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Welcome to /fic/, the board for pony fanfiction and all things related to it! If you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to drop by the #fic IRC.


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As everyone should know by now, Equestria Daily has gone almost exclusively to short bullet-point reviews, except in cases where only a small number of items need to be corrected for posting. I enjoy giving longer reviews, but can no longer do so through Equestria Daily, so I will post them here. I will only do so for stories that in my estimation would have passed the old automoon system; others will get only the bullet-point treatment in the email.

This thread is only for the authors in question and me. They are free to ask questions or ask me to remove their reviews from the thread for any reason. For any other traffic, I will ask a mod to delete it. General questions about Equestria Daily or the pre-reading process should be posted here:

Note that I won't give an exhaustive list of errors; I'll provide a representative list of the types of problems I find and leave it to the author to scour his story for the rest.

To avoid repeating myself, I'll post a few of the more common discussion topics up here; your review may refer you to one or more of these.

Dash and hyphen use:
Hyphens are reserved for stuttering and hyphenated words. Please use a proper dash otherwise. They can be the em dash (Alt+0151) with no spaces around it or en dash (Alt+0150) surrounded by spaces. Some usage (primarily American) employs only the em dash, while other usage (primarily British) employs an em dash for cutoffs and an en dash for asides. It doesn't matter which system an author uses, as long as he is consistent.
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>> No. 130876
Note that this list is not comprehensive. I picked out a few examples of each kind of error or problem I found. Of course, not everything is a black-and-white issue; this is not a list of things you have to fix, but take each under advisement.

>signifying that she had heard him//
This rather lacks subtlety. It would have been evident from the way she acted anyway, but it also states as a certainty what Spike couldn't know yet. It's also unnecessarily indirect, as it's the fact that she stopped that's important, not that anything is signified.

>She simply stood there, waiting for him to do something, anything. He tried to move//
I can already see there are likely to be perspective problems. These two sentences abruptly flip from her head to his (the "something, anything" is uniquely her thought process, and she wouldn't know that he tried to move). You don't want the perspective to wander around so much, and definitely not within a paragraph. There's a longer rationale for this in the section about head hopping at the top of this thread.

>He tried to open his mouth//
This is the second sentence in a row to start with this phrasing. That's not necessarily a problem, but two leaves it ambiguous as to whether you're doing something thematic or just had an oversight. If you want repetition for effect, you have to call attention to it somehow, like have the narrator notice it's repeated or use it at least three times. You do have a third item in the list, so if you phrased it the same, then it'd be apparent you did it deliberately.

>still carrying her assortment of flowers//
>> No. 130878
Note that this list is not comprehensive. I picked out a few examples of each kind of error or problem I found. Of course, not everything is a black-and-white issue; this is not a list of things you have to fix, but take each under advisement.

>I’m afraid Tirek just did too much damage—even by my standards.
>The fire had long since gone out, but piles of soot and ash stood in its place—marking the scene like tombstones.//
In both of these, I don't see what the dash gives you over a comma.

Smart quotes get leading apostrophes backward, as they have here. Paste one in from somewhere else.

>do you really want a repeat of that awful event?//
But it wouldn't repeat. Spike knows how to cancel the spell now.
>> No. 130881
Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but if you get this note, could you contact me via my fimfic profile and/or email?

I have an EQD related question for you. Thanks for your time!


File 138242844458.jpg - (559.41KB , 2000x1500 , 441932__safe_twilight+sparkle_photo_pony_toy_book_ponies+around+the+world_myst_cyan+worlds.jpg )
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#Reviewer #The Training Grounds
Previous thread: >>128053

Welcome one and all to the Training Grounds, the review thread authors and reviewers, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike! With the closing of the spreadsheet, we’re going back to square one: just stories, reviews, and this thread right here. Things will be kept track of by hoof, wing, and/or claw with a listing every so often.

How to get a review: Post a story with its title, description, tags, and a link to it where applicable. Please include all of these in your post and not just a Fimfiction link to a title page.

How to review: Write what you think about a story (or review) and post it in a reply. Put a * in front of the subject field if you’d like your review reviewed.

List of unclaimed stories: >>129398

Last edited at Thu, Feb 13th, 2014 11:07

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>> No. 130868
It's been a while since I made a multiparter like this, so you may want to brace yourself. What I have to say here is rarely... pleasant... but it's opinion and so should be taken with a grain of salt.

If you have any questions/points you'd wish to discuss, I heartily invite you to make them. I, or someone more qualified than I, should be able to give you an answer to whatever ails you.

