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See title.

Mainly, do people still want to use this board or should it be removed?
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>/dis/ is hidden unless you see it on /vinyl/

I see what you're doing mods. I see what you're doing and it's sneaky as fuck.

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I've long talked about or thrown about this idea in various forms. I wanted to make a place where we could come up with topic ideas for dis and generate them at regular intervals if they seem to have high potential (however you want to define potential).

We have some new structure proposed for /dis/ and its up to us to attempt the new system. This is also a way for us to work on doing threads according to that system and populating /dis/ with those threads.

My brain has been coming up with some great ideas today with other things in my life, and I think I might be able to continue the same mood after I get back from a little social outing/live dubstep event. In the meantime lets hear constructive ideas for thread topics in /dis/ and lets try to decide on one or more for maybe thurs or fri by vote.

Lets take until then to revise and brainstorm on some good ideas for /dis/ topics that will be entirely worthy of being saved to the archives!!
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i want a thread about being gay, so i can talk about how gay i am

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Greetings and Introductions!

(Written and edited with community input by Strangelove!Doctory2, all credit to them!)

Hello everypony and welcome to /dis/, Ponychan's discussion board. Here you'll find threads ranging from controversial topics such as politics, scientific development and religion, to more lax threads meant to share opinions without being overly formal. As you may imagine, given the freedom to discuss these topics, some ponies may inadvertently say or do things that hinder fruitful discussion and bring about unnecessary conflict. Due to this, we have created a set of guidelines that should be followed. Please make sure to read them before posting, as to avoid any misconceptions or confusion.

Please keep in mind this is not /chat/. Although there's no need to write textwalls (unless you want), try to write more than a sentence or two in your posts, and keep in mind you may have to wait hours for a response. Remember all global rules apply to /dis/, and general respect and courtesy is appreciated in this board no matter your opinions or the opinions of others.

Without further ado, here are the rules of /dis/:

You, Ponychan, and Posting in /dis/

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File 140669796034.jpg - (37.72KB , 463x278 , spoiler.jpg )
Those were golden days.

Oh, also, nice trips

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>im leaving the fandom
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File 141568730089.jpg - (10.81KB , 151x188 , 1388963606-1.jpg )
You're never "in" or "out" of the fandom.
It is all around us, like the Force.

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Hey guys, I'll be going to an American school starting next week. Is there anything I should know about the education in the states before then?
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First of all, a lot of people will attack the American school system. You need to know that these people are full of shit.

1. We do teach World History. We learn about as much about other countries, relative to their role in historical matters, as they learn about us. We could do better on Eastern and African history, IMO, but that tends to be because that curriculum is saved for the end of the school year and most teachers end up a bit behind.
2. We have a majority of the best Universities in the world. This is in spite of the fact that our average student doesn't perform very well. We have a pretty wide education gap, and it's in no small part due to parental and student expectations of student performance. If you want to learn, American schools are actually a great place to do it. If not, well... you probably wouldn't succeed anywhere else, to be honest. The issue is more cultural than anything else.
3. Social pressures in American schools are pretty common, but outright bullying is actually fairly rare. It's more common for people here to have experienced bullying than the average person simply because people here (myself included) are rather weird.

Aside from that, I don't know what to tell you. It really depends on where you are in your schooling and the country from which you're coming.

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This is gonna be a doozy... This is a little hard for me to put into words, so I'll take it nice and slow.

I'll set the stage like this. I've always valued myself as a clean artist... well... somewhat, I have drawn my share of suggestive stuff sometimes. A decade ago, I did a handful of fanarts where Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls (And later Blossom and Buttercup) were diapered and dressed Tommy Pickles style (Just a small shirt and diaper, basically), and at the time I was completely unaware of what I getting myself into. I just thought it was funny at the time. I ended up getting disturbing comments from diaper fetishists asking for wet and messy diapers, and I eventually took the pics down.

Years later a couple of knuckleheads from the ABDL community stalked me to draw diaper art. One of them was dead set on trying to get a picture of blue from Blue's Clues diapered (And usually dressed like Tommy Pickles) from just about anyone he could find. Most people did it for him, but I wasn't interested and I politely told him that I don't draw diaper fetish pics. The problem came when I took requests a year later, and he kept pestering for it long after I told him no. I almost did it out of guilt, but after checking his profile and finding out that he asked everyone almost the exact same thing, I told him off and blocked him.

