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40980266 No. 40980266 [View]
Daily question thread.

How easily do you get angry?
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>> No. 40980296
Can't remember the last time, though sometimes i get annoyed by things.
Often enough that's due to things beyond my direct control that do influence me, but even that is pretty rare.
>> No. 40980297
File 141138980804.jpg - (146.93KB , 863x752 , The Ride Never Ends.jpg )
Nowhere near as easily as I used to and that's something I'm proud of. However I still worry everyday there might be someday I just snap at someone out of anger which is something I really want to avoid doing.
>> No. 40980303
I never get angry...
I wish I could. Just once, at least.

There's plenty of internal anger and fierceness an' shit, but I never get to release that anger or bitch anyone out. Thats the worst feeling ever, and it's constant.

*hits bong*

Last edited at Mon, Sep 22nd, 2014 07:04

File 141139061176.png - (73.66KB , 400x318 , flist icon.png )
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I remember a time when this board exploded with activity. It and /oat/. Now they seem so slow. Am I just blind? Are there any pony boards left that are fast moving? Is Gilda best pony?
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>> No. 40980300
File 141139335304.png - (360.12KB , 1600x1467 , genevieve_griffon___rainbow_falls_by_magister39-d72utfp.png )
>Are there any pony boards left that are fast moving?

I'd still argue that /oat/ at the right times of day is very fast. Are there faster? I guess /mlp/, perhaps, though speed there doesn't necessarily equate to content. And really, aside from that, I can't name another board at all, though I'm sure there's tons out there.

>Is Gilda best pony?

She is not even the best griffin.
>> No. 40980301
File 141139387270.jpg - (38.62KB , 231x350 , tumblr_m9l8jfW1qb1r70o84o1_250.jpg )
It's not very fast, but there's none faster, sadly. The only ones that come close are some forums I couldn't tell you the name of. I heard Round Stable was pretty active, but I've also heard terrible things about their staff and userbase, so I'm hesitant to jump on there.

>is Gilda best pony
When was she not?
>> No. 40980302
/mlp/ will probably be the fastest until the fandom peters out and it gets deleted.

File 141114275824.jpg - (7.30KB , 188x166 , imagesS9P06SJK.jpg )
40980085 No. 40980085 [View]
Hey guys, Fanfiction Pone here! Today I am planning on going to The Darkness, the third top-rated haunted house in America. Personally, I have an internship there but I am still un-prepared for this. I am also packing water gun heat, which means I am going to conceal and carry two water guns. Don't worry, I did get the managers OK on this. So /chat/, any ideas on how to prepare for this?

Here's the link for the houses site:
>> No. 40980287
File 141136462587.jpg - (123.62KB , 960x720 , 10698490_758275730899199_3221166624106154890_n.jpg )
You should visit real haunted house instead. I spent the night of the autumnal equinox at the homestead of Robert Carson, founder of Carsontown PA, his land had also been a village and burial site of Susquehannock and Iroquois people, the house that is currently on the site was originally built further downstream and later relocated.

Carson was said to be a giant of a man who could wield a 7-foot scythe and reap twice as much as anyone else.
>> No. 40980290
File 141136806743.png - (133.26KB , 893x895 , tmp_18792-1410230727241975364977.png )
Have fun. But if you feel like talking about really creepy stuff and things you only see in nightmares. You know who to talk to.
>> No. 40980293
File 141138594108.jpg - (345.09KB , 500x250 , david-tennant-3d.jpg )
The voices in my head commanding my every move? They're not much for conversation....

File 141128695972.jpg - (13.17KB , 465x319 , 1601599_10200461710504945_70644744_n.jpg )
40980183 No. 40980183 [View]
i love to hate you¬
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>> No. 40980282
File 141136066229.gif - (687.88KB , 400x288 , come on!.gif )
Why? I'm cool.
>> No. 40980283
File 141136094741.jpg - (6.59KB , 224x225 , allofmyyus.jpg )
>> No. 40980285
File 141136184795.jpg - (44.13KB , 623x800 , 1604530_636037349793604_972688200_n.jpg )
i hate that i hate you

File 141124642002.jpg - (51.59KB , 499x499 , 17455-t8kuxu.jpg )
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So, since /v/, /pol/ and /b/ are migrating to other chans, do you think they will migrate here?
How do we welcome our refugees?
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>> No. 40980227
They aren't

They do it for free

Moot takes all the shekels
>> No. 40980256
Why would moot pay mods if he can get all the money from ad revenue?
>> No. 40980265
File 141135328431.png - (15.53KB , 565x512 , This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh_.png )

I dunno, maybe so he gets good ones instead of people who screw the site over and kill it.

Oh, wait!

No. 40979609 [View] [Last 50 posts]
>tfw john sappington marmaduke's been gone for an ambiguous length of time
>tfw the old members don't even come here anymore, sans moony
>tfw I've watched this site slide into obscurity for the last 3 years
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>> No. 40980181
File 141127786292.jpg - (194.39KB , 1920x1080 , f2390400.jpg )
>> No. 40980186
File 141129726340.png - (76.41KB , 800x640 , Tonight you.png )
>> No. 40980262
File 141135040392.png - (294.75KB , 600x800 , 131553034474.png )
I'm still here!

