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File 130490056135.png - (244.85KB , 485x587 , apple_bloom_is_sad_by_dancinninjac-d3awp55.png )
2482937 No. 2482937
Ok, everypony. I give you a challenge.
First, start listening to this.
Then, read this while the music is playing.

Try not to cry.

I can't...I can't do it.....
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>> No. 2482938
And on a related note, does anyone know of any comics or artwork of this fanfic?
>> No. 2482939
File 130490067670.png - (27.47KB , 325x265 , challenge-accepted.png )
>> No. 2482940
It can not be done. So sad.
>> No. 2482941
I failed miserably...I cried so much.

But then I read: "The starts were particularly bright, she noted."
>> No. 2482942
>> No. 2482943
File 130490146921.jpg - (128.33KB , 945x945 , 130463108079.jpg )
Geez...that was..intense.. so sad...i do belive ive lost this challenge..
>> No. 2482944
just finished
wasn't that hard but still sad :(
>> No. 2482945
File 130490188595.jpg - (50.94KB , 500x500 , beautiful.jpg )
i did not cry, but
i got so much goosebumps.
>> No. 2482946
File 130490250093.png - (68.69KB , 200x170 , its beautiful.png )
Wow. That was GOOD.

I was close. SO DAMN CLOSE.
>> No. 2482947
>> No. 2482948

You didn't make me BAAAAAAW op but you came really fucking close. >:[
>> No. 2482949
Not only did I lose, but I may just be affected psychologically. That was powerful. This may be the first time in my life I've ever been certain I don't want to live forever...
>> No. 2482950

Goddamit I'm having delayed reactions now

...must... not...

>> No. 2482951
Alright I failed, my eyeballs started sweating. But why does everyone think this is sad? This seemed more like a "so beautiful it hurts" kind of thing, especially with that music.
>> No. 2482952
File 130490328901.png - (90.86KB , 750x952 , 130396638624.png )
I lost AFTER I was done reading. The beauty was too much... I lost it...
This must be what it's like to be The Doctor.
>> No. 2482953
File 130490342655.jpg - (116.39KB , 1920x1080 , 130102560449.jpg )
I didn't cry, but I'm feeling pretty sad in a good way.
I feel like hugging.
>> No. 2482954
File 130490343560.png - (246.12KB , 1920x1080 , Rainbow Dash Wallpaper.png )
I did it....

For Equestria.
>> No. 2482956
File 130490385600.jpg - (136.35KB , 632x480 , Wild-7-04.jpg )
Manly tears are GO.
>> No. 2482957
Not OP, but I found this music from the music link. So if I might offer a new challenge, read (whether or not you've already read) it with this:
>> No. 2482958
File 130490418084.png - (51.47KB , 258x256 , 130205032326.png )
I finished and thought "Beautiful but not making me cry just ye-"

...then it hit me...just as I was typing this.
>> No. 2482959

It's like munching on an habanero pepper and then swallowing.

You're like "Well that wasn't too spi- aah ahhaa aaaahaaaaa"
>> No. 2482960
Abso-freakin'-lutely beautiful, but if failed to make me cry.

Should I feel like a monster?
>> No. 2482961
>>2482960 Not really. I don't see it as a sad story, but more of a bittersweet story.
>> No. 2482962
File 130490646110.gif - (460.08KB , 200x200 , tears.gif )
Half way through I teared up and by the end I was weeping. I just laid in bed for like 5 minutes crying...

I miss my circle of friends...
I was just crying about this sort of thing, not like exactly... but those words man...

This hit me hard in a very vulnerable spot at a particularly vulnerable time...

I miss them so much. It's been over a year now...
they don't write back
I can't ever forget what happened from hello to goodbye.

gosh I'm still crying...
>> No. 2482963
That was a challenge that I couldn't win. I read the whole thing, almost about to tear up, and at that last sentence, I cried.

Beautiful, and a perfect matching of the fic and song.
>> No. 2482964
"It is this: that all things pass in the course of time, that forever does not exist. That every Hello contains within itself the echoes of its own Goodbye. That for every person you come to know in your journey through life, no matter how long you know them, there will always come a day when you will see them for the last time. And yet... it is all worth it."

Right there. Right goddamn there. That's where I completely lost it and let the manly tears flow. Challenge failed. But it was one of the most beautiful challenges I have ever experienced in my life. Thank you OP. Thank you so much....*sniff*
>> No. 2482965
File 130490706473.jpg - (64.00KB , 492x376 , 129199798958665200.jpg )

I think I saw another thread where you had mentioned that; hope that baaaw-inducing story and music gave you some catharsis. I'm certain that you keep living you'll make new friends.

Care for some humor?

>> No. 2482966
HARDMODE: Drink two cups of coffee or an energy drink before taking the challenge. Caffeine can make you more emotionally volatile/sensitive.
>> No. 2482967
File 130490745254.jpg - (20.27KB , 305x293 , somuchpony.jpg )
Yeah... it really did.

>still crying

Also, saved that pic. Thank you for making me laugh.

The news about Faust being pregnant also purged all the sadness that I was feeling over her stepping down from Exec Producer.

>I'm on a site where adults talk about a show for little girls, reading fanfiction, and crying my eyes out. And there's nowhere I'd rather be right now. The absurdity and beauty of it all is overwhelming.

Feels good man.
>> No. 2482968
File 130490748577.jpg - (188.73KB , 900x1150 , Canterlot.jpg )
Fuck You, OP.

I haven't cried like that in YEARS. When you give your life to gangs and street life, you lose all respect for life and other people in general. You lose all feeling. No emotions beside anger towards slobs and love of violence. Both of which consumes me.

Since I joined this fandom, I have slowly become human again. Morals came to me little by little, and appreciation and love towards others became challenges that I took head on and soon conquered.

But the one thing I couldn't regain. Respect for life.

But this. This shit hit me in a spot I thought was gone. Such a feeling..brings me back to when I had friends and loved each one of them. That was some Powerful shit, OP. Real Talk.

This show helped me become moral, but you, YOU helped me love, and with the rest of this amazing community, I WILL over come the streets and become and independent and strong willed member of society.

Thank you, OP. I needed that.

>Pic related. The scene of the story. Now read and listen again, and try not to cry.
>> No. 2482969
File 130490753149.gif - (271.82KB , 330x248 , 130470497089.gif )
>> No. 2482970
File 130490789755.jpg - (58.50KB , 750x600 , mixed-emotions.jpg )

No prob meng. I'll give you one for the road. Hopefully you remember the big Terri Schaivo thing from a while back.
>> No. 2482971
File 130490800251.jpg - (175.71KB , 795x717 , Sad.jpg )
>> No. 2482972
I got this close to B'AWWWWWing
Me/crying That little sliver was all that held me together. This was probably the saddest challenge I have ever defeated.
>> No. 2482973
File 130490823336.png - (288.00KB , 1250x702 , Fluttercry-(n1302587076886).png )
oh man that got me too.
>> No. 2482974
Reading/listening again because apparently I'm some sort of masochist.
>> No. 2482975
For extra effect, try listening to this song afterwards:

Not sure if it'll do the same thing for everyone but that song has always had an effect on me, and it's related in theme.
>> No. 2482976
fukken saved for future reference.
i might just have to draw some pics so i can tear up in style.
>> No. 2482977
File 130490865625.png - (515.69KB , 1000x1500 , 1299339973071.png )
I can't say that it did anything to me (too harden by life and the internet I guess) but it truly impresses me the quality of the fanfic.

More so, I'm impressed that it could get such a positive reaction from so many of you. This is in many ways the reason this fandom exist, the feelings you have about the world they exist in, the story which we know will happen but we will probably never be told about.

This is the one story that brought me into this place, the one pony story that made me cry like a little baby after I read it because it brought so many memories, so I lurk here looking for one to give me the same feeling I felt that day, using the mean time to overanalyze the show, shedding manly tears every time I look at that picture......

>I love you wherever you are, I don't care how long it takes I shall make your memory live on, I hope you are proud of me, I shall join you one day, but not yet.
>> No. 2482978
File 130490904296.jpg - (23.00KB , 711x455 , a sad twilight.jpg )
I saved that image for later viewing, I don't think I'm up to it right now.
>> No. 2482979
Since there's a lot of tear-inducing music and fiction in this thread I thought I'd post a vid with a song that's made me feel alright, ever since I first heard it in an arcade. It might just work for me because of nostalgia, but anyway-

>> No. 2482980
File 130490951120.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , 130230010434.png )

Picture says it all.

