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Hello everypony and welcome to /collab/! We’re a board that’s all about fan made projects. You can use this board to follow and support your favorite fan works, start something up yourself, get extra hooves for your project or contribute to somepony else’s project.

However, a lot of threads in /collab/ tend to go ignored. We’ve got a very active fan base, so if you want to start up a new project: you’ve got a lot of competition! You’ll have to do your best to convince people to work with you.

To that end, we have some guidelines we would like everypony to follow. Remember that they aren’t strict rules, but we would highly appreciate it if you follow them or at least keep them in mind, especially if you want to open a thread here.

The guidelines can be found here:

If you need some help making your thread, don’t hesitate to post in this thread. We’ll be glad to help you out, in fact, we’ll respect you even more for it. And if you see a thread out there that needs a push in the right direction, be sure to refer them to this thread!
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File 137997664581.jpg - (34.33KB , 639x483 , is it scrumptious my little pony? yess precious it isss.jpg )
> Deep down in a dark corner of Ponychan lived old /collab/. I don't know where it came from, nor who or what it was in long-forgotten years past beneath the light of the sun; for few indeed ventured there now.

> /collab/ had a little boat, and rowed about quite quietly on the Internet; wide and deep and deadly cold. Anons paddled it with large feet dangling over the side, but never a ripple did the site make. Not /collab/.

> One user was looking out of his pale lamp-like eyes for blind parasprites, which he grabbed with his long fingers as quick as thinking. He liked ponies, too. Alicorn he thought good, when he could get it; but he took care they never found him out. He just throttled them from behind, if they ever came down alone anywhere near the edge of the water, while he was prowling about.

> They very seldom did, for they had a feeling that something unpleasant was lurking down there, deep down at the very roots of Ponychan.

> They had come upon the site, when they were tunneling the IRC long ago, and they found they could go no further; so their thread 404'ed in that direction, and there was no reason to post further -- unless the Great Pony sent them. Sometimes she took a fancy fishing for spam in the depths of /collab/, and sometimes neither fish nor spam came back.

> Actually the anon lived on a slimy island of rock in the middle of /collab/. He was watching the brony now from the distance with his pale eyes. The brony could not see him, but he was wondering a lot about the brony, for he could see that he was neither a failed programmer nor a shitposter...

File 132367276536.jpg - (81.24KB , 506x484 , screenshot.jpg )
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Hello there bronies! I've been working on writing up a game engine as my final project for a computer science class at my college that's an exact replica of Final Fantasy 1 for the NES. What I'm here for is I am looking for help. Now that the class is over and I have submitted my final project, which was proposed to just be the battle system, and semester break is coming around the corner for me after a few more finals, I'm trying to publicly announce the engine. The project is and will continue being written in straight up Java.

I've had a public github repository for the entire development cycle of the engine so if anypony had been curious they could have done a checkout of it awhile ago. However, now I am accepting help on content and coding the engine now that it is no longer associated with a project for my class, that would have been cheating in my book if I had :P It already contains a few sprites and all the formulas I'm using are from the documentation for FF1 so it's going to be as exact to FF1 as I can get it.

BattleSystem needs just a bit more tweaking (I need to implement Items still) and then I'm going to start working on the overworld and menu systems, both I already have the code and design worked out in my head. Coder wise I'm looking for people to maybe help out optimize my code and review it as well as contribute in areas that need finishing or tweaks to make it more exact. One of the things I would really love to get fixed up is the music code which currently does not loop and is restricted to mp3s.

