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65451 No. 65451
In the old thread, it was decided that the first fic that we should do this to is the original Conversion Bureau fic, instead of the one originally planned. So, here goes.

This is the definition of MST: MSTing is a method of mocking a show in the style of the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K) and, in particular, is a form of fan fiction in which writers mock other works by inserting humorous comments, called "riffs", into the flow of dialogue and events."

What I'm going to do is make a Google Doc with the above-mentioned fic in it. Said doc will be open for comments(I can't open it up for group editing as someone could delete everything if they wanted to). Anyone that comments on a line of the fic with the name they want to be known by, and their comment, will have their comment added into the document in bold text, slowly creating a group MST. Example:

"However, some people have shown some second thoughts. People like Ethan McCullough."
Anonymous1: Our Stu for the evening.

The doc is here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ERvIakzNX5y1zeIgLYZZKVtAYO8d6_YQNVHl9CK_WMM/edit?hl=en_US
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>> No. 65495
All of the comments that were posted last night have been added to the document.
>> No. 65500
This is fun.
>> No. 65514
This is... beautiful.
>> No. 65527
Damn my google docs noobishness.

"Pemberton888" is me. Please don't include the "888" if you add any of my comments.
>> No. 65562
File 132123075606.jpg - (30.62KB , 500x329 , 1301538930341.jpg )
>> No. 65692
Someone...please...help. This has evolved into an absolute BEHEMOTH, and it's really hard for one person to do. Can anyone else help me format these comments?
>> No. 65694
Just give editing privs to eznpony at gmail dot com.

It's only fitting, given how many comments I've made.
>> No. 65695

You've been added. Even if you just fixed your comments, that would be a BIG help.

I'm going to bed, and will get the rest done in the morning.
>> No. 65705
Added all the comments. Stopping now.
>> No. 65945
Yep, we finally finished it!

Sorry to all the people who wanted to have "Revival of a Dead Land" be next week's fic, but it was decided that that fic wasn't bad enough. So, next week's fic will be the cloppy grimdark (although it fails horribly at both of those) fic "THE MISSING PONY CAPER" by Deathsia.


The next doc will be posted Saturday at around 2PM EST, in a new thread.
>> No. 65974
The "upcoming fic" mentioned above will be changed to something much "tamer" if EqD posts this, which is actually looking quite likely(in a Nightly Roundup).
>> No. 66049
File 132139750041.png - (15.11KB , 314x314 , 130495340682.png )
Clop and gore are against Ponychan rules, anyways.
>> No. 66058
File 132139961050.png - (88.41KB , 367x345 , BonBonLikes.png )
Just finished the first MST. Nice job, very funny.
>> No. 66094
So, what's the format going to be?

Is it going to be one session every Saturday, ending at midnight, and then you go in afterward and edit in the comments?
>> No. 66103

Close. The "session" will last the weekend, until Monday at midnight EST, then me and the other editors will add in the comments.

As clop and gore is apparently against Ponychan's rules, even though I've linked some really horrible fics(Sweet Apple Massacre) before and didn't get banned, I'm up for suggestions. Anyone have a REALLY horrible fic they would like to see riffed on?
>> No. 66117
Alright, got it. I'll be there.
>> No. 66119
Rats. How was it not bad enough? I suppose Snarkle made it seem worse than it really was.

On a different note: I'll be here this week, ready to riff the hell outta it. Oh, and ponies appear to enjoy this project of yours! Feel proud, you magnificent bastard!
>> No. 66131
That, and Snarkle pretty much said all that needed to be said. We'd just be parroting him if we did the story.
>> No. 66162

Yeah, it wasn't bad enough. Mediocre story + pretty good grammar = non-MSTable.

And, I'm trying to get this on EqD, but they pulled the "did you get Blaze's approval" card, which I may have worked around, but then they pulled a "but the other TCB authors would feel insulted" card. I sadly have to agree on the first "approval" point, but the second point? Bullshit. I'm not saying you should spam them, but if one or two more people sent this in, it would be nice.

Also, can someone get me a confirmation on that "clop/gore isn't allowed" thing? If the EqD thing falls through, I am still intent on doing that "MISSING PONY CAPER" next week.

(It's actually not that bad at all...not counting the fourth chapter, where all the clop/Cupcakes-level gore happens.)
>> No. 66163

By "not that bad" I meant clop/grimdark-wise, not story-wise. The story is quite awful.
>> No. 66165
*facepalm* Sage fail.
>> No. 66169
Ezn, I believe your comments contributed most to the humor.
>> No. 66174
I will totally E-mail Seth about my approval for this project, being an on-off contributor to the TCB thread myself.
>> No. 66234
Hope I can refine my intelligent humor by this weekend. I am a tad rusty.
>> No. 66314
Sorry to bump this again, but...has anyone found a fic they would want to see MSTd, yet? If this gets posted on EqD, we would need to have a much "tamer" fic instead of "MISSING PONY CAPER", and I would like to announce next week's fic days in advance.

I'm looking for something worse than this: http://dunthyon.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4cyf8o

but not as bad as this: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7509366/1/the_flame
>> No. 66364
File 132147941081.png - (127.43KB , 400x400 , tumblr_lpibwhpgIH1qjmjvko1_400.png )
Fillies and gentlecolts, I have some rather interesting news.

You may remember that there were some talks about MST3King Pen Stroke's uber-popular fic, Past Sins, but it was dismissed because of the highly-refined state that the story now exists in.

I have been in deliberations with said author, and he has given me the original version of the story, Tyrant Celestia and all. Not only that, but he has also expressed his interest in our humble endeavor and is currently (and do forgive the improper analogy) clenching his buttcheeks in preperation for what we may do. Still, he also sees this as an opportunity to learn from the /fic/ community and, despite his reservations, may very well take part in our impromptu deconstruction himself.

And so I ask, will you answer this call to... er... forelegs?
>> No. 66365
File 132147958900.png - (17.41KB , 600x600 , 1313891523014.png )
>> No. 66369

Clenched Butt-cheeks is a very accurate description Luc.

Still, despite my anxiety, I know this is something you guys will probably have far to much fun with and it will help my writing in the future. (What doesn't kill me makes me stronger, right.)

So, yes, if there is interest, you can all have at it.
>> No. 66370

>> No. 66371
Could you supply an E-mail, Ring? I'll send it to you.
>> No. 66374


Also, with Pen Stroke's semi-approval, this is go going on EqD.
>> No. 66375
>>66370 Whoo!!!

I'll get to work on a theme song, and picture for EqD! :D (Of course, there will be no lyrics, If I am allowed to partake in making a theme.)
>> No. 66381

Of course you can make a theme!
>> No. 66382

That was me more asking for permission. AND- If you say yes, I'll need everypony partaking in this to send me a picture of their Ponysona/Persona for this. Gelidenmity@gmail.com.

My apologies, If I'm getting too excited.
>> No. 66392
GAH! Stop with the extra fast responses! It screws me up...
>> No. 66393
Anyone can contribute to the riffs when the doc goes up, right? Cause I love me some MST3K.
>> No. 66394
Should we try to "recruit" people by getting EqD to post something about this in a Nightly Roundup before Saturday, or would that make it too crowded?
>> No. 66396

>> No. 66399

Oh, LORD, no. We don't want too many riffers. I think our MAX should be...10-15 riffers. Recruiting on EqD would make it a real hassle.
>> No. 66400

Point taken, but I'm pretty sure just the idea if this is going to draw in a lot more than just 10-15 people, even if it's only posted on here.
>> No. 66403

Still, funny and sudden quips are better than the entire riffed fic being flooded with good/bad jokes. We should leave it to those who know when and when not to make a remark. Regulars who just want to be a part of something would probably ruin it, so keep it at 10-15, even if people still want in. If people leave, then you can start accepting new people. Would that work?
>> No. 66404
File 132148212688.png - (168.32KB , 640x361 , 130120290433.png )
>> No. 66406

I had a feeling you'd want in on this Vimbert. I can only imagine how much fun you'll have.
>> No. 66407
File 132148227917.png - (292.02KB , 498x352 , Screen shot 2011-10-28 at 8_04_50 AM.png )
Do we have to sign up somewhere?
>> No. 66413

Well, it depends. There were fourteen riffers in the TCB MST, but only about five of them riffed it through from beginning to end. Some people just popped in, added a few comments, and left. So, we should think about setting up some kind of system.
>> No. 66415
I'm in for anything you come up with.
>> No. 66416

We'll see, there might be.

>> No. 66420
File 132148356682.jpg - (40.74KB , 398x527 , zz12.jpg )
I disagree.}

The openness of the activity is what makes so strong; because anyone and everyone that visit /fic/ can comment then this isn't just another product by some weird cabal of self-righteous individuals but rather a silly and open effort by a group of people who like to read fiction and enjoy making fun of it in a good spirited manner.

Thus, keep it open for anyone to comment and simply add them as they come.

Thus is my opinion, take it as you will.
>> No. 66423

Well, we would only have to implement a system if it gets out of hand, like 10-20 people commenting on the same page at the same time.
>> No. 66427

I could make a sign-up sheet! C'mon man, think about it! People who want to stay on here for as long as this goes on can sign up, then we can allow others to just drop on in!
>> No. 66429

Oh, if other people could just pop in and add their comments, that would be fine.

How about this?

The people that entirely riffed the last doc(Ezn, Vimbert, Nuke, Pemberton, etc...) get full editing privileges, and can start MSTing it early, starting Friday night, along with the people that sign up, although those people can only comment, and not edit the fic directly. Sunday night, the fic will be open for ANYONE to comment, but only after we fully save the "pre-Sunday" document, just in case everything gets out of hand. Then we finally close the doc on Tuesday night.
>> No. 66432
>>66429 Sounds good! Make sure to add me to the privileges, and I'll meet you all Friday night! Oh, could you send the fic to me? I want to see if I can come up with some witty jokes instead of winging it like last time.
>> No. 66433
Sounds good to me.
>> No. 66444

No, as that wouldn't be fair to everyone else. But, you, and anyone else that wants to, can try to practice with the edited version, here: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/07/story-past-sins.html

Also, EqD wants to make this a Nightly Roundup addition once it's finished, meaning that theme you mentioned probably can't be used. :(

Finally, Pemberton and Vimbert, please e-mail me(ringmasterj5@gmail.com) so I can give you full editing privileges on the new doc when it's made. Anon13, e-mail me with the actual username you were commenting with(so I know it's you, and not some random person).
>> No. 66445
File 132148824410.png - (162.26KB , 600x600 , 986.png )
I'm going to enjoy myself quite a bit, I think, though honestly, I think I might find it harder to be a bastard when riffing, just because my brain is still kind of Past Sins'ed out from all the editing I did, and you're not just some faceless author to me. If I haven't worked with an author before, it's a lot easier for me to be caustic.
My email is in my trip for editing privileges, if that's how you'll be running it.
>> No. 66451

Related to the above "bastard" comment, here's a ground rule everyone should follow:

NO personal attacks.

