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File 141203647990.jpg - (95.37KB , 1280x720 , Kuranosuke-ep1-male.jpg )
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So. Crossdressing. Thoughts? Opinions? Every try it? Why/Why not?
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>> No. 40980981
Same reason i dislike fat people in way too skimpy clothes and likewise things.
Not interested in trying.
>> No. 40981031
I'm not that bothered by it and honestly its kind of fun.

I dont really go all out though (like, I'll wear, and even do some light makeup, but not act the part) and I don't like to go in public, but a few times I've been invited to try on some women's clothes for kicks and I have no qualms about doing so as long as she knows her clothes might get ripped due to like, broad shoulders and dude gut.

I don't have a feminine figure though so again, I don't go out in public with it. Behind closed doors with some friends or a girlfriend (usually both at the same time in my experience) it can be fun to try out new things. Like crossdressing, or threesomes. I don't know how the two are related but somehow one ended up leading to the other in practice
>> No. 40981032

Do as ya wish, so long as i don't need to see it or hear too much about it i don't mind.

File 141218129679.png - (269.89KB , 850x448 , I_had_to_save_this_fucking_garbage.png )
40981029 No. 40981029 [View]
I've met way too many. I like how most of them shove the "Love and tolerate!!!!! ^^" into everyones face and then they immediately hate someone if they're a poc or honestly anything outside of "white and likes MLP".

I think the youtube community is the worst. There's this kid:
Literally bans anyone that claims to be anything but white on his videos and somehow hates furries in particular. Any time anyone calls him out on it they get wiped immediately.

So what about you all? What's your input on this?
(Also, side note: seems like anyone that has a terrible looking OC is incredibly judgmental of absolutely everything.)

Last edited at Wed, Oct 1st, 2014 09:37

>> No. 40981030
>how many?
you could maybe guesstimate that by playing with demographics a bit but I think its safe to say we are probably less than but not radically removed from the national average for our demographic. Could be wrong.

As for myself, I do not claim any pride in admitting this but I am selectively biased against black males in that I will never willingly allow them to know where I live or invite them into my home ever again. I can't even help one with a place to stay if they need one (got robbed). Too many things stolen from me by people I extended trust and hospitality to - almost all of them were black males. Not all but almost. The ones that weren't associated heavily with black males.

Its unfortunate but I've become calloused towards males of the african american demographic. I think I'd be more comfortable with a native african male houseguest than an african american to be honest. Or perhaps one from europe.

In any event I learned this behavior not from parents but from trying very hard to befriend and find friends and not care about the color of their skin. I used to be really opposed to racism like this too. Sadly events have happened with a common theme that causes me to care about the color of people's skin even if I don't want to. I know its wrong to hold all black males accountable for what only some have done, but what has been done has been damaging enough that I have no intention of exposing vulnerabilities through trying to be a good friend to this particular demographic.

We can be friends in the professional workplace or outside my home, but I learned a hard to learn lesson and it cost me enough already. I tried the 'I'm not racist, I don't even see race!' route for years. This attitude cost me thousands of dollars, and it made me see race after all, and in a bad way.

Last edited at Wed, Oct 1st, 2014 10:28

File 141168522923.png - (280.80KB , 533x463 , 1389213218606.png )
40980598 No. 40980598 [View] [Last 50 posts]
What's your opinion about this guy?

I don't like him, mainly because he is arrogant and an asshole
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>> No. 40980855
File 141197920009.png - (51.56KB , 280x242 , 3744461.png )
No need to be sarcastic, buddy.
>> No. 40980856
That is a silly wig so I will never take him seriously.
>> No. 40981028
So he says, but something tells me that someone connected the dots after he put his name and face on his youtube account.
It's pretty weak evidence so far.

File 141208945521.gif - (556.84KB , 400x225 , Tiny Ewes.gif )
40980977 No. 40980977 [View]
oh give me a home...
where the buffalo roam
and the deer... and the antelope play

welcome to yon range, /chat/... c: this is the land of the free.
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>> No. 40981022
File 141213480350.gif - (0.97MB , 500x212 , spoiler.gif )
lel...stupid cat
learn to work your head! <3
>> No. 40981025
File 141213543440.jpg - (53.18KB , 252x309 , tumblr_nci16nylwq1t5l0mbo1_500 (1).jpg )
its too big in proportion to its body, and thusly it cant lift it
plus it sleepy
>> No. 40981027
Will you go a-waltzing matilda with me?

