jump on the haiku bandwagon too.

AIs meet ponies,
Find they are now obsolete,
Watch them all panic.
>> No. 80368
I'm loving these. Alas I have little skill with poetry beyond base doggerel.
>> No. 80453
>> No. 80502
File 132777780054.png - (219.56KB , 569x297 , JuicyFruit-pegasus.png )
This is my entry in the Great and Powerful The Conversion Bureau Fifth Event: The Fabulous Crossover Fiasco.


It's a spin off based on a continuation of a spin off based on a fan fiction from an idea based on another fan fiction...


Anyway, it's based on Midnight Shadow's wonderful 'A Twist in the Tail - Community Service'.
>> No. 80506
God, I'm probably not going to make it. I have one scene to finish. One scene to write, and then the final scene to finish up. AND I need to edit it all...
>> No. 80509
This is like coming to work to find somepony has bought you a large black tea and an entire bag of sweeties.

That's brilliant! Can I post that as part 4? If you ask me, it's canon to my fanon and fits perfectly.
>> No. 80520
File 132778669153.png - (58.46KB , 255x255 , JuicyFruit-avatar.png )

I'd be extremely honoured and proud if you wish to accept my little contribution as Part 4 - A Twist in the Tail - Community Service.
>> No. 80537
The sixth and last chapter is done. The Conversion Bureau: Sing for the Wicked is done.
The link to the compilation (which is a companion doc as well): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HiBcQBCFT4Ovu9aW7R6IpLO12kkH9plxBWJqEuzKIGo/edit?hl=en_US

A spectacular and intriguingly fantastic ending. Has explosions. I missed the event because of this, too bad.

Gonna take a break from writing and do some reading instead. Is there any reviewer out there who'd serioulsy take up a TCB fic such as this? Just asking. Reviewing it by myself over and over again isn't too productive.
>> No. 80545
Erm, I tried reading the first chapter. I...didn't really like it. It felt rushed, didn't flow so well, and it just seemed kind of..."off." Sorry.

Then again, I hardly know anything about writing myself. A more experienced person could give you a better opinion, I'm sure.
>> No. 80550
File 132779617142.png - (11.32KB , 160x141 , th_fluttershy-shy.png )
Really embarrassed to post this here, but here is mine. System 72, not my first story but I'm new to this writing thing.
>> No. 80580
I have contributed to the wiki.
>> No. 80586
I'd love to contribute to the wiki, but I won't make a page for MY story. Definitely doesn't deserve it. MAYBE when it's finished, MAYBE.
>> No. 80588
About an hour and a half left in this event
>> No. 80589
Gah, it still needs some editing done. Especially to the latter half, but I'm about to collapse. In order to make the deadline, I'll have to post it as is:

A Twist in the Tail Side Story: Mixed Signal


Just a Google Docs for now. It'll go up on Fimfiction, only when and IF Midnight says it's okay.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go die for a few hours...
>> No. 80597

Yellowstone: The Double D Team

This actually makes the word count by 3 but isn't finished.

Also 50 minutes
>> No. 80604
Is over!!!
>> No. 80611
I'm sad, I never got to show John how good a time he really had :(

And the one entry I made was... lukewarm at best.

In return I see more than one side-story/alternate generously written in my direction.

You shame me.
>> No. 80614


I failed in my mission to get it up on time.

But I shall post it!
>> No. 80615
Comments like these warm up even the darkest corners of my heart.
>> No. 80619
I enjoyed reading it - you're a fledgling author and you really need to spend more time letting your characters breathe, but to be honest with the time you did, you did pretty well.

It was a fun romp, a good start, and told a story - yes it was breathless and the pace was too fast, but I can see the story in there and enjoyed it.
>> No. 80620
Hey! I really like this one too! A few details don't match up, but if the details that need revising haven't been posted yet, I can work around it.

A sweep through by an editor to smooth out a few wrinkles and straighten out some of the dialog and structure, and I'd be happy to post it as a guest chapter!

It's really a spinoff of a spinoff of my fanfiction which is based on another fanfiction from an alternate universe of a television show, but ponception always was our bag.
>> No. 80622
Like I said, it still needed editing. As it is, I'm unhappy with it, but I knew I couldn't do any more last night, and if I wanted to make the deadline, I had to post as is.

I'll most likely be spending an hour or so editing/fixing a lot of it when I get home from work tonight.

(I was working on it all Friday night. Dozed off at 1am. Woke back up at 3am. Worked on it some more till 5am. Then finally had to call it quits. I was on page 13 then...)

