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Aug 27Come say hello to our new !!Pinkie Pie.

File 138833263369.jpg - (285.09KB , 679x858 , tumblr_mybqt6Jo8P1rayplro1_1280.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #Gallery #Taking requests

Hello all
I have a ton of pony art incoming, let it warm your souls and bellies
I might draw your request if it´s a really cool idea
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File 138871978618.png - (251.61KB , 1000x500 , ponyfour.png )

sorry, not sure why that's happening.

see attached.
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Wow.. the horsedick is still not deleted?

You could just use short links without all the tags...
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File 139933883546.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Draw it however style you wish :)

File 134836632202.png - (71.78KB , 392x348 , Pchan-Thead.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted
Oh, hello there /art/, or Ponychan, I'm a rather unimportant artist looking for requests to draw, critique and feedback, as I'm currently looking to grow in a rather narrow time frame, so instead of sitting and doodling the same over and over again, I want to do some things I wouldn't think by myself.

That said, I will draw almost anything you'd like, the only things I ask is not requesting for NSFW and generally being thoughtful in your request, I'm free to decline anything I deem offensive and/or out of my capabilities.

I use Paint tool SAI for my work by the way.

I also take a ton of time for drawing, so excuse my general tardiness.
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Perefct answer! That really gets to the heart of it! qikirxwgn [] [link=]arrcvupvksq[/link]
>> No. 127365

The post that started it all.
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File 139933872714.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark.

File 135741179071.png - (83.34KB , 300x467 , ChrysalisShake.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Pardon the repost, but I just don't feel like finishing stuff at the moment. It just doesn't feel right having OP image be a sketch.
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>> No. 127384
Hey. Are you available for a commission? :)
>> No. 127392
I may be. What'd you have in mind?
>> No. 128081
File 139933862638.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark.

File 138081064453.jpg - (66.64KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
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#Traditional #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Hello, I'm PinkSaphires, I am an pony and anthro pony traditional and vector artist, I have been around da for a while and am looking to expand interest in my artwork. Hopefully. I focus mainly on having my work be cute, but also on details. I hope you enjoy my artwork. I do commissions, small requests and possibly art trades as well.

The piece in my subject line is a rework of an older piece featuring Princess Luna fighting a nightmare, titled 'Recurring Dreams'.
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File 138150748831.jpg - (349.19KB , 1600x1164 , image.jpg )
Sorry if I have been quiet here, was working on this monster for three days.

Luna got a little too into nightmare night, and the idea of scary being fun, so dressed as the scariest thing she knows.
>> No. 126517

A da link, because the file is really, really big. I think it lost some resolution upon being uploaded to ponychan.
>> No. 128080
File 139933812930.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Your art is amazing, Pink.

File 139921172610.jpg - (2.25MB , 2592x1944 , DSCN2745.jpg )
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#Digital #Vectors #Canon #Discussion #Taking requests

Please add some Pony vectors to this image to look as if they're in and around the car. SFW, Please.

File 139880241552.png - (3.69KB , 254x226 , bird.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Alterations #Comics #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

art request thread
>> No. 128074
File 139920090184.png - (198.62KB , 894x894 , fluttershy_being_cute__with_hoody__by_infinitoa-d5n6abe.png )
Ponies in muffin-suits?

File 139891518150.png - (239.87KB , 1073x1275 , Shipping.png )
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#Vectors #Canon #OCs

Hello everypony, well, i make this draw, but i make this with a base.

And other thing, my OC is the pegasus, i make this drawing.

File 136972977294.png - (2.86MB , 3500x2000 , Pinkieshy slippers2_0.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Um! Hi everypony, a short introduction, I just started using this site again, and my old trip was Snowli.. uh, yeah! So this is my first time posting art anywhere other than dA, I really hope you like it. Pic is my favorite drawing by myself. I hope to improve, so critiques are more than welcome and Requests definitely open!

Here's my dA and Tumblr, if anyone wishes to see.

Last edited at Sat, Jun 29th, 2013 18:56

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File 137263198932.png - (167.20KB , 834x957 , fluttershy__3_by_blastdown-d48c17y.png )
I think its interesting how every artist on this board has their own unique style of going about drawing things. Then again this doesn't necessarily apply to creative bronies.