This MST is probably going to attract a lot of people who REALLY hate Past Sins, but in no way will attacks/threats aimed at Pen Stroke be tolerated. That doesn't mean any comments about him will be deleted, just don't get unnecessarily mean.
>> No. 66455

I appreciate that comment greatly. If it means anything to anyone, I didn't intend Past Sins to be as popular as it became. I was only hoping at original publishing for about as much success as Better Living.

And, even though I doubt I could have done much about it at the time, I apologize for all the people who spammed /fic/ back when Past Sins was original published.

Didn't intend to make waves, just wanted to write a story.
>> No. 66456
Very true, we don't want to offend Pen Stroke, most people here would probably wouldn't have such a vocal opinion against past sins if we hadn't gotten the Sins Wave...
>> No. 66468
Ringmaster, I'm up for editing. If you need my email it's linked to my name.
>> No. 66471
I'm up for editing. I already said that, right?

Anyway, the theme would have taken me weeks to do, anyway. I literally JUST got FLStudio 9XXL today, as well as Photoshop Cs3, and Sony Vegas. I have a lot of tutorials to watch/read. So, I'll see you friday, Dear Sir. I look forward to seeing our names on EqD.
>> No. 66489
Isn't past sins like 300k words long? Would that require an insane amount of time to properly riff?
No offense, but I don't think you guys are that fast reading.
>> No. 66493

That was one of my concerns when Luc asked me for permission. The original published chapters only go to 13, so already half of the fic is excluded. Still, for the sake of time and sanity, it might be advisable to pick a few chapters.

Still, I'm just offering input.
>> No. 66509

Yeah, I pout it through a word counter, and the original edit was about 83,000 words, total. Almost triple the size of the TCB fic, but there's going to be a lot more people commenting, probably.
>> No. 66510
TCB had 11 chapters, although I don't know the word count per chapter. What's the average word count per chapter?
>> No. 66511
RM, we'll be doing this fic over the course of weeks. Yepper.

"Believe in magic!...Or I'll kill you!"
>> No. 66513

So, there's two choices: We could either splice the fic into two or three weekends' worth of MSTable content, or just keep it open the entire time until it's done. Which should we choose?
>> No. 66514
Hello all, I don't normally post in fic, but when I saw the first MST, I just laughed out loud during the entire thing. I would like to sign up for the next MST if I can. I like Past Sins a lot, but the original unedited version...

The e-mail address here would be the one I plan to use. Thank you and again, brilliant idea on the MST group.
>> No. 66515
I was going to suggest Past Sins for our next riff, actually, but then I thought "nah, too long". Working with the unedited version is perfect! Really, the only disadvantage will be not being able make a tally of all the times "crybaby" was said.

So yeah, count me in for riffin' and editin', just like last time. This is gonna be fun.
>> No. 66518
I say chop it up. This can keep us going for a while, so why not take advantage of that?

Although then again, will PS be as comment-dense as TCB was? It's hard to say right off the bat. But even if we split it in three, each chunk would still be slightly longer then TCB.
>> No. 66522

If we do chop it up, at what point should we send it to EqD? In parts, or only when it's completely finished?
>> No. 66524
I'd say if it is going to be in a nightly roundup, send in chunks, otherwise, wait until its finished.
>> No. 66532
I agree, we should send it in parts. It'll be easier on the riffers and the readers.
>> No. 66543
File 132151705880.png - (83.22KB , 453x540 , legendary.png )

This is going to be so much fun. I just hope we don't end up perma-crashing the document with so many comments.
>> No. 66547
I was thinking. Once a part is closed for comment, the editors could vote on what lines to keep. That way it's still and organic process, with input from the community, without leaving in subpar material.
>> No. 66555
Obviously, I'll be joining in on the schenanigans. RING, could you give me editing privlidges?

My idea for how this is going to work: We'll have a tiered system for commenters. A bunch of regulars will go through the story and leave comments, while some higher-level folk will be the judges for which get left in and which are left on the chopping block. This way we keep the comment-overload down and maintain an equal mix of quality and quantity.

Also, there should be two versions posted on EqD: One with the in-house /fic/ team, and another blank one so that EqD readers can have some fun as well. Who knows, a couple gems might pop up.

If we push Seth and make this into a full series, I think he'd supply us with our own post. One of his main arguments against the TCB one was that the other TCB writers might take offence but, if you look at their thread, they found it hilarious. If Midnight (who's a pre-reader there and a major contributor to the TCB sub-fandom) tells him that it'll fly I'm sure Seth will reconsider.
>> No. 66562
Schweet. Hopefully I don't spit out sub-par jokes. That would make me sad.
>> No. 66567
File 132152915021.png - (122.67KB , 432x350 , 130010602647.png )
>mfw this will be the THIRD time I read Past Sins.

I didn't even like it that much, but I do remember making a few mental riffs when I went through it, so I think I should be able to come up with some decent material.
>> No. 66578
Sign me up! I need a chance to flex my snark muscles. I've never actually read the original past sins, just the edited one.
>> No. 66591
>My idea for how this is going to work: We'll have a tiered system for commenters. A bunch of regulars will go through the story and leave comments, while some higher-level folk will be the judges for which get left in and which are left on the chopping block. This way we keep the comment-overload down and maintain an equal mix of quality and quantity.
Hey! That's my suggestion! :P

>Also, there should be two versions posted on EqD: One with the in-house /fic/ team, and another blank one so that EqD readers can have some fun as well. Who knows, a couple gems might pop up.

By EqD readers, do you mean the pre-readers? I don't really see the advantage. If they were really interested in riffing, they could join in the original session.
>> No. 66598
hehe, I wouldn't mind a go, if there's room. Simplest way is to give me edit or just plain old comment privileges if you decided to let me in on the fun.
>> No. 66599
Forgot to put my email down. Kinda new to Ponychan. REMEDIED.
>> No. 66600
Have you already listed it? I didn't see it >_>

I mean the viewing public.
>> No. 66601
Wouldn't be simpler to announce an upcoming MSTing in the Nightly Roundup?
>> No. 66603
We could get our own post and have a link to this thread in the doc, so that way people who are really interested in it could lurk here.
>> No. 66604
I just don't see a reason to have two documents. If this is supposed to be a community effort, something that splits the community (even in a small way) doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I hope I'm not getting you down. This is just my opinion.
>> No. 66605
Well, the point of it was to give the regulars a structured place to work, and then have one where people who only want to drop a line or two somwehere to riff. We don't want the edited version to be filled up with a bunch of bad jabs from people who think they're the new insult artist on the block, after all. The ones in the ad-hoc doc, if they're good enough, could then be added to the edited version.
>> No. 66606
OOOHHHHH!!! I understand now. I thought you were advocating two completely separate documents. Ya, this is a pretty good idea.
>> No. 66607
I try ^_^
>> No. 66625
Cannot wait to use some great jokes. Lemme watch MST3K all day now...
>> No. 66630
OOH! I got a sudden Idea-Attack!

We take our next fic, an ReAD IT! (Aloud)

We get someone to read the fic, Someone to riff it(I can do a great Tom Servo and Crow impression), and someonr to edit the sounds. Sound good to anyone?
>> No. 66635
editing le sounds.
You will need a good program. Enter audacity (stage right.) It's a free sound editing program, and it's pretty simple to use. Link to download:
or if you have a mac through no fault of your own,

I'll try to hop into next weeks fic!
bob.nolan43 = Isphone
Have fun!
>> No. 66636

I was just seeing if anyone liked the idea.
If they did, then we could do it.
>> No. 66640
For the record, the document that the regulars/signups will riff on won't even be made until tomorrow.


When you say "in-house /fic/ team," to you mean anyone from /fic/, or just the regulars/signups? That does sound like a good idea, though.

Midnight has been e-mailed.


Interestingly enough, >>65981 over in the TCB thread wants to audio-read the TCB MST. You can make a reading of this MST if you want to, it just seems like a LOT of work.
>> No. 66641
Alright, It will be a lot of work. Hell, if I can perfect my impressions and expression, finish that theme, then maybe this will become a HUGE HIT. I'm glad to be onboard with you, by the way. So, meet you on-doc tomorrow then.
>> No. 66675
It just so happens that it will technically be Friday, my time, in two hours and forty minutes.
>> No. 66682

In case no one got the above: The doc will be ready for the regulars/signups to comment on it IN TWO HOURS. This is the last chance to sign up.
>> No. 66684
File 132158586442.gif - (567.59KB , 500x413 , infinity ponies.gif )
Sign me up. This looks like fun.

Email: bob.nolan43@gmail.com

I can't wait!
>> No. 66691
Drats. I'll have to comment tomorrow, as in, when I get home from work. I guess that gives me a little more time to come up with stuff, but I HATE being tardy. *Psychlight Sparkle*

On a totally unrelated note, it's nice to see that you're enforcing the sign-up idea.
>> No. 66692
Oh, RING? Am I considered a regular, or a 'high-tier'? I'm kinda lost.
>> No. 66696

I would like to be involved, if at all possible. hellioning123@gmail.com
>> No. 66708
Sorry for the wait, but I had a few problems. They're all fixed now, and all I have to do is track down everyone's E-mails. Also: Should the first part go from Prologue-Chapter 3 or Prologue-Chapter 4?
>> No. 66709
Up to chapter 3 makes this just longer than TCB (going off the revised version, at least), so that's what I'd suggest.
>> No. 66713
File 132159722183.jpg - (12.74KB , 210x170 , 5ac2281f5d6abc9672bdfcd66a390708.jpg )

Full list of people who can currently edit: Midnight, Pen Stroke, me, Lightsideluc, Anon13, GelidEnmity, Eznpony, Nuke.equestria, Alcoremortis, Vimbert, and Pemberton.

