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File 131081308267.jpg - (50.29KB , 506x800 , 130759636134.jpg )
11078 No. 11078
Hello bronies!
I'm not sure how many people would be interested in my idea, but it's worth a shot to try because I really feel that it's special and might make a lot of people happy out there.
I've been working on fan lyrics for a little musical bit for Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo. I wanted to take a more serious approach to her character as an awkward pegasus who wants nothing more than to fit in, and it plays out like a personal ballad with her struggle and fight to make something of herself.

It starts out a little sad, but slowly builds until it rises into a full blown burst of confidence.

I have a tune to go with the lyrics already, and I have my voice and recording equipment for the singing part.
Now, I don't know if this is too much to ask, but is there anypony out there who would be willing to provide the instrumental itself? I was hoping for something that would give an authentic feel to the show. I would love to collaborate with somepony to produce a wonderful song that can warm peoples' hearts and maybe even give them confidence in themselves.
Any takers? And if so, what have you been able to do in the past? I would love samples from anypony who might be willing to take on this task.

I will post the lyrics on my next post, and if there is anypony interested I can post up my sort of 'skeleton' of the tune. (it's recorded on a bad mic but I was only trying to get the tune for now, quality would come once it's all settled on)
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>> No. 11080
File 131081323624.jpg - (81.98KB , 1191x1046 , 130667575538.jpg )


I know I’m not like them
But is it really wrong?
Oh please, somepony tell me
How can I belong?

When my eyes are -rest/pause- "bright,"
The rest of me’s alright...
So why wont they see it?
I’ve got so much in sight

Just because I’m strange
Doesn’t make me dumb
I don’t need to change!
I’ll fly high and love who I become!

-spoken- Yeah, that’s it!

If I spread my wings far
And try with all my might
Then who knows? Maybe I’ll touch the sky
Even the smallest star
Might one day shine bright!

I.... I know just what I can do!
They’ll say ‘there’s no stopping you’
My heart’s warm as muffins, and I’ve got lots to show
Even the simplest of bubbles all contain the rainbow!

I can do anything
As long as I don’t give up
I might be special, but that’s just fine with me!
I’ll show the whole world
Exactly what I’m made of
I may be different, but I’ll find victory!

And maybe one day
They will laugh and play
With a silly filly like me

-dreamy sigh-
Yes they’d laugh and play
>> No. 11081
Ack, last line cut out

-Dreamy sigh-
And they would laugh and play
With a silly filly....
Like me.
>> No. 11138
Anypony? Maybe?

Lyrics have been given a little tweak so that they sound better when sung


I know I’m not like them
But is it really wrong?
Oh please, somepony tell me
How can I belong?

When my eyes are -rest/pause- "bright,"
The rest of me’s alright...
So why wont they see it?
I’ve got so much inside

Just because I’m strange
Doesn’t make me dumb
I don’t need to change!
I’ll fly high and love who I become!

-spoken- Yeah, that’s it!

If I spread my wings far
And try with all my might
Then who knows? Maybe I’ll touch the sky
Even the smallest star
Might one day shine bright!

I.... I know just what I can do!
They’ll say ‘there’s no stopping you’
My heart’s warm as muffins, and I’ve got lots to show
Even the simplest of bubbles all contain the rainbow!

I can do anything
As long as I don’t give up
I might be special, but that’s just fine with me!
I’ll show the whole world
Exactly what I’m made of
I may be different, but I’ll find victory!

And maybe one day
They will laugh and play
With a silly filly like me

-dreamy sigh-
Yes they’d laugh and play
With a silly filly like me
>> No. 11139
A basic vocal 'sketch' of the tune. Obviously not anywhere close to the final version:
>> No. 11144
I love this! Totally in the vein of what I've been trying to do so far with MLM. Awesome lyrics and tune!
>> No. 11155
Oh, I totally love this and your voice! I can't wait to hear it on a better mic alongside some instrumentals. Sadly the only thing that I can do is sing along =(
>> No. 11164
Thank you, both of you!
I can't wait to record this on my better mic and when I don't have a cold anymore (that darned cold cracked me up so many times) Hopefully I can find a way to get music with it because I'm in no way a musician. XD
>> No. 11216
Bumping this up again.
Anypony at least know any good brony composers out there who I might be able to try and contact?
>> No. 11219
Not myself, but if all else fails, maybe you could do an acapella of the song on your better recording setup and try advertising on Equestria Daily.
>> No. 11735
File 131124176811.jpg - (54.63KB , 500x540 , 130657027880.jpg )
'Nuther bump, just a little, and to give an update.
I think my cold is finally gone enough for my voice to be clear, I'm only coughing a little bit every here and there so that means I can record a better version of the song!
I hope I can find a musician to work with soon!
>> No. 12530
  Revised and better recorded!

I've got my eyes-I mean hooves- I mean fingers crossed in hopes that somepony can help this project come to life!
>> No. 12537
File 131184494438.jpg - (239.88KB , 800x800 , derptar.jpg )
First of all, beautiful song. I'd love to help out, even if it's just technical advice.

