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>> No. 78000
Those were dark days.

File 134378547129.jpg - (4.84KB , 96x100 , ChairfaceChippendalebybezz.jpg )
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I've long talked about or thrown about this idea in various forms. I wanted to make a place where we could come up with topic ideas for dis and generate them at regular intervals if they seem to have high potential (however you want to define potential).

We have some new structure proposed for /dis/ and its up to us to attempt the new system. This is also a way for us to work on doing threads according to that system and populating /dis/ with those threads.

My brain has been coming up with some great ideas today with other things in my life, and I think I might be able to continue the same mood after I get back from a little social outing/live dubstep event. In the meantime lets hear constructive ideas for thread topics in /dis/ and lets try to decide on one or more for maybe thurs or fri by vote.

Lets take until then to revise and brainstorm on some good ideas for /dis/ topics that will be entirely worthy of being saved to the archives!!
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>> No. 76069
Anyone else think it would be cool to be able to post video to /dis/ ?

I mean, I love lectures. I love to share them, but, I don't think many people have the patience to listen and watch something maybe 15-60 minutes long.

But I think /dis/ might have a few more of those people than other places.

File 140358540711.png - (292.24KB , 533x761 , 13.png )
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A few months ago, in a chat I used to frequent, I mentioned that I'm a masculist. The response to that... was not pleasant. It came from pretty much complete ignorance of the topic, and by the time the other person realized their ignorance, I was too frustrated to properly educate them.

I'd like to correct that. There's a lot of misinformation about masculism out there, so I thought I might be able to help educate you.

So go ahead. Ask me anything. You can even ask me accusatory questions and I'll answer them. Just so long as it's an actual question, I'll answer it. Keep in mind, however, that if you want me to be specific, you're going to have to put a little effort and open-mindedness into your questions. So you are allowed to ask, "Isn't masculism misogynistic?" However, the only answer you're likely to get is, "Nope."

Also don't be surprised if it takes me a couple of days to answer. I sometimes forget to check Ponychan and it seems that my watched threads aren't working properly, so there's that issue, too.

But if you're patient, feel free to ask away!
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>> No. 78127
File 140436920226.png - (111.12KB , 377x364 , 89.png )
Okay, I've kind of been completely inactive with pretty much everything these past few days. Graham, I will get to the rest of your questions at some point. I've actually been thinking of one at length and, while I know my answer for the most part, some of it still eludes me. I think I know how I want to deal with that part, but we'll have to see.
>> No. 78131
File 140470286356.png - (397.10KB , 700x670 , 12 oz Tumbler.png )
On the issue of male feminism, Karen Straughan had some choice words to say to Russell Lindquist [www.youtube.com] about his admitted motivations for defending Danielle Paradis (Paradis having taken Straughan's offer to debate the issue of whether or not feminism is hate).

Furthermore, both women and men are inherently biased in favor of women [www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov] , likely as a result of this kind of "white knight" attitude.


Sorry it's taken so long. I just recently came down with the chicken pox. Apparently, either my mother was misinformed when she claimed that I had already had it 20 years ago, or else I never actually developed an immunity to it.

>What are the three most overlooked issues that deprive or oppress men today that you think should be acknowledged? (not assuming all or most men's issues are overlooked, but some of the more common ones I don't think need a reiteration unless there is new material: things like custody and circumcision)

I struggled with this one for a while. The most important two to me are obvious, but it's the third one that's difficult, especially given that the other two are very broad. Eventually, I settled on one for the third. So here they are, in order.
>> No. 78154
I'm glad I gave you a good question. That was the point at firing a whole lot at you: that one or two or a few might be very thought provoking or challenging.

I've actually been travelling the US as of late. I started at the end of June and have been away from a computer, the internet, facebook, and ponychan since.

I might have some time later tonight though. My wonderful ladyfriend is off to see her girlfriend tonight and left me with her computer and room (and bed yay) so after I do the things I need to do to get my next travel stop squared away, if I have time, I'll check back! If I don't have time I do not know when I will, It could be weeks or months even.

File 139146246792.png - (41.52KB , 447x543 , 572.png )
77130 No. 77130 [View]

I was going through the archives of a comic I enjoy and there was a joke about being involved in the early access beta of a game and it being buggy as hell.