(And just praying to Celestia it doesn't derp)
>> No. 2482981
File 130490959645.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , 130230010434.png )


(Proper pic now included)
>> No. 2482982
File 130490964026.png - (299.97KB , 579x529 , 130441114910.png )
Kudos to that fic too.

Oh you guys! This is my most favorite thread of all time now.
>> No. 2482983
Moist eyes, but no tears.
Still, a beautiful little scene.

Let's see if I can up the challenge. I think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boNBlXLawFA might be somewhat fitting.

"Oh, hello Fluttershy." The pegasus seemed especially coy that day. Maybe it was because even after all these years she still appeared out of place in the high halls of the palace. But still, something was different today "Is something on your mind?"
"Well, no, I mean... Thank you for being my friend.", she but breathed in her familiar soft voice. Yet her eyes were fixated on Princess Twilight with an intensity the unicorn princess had only seen before in her friend on rare occasions.
"Always.", she smiled bashfully. Centuries had forged their bond and through all the rough times they had stood together. After Rarity had gone, the pegasus had become even quieter than she had been when they had first met, yet since then they had become even more intimate in a way Twilight found hard to explain. Even though most of the time they spent together they would just enjoy a few moments of silence together or share a meal with almost no words spoken.
For a while Fluttershy just stood in the doorway and watched the unicorn with a strange glitter in her eyes.
"Is there something else?" Twilight eventually asked. Fluttershy just shook her head gracefully, smiled a last time at her friend, then turned around and left.
The rest of the princess's day was filled with royal duties that kept Twilight from giving the peculiar visit any second thoughts.
The next morning however she had an even rarer visitor. It was Angel, Fluttershy's trusted bunny companion, who resembled his ancestor of the same name almost to a T. Just like the pegasus on the day before, he suddenly appeared in her doorway.
He sat there for a little while, as if lost in thought. But then he motioned the unicorn to follow. He let her out of the palace and into the gated garden. Oh, how wonderfully it was on this sunny spring day, with all the different flowers in bloom and the birds singing on the branches. It was Fluttershy's greatest pride. The pegasus had planted each tree and bush herself, and had befriended each animal living here, of whose the great-great-great-grandchildren played in the sun on this very day.
Twilight could not help but to chuckle, as Angel led her right into the center of the park. She could not help but think back to the first Grand Galopping Gala she and her friends had attended and how Fluttershy had chased all the critters into the ballroom. They had been so young back then, so unable to understand that long ago there had been an immortal keeper to that garden, too. And that once that link had been broken, the critters there had never opened her heart to another pony ever again.
Twilight came to a sudden halt. "Angel, just where are you taking me?", she asked apprehensively. Here, in the shade under the trees she felt a chill in her body. It was quiet here, when had the birds stopped singing?
The bunny did not stop, but hopped urgently onward. Finally they reached the clearing right in the middle of the garden, and there she saw her friend.
Fluttershy laid right next to an ancient oak, as if she had fallen asleep nuzzling its bark. She had planted that oak the day she had begun to lay out this garden, the very day Twilight had granted them all immortality. On her lips there still was that shy smile of hers.
Very slowly she stepped close to the pegasus and gave her a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Thank you for having been my friend."
She sat with her for a long while, at times crying, at times thinking about everything they and their old friends had been through, at times strangely at peace.
Eventually she made her way back into the world of the ponies, that was so light and beautiful, that the notion of immortality appeared like a foreign body. A burden any pony should have to carry forever.
>> No. 2482984
File 130490986297.jpg - (93.73KB , 700x800 , Young DERPY.jpg )
I teared up more at the responces than the actual fic, but i was also impressed by the quality of them.

I love you guys so much...

(i have no sad pics :P)
>> No. 2482985
File 130490994062.png - (66.59KB , 595x732 , 130404004505.png )
sorry to be that guy here, but i started laughing too hard to cry at all around midway, seeing as i don't support shipping and i just want to bash the face of shipping in with an iron pole. *starts laughing again*

spoiler'd for spoilers for the novel. i may have done so, but im not so evil that i would ruin it for those who either dont care about said ...thing or support it.

also, pic spoiler'd for language.
>> No. 2482986
File 130490998315.png - (168.09KB , 900x900 , rainbow_dash___wut_by_shinmera-d3f6tnb.png )
I didnt cry, but I did start to feel a tear forming and goosebumps. Any other time I would of went meh but the song really set the mood.
>> No. 2482987
File 130491019759.jpg - (5.38KB , 184x184 , lyra cry thumbnail.jpg )
I loose... DAMNIT

And i don't cry often though
>> No. 2482988
File 130491037571.png - (89.08KB , 320x249 , 1296616236845.png )

Where's the love, bro....where's the love....
>> No. 2482989
File 130491048629.gif - (111.46KB , 200x200 , 130402757851.gif )
on a more serious note, this... this is the embodiment of all my woe. i suppose this is me to a major degree, even though im still silly and maintain ideals....

i probably dont support shipping purely for the reason that i like innocence to remain innocent, and this show is definitely innocent...

go read The Catch In The Rye to get an idea of it. i wrote a whole essay (10 pages, single-space) of that fact:

"The Loss of Innocence is treated as a farce" was my thesis.

a farce is a comedy, something to be laughed at.

i wrote that essay the day after i started watching this show, and got a 100% on it in a college-level course on writing.

i will try to remember to post it somewhere if anypony wants it...
>> No. 2482990
File 130491056858.png - (96.64KB , 400x224 , 130429350836.png )
read my last post, there is the love. sorry if i try to be silly all the time. that is just me.
this related, is my 'love'
>> No. 2482991
I got really choked up at the AppleJack and the last sentence, rest was meh.

Those two bits though... Fuck you, man. HHhrrrhgh...
>> No. 2482992
probably the most beautiful reply in this thread.
i salute you and hope you will live a good life, now and forever.

the perfect ending to an eventful day.
goodnight everypony.
>> No. 2482993
File 130491079685.png - (85.81KB , 800x595 , Ja Deutsch!.png )

Oh! Oh! Do want!
>> No. 2482994
As an overanalyzer, I care for analyses of any sort, hit me up scotty, my email is right there.
>> No. 2482995
File 130491127954.jpg - (525.14KB , 3226x2000 , 130450505554.jpg )
i'll get around to uploading it tomorrow if i can find the file. if now, i will re-type of from the copy i still have printed off that i had returned to me.

so patience please.

just go on remembering, innocence is never a farce. innocence is something to be cradled and nurtured forever and for always. shipping fics and clopfics, et cetera will always exist in this world, as there are always people here who get a twisted 'bang' out of such.

also, side note, im fairly sure i got a 100% because it was only supposed to be 3 pages double spaced and i made it 10 pages. other than that though, its 10 pages.

if i can't find the full completed copy i'll upload the original rough draft i made before discovering MLP:FiM, which was 10 pages double spaced (around 5 pages if single) which was expanded upon after discovering the show.

live long, prosper, innocence and ponies,

>> No. 2482996
File 130491143052.gif - (1.67MB , 357x275 , 130488078800.gif )
It was attractive and interesting at first. Infact, I didn't know WHAT to expect. But I had NO idea the story was gonna take that turn. She gave them immortality and they STILL chose death (after awhile) ~by now, i'm swelling up~

Then it goes to tell how Pinky went (Full tears, none dropped yet), then Appledash and Dash ( Tears are on heavy, goosebumps all over and full e,otion swept over me). Then what they said to each other "..One last adventure.." PLUS that SONG?!

Tears were flowing on full force.

What made it even magical was how they remained IN character. I could TOTALLY see them saying/doing that, and Twilight saying/doing what she did.

But the ending FUCKED me up. I can't begin to describe the feeling. Sadness, happiness and love.

This made a 7 year Crip cry like a punk ass bitch. Kudos.
>> No. 2482997
File 130491147460.jpg - (74.67KB , 400x223 , Kung-Fu-Panda-Master-Oogway.jpg )
Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That's why its called "Present."
>> No. 2482998

I know how you feel man, I feel the same way. Even something as simple as mocking kids for believing in Santa or something like that just makes me feel bad. I too would love to read your paper.
>> No. 2482999
File 130491160475.png - (102.83KB , 800x595 , 130403007067.png )
who is what now? its 11 30 in the morning and i am going to sleep. ill look for it and (read my post) upload it somewhere when i find it, mot likely in the bowels of my "everything" laptop folder (one folder filled with subfolders filled with subfolders filled with subfolders filled with subfolders) and will send you and upload the full copy if ever i find it, if not, i'll retype, but send the 10 page double-spaced (not as long) until i get around to having enough time to re-type up the full version. AP tests and all that... ill be back tomorrow and watch this thread so i remember to upload it.

see everypony around.
>> No. 2483000

I think I'd be very interested in reading that as well, dude.
>> No. 2483001
> I know how you feel man, I feel the same way. Even something* as simple as mocking kids for believing in Santa or something like that just makes me feel bad. I too would love to read your paper.

