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Apr 17PonychanX version 2 has been released. [Thread]

File 134286723616.png - (585.91KB , 660x643 )
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Hello everypony and welcome to /collab/! We’re a board that’s all about fan made projects. You can use this board to follow and support your favorite fan works, start something up yourself, get extra hooves for your project or contribute to somepony else’s project.

However, a lot of threads in /collab/ tend to go ignored. We’ve got a very active fan base, so if you want to start up a new project: you’ve got a lot of competition! You’ll have to do your best to convince people to work with you.

To that end, we have some guidelines we would like everypony to follow. Remember that they aren’t strict rules, but we would highly appreciate it if you follow them or at least keep them in mind, especially if you want to open a thread here.

The guidelines can be found here:

If you need some help making your thread, don’t hesitate to post in this thread. We’ll be glad to help you out, in fact, we’ll respect you even more for it. And if you see a thread out there that needs a push in the right direction, be sure to refer them to this thread!
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>> No. 45791
File 137997664581.jpg - (34.33KB , 639x483 , is it scrumptious my little pony? yess precious it isss.jpg )
> Deep down in a dark corner of Ponychan lived old /collab/. I don't know where it came from, nor who or what it was in long-forgotten years past beneath the light of the sun; for few indeed ventured there now.

> /collab/ had a little boat, and rowed about quite quietly on the Internet; wide and deep and deadly cold. Anons paddled it with large feet dangling over the side, but never a ripple did the site make. Not /collab/.

> One user was looking out of his pale lamp-like eyes for blind parasprites, which he grabbed with his long fingers as quick as thinking. He liked ponies, too. Alicorn he thought good, when he could get it; but he took care they never found him out. He just throttled them from behind, if they ever came down alone anywhere near the edge of the water, while he was prowling about.

> They very seldom did, for they had a feeling that something unpleasant was lurking down there, deep down at the very roots of Ponychan.

> They had come upon the site, when they were tunneling the IRC long ago, and they found they could go no further; so their thread 404'ed in that direction, and there was no reason to post further -- unless the Great Pony sent them. Sometimes she took a fancy fishing for spam in the depths of /collab/, and sometimes neither fish nor spam came back.

> Actually the anon lived on a slimy island of rock in the middle of /collab/. He was watching the brony now from the distance with his pale eyes. The brony could not see him, but he was wondering a lot about the brony, for he could see that he was neither a failed programmer nor a shitposter...

File 138721493881.gif - (19.61KB , 100x108 , princess-twilight-flight-right.gif )
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It's been a whole year since the last thread. So I figured it was about time for a new one. (Old thread: >>43172). Related fun fact: Desktop Ponies is now 2 years and 8 months old.

Full download (v1.48 released 2014-04-11):

We've seen 20 new canon ponies and a bunch of extra animations since this time last year. As well as a wealth of other improvements.

As ever you can keep up with us on the dedicated forums:
and deviantART community:
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>> No. 46717
File 139829722665.gif - (26.26KB , 110x128 , twilight-starswirl-right.gif )
Contains updates for 17 ponies, including hoof-stitched Starswirl costumes for both Twilights.
>> No. 46718
Why does this site never open for me?
>> No. 46719
Apparently, it's a problem with some internet service provider(s). Maybe try using a proxy.

File 136826075702.png - (1.64MB , 1919x1077 , ANYPONY_EMAIL_JUST_DO_IT.png )
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How much pony can you fit in an email?
Wanna find out!?

Anypony Email - A brony's approach to mail.

Anypony Email is a free and fast email service for bronies.

We provide a range of email related services like mobile mail, POP3 and IMAP options, a "no ponies" version of the website (for them closet brownies), multiple flavored web mail clients and a bunch more.

Our mail server is pretty top too, with an near perfect spam filter, anti-virus check for every incoming and outgoing email and side wide HTTPS preventing eavesdropping on your username/password as well as any email you type.
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>> No. 46272
Oh, hooray, it's back up! I can use my favorite webmail in the world again!! :)
>> No. 46294

Yep, been back up for a week now. :D
>> No. 46716
Simply the BEST email provider there is!!