File 141134621476.jpg - (45.80KB , 314x357 , Wilfred-S1E4-1.jpg )
40980253 No. 40980253 [View]
Tell me a story of when ponychan was young.
I want to hear about the good old days.
>> No. 40980254
File 141134700041.png - (515.98KB , 1280x793 , tmp_17608-tumblr_mbglycVjZV1r5g6vho1_12801975364977.png )
Once upon a time: in a galaxy not so far away. A young woman named Lauren Faust created a magical show called My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Well it turns out the show got really popular and started creating fans on 4Chan. Then on a magical rainy day: Some pony decided to create a website just for us bronies. It got so popular that everyone stayed on this magical website we now call home.

The End!
>> No. 40980258
File 141134749329.png - (386.22KB , 456x442 , third impact.png )
one rainy day in summer in july in winter Neo started posting in late 2013, nothing was the same ever again and everyone hung out and it was super chill until the universe collided in 2015 when 3rd impact occured.

tl;rd they all fu- ponies the end
>> No. 40980259

File 141108966429.png - (17.83KB , 225x225 , 1410468134240.png )
40980055 No. 40980055 [View]
Recently I have noticed there's a large number of philosophers/writers who seem hellbent on showing all of us just how horrible it is to be alive and sentient, and I really mean HORRIBLE, like, nothing worse than being alive, and it got's me thinking really hard, is living really that awful? I mean, I've had a good life and I'm looking forward to the future, but some of these guys' arguments are so convincing I want to kill myself, most of the chantards are depressed and disillusioned with life so it's only natural they agree with such worldviews, what about you guys? You seem disillusioned and somewhat bitter, but at least you seem to be slightly more positive.

And here I was thinking nihilism was the worst thing ever.
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>> No. 40980069
I'm an absurdist, which is close to nihilism, but not exactly.
I still believe it is possible to form subjective meaning for living, but looking for anything objective is futile. While not inherent, I think there can be value in each person's relative meaning, and it can serve human well being.
I don't think moral nihilism is a decent way to live your life, either.
>> No. 40980127
those writers are 2edgy4me and can go fuck themselves

I don't mind a bit of nihilism but seriously living is not that bad.
>> No. 40980257
Nihilism doesn't necessitate hating life, though.
I know some pretty bitter objectivist and realist that hate life more than any nihilist I've been in contact with.

File 141105399926.gif - (3.75KB , 450x250 , FEET-lolz-the-heroes-of-olympus-31985981-450-250.gif )
40980019 No. 40980019 [View]
Egyptian master race here
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>> No. 40980250
Then you have Moonyfoot.
>> No. 40980251
Please delete this thread everytime i see something like this it makes me think you have a foot fetish seriously do hands how am i supposed to think you are just collecting data?
>> No. 40980255
File 141134701646.jpg - (429.31KB , 1280x1024 , 23096-ffx-final-fantasy-x-tidus.jpg )
Calm down son

File 141131886351.jpg - (3.43MB , 3072x2304 , Quercus_robur_JPG_(d1).jpg )
40980208 No. 40980208 [View]
What is your favorite tree /chat/?

Pic related, it's the English Oak
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>> No. 40980247
File 141134232783.jpg - (55.32KB , 384x216 , image.jpg )
You marmalade of my expression viewer, brah?
>> No. 40980248
I've been told by multiple people before that I am the tree from "The Giving Tree"

the one that adam and eve didn't eat in the garden of eden
>> No. 40980249
also Pando

File 141120982334.png - (105.09KB , 1280x1119 , tumblr_mp5b75cfiE1qhshjoo4_1280.png )
40980139 No. 40980139 [View]
>Given 30 days notice by first landlord because I stopped abiding by his vage threats, manipulation & intimidation in may
>finally find a new place in the nick of time that meets my requirements
>New landlord turns out to be in chronic meltdown from issues she can't deal with, house is roach infested, etc
>2 months later after all the shit that's gone down, immediately after I start one job and am about to get a second
>I am evicted illegally in retaliation for calling 911 over a 4 to 5 hour domestic disturbance she initiated with her live-in boyfriend over $75
>Homeless, lose 3 jobs in 8 days
>move into parent's ranch they never go to, cant stay because reasons
>file small claims suit against landlord #2 for everything
>guy backs into me at an intersection and denies liability, and so does the owner's insurance (He was borrowing a friend's truck because he totaled his own).
>No job
>10K in credit card debt
>No new place to stay in the city I used to live in, commutes to and fro are 1 hour 30 minutes long
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>> No. 40980141
Shit, I recently had to leave an apartment complex before my roommate and I were set up to get another. They were pulling some illegal shit like trying to get people to sign longer leases without telling them what the actual price would be going up to and fining people if people couldn't get in their apartments to spray for roaches... on a date and time chosen by them... regardless of whether people had fucking jobs to go to. Place was still roach infested.