What was worse was the fact that an adult baby with a diaper fetish tried to watch me after favoriting some of my Rugrats fan art. I checked his profile and he blatantly said he was an adult baby with a diaper fetish. I immediately blocked him and the only reason he tried to watch me again was because I accidentally removed him from the block list and I made the mistake of trying to give him a fair shake and trying to look past his creepy fetish, but I found he was a worse request whore than the previous one I had to deal with. He had almost 700 requests done for him, he was a jackass asking nearly 10-15 pictures a week, and complains about it not being right if you don't draw it the way he likes it. Basically, he was total jackass. I also found some nast
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File 141383808019.png - (188.67KB , 1024x1024 , Pinkie Best Diaper Pony.png )

I don't take commissions sadly, I was thinking of taking real ones, but I dread what people will ask me. I remember back in high school a classmate I knew very well wanted me to draw the Powerpuff Girls naked for $70. I passed and told him I don't do nudity.


I stopped taking requests a long time ago for that reason. Most people in the ABDL community don't even like people like those two and they told me that they make the community look bad. They'll even vouch for the fact that you should'nt force people to drawing something uncomfortable. A babyfur even told me that if someone asked me for art of that nature, they did it without the knowledge or consent of the community.

What sad is that I still find characters like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls or Pinkie Pie in diapers cute. I just can't draw them now thanks to them and others like them.
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So, whatever happened to love and tolerance?
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File 141519785502.png - (75.39KB , 374x600 , 136857163614.png )

What are you implying, exactly?

File 140944041551.png - (81.75KB , 252x252 , 992dba58-a2ec-4dcf-bf39-14bf2862abc3.png )
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What are the differences and relationship between Gender Identities & Gender Roles?

As well, within the context of the transgendered?
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So, whatever happened to love and tolerance?
>> No. 78348
What happened to "love and tolerance" is that people took it seriously when it never should have been.
>> No. 78350
People can love and tolerate crazies too.

File 141273994427.jpg - (20.99KB , 470x246 , slapped_by_a_cock.jpg )
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Choke on a cock, PeTA-tards.
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File 141274122664.jpg - (121.72KB , 500x375 , 3489671049_aeaee1690b.jpg )
Eh, this kind of idiocy only helps expose the whole PETA BS for what it is. But that doesn't really matter - it's publicity stunts and, regardless of the rhetoric, publicity is money.

And that's what PETA is about.
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I'm not speciesist, I hunt bear and if a bear kills me someday so be it. I eat yeast, and I may someday die to tularemia (they're both alive, and there is not one smidgen of reason humans or bears should be considered with extra care). I sincerely hope that when I die my corpse will be eaten by the foxes and shrews. And that's the end of that.

Tabarnak, I'm glad I wasn't there when that went on. If they don't want other animals eaten, then they should offer up their carcasses in lieu.

Seriously, how can there be such ignorant people in the world? I don't know how someone could be as messed up in the head as to hate nature enough to be a vegan.
>> No. 78346
So, whatever happened to love and tolerance?

File 141335116042.jpg - (5.59KB , 259x195 , images.jpg )
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Although I have lots of friends and loving family, I've been suffering from this lingering sadness for a couple years now because I'm single. I'm currently a senior in high school and have never dated anyone, although I acknowledge that there's plenty of time. I understand that relationships can often cause more problems than they solve, and in that respect I'm blessed, but it still makes me depressed whenever I see a happy couple in the street, or see the relationship statuses of all my friends on facebook. I know that I still have plenty of time to meet someone, and I should enjoy the non romantic relationships that I have with my friends and family, but I can't help feeling the way I do. I just wish I could be with someone special.
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File 141345692733.jpg - (42.69KB , 355x412 , 35n6dmc.jpg )
Well you're certainly not feeling anything abnormal, nor are your feelings wrong in some way. I think the people telling you all about how there's plenty of time and you should enjoy what you have now don't necessarily have the same feelings as you do. To some people, getting married and having children is a requirement they have to fulfill at some point, and relationships are really only there to serve that purpose. Otherwise they'd remain single and maybe have some one night stands here and there. But it's not like that for everyone. Some people earnestly appreciate that companionship, rather than seeing it as an anchor, and for people like that, enjoying their time spent alone is just not going to happen.