Well, for those of you that don't know, I'm highly interested in the Everquest series and Everquest Next and Landmark in particular. Last night, I spent a good deal of time watching someone streaming their play of the alpha that started two days ago, and the contrast between the quality of this game's first few days of alpha compared with what I've seen of a lot of "early access beta" games.

In short, Landmark, while it has a number of bugs, was a lot more bug-free than most any "early access" game that I've seen, even ones that are much smaller in scale.

The idea that "early access beta" is a way to sell an unfinished game that's not going to go to release (or even a real alpha, quite frankly) has been around for a while, and I was wondering your thoughts on it. Are the "early access" games you've seen even worthy of being considered alpha builds? How many of these games that you've played have shown developer support? How many have gone to release?

And, perhaps most importantly, do you think that people that pay for alpha/beta/"early access" will be able to file bug reports as well as others?
>> No. 78153
Kala ekei ston Alpha pane kala?? Exoun ena dynato xarti opws h Marieta Xrousala k den to ekealetmuontai ka8olou??? Krima gt to Marietaki exei na dwsei polla sti tv k to apedeixe me th prwinh zwnh pou stekotan 3 xronia a3ioprepestata apenanti se 8hria opws Menegakh-Arnaoutoglou-Meleth(Moutsina-Zarifh,Kagia klp klp)

File 140317018734.png - (1.50MB , 975x800 , 1403059131270.png )
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I don't really know why I've come back here. But I have a question for you all.
Is the fandom getting worse or not? Is it possible it only seems like this because of the attention given to the negative actions of the group? Has it always been this way?
On a side note, I hate the very "vocal" memebers of any group, for, in my opinion, they are the reason most people outside of said group dislike it in it's entirety.
Pic unrelated.
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>> No. 78079
File 140360296888.png - (386.66KB , 823x544 , Dean 4.png )
Summer always makes the fandom seem worse; actually I think it doesn't change very much at all, but without fresh new episodes for people to go crazy over they notice the less desirable aspects of the fandom more.

Whatever. It's an internet fandom, not a magical community. That's why I don't call myself a 'brony'; I think it's a silly label that says nothing about who I am. Also because calling myself a 'brony' inherently links me with all the assholes and sickos who also call themselves bronies (I'm not saying they are a majority at all, but as you say, they're vocal) so I don't.
>> No. 78146
File 140609302710.jpg - (14.01KB , 88x88 , 1.jpg )
Worse, better and every synonym only exist in the mind. Something truly cannot become worse, or better because those are perceptions and not qualities.
>> No. 78152
It;s the off-season right now. It always appears worse during that time, because we're all starved for new content. There's only so much non-show content can do to keep us satisfied.

Once the show comes back, it won't seem so bad.

File 140625888076.jpg - (58.02KB , 550x425 , breakup.jpg )
78148 No. 78148 [View]

Yesterday, me and my gf was eating dinner at my place (she cooked a really good lasagna BTW). As you know, Italian food can be a bit messy. My gf used the last napkin to clean off. Now, I was kinda stuffed and didn't really feel like going to the pantry and opening another pack of paper towels. I just happen to see a sock I had on last night and wiped my mouth with it. It was when my gf lost her shit. It was like PMS on steroid. She screamed and yelled and swore she'd never kiss me again. When I told her to calm down, she dumped me and stormed out. So my question is 1). how do I get her back and 2). how do I get her not to be so squeamish.
>> No. 78149
stop being a fucking slob OP would you kiss someone who had foot sweat on their mouth?
>> No. 78150
Send her a vidya of yourself washing your face along with a note that says, "even dirty boys can be clean sometimes."
>> No. 78151
File 140626244951.jpg - (79.93KB , 407x405 , 10925638.jpg )
guys what do? Recently my girlfriend broke up with me because I gave her a dutch oven. I was laying in bed with her after we had sex and I had to fart. well I thought it would be funny if I gave her a dutch oven so I farted and held the covers over her head and yelled out dutch oven! she screamed anf flailed but I held her head under the covers for a good minute and a half while she was forced to breathe in that foul stink that made people think something died in there. How can I get her back?

File 139087702249.jpg - (10.53KB , 200x245 , Justice_Holmes.jpg )
76893 No. 76893 [View]

Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce?