Part 1:


Part 2:

>> No. 130869

Thank you very much for reviewing my work. I will follow your advice and continue to work on my writing. I will put my current story on hold to work on a test story I have in mind, somewhat similar to the "alien in another world" idea but more of a talking cat rather than a human.

I enjoyed part 1 of your review, as it made me laugh until my gut hurt while also making me think deeply about what I should have done differently or even what I should have thought about before writing it. I will more than likely rewrite my story before I continue with what I already have, AFTER I learn more about writing and I make my second story.

Again, thank you very much for your time.
>> No. 130879
File 140592326930.png - (271.57KB , 960x1046 , Ghostwriter.png )
The Rune Guide, a relic from an ancient civilization that disappeared in one night. Within it's pages lie the secrets to a lost form of magic, rune magic.

To Ghostwriter, Equestria's only expert of rune magic and scribe to the princesses, it is both his greatest discovery and biggest responsibility.

After exploring the world, transcribing various legends from all over, and gaining the companionship of a kitsune named Flare, he has settled in Canterlot to be Celestia and Luna's scribe. But one night, the Rune Guide is stolen by Phantom the Spell Thief.

Given a chance to intercept it, Ghostwriter heads to Ponyville. Now he is presented with his greatest challenge; set up traps to reclaim the rune guide while trying to deal with Ponyville's antics.

To survive Ghost is gonna need some friends, a little luck, and a lot of hope.

Tags:Comedy, Adventure.

File 138669597460.png - (1.73MB , 890x898 , Mare.png )
129283 No. 129283 [View]

Well hello there and welcome to /fic/. Why am I welcoming you? I have no idea, considering I've not been active in the MLP fanfiction community for… well, forever, in fandom years.

My name is Umbra, and once upon a time, I raped the souls of authors treading on this blessed ground.

Just kidding, I'm only half that conceited. What I'm really trying to say is that I rather enjoy reading and reviewing, and I've been known to provide decent advice from time to time.

Those of you more familiar with me will also know that I am inconsistent as balls. I will not try to make a secret of the fact that I've been known to start a thread, disappear for months at a time, and generally drop off the map at random for entirely unknown reasons. I won't bore you with those reasons, because they're really no excuse. But I tell you this as a warning: I start review threads during certain periods in my life when I believe I'll have the time, and I do my absolute best to churn out reviews.

VERY CLEAR, however, I WANT TO BE (also Yoda), if you ask me to review something, please post knowing full well that I may never get to your story. I want to help this community because I truly love MLP fanfiction, but I have many other responsibilities in my life. This time I have a few failsafes that I hope will prevent us from reaching a point of implosion, so I'm confident we'll at least be able to keep the thread running for a while, but I can in no way guarantee continuity. That being the case, if you are posting a story in my thread, I have no problem with you posting in other review threads. In fact, so long as the other reviewer is okay with it, I would encourage that. Just make sure we each have a clean document to work on.
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>> No. 130409
File 139987465017.jpg - (20.70KB , 385x473 , 1229876_687360271289096_1662477833_n.jpg )
>If you’re interested, I have a couple who might be willing to proofread this.
The story revision is complete; is that promise still good?
>> No. 130874
I enjoy writing lore. Have a gander, if you want.

Descendents from apex predators, are they? They will run when pressed."
-Colonel Commander Rudolf von Vallorheim leading the IV Grav-Dragoon Corps at the Battle of Vekke

Honour, Strength, Courage, Bravery and Duty. But a few of the traits which encompass the many virtues of the Rotenvolcke people; a society warriors, explorers, and hunters. It has been often said in partial jest by others that the Rotenvolken State was created to suit the needs of the army, rather than the army for the needs of the State. This certainly carries far more truth than whatever humorous foreign prince or Minister would care to admit.

The Kingdom of Rotenvolcke stretches across the length of the Federal Empire's borders, its territory spanning across the Galactic West along the Teutolan Veil which separates much of the Human territories from the rest of the galaxy. It was here, along this frontier, that the fighting men of the Rotenvolcke earned their reputation as dauntless and ferocious fighters. It was they who bore the brunt of the Tal'Athiim Hegemony's forces, during the Pre-Imperial age. Though ruinous and brought mankind to near annihilation, this invasion did much to set the course for the history of Man and whatever path they choose to carve for themselves in this galaxy. Being man's first real encounter with a sizable alien civilization, it did little to enamor the human kingdoms to what else could lie in this dark, and seemingly unforgiving universe. It would take a great deal of time and further conflict before humanity would find someone other than their own they could trust. Still even in this era, they look to much of the non human species with much distrust and animosity. The Rotenvolcke especially harbour much deep resentment not only for the canid-like Tal'Athiim but for anything alien.
>> No. 130875
File 140573205324.png - (237.70KB , 803x995 , vector_doctor_fluttershy_by_kysss90-d6v2jf0.png )
[Title] Fluttershy's Medical Journey (Still a WIP)
[Author] Monfang
[Tags] Slice-of-life (I think.) Sad Humorous (In later chapters I hope) Cute