As far as mic tips, what kind of mic are you using? You mentioned elsewhere that it's a >$100 Behringer with a pre-, which should be plenty. I'll assume it's a condenser mic with a cardiod pickup pattern, just because most are. Even with the noise gate I hear a lot of room sound and a low hum (possibly a computer fan?)... about how far from the grille are you when you're singing? Personally I never like to be more than a foot from the mic, preferring to stay 3-6 inches away (at that distance a pop filter is essential). Condenser mics are very unforgiving when it comes to untreated rooms: I would strongly recommend recording in a carpeted room with some furniture. If that already describes your room, putting the mic in roughly the center of the room and hanging up some heavy blankets (especially immediately behind your head) can do absolute wonders. Lastly, some mics have two sides and it's not always obvious which one is the front and which one is the back. Singing into the back (the "null") of a cardiod mic will sound really quiet and strange and far away.

Anyway, best of luck with the project! I maaaay try to record a little something, if I can wrangle the time. Spoilering so I don't jinx it
>> No. 12545
This song makes me want to learn how to Power Ballard on a Piano.
>> No. 12557

It might actually be the light in that particular room, I forgot to turn the lamp on instead of the main light, and the light makes a bit of a buzzing sound D:

I've placed up mattresses over the areas that pick up any echo, the room gets so hot when I sound proof it. I do sing close to the mic with a pop stopper, not sure about which side is the right one.
It's weird, the program played back the voice loudly. Once exported though, it became really quiet.
>> No. 12603
Wait, Just installing Ableton on my 2nd PC, stay tuned, instrumentals online in 10, 9 , 8 Hours
>> No. 12604
Somepony needs to need to mail the music guy for MLP.
>> No. 12605
File 131189136318.jpg - (72.68KB , 384x267 , MLP FIM Poster.jpg )
Play this in the background
>> No. 12606

Given that I haven't been assigned anything for MLM just yet, I'm sure I could possibly throw something together.

The only problem is that I can't seem to pick up a tempo or anything yet, but perhaps if I stopped being lazy I could just put something together and then politely ask you to re-record, though... But don't hold your breath because I might get busy and I don't want to let you down!

I'll be sure to get back to you if I do have anything, though.
>> No. 12608
File 131189158854.png - (214.18KB , 900x675 , 131174676052.png )
I would absolutely love to help! My recording equipment isn't that great (it's a rock band mic) but I could at least work out an arrangement for piano and maybe a couple other instruments.

I have a couple questions about the song:
1) Did you compeltely make it up from scratch? Any inspirations musically?
2) Did you have a particular chord progression in mind while singing it?
3) What kind of song were you hoping for it to sound like?

I'll give it a listen a few more times and try and work out the chords.
>> No. 12609

...It's actually kind of funny: The lyrics can fit for the first few stanzas. :P
>> No. 12611
File 131189288508.gif - (396.27KB , 320x320 , Piano!.gif )

You sort of change keys when you go into "Just because I'm strange..."

Got a basic idea for that intro though. A couple notes need tweaking: "sight" at the end of the intro was too high.

How attached are you to the melody? No offense whatsoever, but it jumps around quite a bit.

Workin on the chorusish part next!
>> No. 12614
File 131189347679.jpg - (44.73KB , 450x424 , stock-vector-cupcake-illustration-hand-drawn-linea.jpg )
Great Singing.
It must be difficult to sing while retaining a character voice.
I've never tried creating music. This could be fun!
>> No. 12616

I feel like I would have to change up the melody and the rhythm a bit to make something work, too. I can't seem to place some of the notes sung, too, but that's what the rule of fudge is for.
>> No. 12617
To most everypony: I am willing to re-sing the lyrics, consider that song a 'sketch' of what the whole thing will sound like. I even have a few parts I noted were a little off key, which I do plan to fix.

I had 3 definite inspirations for the song: This one not so much, but I had it in mind a little. This one's a bit too punchy.

Though, from what I know I took the idea rather than the tunes (Self doubt rising to confidence) I followed the way the rhyme scheme shifted depending on the mood, then wrote out all the lyrics on my own and sang each line over a few times until I felt it sounded right

2. I'm actually not very familiar with music, to be honest. I'd taken a few musical theater classes and I enjoy singing but other than that I'm rather inexperienced, I admit. All I can really say is that I picture something very soft at the start, a singular instrument that could play for the first set of lines, then build slowly by adding another. I picture something that becomes whimsical and flighty in her more confident words, and finally it goes back in the end to the single instrument.

3. I was definitely thinking something like a Disney ballad almost, but something that could also sound like it might work in the MLP show. Think 'So many wonders'.

Thank you everypony for your interests!
>> No. 12618
U have skype? Some colab might be in order.
>> No. 12620
File 131189534553.png - (847.96KB , 1280x720 , 131154047073.png )
Lol, the second one sounds like "Welcome to the Black Parade"

Thanks for those, it helps me understand the feel you're going for. Though Thunderella tends to focus on the minor chords, you're focusing on the major ones, i can see the feel of the song.

At some points I can hear you singing a sort of alternative rock ballad. (Such as "welcome to the black parade" now that I think about it) Though if that's not what you want I could look in a new direction.

Also, I think for this to work, this stanza needs another line:

If I spread my wings far
And try with all my might
Then who knows? Maybe I’ll touch the sky
Even the smallest star
Might one day shine bright!

Something that rhymes with sky for a A-B-C-A-B-C rhyme scheme.
>> No. 12621
Gah! I feel like I'm tearing your song to bits!

You switch keys a lot and there's no way of making them fit together they way you sang them.