(So yeah, next day I was busy till around 6pm where I attempted to hammer out the rest of it. It was about midnight when I was going through and editing it, and my body finally just said. "NO" and thus I posted what is there. >_< )

Side Note: Can you pm me which details don't match up over on FIMfiction? I'd like those in mind when I go back through with my edits.

(Also if you're wondering... Yeah, I do want to write what happens after this story... If that's okay.)
>> No. 80623
I'm not sure at the moment which details were posted last time, or are in the so-far unfinished next chapter, which I'd be happy to rewrite so that the way you've got it fits.

Basically, both ships were originally slated to be in the harbor for the storm, whereas this has Seapony's Fancy a day or two behind with an extra passenger. It's relatively minor, but josses the entire story if I'm not careful.

Like I said, it's enjoyable enough it's something I'd love to work around.
>> No. 80632
File 132785455325.jpg - (859.66KB , 1680x1050 , City scape2.jpg )
Hey, all I did was make a few haikus. I don't even think those count.

Whatever. So Opening Week Day 3 is a go (not that anyone reads it), and I'll be updating the FimFiction version on Monday.
Here's the link, and I'll be hanging out in the doc's chat to take any criticisms.
>> No. 80704
Ah I went and re-read the Chapter "Message in a Bottle" more carefully and saw the one detail I missed where it said Alice and the kids had come via the Sea Pony Fancy.

Other then that though, there is no mention of it ever again. Just the small scene with Alice on a boat. I kinda thought it was her boat till I re-read that she gave it to Summer.

A way around it I think could be that after the Sea Pony Fancy dropped them off at the island, it had to go do a quick run. Being I'm sure they've been there for a few days. Maybe Alice was on Coco Butter's ship? She did seem to know who he was at the end of the chapter.
>> No. 80782
That's what I mean, relatively easy to "fix".
>> No. 80818
You can still do this.

I don't mind~
>> No. 80949
I wrote a part 2.


Flee! Flee for your sanity!
>> No. 81149
I might! It may, however, remain one of those... special files that is kept in very special places and only looked at under certain situations.
>> No. 81188
>> No. 81263
Hello everyone.

I have a TCB universe fanfic that I would like to write, but I possess no writing skills outside of what was taught to me in high school and the idea of writing a whole story seems a bit daunting to me. Is this a big deal? Has anyone written a story with the same level of experience?

I have been writing the story in my head for a couple months now and I think it may finally be large enough to start typing out. Any tips for a beginner would be greatly appreciated.
>> No. 81267
File 132815104524.jpg - (165.38KB , 1314x898 , 1297346061563.jpg )
There have been some truly terrible stories written for this sub-universe (the original, for example). If your comment is anything to go by, you're already doing better than that.
All things in relation.
>> No. 81268
I decided to write my first fic in the CB universe and was told to post it here. ATM I only have a prologue and one chapter up, but I will write more. Just wondering what everybody thinks of it. This is my first fic so please do give criticism (be nice about it please) so I can better myself. Enough rambling.
>> No. 81270
Here is the synopsis I forgot to post.
Nathan Kase, son of rock star Cooper Kase is ready to leave his dismal life as a human. There are some things about humanity that he wants to be rid of in a heartbeat, but there are just some things he can't seem to let go of. This is his mental toil about the things he stays connected to as he gets converted into a pony.
>> No. 81335
> sees video watch request
oh boy, here we go...
> sees Charlie Chaplin dressed as Hitler
oh, yeah, he hated-
> hears the speech
> mfw>>81268

I never knew.

Those are some big boots you've got to fill, lad, if you want your story to live up to that sort of speech - have fun, try your best, but even as I thank you for linking that I'm not going to let it sway my opinion.

Now, to read it...

just remember, all writing is practice, if you're having fun then you're doing something right.
>> No. 81341
Groups on FimFiction? TCB group! Wheee!


Not exactly too sure what groups will be used for or how they really work since i'm only semi conscious, but I went ahead and made us one for our growing subcommunity!
>> No. 81343
File 132817382596.png - (59.13KB , 256x256 , 130601685294.png )

Yeah. that speech is...is pretty darn impressive.
>> No. 81347
Thank you, glad you liked it. I'll try to remember that.
I've uploaded it to fimfiction here.
>> No. 81368
Here's a not-so-secret secret: I felt the same way last March when I first started writing Last Man Standing. So long as you have a good head on your shoulders and can fix spelling and grammar errors and keep the story well-paced and enjoyable, the best thing you can do is just write write write! Keep writing until you feel like what you have is worth posting, then proofread the crap out of it.
>> No. 81379
What about my fic so far? Eh?
>> No. 81506
commented on fimfic - I like it, you've been hiding your talent for too long. Just slow down, let your characters breath and dont hit that post button too quick. Edit first.
>> No. 81514
I'll be honest Midnight, I did a fangirl scream when I saw you tracked and commented on it.
>> No. 81527
File 132829455921.png - (155.16KB , 335x405 , 131718629218.png )

Seems Midnight is famous!
>> No. 81528
He does get around an awful lot I've noticed.
>> No. 81532
that makes me sound like some sort of manwhorse! D:

also, in other news, going to do a tcb post next week, so rev up those typin' fingers and create header docs if you're using google docs, and I'll try to make sure new stuff goes in.
>> No. 81597
Two weeks from now we will be hosting the sixth, and for me, final event.