That said, I don't have any advice for picking up a partner, but I encourage you to keep your eyes open. It's never really too early.
>> No. 78328
So seek out a relationship? Relationships don't just happen, you have to make them happen. Especially if you're looking for a girls. Girls are taught their whole lives that prospective partners won't be interested in them if they make the first step. on top of that, lots of people are just generally shy. If you want a GF/BF, you have to make it happen. Yes, you risk getting rejected, but you are never gonna gain anything by posting about it on the Internet. If you want a relationship, go out and find one. You can't just wait for someone to come to you.

> But I've already tried, it didn't work!

If you haven't succeeded yet, then you haven't tried enough. If you give up after failing one, two, three or ten times, you're never gonna succeed. Some people are just unlucky, but everyone can get one if they just keep trying until it works.
>> No. 78329
"Oh, woe is me, I have all the time in the world for myself, no one to answer to, no one is constantly bitching in my ear and no one is siphoning away my money. This must change, I must find myself a worthless parasite to do all those things."
A word of advice: get rid of that type of depression before you hit 25+ lest you end up with a used up person of low value simply because they were of correct age and gender.

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Hey guys.
So... I can barely breathe right now, with things that are going on in my life.
A little bit of back story is needed for everything to make sense, so bare with me.
Roughly four years ago, in 2010, my parents divorced. My mother took control of the business that up to that point was co-owned by the both of them.
Two years ago, in 2012, having gotten into the groove of running two restaurants by herself, my mother got a tax payment to the IRS kicked back for a reason stated simply as "Not Taxpayer Error". Upon receiving this notification, my mother called her bank and the IRS to try and figure out what was going on. No one could seem to tell her. why it was sent back. Continuing to try and fight with the IRS, she kept trying to send the payments through like she had to, and the continued payments kept getting kicked back with the same message of "Not Taxpayer Error" and still no one could tell her what was going on.
This year, 2014, the IRS is threatening to shut down her business, seize her home, seize her car, all of her assets, and the assets of the officers of her company, who happen to be my elder brother and I.
She recently sold one of the restaurants to a family member, so there's no worry for it, but because of the IRS's own problems, my mother, my brother and I are about to lose everything we own.
They're demanding payments that my mother has been trying to send, but with how things have exploded out of nowhere and trying to catch up on the tax payments, my mother doesn't have the money to pay for it. I have no spare money. At the moment, I'm trying to cancel every type of payment save for the one for my car to try and help her in any way I can, but my brother refuses.
I don't know what to do. I don't know how I can help, I don't know how I can try to fix anything.
>> No. 78321
First off, here's a few resources that might help:

Do your best to negotiate (or help negotiate) with the IRS agent. Also, if a situation like this ever happens again, put the money in a savings account and don't touch it until the IRS figures out what they are doing.

Also, do you have any options to take out a loan for an amount that would allow you to pay? The family member who bought the other restaurant might be able to help?

Last edited at Wed, Oct 8th, 2014 21:09

>> No. 78322
The family member who bought the other restaurant, our cousin, is actually being quite the jerk towards my mother.He refuses to pay a lawyer to take care of any of the legal side of things, believing that he can do everything on his own through such websites as LegalZoom, and has essentially stolen around $3,000 in profits from the last weekend that my mother owned the business, claiming that it's his.
I will definitely read through the information you've provided and pass it all along to my mother in the morning, as she has already gone to bed for the night.
I really do appreciate your help and input...

File 141230795576.png - (677.49KB , 640x360 , 54-(n1299362974767).png )
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I'm posting here as I've been able to post to Ponychan in the past and I'm hoping to get some advise, support, or maybe a slap in the face with reality. Admittedly this is going to be all over the place a bit as I'm letting these thoughts flow as I type them in.

I'm feeling a bit like I'm just... stuck. That's I'm a background character. The second fiddle of life. That guy in every group that's behind the entire group, can't get a shot right, and generally feels like a nuisance or worse just there and largely ignored.