Content wise I need people who are willing to finish up all the sprites, make enemy sprites and formations, make sure the stats match up to the enemy documentation for FF1 (for example Nightmare Moon has the exact stats as Garland), and design maps to explore once I have the code and design written and documented. Some 8bit musicians would be nice as well to help add some atmosphere to the majority of the game. One of the things I was shooting for when designing all the sprite graphics was restricting myself to drawing with strictly the colors the NES was capable of drawing. This is for entirely aesthetic rea
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ujjhj. noghc
>> No. 47306
File 141642255395.gif - (455.13KB , 350x197 , EleventhDoctorDance.gif )
Will the game cost anything? It seems like a really fun version of Final Fantasy, and I want to play it really bad now.
>> No. 47307
Hey, thanks for the article post.Much thanks again. Want more.
<a href="">eebest8 johh</a>

File 132989094797.png - (185.36KB , 640x400 , openspark.png )
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Kinda a longstanding dreamchild of mine. I finally put it together, and as it involves ponies I thought I would share it with everypony. Because I'm too cheap (rather, too poor. I am a student, after all) to afford a domain, it is conveniently found at and hosted on invisionfree.

Anywhoo, I'm obviously going to need mods after growth occurs, so I'm just putting it out there, helpful members will become moderators.

Hope you'll join us, BlueDimensioner and the OpenSpark team.

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Youtube embed play button
  Hello. I'm Arkane.

I'm just going to say it straight. I need active vocalists. People who I can contact for singing anytime and are willing to give their time for my current and future songs. Right now, I'm working on a symphonic metal cover of Welcome to the Show and I need vocalists for that.

tl;dr: I need vocalists that are willing to team up with me. I do all sorts of genres so any kind of voice is welcome. If you're interested, post here or contact me via email or skype.

Skype: rafaelarkane

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Youtube embed play button
  First, watch these 2 commercials:

-(This one is attached to this post)


Now, I personally could care less about watching the Superbowl (or any other American football); but I am well aware that it is one of the best times to find all sorts of interesting commercials on TV (in fact, more and more people are watching the Superbowl for the commercials instead of the game; it's a fact).

Those 2 commercials you've watched are examples of Superbowl commercials that feature familiar icons many of us can recognize; but I have not yet seen a super-bowl commercial that has "the most interesting Ponies in the world" yet, and I'm certain you'll agree that the Ponies deserve to have a spot in the commercials.

I'm thus thinking that we should make a commercial (we can discuss who/what the commercial would be for) that features Ponies and have it aired during the Superbowl. We can use Kickstarter to raise the money needed to air it.
>> No. 47285
File 141605987842.jpg - (54.27KB , 625x415 , wilfred-huh.jpg )
>raise money for pony superbowl commercial

Do you like it when people hate this fandom for doing terrible things?
>> No. 47290
Number one, what makes a pony Super Bowl commercial so terrible?

Number two, if all you are going to do is talk about how bad you and others think the Bronies and their ideas are, what makes you think you're welcome here?

Number three, I don't think people here in the projects forum like this kind of criticism. I think I speak for everyone when I say that I believe we prefer constructive conversation here.

Perhaps you should rant and rave in /oat/ where people seem to have recently become too sickeningly cynical and misinformed.
>> No. 47300
File 141628751494.gif - (0.97MB , 500x336 , wilfred_yeesh.gif )
Nothing is terrible about it being ponies, what's terrible is how inane that would be when time and resources could be better spent doing something else.
I never said I thought Bronies were inherently bad, I just think this one idea is really bad, m8.
I'm not sure how you construed my two sentences as ranting or raving.

Last edited at Mon, Nov 17th, 2014 22:16

File 138721493881.gif - (19.61KB , 100x108 , princess-twilight-flight-right.gif )
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It's been a whole year since the last thread. So I figured it was about time for a new one. (Old thread: >>43172). Related fun fact: Desktop Ponies is now 2 years and 8 months old.

Full download (v1.52 released 2014-10-06):

We've seen 20 new canon ponies and a bunch of extra animations since this time last year. As well as a wealth of other improvements.

