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Hello everypony,

I've finished learning Python and one of the goals they've set me is to create a great scale project (this means, a site that can support massive amounts of users and meaning serious business), and I thought about the community. What does this community needs? What's the main issue about MLP? Then an idea came up to my mind: Watching it.

Many non-american bronies (including me) might know how complicated it can be to watch the show with the original voices and many can't even watch it on TV because It's not available in their countries. So, I thought why not making an online streaming for everypony?
Then many question raised about this: Will I be sued because of this? Will I be able to pull it off? Will I be able to gather the money I need to do this?
Well... I don't know. But It won't kill me if I try. And with this I come here to ask you (yes, you!) for help. I can't pull this alone, that's for sure. I have studies and things to attend and two minds think more than one, so I want to recruit people to help me developing this. Right now, I'm looking for:

-Developer(s): Since this is going to be in Python, you must know how to manage Python and Django (we can learn and improve ourselves, but you must know the basics). A plus for Javascript and AJAX. Since we will be at least two or more, insanely active or making one commit per month, we will need to setup a SVN, It would be nice if you know how to manage yourself around it.
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Umm... there are several sites that stream the shows already, most of them show it live. All of the episodes are on YouTube at least twice as well.
I'm not trying to crush your dreams or anything but I don't really thing you'll get anywhere with this...
>> No. 35646
Two words.

Plus, there ARE livestreams each week when the episode airs, with repeats a couple of times through the day before it gets on 1080p in youtube.

A site that requires you to register, that is by invitation only AND that requires you to give money for something you can do easy already sounds quite dodgy to me.

The only different thing you could do that -might- justify giving money (and which is rather grey-zoned legally) would be offering downloads of the eps, and if you're going to offer downloads on top of streaming... Well, most people know what happened to the last site that did that.
>> No. 35647
I didn't mean to put it that way. I don't want people to pay for registration, I was talking about pre-launching. Yes, my bad.

I'm not going to offer downloads, It's 3 times more expensive than streaming.

The idea is to gather all the episodes and have it in iTunes quality or better, probably subs and let everypony watch the show anytime, anywhere without any restriction.

Maybe Youtube is more popular, but not reliable at all. This would not be a livestreaming, this would be a "youtube" which will only contain MLP episodes.

File 133195174718.png - (171.33KB , 772x1023 , OBEY-Celestia.png )
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Hey, guys. A while ago, I had the idea for a pony-themed mod for Civilization V. I know there's one for Civ IV already, but I don't think there's one for V yet. (Let me know if I'm wrong, though...) Unfortunately, I know nothing about programming, 3D animation, or... well, I'm the idea guy. Beyond that, I don't know what I'm doing. Can I get some help, please? Inquire within. Once I have it done, I'll put a link up to a doc with some more information.
>> No. 35628
Ah, so you want to build a Civ V mod? I haven't seen one yet either, and was kind of hoping for one.

Here's a guide to Civ V mods:

You'll be needing ModBuddy, a tool found in the Civ V SDK (it's a tool on Steam, if that's where you got it). The guide explains how to use ModBuddy, as well as how to do certain things like create a Civ, leaders, traits, etc. etc. Give it a read, and you'll be on your way...

File 133061713213.jpg - (36.49KB , 760x488 , ponyhoof_sneakpeek_2.jpg )
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I'm creating this thread in hopping of getting some interest for this little project. Its is more than just a simple theme as it will ponified some words, adding rainbow columns, introduces brohoof

Primary written with CSS3 and little javascript only. Developed In Google Chrome
Browser Compatibility: Chrome (Native support), Firefox (Greasemonkey)
Possible Browser Support: Opera, Safari

Inspired by "There's a Pony For That" Ad -
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>> No. 35430
or or
but all of those are independent social networks. Not browser extension specifically for ponifying your facebook
>> No. 35433
File 133168205222.png - (130.62KB , 894x894 , Scootaswag.png )
There is almost no avoiding facebook on the internet today. Most of us don't like going to that website, but, then again, most of us can't avoid it; it feels like an obligation. This is a way to turn a site that takes up too much time into one that we can smile at. Facebook is actually fun to use now. Thank you!
>> No. 35565
Ponysquare isn't. And I didn't realize it was a mod, so ignore my fucking posts that are stupid.

