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No. 12941
  I am proposing a Brony group sing for "Fluttershys" a parody of Owl City's popular "Fireflies" We will be using the words that Mithent has written and our found in the description of the embedded video file.
Perma-link here:
as this is based directly off of the original, I'm sure you musicians can find the proper chord sheets, please no transposing.

I am accepting submissions for almost two months, between now and my 18th birthday, September 27, 2011. Please send me mp3s if possible.

Thanks and I sure hope this turns out great!
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>> No. 12942
sorry for the bad embed, try it now
>> No. 12947
Awww yeah, I'm so down for this. I'll get to it as soon as I find myself alone in the house; I'm incredibly self-conscious when it comes to shrieking my brains out into a mic.
>> No. 12962
I'm on it!
>> No. 12984
File 131211285712.png - (253.41KB , 640x678 , twilight_yes.png )
Wow, I'm amazed those lyrics have made such an impression!

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to contribute to this or not...
>> No. 12987
File 131211996469.png - (488.73KB , 1740x1938 , 130869628802.png )
Implying that you haven't contributed already?
>> No. 12991
File 131212066111.png - (231.55KB , 627x616 , twilight_smile_down_left.png )
Point. But whether I should submit my vocals to it, I mean!
>> No. 12995
File 131212306351.png - (217.79KB , 640x360 , 130290134102.png )

Do eeeet!
>> No. 12996
Let me clear it up then. You are expected you to contribute to it.
>> No. 13002
File 131212514559.png - (210.62KB , 615x573 , twilight_yes_that_was_silly.png )
Ok then, I will!
>> No. 13157
I just recorded two versions; let me know if there are any problems.

Higher pitch:

Lower pitch:
>> No. 13171
Yes, please do contribute your wonderful voice, I will put the two of us more in the background so as to keep the COI at a minimum, but you wrote it, you should help us sing it.

Also, please post your files to soundcloud or e-mail them directly to me at I personally am not a fan of mediafire downloading, my comp doesn't take it all that well
>> No. 13172
File 131221204232.jpg - (95.30KB , 350x350 , 14381-fluttershy-yay.jpg )
Just listened to both, I think they'll do just fine, I may (depending on number of submissions) put both in to get us some nice harmonies

Also, everypony follow his example, give me two or three seconds of silence between the start of the track and the singing
>> No. 13215
File 131222478789.jpg - (72.14KB , 1280x1024 , england.jpg )
Singer reporting for duty Cap'n

This shall be wicked
>> No. 13252
Here be mine:

Give me a shout if you need separate tracks for when there is singing over the singing.
>> No. 13280
File 131223903499.gif - (396.27KB , 320x320 , Piano!.gif )
Are you going to use a Karaoke track or get some musicians? I might be able to whip up something on synth. I've always wanted to and this will give me perfect motivation.
>> No. 13285
I would love to aid in this endeavor. I liked the original, but this song is at least 44% cooler (20% cooler than 20% cooler)

now... where is that mic...
>> No. 13296
I'm actually doing some work with the girl who made that song. Can I help?
>> No. 13308
Great, glad to have you.
Yeah that might be helpful. Also, your audio cuts very abruptly, is that your mic? or from Audacity? either way, would it be possible to resend it with those parts in, even if they are soft static?
Please send whatever you can, I'm looking into minecraft note-blocking this. seeing what I can do
Loving the math, studying for a degree in physics, now go find that mic soldier
>> No. 13356
Count me in! I'm going to try ASAP and send in the results.
Oh, about the recording: does it have to be silet? I mean, no music, just voice?
>> No. 13387
And here we go! Both the alright takes of my Fluttershys attempt here on Soundcloud. Why both? because I couldn't decide which is better and decided to inflict a double kill against thine eardrums, that's why.
>> No. 13391
Silent if possible, try playing it on your computer or mp3 player (using headphones, or a single earbud) and then record using the other device. I say a single earbud because that allows you to both hear the music, and yourself, yiu may also try using a crossfader.

Unfortunately mine ears have to wait for their torture, I cannot get to soundcloud from the computer I am currently on, but I'll let you know as soon as I can
>> No. 13502
Hmm. I like it, though I am going to ask you the same thing I did Chirmaya, could you resend it with some static left in, I use a cross fader that takes a portion of the song that I specify that then removes similar sounds from the rest of it, it works best If I can have some static to have it base off of, because anything minus nothing is whatever it was before...


(I hate how macs are unable to take a file from the interwebs, whereas PCs Can)
>> No. 13503
  That last post was me, I forgot to fill out the fields at the top... not quite bad enough for the attached video, but the sentiment is right
>> No. 14166
Bucking because I don't want to see this die. :C

Also, I'll try to memorize the song during the week and send in something this weekend. This is still going, right?
>> No. 14368
File 131283703893.png - (636.63KB , 900x607 , the_filly_race_by_br0ny-d3razqt.png )
I hope this won't die! I was really looking forward to this one :c

Here is my entry! (Did it in one take!)
>> No. 14740
I swear to Celestia, mine is on the way! I refuse to let this one get buried!
>> No. 14797
Yeah we're still going
Thanks, I can't listen to it right now, I can when I get home though
Yes, any help would be wonderful
>> No. 15200
You still taking recordings?