Check out the deviantART community:

Also check out the OC thread for more ponies, and information about creating your own OCs:
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>> No. 47297
I thought this should have gone without saying, but my tutorial was meant to give people an idea of how to create those pony sprites themselves, not to have them just skip to the final step, copy the frames of the finished pony, recolor them and then pretend that they've put any effort into "their" work. If you're doing that, you are fooling no one but yourself.
>> No. 47298
While its great that you want to learn pixeling, recoloring a pony is more about finding the tools to recolor in your program then about spriting. It accomplishes nothing especially when it is a pony we already have. So if you want to learn spriting we'll happily give any tips and critiques you want but just recoloring something and calling it your work is not spriting and feels more like art theft since you are taking credit for the original artists effort.
>> No. 47303
File 141638420697.gif - (15.04KB , 100x176 , cherrycrash-walk-right.gif )
And another one.

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Youtube embed play button
  Are there any Bronies out there with any ideas that could be displayed at SIGGRAPH.

Imagine Bronies and Ponies at any upcoming SIGGRAPH.
>> No. 47276
Got an implementation of geometry shader functionality (part of it; e.g. vertex creation is not fully dynamic) via vertex shaders + object textures + index-only VBOs, but I`m afraid that the conference like SIGGRAPH requires more serious papers… like, several orders of magnitude more serious.

File 141521250691.png - (1.80MB , 6000x2800 , I ship it.png )
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For those of you that use this board, how would you feel about it being merged with another?

The current plan i have is to merge with /fic/ and /collab/ into a single board (With a tentative name of /fan/, for lack of any other ideas) , but i'm making all three of these threads simultaneously so that plan is subject to change.

The reason for this idea is that every time i glance at /collab/, i see threads asking for writers, artists or just people in general to help them with their project.
In a board solely to do with projects, the only people who would see such a request would be people concerned with their own project, people who are already helping with a project, people specifically looking to help somebody, or the people who are just curious about the board.

Hopefully, with the addition of the boards dedicated to producing and critiquing artwork and fiction, an additional quantity And quality, if everything works like i hope of people willing to work on projects would follow.

In any case, discuss the pros and cons of the idea in this thread.
I'll give fair warning before THE RECKONING happens, if it does at all.
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>> No. 47268
larger autosage limit? As I recall, /fic/ often saged irrelevant posts in threads in order to give more productive threads the space they needed. Plus, there are still threads in existence from all the way back to 2011 on all three boards.
>> No. 47269
File 141562489393.png - (44.48KB , 894x894 , rainbow_face_by_liamwhite1-d73o3i2.png )
Collab has been a ghosttown for a while now. I think that it would probably benefit from being merged with one of the other boards, as long as the /fic/ guys don't mind and it doesn't get clobbered too much. Meh, even if it does, not heaps goes on here anymore.
>> No. 47273
Um... I'm not sure.

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  This is my first post on "/collab/"; allow me to introduce myself:

I wouldn't call myself a "Brony", but rather so a "fan of the Bronies" as well as MLP:FiM; but I think you could also call me an "idea Brony". I have some very nice ideas for MLP:FiM projects that you and other Bronies can execute; and the first one I'm going to talk about is something not too big; it's a song:

As you probably remember, Lou Bega did a Disney version of his famous "Mambo No. 5" (the music video is attached to this video). I'm thus thinking that one or more Bronies could make a Pony version of the same song. I haven't written the entire song; but I have come up with the part that would go like this:

A little bit of Twilight in my life
A little bit of Pinkie by my side
A little bit of Rarity is what I need
A little bit of Fluttershy is what I see
A little Celestia in the sun
A little bit of Luna all night long
>> No. 47270
File 141564683221.png - (49.48KB , 178x295 , DrDoktor.png )
I can do the recording and audio work but im not good when it comes to lyrics
>> No. 47272
It's great to see you're interested in getting involved in making this song happen. I'll see if I can come up with more lyrics, but someone else helping to write the rest of the song would be helpful too.

Feel free to see if you can get more people involved in the production, including someone to sing it (unless of course you'd like to try to sing).

I'll check back on this post to see how things are going. The best of luck to you.