File 133023797820.jpg - (72.43KB , 797x800 , e021e18414f17dd0cd8edcdabd74e555.jpg )
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Hi there everypony. First time posting here and really trying to create anything. I wrote out a Party Rock Anthem Ponification. And While i am happy with the lyrics. There's a slight problem. I cant sing. So i thought I'd send it out there and see if anypony is interested. Also I'd like any feed back you could give since I'm new to this and all.
The song as a reference

Brony Rock Anthem:

Brony Rock!


(Flutter Yay)
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>> No. 35038
File 133086463734.png - (162.94KB , 894x893 , Flutter14.png )
hmm, just wondering if there is a time limit? I have had a bad throat for the past few days, so I have not really been able to do any major vocal work
>> No. 35087
Nope take as long as you need. Just in the beginning stages and not in any rush. If I start getting a lot of
Vocals I'll set out a dead line. Also anypony and everypony can use these lyrics in their own projects if they want
>> No. 35563
File 133196424855.jpg - (17.92KB , 400x400 , stand-up-comedians02.jpg )
I Aint Dead Yet

File 132950976172.png - (163.61KB , 1000x800 , derpysonic.png )
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Well, figured I should put a post in here to see if anypony's interested in this.

Basically I got annoyed over Christmas with ponibooru and other Shimmie/Danbooru clones all being pretty slow and not particularly clever. I write webapps as a bit of a hobby (compsci student) so figured I'd hack something together. is the result of that. It's a completely new bit of booru software which I'm going to be open-sourcing soon but I'm basically using derpibooru as a testbed and to kick the tyres. There's not a lot of content there (~3000 images at time of writing) but it's full of features and neat stuff, as well as being crazy fast.

Some highlights:

* Fast. Really fast. Written in a way which avoids it becoming slow with a large DB - it'll stay fast
* Scalable. See above. Avoids the messy relational DB approach, and can be sharded across multiple servers with ease
* Very flexible tag spoilering, hiding, and lots of user-tweakable view options including thumbnail sizes and images per page
* Fuzzy (and specific) tag searching capabilities
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>> No. 35426
My only suggestion to you is this. Please, please, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF BABY MOSES HIMSELF, follow danbooru/gelbooru's tagging system. The Ponibooru tagging system is irritating to no end. If I wanted a picture of Twilight using levitation to move a book, I'd much rather search "twilight_sparkle book levitation" than to just search "twilight_sparkle" and sift through page after page of irrelevant images or risk missing what I'm looking for because the uploader couldn't tag for shit.

Just a suggestion, of course.
>> No. 35472
File 133175414084.jpg - (38.51KB , 500x500 , clover.jpg )
>> No. 35498
File 133179150134.png - (59.32KB , 501x736 , 131171385532.png )
> Mostly the trick is going to be getting people to upload to it, so... :-)
> ...
> I've not really been fussed about throwing it at news outlets - DerpyHoovesNews featured it a while ago and I dropped EqD an email about it recently, but not too fussed either way. We'll see!

I really wish I could have your 'tude - to not be worried about publicity too much, despite having built something pretty decent and wanting to see it get wider exposure.

Well, at any rate, you've done what you can. It's only a matter of time before Derpy takes over.

Page 0 bump!