We ended up in a motel for almost two weeks before finding another place, but this one is working out great. However, hour and a half commute to my job in the city... by bus. I need to save up for a piece of shit car.
>> No. 40980150
File 141122906258.jpg - (230.36KB , 1280x1280 , DJ-,,,-Mornin'.jpg )
Well, I pray for you, friend.
>> No. 40980151
File 141122984942.png - (54.63KB , 674x377 , 442402__safe_solo_alternate+hairstyle_snails_artist-colon-kryptchild_glitter+shell_profile_thoug.png )
>hour and a half commute

Fuck that shit with a rake.

File 141111554683.gif - (550.35KB , 163x153 , 163563561.gif )
40980074 No. 40980074 [View]
How it do?
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>> No. 40980090
>> No. 40980102
File 141117715308.jpg - (101.67KB , 1280x720 , 2563745-bikptjg.jpg )
Pretty friggin good I went to a friends house 3 times so far this week to chill and I've been playing the newly released 30 tries 3DS Smash Bros demo and found out that "30 tries means basically when you play and than turn the 3DS off so to exploit this I just charge my 3DS with the Demo still running so I can play the game for as long as I want until I get the official game in about 3 weeks or something.
>> No. 40980130
Fucking exhausted. Just got back from a Porter Robinson concert, and i'm tired as bawls

File 141113910270.jpg - (35.85KB , 395x303 , image.jpg )
40980083 No. 40980083 [View]
>> No. 40980084
File 141114244813.png - (104.73KB , 300x168 , wow.png )
>> No. 40980129

File 141074693204.png - (165.39KB , 626x648 , SbPm.png )
40979701 No. 40979701 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hi, It has been a while. Not sure if this is the right place anymore for it. How is everyone?
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>> No. 40980117
File 141118311945.jpg - (320.42KB , 1980x1318 , Sweetie Belle 132.jpg )
Ooo, not having to deal with mold does sound nice.
Do you take a thermos of something warm every morning so that the transfers are not always so cold?
>> No. 40980119
Morning hasn't been bad yet, it's night. With the elevation kinda leaving less of a sky between us and the sun it heats up pretty quick, but the cold wind at night is miserable. Apparently it's better once it snows because the little moisture in the air freezes out and you don't feel cold hitting you like that, more of you being less warm.
>> No. 40980120
File 141118468395.png - (109.47KB , 800x600 , Azumanga-Pony.png )
I like dry cold the best.

File 141048398947.png - (413.22KB , 1228x950 , 1407615554550.png )
40979315 No. 40979315 [View]
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>> No. 40980013
^What the yee did you just fucking yee about me, you little yee? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my yee in the Navy Yees, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret yeess on Al-Yee, and I have over 300 confirmed yees. I am trained in yee warfare and I’m the top yee in the entire US armed yee. You are nothing to me but just another yee. I will yee you the fuck out with yee the likes of which has never been seen before on this yee, mark my fucking yee. You think you can get away with saying that yee to me over the yee? Think again, yee. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of yee across the USA and your yee is being traced right now so you better prepare for the spam, maggot. The spam that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your yee. You’re fucking yee, kid. I can be yee, yee, and I can yee you in over yee ways, and that’s just with my bare yee. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed yee, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States yee and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable yee off the face of the yee, you little yee. If only you could have known what unholy yee your little “yee” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking yee. But you yee, you yee, and now you’re yee, you goddamn yee. I will shit yee all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking yee, kiddo.
>> No. 40980038
File 141107613603.png - (319.85KB , 490x368 , yee shall not pass.png )
Wow, yee're a yeehole. Yee want to scare yee? OOH, big bad yee. 300 yees. Yee're such a yee! OH, I am SO yee to have provoked your yee! Yee should ask yeerself, did I DIRECTYEE challenge yee? Did I TELL YEE SPECIFICYEE that I WANTED to beat your yee? No I did NOT! I said I was a yeeist. I even said I DON"T want to fight yee. Yee should yeed the yees more yeefully before yee decide to lash out yeefully and yeeten me. This was simply about how I don't (lift? No, I do not yee things, if your yeeing about yees or someyee) or yee, I don't yee to, and I don't like yee. Yee took this to a WHOLE other yee. I was just yeeing myself from YEER yeeful yee where yee made fun of yee for simply not liking yee and that I don't lift yees. Yee, and that other yee of yees, should yee down. And yee do not yee me. I've come close to yee a few yees, and I'm not yeed of it. I yee it. I've been yeed before, and have felt the yee against my yee. And I've been yeed with and yeed my WHOLE yee from ALOT of other yees, even from my own yee! He is yee and yeeing. I grew up in a yee family. My dad graduated from Yee (Lt. Yee) and yeed in Yeetnam, for your yeedoms and mine, like that of yeedom of yeech (be it yeeing, yeeful, and yeeing like yeers) and mine (where I was simply yeeing up for myself when yee made yee of me). And I am not a yee, I'm yee. And it's funny how yee click "yee" on your own yees. How yeegotistical. I'm yee now.

Last edited at Thu, Sep 18th, 2014 14:36

>> No. 40980101
File 141117588086.jpg - (87.87KB , 500x600 , bruce yee.jpg )
^Okay that one got me I don't have a comeback

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