Last edited at Tue, Nov 11th, 2014 21:59

File 141491323164.jpg - (7.78KB , 88x88 , cloud.jpg )
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I really want to do something for the fandom. I really can't voice act because my voice sounds like this: and I don't know a single character who has a voice like that. I cannot draw worth a shit. I don't know how to program games or piece together a half-decent video. I can write a little bit. And, worst of all, I'm broke.
So, is there anything I can do to be apart of the fandom?
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>> No. 47250
We all must begin somewhere. Try joining up with a crew or some friends and learn on the fly. You're never certain until you try.
>> No. 47254
File 141520923812.png - (22.14KB , 270x187 , tav.png )
I've joined a thing for Homestuck, but I don't know much about the project. Do you know anyone who's desperate for a Tavros VA?

Last edited at Wed, Nov 5th, 2014 10:41

>> No. 47271
Practice, learn, improve. I felt the same way as you, so I have been making efforts to learn to art.

File 141538501411.jpg - (57.59KB , 682x384 , image.jpg )
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Hello, My name is Matt, but Call me Vinyl, Everybody does. This thread, as you can tell from the title, is about trying to use science to enlarge the holes in quantum foam, and create a machine, much like the mass relay in mass effect, that can generate enough energy to preform a dimension jump to the alternate universe we know to hold Equis, the planet that Equestria rests on, thank you and I appreciate your scientific feedback.

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Youtube embed play button
  Hey all, Pretty much what's said in the subject, we're a very active dev team working on an MLP game, the trailer for which can be found embedded, or linked to here:

If you're interested, please email us at for further details!

Last edited at Sat, Oct 25th, 2014 14:04

>> No. 47241
So, you need artists, programmers and voice actresses. What do you contribute?
>> No. 47243
Yeah I see lot of lazy bums. They say "Here's my idea! Now could you do all the work while I take all the credit!"
>> No. 47264
VA/Guy who knocked together the trailer here.

We contribute art, voices and programmers. However we are at the moment moving with the pace of a snail on weed. So other team members would help. We have a custom engine (excuse me if I get this wrong, not a programmer myself), for which the level editor is almost completely finished, however we need new programmers because trying to get this out the door within a reasonable timeframe and only having 2 programmers is a struggle. We also have one artist who does all the art at the moment, but he's in college/uni/WhateverYouMuricanFolksCallIt. Also note that First Prince have done a previous game, Wounded, which can be found here:

I check my emails every hour or so during the day, so feel free to email me with any questions at the address provided and I'll try my best to answer them!

File 131943553439.png - (200.41KB , 800x582 , owlbears.png )
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Hi everypony!

I've made a game with ponies in it ... well, I've started to, anyway! It's an NES-style platformer, written in Flash. Applejack jumps, stomps and bucks her way out of a forest full of owlbears.

It's still a LONG way from finished, but I think the foundation and controls are pretty good. I'd appreciate it if my fellow bronies could give it a try and share your comments, suggestions, and demands.

(Future plans include music, bosses, more levels, and of course other playable ponies...)
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>> No. 45886
File 138360429359.jpg - (73.83KB , 650x432 , penner-dashing-through-the-snow.jpg )
Can you add snow effects while walking&trotting for the xmas game?
>> No. 46865
OP is still alive? Where am I can download this precious music from precious game "Minuette vs Tardiness"? Or this music is only for using ingame? I tried to find tracks on site specified by developer, but as it turned out it's not free. sorryformybadEnglish
>> No. 47260

File 141232178459.jpg - (383.06KB , 1668x1084 , Shadows of Shattered Dreams poster.jpg )
47193 No. 47193 [View]
I am an artist and writer. Today I am asking if there is anyone who would like to share in my dream? Allow me to elaborate…

We seek to create a visual novel with an entirely original cast of characters set in a pony universe. It will be one part dating simulation, and two parts epic narrative driven story: following the journey of a male protagonist with a love of interest of his choice. A functional demo shall be launched alongside a funding campaign. The use of original characters and a vague Equestria esque setting means we will be able to copyright and sell this as a parody work.