List of people who can currently comment: Hellioning, Intangiblepony, Isphone, and DiStort.

The doc will be open(for comments) to everybody in 23 hours and 40 minutes.
>> No. 66716
File 132159812068.png - (40.43KB , 300x352 , Sum_Pony_as_a_foal.png )
I wanna do it too! Unfortunately I'm tied up until this weekend. If that's too late, then so be it.
>> No. 66717

It's going to continue until midnight EST on either Tuesday or Wednesday.
>> No. 66725
File 132160947277.png - (116.43KB , 422x346 , your face.png )
We should totally do a skype conference call while doing these.
>> No. 66860
37 minutes until the public doc is posted.

The public doc will also be posted in tonight's EqD Nightly Roundup.
>> No. 66869
>> No. 66933
Going through the document one last time before it gets posted, I'm really, really tempted to remove some of the "riffs". A bunch of the most recent ones (not naming names here) are just pointing out little flaws without actually, you know, trying to be funny. They're reading like edits as opposed to jabs. I won't touch them unless there's a consensus on tightening it up ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU4WtOeQyn4 ), but I thought it was worth bringing up.
So that I'm not called a hypocrite, I've been removing some of my own bad ones, FYI.
People, if it doesn't make YOU laugh when you write it, it's probably not funny enough. Use that as a ruler for what works.
>> No. 66937

"One last time"? This won't be posted until Wednesday. What was posted on EqD tonight was a different doc for public commenting.
>> No. 66938
I thought they were both going up. My bad.

I wish you had shown us what you were going to send to EqD for the post before, RING. I think we'll have to do a little revamp for the next one, if you catch my drift. Also, remind Seth that it's not an attack, it's a, ahem, celebration of Past Sins.
>> No. 67073
Damn, I won't be able to put in half of the comments I had hoped to. I'm leaving on an out of town excursion in about 2 hours.

Shame, I have a feeling that I could've corrected the unfunnines of my current comments.
>> No. 67087
File 132176622323.png - (264.33KB , 852x709 , discord lold.png )
I do NOT give rides! Get off! Offf!
Silly OP. Pony rides are for authors.
>> No. 67346
I can't be the only one that sees these un-deleted comments, can I?

>> No. 67355
Why weren't they delete?
>> No. 67860
This is your LAST CHANCE to get your comments into this MST of the first three chapters(and prologue) of Past Sins.

>> No. 67861
*facepalm* Forgot the most important detail. The document will be closed at midnight EST.
>> No. 68117
File 132225061353.jpg - (3.50KB , 175x173 , Denton.jpg )

What a shame.
>> No. 68198

Oh Denton, you always say it best.
>> No. 68440
When is this gonna be sent in to EqD!?
>> No. 69379
Real life got in the way of me getting this finished, but I'm finally back. Anybody still pay attention to this, and want to help me do the comment review?
>> No. 69396
I could do it... when?
>> No. 69465

In about 7-8 hours, at midnight EST?
>> No. 69536
Anyone else from the original doc want to help us vote on the final comments?

>> No. 70132
I just completed moving the comments we decided to keep to the main document. We need to do a final shakedown and maybe reorder some comments in places, and it's DONE! Whoo!
>> No. 70165
Sweet. I'd've helped, but I've not had much internet access as of late.

Looking forward to the final!
>> No. 70168
Sounds great! Which .doc has the final selection?
>> No. 70246
Well, the one I put everything in is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XbtBN2QrxcwFzUiv416jfjoVqLf-JHmnZDWKeelKWG8/edit?hl=en_US

Who wants to help with the final edit?
>> No. 70266

Just re-opened the doc, as it was listed as "Private" earlier. Anyone can view it.
>> No. 70290
Just finished it, with help from Ringmaster and disco. I'd call it ready to submit!
>> No. 70467
>> No. 70507
More riffing time.
(Sorry I didn't help with the editing. Finals and all that.)
>> No. 70575
Update on getting this its own EqD post: Seth doesn't really want to split this off, as he "doesn't really get the appeal of essentially just bashing on a fic". I asked him to get second opinions from Cereal and Phoe.
>> No. 70603
I completely understand his objections.

I'd also add that I question the artistic significance of this -
especially from a "board that intends to uphold high standards of fanfiction," if I may say so.
(Although I've never agreed with that supposed "purpose" in the first place)
>> No. 70605
The artistic significance is that it's funny. We're not bashing the fic, we're just poking fun where we can. I personally loved Past Sins and think Nyx is adorable, but that doesn't mean I'm above cracking jokes.
>> No. 70621
Like DiStort said, it's funny. Not for everyone, no, but for enough people for it to be worthwhile.

In a way, I see riffing as a service. People can read our version of The Conversion Bureau (an important (if not well-executed) fic in the community) and be entertained, instead of wanting to gouge their eyes out.

Pen Stroke sent us the original version of Past Sins and gave us permission to riff it, so long as we didn't insult him personally. It's all in fun.

Not everyone is going to approve of this, because not everyone finds this sort of thing funny. Honestly, we're doing these riffs for the people who do get it, and who will find it funny.

I remember there used to be an excellent blog called Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad, written by John Solomon. The blog got a lot of hate for viciously tearing apart webcomics, but I personally found the reviews hilarious. I guess vindictive criticism humour just isn't everyone's cup of tea.
>> No. 70622
Far as getting an EqD page goes... well, if we get one, we get one and if we don't, we don't. There's an evil trollish part of me that's itching to see the bile that might get spewed all over us for ripping into Past Sins (although it might be a few months too late for that), and perhaps that's the kind of internet fight Seth's trying to avoid.

We've got an audience for this nonsense here on /fic/, so I won't be too put out if this doesn't get on EqD. It may even be better for our artistic freedom if we don't.
>> No. 70716

I was actually quite fine with just a Nightly Roundup post, but only two sentences? Seriously?
>> No. 70719
You have to give him a copy/paste, something he can post up himself. He can't be bothered to write a synopsis for every post that comes up, after all.
>> No. 70720

I did. He didn't add it.

"Sorry for the long wait, but the first part of the Past Sins MST is ready for all of you to enjoy! And, to make up for the delay, we're starting the Part Two commentating NOW! You can find the links to Part One and the Part Two comment documents here:"
>> No. 70724
Did you tell him that was supposed to be the copy/paste? That could pass as just a message to him.
I think I'll make a synopsis for the project for the next set...
>> No. 70731
This was the full E-mail:

The doc is FINALLY ready to release, and so is the commentatable next part! C&P:

Sorry for the long wait, but the first part of the Past Sins MST is ready for all of you to enjoy! And, to make up for the delay, we're starting the Part Two commentating NOW! You can find the links to Part One and the Part Two comment documents here:

>> No. 71557

Holy Nyx, you guys! We have quite a thorough page on TVTropes.

Now that something I have been involved in has a TVTropes page I can die happy.
>> No. 71568

Yeah, that was me. Since the MST didn't get its own post on EqD, I figured a page on TvTropes could give it more exposure. I'm still working on it, though.
>> No. 71573
As the original author of some of the FINEST riffs--including Horizontal Surface--I must say it is nice to see stuff I wrote on TVTropes, where I can help waste time for people all over the world. :D

(BTW, minor glitch: not Mr. Exposition Man, but the superhero Exposition Man!)
>> No. 71576

Fixed! I'm still going through the docs to see what other tropes apply, just so it doesn't look like a long list of shout-outs and pop culture references.
>> No. 72052
I made it on Tv Tropes, my life is complete. Also, I just like to say I introduced the "Stonewall forgetting things" gag. Does it matter, no. I just like feeling important.
>> No. 72084
And now, I have my writer name.
>> No. 72124
Aw, I only got mentioned once. :(
>> No. 72141
I didn't get mentioned at all! even worse!
>> No. 72163
File 132407448594.png - (148.22KB , 600x600 , H48 - Awesome.png )
I laughed like a hyena all the way through. Kudos for turning a mediocre fic into a comedy masterpiece.
>> No. 72233
File 132410181772.jpg - (4.76KB , 315x241 , win.jpg )
Got mentioned for something dumb because the comment after it was better.
>> No. 72243

Check the Trivia section. >.>

And the the page is nowhere near done, folks. I just haven't had a chance to dig deeper into the MST and see what less-obvious tropes it has.
>> No. 72285
Damn it, how did I miss the memo about new chapters for riffing?

Stupid life getting in the way *grumble grumble*
>> No. 72302
File 132414404710.gif - (162.69KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.gif )
Ooh...MST3k! How do I join in on the fun?
>> No. 72305
File 132414432263.gif - (104.98KB , 1697x1720 , Leo_excited.gif )

Damn it! Wrong image...

<--- THIS is the one I meant to post.
>> No. 72321
>> No. 72323

This could be used as a theme song! :D


In the not-too distant future,
next sunday A.D
There were a few reviewers,
just your average group-a guys
They worked for the Pony Chan,
Just polishing stories to make their day,
They did their jobs well with a happy face,
But their bosses didn't like them,
So they shot 'em into space!

"We'll send them crappy fiiics,
the worst we can find!" lalala,
"They'll have to sit and read them all,
and we'll monitor their minds" lalala
Now keep in mind they can't control,
which fics they recieve,
because they used those privileges,
to make fun of them!

Ring Master! ('Sup guys!)
Gelid Enmity! (What?)
Vimbert! (Hey guys!)
Isphooooone! (That's one 'o')

If you're wondering why they do these things,
and other dumbass facts,
Just repeat that "it's the internet,
I should really just relax!"
For Mystery Science Theater 4000!
>> No. 72327
I like this.
I suppose, seeing as how I'm the guy who got PS's permission to riff Past Sins, that I'd be one of the mad scientists who sends the fics up ;p.

Heh ;P.