It pretty much started last week on Saturday, at a card tournament. Granted I was already tired from a pretty crazy morning and then trying to play some of the more energetic arcade machines at an arcade. I was playing in a card game tournament and I lost, and lost, and lost, and kept loosing. Basically I was the only one there that lost every single match he was in. Though not the full reason of my depressive state it was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I lost control, became furious, and stamped out of the store in rage. I went back to apologize afterwards but for the entire weekend I was just in the dumps hating myself. It didn't help that today I was playing some more card games, casually mind you, and lost it again because I just couldn't seem to win. What made it worse for me was that this was a deck I made. One that I worked on. I spent so long thinking of strategies to make it work and ways to put the cards together. I don't have much money to invest into card packs so I didn't have a lot of the great cards but I did my best and thought I would put up a fight at least. Instead of feeling like the knight trying to defend a town against massive odds I just felt like I was run over without a second thought, over and over and over.

It always seems to be this way with me. Whenever I'm in a group of friends I'm never the main guy, the chief, the head, or even the lucky shot. I'm just there, lagging behind, with cheap equipment, and pretty much forgotten. In my family I even felt this way. Never
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File 141252362413.jpg - (14.07KB , 180x216 , 1798433_709986075716714_8699884958991445262_n.jpg )
so, what are you doing to improve yourself exactly?

I mean, no offense, but card games don't count as self improvement in my book. Unless you're going professional poker or something like that.

What are you doing to improve your emotional state?

Your financial/occupational/skills - are you building these or working towards goals?

Are you working on building your social and peer networks for reasons other than liesure?

What is the last thing you taught yourself that you will be using or are using now?
>> No. 78308
File 141253822929.jpg - (33.79KB , 456x456 , 140768382947.jpg )
(take this with a grain of salt. I'm a bit tired while writing this)

>am I an infinite looser
That's tough to say. Probably, you are a bit of a loser, especially whenever you think pessimistically like that. I would also argue that most of us are losers at points in our lives, though, so maybe try not to let that get you down. Thinking like you are defeated, that's the moment you are defeated.

>That I'm a background character
If you feel like a background character, then that's probably because you are in a lot of situations. We are all a part of the same canvas here, and the vast, vast majority of us are going to be making up the background. There is nothing wrong with being part of the background, though, if you can learn to accept it and be happy, despite being in the background. What I'm saying is, you are expecting a lot from yourself. You said it yourself, the main reason you got pissed when you lost the card game was because you were sure that you could win. You put a lot of work into it, tried hard, but you weren't able to accept that you weren't capable of winning. Maybe it was chance that you lost. Maybe you are actually good at card games, and the reason you lost is that the planets aligned for your opponent. It's hard to say. There can be so many reasons why things aren't going your way at any particular time.

Most people if they fail at something go like this: "Well, you can't be good at everything. Maybe I'll find something else that I'm good at". This is a healthy attitude, I think, because if we had to accept every shortcoming as a failure, we would all be fairly miserable.

So, as far as advice goes, I'd say try not to let what the world does to you get inside your head. It's not always your fault when you mess up, you can be a victim of circumstance sometimes too, as long as you are able to recognize when you could have actively done something to improve your situation as well. If there's something that you want to be better at, then work hard, but don't build expectations if you can a
>> No. 78320
File 141282558958.png - (62.81KB , 211x216 , 1300231011400.png )
None taken, I know the cards are purely a leisure activity.
I'm trying to settle some of the issues I've been having in order to not feel so pressured, I say trying because the more I seem to try to settle them the worse they seem to become.
I'm trying hard with my financial skills and working towards goals with them, but they keep seeming further away with constant setbacks, roadblocks, and a particularely poisonous roommate.
The last thing I taught myself. I've been practicing my drawing skills. They are quite removed from where I would like them to be but they are getting there.

Well the problem isn't that I was expecting to win. In all honesty I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting to at least be a bit of a challenge. I was expecting to be able to feel like I wasn't just a joke. Maybe that's what's really eating at me with all this. I admit that I've tried lots of things in my life. I've always been good, but never great. The Jack of all trades, but never the master of anything. It's... It's like putting a toilet together and finding that it doesn't flush. That's fine, I get that sometimes you need to rework it, but instead of not just not flushing, it ends up shooting water into your face and the tank explodes. I get that going out there and being able to say 'at least I tried' is good, and I want to say that, but I feel like managed to go absolutely nowhere or even backwards. I didn't even progress an inch.