I do have one more question: When were you thinking the song was going to pick up? After "I've got so much inside" or "I'll fly high and love who i become"?
>> No. 12623
Actually, I was thinking it would sound good if it picked up at "bright."
>> No. 12625
I will chat with you on Skype. I'm working on chords right now.
>> No. 12626
File 131189845214.png - (1.70MB , 1200x1359 , 38733 - Artist Moe Derpy_Ducreux archaic_rap aweso.png )
This stanza is giving me trouble:

I.... I know just what I can do!
They’ll say ‘there’s no stopping you’
My heart’s warm as muffins, and I’ve got lots to show
Even the simplest of bubbles all contain the rainbow!

You completely change tempo here so the words of the second part don't fit with the first unless you switch it up completely.

So here is the question. I could take these lyrics and some of the melody lines you used and put them together into a song. Some of the parts will sound like the sketch, while some others might not. Is this OK?
>> No. 12627
Kewl, my name is Pony1Kenobi

(not really, just changed it to that) :-P
>> No. 12628
Eric Alamon?
>> No. 12629
Yeah, I noticed singing that part somehow felt awkward, like more was needed. I've been trying to find a good rhyme with sky that doesn't sound too silly

After bright is when I picture the music adding another instrument, not really picking up the speed until after she says "Yeah, that's it!" I'm really trying to explain how I pictured this part, as I'm not sure what it's called. It's a commonly used whimsical build up usually before a musical starts up in a Disney style film. After that is where I imagine the pick up would be.
I really hope this is helpful, I'm reading up a book on music to try and understand and explain things better.

And again, I am willing to re-record. If you want, you can put a basic vocal guide on a separate track that just plays the notes, and I can sing to match it, so that might make syncing the voice and music easier.
>> No. 12630


Try Dylan Smith, just changed my location to Ponyville, Equestria
>> No. 12631
That's fine. Earlier in this thread I linked another version which has some of the tune different. If you feel it sounds better, go ahead and use it.
>> No. 12633
Okay, try searching Dylan1Kenobi. For me, the only result that came up was me.
>> No. 12635
I just added you.
>> No. 12636
It sucks that every time I take a shot at this song, my mind can't seem to focus on keeping the melody one way!

I'm sure if I gave my mind some time to mull it over without forcing anything, I can probably get something very basic up, but I'd end up redoing most of the melody. And that's a problem, because it's your song and not my own.
>> No. 12637
Hello, I would love to help you. I am very into both poniesand music. I'm currently composing the music for two MLP based video games in fact. My blog is located at: if you would like samples of my work. Note that a lot of what I've done isn't up there due to blogger deleting my blog a while back. :P but I think you'll find a sufficient amount of my work there for a sample. If you're interested in my help email me at

>> No. 12639
Hello, I would love to help you. I am very into both poniesand music. I'm currently composing the music for two MLP based video games in fact. My blog is located at: if you would like samples of my work. Note that a lot of what I've done isn't up there due to blogger deleting my blog a while back. :P but I think you'll find a sufficient amount of my work there for a sample. If you're interested in my help email me at

>> No. 12640
File 131190198487.png - (322.53KB , 900x900 , 131182073800.png )
OK, me and Starsbuck worked on it and here's what we came up with.

We really liked what you did with the last stanza so we used it again for the part after "Yeah, that's it!" The melody u used we sorta scrapped for that stanza with the Bubbles and rainbow, but we worked hard to make sure we kept the line.

I mess up a few times but this is (yet again) a sketch. If you like it, I'll play it again with just piano and better playing.
>> No. 12641
Excellent piano work! Great job on the backing; I really like the keyboard with the lyrics!
>> No. 12642

Oh, I like it! =3

I feel like I could build off of this a lot easier than what was prepared before.
>> No. 12643
Here are the chords we came up with.

| F - - - | C - - - |
I know I’m not like them
| Am7 - - - | C - - - |
But is it really wrong?
| F - - - | C - - - |
Oh please, somepony tell me
| Gsus - - - | G - - - |
How can I belong?

(Ditto above)
When my eyes are -rest/pause- "bright,"
The rest of me’s alright...
So why wont they see it?
| Gsus - - - | G - - - |
I’ve got so much inside

| Am - - - | - - - - |
Just because I’m strange
| F - - - | - - - - |
Doesn’t make me dumb
| Am - - - | - - - - |
I don’t need to change!
| F - - - | - - - - | Gsus - - - | G - - - |
I’ll fly high and love who I become!

Tempo change
| C - - - | - - - - | F - - - | - - - - |

| Am - - - | - - - - | G - - - | - - - - |

| C - - - | - - - - |
If I spread my wings far
| F - - - | - - - |
And try with all my might
| Am - - - | - - - - | G - - - | - - - - |
Then who knows? Maybe I’ll touch the sky
| C - - - | - - - - |
Even the smallest star
| F - - - | - - - |
Might one day shine bright!
| Am - - - | - - - - | G - - - | - - - - |
One day, I'll kiss (this world)/(the ground) goodbye.

| F - - - | - - - - | C - - - | - - - - |
I.... I know just what I can do! They’ll say ‘there’s no stopping
| Am - - - | - - - - | G - - - | - - - - |
you. My heart’s warm as muffins, and I’ve got lots to show
| F - - - | - - - - | C - - - | - - - - |
Even the simplest of bubbles,
| Am - - - | - - - - | G - - - | - - - - |
All contain a tiny rainbow!