Would my Cinnamon Toast Crunch one fit into something? I believe there's a trope for a character being such a terrible cook that everything they make is utterly unedible.
>> No. 72369
For some reason, I had it in my head that Celestia and Luna would be the "mads" in our case. Like, I dunno, they sent us to the moon for fanfiction experiments or something. XD
>> No. 72429

Heheh, I'm not rewriting those lyrics. Though it would be kinda cool, it'd make more sense for the big-boss reviewers to send us the crap.
>> No. 72538
Hey, not saying you have to change anything, just throwing out my 2 cents. The lyrics are cool either way.
>> No. 72539

>> No. 72675
Quick question about chapters 4-7: Are we going to go through and edit the good comments into the document itself, or leave it as is?
>> No. 73327
Bumping 'cause I just finished going through chapter 7. When's the next batch due?

I'd volunteer for comment moderation, but my Internet time is a little too sporadic.
>> No. 73481
We will start the next batch on the day after Christmas. We will slowly transition to the new chapters, like so:

26th: Chapter 4 closes, Chapter 8 opens.
27th: Chapter 5 closes, Chapter 9 opens.
28th: Chapter 6 closes, Chapter 10 opens.
29th: Chapter 7 closes, Chapter 11 opens.
30th: Chapter 12 opens.
31st: Chapter 13 opens.

Comment reviewing will be done after, or possibly during, the transition days.

There will be exactly a month of commenting time, ending on January 31st.

I would prefer it if we had something to "transition" to once the month is over, so submissions for the next fic start NOW. Some submission guidelines:

1. Whatever it is, it should be quite long. as in a wordcount of 20-50K.

2. If you do not have the author's permission, it will probably not go up on EqD.

3. While it may be interesting to comment on another really popular fic, said fic needs to be bad enough to warrant commenting. The worse it is, the better. You can even send in some random fic from FFNet, FiMFiction, here, dA, etc, it just has to be exceptionally bad and moderately long. Keep in mind that the more well-known a fic is, the likelier it is that it will be chosen, though.

4. No trollfics.

Also, can someone make Facebook/Twitter profile pictures for this group? I want a way of keeping the readers in the very likely scenario that the next fic we do doesn't get on EqD.
>> No. 73482
I just happen to have a earlier version of A Raging Grace lying around. I typed it up in Microsoft word, meaning less of those classic Isphone errors, but it looks to be pre-review of any kind, so maybe it will have a hole or two to poke at. It also has a awful font and attack of the word bricks.


There are two other chapters too, but they were made after I saw a review, and are in a less ugly font and may be more solid. We'll see if you like the first chapter first.

Oh, and Alice Cooper has read my mind.
>> No. 73489
File 132462686148.png - (189.74KB , 1475x1491 , CursorDerp.png )
I can see that one working.

We could also probably take something that's been featured on FIMfic before. That's popular and could be terrible.

Or maybe a particularly horrendous second person shipping story.
>> No. 73493
File 132462889520.png - (191.94KB , 1544x1517 , CursorLeap.png )
I've made a few example riffs in Isphone's story. My verdict: a little shorter than what we're used to (but there are additional chapters, right?) but prime material for riffing.

I'll keep an eye out for more stuff though.
>> No. 73494

My original choice for a fic(Interdimensional) was deleted off of EqD, so I'll just have to put up my "obscure" choice. It's not even an FiM fic, though it directly rips off the pilot:

>> No. 73495
Oh, and yeah, Isphone's fic could really work. I'll make a doc with links to everyone's entries tomorrow.
>> No. 73496
That reminds me, how many chapters in this version of Past Sins?
>> No. 73504
Only 13. We'll be on the home stretch soon, gentlecolts!
>> No. 73645
>> No. 73714
>> No. 73887
(Hey, if no one else is gonna, right?)
>> No. 73984
BTW, I just did another go-through and put in a few more lines.

Also, I've put in a new running gag: apparently Pen is following some unwritten rule that, when in doubt, assume the reader is a goldfish (i.e., has a 5-second memory according to myth). Junt in case some of you were wondering. :)
>> No. 74023
File 132491228427.png - (199.84KB , 1712x1426 , CursorBuck.png )
When do we get Chapter 8? That's the tug of war one, right? My riffin' senses are tinglin' something fierce.

New main doc's lookin' pretty swanky, by the way.

I thought it was 3 seconds... more importantly, could you put on your beret and debunk this myth for us quickly, 13?

I've tried to use a running gag or two to point out flaws in Pen's writing style in a fun and lighthearted manner. So if you're reading this, Mr Stroke, PLEASE STOP SAYING "OFFERED" and it would also be nice if you could CALL NAMED CHARACTERS BY THEIR NAMES AND NOT THEIR RACES*. *ahem*

*Disclaimer: I recognise that being irritated by Lavender Unicorn Syndrome is not an affliction everypony suffers, but I believe that avoiding it at where-ever possible by restructuring sentences to use pronouns and names can only strengthen one's writing.

(although this will sadly deal Sparkler's screentime a deadly blow)
>> No. 74083
Think it'd be too much to put in links to online thesauri, or talk about a collection to get him a physical one?
>> No. 74178
And the first Raging Grace chapter.

>> No. 74180
The riffing has already begun.

Also you can riff Isphone's work too (my comments are lonely).
>> No. 74181
>> No. 74276
I wrote this while completely tired to the bone. I have no clue how bad it is or not, so here goes.

The Royal Sick
Link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18SzEcCY4pgPDFvo4z6pzLcHgPJDESekpX6zq4GgeZ7I/edit?hl=en_US
>> No. 74289

Doc is private, besides, wrong place. To submit, use the Submission Document here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J6wVXaXMNsqzHg_1SojxIfKGeDbldg7e7gev_beN_5M/edit?hl=en_US
>> No. 74379
>> No. 74382
Looking for people to help judge the comments. Said judging will take place on the 2nd at midnight EST
>> No. 74398
I'll be driving all day, or I totally would. Sorry.
>> No. 74399

I'll be on a road trip as well. Sorry. =/
>> No. 74402

Okay, so when's everyone free? We'll do it then.
>> No. 74412
Something I think we could try starting with Chapter 10...

Those of you who've read the fic know that Pen seems to be just a little bit repetitive with the word "offered". I would guess that either Pen is deathly afraid of thesauri or the one he has had that entire section ripped out.

Therefore--as a service, you understand--I think whenever he uses the word, we could helpfully suggest an alternative that would 'fit' in that place. And considering the riffers are avid readers and even authors, I think we owe it to Pen to suggest some more ... esoteric verbs for those places.

What say you?
>> No. 74547
19 "offered"s in chapter 10 alone.
>> No. 74618
PSOE Chapter Ten has been posted, PSOE Chapter Four has closed, and Raging Grace Chapters Two/Three have been added.


Also, I would like that profile picture ASAP, so anyone want to try making one?
>> No. 74634
What profile picture?

Also, a quick thanks for the hard work you do behind the scenes. I'm glad all I have to do is add you instead of adding all those email addresses myself.
>> No. 74650

The Facebook/Twitter one. (That's going to be my way of keeping the EqD readers after Past Sins.)
>> No. 74653
Hm... anyone have the talent to draw Nyx doing Dash's silly faces from Bird in the Hoof? :P
>> No. 74688

Honestly, I don't think that the picture should have much to do with Past Sins, as I don't want us to just be known as "the Past Sins MST group".
>> No. 74701
File 132515045084.png - (12.19KB , 560x364 , mst3k templae.png )
I will make a poor attempt with paint to put all the ponysonas in the MST3K theater scene. Please post a ponysona if you haven't already.

Also, what is the name of this group exactly?
>> No. 74722
File 132515830216.png - (187.04KB , 1473x1488 , Cursor.png )
Posted mine above, but here he is again in a generic pose.


As much as it's nice to try to help Pen, our main goal here is being funny. So... make it funny!
>> No. 74725
File 132516215640.png - (28.05KB , 560x364 , mst3k templae.png )
Two more ponies, and It will be complete.

Riffers, go here: http://generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/Pony-Creator-Full-Version-254295904

Toss together a pony and come back. Ringmaster, I'd like to have you on the picture, seeing as you are the OP, and the guy who got grey hairs trying and succeeding to pull this thing into an organized state.
>> No. 74848
Here's one for me:

Just need to put a stylised 13 (or XIII) on his butt.
>> No. 74956
File 132521974630.png - (146.11KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.png )

Fan/fic/ Theater 3000.

Also, here's mine.
>> No. 74963
File 132522239103.png - (28.21KB , 560x364 , mst3k templae.png )
do you mind giving me the pony code for some posing? I'm almost done.
>> No. 74965

I...lost it. Sorry.
>> No. 74967
File 132522311079.png - (33.77KB , 560x364 , mst3k templae.png )
I'll just try and recreate it. Whatever. It will be a bit longer until I'm done.
>> No. 74969
>we're all unicorns
This explains the copious racism against ponies of lower birth.
>> No. 74970
File 132522424095.png - (37.75KB , 560x364 , mft3k.png )
That should do it. I tried my best.
Si gusta?
>> No. 74972
Um...so...is this the CB general now?
>> No. 74977
It's closer to Past Sins general at the moment. /=

In all seriousness, though, this is a thread about riffing bad fanfiction. The first one that got riffed was the original TCB, so the OP is a little misleading, but we'll straighten that out when this autosages.

>>72569 is TCB general.
>> No. 75001
File 132525769531.png - (37.51KB , 830x650 , Lazy Days V2.png )
I know it's a little late for this, but here's my Ponysona and his code.
I can see the image is already finished, I just figured I'd post this anyway.
>> No. 75003
File 132525859255.jpg - (27.49KB , 419x418 , Tav.jpg )
Yeah, this is a little late, but I wanted to give it to ye anyway.

>> No. 75023
File 132527170351.jpg - (18.41KB , 425x428 , time time.jpg )

I has a sad because I deleted one of the files I would need to add these ponies to the picture. Sorry.
>> No. 75029
File 132527714252.jpg - (41.79KB , 450x507 , vader_NOOOO.jpg )
>> No. 75069
Did I miss the window to be in that picture? Fuck.