* As in seeing or hearing other people doing that, I meant. Just thought I'd make it clear that I'm not going around killing the dreams of children...
>> No. 2483002
File 130491177216.jpg - (26.94KB , 550x270 , Teague_gun.jpg )
"It's not just about living forever, Jackie. The trick is living with yourself forever."
>> No. 2483003
It didn't make me sad per se, it kinda just made me feel peacful and happy. to be honest its quite a weird feeling to describe
>> No. 2483004
File 130491216161.jpg - (81.86KB , 750x600 , 1289961241969.jpg )
For a guy that innocence means nothing, that actually makes me think..... I can't comprehend it but I can certainly see why you care so much about it.

I personally only like fiction that keeps in character for the simple reason that it shows the person is doing his or her homework. This didn't make me react as much as it should have but it certainly reminded me of one that did, look above for it if you want to baww again.

The picture to my left also makes me baww all the time, I still keep an old bunny my aunt gave to me before she died and now I intend to give it to my children. What so important to me about these thing is that they are one of the few things that get me to feel anything now a days, the actual show fails to do that to me but the fanfiction some people write is just outright gorgeous.

It a point in their life that is criminal to remove, they have no need to face the terrible pains of life at that young age although at the end of the day you have to be careful, escapism is never good and reality eventually kicks in. But for now, let them smile, let them enjoy this world we have. The day this fandom stops writing will be a sad day because so very few fandom have brought me to tears (WALL-E had many good stories that were simply incredible, sadly most were left unfinished and only my overanalyzations remained after a while.....)

I just hope that I can carry out my promise to you people.....
>> No. 2483005
File 130491243335.jpg - (32.76KB , 604x588 , 1297701590038.jpg )
This was adorable. I really related to this because one of my friends is transferring to another college and I'm probably never going to see her again :(
I lost the challenge...
>> No. 2483006
ok, i challenged myself and reread it to that track,
>wow, this is having a lot more impact this time
>quite bittersweet
>dont think im gonna cry though
>Twilights last line
>Manly tears are shed
seriously, im still kinda weeping as i type this
>> No. 2483007
Reading this shortly. Going to preface this and say that I cry at things such as commercial, newly-mowed grass, French disco music from the 90s...


That was pretty sad but I tend to find Old Spike fics sadder for some reason. Didn't really cry but I was listening to Andy Rapp at the time.

WTF is it with this show that draws out so much crazy sadfic anyway ;_;
>> No. 2483008
I have a theory people will hate me for but I think it's because people are projecting their life on the ponies and because ponies seem so happy even after they project them they feel a sense of relieve. The sadfic are basically the way they would love to react to those situations if they ever happened to them.

And yes, Old spike fic is sadder, it's probably the saddest sadfic of them all I have read all this time.
>> No. 2483009
File 130491341662.png - (116.58KB , 472x562 , big_mac_well_no_shit_sherlock.png )
I feel nothing.
>> No. 2483010
File 130491389272.jpg - (8.86KB , 167x204 , meister-eckhart.jpg )

Why do you think you'd be hated for that theory? It actually seems pretty likely to me. It makes a lot of sense.

Old Spike is good but it didn't pack as much of an emotional punch as the fic in the OP did for me. I suppose that one appealed a little more to my spiritual sensibilities somehow.
>> No. 2483011
File 130491415602.jpg - (97.59KB , 640x533 , 1304714953785.jpg )
>> No. 2483012
Because previous experience in forums and threads result in a flood of negative opinions and bans whenever I imply people might be using their cartoons as a way of escapism. I mean, there is no reason to be so mad about something you do, accepting it actually makes it understandable why you like the cartoon to begin with.
>> No. 2483013

Hmm. I guess maybe people just respond badly sometimes if they feel someone's gotten inside their head, so to speak. Oh well... your theory gets a Big Mac "Eeyup" from me.
>> No. 2483014
I appreciate your approval, you might want to read some of my overanalysis on my journal, just look up for overanalysis or journal in pony, chances are you will see me.

And I tend to do that a lot..... I think I might need to stop doing that around people.
>> No. 2483015
Is it bad that i...did the challenge without crying...
>> No. 2483016
File 130491536933.png - (26.44KB , 945x945 , shrug applebloom.png )

Nah, I didn't either. I thought it was a nice little short until the shipping, then I just thought it was silly. No hate intended, but shipping and the show just don't mesh well in my book. It seems gloriously out of character for any of the cast.

But that's just me. Pic related.
>> No. 2483017
I wish I could respond to this without causing a derailment...... so instead I'm going to suggest you look at my other post about spike.
>> No. 2483018
not only has this been an awesome thread, its shown me a brilliant new artist, which im now downloading some of his other stuff now
i love this community so much sometimes
>> No. 2483019
I don't support shipping, personally, but right when I got to "One last adventure" just as the music changed, I totally choked up. Didn't get all teary-eyed, and didn't cry, but I choked up there.

This one got me to well up with tears a bit, but it may have just been the cumulative effect of reading the first fic and the rest of this thread before I got to it.
>> No. 2483020

I was okay with the shipping itself was okay, the problem for me was it taking way too long to drive the point home. Just having them die together said enough. Having like three paragraphs explaining it was odd.
>> No. 2483021
I know right? I don't like the show (yes, heresy, burn him, etc), but I love the community and what it produces, this thread being a perfect example of it.
>> No. 2483022
Challenge accepted.. and failed. The combo of fic and music was just too much.
>> No. 2483023
File 130491638726.png - (216.70KB , 572x604 , spike computer.png )

The Old Spike story? Aye, I've read that one. Got a bit misty eyed, although, Luna seemed a bit shoehorned near the end.

I dunno. I think I'm too critical of fan works for my own good. I blame honors English.
>> No. 2483024
Where..... the hell... is the.... damn... like ....... button......
>> No. 2483025

You don't like the show? How did you happen across ponychan? Just curious.
>> No. 2483026
I found about this place through the fanfiction about spike.

After reading that I decided that I might as well check the rest of the fan fiction, which was pretty good but none really had the same effect. Then I saw some people posting very crude overanalysis here and decided it was probably a good idea to post my own here and incite others for groups to overanalyze the show the correct way.
Because you can't overanalyze without watching the show (in addition to the fact I have been assigned girly shows till my next meeting with my overanalyzer crew from high school) I started watching, had my prediction about it come true. But no I remain because some people appreciate my overanalysis and I also lurk for threads like these in here and in fic, searching for those fanwork gems that first attracted me here.

And that's my story.
>> No. 2483027
File 130491784314.png - (47.80KB , 184x184 , 1298268694159-(n1300078695759).png )
I read that one already, I knew beforehand every part it contained, and I still failed.

That song man... that's like some twisted magic or something.
>> No. 2483028
What are some of your favorite pony stories? I'm very slowly picking my way through recommendations, but I could always use another.

Also, the song is flipping amazing. Forgot to mention that.
>> No. 2483029
I secretly want to write pony sadfics but i'm too interested in Terence McKenna and ego death to write anything... coherent.
>> No. 2483030

There are certain tempos and melodies that have a sensitizing affect on one's psyche, I think. High notes and a relatively fast tempo somehow trigger an emotional state of mind in me, I know that much- and I think it's for others as well.

Here's another song that kind of does that, although it doesn't feel as potent as OP's to me- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-mLkzFUzTA&feature=related
>> No. 2483031

Haha, I know how you feel man. Meister Eckhart did that to me. I've tried (not with MLP) and it ended up reading like an instruction manual.
>> No. 2483032
File 130491933362.jpg - (61.69KB , 500x282 , 1280280547682.jpg )
Didn't feel anything and that shipping was very missplaced imo.
>> No. 2483033
I'm bad at crying. Something I regret, honestly.

Actually I didn't even find that story all that sad.

Maybe something is wrong with me.
>> No. 2483034
File 130491992113.jpg - (181.53KB , 563x1227 , fluttershy tv tennant 2.jpg )

Nah. Like I said a few posts up, I didn't find this one too sad for my own reasons, but I completely admit to weeping over fiction at times.

Pic related.
>> No. 2483035
File 130492084920.png - (55.52KB , 931x878 , 130091016534.png )
oh god. oh god oh god oh god

Rivers of tears man. Rivers. The original story didnt quite get me to cry, but it came close. But this.

