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Apr 17PonychanX version 2 has been released. [Thread]

File 132934199805.png - (98.75KB , 478x441 , BALLOONPARTYGAME.png )
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Hi guys! Circuit here. I'm sure a ton of you have heard about MyLittleRemix's Balloon Party project and how the music coming from it is really promising. In addition to the album, I've been talking with Throne Games about the potential of a Balloon Party 3D fighter game!

If you haven't, prepare yourselves:

The guy behind Throne Games, YezYezari, plans on doing everything, but I've told him that I could go look for some support from a couple of 3D modelers, a programmer or two, and a handful of voice actors.

He is working with Cryengine 3 to make a flashy 3D fighter game that features robotic ponies and griffins shooting laser bass cannons at each other. Since the release of the album is a good 3 months away, the aim of the first release will be relatively small, just a couple maps where they fight.

We want people who are friendly and can work with others. We don't want people who will do things like argue excessively or try to "take over" or do things that make working in a team harder than it should be.

If you want in on this project, shoot me an e-mail about wanting to do voice acting, modelling, or programming.
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>> No. 34273
File 132966721750.jpg - (581.75KB , 800x666 , heyyouspilledmypopcorn.jpg )
Update: We were able to find a little help! We found a novice programmer and have a little help from Headphone Jack, who made a sweet 3D pony robot model. We're aiming for a different style and need a programmer that can contribute more than syntax error checking, though, so I'd like to make another post and ask for some help.

I know game developers because I was one, myself, and I understand that every game developer has his own idea for his project. If you were to join, we'd essentially be asking you to dedicate time that would go towards your own pony game project towards the Balloon Party's game project. It's a lot to ask, I understand, so if you do volunteer your time towards us, that would be very cool.

YezYezari is doing this, himself. He has all of the capabilities of making this game by himself, but even with his skill, it's an extensive undertaking for just one individual. We just need a little help, just an extra programmer and maybe a 3D modeller. We need people who can contribute a lot while staying on the ground and keep the project from trying to accomplish more than it can handle in 3 months of development.

If anypony wants to volunteer, please send me an e-mail given in the picture on the left. Any help is appreciated, because I'm very sure that you're involved with a lot of other things and wanting to make time for a project you're not heading.

Thank you so much.
>> No. 34274
I think the picture derped. Just click on my name for my e-mail.

I'm extremely busy with maintaining Balloon Party and talking to people about logistics and transportation to Bronycon to be able to offer help, but if it really really comes down to it, I might try, though it has been a long time since I've tried to make a game. I have no 3D modelling experience, though.
>> No. 34951
File 133071794025.png - (354.02KB , 1920x1080 , P1nki3.png )

We could use one more modeller/animator and a coder to help out! Once again, Cryengine 3 with C/C++, please add me on Skype (circuitfry) and send me a message, if you're interested!

File 133052458261.jpg - (73.21KB , 960x615 , Speedy Pie Shadowbolt.jpg )
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I resend Speedy Pie Shadowbolt cause i don't know if you received it. The draw was made with Gimp and paint. The Shadowbolts is a team a friend and me created. He choose the name and i did the costumes.
>> No. 34848
File 133052478352.png - (307.16KB , 2176x1488 , ElectroFire Shadowbolt.png )
Here's ElectroFire Shadowbolt. The second mamber of The team.
I send them it's because i would like to know if you can add them to you're MLP FIM liveWallpaper. Please
Thanks for your future answer :)
>> No. 34888
File 133062038836.jpg - (49.72KB , 474x593 , ewocs.jpg )
All of this needs lots, lots of work and improvement, especially the eye-bleeding colorschemes and is that DJ PON-3's mane?

File 133056187076.gif - (528.87KB , 591x510 , Somuchyay.gif )
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Me and a friend are trying to start a town for bronies on the server we play on, we met on this server awhile ago, and due to us both being bronies we gravitized toward each other. anyways he started a town called Equestria and I'm assistant join this server, and ask Mrbloo (me) or codiscus to join. Please be respectful and don't grief. what would pinkie pie think?! thank you, also, keep this thread alive please. share the joy of group builds with others.

File 133054223932.jpg - (6.24KB , 200x229 , Rainbow Are Awesome.jpg )
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Guies. I need critique. I'm at a musicians block and it's because I don't know how to improve what I already have. Help?


File 133040660906.png - (828.18KB , 997x609 , zbm tokens.png )
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The coins you see in the image are a result of some recent experiments I've been doing with polymer clay (painted with acrylics)... the goal is to actually have a method where I could create and design my own personalized coins!

Sure, they're far from perfect, but they come a long way from several weekly of experimentation! Once I've perfected my methods I plan to actually look into what's called 'metal clay'. Metal clay is a special type of clay with tiny microscopic metal flakes embedded in it. You can shape it and mold it as you'd like, and then with the use of a kiln/hot pot/ micro torch - you burn away the clay that's holding the metal pieces together and the metal completely melds together into one complex mass. A perfect metal sculpture! They have quite a few different metals to chose from including silver, bronze, copper and even gold (granted, due to their content they're DAMN expensive!). This would be perfect for making coins!