As great as the natural ability to understand animals is, it is not very useful when trying to treat them for their various injuries. So this left a young Fluttershy with only one option.

Medical College.

With teachers and doctors ranging from the cold to the outrageous, Fluttershy has quite a ride ahead of her to fulfill her dream of being a caretaker of her animal friends.

No. 130862 [View]
#Author #Crossover

Hello there,

I have a completed fic on fimfiction, and would like to fine tune it and create an official, finalized pdf file of the entire fic for my fans that have read it. If anyone has time to read a little or all of my fic and give me a review, I'd love to hear some feedback! This is a Doctor Whooves fanfic, which I know has been done a lot, but I wanted to put my own personal story that played out in my head down on paper.

>> No. 130863

Last edited at Sat, Jul 12th, 2014 14:18

File 140469591917.png - (336.24KB , 2712x1117 , Scootaloo's family tree.png )
130851 No. 130851 [View]
#Single fic #Discussion #Normal

A lot of people have been wondering about Scootaloo's parents for the past few seasons and such. Some even suggested that she is an orphan which i find to be a rather silly idea. I mean just because her parents are not shown dose not maker her an orphan.. Some even suggested that due to the fact that she has no family that it is the main reason in why she idolizes rainbow dash.. But even that falls short to supporting the theory. Scootaloo's idolization of Rainbow Dash wanting her to be her sister has nothing to do with the supposed fact that she is an orphan and and has no parents, it is most likely because she is an only child and had no sister growing up which fueled this fascination with Rainbow Dash. So basically want i'm trying to say, lets all just get rid of the orphan scootaloo theory in the brony community and instead replace it with smarter and better theorys that could actually have a chance at making it to the show and becoming cannon. This thread is mainly dedicated to Scootaloo headcannon theorys and sharing are different head cannons.
>> No. 130854
File 140487395930.png - (221.56KB , 900x811 , 133549232389.png )
>This thread is mainly dedicated to Scootaloo headcannon theorys and sharing are different head cannons.
Well, this doesn't really count as a single fic then, does it? But lets humor the idea.

> with smarter and better theorys that could actually have a chance at making it to the show and becoming cannon.
Applebloom is an orphan. Canonically. Her parents are dead and she is being raised by her older siblings and grandmother. Ergo, Scootaloo being an orphan is not out of the question, even in canon.

In four seasons, Scootaloo's parents have never appeared. Applebloom's have as falling stars. Sweetie Belle's have to the point where we know what her room looks like at both Rarity's and her Parents. Twilight's parents have. Pinkie's family has. Fluttershy is potentially disowned. Rainbow Dash's father has been seen.
Parents do exist in the universe, and the decision has been actively made to not address Scootaloo's family.
We've never seen Scootaloo's home, bed room, and she never talks about any extended family. Not to mention that all lines seem to be pointing to her being physically disabled as well from a pegasi standpoint.

So no, it's not out of the question at all.
>> No. 130856
File 140492418718.png - (457.96KB , 800x725 , Scoots' house.png )
>We've never seen Scootaloo's home, bed room
Actually we've seen both of those. Scootaloo lives in a small house on the outskirts of town. Her parents, however, are never mentioned.

Given that we've seen how different pony races can be siblings (Pumpkin and Pound Cake) I can see the theory about her being Cheerilee's sister working. The house depicted in Flight to the Finish even fits Cheerilee's color scheme. I've never heard about the Spitfire one, but it would certainly fit. I'll be watching her intently in season 5.

File 140413912076.png - (534.24KB , 1264x1080 , 1402015849745.png )
130830 No. 130830 [View]
#Discussion #Shipping

Have anyone here heard from a tripfag named BiscuitAnon? Is he producing more VNs/fics? The rumors had it that he had moved from /mlp/ to Ponychan.
>> No. 130832
You might be looking for MLPChan's /anon/ board. That's where people from /mlp/ tend to go, at least--the only threads active on this board are the Training Grounds, where writers look to get help for their stories, and Pre-reader 63.546's thread, where he posts detailed feedback for EQD rejectees.
>> No. 130837
get over here
>> No. 130838
File 140433381228.png - (103.89KB , 443x380 , 1385664345980.png )
>mfw i actually am OP.