Easily the saddest thing I've ever read.
>> No. 2483036

Dude. Eckhart ponyfic? That has the potential to be all KINDS of epic up in this *****.
>> No. 2483037
Goddamit guys D':
>> No. 2483038
Challenge completed.
No tears because I was too busy contemplating why anyone would give up immortality, but then again I adhere to the school of thought we're all just electrical energy moving around in a sack of meat and therefore surviving is the only logical course of action when presented with the option.
Unless you want to be a martyr.

If the story had been longer it might have succeeded.
>> No. 2483039

Hahahaha! I share your enthusiasm! But I doubt I lack the skill to write something like that and make it not suck sewage.
>> No. 2483040

Doubt I HAVE, meant to type. Must be needing some caffeine.
>> No. 2483041
File 130492311884.png - (81.42KB , 271x309 , 130473552864.png )
I almost let loose a tear. Almost. But then, i was trying hard not to... ;^;
>> No. 2483042
Weeping heavily to pony fanfiction. I've lost all faith in myself as a man.
>> No. 2483043

Do it anyway, even if it sucks it'll suck AMAZINGLY.
>> No. 2483044

Alright, alright, I'll try. But it'll be a long time coming. Gimme your email address or something, hahaha
>> No. 2483045
File 130492573133.jpg - (132.55KB , 900x900 , 130444411497.jpg )

i hate you for making me cry but i love you for making me smile
>> No. 2483046
File 130492612567.jpg - (33.66KB , 400x490 , im_flying__d_by_valiumangel-d3f159v.jpg )
Had a single tear well up, but I didn't cry. Reading Old Spike also helped, though.

And thank you TC for introducing me to a new artist that I like.

All in all, this is truly one 'Circle of Friends' that I'm proud to be a part of.
>> No. 2483047
File 130492686000.png - (438.65KB , 1000x1500 , 130490865625.png )
I've got a harder challenge.

Read the last paragraph of the Old Spike story here. Play this song.


0:00 - 0:42 Spike is wandering aimlessly through the green, misty valley.

0:43 Spike hears Twilight Calling

0:50 Spike sees Twilight and runs toward her.

0:58 Spike jumps up and hugs Twilight, sobbing his eyes out

1:12 "Welcome home Spike", scene pans out

If you don't get a lump in your throat, you're a cold hearted bastard.
>> No. 2483048
I lost hard when I read about dash and apple... Soooo much tears... Even now writing about I cry!!!! This is by far the best and saddest thing I have ever read!!! Thank you for showing me this.
>> No. 2483049
File 130492756511.png - (25.04KB , 231x182 , 130152546612.png )

didnt cry. I actually didnt cry. I've seen this pic before and it made me tear. But now? With the song? It made me feel happy or rather, content. Like the start of a new adventure! Perhaps close to a single tear, but no more.

I'm staying with this thread.
>> No. 2483050

Oh, and for the 3rd and 4th paragraphs.


0:40 - 1:07 | Spike burns the picture, creating the rainbows, colors and star formations

1:08 - 1:20 | "Spike that was amazing! S.....spike? Oh no...."

1:20 - Onward | The great protector of Ponyville lies still.

Yep, I'm sad now.
>> No. 2483051

you son of a gun...
>> No. 2483052
File 130492807337.png - (284.64KB , 784x958 , derp.png )

Why would you do that?
>> No. 2483053
File 130493093315.gif - (271.82KB , 330x248 , 130490753149.gif )
I...I only barely held on.
that was truly beautiful. And now I know, when that sad day comes, when MLP: FiM is no more and we must bid our old friends of the cast adieu, this is how I will feel. And...I'm okay with this. It may not last forever, but that's okay. I could not be more grateful to have had the opportunity to share the FiM experience. Bravo.
>> No. 2483054
no tears, but im shaking. im not sure why
>> No. 2483055
the author explained the shipping part (in the ed comments).
adds another layer, and i understand it better now.
>> No. 2483056
File 130495329049.png - (192.00KB , 1000x1179 , 130146569098.png )
I totally agree. The shipping made their dialogue between each other SO much more relevant.

See, deciding to start a same sex relationship is an adventure itself. You have to deal with complications with Public opinion, harassment from anti-gay extremists and negative media attention on the subject. Complications come with all challenges.

So their ENTIRE lives has been an adventure...together. They loved, they laughed.

They raged, they cried.

But if love is true then the Adventure was worth it, plus many more.

So in the story, when they said "...One Last Adventure.." to each other, I lost all control and the tears flowed. Because that ONE last statement, that LAST breathe..

..summed up a bond, a love and a friendship that will transcend even the mysterious great beyond.

Love transcends life....
....and Death.
>> No. 2483057
File 130495368977.jpg - (232.17KB , 762x779 , 1298502431431.jpg )

Yes, the shipping really brought me out of the story. If the author had just wrote, "...they wanted to share one last adventure..." and left it at that, it would have made the story flow better.

Also, the author skipped over Rairty's and Fluttershy's deaths. No more sweet gentle Fluttershy? I would have lost it there!

Nope, no manly tears for me in this story. The music was quite good, however.
>> No. 2483058
File 130495385911.png - (226.22KB , 568x579 , applejack confused.png )

Hmm. I went and looked that up. Very, very sad for the author, that's a horrific event to go through for anyone, but I think it can be a mistake to project your "wish fulfillment" onto pre-established characters.

If this had been an original story, I think the scenario would have fit better.
>> No. 2483059
Didn't cry. Found it uplifting actually, rather than sad.
>> No. 2483060
File 130495425319.jpg - (137.46KB , 1920x1080 , 130459776637.jpg )
I'm not really into shipping but for some reason the appledash part got me.
Manly tears were shed.
>> No. 2483061

I was giving this some more thought, and just felt like sharing my feelings on the subject. I agree that innocence is treated like a joke, and I think that is one (of the many) reasons I like this show: it is just humorous, entertaining, and innocent. Which is why I actually don't want to read things like the fanfic in the OP. Don't get me wrong, it was a well-written story, but... I don't want to feel depressed when thinking of this show. Growing old and dying just seems out of place when talking about FIM, and basically takes away its innocence.

Shipping is a different topic though. The show itself has acknowledged relationships: Rarity/Blueblood, Rarity/Spike, etc... well okay that was about it so far, but you see what I mean. So I'm not going to let something like that get in the way of me reading a fanfic. But again, it really doesn't need to get into the making-out or doing it pony-style territory (of course this includes clopfictions): it just takes away from the innocence of the show.

I'm not saying I think people should not write sad stories or ships about MLP (although I don't think clopfics or overly gruesome stuff should even exist about this show, but nothing can really be done about that): it's just that I'd rather not read something that is depressing, overly sexual, or gruesome when concerning this show. Obviously others seem to not mind reading a sad story concerning this show, so I'll just have to avoid them myself in the future.
>> No. 2483062
I'm supposed to be studying for my final...but then I read this. The fact that I'm a 21 year old man tearing up at a fanfiction about cartoon ponies is shocking in its absurdity...but I am.

The applejack part...oh man that was it for me. Not a fan of shipping..but damn.

I'm grinning stupidly to myself because I'm thinking about how I would explain this to a non-brony.

Whatever, I'm proud of all my brony-ness.
>> No. 2483063
roomate just walked in

"Bro are you crying"

"No..no man, I just yawned"

>> No. 2483064
lost hard at the AppleDash part
manly tears
>> No. 2483065
File 130497673781.jpg - (38.91KB , 512x503 , rainrainrain.jpg )
Bump because this really made me feel something, and I'd recommend checking this thread out.
>> No. 2483066
ok wow, I tried to go to bed like half an hour ago, but cannot sleep since I'm again bawwing my damn eyes out.

I now know there is one thing I really don't even want to think about, and that is any of the ponies being sad, alone or dying / dead. I know that sounds stupid, but the mere thought of them being not happy depresses me to no end...

confound these stories, they drive me to human emotion
>> No. 2483067
Uber-Hardcore-No-Tear-Ducts Mode:

Read while listening to this, and try not to cry:

>> No. 2483068
File 130497781457.png - (98.97KB , 500x500 , BROHOOOOOOOF.png )
Damnit OP you got me I read it, 10 minutes later I started thinking about how all my friends will die one day, and I couldnt hold it back, god I havent cried in a while
>> No. 2483069
no can do.
only listening to this without even reading, only remembering what little i remembered made me choke up so much i couln't continue eating right now.
>> No. 2483071
Bumping thread for awesomeness..... what? I'm a sucker for good fanfiction.
>> No. 2483072
Anyone any good with animation? or maybe just put the words in sync with the music...... that would be awesome.
>> No. 2483073
OP here. I would settle with a comic, as I said in the second post....and I KNOW there are good drawers here.
But I'm an animator, but a terrible drawer, so if someone drew the characters, I could animate the,...
>> No. 2483074
OP here. I would settle with a comic, as I said in the second post....and I KNOW there are good drawers here.
But I'm an animator, but a terrible drawer, so if someone drew the characters, I could animate them...
>> No. 2483075
>> No. 2483076

I probably could, but I'd be too tempted to rewrite some of the awkward sentences.

