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Guidelines For Using /Art/

- Be respectful of others and others' works.
- Don’t be unnecessarily rude about someone or their work.
- At the same time, don’t hate on people who critique your work.
- Be sure to report threads that don't follow these guidelines or the rules of the site. If you feel someone is being unnecessarily rude to you or others, keep your cool and report them.
- /art/ isn't just for artists! Everypony's input is welcome.

Artists' Threads
- Artists are encouraged to make one gallery thread for personal use. This includes showing your work, taking requests and/or commissions, announcing livestreams, asking for critique, etc.
- Artists of any skill level are welcome and encouraged to make their own threads, take requests, and comment on others work. Don't be shy!
- Artists who create a thread should have it added to the directory. Post a link to your thread here, and mention what sections of the directory it should go in.
- Artists can link to off-site galleries, such as Tumblr or deviantART.
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Question: Where do we put non-pony art?

File 134202742050.jpg - (111.57KB , 840x810 )
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Welcome to the new /art/ Tutorial and Reference Thread! If you want to learn how to draw ponies, you came to the right place. The internet has a lot of resources on learning how to draw or how to use programs. This thread has a bundle of tutorials, references and studies to give new artists a starting point. You can find the tutorials (including a handy directory) below.

This is a restart from the previous Tutorial thread made by Midnight Star. Unfortunately, a lot of the images have 404'd over time, meaning they couldn't be accessed. But here we are, with a brand new thread. Once again, thanks to Midnight Star for collecting all these images and links.

/art/ is always happy to help new artists. Even with the tutorials, drawing ain't easy! So be sure to ask the people of /art/ for help if you think you need it. And for the people who already have experience: show us how you do things! Share your own tutorials, or the ones that you used to become the artist you are today.


General >>111273
Body >>111276
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>> No. 128351
File 140546251925.png - (1.01MB , 1024x1024 , Art-guard.png )
Nice references. I think I'll create my own style and figure it out from there.

File 140621052305.png - (700.57KB , 1024x585 , 6.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions

Hey guys, trying to get my stuff out there a little more. Wouldn't mind doing more pony commissions again. Feedback and stuff is greatly appreciated.

Not really into art trades and the like but I wouldn't mind doing a collab.
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>> No. 128531
File 140841192561.png - (465.91KB , 437x722 , ss+(2014-08-19+at+09_23_09).png )
Been chilling the week. Haven't been feeling to well. Almost done with this commission.
>> No. 128540
File 140857529484.png - (1.18MB , 895x1480 , NNM Filly Commission.png )
>> No. 128547
File 140859591065.png - (591.39KB , 1093x568 , ss+(2014-08-21+at+12_35_20).png )
Started thumbnailing another commission.

File 139358828085.jpg - (4.45MB , 3600x3000 , TwiFallSSA.jpg )
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#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

Improved resolutions! No more squashed pictures! This is the art that you deserved from the start!

Other than that it's the same as my old one; I'll be re-posting all my old art as is, aside from the improved resolutions, so things that I drew wrong before (Sky Breaker's eyes as an example) will still be wrong in the transfer. I think I'll stress it more this time around, I really really want to improve and if you see something about my pictures that just isn't right, I can take pretty much any level of criticism, of course, I also like encouragement and not just long speeches about what I did wrong. A balance is good.

I'm thinking about taking a request like once a week, getting the requests and accepting one on Sunday and actually doing and posting it on Monday. It being a once a week thing I didn't see it necessary to tag this with "Taking Requests".

I'm hoping this new gallery will be pleasing to everyone and that I'll learn a lot from the /art/ community. Happy drawing all! :)
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>> No. 128530
File 140837636764.png - (3.81MB , 3800x3000 , SleepySurrealTwi.png )
Creative slump. Help! Suggestions please!

(Preferably Twi because I'm trying to focus on one pony's style at a time so I don't stretch my already meager skills too thin)
>> No. 128534
File 140846876608.png - (3.92MB , 3800x3000 , TwilightAndHerBooks.png )
Books! Careful there Twi... don't want to damage those.
>> No. 128546
File 140859457403.jpg - (1.23MB , 2000x2000 , 139792191102.jpg )
Especially not the Atlas Pro.
Gotta pay extra for the pro edition.
Aaaanyway, I wish I had some suggestions for ya. You seem pretty awesome.