File 139797370834.png - (136.18KB , 800x480 , FRESHMINT.png )
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Hey gang, I (finally) made another entry in the Pony Platforming Project... well, sort of. It's kind of an "expansion pack" to Minty Fresh Adventure.

A lot of the things that ended up in this game were suggestions made on this very board in the original MFA thread, so I hope you like it!

(Oh, and yes, I AM still working on MFA2... sorry for the wait.)
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>> No. 46685
Hiya I'm having a really hard time getting the Odd Socks cutiemark in your new game can I get a hint as to how to get it? Does it have anything to do the the mysterious wall meat?
>> No. 46687
There's 12 socks if we don't count Trixies.
There's pairs of socks. You have to collect just 6 which don't match.
>> No. 46703
File 139813170105.png - (369.02KB , 2800x540 , sockmap.png )
Yeah, that's right. You need to get at least 5 socks, but have none of them match.

(Trixie's "wizard socks" DO count towards this, so doing her side-quest is helpful to get this one, since they don't match any other socks.)

Here's a map, for those who want one.

File 139267469757.png - (872.53KB , 1280x960 , 021720141654511166.png )
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Legends of Equestria Ponychan Mod

Thanks to tux3's valiant efforts at making a private server for Legends of Equestria, it is now possible to mod the game to a limited degree.
This thread will serve to keep track of a set of modifications for the game (new cutie marks, npcs, quests, items).

Want to help or just make your own NPCs & Cutie Marks?
Adding custom cutie marks:

Create a 256x256 png image of the Cutie Mark, leaving about 50px of margin on each side.
Save as cutie_[CMname], where [CMname] can be any name containing no spaces (but may contain underscores).
Save the file to [root]\users\[youruser]\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria\cutiemarks, where [root] is your main drive's root folder and [youruser] is your windows username.
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>> No. 46700
File 139812765226.png - (163.14KB , 500x500 , Epic Mount plays Skyrim.png )
No idea what most of what you said but sounds you know what you're doing.

And we don't have to remove all the LoE NPCs, we can keep some to make the place look a bit more populated.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 21st, 2014 18:00

>> No. 46701
File 139812925120.png - (1.27MB , 4125x2560 , LoE.png )
24 825x512 images
>> No. 46702
File 139813105645.png - (808.00KB , 1280x1011 , 042120140229386211.png )
Cirrus: These can't be my snacks. I have special taste.
Epic: Look, look with your taste!
Cirrus: MY BRAN-muffins

And you Wayward, when I first saw you, I thought you were a cool guy. But now you're below Buck and Bagels tier.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 21st, 2014 18:44

File 139779841044.jpg - (702.83KB , 1920x1200 , 1367373262174.jpg )
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I'm a Musician whose work (which unfortunately has been mostly limited to live performances) spans many genre's, from rap to darkcore. I am working on a new album, called/themed "The Ride Never Ends".
I am severely limited on resources. I am in need of intellectual collaboration, as well as someone to assist in the production of the actual Music. The album it's self will be mostly Hip-Hop-like in genre, but with a Dubstep feel to it. It will include 1-2 Instrumental tracks, hopefully, as well as 2-4 non-rap tracks, most likely with a jazzy feel to them. I want the album to be mostly upbeat, and it will be dedicated to the Fandom it's self. Anyone Interested? I write, rap, do vocals, and sing. unfortunately, the only instrument I can play is the trombone. Anyone interested?
>Pic Related: The Ride Never Ends
>> No. 46669
File 139779863321.gif - (261.26KB , 400x266 , 808665571_1899311.gif )

File 139730356404.png - (232.79KB , 642x510 , GLGBlogPost.png )
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Hey!, I am a guy, just one, Who wants to finish MLP: Fighting is Magic, I have gotten past evo quite a bit. Now, I'm not going to say any more, If you are interested hit me up on skype "thesweetesbelle" if you are smart you would see potential in this.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 12th, 2014 04:56

>> No. 46667
The poor grammar and vagueness makes this rather undesirable. People tend to like knowing what they're getting into before they try to join a project.