Anyway, want me to smooth some of that image out for you, Isphone?
Don't get me wrong, but it looks a little jagged at the moment.
>> No. 75108

Bah, I missed it as well. Here's my Ponysona:

>> No. 75123
yeah, that would be good. Thx.
>> No. 75132
>> No. 75147
Um... having looked over Chapter 13... is anyone else just a little concerned that the story doesn't actually end?
>> No. 75149
The Original Version only goes up to chapter 13, and that's what we're riffing. PS and BG revised everything when they released chapters 14-16 (or so). So no, it doesn't end. Chapters 14-21 are not in this batch of chapters that we have been granted permission to riff.
>> No. 75202
I was honestly expecting there to be many more submissions by now. But, if this amount (4, not including Isphone's already-posted fic) stays relatively the same, I'm up for running all of them, as long as they're all deemed MST-able by us. (Obviously, the ones deemed "too good to be MSTd" don't get ran)

Of course, this post also serves as a reminder of the submission document, so I hope we start getting a few more now.
>> No. 75385
The submission document's closing has been locked down from "mid-January" to the 15th.


Got that "smooth" version done yet?
>> No. 75574
File 132554211730.png - (359.89KB , 900x1050 , 43012 - DJ_P0n-3 artist echowolf800 dj_p0n3 headphones red_eyes vinyl_scratch.png )
My Little One.
I'd give you all a synopsis, and a full write-up on why this one needs to be riffed . . .
But it would not compare to simply reading the first chapter.
>> No. 75580

The hell kind of ending was that? Yeah, this can be riffed, although it's a bit short.

Speaking of submissions, Ezn submitted a FimFiction fic and MSTd a bit of it himself:


Following in his footsteps, I riffed the short "intro" of my submission:

>> No. 75672
Ah, yes. I've read My Little One. I didn't really think it was that bad, aside from grammar issues. Doesn't mean I'd have a problem with taking the piss out of it, though.
>> No. 75731

... isn't that a "My Little Dashie" knockoff?
>> No. 75811
TwiShy! Alicorn sickness! Voting! Exclamation points! All in tonight's update!

>> No. 75833
Yup. A lot of My Little Dashie knock-off's (or as I like to call them, filly-in-a-box stories) have been showing up lately. I take it upon myself to try and read most of them, since I really loved My Little Dashie, though most if not all of them fail to measure up.
>> No. 75920
My Little Unicorn is now a full MST.

The first part is up. It has five chapters.

Many EqD pre-readers were in the document, and some still are.

A few people from the MST site "Project AFTER Forums"(whose Fallout: Equestria co-MST was what inspired me to start F/F/T3K) are MSTing, too.

>> No. 75994
>Fallout: Equestria co-MST
Well, the first lot of chapters are certainly hokey enough, and I never did like the episode references. Not to mention it takes a lot of suspension of disbelief to get past "evil pony raider rapists" and "canon cast involved in warfare".

I like the story, but I loled a bit at the intro and prologue MSTs. Guess this is what it feels like to be a Past Sins fan.

>> No. 75998

I feel incredibly stupid for not linking that in my post. Thanks.
>> No. 76089
I just wanted to say that I really appreciate you guys including me into the MST. To be honest, I thought you'd guys would be pissed off because I was making too many riffs.

Again, I just wanted to thank you guys for including me.
-Scott, aka Svensvenderson
>> No. 76441
I have recently found two accounts listed as being able to edit the document that I did not give editing permission to, being "cloudyskieswrites" and "jonthehistoryfreak".

While I know who did at least one of these, here's a new rule: No one, not even me, can add people to the edit list out of nowhere. They have to prove their worth by commenting, like Disco, Isphone, and the others did.
>> No. 76697
I don't know how many of our new editors check this thread, but I'd like to ask them to please indent their multiline riffs properly. That is to say, by adjusting the triangle thingy on the ruler.

Here is the help page: http://support.google.com/docs/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=183618

(nokoed because I like to rage about minor things)
>> No. 76700
Can someone please tell me who added "cloudyskieswrites" to the edit list?
>> No. 76734

I've gone through everything, and fixed all the riffs I noticed that weren't formatted correctly. There's probably still more that I missed. I don't know the complete list of who does and does not have editing privileges, so I didn't add or subtract any riffs.
>> No. 76736
I gave cloudy a link to a collection of mst fics, which are publically available, but didn't add to any edit lists.
>> No. 76832
Now with picture evidence of the author's plans for the story!

>> No. 77452

I...don't even. (Oh, and please don't link the MST if any of you decide to post in that thread, the author still lurks there, apparently.)
>> No. 77454
This... is beautiful. Darkari may just be more entertaining than Chris-Chan.
>> No. 77456
>Nightmare is back... she isn't Luna at all, but in fact the evil spirit/remains of what Luna was (There are TWO Lunas, a good and bad one)
I'm sorry for every mean thing I've ever said about Past Sins.
>> No. 77461
Who the hell posted it in that thread? Now the author is going to see it! Whoever did that, delete it!
>> No. 77468
Well, it wasn't me. It probably wasn't the greatest idea to post that link with instructions NOT to do something. Oh, internet!

Is there a way to block commenters? Because the worst Mykan can do is spam our dox with comments.
>> No. 77469
oh good grief, it gets worse. The amount of head-in-backside coming off that thread is nauseating. he's still claiming that he isnt watching fim...
>> No. 77478
It may be my fault, 'cause I was suggesting sending it to the author. Somepony must not have heard the dozens of "bad idea"'s...
>> No. 77483
Both docs have been deleted, but backups have been made. The backups are available to edit by the usual people, and comment by anyone who's commented on the fic. I AM allowing people to let people give COMMENT privileges to friends in this special case.

This deletion is being performed to prevent the author from seeing the MST. In making sure the author DOES NOT see this before it's done, the backups will be private to all but the large list of users I have here, until the fic is completed, which is to be very soon. Once it's completed, the docs will open up for commenting. The old docs will be replaced by "Cupcakes", and "Sweet Apple Massacre", respectively, just to mess with Mykan if he clicks the "MST links" posted in the FiMchan thread.
>> No. 77485
Oh, and to the people that have access: The other two parts are going up in the next hour thanks to this inconvenience.
>> No. 77640
Hey guys. Sorry for going MIA. I was on vacation with my family since Sunday, but I'm back now. I see I've missed quite a bit. XD
>> No. 77648
I've been busier than a Scootaloo with its head cut off lately with my overloaded class schedule. I'm going to try to riff when I can, but I make no guarantees. Add a few snarks for me in my absence, okay?
>> No. 78327
BTW, when are you planning to do the final edit of the Past Sins MST Part II?
>> No. 78916
>> No. 78930
He's shipping them! Then he's going to ship me! AW MAAH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWDD!!!!!!!
>> No. 78988
File 132703205496.png - (113.37KB , 500x700 , sterkloudmutt.png )
Alright, I don't know if you guys have gotten a request from an author to have their own fic riffed. That's about to change.

What I have here, is my first piece of fanfiction.

This is not a bid for attention. This fic was not written to elicit a reaction of befuddlement. This was, at one point, a series of thoughts that did in fact make sense. Bear that in mind as you pick it apart.

In addition to Sterling, I grant you one more piece to riff...
A piece, that frankly, looks like it doesn't take itself seriously. I can assure you, that all silliness within, was not intended to be "funny"...
>> No. 79056
File 132704510680.jpg - (22.47KB , 250x193 , 186_r.jpg )
Okay, I know that there is an official document to go post this stuff, but I thought you guys might get a chuckle out of this.


He puts Linkin Park lyrics in the header of each page.
Linkin. Fucking. Park.
It's chock-full of worn-out ethnic stereotypes, stupid fight scenes and really, really bad dialogue.
It isn't actually finished yet, but it's nearly hit the 50,000 word mark.
also, his name is "jackanarchy99". LOL
>> No. 79082
File 132707106812.png - (71.65KB , 297x222 , per2.png )
>> No. 79395
Get to it, everyone.

>> No. 79422
Um, Ring. I think we're missing a chapter here. The final chapter begins with NMM being dead, but the previous one ends with Rhymey about to attack the other freaks. I think you skipped Episode 25/Chapter 26.
>> No. 79474

Yeah, I realized that a few hours ago. Fix'd.
>> No. 79486
File 132727044224.png - (253.76KB , 547x588 , Deftly done.png )
I joined in on the Study Buddies one. You guys are hilarious. Keep it up!
>> No. 79531
Archived Google Docs chat between some of the MST commenters and Mykan:

>> No. 79563

You folks seem to be enjoying that, so I tossed in chapter two. Wish I had some time to riff...
>> No. 79610
As much as I think taunting the mentally disabled is wrong, that was mildly funny.

I just can't get it through my head that anything he says is true - I seriously can only believe that he's an attention hors of the highest order, I just don't think it's possible to have your head that far up your own ass.

Kids, this is what mental difficulties looks like.
>> No. 79665
Wow. Never before have I seen someone that stupid. And I know someone who dressed up as Derpy on Bronycon. Well, have fun mocking him. And if he turns you into vilains in a sequel, will you bring the rainbow of darkness?
>> No. 79690
Are non-pony fics allowed? 'Cause Jon's sending in one that his ex wrote (and is still writing) about some crappy gay (not an insult, I mean it is all about the gay) anime. It's a freakin' GOLDMINE for riffing!

>> No. 79698
We've riffed plenty of my fics before.
>> No. 79825
Really... ? Didn't know...
>> No. 79893

...I didn't know that "one" counted as "plenty".
>> No. 79907
Sorry, didn't mean plenty. Meant only the one, but I seem to remember sending in a few when we first started...
>> No. 79998
Did you look at the Archived Chat Doc? Then you'll hate him even more.
>> No. 80082
I'm making new copies of these docs that do not have the highlighted comments.

I'll get the other ones done tomorrow.
>> No. 80201
So, I just had a random idea. What if we made a sort of "riffer profile" thing to link to the main document? Y'know, have all of the consistent riffers just type up a little paragraph about themselves. Nothing personal, just stuff like interests, favorite ponies, riffing style. I dunno, I just think it might be a fun little side project.
>> No. 80206
I support this.
>> No. 80209
Sure, why not? Maybe we can just post our profiles in this thread RIGHT NOW.

Maybe use a format like this:
About me:
Favourite pony:
Riffing style:
How to stalk me:*
Credit card details:

*website/email/online hangouts

(file can be a picture of your ponysona or whatever else you want to represent yourself with)

I'll start thinkin' on mine.
>> No. 80222
If we do it like:
Then hell yes.
>> No. 80233
I was actually thinking more along the lines of a google doc we can link to the main doc. I'm glad you guys like the idea, although I think it's more up to Ringmaster whether or not we use it. He is the, well, Ringmaster after all.
>> No. 80266
>> No. 80296
File 132763561567.png - (111.28KB , 1000x625 , 130800022052.png )
>portalghost: We'll just riff your stories to oblivion.