On the other hand, the song isn't that long, maybe an abridged version would be best?

Nah, I don't want to go editing another's work without permission.
>> No. 2483077
File 130498047530.jpg - (68.18KB , 900x900 , 96efb66f70ca5c64f4408bd1074e0483.jpg )
first post on ponychan, btw.

i cried the second time i watched it. i read it while hearing this:

if you ever read it again you may find this fitting. it's a bit short, though.
>> No. 2483078

And I would also like the spike thing to be done too.
>> No. 2483079

@ Escapism

idk, sadfics don't really strike me as escapism. Shipping? Maybe. Self-insert clopfics about how Equestria is a perfect socialist society? Definitely. But not so much sadfics.

Anyway, throwing out my own depressing music recs.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOW_KG1ac70 This song is relevant because it is from a concept album about horses. The actual concept album is... sort of similar in its storyline to some of the fics here linked in a way, which is interesting.
>> No. 2483080
if i was capable of crying, i would have cried. beautiful story with captivating imagery.
>> No. 2483081
Got goosebumps like I never have before, but didn't cry.

But this was a good story. A message was burned into my mind, and it is this: We're all going to die someday, and it's going to be beautiful.
>> No. 2483082
File 130498452117.jpg - (36.38KB , 600x667 , 1298769261686.jpg )
>>mfw after reading
I felt really sad, but did my very bet not to cry, my brother's going in and out my room...

I listened to this song instead, which i think fits very well, too.
>> No. 2483083

>> No. 2483084
What the fuck 10 minutes later I lost!
>> No. 2483085
Excellent timing, I mean, not like this this gave me a little lump in my throat or anything but still well made. Gah, stupid spring allergies, making me sweat from my eyes like that...
>> No. 2483086
File 130499128114.png - (174.93KB , 490x357 , feels bad pony.png )
Haha, that was easy.

>> No. 2483087
File 130499271209.jpg - (129.47KB , 654x654 , Big_Mac_Mug_2.jpg )
Well, I must say that even though I did not cry, my hands are trembling slightly, even as I type this. A very beautiful piece indeed. Kiyyik, you have my respect and sincere congratulations.
>> No. 2483088
File 130499527067.jpg - (62.27KB , 360x252 , 1303086591170.jpg )
.......damn.......God I love this community.........maaaaaaaan
>> No. 2483089
File 130499551060.jpg - (52.07KB , 799x587 , shooting-star-sky-nice.jpg )
I know that feel, bro.

The very thought of them living SO long, that they choose to cross to the otherside absolutely tears me apart.

I cried all last night, and all morning. Went to work tired (no sleep. Downloaded the song, and while listening to it, the ENTIRE story sprawled through my head like an official episode. Started with Twilight becoming Princess, then giving them immortality, how happy they were to spend ETERNITY together...then as the years go by...each tiring of life..curiosity of the "Great Beyond", the land beyond the stars...and with Pinky's adventurous departure..the rest of the group soon followed...with Fluttershy staying the longest with Twilight out of loyalty. But the pain of loss, and the longing to join the others in The Land Beyond the Stars grew even too strong for her..and so, she departed as well.

You can't help but feel sorry for Twilight. The pain she goes through..waking up each morning in a world without her friends. Her only true friends.

And the happy memories make her smile, and the feeling of loss makes her cry. And she goes on living...until she too passes the totem to her pupil, and joins her friends...

....Forever dancing in the sky at the Greatest Ball in the Universe...

...You can never be too early...
...You can never be too late...
..The Ball never ends, and soon..they will all be in attendance....

..Forever dancing with each other, together...

.....At the Ball that never Ends.....
>> No. 2483090
Phew. Last time I cried like this was I believe at Star Trek: DS9 – The Visitor.

Feels ... good man?
>> No. 2483091
Maybe, I read it too fast but it so very touching and made me reflect on my precious life. I can feel tears welling up inside, it almost feels like this is the end of ponies in a kind of beautiful way. I hope to have friends like that someday but it makes me appreciate those internet acquaintances even moreso :)
>> No. 2483093
File 130499659191.png - (156.15KB , 608x654 , applejack stifle.png )

It probably wouldn't be too hard to contact her. Spike story might be harder to find, do you happen to have a link to it?

I can't make any promises, but I will add this project to my stack of summer fun projects. I may even see if a few of my female voice actor friends would like to attempt a dramatic reading.
>> No. 2483095
I didnt cry while reading it but i shed a couple of tears thinking about my current friends and how we all cant live for ever
>> No. 2483096
God damnit. I just read This and old spike. too much excessive amounts of manly tears were shed.
>> No. 2483097
No tears over here.
But I loved the fics, I'm not used to read bawthreads, but I think I'll start doing it.
>> No. 2483098
File 130500078377.jpg - (12.76KB , 317x360 , twilight doomed.jpg )
FYI, never read anything sad to Relient K's "Deathbed".

I made that mistake.
>> No. 2483099
Wow, that hit me pretty hard. I went into this expecting a "meh" story as I've never been a huge fan of fanfics but I completely lost it at:

"It is this: that all things pass in the course of time, that forever does not exist. That every Hello contains within itself the echoes of its own Goodbye. That for every person you come to know in your journey through life, no matter how long you know them, there will always come a day when you will see them for the last time. And yet..."

"And yet... it is all worth it." The princess looked back up at the stars, the light from the moon reflecting in her eyes. "The time between Hello and Goodbye, if you fill it properly, will sustain you through all your days. Every shared moment, every laugh, every precious sliver of time spent with someone you care for is a treasure, to be kept safe forever."

I've never had many real life friends so the whole "looking back and remembering all the good memories we had" bit really got me thinking; if I were to die today, what memories would I have? Mostly of playing video games, watching TV, and of school... I used to have no issue with my current life style and would brush off people's criticism that I'd look back and wonder how I let all the time slip away, thinking "well I'm happy now, and that's what's important"... but this has really got me thinking. I'm honestly kind of scared at this point.

Will I look back and wonder if I've wasted my life? Will I be generally happy with how I've spent my time?

It's been a while since I've had a real cry. I usually don't have much emotional response to fanfics, but wow.... I really didn't think anything about this show could make me feel so sad.

I think I need to go rewatch some of the episodes to cheer me up...
>> No. 2483100
File 130500346790.png - (246.99KB , 1024x683 , rainbow_dash_and_fluttershy_by_smittyg-d3bxwu8.png )

thank you OP, i'll admit i lost the challenge..

long after finishing the story and re-listening to the song got me thinking of old friends and past adventures with them; how we have all gone down our own separate paths in life and got farther apart as time went on. on a whim i looked up some of them on flankbook. long story short, i have beer/burgers planned this weekend with some of those old friends, some of which i havent seen in well over a decade.

thanks again, i'm really looking forward to this weekend.
>> No. 2483101
I read through the fics whilst listening to the music and didn't quite cry but I felt the tears welling up. They were so beautiful and well written...and such lovely music that just seemed so very fitting for the mood.

Bronies, this fandom truly inspires beauty!

Also, since we are posting music, somehow this song seems fitting for the main fic in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXnXBMkC7KY

"In the dead of the night tell me what do you see; will you close your eyes child and just listen to me, and remember this now, hear these words that I say as your story appears at the end of the day. For my meeting with Death, though it has been delayed, I have run my hands over the end of his blade. Though the cut wasn't fatal, even though it was deep, well that wound's never healed and the blood it still seeps. Are you scared of your life? Are you scared of your death? Though that day will arrive, well, it hasn't come yet; for the days turn to months and the months turn to years as I see them all now through a prism of tears, but don't fear tomorrow and don't fear the night. It's where God repairs sorrows that enter your life. The remains of your life, the remains of your day, well protect every hour. Don't give them away. For each evening we sleep, and each morning we arise but we're not the same man, that's the way it's devised. For there're parts of yourself the soul decides to keep and there're parts of yourself that the soul does release, with some changes so small that they cannot be seen, but Death is like sleep with a longer dream."