Besides, you're insulting people for not wanting to hop into the middle of who knows what. That's just not right.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 17th, 2014 16:03

File 136534649746.jpg - (398.18KB , 640x480 , titleMLP.jpg )
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/mlp/ : Fighting Is Magic Pre-Release 6

Hello ponychan !
This mod has been started on /mlp/ (4chan), but I thought you'd also be interested.
This project has been running since, a week after mane6 got the C&D.
Any help would be appreciated, but we mostly need sprite at the moment to animate Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy, please send a mail if you think you can help.
We're still working on the old engine FM2K, but we may switch to SG's engine at some point.
Feel free to make any suggestion or report bugs by mail or in the Google Doc :

Features :
- 2 New charaters : Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy (basic animations)
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>> No. 46345
File 139318393417.jpg - (11.27KB , 360x240 , spongebob.jpg )
Just gonna set this here.
>> No. 46614
So, I saw this and was way curious. A click and few reads later, this question popped into my head: how does this build compare to the Tribute Edition released a bit ago? I have that on my computer right now, and play it on occasion, and I'm mostly just curious if anyone knows what the differences between the two are. Here's a link:
Hmm...I just had a thought. Are these two the one and the same? Anyways, if anyone knows, I'd be thrilled if they let me know. :D
>> No. 46657
No. Lauren Faust is helping Mane6 create new characters for a new version of the game.

Fighting is Magic: Tribute edition is created by others who look the source (or something) and developed the game themselves, and now have released it quite anonymously.

File 139516994814.jpg - (4.16KB , 150x150 , pinball-ball.jpg )
46531 No. 46531 [View]
I have been thinking, what if there was a pinball table with a MLP:FiM theme?

The show has a lot of ideas, characters and themes that can easily be used for any purpose, so why not a pinball table?

Now, while physical tables are undoubtedly much cooler, virtual tables have the benefit of being easier to construct, much easier to duplicate and distribute as well as not taking so much space. So the table would need to be virtual.

Now, I am not very good at pinball. I even lack a lot of knowledge about how tables work gameplay wise.

This is why I am wondering if there is anyone who would be interested in starting a project to make a pinball table.

I have some loose ideas of things that should be on the table, but no plan. Canterlot is on the far back right corner, while Sweet apple acres is on the far back left corner.
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>> No. 46574
And by generic you mean "is actual tables". The games you suggest are not pinball tables, they are a subgenre where detailed tables are traded for big worlds to navigate in a pinball like manner.

I think that a plain old normal table is the best choice here.
>> No. 46626
Have Sweet Apple Acres somewhere at the top part of the table with bumpers representing the apple trees.

Will it be mission based? You could have a mission for each of the Mane 6 (help AJ applebuck by hitting the bumpers, help Rainbow Dash gain speed for her sonic rainboom by shooting lanes and ramps and so on).

After all missions are complete, you'll get access to a special 7th mission based on Magical Mystery Cure. And after beating that, the table will gain wings and fly away.

... or not. I may have got carried away there. :p
>> No. 46644
Special missions is definitely desired. But yeah, the flying away part is probably not a good idea. People want to continue playing after beating the missions.

File 138593729233.png - (275.50KB , 478x486 , 1385691980368.png )
45945 No. 45945 [View]
I think this counts as a project so I'm gong to post this here

Some of us at /mlp/ have started a series of pony themed file shares/syncs. Our goal is simple, gather and organize all the pony content we possibly can and share it with everyone through bitsync. To this end we need more content and people with enough free time to help sort through it all. On with the details

>What is this?
A peer to peer based pony folders.
Like dynamic Torrents.