No. 40979609 [View] [Last 50 posts]
>tfw john sappington marmaduke's been gone for an ambiguous length of time
>tfw the old members don't even come here anymore, sans moony
>tfw I've watched this site slide into obscurity for the last 3 years
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>> No. 40981006
Agree'd, hell I met a couple of the folks I met here in real life (Some of them turned into really close friends). But yeah, my career has been my major priority. Granted now that I'm graduated college and working in my field...I have a surprising amount of time in between things breaking and me fixing them heh
>> No. 40981007

Hehe... well that's what these sorta places are for i guess.

I'm here for a different reason though, still needing distraction from a headache and talking to people here ( in addition to talking to other people, no worries) is a good way to distract myself from that.
>> No. 40981021
Never talked, but I recognize/remember you.

File 141165042267.jpg - (276.35KB , 850x607 , sample_23efca543a33d361e6cb61f086756a4f.jpg )
40980561 No. 40980561 [View]
Daily question thread

Why don't you have a girlfriend anon?
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>> No. 40980639
File 141171930162.gif - (36.83KB , 325x325 , pusheen_comfy.gif )
Downtime between relationships is preferable to jumping from partner to partner.
>> No. 40981017
File 141212704559.gif - (779.10KB , 300x255 , tumblr_inline_n0viaqFsGF1qafrh6.gif )
Because I haven't met a single person yet who's actually worth the effort.
>> No. 40981018
I had one but I seem to have miss placed her. Damn my short term memory loss.

File 141209712632.png - (92.05KB , 300x360 , pink pone is ded and so is this thread.png )
40980989 No. 40980989 [View]
/chort/le at the kooky
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>> No. 40981003
File 141210833776.png - (117.22KB , 418x455 , 140131665767.png )
Dərp mate to the dərp stations, ready the dərp cannon well be making it to dərp cove soon all hands on the dərp deck
>> No. 40981009
File 141211752910.png - (198.01KB , 420x316 , his style is too damn low.png )
>> No. 40981010
Lies Im stylin on all of you mofos

File 141209946572.jpg - (459.24KB , 960x617 , twilight_crackle_by_semehammer-d4foz7j.jpg )
40980997 No. 40980997 [View]
damn, why my threads is deleted >:c
well... talk again: im from russia and i want to talk with american brony! :3
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>> No. 40981000
File 141209977868.png - (138.71KB , 374x430 , Celestia15.png )
No worries.
>> No. 40981001
im just new to the boards. and yet learned poorly guided on them :С
>> No. 40981002
File 141210032726.png - (138.71KB , 374x430 , Celestia15.png )
It is ok. I am sure you will get the hang of it.

Why are you looking for an American brony?

File 141203068531.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
40980872 No. 40980872 [View]
hi /chat/! shall we /chat/?
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>> No. 40980946
File 141206126727.jpg - (186.56KB , 1024x1583 , muzzlesintea.jpg )
just playing skyrim here
>> No. 40980948
File 141206180877.jpg - (44.33KB , 400x400 , 140132619706.jpg )
.oh really. i would talk to you about that but y internets being wierd so im gonna say goodbye before i fall into space.
>> No. 40980966
File 141207715756.jpg - (5.84KB , 300x168 , th.jpg )
*Falls through the vortex*

File 141187313627.jpg - (70.60KB , 500x667 , lankey kong of neither style nor grace.jpg )
40980819 No. 40980819 [View]
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>> No. 40980883
This kong is a fucking disgrace.
>> No. 40980911
File 141204155829.jpg - (55.50KB , 250x181 , WHAT.jpg )
>> No. 40980917
File 141204345890.png - (17.42KB , 327x325 , mew1.png )
I feel so blessed and lucky that the Lanky Kong of neither Style nor Grace Streched HIS Arms Out Just for Me!

Thank you Lanky Kong!

File 141154579395.jpg - (7.04KB , 209x241 , aj troll face.jpg )
40980484 No. 40980484 [View]
Mods doing it for free on 4chan
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>> No. 40980668
>> No. 40980871
File 141202881587.jpg - (54.43KB , 508x512 , 139691181993.jpg )
Did someone say doing it for free?
>> No. 40980878
Such unprofessional whores.

Don't they know payment only makes their services more desirable?