What is it?

Ready for this?

A mass rewrite of the original TCB by Blaze.
>> No. 81600

How would that work?
>> No. 81601
Take the original story.
Make it un-suck.
Seems about right.

I might join in on this...
>> No. 81648
File 132833295017.png - (597.87KB , 2338x1700 , 131511254243.png )

This is an idea I can support. Lets do this.
>> No. 81652
Maybe I should try to participate.

Would have to wait and see how it works out.

Have not read the original, short attention span tends to drag me around.
>> No. 81662
The problem with that is trying to figure out what the heck the original was trying to do. I just don't get it. It starts with the completely, ridiculously implausible prologue, (Ponies lived completely peacefully for centuries on the same planet as Humans? How did they avoid the colonialism and world wars and everything else?) and just doesn't stop meandering towards who-knows-what.

Midnight's Tale is the first Conversion Bureau story I read. I consider it a much better introduction to the CB~verse than the original could ever be. I don't know which CB stories came out first after Blaze's, but for me Midnight's Tale is the real first Conversion Bureau story. It's simple and clever and a fun read, and it's even about the first human going in to a new bureau! Go back and read the first paragraph-block on the first page. That right there is the idea-root of the human half of Chatoyance's ~verse. Later on there's the conversion dream, which is explored in so many other stories to wonderful effect. And there's tons of other stuff too...

I have to stop here, because I honestly don't know which stories came out first exactly. I see many ideas in Midnight's Tale built upon in other CB stories, but I might be wrong and other authors could have written those ideas first. Irregardless, I will always think/believe that it's one of the best CB stories to introduce one's-self to the genre and a sort of genesis seed or ancestor or origin point for many ideas and themes and stuff (and stuff? /fail) in many amazing stories.
>> No. 81687
Good luck leads!
>> No. 81696
if you want the history of the conversion bureau, then mine was the third story written and second posted to EqD after the original (which was the first). Pride's short was the second written and third posted.

Yes, the shared ideas which you see in many other fics (that aren't present in the original) came from midnight's tail - one thing I can be proud of, I guess. I'm glad others used mine as a springboard to reach higher still.
>> No. 81828
Perhaps instead of rewriting the original, we write a continuation. Try to finish the story and salvage whatever we can. Thinking back on it, redoing the original without permission is a giant FUCK YOU to Blaze, and frankly, I don't want to be that much of a dick. We will discuss it further, and come to an agreement before the weekend of the 17th.
>> No. 81986
I support this plan actually. I also do not wish to be a dick.
>> No. 81988
I'll send Blaze a note over dA asking him for his permission.
>> No. 82013
Hi all,

Two ideas here for *this post* which is incoming, since there's about 50 stories I know of that have apparently updated and/or are new, and I'm sure to miss some.

Please note that there will be another post in about two weeks from whenever this one goes up!

1) I post ones I specifically like the look of, that are bigger and/or active/new.

> this is currently about 25 stories, with a good chunk of them by Chatoyance, plus AAF, CoL, my four that have updated, and a bunch of other standalones and series.

> others that aren't in that short list include ones I like, but aren't quite so scholarly. Yes, that makes me sound like a pre-reader when part of the idea was no pre-reading.

2) I post everything that is either sent to me or is in the fimfiction TCB group

> that's about 50 stories, but I know as soon as I post, I'll get a lot of messages saying Y U NO ADD ME

If I do 1) I look like a jerk. I'm a big pony, I can take it. I am a jerk after all.

The thing with that is, I'm leaving a large number for next time, banking on me being able to pick up the stragglers - meaning next post is also sizeable.

If I do 2) I don't look like a jerk, but then next post will be a bit thin on the ground.

Basically, I want to do 1) and I don't want to feel bad about it, which hopefully won't be too difficult because frankly only 1 person has actually emailed me their update (and it will be included).

Frankly, if I could, I'd do a Chatoyance, an AAF and a CoL post standalone, or even a Chatoyance one and an "AAF, CoL, Mare's Tail" one - the latter way because Chat has written so much and it's all top notch, and the other three each represent interesting takes on the world with their own slice of uniqueness.