Edit: Note that this question does not ask if society should prevent people with lows IQs from reproducing.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 27th, 2014 19:56

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>> No. 78136
File 140540015634.png - (111.12KB , 377x364 , 89.png )

Let's be honest, here: People will bitch about decisions that other people make with which they disagree.

Even if those other people are obviously smarter or know more about a particular subject than they do.

The bitching about these decisions often comes either from people that are unjustifiably arrogant about their views or else from people with knowledge after the fact that wasn't known to anyone at the time.

Edit: Oh, and that's also assuming that smart people make better decisions in the first place. I know a lot of supposedly smart people that make really stupid decisions all the time.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 14th, 2014 21:57

>> No. 78144
File 140597947133.png - (219.63KB , 1024x749 , 140497119162.png )
No, people with higher IQs should be sterilized.

That way there will be no smart people to bully and abuse the dumb people.
>> No. 78145
I looked over this web site:

...it seems to be a standard white-power/white supremacist ideological web site. Everything about the site, and the person running it, is in full agreement with all of the premises and statements of white supremicists. However, it clothes itself in intellectualism, quotes from fancy scientific and historical figures (most of which nobody has really heard of), but repeatedly maintains, in a ivory tower and "intelligent" seeming way, the most extreme eugenicist, white supremicist intellectual positions. It sneakily uses terms like "equality" here and there to seem nice, but it is ultimately attacking the concept. If this approach validated ideas, then we could assume Marxism or Freudism was also flawless because Marxists and staunch Freudians do the exact same thing. It is not so.

The term "occidental" is as outdated and archiac and ridiculous as the term "orient". It refers to western white people, but most people don't realize this. Every aspect of the creator and maintainer of this blog, everything he says and does, is essential supporting white supremacy and attacking diversity, egalitarianism and the idea of social progress.

If you are a rightist or conservative I strongly urge you to reconsider knee-jerkingly supporting the guys positions. There is nothing about being a businessman that says you have to take on social conservative, racist (racialist, occidentalist, white supremicist) ideas. There is no real solid reason to support the similar ideas of Fox News and its main ideologue, Austrialian rober-barron Rupert Murdoch. You can think independantly, you can hire nonwhite people who are skilled and capable and weigh the perceived risks vs the good it will do in the long run. You can try hard to convince the poor, whatever their color, that education and reason are the positive path. It is not the time to give up on humanity and go to the path of war, impoverishment, discrimination and genocide that is ultimately offered by the Occidentalist behind his intellectual-soun

File 140589858400.png - (1.45MB , 1280x720 , Arya-arya-stark-31146929-1280-720.png )
78137 No. 78137 [View]
I don't understand trannys who try to fuck girls. I know this one tranny who does that and if he wants to fuck girls, why does he pretend to be one? There are so many less lesbians. Is it just a lesbian fetishist type thing? I don't get it.
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>> No. 78141
File 140589956035.png - (46.44KB , 149x149 , tumblr_inline_mmibh76Vln1rnn43l.png )
Can you not use transphobic slurs?
Gender and sexuality are not the same thing.
There are MTF who like guys and there are MTF who are lesbians.
There's not discussion and If you cant wrap your head around it you're a moron.
>> No. 78142
Ugh, what the hay, now that it's on /dis/ where it belongs, might as well reply.

The thing is, I've seen it a million times before. You're just feigning ignorance for dramatic effect.
I mean, "tranny"? Seriously?
Even a little kid understands that that is a purposely inflammatory word. You only say it if you are trying to start a fight.
Likewise, if you're been on the internet at all, you understand correct gender politics. You understand that transexualism and sexual orientation are two separate things, you know that you should be calling that person "she" and not "he". You know all of this.
Yet you carry on, flying in the face of common decency. Presumably just for kicks, though far be it for me to assume anything about your personal morals. Maybe you actually believe what you're saying, who knows.
If so, you could at least approach the subject with tact, and respect for the parties concerned. And lack of slurs.
>> No. 78143
>thread using the word "tranny" and saying that trans women are pretending to be girls
>moved to board for serious discussion
mods pls

File 139967137513.png - (260.09KB , 487x713 , mlfw3118-63566_-_fluttershy_monocle_posh.png )
77844 No. 77844 [View]

Do you guys and gals think that Open Marriage is a better option of a lifestyle or the Traditional one?
With an Open Marriage, you can have more fun with other people without feeling guilty than an Traditional and maybe help built a healthy relationship with your partner. In a Open relationship, i know there might be ground rules or do's and dont's.
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>> No. 77890
I feel like if you truly, TRULY love someone, you won't want to be with anyone except them. If you're with someone and you still are wanting to sleep with other people, I feel like you just shouldn't be getting married.
>> No. 77897
Sounds traditional.