File 133160735818.jpg - (60.84KB , 900x536 , Antipodes on a cliff.jpg )
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Hey guys, PK, author of that one story about silly marshmallow ponies here. If you're familiar with the story, you might have noticed that a long time ago we released the first two chapters in radio drama format and then fell dark. Well, the reason for that was that our audio editor was overwhelmed by school and is unable to continue his work. We're seeking somepony with general experience in audio editing (splicing together the different VA's, mixing the music volume levels, etc.) Leave a post with contact details here or email me at if you're interested, and thanks for your time!
>> No. 35420
File 133165923414.png - (161.79KB , 684x588 , 106969 - blush fluttershy in_love.png )
sent you an Email

File 133064611193.jpg - (50.06KB , 640x360 , twilight_sparkle.jpg )
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Seeing as the various desktop ponies projects for non-Windows systems are somewhat slow/lacking/not-in-developement-anymore, I decided to make my own port (it seems to be a quite popular thing to do). I used Qt to support as many platforms as possible, but the main developement and testing is done under Linux.

The latest version is available here:

(The Windows version was not tested much, but it seems to work.)

At the moment of writing this (v0.5) there is support for:

- Behaviors (including following)
- Speech (only text for now, audio coming later)
- Dragging, mouseover, pony context menu, sleeping
- A configuration window (which hides to the system tray)
>> No. 34927
File 133067203383.png - (136.96KB , 605x598 , 132762933252.png )
Awesome work! Compiled without a hitch on my system, looks and runs great :) I'll have to see how you're getting compositing to work with qt -- never could quite figure it out...
>> No. 35393
Interactions support is here! Should work, but I haven't tested it extensively. Some minor enhancements to the available configuration options have also been made.

There are also precompiled binaries available for Windows and Linux (i386 and amd64 .deb packages). They may be not the newest version though.
>> No. 35394
Thank you for your work, I will test this on my system and let you know how it works. Im glad there are some *nix bronies out there :D

File 131160689847.jpg - (73.36KB , 279x223 , Beagle_ucberkeley.jpg )
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Greeting bronies,
me and another brony got an awesome idea we'd like to share with other fans:

Do you remember the novel "Last Unicorn", the best thing about Unicorns in human history before MLP came? Appearantly, the author offers the book on
his private shop, with a higher price even a Personalization note. (around 30 dollars)
Here's the link:

And here's the joke: Me and another brony, plan to buy each a copy with a personilazation, but instead we will let the poet write down MLP related notations.

Mine would be "Rarity is the most fabulous Unicorn."
the other brony would take the chance with Lyra "Unfortunalely, Lyra won't turn into a human in this story."
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>> No. 19912
I'll do that

in 20 years


the movie was the adaption to the original novel which was released 1968.
And yes, the novel is superior in any way.

>> No. 19919
So, how much did shipping outside the US cost? I was planning on buying this book anyway, might as well add a little MLP Style too it.
>> No. 20084
if you are cheap prick like I am, the minimal fee would be around 15 dollars, but without insurance.

We both got the books almost without damage, but if you live in a country with a horrible postage system, better get one with insurance.

Also, if you live in New York, Peter will be in New York for a convention during mid october.

File 133142881854.jpg - (134.17KB , 835x835 , 73035 - artist-jcharlesmachiavelli bandages blood rainbow_dash wingless.jpg )
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Hello! My name's Louis Badalament; the head of the Reharmonized Ponies audio adaption. I need a voice actress willing to play the role of Cupcake, from Cupcake's Day Out.

This is **NOT** to be confused with the Cupcakes story by Sargeant Sprinkles. If you're interested, please write me at Hope to hear from you!

File 131986245048.png - (561.73KB , 768x1024 , Banner copy.png )
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Oh hey guys! We already started the project and you already saw the demo which is Episode 0a.
We are now finding Storyboarders! Mail me at!

Also, there are 2 still open! So go ahead and mail me!

Episode 0b is already going on! Now the confirmed list is here:

Twilight Sparkle: Rina-chan
Applejack: Mirisha
Rainbow Dash: GJKou
Fluttershy: dobuchu
Rarity: mippa
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>> No. 34694
The first episode is very nearly done

But things are very very slow...
>> No. 34893
bumping this
>> No. 35223
Hey guys, in the 3rd week of March, episode 1 will release!