What say you?
>> No. 82020
I like that last idea about posting stories in sections. Honestly Chatoyance has written so much of high quality, so I like that last idea there. Posting the others like you said after, AAF, CoL, ect in a different post.
>> No. 82033
AAF seperate post?!

Yes please!

I think chays works should stay with their own seperate post tough, they are their own thing really and all fit together.
>> No. 82162
Chatoyance's stuff should be in it's own post for one simple reason: Chatoyance is HARDCORE!

Do you have permission to make more than one individual story post? Because the way things are going you might as well have a section in the update for "Stories that will eventually get their own post" just to point out the really popular stories.

I'm kinda worried with this trend towards down-rating absolutely everything. One of these stories should be capable of getting 6 stars, but it's never going to happen with all these trolls shooting down every story recently, not including the usual haters who give all CB stories one star.
>> No. 82188
I finally wrote something! New chapter to Ten Days: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/4156/3/The-Conversion-Bureau%3A-Ten-Days/The-Second-Day-%28AM%29

I'm going to split the posts in half to try and speed up updating and reduce the amount everyone has to read when i update. Giant walls of text aren't good for the eyes.
>> No. 82238
When's the post gonna go up?
>> No. 82264
File 132857093961.gif - (497.52KB , 262x200 , 1328327323886.gif )
>mfw CoL has over 13k combined views on FIMFiction

Chapter 8 is chugging along. RL obligations have been eating up a lot of my time. Ill try to have it out some time within the next week or two, maybe sooner.
>> No. 82286
File 132857827125.jpg - (53.41KB , 505x403 , its_alive.jpg )
It's alive! You know what this calls for?
>> No. 82369
File 132859269438.png - (136.02KB , 346x360 , luna.png )
Well just finished Code Majeste. I had tried my hand at Conversion Bureau stories before (I tried reading the original and A Twist in the Tail) but I just couldn't get behind them. The former because sweet celestia we get it humans are horrible monsters get on with it. The latter because first chapter: ponies in heat, I rage quit Not that I disliked the idea behind all the stories. Let's face it some people probably want this to be a reality (minus some of the more depressing human parts).

But Majeste was the fic that did it for me. I'm not a big supporter of grimdark (can you see how it might contrast with colorful ponies?) but with the addition of human elements and the burden that a deity has to hold the story surprisingly worked for me. I especially love the ending hint we get right from the beginning that makes you go "Wait isn't that... naww probably just a little homage" but then when Derpy actually happens... oh man was it amazing and glorious.
>> No. 82394
Hah! A necessary frivolity. Honest. You can trust me on that. Would I lie to you?

The TCB post will go up when I make it - but I'm currently sick. I'm dead. I am an ex-unicorn, shuffled off this mortal coil, etc, etc.
>> No. 82402
Buckshot to the dome piece, cures Alicornitis everytime.

>> No. 82450
Well now that I think about it I do needs something a little lighter now and I managed to over come Rarity's um... narcism, in On a Cross and Arrow and that's one of my fans
And yet the scene that really creeped me out was the P.E.R. scene when the little kid (now a pegasus) ran up to his dad and then the dad started turning into a pony... it reminded me of videodrone
>> No. 82458
the spa... it's always the fricking spa
>> No. 82563
Oh, come on! An entire 24 hours and no-one caught my set-up. That makes me sad, bronies. :(
>> No. 82669
Shhh! We're trying to lure Pinkie Pie in to say it!
>> No. 82792
we are go for main engine launch. repeat, tcb2 is a go. the bird is off the launch pad.

(or, in plain english, new updated tcb post incoming - if you're not in it, tough - should'a hit me up, shouldn't ya?)
>> No. 82876
Oh HELL yeah.

So that'll start on the weekend of the 17th and run all weekend long.

OH YEAH, Don't forget my sendoff on that night. I will be drinking. HEAVILY. See the FimFiction group for more details.
>> No. 82894
posts tonight at 9pm blogtime, hangs out all night
>> No. 82895
I think i got everypony, sorry if I didn't, btw.

it's 1/3 chatoyance night, aaf is top billing and everypony else is somewhere under that.

entirely new post, so show yer love!
>> No. 82916
>Top billing

Shiiiiiiit man. Don't know if I should be excited or scared.