Hold the G

| C - - - | - - - - |
I can do anything
| F - - - | - - - |
As long as I don’t give up
| Am - - - | - - - - | G - - - | - - - - |
I might be special, but that’s just fine with me!
| C - - - | - - - - |
I’ll show the whole world
| F - - - | - - - |
Exactly what I’m made of
| Am - - - | - - - - | G - - - | - - - - |
I may be different, but I’ll find victory!

| F - - - | - - - |
And maybe one day
| Am - - - | Gsus - G - |
They will laugh and play, With a silly filly like me

End on C

You could repeat it, but I didn't do it in this recording.
>> No. 12646
I'd love to get involved in this! unfortunately I can only write grunge, rock and really really weird metal but if you wanted I could record some acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, electric guitar or electric bass
>> No. 12648
Found this thread through equestria daily. I hear virtual piano works wonders.
>> No. 12650
So, wat do you think Pierce? Do you like it? Do you want to change anything?
>> No. 12651
I think she went to bed.
>> No. 12654
File 131190746109.gif - (1.19MB , 375x420 , 130936137605.gif )
Well, here is the piano solo back track I made from the chords we came up with.

I want to try and play Electric guitar and bass for this. I have a drum set but I can't really play and my brother isn't a brony. So, if anypony wants to play drums for this track. Base it off this recording (unless my tempo sucks (and I think it does), then feel free to do a track from scratch.

Can't wait to hear Ditzy singing over this Pierce! I hope you like it!
>> No. 12655
File 131190759830.jpg - (100.22KB , 1000x800 , double_facehoof__rainbow_dash_by_atomicgreymon-d35.jpg )
Well I just had a Derpy moment there.

Here is the track.
>> No. 12662
I can do guitar for you.
>> No. 12668
Just a couple notes so you can sing it right:

I played 4 bars of intro. (Am7 - - - | F - - - | Gsus - - - | G - - - )

Also, I play a sort of higher line when I'm doing a tag or fill between parts. When I return to lower chords, that's where you come back in.

I repeat the last stanza ("I can do anything") once after doing a Tag for 8 bars.

And in the ending, I repeat the tagline 3 times, but i think it would be best sung on the 1st and 3rd time I play it, leaving an empty one in the middle.
>> No. 12706
It's really really quiet, but I was able to make it out fairly well. I really enjoyed the line you added in about kissing the ground goodbye.
I think I'll try adding that line in to help everypony out, and I'll work on the muffin and bubbles lines to at least make them fit in with the rest of the song.

Alright, I'll see what I can do with this. I think my recording program has a metronome that I can use.

I'm very excited to work with everypony here, I'm learning more about music so I hope I can make this easier on everypony! You're all helping me a lot!

Any suggestions for that?
>> No. 12707
Eep, that last line was meant to go after my first response D:
>> No. 12729
I'll be posting a recording of the guitar. I couldn't do it last night due to unforeseen sleeping.
>> No. 12762
File 131197271150.png - (161.46KB , 831x962 , 131120425525.png )
Kool! I'm glad you like what we came up with. What you can do is record yourself singing over the track I posted and then just post that here.

What recording program are you using? I use Audacity. If u are using audacity, you could just take my piano track and put it in the project then record your vocal track overtop of it.

Don't use a metronome! I don't keep a very steady tempo during the song. Just use the track as your guide. :-)

What kind of guitar? Acoustic or Electric?
>> No. 12763
Helpful thread for posting the tracks:

It was a pain for me to find earlier so I thought I'd post it here.
>> No. 12777
I'll be playing an electric without the amp so it will sound acoustic. I do have an acoustic but I need to replace the strings and I'm much to lazy to do so.
>> No. 12798
File 131199710186.gif - (136.24KB , 200x171 , 131147572406.gif )
Ok then. What I was thinking is that maybe give me a strum of the C chord at the end of the opening (around 1:19 on the track) then coming in fuller after 4 bars (around 1:25). I'll add a little bit of synth to fill out the intro if it needs it, but I kinda want to hear Pierce sing and how well it fills the sound before I do that.

Next part, I'm thinking, should start kind of muted through the first stanza after the pick up. Then give me slow chords on the "I know just what I can do" stanza. Then finally play it full until we get to the repeated chorus. Then go back to either muted or slow chords.

That's just my opinion on how it should be played. Anypony think I'm being bossy?

We also still need a drummer. I could do it but I'm not that good. I'll be recording the bass part after I hear the guitar and get a new chord. The one I have now makes the amp buzz and it sounds awful.
>> No. 12800
File 131199770627.png - (45.48KB , 448x231 , nopepinkie.png )

>playing an electric without the amp so it will sound acoustic.

That sentence is horrendously incorrect.
>> No. 12801
File 131199787902.png - (326.83KB , 945x945 , 131147713629.png )
While true, I think a clean electric guitar will sound pretty good in this arrangement.

I want to hear what it sounds like before judging it.
>> No. 12802

I can try for drums on it if you can't find anypony else. Here's one of my samples.
>> No. 12803

And embed fails.
>> No. 12805


No, you misunderstand.

Clean = amplified without signal distortion. So, yes, a clean track might work quite nicely. But for any level of volume or clarity, you still need an amp.