Thats just fine : if you're like the 20-25% of the population who seems naturally inclined towards both traditional marriage and monogamy, then good on you. Helen Fisher reports people like you often make some of the best environments for raising children and will sacrifice happily to maintain it.

But this naturally-inclined-towards-traditional-models + naturally-wanting-to-be-monogamous if this group indeed describes you, is still only 1/5 to 1/4 of the population.
>> No. 78134
I fully support traditional marriage. Marriage without a dowry lessens the value of the bride. Marriage not under the arrangement of the tribe or family is selfish, if young people can't put the needs of the community before their own then they certainly can't put their partner's needs before their own either.

File 140134101581.png - (91.44KB , 279x243 , Thoughtful.png )
77891 No. 77891 [View]
[#Discussion] [#Question]

In the wake of the UCSB shooting, I'm seeing a lot of internet arguments and blog posts about male entitlement. Indeed, shooting people because you can't get laid is an incredibly stupid thing to do, and Elliot Rodger was an enormously entitled, misogynist twat.

That said, there is a flipside to the issue of "male entitlement"; namely, the notion that if a man is not getting laid, then he has failed as a man. Guilty and stupid though he was, Elliot Rodger did face bullying as a result of his virginity, as do many others. In popular culture, "success" for a man is typically defined as "getting the girl". If a boy has sex with a girl and she takes his virginity, it is said that she "made him a man", as if the mark of a man is whether or not he has had sex. Movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin portray men who have reached middle age without having sex as childish losers. If a guy is going off to college, he's more likely to hear "don't get anyone pregnant!" than anything else, as if the reason one goes to college is more to have sex than to get an education. If popular culture is to be believed, the most important thing in a man's life is sex.

Why do you think this is? Is this an effect of male entitlement? A cause? A byproduct of survival instinct? And finally, is a male virgin a loser?

Last edited at Wed, May 28th, 2014 22:27

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>> No. 78128
File 140437132451.png - (673.52KB , 1366x768 , 94.png )

Well, as near as I can tell, he wanted women to basically have no say in sex, so... clearly not. In fact, when a group resorts to murder (especially mass murder), changing society to their goals tends to not be a reasonable course of action.

In his case, we should look at societal pressures for men to have sex. PUAs are already shamed pretty hard, but they're shamed for taking a position that society encourages.

As far as ARM activists, that would be a case of their individual group. The majority of people tend to be pretty dismissive of "vegan power" people, so it's not really our society that tells them that it's okay to set fire to a medical testing facility to save the animals there (saving them by killing them is more common than you'd realize).

Please don't misconstrue what I say. Eating meat does not create militant ARAs. And, generally speaking, when a person resorts to murder (especially mass murder) to solve their problems, they really haven't gotten to the role society made in creating their problems.

But I grew up with those same societal problems. I've neither stabbed nor shot a single person... nor poisoned anyone or... well, the point is that I haven't killed anyone, or even assaulted anyone. I also haven't resorted to PUAs, as some men do. Nor have I resorted to rape, another statistic for which this attitude is partially responsible.
>> No. 78129
File 140437179533.png - (160.80KB , 407x385 , 101.png )

I should point out that there's a lot of misinformation in this, and I haven't done the amount of research I usually require to make such statements, so I can't say that my first sentence is necessarily true.
>> No. 78130
because appeasement worked so well for prime minister chamberlain

File 140386524070.jpg - (10.58KB , 250x277 , 136142725101.jpg )
78118 No. 78118 [View]
I have a hypothetical question.