File 140324079129.jpg - (172.30KB , 1024x1835 , Flash Sentry Aww shit.jpg )
130785 No. 130785 [View]
#Single fic #Random

Hello! My name is Bleedin. This is my real first time in ponychan! I made a story. Can someone tell me what they think and etc.


Constructive Criticism is a must.
4 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 130795
Oh sorry bout that
Thanks, I can't seem to understand what I'm doing wrong.
>> No. 130803
> Thanks, I can't seem to understand what I'm doing wrong.

You see, I'm going over your bibliography right now, and you're doing the right thing at the moment. You need to be more critical though, but the best way to learn how to do that is to write more. Especially short stories.

Writing a novel is great writing practice, but I believe it's better to write a series of stories to learn how to hold a plot together. To write more is great, to plan more is bestest.

Balls Deep is not a great story to address those problems, as the concept is loose, and the goal is to release. There are four characters in the situation, but they aren't complex at all. Flash is annoyed, Redheart is more a fixture and a plot point, The Doctor is annoyed, Flash's member is inflamed.

Porn generally isn't well known for character studies, but that's part of what's missing here. There's not enough character to follow. Flash is the pizza man in Italian 70's porn, not really a relatable character. In this case, his member is a separate character who has desires unrelated to Flash.

I'm saying that it seems that you broke the rule in which every character should desire something before entering the story.
>> No. 130836
I see, okay, I'll try to make depth.

File 131061895324.jpg - (18.97KB , 363x377 , 6677f.jpg )
30348 No. 30348 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
TL;DR: I review stories and people appear to think I’m quite good. Go to >>17970 to see if you want my help and I shall oblige, assuming you agree that I can take as long as I need to do it. I am particularly interested in helping fledging artist, although established ones can come as well.

Greetings to all those that happen to read this sentence, I welcome you to my review thread. I originally came here to help new writers improve their stories by using a bit of my experience and knack for story making as to make sure their stories were as good as they could make them. Work, time and family (in addition to the fact that most of the people I attempted to help left without a trance) however conspired against me going to individual threads to help people.

Thus, I made this thread >>17970 where people could come over and ask me to give them my sincere opinion about their stories and how I think they could improve their plots or their writing (sometimes both). Considering how much it grew and how little time I still have, I have decided to make another thread as to make it easier to go through (300+ post are also a hell to load on slow internet).

Now, here are some rules for you:

1.)I request you keep cordial at all times, any conflicts you might have with another poster I kindly request you keep it out of my thread. I respect everyone that enters and I can only hope you also respect me enough to do this.

2.)This thread is made with the specific point of helping improve the stories present to the best of my ability and as such I ask you to expect only blunt, if respectful, comments about your story. I shall only praise you if truly deserve it.
399 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130833
Wait, where did he made this post?
>> No. 130834
File 140419526802.jpg - (46.62KB , 960x690 , 1476016_680356778656112_85815778_n.jpg )
Oh gosh that was so long ago I wouldn't even know where to look. I checked the catalog and couldn't find anything. It was right around the great /fic/ divide back in late 2012. He said something about us not needing him, and how the board had become what he'd set out to make it into. It was totally weird, but yeah, he's gone. like a unicorn into the sun, or (dare I say it?) A samurai in the wind.
>> No. 130871
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File 132280723093.jpg - (15.15KB , 256x256 , Avatar.jpg )
69377 No. 69377 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Okay, I'm going to try this. I've been doing A LOT of reviews in other places, but have been shying away from an official thread on ponychan. This is mostly because I didn't want to let anyone down for not being on schedule. However, I'm really going to try and stick with this, and give people what they need.

So, let's get the preliminaries out of the way.


1) TITLE. TAGS. DESCRIPTION. If you don't have them, GET THEM!
2) If your google doc is not open to adding comments, then it won't get any. You'll get a review, but it will only be generalized. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
3) I will review mature stories, but DO NOT post them in this thread! If I see a link to them, I will report you. Instead, send an email to my mature review email: ganymedemature@google.com, and place a post saying that you sent it. I don't check it that often, so if you don't put a notification post, I'm liable to forget it's there.
4) Keep humans out of it. Unless you're writing a parody, I don't want any HiE or PoE. Again, there are plenty of other review threads for that.
5) NO WHINING! This isn't a hugbox. It's a review thread. If you're not mature enough to handle constructive criticism, then get out of my thread.
233 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 84934
File 132944735452.jpg - (31.74KB , 402x449 , Inconspicuous_Disguise.jpg )

No comments, since they weren't enabled in the doc.