Have you ever strummed an unplugged electric? For comparison, here's some nerd I found youtube playing 'Polly', unplugged

and heres an actual acoustic (another nerd, lol)

An electric guitar without an amplifier is a bit like a DVD player without a TV.
>> No. 12807
File 131199856281.png - (157.34KB , 493x493 , 131148815393.png )
Kool! I've seen that vid before and was really impressed! Some drums from you would be awesome!

Keep this thread watched and once I have the guitar and bass parts down, I'll know what the drums sound like.

I really feel like I'm tearing this song away from Pierce..... Is what I'm doing okay?
>> No. 12810
File 131199862147.jpg - (31.98KB , 469x440 , 131147736923.jpg )
>> No. 12812

Sorry about being a nitpick, I work at a music store and see this logic all the time. 'I'll spend all the money on a guitar, mom, and buy the amp later' Then a week later, some disappointed kid sells me the instrument back for half of what he paid.
>> No. 12815
I'll be posting the guitar later. Ponychan has been disagreeing with me today.
>> No. 12860
I use Sonar and Audacity, actually. I like using Audacity for voice, and Sonar for singing. Audacity picks up my voice very quietly, though, so I'd have to boost it. I'll see what I can do!
I have a bit of a sore throat right now because apparently my summer cold is a relentless jerk, but it should be fully cleared up soon enough.

As for changing the song, I don't mind too much, as long as the lyrics and basic concept are kept. I'm in no way a musician, I'm much better at drawing, writing, and voice acting (singing included) than anything else I can do, so I'm fine leaving suggestions up to you guys. I really just sang what I thought sounded nice.
I'm currently re-working the muffin and bubble lines, I want to include them somehow but let them at least fit.
Do you think I should add on to

I.... I know just what I can do!
They’ll say ‘there’s no stopping you’

And put the muffins and bubbles lines on a new set of lines?

If that doesn't interfere too much with reworking in the music, that is.
>> No. 12913
Ok, i'm glad to hear you aprove of the changes and such that we are making.

As for the Muffins and Bubbles lines, I think that the way I sang it in the recording worked well. Would you like a new louder vocal track over the piano track? I could whip it up in a jiff.

I hope your voice feels better soon! The Doctor reccomends a high dosage of Pony until your cold goes away.
>> No. 12923
I'll be uploading my instrumental tonight. I was delayed because I added more song-y stuff(Trumpets and clarinets at the end to play it off and drums).
>> No. 12925
File 131207246914.png - (2.20KB , 100x100 , I ain't even mad.png )
Okay scratch the drums part. (The program I was using to compose doesn't include them)
>> No. 12926
Download the instrumental here:
>> No. 12927
Oh! Another thing I forgot to mention, This is once the song picks up after "I'll fly high and love who I've become."
>> No. 12943
File 131208141766.jpg - (39.58KB , 500x500 , 131147615505.jpg )
I am hating being the bossy guy here, but that was not what I was hoping to hear.

Weren't you going to play guitar for the song? What you posted was a MIDI sequence that was pretty much what I already had in the form of the piano track.

I'm really sorry if I am coming off as bossy and trying to control every part of the project.

As soon as I read these lyrics and heard Pierce's voice as Derpy, I knew this could be an epic song. I just want to make sure that this is the best it can be and to be brutally honest, a MIDI isn't the best we can offer here.

I'd love to hear you play guitar though! :-D
>> No. 12945
My mic didn't pick up either of my guitars. This was the next best way to do it. I could try recording again later.
>> No. 13019
If you're missing an amp, you *may* have luck plugging the guitar directly into the microphone jack of your PC. It probably doesn't have a high enough impedance to work really well, but depending on your sound card...
>> No. 13029
I do have an amp. It's just that I want a clean sound for the song because I feel it fits better.
>> No. 13036
Hey so I've read through all of this and listened to it and I really like this idea.

I play guitar, I have several electrics, acoustics, a nylon, amps, pedals, a shitty (soshitty) keyboard, and a pretty decent microphone.

How can I help? :D
>> No. 13079
File 131215524247.png - (200.53KB , 868x920 , 131121165627.png )
Why doesn't your amp have a clean setting?

Hey dude! Thanks for your offer! But right now Starbuck is working on the guitar part.

You could still whip up a guitar part if you want. I've described how I think it should sound here: >>12798 and the piano track you should play over is here: >>12655

Good luck! Any feedback you have would be appreciated.
>> No. 13080
It does. It just comes out not sounding like I want it to.
>> No. 13082
When we were talking on Skype you had a Acoustic. Can you use that?
>> No. 13084
I'll need to buy another peg, but yeah.
>> No. 13094
I'VE DONE IT! There are a few mistakes here and there so I'll probably rerecord at a later time.
>> No. 13103
Good start, maybe try again and play over the Piano track I recorded here: >>12655

I'll be getting a couple things for my setup tomorrow. I'll try and record the bass and what I think the guitar should sound like. I can't play guitar very well so It won't be in the final recording but it will give the right idea to whoever does play it.
>> No. 13138

Wow, that was terrible, even for a rehearsal. Hope there's a better guitarist lined up for this.
>> No. 13140
File 131217413910.jpg - (91.59KB , 800x800 , 131200122548.jpg )
I think that's your cue H4rk...