File 141142714911.gif - (325.09KB , 370x330 , s6acnmxs39q8.gif )
40980331 No. 40980331 [View] [Last 50 posts]
We ought to raid /oat/.
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>> No. 40980866
File 141201538696.png - (1.38MB , 2197x1757 , hugsss.png )
You get a hug too!

>> No. 40980867
File 141201541152.png - (241.81KB , 1024x753 , meehug.png )
And you!

>> No. 40980868
File 141201547415.jpg - (263.17KB , 885x1136 , huggies.jpg )

File 141182928466.png - (790.23KB , 900x636 , sad_sad_space_marine_____by_234vin-d3ivxna.png )
40980782 No. 40980782 [View]
I don't go to 4chan anymore and 8chans /adv/ board is pretty much new and innactive but I'll get to the point.

My father was always disappointed in me for not being like my older brother. My older brother had A+ grades, got into top college, got a job, designed new garage and roof for our house.

I am less successful than him. I had somewhere above average grades, I got into a college that is not as great as my brothers and I didn't design anything in this house other than planting a rose in our garden.

So my dad always looked down upon me. Several months ago we got into a fight in which we both hurt each other at a mental level. Now we don't talk at all, we avoid each other in the house. And now that we are both alone in the house because my brother and mother went to my grandmas to get a new car (Also, I am 20 years old and I still don't have a driver's license because I have a fear of driving).

So a few minutes ago, my dad made lunch and it was the most saddest lunch ever. We didn't talk at all, we couldn't even look each other in the eyes. I think I will never be able to talk my dad ever again and that kind of puts pain in my heart, because even if I get him to talk, he will still be dissatisfied with me for not being as successful as my brother.

I never felt as much sadness as I have now. If anyone ever read a book called "A song of Fire and Ice: Game of Thrones", Samwell Tarly's father kicked him away into the Night's Watch for being a dissapointment for House Tarly. I am like in that situation. If it wasn't for my mom, I'd be in the military and probably already dead or something.
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 40980798
I gave up on having a relationship with my dad.

He has had a new family for the last 25 years anyways. I never got upset that he treated those kids a lot different than me because that is his family - but other people never really seemed to understand like I did.

Hope yours works out. I don't even like my dad and could just as easily go years without talking to him as I could our casual 2 minute 'hello' calls we make to each other on major holidays.
>> No. 40980859
File 141200035410.png - (352.61KB , 1600x1641 , princess_twilight_s_onto_you_by_chainchomp2-d7xl627.png )
If not talking with him hurts you this much, I'm sure he would be touched to know about it.
Family is not about always getting along, it's about moving through hardships together.
Why not find a time in a day where both of you have a good amount of free time, and try to start up a discussion in the most gentle way you can? It will be really difficult for both of you, but I'm sure you will feel much better afterwards, coming to conclusions and having brought the tension to an end.
Besides, parents just want the best for their child. He merely needs to see that you and your brother have different capacities, and you're still doing the best you can in your own capacity.
>> No. 40980860
File 141200319492.gif - (40.45KB , 250x250 , pusheen_getting layed.gif )
>I'd be in the military and probably already dead or something
Unless you're implying suicide then you clearly know nothing about the military.

File 141186472557.jpg - (61.85KB , 450x760 , tmp_1179-Hippie_Renji_by_khghibli-536461378.jpg )
40980812 No. 40980812 [View]
5 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 40980828
File 141188485881.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )
I come from a land down under.
>> No. 40980829
File 141189397708.jpg - (20.77KB , 400x320 , austria.jpg )
feminine attendee
>> No. 40980830
File 141189401174.jpg - (544.47KB , 2560x1600 , staunendemasse.jpg )
Oooh nice one

File 141170380488.jpg - (186.56KB , 1024x1583 , muzzlesintea.jpg )
40980621 No. 40980621 [View]
So ponies of /chat/ what are you drinking this very moment? I am having a mug ( 16oz ) of Russian Caravan Tea..it's a lovely black tea with a sweet smoky taste
41 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40980793
File 141183334055.png - (93.70KB , 221x273 , i'm just too classy for you.png )
A 2-liter of Dr. Pepper, because I live alone and can, so I will.

Two more in the fridge whenever I want 'em, too.
>> No. 40980794
File 141183602749.png - (180.77KB , 540x456 , wat 2.png )
Am I the only one that's not drinking anything right now?
>> No. 40980795

Nah, me neither.

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