If a lady has to have a pelvic exam (or any other exam involving looking inside the wahaHA!) and she is a virgin (with hymen). Does the doctor have to break the hymen to do the exam? If so, it seems really messed up, but that's just me.
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>> No. 78121
File 140386603755.png - (102.05KB , 680x753 , 136296630627.png )
ugh, i tried googling it, but i never found any good answers.
>> No. 78122
File 140386645614.png - (212.61KB , 507x454 , balloons are cars too.png )
You never know which source is most reliable.

I think a good doctor can definitely do a pelvic exam.
Things need to stretch, but a hymen can take that, as long as it doesn't chafe.

But the whole deal of breaking a hymen being messed up seems a bit silly.
It's supposed to break sooner or later.
>> No. 78123
File 140386773921.jpg - (42.80KB , 344x536 , image.jpg )
Only thing messed up here is the cultural obsession with a woman's technical virginity.

File 140174055948.png - (570.64KB , 864x929 , Christian Pinkie Pie.png )
77964 No. 77964 [View]

For a long time, the entertainment industry on average seems to have been rather against religion and, specifically, Christianity. Think about the last game you played where religion was positively portrayed. Now think about the last game you played where religion was negatively portrayed. In movies, TV shows, and often music as well, religion is rarely portrayed positively, and often negatively.

Yet in recent years, we've had a wave of movies that not only portray religion positively, but Christianity as a central, positive theme. I can think of three off the top of my head, and I rarely pay attention to movies. Les Miserables, God's Not Dead, and Heaven Is For Real all have Christianity as a central theme and portray it overall positively. They were also all commercial successes, in spite of the latter two receiving poor reviews. And yes, Les Miserables has been around for a long time, but the issue is that someone thought it would actually be a good idea to make a movie of it recently. And it turns out that it was.

So here's the question: Could this recent influx of Christian-themed films be indicative of a changing direction in the entertainment industry? Could it be that, in recent years, there's been a change in the average viewpoint of Christianity (and possibly religion as a whole) among film companies? Can you think of any other recent movies that portray Christianity positively, whether as a central theme or not?

Or is that wrong? Can you think of more than a thin smattering of major films like this in recent times that were released before the past couple of years? Is it just a passing fad? Maybe the work of a few unknown film companies and the rest of the entertainment industry won't catch on?

Inb4 people think I'm Christian or atheist

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>> No. 78109
File 140374034245.png - (1.05MB , 1366x768 , 11.png )

Oh, don't start with that argument. Everyone does what they do because of the culture around them, whether it's a household culture, a national culture, or a global one. You're assuming that that culture is based in Christianity.

And I have proven that that's bullshit. First by pointing out that parents more prone to abuse would be more likely to own several books on discipline (the reverse causation argument, something that you still refuse to address) and by pointing to the fact that the Schatzes (and others, for that matter) specifically went against the teachings of the Pearls in regards to what they thought deserved "discipline" as well as how severe that "discipline" was. Unless you can show that the Pearls have ever suggested beating a child for hours for something as unrelated to the point of the book (and their teachings, for that matter) as mispronouncing a word, your argument is complete bunk. I have shown time and again that that sort of thing runs counter to the Pearls' writings as soon as the first spark of frustration forms.

So unless you can show that, no. Their teachings have not "convinced several parents to beat their children literally to death."

Last edited at Wed, Jun 25th, 2014 16:52

>> No. 78111

Many of these people have claimed that they were not continuing out of anger, but out of a need to drive the 'rebellion' out of their children.

If someone tells people to take their car up to 80 mph while approaching a T intersection but to hit the brake at 50 meters, are they completely blameless when someone hits the brake at 40 and slams their car into a building?

But lets assume that you're right, that these people got none of their ideas about abusing children from their religion. That despite their own claims, they only call themselves Christians out of convenience.

It's pretty convenient for these horrible abusive people that they have the camouflage of wrapping their abuse in a popular religion, which has been so drummed up in the national rhetoric at this point that it makes many people afraid to stand up to them and challenge their behavior.
>> No. 78116
It would be nice if things were up front. I would probably prefer it too. Not to come off as insulting, but I think that idealism is dangerous to apply in life. If you aren't playing the psychological manipulation game at some level you might be at a loss to mount effective countermeasures. You also are not as effective as your peers or competition willing to engage. Its a Buyer Beware situation and I think its entirely appropriate - if not a bit required - to develop a 'Seller Beware' system. As much as part of me hates to say it, I am cool with a level of manipulation that has a border on the grey primarily because I see it as a required life skill to immunize against like attempts. Its the harm that is done that decides it for me, but it would be nice if things could be presented up front and honestly. We're just so, so far away from that by now as a species.