Sorry Starbuck, have some cute Fluttershy.
>> No. 13143
File 131217507155.jpg - (9.25KB , 128x128 , kscl-1279.jpg )

When you post what you think you want the guitar to sound like I'll try my hoof at it too! ^^
>> No. 13153
Yeah. I need to pass the torch. Whenever I try to record (and believe me, I've tried many times tonight) my mic lags and the recording comes out at all laggy.
>> No. 13170
I don't mind if more than one person tries their own hand at something, really. There's many ways this can be done, I'm sure!

I should be re-recording some time during the week, my throat should be ok by then.
I'll add in the line "I'll kiss the ground goodbye"

Poni1, do I need to sing in the same tune you presented or should I keep to the tempo? If there are specific parts that need a change let me know.
>> No. 13175
File 131221251469.jpg - (109.87KB , 1100x1070 , 131147622727.jpg )
You don't need to sing the same melody (tune) that I sang, it was just based off what you had originally.

I think you're using the word Tempo instead of Rhythm. Tempo is simply how fast or slow the song is sung. Rhythm is how long or short the notes and rests are and where the notes are placed in the measure.

I strongly you suggest you follow the Rhythm I set down on the vocal track, but the melody can be changed around all you want. You wrote the song and maybe with the new piano track, some new even better melodies will come out!

Just make sure you sing over this track: >>12655 I give further instructions here: >>12668

Can't wait to hear from you!
>> No. 13180
Working on it, trying to get a strum pattern down that sounds and feels right...

I just didn't want to come in and step on anypony's toes :c
>> No. 13191
File 131222094995.jpg - (129.48KB , 1280x960 , fluttershycle_by_hereticalrants-d426j5s.jpg )
Just tried to play what it sounds like and frankly, I suck. I can't even tell what I was trying to do. I think if I post it, it will just confuse people.

I'm sure that anything somepony else plays would be better.
>> No. 13438
Sorry about that, still getting the hang of music terms! I've been practicing, so hopefully by the time I record, it will match up well!
>> No. 13451
File 131234334487.gif - (11.79KB , 150x150 , 131147705789.gif )
Awesome! Can't wait to hear it!

What about everypony else? I want to hear H4rk's guitar and Akfg4life can go ahead and start on some drums.
>> No. 13457

I've been busy today, and letting my hands heal a bit before I give it another shot.

Going to wake up tomorrow and do a few takes and link what I've got in here. Should be more quiet tomorrow as well...
>> No. 13459
Question would there be anyway possible i could help with this. I Play Guitar, Piano, As well as sing. I also am rather familiar with the process of mastering and mixing music and have a great little set of condenser mics for recording, as well as several programs like Fl Studio and Sound forge 10.0 for mixing.

If i can assist in anyway please send me a message at: I check pretty frequently and should responde in the same day you send an email.

I'd love the take part in a production like this.

However, if you're all set, I'll be listening too it when it comes out.
>> No. 13796

Take a stab at recording the guitar.

I am failing at it very hard, I can't record anything that sounds good :c
>> No. 13853
I might give the guitar a go if you don't mind and if I can find the time/be bothered
getting an epiphone les paul studio tomorrow so if I do get round to it i'll probably do an acoustic version and an electric version to compare
>> No. 13871
Well I need to know what I'm playing xD, any sheets or progression notes I can have? Or perhaps recordings to play along with?
>> No. 13873
Oh wait!, silly me found that recording page. Ill get to work!
>> No. 13874

Chords Here: >>12643

Track Here: >>12655

General Idea Here: >>12798
>> No. 13914

here posted on that other thing there, cause i post mp3's here.
>> No. 14067
Sorry for not being around much, I'm trying to get better (sickness) I can speak lines fine but I start coughing when I try to sing. Hnnng, I really want to help everypony out with a better recording, I'm so sorry! I'm trying my best to make myself not so sick, but summer colds are relentless D:
>> No. 14104
File 131268967529.png - (482.76KB , 3263x3305 , 131268864382.png )
NP, a couple other projects have been taking my attention. Take as long as you need (as long as this thread doesn't 404, lol) I'll be here to mix it together once you have it.
>> No. 14114

FYI im gonna be giving ya a new version of the guitar part soon. Gonna do my best to sync it up with your part, there were just a few times where the tempo or signature went a bit off (unless they're odds lol). So it's just gonna take me a bit to adjust to those few pieces. However you can expect a new recording by Tuesday.
>> No. 14552
I'm confused. I came onto this thread late. I see a lot of versions being posted, and bickering over what needs to be done with each of them.

Can somepony please post one version that most accurately reflects the direction y'all want to go with this? I would like to contribute, but I can't even determine whether or not my contributions would be wanted or needed until I get a better idea of what's been done so far.

All I can tell so far is that there are an awful lot of chefs messing with this stew.

Pierce, any thoughts? It's your baby.

>> No. 14560
The piano part with lyrics: >>12640

The final piano part played nicely: >>12655

Base whatever you make on the nice piano part.
>> No. 14945
I like the direction Poni1Kenobi is taking with this, and since he's the first one who has given me better musical ques I'll be applying the vocals to that.

I would love for it to be a collection of various ideas from different people, and if more than one person works together on it I don't mind at all, as long as it doesn't cause any problems.