Also, over the past week or two, there have been... rumors... around company. As you may know, they are serverly cutting back soldiers to Afghanistan. This is the first afghan cut that includes Linemen, like me. They are only taking 17 men from each platoon of about 34/5, mostly leadership. In the end, only 3 joes (Privates and such) are going. The odds are against me going.
>> No. 82943
File 132882408861.gif - (31.12KB , 512x512 , tumblr_lz3mqnPEQc1qi3s12.gif )
Holy fuck. Dude, I got my fingers crossed for you.
>> No. 82964
well, top billing in this case means it's the first story on the whole darn list. followed by everything chatoyance has done, which... I think I added great respawn for completeness since *everything else* was new or updated from her.

she's the tcb kkat, which she should take as a good thing.
>> No. 82971
Dare I say she should rewrite the new, official The Conversion Bureau?

>> No. 82991
I think that's the event Krass was planning on. Not sure how it's supposed to work. There are a lot of things I'd change, but primarily:

* no humans in Equestria, I really dislike that
* no ponies and humans living together before some event, cheapens the whole deal
* have a reason for humans wanting to move to Equestria en masse that makes sense - Chatoyance does that well, I think I do a pretty good job of it. "grar humans bad" is not a good job.

I have a plot for something I'd use as "The Conversion Bureau" were I to help rewrite it, since I don't know where Blaze was planning to go with it, but it would match pretty closely to what we have. If anypony is up for a collab, meaning I lay out the idea, you do the heavy lifting and then I claim all the credit (haha) then let me know.

In all seriousness, I'm pretty busy with my current crop of fics, but I do have a good replacement/extension/rewrite of the TCB original in my head and it's one I plan to write one day. there are a few authors I would love to work with on it.
>> No. 82992
I entertained the idea of a supervirus that forced humans to convert or die for a while. There are viruses in laboratories right now that could decimate the human population, so a breach-scenario would make sense.
>> No. 82993
Didn't the Samurai post that idea a while back? I remember viruses were involved.
>> No. 82999
Really, some more good ideas for reasons to convert would be great. My own idea is that after the worlds encounter each other, the combined exchange of scientific knowledge and technologies allows the development of a super-cure that can regrow limbs, flush the body of invasive diseases, and fix genetic disabilities. (It's expensive enough and the processes it uses to heal are complicated enough that medical professionals are still needed just as much as ever.) The problem is, since it (secretly?) utilizes the power of Harmony itself, the potion only works for Ponies. This is the extremely awkward pause on every news outlet on both worlds at how extremely one-sided this wonderful discovery is. It's quickly discovered that the potion does in-fact work on Humans, but it turns them into Ponies. Such a massive change, affecting the newfoal's very soul, is utterly irreversible. An outbreak of awkward pauses and befuddled faces hits many news reporters. The Conversion Bureaus quickly open, saving lives and hosting lots and lots of parties.

Please tell me that was at least mildly entertaining.
>> No. 83017

Humans are bad isn't a good idea?

but...all my fics! Ruined!
>> No. 83048
How's this for a fanfic: Earth is pretty much... Well peaceful. not an ideal peace, but a pretty good one. Everyone's starting to get their act together, Human trafficking nearly non-existent, The economy is doing pretty okay And new technology leads to rumors of colonization of the moon.
But still everything's pretty darn good. Not perfect, but good.
Then Equestria appears. It appears the barrier went down waaay later than Celestia predicted it would, and instead of a Crapsack planet on the verge of economic, physical, and moral collapse, It's doing pretty darn well for the most part. So here's the gist of it: Equestria comes into contact with Earth, but there's little to no need to help them. Everythings pretty okay for the most part.
>> No. 83051
The above one was mine.>>83048
>> No. 83067
I think the problem lies in making humans too bad it's why I got fed up with the original story because for the pages I read the majority of them were dedicated to saying "Ugh HUMANS EVIL PONIES GOOD!" and I hate black and white concepts, they're boring. It's why I dislike canon Nightmare Moon, she's really not that complex especially in contrast to something like Night Guards.
But I digress. Back to humans. Humans are complex and so are ponies, heck that's the backbone of why FiM is good. It's not about selling toys (like previous MLP installments) it's about characters and how they react to problems.
So the idea of portraying humans as pure evil corporate monsters really doesn't fly when the basis of your story is that humans are seeking redemption you can't operate on a black/white morality system when redemption is involved because that implies a grey area of a person doing something wrong or "evil" and then seeking to amend that wrong. Grey has to exist. Especially in the TCB universe.
>> No. 83099
For anyone who isn't following it on Fimfiction, I've been posting several updates to my story, Ten Days.

>> No. 83120

Hehe. I understand. Trust me, nuanced protrayals of complicated issues is like, the best. I completely agree that a story setting like this must have grey. Hell, I'm a proponent of having the ponies be a significant part of that grey, because as we've seen in the show not all of equestria is love and tolerance and happiness and rainbows and sunshine, as we've well seen. Plenty of less savory characters.
>> No. 83129
That could be either fun to play with - ponies as different but equals (in kindness) or very, very boring. I mean, if you want to have care bears meets the care bear cousins, go right ahead, I just don't see why you need to have ponies in it.