File 141116009606.jpg - (44.06KB , 640x960 , 8FCTqir.jpg )
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Pre-post Edit: I have decided to remove the subjects name as to prevent adding fuel to the fire, I ask that we refrain from posting the name and other keywords that could set off a tagger. I don't want this topic to trend.
Thank you.

Hello all, today I found myself browsing the internet not really knowing what I would stumble into, when I came across a man who is (in my mind) worth mentioning. He is a Representative who has been posting remarks regarding Muslim-Americans, and stirring up quite a bit of attention while doing so. He has been branded as a racist and is currently in the lime light for being one. He also is running unopposed for next reelection.

For the record his only influence is in a State (single) House of Representatives.

I pity this man.

Much like the dog that became rabid, he is an animal that has lost all sense of self control and intellect. While I hope he is taken out by a competitor next election, it is only to prevent the harm it will do when his diseased mind infects someone less controlled. The task is easier said then done however, as the more times someone searches his name, the more it spreads. The more it spreads the more we have to deal with hate.

I would like to tilt this thought into a question, so let's go with:
>> No. 78287
File 141120541450.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
The thing about stuff like this is that giving this man exposure isn't going to change any opinions. There's gonna be plenty of people who think he's a terrible person, and other people who think he's okay despite (or even because of) what he's said. So I would say don't even think about fighting the trend. Just let the trend go where it wants to, feel free to contribute. Hope that the majority of the people who find out about him are the ones who don't like him rather than the ones who do, which would probably turn out better if you were the one spreading it, since your friends are likely to think in similar ways to you.
>> No. 78291
There are a few ways.

One is to get the people at the head of the movement, who everyone has rallied behind, to admit to things that even the majority of their followers can't stomach identifying with. This is what happened when Aiken said that legitimate rape is shut down by the body and basically called all pregnant rape victims liars.

Another way is to get more people to identify the hated group as really human, as really part of their experience, rather than identifying them as the barbarians at the gates. This takes conscious effort and a willingness to put up with shit from the haters, but is a much better long term solution.

Discrediting the movement's actors will just slow it down. To draw power away from it you need to sap the anxiety that people express as hate.

File 140134101581.png - (91.44KB , 279x243 , Thoughtful.png )
77891 No. 77891 [View]
[#Discussion] [#Question]

In the wake of the UCSB shooting, I'm seeing a lot of internet arguments and blog posts about male entitlement. Indeed, shooting people because you can't get laid is an incredibly stupid thing to do, and Elliot Rodger was an enormously entitled, misogynist twat.

That said, there is a flipside to the issue of "male entitlement"; namely, the notion that if a man is not getting laid, then he has failed as a man. Guilty and stupid though he was, Elliot Rodger did face bullying as a result of his virginity, as do many others. In popular culture, "success" for a man is typically defined as "getting the girl". If a boy has sex with a girl and she takes his virginity, it is said that she "made him a man", as if the mark of a man is whether or not he has had sex. Movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin portray men who have reached middle age without having sex as childish losers. If a guy is going off to college, he's more likely to hear "don't get anyone pregnant!" than anything else, as if the reason one goes to college is more to have sex than to get an education. If popular culture is to be believed, the most important thing in a man's life is sex.

Why do you think this is? Is this an effect of male entitlement? A cause? A byproduct of survival instinct? And finally, is a male virgin a loser?

Last edited at Wed, May 28th, 2014 22:27

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>> No. 78280
What I don't understand is why we feel there is a clear bias for one side and against the other in reporting victims. Of course men can be victims - turn on the local news in any metropolis area and you'll find plenty. Mostly victims of other men's violence.

>The point is that, when women are victims, it's a national headline and a gendered crime.
sometimes... and sometimes men make headlines too

>When men are victims, it's either ignored or mocked.
sometimes... and sometimes women are ignored or mocked too
Are you certain that the perceived bias isn't simply a result of a real world victimization property? Or that women as victims don't do better in the ratings than men in the same situations? I have to say, that in the context of popular media, being upset that men aren't portrayed as victims as much as women seems awful petty if women really do represent the larger victim base: until we get to areas where that lack of attention is detrimental to society or the law somehow.