I'm sorry it's taking so long to get my correct voice bit in to help everypony out, everything's almost cleared up enough. I've got a lot to do when I get better, this song, My Little Musical callbacks, and revising MuffinProof.
>> No. 17186
File 131432634423.jpg - (310.75KB , 1770x1475 , 130919749103.jpg )
Bump to keep thread from dying.
>> No. 17421
I tried recording a guitar part for this a few times but it was tricky without a metronome
>> No. 17676
any chance of getting a rerecording of the piano with a metronome so i can record the guitar over it or should I just record it on it's own without the piano?
>> No. 17680
I'm playing without a metronome in that track and thus the metronome wouldn't fit the track at all. I admit that I don't keep tempo incredibly well and speed up alot, but I didn't think it would be to hard to follow.

If it's really too much I could do it again.
>> No. 17686
I've finished recording a rough demo
know where I can upload it?
>> No. 17689
I've uploaded it here
the quality might not be brilliant but i can rerecord it later through an amp or with an acoustic if you want
>> No. 17785
A quick bump to make sure this doesn't sage. I'll be recording tonight or tomorrow night.
>> No. 17888

I just want to say I absolutely love how the guitar sounds in this. I'd really love to hear a more completed version of this!

I'm listening to the song as much as I can before I go on to record, to make sure I sing it properly for this.
>> No. 17927
File 131474404918.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , 131278039453.gif )
Wow! I like that! Alot!

Could you possibly post just the guitar part somewhere so I can do the mixing myself? I personally use alot.
>> No. 17968
glad you guys liked it ^_^


I took your advice and decided to use soundcloud

also I fixed a few parts that sounded a little odd to me and made the part at 2:53 sound a little more interesting
>> No. 17970
File 131476085141.png - (110.67KB , 500x456 , 131243839997.png )
Awesome dude! Can't wait to get Pierce's part in! I might add a bass part just to fill out the sound.

I'll wait to hear the singing before deciding whether we need drums.
>> No. 17975
Just popped into this thread. I must say in accordance with the lyrics and song it is going very well! I definitely will be looking forward to this! I wish I could help in some way!
>> No. 18993
File 131540326178.png - (733.76KB , 1600x1200 , 131297299440.png )
Bump to ask how it's going. It's been awhile since I've heard from you Pierce.

Also, another project I'm working on is looking for a Derpy voice.
>> No. 19231
Hello, sorry for the wait. I've been trying to record it but I'm having a hard time making sure my vocals match up with the music. Is there any way either of you could make a version with just notes playing the vocal track? I can match up much easier to it.
Sort of like how a midi file has an instrument playing the vocal notes. Does that make sense?
I'd love for it to match up nicely, and I love how it's coming along. Piano and guitar work very nicely with each other :)
>> No. 19240
File 131557366888.png - (182.49KB , 900x770 , 131266362765.png )
Sure, I'll try and do that this evening.
>> No. 19268
Thank you very much! Sorry for the delays, I'm sure it'll start picking up from now on though. You guys are doing great, btw.
>> No. 19306
Would it be alright if I just sang it?
>> No. 19307
For you to follow (not for the final recording)
>> No. 19315
Do you think you could whistle or hum it? If not then sure, singing it is fine.
>> No. 19321

There you go! Can't wait to hear it!

Did you see this post >>18993 ?
>> No. 19322
File 131562583911.png - (117.50KB , 536x306 , 131444366801.png )
And here's me singing it just because.
>> No. 19323

Looking at the other thing now

Also, these are great, thanks a lot! I'll definitely be able to work with these :3
>> No. 19549
No releasing date yet?
>> No. 19635
Not yet, no. We'll need to see how it sounds with the vocals, and decide if it needs anything else. (like drums)
>> No. 19646
File 131579956838.jpg - (75.36KB , 900x889 , derpy_hooves_version_2_by_imadori1-d463hte.jpg )
Update: I have fully recorded! I'm just now editing, and I will give a mixed down track and the vocal only track for you guys to work with.

I actually cried a bit at the end, but I left it in because it sounded really good.
>> No. 19653
File 131580436651.png - (90.69KB , 400x285 , 131570203475.png )
And at long last, here it is, the vocals of Muffins and Bubbles! I hope this is much easier to work with, I leave the official mixing to you, since you seem to know more about it :3
>> No. 19655
File 131580653050.jpg - (47.53KB , 500x362 , Yes Thank You.jpg )
Alright! I just put it next to what we've got and it sounds sweet! A little autotune in a few places but other than that, quite excellent!

I'll definitely add bass, but that's for tomorrow. I have to sleep. I'll mix together that and then we'll see if it needs drums.
>> No. 19656
What's the difference between the two tracks in that zip file?
>> No. 19663
Oh gosh, that's weird, it didn't save the other one properly. One was supposed to be with the music DX But you'd probably be better with it anyways, so it's no biggie, right? The vocal only version should have all the lines synced up fairly well.
>> No. 19733
File 131587543422.jpg - (27.26KB , 502x477 , 131162088659.jpg )
Alrighty, I added the bass and it fills out the sound perfectly! I like it a lot and am pretty sure it
doesn't need drums.


