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File 140765915148.png - (466.67KB , 750x500 , 대천문대(eng)s.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Gallery

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File 140734570162.jpg - (168.21KB , 640x480 , HNI_0099_JPG.jpg )
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hello, im Ryan,

I'm gonna be simple, im gonna post my work, and take a few requests. and ill see what happens. Excuse my grammer beforehand (my oc is the thumbnail)
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File 140734611750.jpg - (147.16KB , 640x480 , HNI_0100.jpg )
non pony oc (original) and celestia fighting changelings.
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Weren't you just posting this trash on 4chan earlier today?

File 140734555041.png - (120.50KB , 827x1169 , Someone here had to do this so why not me 1.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Well someone here had to do i guess it should be me
This is something i've made a long time ago.
I've become 20% cooler since then.
(I still have some problems with things like perspective)
This was just something random i made, but it would soon turn out to be something really really cool
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File 140665183912.jpg - (140.16KB , 500x500 , grey.jpg )
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#Digital #Comics #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Hi! I'm new to this site. Just thought I'd draw some stuff
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File 140676195087.png - (54.96KB , 300x330 , burning.png )
another character I made
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File 140676207394.jpg - (63.62KB , 225x310 , maroonukid.jpg )
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You doing requests?

File 137799110287.gif - (155.53KB , 500x576 , introduction.gif )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests

Hey you guys.

This is just going to be a small art request thread.
In the posts below tell me what you want me to draw, and I'll do it.

I'm still working on my abilities, so here are just some of my drawings, to give you an idea of what my stuff looks like:

Everyone's welcome to give me critiques as well.
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File 138297742564.png - (1.02MB , 900x1773 , eris_by_trotsworth-d4fhzfd.png )
Can you do a picture of Eris having her hair zoomed in to show a frosty winter wonderland on the inside of it?
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>> No. 128491
Welcome back!

File 136743452926.gif - (31.40KB , 518x520 , professor_hopkins_by_seanachaidh125-d5vfqin.gif )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions #Critique wanted #Discussion

Heya! I've recently been getting more and more into pony art and I thought I'd showcase my stuff and see if anyone is interested in sending some commissions my way. Here's a link to my dA gallery for those interested in looking at some of my other work: You can contact me via email at

I don't have exact rates, instead I'm willing to discuss prices with anyone who's interested in sending some business my way. All transactions are handled through Paypal, I do plan however to make a couple other options available in the near future. I do have a couple of rules that I'll list:

1. basic sketches cost less than full color work, same rules applies to doing a portrait as opposed to a full Pony. Pretty much a general rule, less work equals smaller price.
2. I do have limits to what I'm willing to draw, if I find the material you're requesting of me to be offensive or just inappropriate, I can refuse those requests if I want.
3. NSFW content is NOT off limits, however, as a reference to the second rule, I do practice discretion, so if I have a problem with the subject matter, I have no problem refusing to take that commission.
4. Finally, when taking commissions, once a price is decided, I will require about 25% or so of that price in advance, just to ensure that I will be paid for my work.

That's pretty much it, if you are interested in commissioning me, please send me an email, and I'll try to reply as quickly as I can.
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File 140702408879.png - (60.42KB , 355x343 , Flutters_Portrait.png )
>> No. 128485
File 140711493448.png - (111.93KB , 410x527 , toothpaste_tail.png )
'nuther OC request
>> No. 128490
File 140722161599.png - (98.74KB , 466x482 , OC_uni_shield_cutie.png )
Moar OCs!

File 140713062914.jpg - (735.89KB , 1786x1554 , Alicorn Kai Commission005.jpg )
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Hello, I am looking for someone to take my request. If so please reply to this message and I will tell you my request

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File 139071485762.jpg - (38.29KB , 480x384 , spoiler.jpg )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Event #Critique wanted

my art
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File 140710839903.jpg - (256.88KB , 1600x1200 , apels.jpg )

File 139999014522.png - (117.39KB , 500x494 , tumblr_n3hy9uMB8Z1rzw3i7o1_500.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

How bad is my style? How can i improve it?
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It looks great but you shouldn't add hooves (: ( unles your doing big mac ) ;)
>> No. 128457
File 140678046074.jpg - (169.71KB , 1800x1200 , nah.jpg )
I actually think it looks good. Better than what I drew pic. related.
>> No. 128475
It looks sketchy, but I wouldn't call it bad. Everything looks solid. Maybe a little work on the proportions maybe?