Because I just finished mine:
Hope this goes well!
>> No. 15275
File 131332391425.png - (142.30KB , 900x862 , 131262206806.png )
Hey, I thought I'd throw in on this one:

and I don't know what you wanted with the sort of backing parts so I chucked them in too but on a separate track:

Enjoy, and happy 18th birthday (inb4 everypony else)
>> No. 15915
Ok, we're still going here, still over a month to go (imma start futzing with the tracks on the 20th, final submissions still the 27th [both sept.])

Thank you everpony for submitting, I have to go back through and re-download everything (file fiasco, aargh) which I will do momentarily here.
to sum this project up in my favorite tongue: "Jag älskar er, du är bäst!"
>> No. 16314
Done and done

Thanks brony!
>> No. 17650
Aaaaaaaaw yeah
>> No. 17661
Here's my recording.

Warning, there's a few glitchy parts that mess up the tempo in the middle, so make sure to align the entire thing.
>> No. 18396
time for the weekly bucking
I haven't had the time to listen to it yet, speakers and headphones have been busted. However, I just picked up a set of not quite studio quality headphones earlier today at Border's as they're going out of business, hope to listen to it on the morrow (Spike has nothing on my exhaustion right now)
>> No. 18763
This is awesome, I honestly can't wait to see how it turns out! Just wanted to show some support.
>> No. 18814
If my mic hasn't completely died yet, definitely doing something.
>> No. 19636
Weekly Bucking, just about 2 and a half weeks to go, but I can extend.
>> No. 19959
Oddly enough, I'm singing this parody for my first solo in my vocal music class.
So, it seems only right that I audition for this ^^
I'll record it soon~~~<3
>> No. 20925
Almost forgot about this! I recorded this a while ago.
>> No. 21134
Buckity Buck buck buck

Submissions still being accepted, I will get everything squared away the 29th, I will be partying on the 27th, attempting physics on the 28th, but I have the afternoon of the 29th off, I think I can do this
>> No. 21146
should i or shouldn't i, hmm...
>> No. 21339
File 131687963904.png - (234.30KB , 724x568 , twilight_look_at_this.png )
I was considering whether to submit the original vocals or re-record, but I'm not sure I can do much better than I originally did, so here's the vocal track from the original song before I forget:
>> No. 21702
This is a last call for submissions, and everypony is in luck! My laptop which is mine and I planned to use on this decided to have a piece of the power connector break off, inside the computer, so I need to get a new power cable before I do anything else.

I thank everypony for their submissions thus far, and if anypony else wants to, they can probably for at least another week.
>> No. 22642
My current priorities:
1. School/Work/Whatever I need to do to keep my mom off my back about
2. Pony Punnet Squares

I will give everypony till midnight (PDT) wednesday to get things in. I have no class thursday afternoon, so if I download everything during Calc III I should be fine.
>> No. 22856
We understand you're busy; we're willing to wait. Thanks for doing this.
>> No. 23058
My brother left some stuff at home, meaning that I have to go over to his school when I get done with my one class. If you are trying get something in. Send it ASAP. I will get back home about 1300 PDT so when that occurs no more submissions will be accepted, except for one that he has already talked to me about
>> No. 23146
File 131795077872.png - (82.73KB , 418x455 , derpy time.png )

check back here occasionally for when i finally get it up.
*initiates protocol: 'wait for OP'*

>mfw I see that a long time has gone by, and I have barely started
>> No. 24817
File 131905777048.png - (229.34KB , 457x466 , scootaloo_oh_no_you_didn\'t.png )
Oh-hoh. Thought you get get away on me, did you? Still waiting for this!
>> No. 27354
File 132091397570.jpg - (47.70KB , 350x600 , does not compute.jpg )
27354 <--Here it Is!!

Sorry this took so long, Real Life just wouldn't get out the way.

Check back in the next couple of days for Youtube video, I need to record a message for the end, but I can't do that at 0030 hours local now can I? (answer: no I cannot)

>mfw Soundcloud won't let me dispute copyright on grounds of Parody
>> No. 27420
  Have a vid.
>> No. 27456
File 132099778805.png - (351.99KB , 734x1088 , Happyshy.png )
Brilliant! Thanks for all the hard work. Can't wait to see everypony back here once season 2 gets some songs!
>> No. 27503
File 132106463640.gif - (29.03KB , 360x360 , 130645497152.gif )
Haha, I'm so glad that it's done. I had heaps of fun doing this one and I hope that the bronies united don't fade away in to obscurity because I want more! Thank, by the way.
>> No. 27508
Thanks for doing this! =)
>> No. 27540
Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work in da' mixin'!
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