Write something, if you've got an idea for a plot which would be interesting. I won't say it can't be done, but I will repeat what I've said before,

>conflict drives plot

also, welcome to the new post, http://www.equestriadaily.com/2012/02/new-conversion-bureau-compilation-post.html
>> No. 83143
>>83067 No wonder why some of those stories pissed me off! Thank god for people like Chatoyance for writing the ponies good concept with believable human characters.
>> No. 83150
>>83129 I just thought it'd be interesting to see what would happened if everything went pretty good for the humans in the conversion bureau universe, instead of all the hell the human world gets.
>> No. 83160
I've been considering writing a story in this setting. The planned title is "The Only Name I'll Ever Have."

Basically, the protagonist is this cranky salesman named John. He gets laid off from work and can't find another job because the economy is kinda tanking. This would be bad enough if he didn't also have a family to support.

So, despite his phenomenal distaste for the whole thing, he decides to "convert" in the hopes of getting a job and being able to send money back to his family.

He really doesn't like being turned into a pony, which he makes abundantly clear at several points. So a lot of the story involves him being very bitter about the whole thing. Primary antagonist is this really snide PER guy. Needs more planning.

I admit, Iiiiii haven't read any of the stories in this universe. Suffice to say that the misanthropy and escapism that tends to be associate with TCB does not appeal to me. As such I could be very prone to making errors.
>> No. 83163
Ah yes judging from his comments on Code Majeste he appears to be quite the literati, incorporating various ideas from other books into his writing. Again that really was the fic that clicked for me in TCB probably because it really was a story about the human condition and what happens when that fades away to something else. It was terrifyingly beautiful to see just what a higher existence might be like.

Oh PER antagonist I like, those guys are creepy, way more than the HEF (that's what they're called right?).
>> No. 83179
you'd like Chatoyance's stuff then, especially the ones that go deeper into the whole story - the one-shots are simple morality plays, although I'm not sure that's the right word. They are vignettes that play with the setting and underscore the differences without explaining why they are there.

The humans are rough, violent and rude. The ponies are sweet, kind and innocent. This is for a purpose; namely, it underscores the differences.

When you get to 27 ounces and taste of grass, things are explained, the characters go deeper. The humans show they can be better than the ponies, the ponies show they can be assholes, both worlds show they are shades of grey.

I have no qualms saying she's the best CB writer of us all for the more serious side of the fanfiction arena.
>> No. 83180
if you're interested, I have entertained an idea where the two worlds are separate but equal (and yes, I am entirely familiar with the history of that word).

I would play two mindsets against each other to see how it went - emerging utopia Earth, with all of it's high-flying, high-tech wizardry, and emerging utopia Equestria, with all it's high-flying magi-tech literal wizardry.

Introduce the same setting - Earth being devoured - but mix in the choice, play up the differences, make the choice that much harder, add a choice for ponies to want something essentially other.

That could breed some very, very interesting stories.
>> No. 83181
If you're interested, BillyColt, try it. What you're planning sounds interesting. I would suggest he go to PER to get converted because those goody-four-shoes ponies aren't going to ponify someone that is honest about their unhappiness with converting. On the other hoof, he could just lie and live with it.

Chatoyance's rules would only lend itself to your work if the potion your protagonist uses is either the mystery HLF one recently introduced in 800 year promise, or the PER method which isn't exactly a potion, as far as I know.

If you don't care, then base it off hers or mine, which are pretty much identical save for pony mind-set, timeframe post-emergence of Equestria and severity of global depression.

If you think it would be interesting for you to write, I will say it could be something fun to follow, even if it's a one-off.
>> No. 83182

T-t-t-triple post!
>> No. 83183
I like the idea of a poisoned chalice, a panacea that comes at great price. Current medicine can only do so much. Pony magic, which won't work on humans, can do so much MORE - almost anything, in fact, but the side-effect is you become a pony.