It just seemed to me to capture the thoughts Twilight herself seemed to share regarding the preciousness that is mortality versus the seemingly alluring merits of immortality. Cherishing that fleeting time we have between birth and death, and that the end isn't the end. Living on through her successor and knowing that she would, in due time, be among those who she had shared the most precious memories of her lifetime.
>> No. 2483102
This is one of those threads that could use a sticky. A lot of good can come from a little emotional release.
>> No. 2483103

Okay I have to admit I passed this challenge. Did start getting slightly there though. Even with the explanation for why AppleDash was in there it still seemed off to me. Maybe because I don't really like AppleDash, seriously I can't see any real reason why those two would end up together too much bickering what with both of their competitive attitudes but I digress. Still very well written and enjoyable.


Okay you sir a a genius. I still did not cry but I came just a hairs breath away from it. I suppose it helps that I have that soundtrack on my Ipod and nearly cried watching the movie in theaters. Seriously that was amazing.
>> No. 2483104
I thought of an uplifting thought. What if both these stories happened? First, the one with twilight, and then the one with spike many years later.

Now I REALLY want to see an animation of this....
>> No. 2483105
File 130500882935.jpg - (8.11KB , 230x219 , images.jpg )
Imagine a younger Twilight and Spike singing this.


It brings the bawww in the uplifting sort of way.
>> No. 2483106
I would just like to say that I did not lose the challenge for the only reason that it was a challenge.

I will probably read this all again when the house is utterly empty so that I can cry like a little bitch to my heart's content.
>> No. 2483107
HRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNG TEARS THAT HAVE APPEARED..."one last adventure"..."And in an unregarded corner of the sky, five friends danced and twinkled through eternity." ARUGH TEARS
>> No. 2483108
File 130501614309.jpg - (86.04KB , 800x600 , Rather_Content_Marine_by_Keluuu.jpg )

It made me feel the most 'touching emotional experience' I ever had since the last time I saw one of my relatives. I admit, there was a tear in my eye, and weird warm feelings but I didn't cry. Although now feel awkward. :/
>> No. 2483109
File 130501737338.png - (94.60KB , 502x468 , 130465468316.png )
Although I did not cry, I did feel tears appearing as I listened to the music and read the story story.

It was a masterful combo, and it really touched me. I lost the challenge, OP. Good work.
>> No. 2483110
B'aw... this brings me back to when my childhood dog was on his death bed. The thought of losing him was unbearable at the time, but I'm glad I took the time to really say goodbye to him. It's been awhile since I've reflected on past memories with joy, facing that final goodbye with heartfelt compassion and, well, bittersweet sorrow...

I wish I could explain how much this show and community means to me... it's hard for me to post here just because it's hard for me to connect to anyone anymore, but I just wanted to show my appreciation, and truly... thanks for tears. I needed that.
>> No. 2483111
Read it while listening to this. The song name even fits.

>> No. 2483112
Welp, as an extremely pragmatic person that can't stand fanfics and hates shipping, that definitely did not stir up any emotions for me.
>> No. 2483113

I read it this morning and i read it again, both with the background music.

While I did not cry, I wished I did. Sometimes I dont feel like im living... and that story reminded me that I have many years ahead of me. (I turned 17 last friday... which coinceded with the final episode in the States...) While tears were not shed... Emotions were present. Thanks brony, I remember why I love this fanbase.
>> No. 2483114
File 130503492455.png - (356.72KB , 1024x439 , 130488691501.png )
Bump for great Justice.
>> No. 2483115
File 130504438421.png - (157.34KB , 493x493 , 130447609810.png )
Oh my... I haven't cried in a few years now, but this....
I could feel tears building up while reading, and when I read the rest of the thread and thinking about it again it really hit me.
Manly tears were shed.
>> No. 2483116
Thanks OP

I cried for the first time in such a long time...

I cried, yet it felt so right.

Thank you...
>> No. 2483117
File 130505002572.png - (149.15KB , 800x1000 , 130470632002.png )
Didn't cry when I read the story, but after I listened to this post, god damn it manly tears were shedded. Havn't had a good cry in years.

Thank you...
>> No. 2483118
I almost lost it when she looked up at the stars. 5 minutes later I had that mental image of AJ and RD laying there smiling at eachother. I reread that part, their "last adventures"

The tears man. They don't stop.
>> No. 2483119
File 130505433424.gif - (100.13KB , 699x720 , BawThreads.gif )
To those who feel like less of a man because they shed tears

I admit I didn't, but I had approached these with a cast-iron attitude of defiance in the face of a challenge...and held on by the skin of my teeth. I'll probably approach this again while I'm not trying tobe a bad-ass and cry until the tears run out.

Admittedly, I almost freaking lost it when it got to Pinkie departing, and then it just snowballed...then Old Spike...then Fluttershy. Damn it man...feeling the tears all over again.
>> No. 2483120
Also, I hate to double post, but for some reason, this song came to mind when I read the Old Spike fic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36ToDxW_hns September, the closing of his years before the winter sets in, where all ceases to be. The somber acoustic melody accenting the gathering of those who held him in such high reverance and his flood of memories as he gazed at the picture of his long gone best friends. The transition to the electric highlighting his triumphant return to his youth and to the six ponies that had left such an impact on his life, and a hail to the new adventures they would have from then on.
>> No. 2483121

Since you opened up a can of Eno...


"Rosalie, I've been waiting all evening. Maybe for years, I don't know. Counting the passing hours, everything merges with the night."
>> No. 2483122
You know, this picture pretty much is my synthesis of the pony phenomena.

The people here are those that have seen what happens when you let evil into your heart and desire nothing more than to prevent that. A bit futile if I may say but still a honorable an attainable goal for most.
>> No. 2483123
File 130505678091.jpg - (16.26KB , 400x258 , tears+of+joy.jpg )
At first I was like...
>> No. 2483124
File 130505704245.jpg - (75.34KB , 504x610 , cr-gucci.jpg )

But then that song helped me (pic)

Thanks man. OP captures the nature of the journey; Deadwood Ride inspires the attitude with which to undertake it.
>> No. 2483125
File 130506050248.jpg - (40.69KB , 601x744 , 130478683534.jpg )
Reading also the spike story with the song from the OP. Manly Tears. Also, I now cry every time I hear that song. More manly Tears.
>> No. 2483126
File 130506060988.png - (376.49KB , 800x604 , when did you get so cheesy_crop.png )
Gah, failed. Turns out I'm an old softie, really.
>> No. 2483127
I'd love to read that paper.
>> No. 2483128
Well, I read this a few nights back and didn't think much of it, but for some reason, it hit me in the middle of a test and I started crying. Teacher asked if the test was too hard and I said I didn't want to talk about it.
>> No. 2483129
I did not start to cry but i hadnt got such itense goosebump since... dunno, this was just beautyful, thx.
>> No. 2483130
File 130506599159.jpg - (275.41KB , 544x1628 , 12072 - celestia comic immortality_blues luna.jpg )
I'll admit I made it through w/o any water works...got close.
This community seems to have the odd side effect of making you reflect on your life a lot.

Also semi-related comic.
>> No. 2483131
I was close. Try reading it with this music as well:

>> No. 2483133
File 130507046518.jpg - (436.78KB , 901x597 , 1301024654345.jpg )

i choked up, my eyes watered aas early as the pinkie part, but none of it fell, so "tears" did not happen, just watery eyes.
>> No. 2483134
The ability for this show to make people make good art is what keep me here, good to know it still works.
>> No. 2483135
File 130507050417.jpg - (58.20KB , 959x614 , oldspike.jpg )
Confound these ponies (and >>2483047 too), they drive me hastily drawn and badly cropped fanart!
>> No. 2483136
File 130507615076.jpg - (131.82KB , 1024x691 , Anon Brony.jpg )
Thank you so much for this, OP.
I can't stop crying.
>> No. 2483137
File 130507629401.jpg - (36.47KB , 283x397 , 210.jpg )
I lost, OP.

I lost horribly.
>> No. 2483138
File 130508217889.jpg - (230.17KB , 1000x660 , 808320-20caluriri20filly20spike20twilight_sparkle.jpg )
I got halfway through, choked up a bit, but then finished it. It wasn't until I started talking to my friend about it that a single manly tear was shed.

and then I came back and read that fluttershy fic posted here. Goddammit anon, I've never cried from a piece of written work. I've never cried from a movie, never cried from a book, video game, or ANY piece of media. I don't think I've ever cried from anything outside of real life things, but dammit, I cried from these two. Confound these ponies, they bring about emotions I didn't think were possible.

suppressing more tears with adorable pictures. Pic related.
>> No. 2483139
I lost
>> No. 2483140

That was absolutely beautiful. I can't find any other words to describe it.