Ultimately I'm not sure how we're supposed to weigh a bias towards portraying victims as victims as either positive or negative. It seems awful to reiterate victimization to the public and highlight one gender, even perpetuating that concept to the public. If the bias is a positive or in favor bias, what good is it doing exactly and what has it done?
>> No. 78281
Bias in favor of women when it comes to reporting crimes.

>Are you certain that the perceived bias isn't simply a result of a real world victimization property? Or that women as victims don't do better in the ratings than men in the same situations? I have to say, that in the context of popular media, being upset that men aren't portrayed as victims as much as women seems awful petty if women really do represent the larger victim base: until we get to areas where that lack of attention is detrimental to society or the law somehow.

The problem is that women don't represent the larger victim base; the overwhelming majority of muder victims are male, the majority of assault victims are male, assaults on males are on average more serious, the majority of robbery victims are male...etc.
>> No. 78282
>The problem is that women don't represent the larger victim base; the overwhelming majority of muder victims are male
and news reporting doesn't reflect this? are you watching your local news channels and reading the local paper and women are being over represented and men not reported on when it comes to murder in your area?

This is highly unusual in my experience. You can generally tune in to the local news upon waking up and find a story about a man or men committing violence against other men with some ease. And if you open the newspaper I'm sure you'll find snippets about people being murdered, shot at, etc.

>the majority of assault victims are male, assaults on males are on average more serious

and how often does simple assault make it to the headlines? "Bar altercation ends up with one man punched, other man escorted out of bar and told to get out of here before they call police." This doesn't sell papers or hook viewers. This is run of the mill violence of men against men - Unless its particularly heinous, I don't recall seeing much at all reported about assaults - generally its not newsworthy material otherwise.

>the majority of robbery victims are male...etc.

File 140944148441.jpg - (8.36KB , 204x247 , images (1).jpg )
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In a macroeconomic sense, what is an unreasonable share of income for Capital to take? 15%? 30%? 50%? 100%?
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>> No. 78268
File 141000986490.png - (18.98KB , 397x398 , Howl at the moon.png )
I will also assume we're speaking of income tax. And in a macroeconomic sense? Hmm...

I suppose, like most things,it depends a lot on what your goals are. In Rose's case, his goals seem to be to give the government as much money as possible without making citizens upset, with some caveats.

But what if your goals are actually wealth redistribution? Then 100% is acceptable, even though some citizens would be very upset by this.

What if your goal is to create a competitive market or reward large corporations? Then a much smaller tax would be required, if any would be acceptable at all. In such a case, you might actually prefer that literally everything be privately funded.

Or perhaps you think that there are a few minimum things you need done and you need a base amount of cash to keep political systems flowing. Then you might not have a set tax, but instead tax everyone based on how much the state has spent that year, divided by each individual's percentage of total income.

There's just so many ways this can be looked at that even talking in terms of macroeconomics you probably can't definitively decide on any one route. I don't think there's any one way to say "Yes, this is good."
>> No. 78277
I'm sorry, I don't mean of tax, but of the total income for people in a nation. A 100% take for capital's share of income would then be reflected by slavery: the laborers dont get paid, the person who owns everything gets all the money. Typically they own the people as well in a case like that.

That capital deserves a share of income for being capital is a core essence - perhaps even the core concept - of capitalism.

Historically, 30% give or take a small amount has been pretty popular in capitalist societies. Give or take. In recent times, though, with a favoritism of the rich (read: the true capitalist actors, the big-C Capitalists - the people who own the capital) we are seeing in the U.S. something close to 50%. 50% of the nations income goes to those who own the capital. The rest goes to workers, essentially.

You're right about tax being a complicated issue. If I recall, most taxes we have now were not even practiced a couple hundred years ago. I think most of what they used then was property tax.

>> No. 78279
File 141017845144.jpg - (20.20KB , 440x474 , 280237__safe_oc_meme_edit_team+fortress+2_ice+pack_demopan.jpg )

Oh, oh, I getcha. That makes way more sense. I'm not sure why I wasn't figuring it out the first time through.

So in this case, 100% would be slavery, like you said, and 0% would be communism (of some skin or color).

So now, given that, in a macroeconomic sense, what is an unreasonable share? This time, rather than political goals, what are the goals of economics in general? Some might say that the goal of economics is merely to predict the flow of resources, but if people can talk about "good" or "bad" economies, than there are things that we can measure to rate "success".