Any notes? I shifted your voice in a couple parts so it hit at the right times and added a little autotune when you were a tad flat a couple lines or changed pitch during a hold.
>> No. 19736
Oh this sounds wonderful with the bass added in! My only little concern is my volume on the stronger lines, is there a way to raise it any without clipping? Or perhaps lower the volume slightly on my softer lines. The music almost overpowers the lyrics at the most powerful part, which is why I mentioned it.

Once everything's finalized, I'll be working on an animation-esque storyboard to go along with the song as a little extra treat to top the cake :3
>> No. 19737
If you have some specific parts, I could mess around with the volumes. I already normalized it so it's better than it originally was but I guess it could be worked a bit more.
>> No. 19738
Hm, listened to it again, you're right, all the singing is at the same volume. With the piano its' fine, its the other ones all coming in that makes the volume seem just a little louder than the voice. I'm wondering if that's just me though? XD

Pretty much after the guitar kicks in, the music sounds much louder. Does that make sense? I'm still a little new to this ^^;
>> No. 19740
After listening through it a couple more times, I don't think anything needs to be changed. The music may be louder, but the lyrics still come through clear and can be completely understood.
>> No. 19743
Alright, great! Well, then it's finalized I suppose! I will start sketching up the storyboard tonight and tomorrow.

Once it's all ready, it can be released :3 What does everypony want to be credited as, by the way? D:
>> No. 19747
Just Poni1Kenobi is fine! It's been a pleasure working on this project with you!
>> No. 19809
wow guys
the final song is awesome :D
really love how it came out!
glad I could be a part of this with you guys it's been awesome :)
and just credit me as Lolstaz please!
I'm looking forward to see the story board
>> No. 19867
File 131596982601.gif - (156.01KB , 556x405 , 131466043954.gif )
OMG! I just heard your Jack Sparrow thing! That was hilarious!

Also, what are you working on that you can't do the Doctor Whooves project? Ur the perfect voice for it and seem to be commonly accepted as the best fan voice. So why!?

>mfw you cant
>> No. 19878
File 131597418990.png - (68.70KB , 700x700 , storyboard1.png )
Well, I'm asst. Director in MLP Abridged, RD in Project Poni, I'm actually scripting and planning my own Doctor Whoof project, working on Story of the Blanks desktop ponies, and art commissions. While I love getting involved with things, I shouldn't pile too much on myself.

I'm going to post my storyboard progress here :D
>> No. 19879
File 131597431413.png - (71.03KB , 700x700 , storyboard2.png )
>> No. 19880
File 131597443092.png - (78.29KB , 700x700 , storyboard3.png )
>> No. 19881
File 131597447918.png - (102.04KB , 700x700 , storyboard4.png )
>> No. 19883
File 131597454237.png - (103.25KB , 700x700 , storyboard5.png )
>> No. 19884
File 131597458576.png - (82.43KB , 700x700 , storyboard6.png )
"I know I'm not like them..."
>> No. 19885
File 131597464219.png - (75.60KB , 700x700 , storyboard8.png )
"But is it really wrong?"
>> No. 19886
File 131597469519.png - (42.64KB , 700x700 , storyboard9.png )
>> No. 19887
File 131597472870.png - (59.40KB , 700x700 , storyboard10.png )
"Oh please"
>> No. 19888
File 131597475605.png - (99.50KB , 700x700 , storyboard11.png )
"Somepony tell me"
>> No. 19889
File 131597478154.png - (89.62KB , 700x700 , storyboard12.png )
>> No. 19890
File 131597481305.png - (105.06KB , 700x700 , storyboard13.png )
"How can I belong?"

This is all I have so far.
>> No. 19891
Wow! Those are awesome!

Feel free to shoot me an email once you start your own Doctor Whooves project. Can't wait to hear more from you!
>> No. 19892
File 131597574948.gif - (108.94KB , 360x360 , 131587080362.gif )
Beautiful Song! I cant believe you guys started this back in July, i may be new to bronys and ponychan but this seems like a good amount of dedication to me! good job!:)
>> No. 19999
  A preview of the first bit of the storyboard animated! :3 This is fun and I'm so happy it's all coming together after all this time of hard work!
>> No. 20004
This is a beautiful post number.
>> No. 20203
Looks awesome so far :D
can't wait to see the rest!
although you misspelled my name a little bit lol
>> No. 20560
A bout a day or two before this video got put up, I suddenly had the inspiration to work on this project.

This is what I have uploaded... I've drafted out a little bit more past this but nothing too important.

sorry if it sounds... unrealistic... I am just using this VST until I can figure out how to use my new toys :P

I'd actually like to collab with people, such as the pianist in the video, that want to make this song happen.

Any way on this project I am more than willing to either fit other peoples vision or to give directions on how to fit mine :P

Anypony interested should contact me! (in order of how fast you will get a response)

(this would also be great for back and forth)

E-mail/Youtube (if you know my channel)
>> No. 20941
Wow pierce! Just saw your Doctor Whooves vid! Good job! Can't wait to hear more!

How's the art going for the song?
>> No. 21720
It's going a bit slow, there are a few parts where I need to brainstorm the visuals, so I'm not sure how long it will take. But it'll be worth it!
>> No. 22211
My tablet broke. There will be a delay thanks to this.
-sad face-
>> No. 22794
  Most recent storyboard update.
Will finish when I get my tablet back in the mail.
>> No. 27487
File 132104488402.jpg - (42.66KB , 594x554 , 131642386727.jpg )
So... how's it coming?
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