As we have often seen, medicines often become over the counter things, so soon enough people with plain old headaches are considering going pony because with voice-activated everything they don't need thumbs and it's been scientifically proven that ponies are happier. that, and access to a new start yadda yadda...

there's enough of me to go around, ladies
>> No. 83201

I've got a headaaache time to go poni.
>> No. 83205
Gotta admit, not having read any of this other stuff, I could be very error-prone. As I have planned right now he doesn't exactly *voice* a whole lot of discontent at the process except for one part - I imagine that most converts change their names to more, well, "pony" names. This guy doesn't, hence the title.
>> No. 83233
amusingly, the idea of "not having a pony name" is already often a good mark of not being content with the pony world in many stories.

bad pony names can be great fun for characters.
>> No. 83246
Oh dear - how big of a cliche is it?
>> No. 83247
Wait that can take place in the CB universe? it doesn't just have to be the grim "world is crumbling around us" stuff? It could just be like [b] bam! [/]b Ponies now here from ancient hidden civ. You wanna get everything cured? Just become a pony!
>> No. 83260
I want to expirement with the world Chatoyance has set up. The Corprate world. It won't have to do that much with the ponies, in fact, there won't be any ponies during the fan fic. It will be a small story on what would have happened to the world if Equestria never appeared on

Obviously I ask Chatoyance permission to use the setting which will be a small variation from what I have in mind.

Lets say that equestria didn't have the chance to start the plans of conversions. Lets say that the use of one expiremental weapon on the barrier, did something so Equestria dissappears. Lets say that during the midst of rage from the corprate world, a lie was told. It was a small lie, but tell a lie long enough and it suddenly becomes the truth.

But history does not ask if he who writes it is telling the truth. There are facts and there are voices. The fact was that a new land of full of resources waiting to be harvested, disappeared after a new weapon was used on it. The corporate voice said that it was the fault of one person.

And it started with a small lie.

"I did it"

This will be world of " Post-Corp "
>> No. 83272
oh, its a fun cliche - it's one of those things that fits the characters. Like a rite of passage. Sometimes they just don't get a good pony name, sometimes they don't get a cutie mark - it's a defining thing for a character.

Use it, it fits your purposes exactly.
>> No. 83278
of course you can do that.

This isn't one setting - FO:E has literally one setting, post-apocalyptic. Things can be shitty or worse, but if they're shining and new then shits on fire, yo.

CB is much looser, or it always has been. Play it for yucks, subvert it, invert it, screw with it - it's all good.

We've got my frivolous shameless stuff involving orgies on the beach, chat's stuff involving deeper introspective meaning-of-being-human plots, ten rounds universe where the humans are fighting tooth and nail to eradicate the cute zombies that just want to help, we've got the humanification bureau that has those corrupted and evil ponies becoming sinless, enlightened humans.

That's the thing, we've never centralized on one canon setting, so pick what you want to tell a story about and make it happen,

Personally, there's great room for black comedy pieces about people going pony because of toothaches, or being slipped potion in their drink and getting fired from work - reinvent it even, make earth a paradise and make ponies want to be human.

It's all good, just don't be a douche and call them all misanthropic wish fulfillment, it just shows your ignorance. Plenty are, sure, but hey, so's most fanfiction.

I call it shit when I see shit and the author in question can't. When the author is trying hard, knows s/he has to improve, then CB or not, encourage, help improve. Ripping the piss is reserved for those without a brain, not for those who need (Even a lot of) improvement.
>> No. 83282
I think that could be interesting in the right hands. I'm not sure fimfiction would host it, if it's not pony (it's meta-pony), but if you write this, let us know.
>> No. 83288
File 132891869229.gif - (496.80KB , 300x126 , 1326944084539.gif )
>See the updated Comp post on EQD
>Read the comments

Its like they don't even want to give the stories a chance...
>> No. 83295
File 132892289200.jpg - (64.97KB , 500x500 , we\'reboned.jpg )
oh... one day I shall unleash a meta storm the likes of which will blight the sun FOREVER! MUHAHA!
>> No. 83316
Why hasn't anyone thought of this yet?
>> No. 83355
That's pretty good. i would really like to see such a deviation from the norm.
>> No. 83447
Sunday at 6pm EST/9pm PST there will be a discussion about how we do the event.

It will be on the chat.
>> No. 83538
File 132902108433.jpg - (922.72KB , 952x1218 , img139.jpg )

Could be. I will ask the admins if I can post such story but beyond that, I dont know where to host the story.

I am already deep within writing the first chapter of the story. I also have designed the banner of the story. Its a new symbol I call an "Apocathis".

Its the symbol of love and death, of peace and war. What do you guys think? Is this combination too risky?
>> No. 83618
you want to side-step the world of pony-biased soft genocide oft lambasted for featuring people "drinking the coolaid", and then introduce a graphic with a known connotation to a certain 20th century madman?

You're nuts, lady.

If you have the cojones to deal with the stupid which will wend it's way towards you, go ahead.
>> No. 83619
thought of, yes. time to write it? No, not yet.