Anyways, sorry for the very long delay. I was called out for a month for a huge project which was a success!

This is Heolix by the way with my real artist name.

We are now accepting auditions for Mr. and Ms. Cake!
Send your auditions to:

File 132181148562.jpg - (248.50KB , 1279x853 , Paper Rainbow Dash.jpg )
28244 No. 28244 [View] [Last 50 posts]
It hasn't happened yet, so I will start it, a brony group sing of the new song "Find a Pet"

I will do my best to do better here than I did on "Fluttershys" but this needs to be done.

Background Music here:

Lyrics: (also has music with singing for timing)

I will use the aforementioned background music unless I get artists with their keyboards and guitars (and drums etc.) Please send those in.

As for submitting:
1. mp3 is preferred, higher the bit-rate the better, I can remove background noise. Please no WMA, I'm on a Mac.
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>> No. 35170
Bpendragon, ToasterRepairpony, this was amazing. Great job on the EVERYTHING! We've got some great vocal talent out there; you guys are awesome too.

>> No. 35172
Super great awesome great good job!
>> No. 35193
Youtube embed play button
  ... and run over to the E-mail to send to Equestria Daily.

Video Embedded
Album Art here: (3700px Square. No apologies)

File 133116990432.jpg - (4.92KB , 209x197 , happy RD.jpg )
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Hello every pony i am thinking of makeing a pony related game much like spiro would anypony be interested in playing such a game
>> No. 35168
File 133118381045.gif - (524.35KB , 366x341 , super-clap.gif )
*raises hand* Sounds like a great idea. Always have liked Spyro games. Think it'd be absolutely awesome to see a pony adventure game...
>> No. 35192
File 133124541200.png - (97.24KB , 800x600 , Angry_twilight_sparkle.png )
>pony related game much like spiro would anypony be interested
>game much like spiro would anypony
>like spiro

File 133120697474.gif - (251.02KB , 369x331 , 130045033408.gif )
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I can sing for any of anypony's song. I am a girl not an adult yet (why yes, i am a 13 yr old pegasister) And would like to sing for anypony. Here is a link of a song:

free of course :)

File 133108975349.jpg - (74.16KB , 894x894 , Pinkie-Pie-and-Fluttershy-Fragile.jpg )
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Hello everypony! I'm new here at /collab/ and would really like to be a part of something. I'm not a very good artist or programmer, but I do Let's Plays for YouTube and can do video and sound editing. I'm also a fairly good musician, but I know this place is definitely not in short supply of musicians far better than myself. Anyway, I guess I'm just trying to ask if there is anything I can do or be a part of? I just want to help somewhere, even if it's just something small.
>> No. 35167
I'd be glad to have you on board for The Brony Rock Anthem project I'm working on.
Link to thread >>34708
I can offer you some editing position when i collect the singers. Also I'd like you post some of your work in the Brony Rock Anthem thread or send a link to my email.
Be seeing ya.

File 132927156086.png - (331.60KB , 570x483 , 6761 - tg armor axe brony dice game helmet original_character.png )
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Well, it seems that 2 days of insomnia and Fallout: New Vegas does wonders for Roleplaying Ideas.

I've merged SPECIAL attributes and a number of other concepts into a draft of a Roleplaying system exclusively for MLP Roleplaying. It's erm... incredibly detailed, and incredibly incomplete at the same time.

Here's a sample character with the system:

Basically there are a number of base attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, etc. The document has a full list. You pick (or create) balanced traits and then a number of perks.
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>> No. 34120
File 132942442821.png - (386.23KB , 605x721 , invisible boxing match.png )
There was actually already a system to blend the "SPECIAL" from the Fallout games into a D&D setting. It's called Simple and it was designed by JE Sawyer: New Vegas' lead designer and director.

Give it a look and see what you can take out of it to complete your ruleset.
>> No. 34426
bump. This look interesting.
>> No. 35151

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