Additionally, the world of organized religion is rife with such things intentional and perhaps not. I'm prone to find too much meaning in things so its probably also a bit of a personal bias of mine here at work too a bit.

>To me, that makes them trying to push a political issue even worse.

Well, a couple questions. Kind of pointed probes.

- What constitutes an issue as political or not?
- What issues are okay to push and which are not?

File 140289122366.jpg - (97.89KB , 795x960 , Gramsci Foucault.jpg )
78005 No. 78005 [View]
let us consider a piece of music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm2ibnzM1YI

a frank, edifying struggle against a distinguished foe is an easily conceptualized, easily recognizable trope. its something people can get behind, a context where they can define and practice their virtue.

the thing is, there is no 'mighty struggle' with universalism, it is just depressing. it is also something thats hardly imaginable, there is a cultural blindspot when it comes to successful deleterious memes of this type (duh). a good 2 minutes hate against 'haters' is easily arranged, and its precisely because of this that philosophies of 'love' have done far more damage heretofore. there is no distinct body with which you agree to disagree with, with who you have no real quarrel besides a conflict of interest, and may the better thede win. rather, it is the progressive spread of seductive ideology formenting progressive dysfunction (and better yet, validates that dysfunction, subsidizes it even). the problem is that your own people become a problem.

'well who would argue against peace and plenty for all?', who indeed, in this day and age. those who argued otherwise were gifted war and privation by the universalists, who were the decisive victors. this seeming contradiction really is not unusual, nor is it coincidental how the rise of universalism in the west prefaced the rise of near constant global warfare and tension. a *liberal* political philosophy is only defined through negation, what it is not. without insufficiently universalist bogeymen to set itself against, the clade will set upon itself in phariseeism, a progressive ratchet where members find themselves in a theological arms race, in constant danger of being outflanked by one who is holier than thou. and in such an environment, solipsistic, nominalistic memes have the definite advantage.

'isint that what we do naturally anywhere', to a degree perhaps, but not all holies are created equal. categorical imperatives of either universal 'hate' or 'love' (or indifference
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>> No. 78068
Are we reading a lot of nietzsche these days OP?
>> No. 78069
He's a neo-reactionary. If you want to get a handle on what he's talking about, this is a good place to start. http://slatestarcodex.com/2013/03/03/reactionary-philosophy-in-an-enormous-planet-sized-nutshell/
>> No. 78115
It.. reminds me a bit of satire.

File 140095593629.png - (6.10KB , 375x259 , dinocomics-asexuality.png )
77875 No. 77875 [View]
What do you guys think of asexuality? do you have any questions about it? are there any asexuals onlline right now?
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>> No. 77999
>I think what I really want is for somebody to WANT to have sex with me.

There's the catch, isn't it. You want the validation of someone's romantic interest, but aren't willing to put much effort into validating the people you're looking to get that from.

Most people want to be wanted.
>> No. 78001
File 140263314577.jpg - (262.30KB , 500x658 , Catch-22Man.jpg )
The whole situation is some kind of strange Catch 22.
I'm willing to put in some effort, but the amount required seems WAY out of scale. Of all the things that you could possibly not be good at this is the worst. This is seriously the only skill I can think of that's actually shameful to not be able to do.
>> No. 78065
Nothing worth having is ever easy.

If you really want it, put the effort into it. No matter how hard it is.

File 140313094101.png - (183.54KB , 1219x1400 , 1396751919242.png )
78012 No. 78012 [View]
is it morally acceptable to make love to your pokemon?
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>> No. 78060
File 140314207674.jpg - (28.79KB , 599x634 , 38303848.jpg )
holy shit, this thread got moved to /dis/
>> No. 78061
File 140314256340.jpg - (43.86KB , 500x448 , 39632365_m.jpg )
She's a dog, dude.
>> No. 78062
File 140315063685.png - (223.46KB , 350x411 , Ribbonlike feelers.png )
I got to say this was a hilarious read, this thread.

10/10 would kek again

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