A team is assembling towards this dream; however we are still in need. We are looking for an individual well versed in coding Ren’py, a background artist, a sound manager, and an exceptional editor. Note* since several offers for editor have been, made currently only those with experience (writing and/or editing, preferably both) need apply.

Up to six lovely ladies, six dreams, and only you to make one real. Trampling over all others only one will win! Fight for what’s right! Fight with all your might! Fight for love! Fight for all the above! Which will you support?

Note* your applications will be reviewed by the team. The email provided is a forwarding address.

Last edited at Sun, Oct 19th, 2014 22:31

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>> No. 47202
File 141259518398.png - (588.86KB , 800x600 , Scene sample 3.png )

Thank you kindly for your input.

I've studied Media Law, the project scope I'm establishing fits within the legal boundaries. The cast, the setting, and story does not copy of existing material.

Yeah, trust is important when building the core team. I've had to already deny some applicants for their obvious free-loading tendencies. I'm looking for driven and reliable individuals. Other folks are welcomed to the "pre-reader" area.

I've heard of the Dark Skyes "debacle". The scammers were promising the moon. My own project is contained in scope with realistic expectations and we'll release a functional demo first. I'm actually the artist and project leader, so I have a vested interest in the project. The mercenary is only after money. Art takes blood, sweat, and tears. Not to mention time.

Other proposed projects, say "I have an idea. I'll sit back, please throw money, energy, and talented people at us.". What we're saying, what WE ART SAYING IS "I'll front load the work, I'll give you a reason to believe with results, and I won't ask of you what I won't give back." How many ideas are half baked and still borne into the net? I'm not telling you to attack that machinegun nest. I'm telling you to follow me attacking that machinegun nest. =D
>> No. 47221
File 141342671358.png - (468.01KB , 800x600 , Scene sample.png )
Production is ongoing, but we're still recruiting. Released today, I would like to reveal some story details though. Shadows of Shattered Dreams is to be set in an apocalyptic scenario after a coalition invasion of multiple races is thwarted at a terrible cost. Looming above the day to day desperation will be the ever present encroach of decay. Friends and allies of one path will be enemies of another.
>> No. 47251

There's been some confusion as to the email address for contact. To clarify, you can reach me at:

Don't hesitate to contact me.

File 135846246028.png - (166.09KB , 799x598 , png2a6bb.png )
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for couple of months now I'm working on a small but hopefully commercial game, that I would post on desura the price for it would be something between 1-2 dollar (I know that probably no one will buy it, all well ^.^)

so yea, it will be a 3D FPP game, where we have to collect all needed herbs for our badly sick mother, in a hunted forest

main character is a little filly named Sweetie Smile
project is powered by GML

and atm I'm finishing level editor

so far game is created only by my self, I have no team tho i have a friend that might help me with music,
hmm what else, game will run on Win8 and previous maybe Mac and hopefully in future on android tho I can't promise that :p
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>> No. 46035
File 138833609760.jpg - (110.50KB , 1280x768 , 2.jpg )
apparently someone did a full mod for this game

its might not be pony related but its still threat related :p

heres the link

and a trailer

Last edited at Sun, Dec 29th, 2013 09:57

>> No. 46051
new demo file is available on Desura

some audio files
model of ghost
fixed gravity
and some minor code update
>> No. 47242
hmm i thoat i post it alredy anyways here set of free keys to the game from the OP game is basically down (dead) thats why main page look like this but its stil availeble so fell free to use free gift code i mean if you want to and if someone did not used it alredy

here its where the project was born and where it most likely will die :3
i would delete the whole topic if i could but unfortunitly i don't have the code to do so :P

i want to thank everyone for the feedback you provided it was a fun project sorry its that late but better later then never :)

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