So where do ponies come in? I'd like to actually try my hand at making actual Equestrian coinage! And I'd like to see if any of you crafty bronies out there would like to make some designs of your own for this future project!

Sure, I'll be making my own designs. But I wanted to share the fun with the comunity :) If your interested then you just need to send me designs for the coin's obverse/reverse. Please keep it simple though! Detailing a mold and having it actually work on a blank is not easy! (especially with small detail...)

The coin's design should replicate what you'd see in ancient numismatics. Research ancient Roman and Greek coinage for a better understanding :)

If I do your design then I'll send you a few free clay coins with that design on them! (if your wanting it done in a specific metal like silver or gold, you might have to pay me the required price for the purchase of said metal)

File 132992018189.jpg - (110.07KB , 720x480 , Team 5 tshirt #4.jpg )
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So knowing the creator of Team 5, it is a fairly new team that will produce animations of mlp that are humorous (similar to epic mlp time) and good. Scriptwriters to animators to song writers have already joined the team and it seems to be growing. Since it is a fairly new team of course it might take awhile for youtube content to be produced but I would just like to inform fellow bronys that this team seems pretty prestigious and might be the next "big thing" in the community. Oh and I think he will be holding VA auditions soon ;) . Here is there current foundation for more info. about them: I hope tabby and his team will be successful :)
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>> No. 34646
For people interested, we have a twitter now!!/Team5official We will be posting sneak peeks/info and such!
>> No. 34670
>>34646 We have officially started calling out to the fellow community! Check our latest journal entry! Good luck ;)
>> No. 34780
I can offer you my skills in the writing process.

I'm a screenwriter myself and I've got time to kill while this pilot I'm working on goes into pre-pro.

I don't want to step on your writers toes by actually writing any of your scripts, but I can offer my services in the proofreading process. The more eyes the better.

File 133036625669.png - (252.00KB , 420x395 , 1.png )
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hey every pony i was thinking about making an android app but i dont know much about coding and stuff and i just downloaded all he SDK stuff and i want to make an app the uses the phone camera to make ponies come in real life and i kinda need help (screenshot taken from ponyAR)

File 133020134315.png - (191.01KB , 200x186 , 131524118232s.png )
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i need help for a continuation of the skyrim "storyline" and oblivion continuation in one big project.
basicly i need a:
Quest specialist
Land creation specialist
NPC specialist
possibly 2 female voice actresses
1 male voice actress
and somepony who can make custom spells

(the reason im comind here is because im going to try to throw in some pony refferences, the community is awesome, and we work fast)
if you are interested email in the format
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>> No. 34699
>>1 male voice actress
>> No. 34700
you sir ae a jerk lol
>> No. 34701
you sir ae a jerk lol

File 132687914246.png - (81.02KB , 640x480 , Mane6-Blue.png )
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>MLP: Fighting is Magic - Thread XI

The guidelines:

- First. Let's try to keep the wildly Off-Topic stuff to a minimum. We don't mean to keep you from posting the unrelated comment once in a while, but when one beceomes twenty, it gets a bit hard for the DevTeam to spot important stuff and legit questions at a glance.

- Second. As with off-topic, let's keep discussion on gaming matches to a minimum. Commenting mechanics is okay, but commenting on particular matches only a few of the thread readers got to see confuses some people as of what's going on. Use discretion. If it's bound to become a 20 posts discussion on how awesome somepony's comeback was from the brink of defeat, it might be better suited for Skype. If it's just an one-off in-joke or witty remark, it could go in the thread, but, once again, avoid lengthy discussions if the subject matter can't be understood by reading the thread context, please.

- Third. Rarity is Best Poni. Then Twi, then AJ/Fluttershy, then RD and then Pinkie. Let's avoid "x is best poni" debates... Unless we're talking about gameplay, that is, in which Rarity is also -totally- going to kick everypony's flank... - Love. Anu

- Fourth. This one is more a comment than a guideline. We'll update when we've got something we consider worthwhile to post. We've explained several times why we prefer to do this over a daily/weekly log. Poking us will only result in getting distracted from actual development, thus, slowing the rate at which we put out updates. Don't worry. If the game were to be cancelled/delayed (and it's not), we'd be making an announcement about it on the site, not keeping silent about it.
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>> No. 35304

Pretty much. New thread on site update is so we don't spam ponychan with threads saying basically the same. We'd probably be around thread CXXVIII if we did.
>> No. 35331
File 133152568676.jpg - (139.54KB , 582x668 , Scarcity you forget.jpg )
What if you updated the site to say that you had a new thread?

Would that work?
>> No. 35346

Nope, but this does:


New thread, everypony!

File 131397396112.png - (97.78KB , 390x195 , ponies_and_snakes.png )
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After discovering the Desktop Ponies application several week back, I was disappointed to find that my Linux box wouldn't run it. I tried the Java port that was mentioned, but it was so slow as to be unusable. The C version looked promising, but appeared to have stalled. It seemed that Ponies and Penguins just weren't meant to be...