File 140857767140.jpg - (224.84KB , 1341x1341 , image.jpg )
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#OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

okay... so im pretty new to animating-stuff, but i would really like to hear your opinions! i hope one day i can create animated videos on youtube. :3
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>> No. 128543
weeeell, you see... i forgot what an animation was... Lol
anyways, when i look at it now it wasnt very impressive. made it in photoshop touch tho.
>> No. 128544
File 140857905759.jpg - (78.91KB , 684x619 , image.jpg )
here is another one this one is slightly better tho.
i really wish i was as good as some of the people on here
>> No. 128545
File 140857935337.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )

Well, to your credit, I've seen a lot worse, too. Art is one of those things you've gotta really work at over time, and even artists you think are really good will probably be putting out much better stuff in a year. So don't give up hope, and don't feel too bad about what you're putting out now, even if there's room for improvement.

I'm probably not the best for critique, but I'll try to offer some advice anyway.

The biggest issues with this picture, I think, in order, are:

1. The background. Backgrounds are something a lot of people skip because they're hard, but this one really looks like it's been pulled straight from the first grade. The pony is actually much much better than the background.

2. Line thickness. It's not really consistent and tends to be a bit jagged, which makes the picture look messy. I'm not sure exactly what medium you're using to draw all this, but that's probably one of the first things I'd work on. (I'd actually just skip the backgrounds for now.)

File 136250546888.gif - (820.84KB , 1728x1656 , Applejack-and-Rarity,-through-the-swamp.gif )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Alterations #Comics #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests

I need to be on here more often than I am, so I'm gonna post some off my favorite art (I mean some of the art I think came out not looking downright weird)

If you're interested in seeing some of my other stuff you can go to my DA

Skype: sncunleashed


Last edited at Thu, Mar 28th, 2013 09:42

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>> No. 123155
File 136865088596.png - (2.03MB , 1900x1250 , stb 1.png )
Just the moon.
>> No. 123171
Ah man, thank you so much. Worth the wait. Not sure what to say, but thanks. Really love it and your style :)
>> No. 128537
File 140852072917.jpg - (43.91KB , 500x323 , 1000 thanks.jpg )
Thank you, I had completely forgotten about this request...
I lost my internet shortly after I made it and then I just randomly found it again now.

File 140679042754.png - (477.02KB , 1083x738 , color.png )
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#Traditional #Comics #Canon #Discussion #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Some of the Pony art I did. This comic was commissioned.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 31st, 2014 00:07

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>> No. 128520
File 140799772801.jpg - (342.38KB , 700x1029 , test pinkie.jpg )
>> No. 128526
File 140823247389.jpg - (376.50KB , 858x1280 , Commissions Updated.jpg )
Bump. I lowered commission prices
>> No. 128536

Ah! The Ring!

File 140687248339.png - (113.92KB , 800x1053 , waternecklace.png )
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#Vectors #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

How's it going! I've been lurking on /art/ for a bit, enjoying all the awesome artwork. Now I want to come on out and say that I'm doing commissions.

I'm offering sketches, line arts, and colored pieces all done in Adobe Illustrator. It will take me about a week to do a full color and there is just a slight price adjustment depending on how many characters are being drawn. For the most part I will work on 1 commission at a time but if I happen across more free time I might be able to do 2 at a time.

Sketches: $1.00

Lineart: $ 3.00

Colors: $7.00

That is the flat price for 1 character. There is an additional $2.00 for every extra character. Payment will be via paypal.
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>> No. 128495
File 140726697208.png - (74.60KB , 650x1361 , humandashcol.png )
Some humanization practice.
>> No. 128509
File 140759993121.png - (191.00KB , 890x1772 , humanbell.png )
Another humanization. I might be doing these for a while.
>> No. 128535
File 140847007838.png - (149.96KB , 1127x970 , pipsqueak.png )
A commission done !

File 133884071014.jpg - (212.99KB , 750x750 , Flutterpony.jpg )
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Quickly my fillies, I am bored and request an OC to draw a black'n white lineart to

Post your delicious ponies here

Might keep this thread up to do more if people like what they see
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>> No. 123350
File 136919907491.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
am i late too?
>> No. 123355
File 136920567093.jpg - (793.23KB , 2700x1500 , leo(GenesisAmora).jpg )
Same here!
>> No. 128532
This is awesome! Can anypony download & finish it? If they want, so they can use it for RPs? Or print as a coloring page? I tend to use random pics I find for birthday cards & stuff I print, & mail to friends & famil, via snail mail.