Also its nice to see more traditional artists here too.
>> No. 128029
File 139828899309.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , ella sad_png.png )
Are you still taking requests? Would you want to draw this mare with a German Shepherd by her side? Also her hooves are blue. Let me know if it looks fun to ya
>> No. 128034
File 139874073710.png - (362.06KB , 2000x1500 , pony.png )
I can haz pony?
*squee noise*

Last edited at Mon, Apr 28th, 2014 20:06

File 139642156960.png - (372.40KB , 3525x4042 , Photo.png )
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#Digital #Gallery #Taking requests

Post for Myself and my Artz ~

Accepting Requests and hoping for questions on my askblog!
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>> No. 127814
File 139656124281.png - (534.63KB , 3525x4042 , Panel 3_1.png )
This is coming next.
>> No. 127816
>> No. 128030
File 139829408241.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , ella sad_png.png )
Hey uh, if your still doing requests would you like to draw my oc here with a german shepherd by her side? Her hooves are blue by the way ^_^

Let me know if this sounds like a fun one two you, otherwise no worries

File 139821515623.png - (155.33KB , 900x792 , spoiler.png )
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#Comics #OCs #Event #Taking requests

File 132751747445.gif - (273.83KB , 570x692 , derpystompy.gif )
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I dunno. I'll start with some of my most popular stuff, and just see what happens. Just seems like an appropriate time in my art "career" to have a Ponychan thread.

My DA thing iz here:

I might take requests or something, maybe. I'm usually far too lazy and/or forgetful to, though. Funny ideas, funny crossovers, and horrible puns have the highest chance of being drawn.

So, let's start out with what might be my most famous. First frame on this one one was mostly traced off a Castle Creator asset, but it was hand-animated from there. Zero vectoring involved.
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>> No. 121090
File 136115269606.png - (422.07KB , 1280x720 , S01E19_Rarity_EyebrowRaise.png )
No offenese.
but why are you posting links to deviant art when you have a place to post pictures here?
>> No. 121095
Well, no offense, but it may have something to do with the fact that the /art/ Guidelines sticky specifically says that artists can link to off-site galleries.

It even mentions DA in particular.
>> No. 128024
File 139821508044.png - (155.33KB , 900x792 , spoiler.png )
i love mlp so much i dream of having my own filly drepy hooves when i saw drepy talk i heart brusted 2 times!

File 139808949643.jpg - (227.16KB , 1200x1800 , Celestia3.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #Gallery

Some of my newer stuff.
>> No. 128021
File 139808959285.jpg - (121.84KB , 1300x975 , Celestia.jpg )
>> No. 128022
File 139808967068.jpg - (113.52KB , 1400x900 , Celestias Wrath.jpg )

File 134742527517.jpg - (72.16KB , 621x668 , DonutPony.jpg )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking commissions #Critique wanted
Yes I am trying a less anthro look more like the show

I'll still draw anthro stuff because I like it but I'll post my clean and non anthro here as well.

My DA (My cleanest gallery)

I have commissions available as well

But I want opinions on how good I am at Ponying and suggestions on how to improve!
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>> No. 127919
File 139742586014.jpg - (78.64KB , 588x624 , ShadowBolt.jpg )
>> No. 128017
File 139799639099.jpg - (53.10KB , 635x680 , commLuis.jpg )
An IRL commission
>> No. 128018
File 139799645674.jpg - (143.54KB , 630x840 , commdavid.jpg )
Another IRL commission!

File 139622624559.png - (169.96KB , 333x551 , celestia tea.png )
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For a while now, the idea of retiring the NSFW tag has been bouncing around. At one time it was used quite a lot, leading many to come together in support of the feature when this idea was proposed by community members in the past, but its use has waned over the years. In the past 30 days, only two pictures have been posted with the NSFW tag, >>127564 and >>127701, and neither image really warranted its use (though one of them is currently set as my phone's wallpaper ❤).

Based on this data, we'd like to officially announce its removal, as a way to streamline the rules, and make things simpler for newcomers. If there's no major opposition by any /art/isans, it will be retired for good this upcoming weekend.
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File 139787592284.png - (848.77KB , 923x865 , planning.png )
>> No. 128014
File 139787594507.png - (523.31KB , 900x810 , Raaainbooows.png )
>> No. 128015
File 139787599405.png - (649.94KB , 1920x1536 , recovery_by_facelessjr-d61mlat.png )

File 134004406937.jpg - (447.43KB , 791x1144 , resized_for_FIM (4).jpg )
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Hello everypony,

I come here seeking feedback: critique, constructive criticism, encouragement and ideas.

I have been practicing pony drawings for about three weeks now and, as in that time I seemingly cannot put my tablet pen down and stop drawing, a record of my progress and attempts can be seen on this tumblr:

I will start my posting with the three latest sketch batches I have done and go from there.

Image one of four
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>> No. 127019
File 138828661319.jpg - (1.20MB , 2328x3115 , flutterbatsketch.jpg )
Flutterbat sketch. I just had to.
>> No. 127829
This threads always been useful over the years.
>> No. 128003
File 139787036935.png - (361.95KB , 1280x1810 , resized-version-twi-back.png )
I post far too sparingly.

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