>Anonymous User 6 (Mykan, self-proclaimed): Now your gonna quit picking on my unicorns...
>RingmasterJ5: No, we're not.

>Burgermandan: Your head is so far up your ass, you're eating your own shit.

>RingmasterJ5: Oh, wait, you're too much of an attention hors.
>Anonymous User 6: Don't call me a hors
>There are other people just as upset as I am
>Some have even spammed MLP
>svensvenderson: Your left and right hands don't count as people.

>svensvenderson: Quit being such a wansty prat, and we'll talk.
>Anonymous User 6: You first
>Besides... I don't what the hay you want anyway
>svensvenderson: To quote Samuel L. Jackson: "English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!"

>> No. 80364
Ah, can it. We're done with the prat, and we're going back to having fun.
>> No. 80593
The current submissions (along with Past Sins' third part) will end on the 31st. On that day, the most-commented fic(looks to be Study Buddies) will fully open for riffing, and the second wave of requests will be uploaded. These include the first chapters of:

Mysterious Mare-do-Well: Rise of the Shadowbolt
The Elements of Discord
Hearts of Red Ink
On a Cross and Arrow
A Rising Light
The Conversion Bureau: Guardian Chronicles

Wow, that's a lot of entries. You will have a month to comment on them, them the best-received will be the next fic we'll do.

Also, I'm thinking of making a separate doc for any non-pony stuff we might do. Should I?
>> No. 80596

Scratch that, it looks like "Fire and Rain" is the most-commented.
>> No. 80598
>On a Cross and Arrow
It "taint" hard to come up with a few riffs for that.

>Hearts of Red Ink
As if it isn't already pretty much self-riffed by Samurai and Midnight. Don't think I'll be contributing much to this one (riffing trollfics? What is this I don't even).

Maybe make that doc when we actually have something to put in it (unless we do already...?)
>> No. 80599

Gelid already submitted something, at at least three of us have our own MST series separate from this.
>> No. 80602
File 132781930656.jpg - (11.04KB , 184x184 , 130176265229.jpg )
>> No. 80603
File 132781995494.jpg - (26.75KB , 460x453 , greatscott.jpg )
Reposting some links because I'm tired of hunting for them.

Submission doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1J6wVXaXMNsqzHg_1SojxIfKGeDbldg7e7gev_beN_5M/edit?hl=en_US

Main Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uJ8FqW1zBIzsYZoe4M1ILS9H8wgk2zjEEGQqmgNsfIg/edit?hl=en_US

Doc: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2c-tMZSZtY
>> No. 80608
Ah yes, that he did. I say go ahead and make that doc then. Pony, non-pony, all are equal under the eyes of our indented boldface mirth.
>> No. 81134
I'm tired. I can't even label these.


I'll put them in the main doc tomorrow.
>> No. 81363
Mykan inspired a twelve-year-old girl to make her own story in the MiB universe, which has been added to the end of the Part Five doc.

Oh, and I made this, loosely based off an idea from the FiMchan thread: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kRrvzbHVGEBbO2HJ5Y_dzoKg80JKfJ4CZGTkn_4vnAQ/edit?hl=en_US
>> No. 81374
Mykan's still working on that? What's he been up to, if I might ask?
>> No. 81376

Actually, he just finished the fic a week or two ago. He's been making quite a stink over here recently, though: http://fim.413chan.net/fic/res/15524.html
>> No. 81479
Just posted another submission. This one's short.

Journals of an Equestrian Nobody: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OY5M9nSEnaa6779mgoNANp5otMGBkICF84eTHq0zeDg/edit?hl=en_US
>> No. 82471
We need to start the Past Sins judging soon. When's the best time?
>> No. 82517
I can help this time. Any day is fine, although I have the most free time on Mondays, Wednesdays, and the weekends.
>> No. 82586
Tomorrow night (Wednesday) is good...
>> No. 82650



this is amazing: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T5mD9htt5Ur2dWtaTYIKnkMBp-hKWOaKOQ3lDHBEjnE/edit?hl=en_US


Anybody else up for Wednesday?
>> No. 82657

you know what you have to do.
>> No. 82660
OK, hold on, we need to be fair.

Yes, even to Mykan. Love and tolerance.

Can I ask that, at least for now, people please confine their criticism to the fic rather than the author?
>> No. 82667
I was suggesting "give it the star rating it deserves", but I can see how the history of such words would indicate rape the living shit out of it.
>> No. 82670
The google document hasn't updated in a while. Are you guys still working on the MSTs? I am really looking forward to the Past Sins one being finished, and I can't wait for all the other stories you are planning on doing.
>> No. 82689
D'awww, that's adorable. He thinks he knows what riffing is.
Also, Wednesday night is fine.
>> No. 82803
Was there a particular time you wanted to do this, Ring?
>> No. 82851
>> No. 82918
How exactly does comment judging work, since I can't edit the older docs?
>> No. 83154
I attempted to read it and review each chapter. I made it three in. I don't know how you guys can stand to read and riff the entire thing. However, I did notice that the person who posted it for him is taking down any negative comment even if they aren't hurtful. Seeing as I offered constructive criticism, of which there was a lot, if it gets taken down I think I can go to knighty about it and get the story removed. It has no place on an FiM site except to be mocked relentlessly. Keep doing what you guys are doing, and good luck making it through that story with your sanity intact.
>> No. 83314
Well, basically, we go through the comments and ask "Is this funny or not?" If it is, it goes in the doc, if not, it goes bye-bye.

Sometimes we move comments around if we figure it'd be funnier at the end of the sentence, or at the beginning or end of a group of comments already in the doc.
>> No. 83323
Well... you tried. And I admire how you put in constructive criticism rather than just 'YU SUK!!1!1!' (Not that the latter isn't warranted...)

And riffing the thing is <i>how</i> you get through reading it. It's a Giggle At The God-Awful thing.
>> No. 83675
Hey guys! Remember when I sent you The Royal Sick? That was mine, and I found another fic I wrote when I was a noob at writing! It's called "Grenace: City of Beauty". It's about some schmuck in a steampunk city, and the ponies appear outta nowhere and try to destroy the city for no reason.

Links: Part 1) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1IsDe_Z_KTtq2YfZBChAoexSkFTqkrmezsHoB9XROoqs/edit

2) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Qfo8ApYTbyqnV5bWZ4Hra6Z6g2OF3ZsbQsBgStzBk5w/edit

3) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i6U8mqkvWHlCWCHFYXKIgM4SGXNlJqSrd1eABfBOlgA/edit
>> No. 84789

Not exactly knowing how voting works, is there going to be another session?
>> No. 84842
Second that question.
>> No. 85385
Has there been any new stuff? I'm getting kinda bored reading the same fics I've already done...
>> No. 85716
Heh... something I just put together, as a response to mephistopheles' mentioning the Bene Gesserit Litany Against Fear:

"I must not suck. Suck is the fic-killer. Suck is the little idiocy that brings total moronization. I will face my suck. I will let an editor go over it and through it. And when he is done I will watch and abide by his suggestions. When the editing is done there will be no sucking left, and only a good fic will remain" ... aw who am I kidding, it's Mykan.
>> No. 86033
...Did Ring get kidnapped by ninjas or something?
>> No. 86035

No, I'm still here. And yeah, we have to start voting again soon. We need as many people as possible, though.
>> No. 86036

Oh, forgot to re-add my username.
>> No. 86051

Any night except Mondays and Wednesdays work for me.
>> No. 86309
The thread got overloaded and is dead at 4550 posts, damn. RIP it was fun while it lasted. I am looking forward to seeing the end result of this thread. I like what I have already seen. Hopefully you go through enough fics to have many more threads.
>> No. 86315
Wow. I didn't even know that could happen. That's kinda amazing in a... negative amazing way.
>> No. 86316

Should someone make a new thread, and link it in there by deleting a single one of their posts from the first thread?
>> No. 86318
I dunno, maybe we should just let Mykan wallow in his failure for a while.
>> No. 86319

There is that option, but I want to test if it's even possible to try this "post deletion" trick, so I'm going to make a new thread.
>> No. 86327

Well, a new thread has been made, but there wasn't enough memory to even delete the post I was trying to.

>> No. 86352

Yeah..DON'T go to that thread right now. Some anti-brony is posting uncensored(as in, not given the "NSFW" tag) pornographic images all over FimChan.
>> No. 86379

The thread is back to normal. Also, special F/F/T3K MiB part just for bonus stuff: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qBViR8BMeJoQmrXkY78LFvmsw_JZ1_zT8sVIkvokIM8/edit
>> No. 87472
OK, we need to get Past Sins edited, For Real This Time. What's a good time?
>> No. 87486

How about tomorrow (2/28) night?
>> No. 87574
Tonight would be good for me, although I have a thing I have to go to at 9:30, but it doesn't usually take very long.
>> No. 87656
>> No. 87662

I'm just waiting for everyone else. I've been in the document for awhile now.
>> No. 87972
For those wondering, I've been going through the Past Sins chapters and Resolving the comments that have already been included in the document. Those that aren't there I'm leaving alone.
>> No. 88082
First of all, the winners of last month's submissions were "On a Cross and Arrow", and "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well: Rise of the Shadowbolt".

And now... The new stuff.

First, we have a submission from Gelid, of his own "Grenace, City of Beauty". Apologies in advance, but I don't really have anything to say about this one.

Secondly, we have a submission of "Impossibilities: Portals". It's a Yogscast/MLP/Minecraft crossover. Seriously.

And for our last submission, we have "Through the Eyes of Another Pony". I'm interested in seeing how this MST turns out, as TtE is actually my favorite MLP fanfic.

And, for the extra fics, we have "Prayer Ponies" and "Gamer in Equestria". You should seriously go MST "Gamer in Equestria". Now. Do it.