File 134627649361.jpg - (341.58KB , 1024x768 , Patchy.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted
Firstly I'm gonna say sorry to the people who I never got to in my last thread, I haven't forgot about you, and you guys are first up :) To everyone else, feel free to request whatever, just keep in mind it may take me a while to get everyone done :3
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>> No. 128521
I know you.
>requests it every thread
>never drawn
I know you, and your feel.
>> No. 128527
File 140823765967.jpg - (61.69KB , 640x480 , Pony Oc Rough Draft.jpg )
sorry if you are kinda overflowing with requests but i liked your other requests and thought i would throw one in

so this is my OC Argentite (image was taken by webcam so its blurry)

i'm not that good at drawing so this is kinda the best i can do myself. i would like to see if you can draw this guy for me, now there are a few details that aren't really visible on the drawn image (such as body color, eye color and so on including cutie mark) so i'm going to put some needed details following.

the following are Hex codes
Body color: #626262
Hoof color: #4F4F4F
Eye color: #0D4F8B
Mane & Tail Color: #CD3700
>> No. 128528
only just realized that this thread was only revived not long ago and she probably wont see my request. i derped XD

Last edited at Sun, Aug 17th, 2014 09:41

File 140816485297.jpg - (213.42KB , 1771x1181 , beautiful and best OC1.jpg )
128523 No. 128523 [View]
#OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

PLS r8 no h8 I worked really hard on this.....

Her name is Mary Snu Snu. :D She is Neo Shadows pet along with my necro Rainbow Dasher OC. She is a mix of all my favorite foods. she even is a feminist like me! As you can tell by her Bracelet that she is waering. I also have one like it!!! lelol! I'm trying to find more of her pictures that I commissioned eariler but no luck. I'm sure you will love her just as much as I do! I know its a bit of an old pic but I think it hold up rather well! ALSO NOTE the realistic Dolphin. It took me forever to draw it! Please don't be jealous just come and ask for tips and I might help you! I also put jesus in the corner because jesus is with you no matter what! ALSO LOVE JESUS. JESUS LOVES YOU AND YOU SHOULD LOVE HIM. I drew him being your bro because he does have the most swag after all. He died for our swag so plz show respek! ^___^ Her favorite drank is also Grape Juice because soda is nasty and should not be drank too much. Don't wanna have cavities ^-^ Donkey kong has always been my favorite gamer so I made her body type the same way! She is also Queen chrissys and Discords child! She is the element of disembodiement which explains all of her different limbs! She also has mary jane growing out of her mouse ears because i love smoking! 420 BLAZE IT. WELP BE GENTLE ON HER! SHES A LOVING SOUL! Just a day at the beash but dashie is afriad of the water! poor dashie! hope you all love it!!!1! :^)
>> No. 128524
File 140816505609.png - (211.97KB , 900x795 , 1396233598945.png )
I like it... lol. You could have done better with how you described her, lol....
>> No. 128525
omg stahp paraspritin on /mlp/ XD

File 139002557614.jpg - (897.38KB , 1101x850 , honorable pony.jpg )
127211 No. 127211 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Okay, I keep running out of ideas, and sometimes my ideas for drawings aren't that great, so anybody willing to give ideas (hopefully within my range of talent which isn't too far) go ahead.
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>> No. 128403
File 140623096096.jpg - (53.56KB , 720x960 , Raribow.jpg )
>> No. 128514
File 140782017465.jpg - (1.04MB , 850x1104 , Fluttershy Forest.jpg )
>> No. 128519

O.O Be careful Fluttershy..

Nice pics bro ;) Your Rarity reminds me of some anime cat outfit. Dunno why xP

File 140765915148.png - (466.67KB , 750x500 , 대천문대(eng)s.png )
128512 No. 128512 [View]
#Digital #OCs #Gallery

Last edited at Sun, Aug 10th, 2014 01:27

File 140734570162.jpg - (168.21KB , 640x480 , HNI_0099_JPG.jpg )
128499 No. 128499 [View]
hello, im Ryan,

I'm gonna be simple, im gonna post my work, and take a few requests. and ill see what happens. Excuse my grammer beforehand (my oc is the thumbnail)
>> No. 128500
File 140734611750.jpg - (147.16KB , 640x480 , HNI_0100.jpg )
non pony oc (original) and celestia fighting changelings.
>> No. 128504
Weren't you just posting this trash on 4chan earlier today?

File 140734555041.png - (120.50KB , 827x1169 , Someone here had to do this so why not me 1.png )
128498 No. 128498 [View]
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Well someone here had to do i guess it should be me
This is something i've made a long time ago.
I've become 20% cooler since then.
(I still have some problems with things like perspective)
This was just something random i made, but it would soon turn out to be something really really cool
>> No. 128501

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