I wasn't content with that and decided to begin work on yet another version of Desktop Ponies for all the Linux and Mac users out there. I'm now happy to announce an early release of Desktop Ponies for Python:


At the moment only the "behavior" aspect of Desktop Ponies has been implemented. I'm hoping to eventually achieve feature parity with DesktopPonyGuy's original, but there's a lot of work left: speaking, interactions, games... I'm not looking for coders at the moment, but would be very interested to know if there are other Linux/Mac bronies who think this is a worthwhile cause. Please let me know what you think! Note that as an early release, there are more than likely some bugs hiding under the covers -- if you encounter any problems, please post them up here.

The program depends on both Python 2.x and PyGTK being installed. See the project's homepage for links and instructions to get started.
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>> No. 33170
If it is opening in a text editor, the issue is that it isn't flagged as executable; you need to call "chmod +x" on it. Your shebang line should be fine
>> No. 34296
Is this still in development? I notice the website is down at the moment (hopefully not forever). I'd like to request/add some features (like an option to disable the speech bubbles, config options for it to auto-hide the sprite manager window + auto-spawn ponies on start, etc).
>> No. 34536
File 132997438090.jpg - (42.42KB , 425x361 , derpy-hooves-is-my-role-model-25249-1304653156-26.jpg )
Whoops. Looks like Derpy was handling the last round of system updates... Everything should be sorted out now :)

I'm working on a few other things at the moment, so development is at a simmer. If you're up for diving in to the code, I'd be happy to help you out and commit changes. If not, I'll keep those in mind and try to write them in when I get the time.

File 132770014686.png - (159.68KB , 500x1000 , 132509277509.png )
32786 No. 32786 [View]
In response to the FiM team's wonderful gift of our very own pony last Saturday, and because the show in general has meant so much to so many, myself and a few others thought it would be great if we could start one massive "thank you" campaign. Equestria Daily told me that they would be happy to promote this thing on their site, so we just need to get this thing organized. We need support in many different ways to make this work. Here are all the details of what this is going to be, and what we need to make it work:

Collab form: A beautifully crafted letter, undersigned by ALL the fans, and maybe a couple outstanding miscellaneous gifts, accompanied by enough cupcakes, and muffins of different varieties to feed the entire FiM team.

What we need:

1) A talented writer that can adequately convey the thanks of all of the fans.

Considerations for this--Obviously there's going to be multiple people who are going to want to submit their idea for a letter, so I'm just going to say this off the bat in order to cut down on submissions--don't send in a letter for consideration, unless you think yours is going to win. I'm considering the idea that maybe we need a small panel of people who would vote on the--hopefully--small number of letters that we receive.
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>> No. 33091
Not to double-bump (despite the double-bump) but I really think we should do something like this to show our appreciation for Derpy. I like the idea of getting some sort of letter out there with all our online signatures, and perhaps we can find I bakery that delivers nearby their studio?

If you want to get this some more exposure you could try getting a link up on the EgD or ARGH's newsletter.
>> No. 33286

and here I thought everypony had forgotten my collab :)

I'm going to resurrect this after the Derpy thing blows over. Right now, it's all I care about.
>> No. 34500
...well I thought I'd check on this one last time.

I still think pulling something together would be a really nice gesture, I'm just not so sure what exactly to do myself.

File 132984111435.png - (304.26KB , 900x514 , Bring Me The Horizon.png )
34429 No. 34429 [View]

Ok guys, another charity needs us to break records.

This one is for the Hasbro Children's Hospital.


File 132968631532.jpg - (15.16KB , 334x558 , mouth.jpg )
34297 No. 34297 [View]
Which do you think is used in talking, in animation?

This was pulled from the Adventures in Ponyville game
>> No. 34299
>Tweening or swap symbol on mouths

most likely neither (It's certainly not tweened), it's probably graphic symbols with the frame number set on the timeline.

File 132977419036.png - (270.07KB , 830x650 , Pony Spike.png )
34363 No. 34363 [View]

File 132974200635.jpg - (44.38KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lt583qnuLj1qeuz19o1_500.jpg )
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Hello, Ponychan! I'm new here so I apologize if this isn't the place for this.

I've written a ponyfied parody of the song Dirty Work by Steely Dan, but I can't find an instrumental version of the original song anywhere. I'm not capable of editing the vocals out myself, nor can I play any instruments, so I will need help to make this parody a reality.

I have a vocal-only demo of the song, uploaded here:

And here is the original song:

I will post my lyrics on request. (It's told from Twilight's perspective, being fed up with doing Celestia's dirty work.)

What I need is either for somepony to somehow make an instrumental (or mute vocal or whatever) of the original song, or for one or more people to collaborate on recording a cover. It needn't be exact nor feature all of the instruments that the original song does. Sheet music for the song should be easily findable online, though.

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