Story: 20%

Twilight and Spike rob ponies. I... really don't know what to say to this. I honestly can't even see Spike doing this, let alone Twilight. This entire premise is questionable.

Beyond that, the biggest problem I saw was OOC moments. The FlutterxMac simply came out of nowhere, and has nothing to do with the rest of the plot. Pinkie Pie accidentally burning confectionaries?! That's almost as bad as Twilight messing up a spell. Twilight wouldn't call Spike names, even if she was trying to wake him up, and Pinkie Pie would not use "get your flank in here" at any time, period.
>> No. 88685
Hey, don't worry about getting to my fic, I was able to find someone else. I didn't realize you were closing your thread so soon after I posted here.
>> No. 130816
File 140389210465.png - (305.81KB , 361x361 , Pj3Mztt.png )
>Two year necro

File 140289363479.jpg - (48.27KB , 208x244 , Ponyvator.jpg )
130704 No. 130704 [View]

You find yourself in an elevator. You don’t know how you got there but you are faced with these buttons and descriptions. You have no way out, without going through, The Twilight Pone...
G1: Rescue at Midnight Castle, Escape from Catrina, MLP The Movie, 2 TV Seasons
G2: My Little Pony Tales, Friendship Gardens, TV specials
G3: A Charming Birthday, Dancing in the Clouds, Friends Are Never Far Away, A Very Minty Christmas, The Princess Promenade, Run Away Rainbow, A Very Pony Place, Pinkie Pie’s Special Day, Meet the Ponies, Starsong and the Magic Dance Shoes, Rainbow Dash’s Special Day, Twinkle Wish Adventure, Once Upon a My Little Pony Time, The Worlds Biggest Tea Party
G4: G4 Season are broken up individually. Season 3 includes EQG, and S4 includes Rainbow Rocks

•You can only push one button. If you push G1, you will live through all of it, however anything from G4 you only live thru one season.
•Once you exit the ponyvater, you become a pony the same age as yourself.
•You have no choice in pony race, but you retain your human knowledge.
•Your actions can alter the course of events over your season or generation....
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 130773
"G1 sucks if your name isn't Meghan."
Pretty much the entire first gen in one sentence.
>> No. 130805
For the love of fuck. Tales is not G2. It's still G1.


Last edited at Wed, Jun 25th, 2014 09:54

>> No. 130813
File 140379941051.gif - (8.79KB , 106x96 , 132654912350.gif )
That's funny, it's almost like I didn't say in that post:
> Tales is part of the last few waves of G1, and is the most peaceful period of the series.

I even went on to complain about G2:
> It gets a little wobbly heading into Friendship Gardens when all the Fillies start to look like Colts.


Welcome to /fic/

Last edited at Thu, Jun 26th, 2014 09:50

File 132696335878.png - (259.61KB , 1024x725 , harmony_stargazing_by_darkflame75-d4l7fd9.png )
78823 No. 78823 Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
EqD Link: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/10/story-end-of-ponies.html
Fimfiction Link: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/1571/The-End-of-Ponies
Thread Pic: http://darkflame75.deviantart.com/art/Harmony-Stargazing-277483149

Title: The End of Ponies

Author: short skirts and explosions

Description: A horrible Cataclysm has turned all of Equestria into a Wasteland of barren ash and twilight desolation. The Sun and the Moon have been destroyed. Everypony has died--including Princesses Luna and Celestia. But one pony miraculously survives; she is a lone wanderer, the last of her kind, surrounded by menacing creatures that hate her. She navigates the Wastes in an airship and scavenges off the blighted landscape to keep herself alive.

Then one day she meets an old companion who grants her a gift, the chance to go back in time to the warm and sunny days of Ponyville, where her dead friends live in happiness. How far will the last pony venture into these joyous days of Equestria, even if she fully knows that there is no way to change the horrible fate of everypony she loves?

424 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130804
File 140364688034.png - (142.47KB , 444x442 , 133088843972.png )
I don't think SS&E comes here anymore, and if he does he has made no announcement about EoP. Most of this board's population is also eagerly awaiting an update. You might try his Fimfic user page if curiosity bugs you too much.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 24th, 2014 14:55

>> No. 130806
File 140374970867.gif - (713.48KB , 325x203 , spoiler.gif )
It so happens that someone asked me about End of Ponies recently. I responded.