File 140690608979.png - (2.69MB , 2522x1704 , 1406878663100.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Can we make this thread where all of the requesters and artists just hang out? Like, no 40+ threads about individual artists and all that?

Let's just chill here for a moment. Draw some doodles here and there.You know?
Artist Hangout General..

Let's talk art and other stuff.
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File 140690846404.png - (155.13KB , 811x985 , spike_playwrite_career_ruined_by_knightteutonic-d7deqfx.png )
Uuugghhh someone say something!
Anything! I'm bored as [can you swear here?]

Seriously? Like how many people are even in here?
Around 10 maybe? Cause I swear I'm not seeing that many people.

Show yourself. Just say hi or something.
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File 140690949310.jpg - (9.38KB , 225x225 , download (2).jpg )
You know what? Screw this. I'm out.
>> No. 128472

Lol well to be honest. /art/ is kind of a stagnant forum. It has been for a while. You'll get lucky to get a couple of replies a week.

File 136010395811.png - (256.45KB , 1024x893 , little_kindness_by_rbug2006-d5fl4lx.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking commissions

Hia! I'm Rbug, also known as Fledgeling. I figured it's been a while since I last visited Ponychan, so I came back. I'm a digital artist, and I would like to share my work. I'm currently doing commissions for fairly cheap. ($1-$4) I accept payments through PayPal and such.

Here's a link to my gallery:

I'll also probably dump some art here in the meantime.
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File 136503146647.png - (29.44KB , 457x535 , IMG_06032013_213755.png )
Stream Ended. I got about 8 seconds of animation done, and a ton of assets to use in the future. Not bad.

Pic definitely related.
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File 136560606144.png - (53.20KB , 759x648 , Untitled.png )
An update on this animation. Things are getting strange. I have a wonderful script editor who is making it look like something from Egoraptor...
>> No. 128463

I love this picture so much.

File 140665319832.png - (123.78KB , 232x238 , mylittlekelpie.png )
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#Comics #OCs

Hey everyone, I'm not sure if Dulset still hangs around ponychan anymore as I haven't been on this site for awhile. I remember we both used to hang out in oat alot, back then I was known as "blackholestia", but for those unfamiliar with the character, Dulset is a Kelpie oc. Awhile back I got permission to use Dulset in guest appearances in my comic Parasite Galaxy. Basically everything is slightly different in Parasite Galaxies version of earth including my little pony. In the PG universe it's "My Little Kelpie Freindship is Magic" and Dulset is one of the main characters of the show. Here's a link to Dulsets first guest appearance in the comic on a pachinko machine.
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File 140674725976.jpg - (688.97KB , 1284x3653 , mackenzielabig.jpg )
Here's a design I commisioned the deviant artist known as cluedog to make.This guy is named makenzie Labig, this character hasn't appeared yet, but he will be the my little kepie fanboy in the story, as you can see he is wearing a Dulset Tarn shirt here. I'm not really sure what to call Bronies in story since the show is mostly about Kelpies here, maybe Kel-Bros?

Last edited at Wed, Jul 30th, 2014 12:08

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File 140674751778.png - (135.28KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset chuckle.png )
>> No. 128452
File 140674810178.jpg - (415.23KB , 1800x2441 , empressblackstar.jpg )

While that might be an honest name, it doesn't sound very much like the word kelpie or the word bro. So I don't really think that would work.

Also check out who else will be in the comic, she will be a villain later on in the story.

File 140668523492.png - (33.97KB , 150x113 , G3_5 Rainbow Dash.png )
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#Digital #Event #Taking requests

Hey guys, have you seen my new account?

File 140668509129.png - (33.97KB , 150x113 , spoiler.png )
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#Digital #Event #Taking requests

Hey guys, have you seen my new account?

File 140660306292.png - (963.18KB , 1500x1500 , guigui.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Comics #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hello /Art/ I wanted to show you all my web comic i have been working on this is episode one and more to come.


The picture is to large to uplodad, but its up on my page.
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File 140666828624.png - (4.17MB , 5100x3300 , scutaloo bitting a cloud.png )
>> No. 128444
File 140666832764.png - (3.57MB , 5100x3300 , who are you quoting.png )
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File 140666843562.png - (282.54KB , 1500x1500 , kc_dariaform.png )

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