And, I'm going to let "Prayer Ponies" speak for itself, with this excerpt:

""But I thought you were Texas? Everyone there ARE Christians," asked Twilight Sparkle.
"Well, I am an Atheist and my boyfriend Rainbow Dash is too. Now I will ask you to go before I ring the police," Apple demanded. Charity-Sue and Twilight Sparkle decided that it was not worth annoying them. They went back to Twilight Sparkles house to work out how to convert their friends to Christianity."

Everything's here, like it always is: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uJ8FqW1zBIzsYZoe4M1ILS9H8wgk2zjEEGQqmgNsfIg/edit?hl=en_US

Also, I'm thinking of asking the authors of "Cross and Arrow" and "Through the Eyes" for author approval, so we can get on EqD again. Should I?
>> No. 88096
Cross and Arrow and Through the Eyes are pretty high-profile fics, so I would suggest asking their permission, yes.
>> No. 88207


>> No. 88242
File 133065681669.gif - (224.42KB , 500x173 , tumblr_lnh1vaXjDu1qga65a.gif )
>> No. 88243
I've actually been meaning to ask something. When we riff, are we supposed to be in a character of some sort? Like, are we supposed to be riffing AS ponies? Cause I've been making the occasional joke involving fingers, and, well... hooves...
>> No. 89427
First of all,the best news: A FiMFiction group!

-Anyone can add fics to the "Submissions" folder.
-All F/F/T3K editors that join will be upgrated to "Contributor".
-Links to all of the FiMFiction fics we've done.

It's here: http://www.fimfiction.net/index.php?view=group&group=371

The less-amazing, but good news: A DeviantArt group!

-Not approved yet, but will share the exact same purpose as the FiMFic group,, but for DeviantArt fics.
-All F/F/T3K editors who join will be upgraded to "Moderator".
-DeviantArt removed...all originality in our name, changing us from "Fan/fic/ Theater 3000" to "#FanFicTheater3000"

It will be here: http://fanfictheater3000.deviantart.com/

The annoying news: A Fanfiction.net group.

-Sent an alert to the authors of every fic added to the group.
-Can not link to the main doc, or anywhere else.
-Can not be used to submit stuff, as the only ones that can add fics to it are the "staff(F/F/T3K editors)".
-INCREDIBLY slow to update.

It's here: http://www.fanfiction.net/community/Fan_fic_Theater_3000/98826/

Also, we have the second Study Buddies part and another fic from the Gamer in Equestria author up for MST in the main doc, which, as always, is here:

>> No. 89457
>A FiMFiction group!
Sweet, joined.

>A DeviantArt group!
Now I have something to use my devianTART account for.

>A Fanfiction.net group.
Making an FF.net account goes against my most firmly-held beliefs.
>> No. 89803
I hit the wrong checkbox when I sent out the email to get the comment judging on Past Sins chapter 6. (I thought it would put in a link, not the entire document.)

Sorry about that, I derped.
>> No. 89829
As the title says, we need an image. Something a bit..better(sorry) than that one Isphone made. Anon13 had this idea:

"A picture of Lesson Zero Twilight with the MST3K overlay of Joel and the bots on it."

Whatever it is, it just has to have the group name on it somewhere.
>> No. 89838
I'm sorry I've missed the last two comment judging sessions, but in my defense, I don't know what time it is where you guys are, but when I get those emails, it's like midnight where I am, which is a bit too late for me.
Also, there were two comments in chapter 6 I made that were changed by someone without my permission a while back.
I said: "It means you clearly dicked something up."
Someone changed it to: "It means you clearly done goof'd!"
I said: "This would make or break Nyx's acting career."
Someone changed it to: "This would make or break NYYYYYYX's acting career."
If someone could fix those for me, I'd really appreciate it.
>> No. 89841

Can't you fix them yourself?
>> No. 89848
I didn't get editing privs on Past Sins until, like, chapter 8. 1-7 I can only comment on.
>> No. 89934
F/F/T3K will now have regular updates on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Currently, the update on the 15th will include:

1. "Through the Eyes of Another Pony" Part Two
2. "On a Cross and Arrow" Part Two
3. "Study Buddies" Part Three
4. Two one-shots that we should have done a LONG time ago.
5. At least one Submission.

Also, once we finally get that group image, we will be able to post the finished MSTs to the DeviantArt group at the same time as their Docs versions.
>> No. 90138

The "two one shots" have been changed to "six one-shots, two of which are only going to be linked to on the dA page because of explicit content."
>> No. 90176
Could you guys remove me from the mailing list? I don't have enough time to do this any more, sadly.
>> No. 90263

Aww, okay. You'll still be able to comment like everyone else if you do decide to MST more, though.
>> No. 90769
As the amount of comments sharply declined around Chapter Eight, we're going through the rest(8-13) tonight, just to finally get them done.

We're currently on Chapter Nine. Editors, come help!
>> No. 90776

Er, misspelled my own username.
>> No. 90781
Well, Chapters 8 & 9 took longer than Ring thought, but they're done.

Shooting for doing chapter 10+ on Wednesday the 14th.
>> No. 90784
OK, went through and eliminated the comments that were already in the fic. Here's a count of the remaining comments by chapter:
10: 95; 11: 93; 12: 89; 13: 70
For 10-12 the vast majority are by CTOONfan1.
>> No. 90831
Hey, is anyone else posting on part 2 of Study Buddies?
>> No. 90832
Honestly, I've kinda been avoiding study buddies. I never even finished part 1.
It's just way too fluffy. It's not giving me anything to work with.
>> No. 90929
First of all, Gelid is working on an image for us, which will be used for the new thread when this one autosages in the next fifty posts.

Secondly, the update should be out tomorrow night(the 14th), at around 3-4 EST.

The update is going to include:

- Through the Eyes of Another Pony, Part Two
- On a Cross and Arrow, Part Two
- Study Buddies, Part Three
- Two sadfics that we should have already done
- A trollfic that we should have already done
- Three grimdarks that we should have already done
- Submission: Three of Me: School Society
- Submission: Total Magic Pony Island
- Submission: Chaotic Order
- POSSIBLY the complete, comment-judged document of the Past Sins Original Edit MST

This is going to be the best update in a while.
>> No. 90931

Er, make that the 15th at 3-4 AM EST.
>> No. 90946
>>90929 Just a question, but I thought we were onkly MSTing bad to mediocre fics, so did we decide that we could MST good fics? Sorry if I'm somewhat late to the party.
>> No. 90947
Gah, I meant "only."
>> No. 90951
"Good" is a relative term. We don't worry about it too much. Personally, I don't care for any of the fics we've MSTed based on their own merits and wouldn't call any of them "good", but we do have some fans of Past Sins/Cross and Arrow/Study Buddies/Eyes of Another Pony in our ranks.

MSTing should be about having fun and making jokes, and we can do that with some of the more liked fics in this fandom, so we do.
>> No. 90952
So basically, submit it if you think it will make good riffing material, regardless of perceived or actual quality.

I like to make a tester doc with the first chapter or so to see if I can come up with riffs - try that if you're not sure whether something's a good submission or not.
>> No. 90953
I'm actually quite a fan of Through the Eyes of Another Pony, On a Cross and Arrow, hell, I even loved Past Sins.
But just because I love something, that doesn't mean I'm above taking the piss out of it. It just makes it a labor of love, and it's all in good fun.
>> No. 90954
Oh, also, I have a question for Gelid about that picture. I just wanted to know if it's going to involve our ponysonas in any way, because if it does, I've updated mine since the last time I posted a ponysona in this thread.
>> No. 90961
File 133173620122.png - (32.71KB , 400x421 , My pony V2.png )
Updated ponysona for Gelid.
>> No. 90995

Not a riffing suggestion (because I don't think riffing would make it funnier - it's already hilarious), but I'm sure you lot appreciate a good trollfic. Should appeal to anyone who's been on the pilgrimage of lulz that is reading My Immortal.
>> No. 91030

It's doing the MST3K silhouette thing over a custom picture.
>> No. 91097

>> No. 91120
This is going to be the BIGGEST UPDATE EVER. We're working on bringing you all the last thing in the update now, which shouldn't be long...
>> No. 91125
Epic voting marathon was epic. Thanks to everyone who helped!
>> No. 91131

Past Sins Original Edit


Through the Eyes of Another Pony, Part Two: More of our EqD-friendly MST!

On a Cross and Arrow, Part Two: More gender-bending!

Study Buddies, Part Three: This story is just getting WEIRD. Especially when "Mr. Beauregard" make a brief appearance halfway through.


My Little Dashie


Sweet Apple Massacre (Only linked to on the dA page)

Rainbow Factory (Only linked to on the dA page)

The Spiderses

Bittersweet (which I was not expecting to be as long as it was)


Three of Me: School Society: A fic too popular for its own good.

Banishment Decree: Burn Notice with MLP characters.

Total Magic Pony Island: Apparently, this author disregards criticism. Interesting...

Chaotic Order: A love-triangle between Twilight, Discord, and Mordecai from Regular Show. what

>> No. 91133
Oh no... Bittersweet. Did you receive that email yet, RJ?
>> No. 91296
Hope you guys don't mind, but I'm not going to do much riffing on the infamous six. They're all just too poorly written for me to actually MST. It's like they were all made to drain my intelligence.
>> No. 91297
Hope you guys don't mind, but I'm not doing much riffing on the infamous six. I just can't bring myself to suffer thought their terrible writing. I think I'm just going to focus on the other, better written ones.
>> No. 91298
>> No. 91362

Could you please send me an email? I'm thinking of adding you to the edit list, but I have no way of doing so.
>> No. 91390
I may have special FimFiction-related news, soon...
>> No. 91391

Some, if not most, of you are probably familiar with RatherHomely's FimFiction MST series, "Mystery Pinkie Pie Theater 3000". It is notable for being the only current MST series left after FimFiction changed the rules to not allow MSTs anymore, previously preventing us from posting our finished MSTs there.

Well, not anymore.

Starting with the Past Sins Original Edit MST, completed MSTs will show up as guest-MSTs of MPPT3K, allowing them to be posted on FimFiction once they're complete.

So, now our MSTs will be posted on Google Docs, DeviantArt and FimFiction.


And, just to cover all the bases, I'm actually thinking about posting the Past Sins MST to Fanfiction, under my second account. I know it's against FFNet's Guidelines, but their admins seriously don't do shit, unlike FimFiction's. There are thousands of MSTs on there already that remain untouched. Should I upload it?