Everything you need to know about why End of Ponies isn't still happening:

(scroll down to see comments)

Last edited at Wed, Jun 25th, 2014 19:29

>> No. 130814
Huh... so I wasn't crazy when his new work felt more and more like attention horseing wrecks.

File 137929395905.png - (286.08KB , 1014x1187 , lyra_in_pants_by_egophiliac-d46alho.png )
128414 No. 128414 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Discussion #Equestria Daily

Previous thread: >>122969

(What? Who let this die? You're all fired!)

Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the seventeenth installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Anything that has to do with Equestria Daily, the pre-reading process, fanfiction, alcohol, regrets, or Nicolas Cage. Keep questions on other subjects to a minimum.

We’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
74 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130789
File 140328541244.jpg - (162.56KB , 600x600 , mlfw2703-did_someone_say_ponythread.jpg )
*thump thump thump*
Oh good, it's still on. Hey, this thread's gone kinda quiet, so I wanted to make sure it was still visible to passersby. Do let us know if we can answer any concerns.
>> No. 130791
File 140333734406.png - (229.26KB , 823x960 , 1797475_724694577555423_653697696_n.png )
how do I can haz ride the mothership?

Last edited at Sun, Jun 22nd, 2014 16:30

>> No. 130831
You do not ride the mothership. The mothership rides you.

File 140208808310.jpg - (9.43KB , 264x200 , spike_and_angel_by_everevereverever-d5vuvgf.jpg )
130570 No. 130570 [View]
#Author #Single fic #Discussion #Crossover

chapter one of my fanfic is done, it's just a prologue but I would like some feedback and some advice, constructive criticism is welcome
4 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 130626
File 140261099560.png - (120.26KB , 503x512 , 132657677664.png )
Oh, so you're not going to respond, are you?

That's fine. You're not the first, and you wont be the last.
I gave your story a chance, I spelled out what I couldn't understand and didn't like about it. Instead of opening a dialogue with me, you'd rather ignore any input I've given.

And that is why people don't tell each these things. It becomes a meaningless exercise. Even talking to walls is more effective, because people can run off to enclave hugboxes where they never have to have their feelings hurt because they end up being judged by others.
>> No. 130663
Not quite as fruitless as you would think.

Your advice is instrumental and highly regarded by a number of forum-stalkers out to improve their material.

Unfortunately, we tend to be a little shy about our thanks, nonetheless, you have my gratitude.

So don't fret you unsung hero, you!

Last edited at Sat, Jun 14th, 2014 05:50

>> No. 130784
Hello! My name is Bleedin. This is my real first time in ponychan! I made a story. Can someone tell me what they think and etc.


Constructive Criticism is a must.

File 133008151510.png - (280.80KB , 1000x700 , 116511 - artist-dazko Book_Fort filly twilight_sparkle.png )
86726 No. 86726 Locked Autosaged [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello again, fillies and gentlecolts, and welcome to the seventh installment of the “Ask An Equestria Daily Pre-Reader Anything Thread”! Feel free to ask us anything* and we’ll do our best to answer.

*Disclaimer: Our knowledge of quantum physics is limited, so please try to keep questions on that subject to a minimum. Also magnets are kinda hard.

I’d also like to include a brief FAQ in this initial post, since we seem to hear a lot of the same questions:

Q: How long does the pre-reading process take?
A: A few days to get from Seth to us, a bit more than a week to review depending on how busy we are, then a day or two for the review to get back to the author.

Q: It’s been [Unit of time] and I still haven’t received any response. What’s up?
A: Ensure that you’re sending your story to the correct address (submit@equestriadaily.com). Ensure that you’re using the proper submission format, as detailed on the “Submit” page of Equestria Daily. Read over your description - stories with over five errors in the description tend to be rejected immediately. If you’re sure you’ve done all of the above and still haven’t received a response, send another email in the same thread asking about the status of your story.
408 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 92346
Derp, it's autosaging. New thread! >>92343
>> No. 92367
OK, so I just found out after checking the referral part of my story on FimFic that my story was posted to EqD, but I never received a response from the pre-readers.

Believe me, I'm not complaining at all; I was just curious about whether stories can sometimes get posted without the author getting a response.
>> No. 130760
File 140300418966.png - (288.53KB , 700x700 , 140221095506.png )
This thread hasn't been posted in for 2 years, and for some reason is attracting a lot of spambots, so I'm locking it.

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