>Whats good about this?
1) more well sorted porn than you can shake your two inch stick at
2) more free music than you could listen to in a year (by my estimates anyways)
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>> No. 45961
new /mlp/ thread
>> No. 46002
I'm dumping my reactions to the /mlp/ survival pack .3.
>> No. 46629
we are still working on this folks. looking to recruit people to help organize the general sync

File 139431137799.png - (417.95KB , 700x542 , darkskyesgraphic1.png )
46472 No. 46472 [View]

I have recently been a part of this project (due to obligations I can't give away much details, but in the realms of design/VA/etc) and we recently started a kickstarter to raise some money to help with some costs related to paying everyone that worked on the game (there are a lot!), adding some new features, additional marketing, etc. The basic kickstarter pledge is 10 dollars which gets you the basic package. The game has over 100+ hours of gameplay and we are still adding some content, so i think this is a pretty fair investment for what you are getting. If you are interested in pledging a bit more, there are some really cool added bonuses depending on the price, including art books, custom figurines, signed copies of the physical game, and more.

Of course I had to skim over a lot of information to stay brief... check out the kickstarter page for a cool video that features more content!
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>> No. 46561
lol wtf, this is too cheesy to be real
>> No. 46563
File 139559689776.png - (29.36KB , 182x127 , DrDoktorGendo.png )

it has been confirmed as a scam
>> No. 46617
It was cancelled.

File 139563184822.png - (1.22MB , 1366x560 , Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 10_28_45 PM.png )
46565 No. 46565 [View]
(Yes and that slogan is a WIP)

Hello, I am GeekBrony, and for more than two years i've been in the brony fandom. Last year, I decided that I should start to make a website for fun. Turns out, I made it into a full blown network.

This is what it currently has:
- Radio
- News
- Forum
- Minecraft Server (
- A small community
>> No. 46581
Any takers?

File 139547645050.jpg - (127.67KB , 640x480 , photo-main.jpg )
46556 No. 46556 [View]
Alright this game I think would be fun with own pony models like the ones made for Minecraft.

Planets3 by Cubical Drift is a 3D open-world voxel-based RPG (first person view).

Check it out and say what you want about it or any ideas for it to have ponies.

File 139460038187.jpg - (52.14KB , 358x358 , quizup-the-biggest-trivia-game-in-the-world-art-work.jpg )
46494 No. 46494 [View]
So I wanted to try and get a My Little Pony: Friendship is magic topic going in the quiz game app "Quizup". We are supposed to submit at least a few hundred questions and I could use some help if anyone wants to. They should be in the format of a question, with 1 correct answer, and 3 incorrect answers.
Correct Answer
Wrong Answer 1
Wrong Answer 2
Wrong Answer 3
The game is usually played by people who are at least mid-teens. The questions should require at least a decent knowledge of the show, but should only be based around canon elements of the show. So no fandom questions. The questions are updated constantly so the questions can be as current as one wants. Staying away from too many secondary product related questions would be best (i.e. Comics, Toys... etc.) Ideas for titles would also be appreciated for people who reach certain ranks in the game, Like unlockable awards. Any ideas can either be left here in the comments or sent in an email to Also: a google drive was made for it .

File 136059220335.png - (1.22MB , 2683x3810 , drawing.png )
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Awesome Pony Fighting Game.
This will be an open source 2d pony fighter game with original characters.


By contributing to this project (Awesome Pony Fighting Game) you agree that your contribution is considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0) License(SEE

All code will be released under GPL.

Do not use copyrighted characters,locations or anything else that is copyrighted. Use only assets that are under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY.
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>> No. 46036
>nuked by C&D
but i'd love to see clone with at least half of mane6's quality
>> No. 46455
File 139409601878.png - (1.16MB , 4049x2912 , celery_pony_reference_sheet__commission__by_facelessjr-d76y0d2.png )
Things are looking up
>> No. 46456
Done by the talented faceless JR

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