Thank you.
>> No. 2483141
Can this please go in the archive. It's so good
>> No. 2483142
I pride myself on my machismo.
No work of fiction has ever made me cry.
(yes I've seen Up, Toy Story 3, read Ordinary People, Ugly the Cat, etc.)
A bit of welling up with this one.
A lot actually.
I consider myself wholly compromised.
I'm just... aching.

No liquid actually left my eye though.
It doesn't count.

Goddamnit... I can't let it count.

I won't
>> No. 2483143
File 130509029553.gif - (244.84KB , 314x350 , 130400376089.gif )
Read this fanfic http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/05/story-fluttershy-origins.html#comments

while listening to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boNBlXLawFA & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNo9PQrHU4U

brb crying my eyes out
>> No. 2483144
Speak for yourself Twilight Sparkle, I plan to live forever.
>> No. 2483145
Challenges I took in this thread:

1.) OP Challenge - I'll say I failed, miserably. I didn't full-out burst into tears, but I think, no, did sob once, so that challenge I lost. I mean, how sad was it that Twilight offered her friends the gift of immortality and they refused?

2.) Challenge above me - failed. I don't know if I'll ever be able to keep my composure now whenever I watch the season finale and see the YOU WILL LOVE MEEEEEE! part! That first song makes that scene really heartbreaking again, like it did the first time I saw it! I know it's done all in good fun, but after reading that story and listening to that *sniff* song, I just don't think I'd be able to take it.

3.) The challenge with the old Spike story with the music from How To Train Your Dragon - failed. This one actually made me come really close to just balling my eyes out!

In conclusion I'll say this:
>> No. 2483146

They did accept the gift of immortality, but only for so long.

That being said, the one big issue I have with these kind of stories is that they tend to idealize death to a point where death is actually desirable at one point in life.

Death, however, has nothing to do with peace, dignity or glory. Death means that someone just ceases to exist. Everything that made that person the person he or she was is gone. Hopes, emotions, memories, fears, dreams - all eradicated.
>> No. 2483147
File 130509812992.png - (133.31KB , 600x482 , 1304405223341.png )
I cant hide it, i failed but at the same time is motivational, inspires me... so many things in my head, im between young and soon adult, and althouhg my memories are short they are hurting me now so badly thanks to this song and fic, Op, thanks you so much.
>> No. 2483148
That is true unless you believe that there is more after death, and in these stories there very much seems to be more. I believe that death is just another beginning, sure its scary because we don't how it will happen, but I can safely say I don't fear it. Its only an end of a person to those who still live, since they can't see nor interact with that person anymore.
>> No. 2483149
File 130509822666.jpg - (13.30KB , 192x178 , what is this.jpg )
I was starting to feel like I was gonna cry, but then that small snippet of shipping happened.

Unfortunately, shipping tends to send me into a state of mind where I can only feel varying levels of anger for some reason.

If it wasn't for that, I may have cried. Maybe.

>pic semi related, it's MFW that shipping
>> No. 2483150
Guess I'm heartless. Neither OP's story or Fluttershy's Origin with their accompanying music drew a tear from me. As a matter of fact, the only movie/story that has was Marley and Me. Huh
>> No. 2483151
File 130509989586.gif - (237.91KB , 200x200 , 130459834731.gif )
I didn't cry, but got really close. The ending almost got me. Almost.

I don't know... I'll probably shed a few tears later if I keep thinking about/read it again. I'm pretty sensitive to baw stories (gosh, I was crying my eyes out a few weeks back when I re-watched Rosalina's story in Super Mario Galaxy. What the heck).

It doesn't help that this reminds me that I haven't had a decent contact with my own friends for years now, mostly because I simply avoid contact due to my low self-esteem. I'm in my comfort zone, shutting myself in my room, but I may be just wasting a big part of my life like this.

I feel kinda silly for posting this, but there you go.
>> No. 2483152
I haven't cried so much in years, but this time was different, i felt sort of joy and thankfulness for what i got. I have seen so many good friends go and now i just want to see them again to hug the shit out of them.

Thank you OP, you have made my day.
>> No. 2483153

I disagree. Everything is interconnected; The things that make you who you are- hopes, emotions, memories, fears, dreams- live on in the people you've met as well as the people you've never met, and nothing can ever erase your life from the archives of eternity. Even if the universe fizzles out into a black expanse of nothingness that then collapses in on itself as if never having been at all, we are all united in that eternity, too.
>> No. 2483154
File 130510260145.jpg - (27.45KB , 673x691 , 1302531435262.jpg )

>"Thank you for having been my friend."
;_; oh god man. The other fics in here made me really welpingly sad and reflect on life but this line really broke me. Even just thinking it out in my head or saying it makes me weep =(

Damn. Feels Good/Bad man.
>> No. 2483155
File 130510341949.jpg - (82.68KB , 500x500 , 1300155325063.jpg )
I suceeded at OP's challenge, but only because I had read this fanfic before. If it had been my first time, I would have failed miserably, even without the music.
>> No. 2483156
I didn't cry. But it was very very sweet.
"And they each lived as long as their heart desired and no less" was probably the best quote I've ever heard
>> No. 2483157
Touching fic and appropriate music, i thought i'll fail for sure. Strange feeling (for me that is) was pressing over me for all the time i was reading and i'm sure it was tears somewhere in my head condensing from the vapor of thoughts born from those words made out of love itself. But no, i didn't cry. I guess pressure inside my head is just too low.
>> No. 2483158
It's sure a strange beginning where you start as a rotting corpse. From my point of view, there is nothing that indicates something like a life after death.


Well that sounds pretty esoteric if you ask me.
>> No. 2483159
File 130510848984.jpg - (33.44KB , 592x587 , 130263967273.jpg )
>> No. 2483160
File 130510944412.png - (128.18KB , 951x808 , 130379964115.png )
I failed right at the part " every hello contains within itself..."
>> No. 2483161
File 130510947600.jpg - (108.66KB , 461x523 , 1283366740592.jpg )
>> No. 2483162
Well, I 'slept on it' and here are my thoughts:

1) Challenge won. I wish I could cry, I came close but not quite there. Whatever emotional influence this had didn't get released and is now festering somewhere in the back of my head, up to no good most likely.

2) Pony fanfics seem really good for some reason. Very creative, well-written(at least as far as I can tell, I'm a nub in this regard), evocative, powerful. I liked every fic posted here and that I have read elsewhere.

3) I have spent some time contemplating the subject of immortality. I'm sure most people desire/d to be immortal at some point in their lives, and many still do, and we all have different opinions about it shaped by personal desires. All I'm saying is: life is too short to waste it on immortality. Would I want to live forever? No, my personal view is that only in death does life have meaning. Plus, it's very childish to desire immortality.

Overall, this thread right here is why I keep returning to ponies. The creativity of this community is amazing, not just writing, but all fanworks, drawing, music, PMV's, collabs, games, all of it. After reading this thread I have decided to make an active effort to read more fanfics, and maybe write a bit as well once I have learned a thing or two. It seems like a magnificent form of expression.

I thank each and every last brony here, your efforts and sharing yourselves to the world is very appreciated by this brony.
>> No. 2483163
File 130511078527.png - (142.80KB , 594x583 , Pinkie sad.png )
I liked that fic a lot, though i'm not much of a crier.

As far as music goes, i always go by my old sad staple: I think it makes it 20% more challenging

>> No. 2483164

Whelp, nevermind, i lose...
>> No. 2483165

Not saying you are wrong but as mentioned before some people have different connections with life and death. Some see it differently than others.

Me, I was touched by this. I have crazy Christian (well, mormon to be precise) beliefs so that helped.

Also, if you dont believe in any form of an afterlife, whats to say there isn't one in equestria?
>> No. 2483166
File 130511416923.jpg - (198.58KB , 897x585 , 1300016796523.jpg )
>It doesn't help that this reminds me that I haven't had a decent contact with my own friends for years now, mostly because I simply avoid contact due to my low self-esteem. I'm in my comfort zone, shutting myself in my room, but I may be just wasting a big part of my life like this.
Can relate.
I like everything about pony 'culture,' the happiness and friendship is a nice feeling, and these sad fanfics sometimes make my eyes water, in a good way.
Even though I only post in fractured thoughts and greentexts, even though I'm only a stage 4 brony and even if I never say it,
I love you guys.
>> No. 2483167
The point is irrelevant really.

Most that desire immortality don't actually want immortality, they want to preserve a particular point in history which made them happy for as long as they can imagine, which is is forever. That is why the actions of the characters make sense with the overall story, they couldn't hope to keep what they had forever in stasis and after a while it would have been lost anyway. Their death then were a way to prevent the inevitable end of what they had come to love.