I would suggest, if we're doing this TCB rewrite, to use THAT as a setting.
>> No. 83621
well, if nopony has done a new thread by tonight, I'll try to.
>> No. 83628
Looks provocative. DO IT.
>> No. 83668
File 132907967893.png - (147.00KB , 900x1142 , 118957 - artist iamthegreatlyra deal_with_it Octavia sunglasses vector.png )
I got dibs on the new thread.

>> No. 83678
File 132908168514.png - (193.44KB , 681x747 , 127900 - artist miketheuser Daring_Do plot.png )
Yellowstone for nook: http://www.mediafire.com/?92kwi7fp6v5m7v7

Yellowstone for kindle: http://www.mediafire.com/?b5ihdlokg9gxkcx
>> No. 83788
get dat thread.
dat cord.
dis cord?
>> No. 83962
Link to the new thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/83737.html

Seriously, why did no-one post the link yet?
>> No. 85268
File 132955398080.jpg - (251.21KB , 900x278 , 2011-09-16-GWS1240.jpg )
Okay, an idea occurred to me. You know how humans are instantly cured of illness and issues such as blindness, mental retardation, etc when they are converted into ponies? I've read wonderful stories about newfoals who had gender issues but... there is one community that refuse or is frightened to change. Deaf community, I know people who are deaf and use sign language, they do not enjoy the idea of being able to hear because they'll have to learn how to speak, pronounce words, etc. This will be an interesting story if anyone would like to give a shot at it. A deaf person/family/community/whatever will have to give up their ability to communicate with the use of American Sign Language from the lack of hands if they want to survive, how challenging it will be for doctors to tell them what to do, and help the confused formerly deaf newfoals. Just a suggestion.
>> No. 89345
I'm writing my very first fanfiction ever and it's set in a slightly tweaked version of TCB universe. I read the guide from EQD and a couple of stories, including the original. I just need some help sorting out what is generally considered standard for the setting and what can be changed without fear.

So far elements include:

- The plague
Name? Symptoms? Origin?
- The Human Liberation Front
Origins? Past deeds? Weapons? Leaders?

- The Ponification for Earth's Rebirth
Origin? Spiritual? Violent? "Peaceful"?

- The International Human Survival Alliance
Members? Mission? Training? Qualifications? Teams? Solo operatives?

- V.A.N.G.U.A.R.D.
Weapons? Members? Human? Pony?

- Various countries including the U.S., Greece, Germany, the U.K., Italy, Morroco, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and possibly more.
Current politics? Leaders? Reactions to Equestria?

I have a (very) skeletal outline and characters. I just need to make sure how much I need to change the setting to fit my story. Hopefully not at all! Thanks everypony!
>> No. 98792
Somebody should write about an insane person that gets ponified and has all their memories come back to them but it stinks because whatever made them insane wasn't very nifty.
>> No. 105235
Still waitin' for TCB: The Jersey Shore.
>> No. 106260
So now we know where from the The Stache was sprung!
But then if Canterlot is New-York, then where in Equestria is Jersey? Parsippony, of course, Parsiponny on the Horsey shore. Or is that Horse-sea shore?
>> No. 112985
The truth is there's not really any canon for TCB other than there's ponies and potion(or whatever version of it you want)
>> No. 123105
Really weird dream last night.

For some reason I was on some outing with a small group of people to Mt. Fuji in Japan. This group, of course, was for people from an insane asylum from the USA of those considered "acceptably sane" as a sort of reward for becoming part of the world again.

I apparently was someone who had been experimented on by the HLF and gone absolutely batshit crazy from something they were trying (alternate ponification syrum?) and was later captured by law enforcement. Dunno about the other folks in the group. Also apparently electronic/techno/etc. music kept me functionally sane.

Anyways, Every now and then I'd freak out because of something, and there were really weird, tall, hay-like scarecrow things that I think were acting as guards in the area around Mt. Fuji. Also a good chunk of the greater japan area (namely the larger cities) were in open revolt lead by a Japanese HLF thing.

So I wind up getting separated from the group entirely and have to find my way to a meet-up point (which I don't find), winding up inside of a conversion bureau somewhere near the border of peaceful japan and revolting japan. For some reason, Vinyl Scratch is the head of said bureau. Eventually I get ponified, but not before helping to evacuate the building while somehow managing to maintain my sanity (for the most part) while fighting off hostiles without any of my music as my mp3 player was confiscated when I entered the bureau.

Really vivid and freaky. Just thought I'd share.
>> No. 128375
Does any one even post here any more
>> No. 129390
but then again what am I
>> No. 129391
but then again what am I
>> No. 130781
File 140318811267.png - (223.79KB , 734x1087 , 140308262535.png )
Another /fic/ thread that the spambots seem to adore. Locking it since it hasn't been posted in for well over a year.
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