(Note: We would lose the indents in the FFNet upload, but all the other formatting should be kept. Plus, the chance to upload the MiB MST straight to Fanfiction once we've voted on it is one that I don't want to pass up)
>> No. 91401
>Should I upload it?
If you don't think there will be any problems, I don't see why not.
>> No. 91408
May I ha
>> No. 91409
>> No. 91410
If Ponychan's done being a jackass, I would like to have editing privelages on the latter two Study Buddies parts and Total Magic Pony Islan.
>> No. 91554
People, please comment more on the Submissions. There's a serious lack of comments on pretty much all of them.

In case anyone's forgot, the two most-commented Submissions will be made into full MSTs at the end of the month.
>> No. 91636
Last night, I kind of tempted fate by sending the author of "Gamer in Equestria" this message:

>Are you still writing "Gamer in Equestria"?

And when I woke up, I got two messages from the author:

>I was debating whether or not to finish it before moving on to another project. why do you ask?

>Well, now I know why you asked if im continuing it or not. Now that I know my story has gone so low as to be MFT'ed, I really have no reason to continue. And if your wondering, yes, you have my permission to post it where ever the hell you want on a few conditions.
>1. Please don't mention me as the author. I don't want to be immortally known by how bad my 1st attempt at writing a fic was (im sure yours was probably bad as well). Also, please don't link to the actual story. I don't want to be overflowed with hate mail for it.
>2. Acknowledge that I know exactly how bad it is and that it was my first fic. Hopefully anyone who reads it will understand that it was an attempt by someone who knew nothing about writing but tried anyway, and not hold that against me if they see any of my other works.
>I suppose I should probably thank you for this (and your review. I haven't forgotten about that just yet). This is really going to help me know what to avoid for my next fic (witch is underway) and make it thousands of times better that the piece of crap that GiE was. Same thing for protectorate. >Thank you.

Well, he sure took it better than expected. Yay.
>> No. 91637
I reviewed that in the TG thread.
Effing terrible.
He didn't even have the good grace to respond to my review.
I say you tear it a new plot hole.
But that's just me.
>> No. 91638

We already have the first chapter, which is probably the only one now, up in the main document.
>> No. 91669
You could always ask him to join in, like Pen did.

On another topic: when are we going to comment-judge MiB?
>> No. 91681

Next month? We did Past Sins this month.
>> No. 91691

Someone's response to this: "How DARE you abuse of Ratherhomely's priviledge! You guys are sick and twisted. An MST is supposed to make a bad fics and disturbing ones fun to read. I sure am not going to put my riffs on your MST since that would be backstabbing KJ and for seconds, you guys seem to be jerks. So no, you guys don't deserve my riffs."
>> No. 91730
If you aren't making people angry, you're doing it wrong.
>> No. 91778
How exactly are we abusing his privileges? If he didn't want us doing that, I think he'd say so. I mean, I'm under the assumption that he give his okay for you to do that, right Ring?
Also, I think I'd care more about not getting a riffer if I knew who the hell he was. And even if I did, I don't know how much I'd care.
>> No. 91812

That guy is an actual fan of "Three oif Me" who's mad at us for MSTing said fic. He also doesn't seem to understand that RH messaged ME, not the other way around.

Also, I'm going to need 2-4 people to help tonight with correctly formatting the MSTs so RH can post them on FimFiction. All those who apply will be sent the links tonight at around midnight EST.
>> No. 91813
File 133218656695.jpg - (28.69KB , 499x280 , 1331552216102.jpg )

"That guy is an actual fan of "Three oif Me" who's mad at us for MSTing said fic."

There are really such animals in existence?
>> No. 91814

YES, somehow. The fic has 106,748 views, 162 likes, and 8165 comments. Seriously.

>> No. 91816
File 133218714380.gif - (1.25MB , 267x151 , 1330242429522.gif )

>> No. 91824
File 133219082857.gif - (2.53MB , 680x383 , 979.gif )
>> No. 91840
File 133219929286.jpg - (656.88KB , 1040x1490 , introductions-are-in-order.jpg )
Hi. I should probably explain what im doing here. Im sure the first question your asking is "Is the the hobrohazard who wrote that vomit inducing fic gamer in equestrea?" yes, it is. Now I haven't come here to intact my holy crusade of revenge against you all (I probably would have called myself retarded to after reading that), nor am I here to spam this thread to kingdom ka. What I am here to do, is introduce myself. I know this isint the first time that the author of a fic that was MFT'ed has joined you ranks (looking at you pen), but they didint wright a story as horrendous as GiE. Now before you all rage against me and banish me from this thread, I want to say 2 words,
Now that I know exactly what I was doing wrong (read: everything) I can make it so it wont happen again. anyway, now I shall join the ranks of the riffers! I would like GiE to be remembered as something one wrote while drunk. It makes no sense, but you cant judge the author based on it. And in the immortal words of the riffing guidelines "Remember, play the ball, not the man."
Also >>91637
Sorry about that. A few days after I submitted it for review, something in life came up. I must have forgotten about it. Sorry.
>> No. 91843
<4k views for a chapter, though.
>> No. 91890
You're welcome to riff, dude. As with Pen, we can always appreciate an author who can take the piss out of their own work.
>> No. 92685
Suddenly, On a Cross and Arrow author permission.
>> No. 92786
>> No. 92801
File 133261681826.jpg - (31.26KB , 400x384 , 1324689983001.jpg )
Nine more posts until the new thread comes about. You shall soon see the picture I slacked worked on for the past few weeks.
>> No. 92930
File 133265230879.jpg - (29.75KB , 320x240 , zubankengoldah4.jpg )
At times like this, I think...
>> No. 92942
"Three of Me: School Society": 135
"Chaotic Order": 129
"Impossibilities: Portals": 108
"Total Magic Pony Island": 97
"Grenace: City of Beauty": 82
"Banishment Decree": 44

So, it looks like "Three of Me" and "Chaotic Order" will be the two that will be turned into full MSTs. I actually expected this outcome, so I'm pretty excited.

Although, I'm also thinking of throwing all the chapters of the 30,000 word "Impossibilities" and releasing it as a one-shot MST, like "Gamer" was.

And some updates:

First of all, the first two completed MSTs have been added to FimFiction here, as will the rest once they're voted on: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/6510/Mystery-Pinkie-Pie-Theatre-3000

Secondly, "My Little One", the My Little Dashie ripoff we MSTd a few months ago, was suddenly updated with two new chapters, including an even stupider ending. So, I'm temporarily re-opening the MST for a bit. Have at it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/186VYIi9ELGeEeawqz4DLszd7oLqXZzDfk41YZmDOlWE/edit

Also, now that we have two EqD-approved MSTs going on at the same time, I've started talking with Seth again about possibly getting a full EqD post. Hopefully, we can come to an agreement.

Finally, we're so close to a second thread! As you may know, Gelid has made us a header image that will be used for the thread when it's up. Having a dedicated F/F/T3K thread instead of a repurposed Conversion Bureau MST thread will be great.
>> No. 92946
I have never read Conversion Bureau before. I knew it existed because of its presence on this board, but that's it.

I enjoyed the idea of MST3K-ing a fic, and so decided to have a look. This has been my first exposure to The Conversion Bureau. Here is my honest, uncensored, heartfelt opinion. Warning: Explicit.

Reading this story was like recieving a furiously enthusiastic handjob from an eager but inept young girl whose palms are lined with sandpaper.

The plot and setting are the paper, holding each grain in place to do its devastating work.

The large, haphazardly-spaced grains represent the story's mechanics and prose.

The girl is the author, panting as she furiously strokes the fic against the reader's inexplicably erect shaft, or what's left of it by the time he has had the first few hundred words ground into his "readership." The girl applies ruthless pressure from the beginning, having learned from somewhere that readers enjoy a good grip. She runs mechanically through what she thinks are the correct motions, all the time beaming with a big, eager-to-please smile, oblivious to the blood running down her wrist.

The penis and its status represents the potential pleasure to be gained from reading a fic.

For real though-- "Conversion Bureau" is a decent idea in that it takes the concept of humans in Equestria and does something with it rather than some kind of bullshit magic portal or whatever. This well-intentioned idea has been written by an idiot and then flocked to by even bigger idiots.
>> No. 92955
File 133266774564.jpg - (105.29KB , 894x894 , the_conversion_bureau_pmv_graphic_by_empress_aurora-d4qqh9a.jpg )
Yeah, it wasn't the greatest of stories. =P I only read it for the first time when we did that MST.

>This well-intentioned idea has been written by an idiot and then flocked to by even bigger idiots.
One of the only good things about TCB* is that it spawned this spinoff universe that anyone can write a story in (even I have... in a manner of speaking). So there's some fun stuff and some not-so-fun stuff, as is the case with all fanfiction and all things. Point is, you can see this idea done better in some of the sidefics. I've heard that Yellowstone is a pretty cool story and I quite liked Last Man Standing when I read it ages ago (the two TCB spinoffs with their own pages on EqD). But go see those guys in their thread about it.

*Apart from "it kickstarted this MST group" and "it was never finished".
>> No. 92970
Eh, what really amazes me about it is that I see essentially the same story every few weeks in the Training Grounds thread. I'm gonna go give Yellowstone a shot though.
>> No. 93001
The only thing I liked about Conversion Bureau was the idea of turning into a pony. Then it turned into a story where everyone faffed about and screwed the Mane 6 who were CONVENIENTLY their 'doctors'.

>> No. 93004
I've always enjoyed Chatoyance's CB works, myself. Sure, some of the early stuff gets a bit preachy, bordering on stupid, but I tend to just ignore it and pay attention to the parts I like, especially the HLF and PER factions, which make interesting counterparts to each other.

Also, 2.
>> No. 93032
I joined at the perfect time didn't I? anyway, I uploaded a suggestion to the fimfic group. I think I recall seeing it come up when I was scanning through this thread. It's called "Abrupt Sense of Flames". Here's a link http://www.fimfiction.net/story/13811/Abrupt-Sense-of-Flames

>> No. 93046
Autosage test.
>> No. 93060
New thread, new update. Seems fitting.
>> No. 93122
>> No. 98216
This is godlike! :o
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