Just snatching a glance at the wikipedia's definition of "economy", you can see a few of the things they measure, and generally you want those things to be high. Pretty simple stuff. It also notes that "intellectual property" is something that people didn't used to pay much attention to. With good reason, mind, since IP wasn't very prominent before. It has only become a more powerful force in very recent history. Important to note here is that this strong upward trend is still in effect, and I feel like that effect will only increase as time goes on. The original economic strengths of resources and labor are slowly falling behind as we convert more and more of the earth into what we need rather than just dirt. Efficiency of technology and lack of raw resources are moving jobs, profit, and economic benefit in general out of those markets and into these new ones that don't require anything but ingenuity and imagination.

So it seems, to me, like a strong economy relies on that section of the market, but that leads us to a conundrum. That market doesn't depend much on capital at all. A lot of people can create media from next to nothing. And good media, too, not crappy stuff. They make things that are profitable and popular. Contrarily, it is often the big major names that put tons of money into capital and production costs th

File 140994599676.png - (257.62KB , 482x578 , discordhmmm.png )
78263 No. 78263 [View]
Since all those celebrity photos leaked, I've been struggling with some moral questions as far as what is considered "blaming the victim". I don't think it was right that someone hacked their iphone clouds, but I'm wondering how much personal responsibility someone has to keep those types of photos private, if that's what they want. It would seem, to me, the internet is a dangerous place to store photos of a sensitive nature, but some people may be ignorant of how secure their information is. A friend of mine compared it to "storing photos in an abandoned safe on a busy sidewalk", that anyone can try and open. Is it fair to say that someone should try to keep those photos in a safer place to lower the risk of exposure? Is it possible to avoid blaming the victim, but at the same time point out risky behavior that makes you a target?
>> No. 78266
File 140999883997.png - (177.65KB , 800x886 , Greenhousing.png )
>Is it fair to say that someone should try to keep those photos in a safer place to lower the risk of exposure?
I'd say so. It's just common sense to give a recommendation like that. Nothing wrong in saying it. Of course, it would be weird to fine celebrities for having photos stored in non-public cloud storage.

In the end, none of our data is really 100% secure. No matter where you put stuff, it can always be accessed somehow. Locks only exist to keep honest people honest, and in this case the lock just wasn't big enough for the job. You can't say that it was the people who took the pictures' fault, since almost no matter where they stored them it would have been possible for them to get leaked somehow. Probably, the best advice you can give anyone is just not to have nude photos lying around period. Nothing but trouble, they are.
>> No. 78269
File 141001836726.png - (30.34KB , 200x303 , Five dollars.png )
This is a really touchy subject for some people because a mishandling of the situation can cause major problems. It was always a problem for me growing up, actually, because I was often the "victim" of my brother's antics, be they theft, harassment, or otherwise, but anytime I would attempt to call my parents to take care of the kid and keep him from causing problems, I would inevitably get blamed for "leaving myself open" and my parents would continue to take no action against my brother. Strangely, when I started solving the problems by crushing my brothers spine my brother was not blamed for being a poor combatant.

Ultimately, though, both parties really are at fault, in a sense. What's important is not whose fault it is, but whether or not a "legal" crime has been committed. Stealing someone's car is always theft and the criminal should (probably) always be punished accordingly. This does not mean that you do not need to lock your car doors or secure your car in a garage or keep your keys on you so criminals don't gain easy access. Doing so would be a "natural" crime.

See, "legal" laws are something we make up to protect each other from ourselves, from things we can catch so that they don't continue acting, and sometimes even undo the damage that has been cause. "Natural" laws, on the other hand, are things that exist regardless of what we say about them. We cannot (or, at least, should not) punish anyone or anything that breaks these laws, because nature itself will apply consequences to any misbehavior as necessray.

Imagine a different scenario entirely here, wherein someone left their food in the back of the fridge for four months. Now it's all moldy and inedible. Whose fault is that? Well...the mold, obviously, and theoretically the mold should be held responsible in a court of law. The fact remains, though, that if the victim had not forgotten about their food (broken a natural law) this would not have happened in the f
>> No. 78278
File 141016462878.png - (195.39KB , 801x954 , discordquiteso.png )
These are great answers.
I really don't know what else to add.

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