As for immortality itself, immortality is a curse that is given to those that have a greater purpose or have a mission to fulfill. I for one would desire immortality, but I do so with the full knowledge that I shall forever be lonely, the only thing keeping me going being the mission I gave to myself when I child.

If there is or isn't an after life doesn't matter at the end, you can believe on it and still think there is much more to be done that just a couple of years, even if you will be lonely and sad through that time.

Although, another solution would be to wipe your memory or store them somewhere, that way you can still experience life but you can always return back to your previous experiences if needed. Think of it as having your thought become something solid you can created and remove from your brain, forming a sort of ghost of you that guides you through life.

And so end my crazy post of the day.

I didn't cry for the first story, but Old Spike always gets me because I once promised someone I would be Old Spike, she died and now I sit here, remembering all those little experiences we had, hoping one day to join her, but I won't...... there is science to be done and people to be save.
>> No. 2483168

Oh, and not saying you don't have friends, in fact if you aren't affected you probably have all of your friends with you, but a lot of the people here who feel melancholy from it are separated from their close friends.

Its all perspective really.
>> No. 2483169
Actually, I think that makes more sense. I forgot about that... And I've read about the repercussions of Immortality a bit...
>> No. 2483170

Keep in mind that immortality is only a curse if you have no one to share your immortality with. That wasn't the case in this fic though. Why would you want to die if you can be together with the people you love?
>> No. 2483171
Hmm, none of the stories/music made me cry Which is not to say that they aren't good. Quite the opposite, especially the OP one.

I guess I'm just not in a crying mood today.

There are five of us in my circle of friends. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers... And I do realize that they will, one day, start to go one by one. I try not to dwell on that, however.

Reading all of this reminded me of the ending of a Northern Exposure episode


Seemed appropriate for this thread
>> No. 2483172
File 130512124990.gif - (911.46KB , 403x316 , 130342276849.gif )
this is soooo saaad, you got me tears were shed, a great addition to the fic, it should be officially pasted in.
>> No. 2483173
I don't know how I'd spend eternity with only my own company as a constant. I'd probably go insane, or devote myself to the sciences and figure out how to make others immortal.

And then the fun begins.
>> No. 2483174
Sad, that.
Succeeded, though. Kinda wish I hadn't. That fic was sob-worthy.
>> No. 2483175
I lost so damn hard. I cried continuously from the part with Pinkie until the very end. And then a few minutes later, I cried again.

And now I feel really content and pleased with life.
>> No. 2483176
File 130512580981.png - (156.00KB , 600x470 , rainbowpie_by_platina_jolteon-d3fjbfz.png )
If somepony desides to read it again, this sentense suddenly contain mucs stronger feelings. It made me cry again ;_;
"A bit quiet, though. Winter nights I can understand, but somehow I always feel summer nights should be, well, livelier."
>> No. 2483177
Try it with one of these songs, they are the two that always tear me up. Both are sad, with a sense of the tragic, yet constantly there is a slight feeling of hope and happiness to them at the same time.
October sky main theme:

Dragon Heart: To the stars
>> No. 2483179
I did it. If the story was a bit more well written, then I probably would have cried.
>> No. 2483180
I took right up near the end about there being one final place but I failed.... im happy that I did though, to know I can still feel this way is great, Thanks

The Fluttershy add on was impeccable it felt ...right with the story
Ill admit though the fluttershy origin story didnt make me cry, it did shake me up however

Try this song- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZBmI11gVCk maybe it wont fit with the context but who knows?
>> No. 2483181
File 130514004672.png - (101.37KB , 420x263 , Fluttershy Sad (7).png )
I read through it once and got a bit misty eyed, but that was it. I read through it again when everypony was saying that they had lost because I thought I'd missed something.

5 minutes after I was done all my repressed sadness came back and hit me hard.
>> No. 2483182
File 130514505382.jpg - (82.77KB , 811x811 , 1280547667432.jpg )

All this sadness...
And then I found this episode.
>> No. 2483183
File 130514505590.png - (182.23KB , 900x1125 , scared_derpy_by_blackm3sh-d3drw8d.png )
I read through this thread, and now i can't see through the tears in my eyes.

Nothing particularly manly in my tears..
>> No. 2483184
con sarnit bronies... you just reminded me on how truly lonely i am, i don't have very many friends and for some reason the first thread i decide to visit is a b'aaawwwww thread ;_;
>> No. 2483185
Frog in my throat, but not crying.
Untitled 3, anyone?

>> No. 2483186
I'm with you there. This topic made me sad... Not only because of the bawww story, but also trough the realization that I do not have such friends to yearn after.
>> No. 2483187
File 130514961730.gif - (73.37KB , 250x141 , rarity cry.gif )
I'm making things worse.

>> No. 2483188
File 130515032542.jpg - (28.26KB , 500x319 , 199639_195010057187127_100000344016005_587276_3246.jpg )
The Twilight Sparkle story, The Spike story, the Fluttershy story.....this thread made me cry.
Yet I feel so happy about it.
>> No. 2483189
File 130515038937.png - (89.39KB , 900x357 , Well Played.png )
My face...

It's raining again.
>> No. 2483190
File 130515046431.gif - (12.42KB , 147x152 , 1292467434906.gif )
I am the shark.

>> No. 2483191
The first time I read this fic, back when it went up on ED I lost. Hard. This time, after reading it again with OPs challenge, I actually think the music made it less sad, and more... I don't know, I guess melancholy is the right word? Yes everyone died, but it still has that hopeful note that one day, Twilight will join them, and everyone will be back together again, this time forever
>> No. 2483192
I didn't even feel anything. My as cold and hard is hard as ice.
>> No. 2483193
So Celestia is like, sort of a god. She would probably know, definitively, if there was an afterlife. Two possibilities:

- She knows that there IS an afterlife, watches all of her friends die, and knows that she can /never see them again/, being immortal and all.

- She knows that there IS no afterlife but can't bring herself to tell friends that, watches them die, etc. etc. etc.

Which is worse???
>> No. 2483194
I can't read these anymore. They're killing me. I'm not crying but I feel dead inside. :( I need happiness.
>> No. 2483195
I think it's hard for me to actually read into these things. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough; the only thing I really did was note the apparent repetition of words and the quality of the writing. I bet it would help if I wasn't tired.

Even so, I'm not going to try to read this again, unless I undergo a distinct change of mood. It was okay at first, but the shipping in the middle made me stop, skim though the rest, and close out the window. Something about it almost got me, but I'm feeling somewhat unfocused and tired (those of you who know what I mean, you know what I mean), and like I said, the shipping kind of invalidated the whole thing.

(Stop reading right here to avoid potential spoilers; I can't really censor stuff any more)

My appreciation of the non-technical aspects of MLP (i.e. overall plots, character development, etc.) is kind of centered around a childish innocence, which doesn't have a need to deal with any sort of complicated relationships. Shipping, for me at least, is pointless for me and somehow makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm not totally sure why. It may relate to what I noted before; I chiefly want to focus on FIM with only the remnants of my childish, untainted mind, and therefore any kind of shipping automatically causes me to move out of the comfort zone as relationships of the generally introduced type are [a] generally created for nefarious reasons by the internet (an absence of this idea would likely make me have less of an issue with the whole concept) and [b] usually only dealt with in passing by younger minds - hence, forcing the thought of them results in forced "aged" thoughts as well.

There was a point where I nearly broke - when I (unfortunately, as I can't seem to read in depth at the moment) skimmed the part that >>2482964 reposted, I was almost overwhelmed by a sense of, I don't know, some feeling. Probably what many of the previous posters noted that they experienced. Then the euphoria ended and I returned to my overly analytical, paranoid-of-internet-based-wonders mode. It's such a difficult thing to be able to fully appreciate something, and merely disregard (or forget about) anything unpleasant that main taint your appreciation. My solution for the latter was to harden myself, which, as you may have noticed over the reading of this post (and if you have done so, I commend you; you are brave), which has caused me to not be able to open myself to full emotional appreciation of, well, pretty much anything.

Why is it that whenever I try to post about something small it turns into a somewhat revealing psychoanalytical revelation?
>> No. 2483196

>My appreciation of the non-technical aspects of MLP (i.e. overall plots, character development, etc.) is kind of centered around a childish innocence, which doesn't have a need to deal with any sort of complicated relationships. Shipping, for me at least, is pointless for me and somehow makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm not totally sure why.

I've thought and written about this before. I think the easiest way to phrase it is that MLP is a show for young girls, and so naturally the characters resemble young girls who are still somewhat distant from the realities of how serious romantic relationships work. The closest the show came is Rarity's fairytale romance fantasy, which is pretty common for girls of the 6-12 years old demographic.

I guess when I read it I was able to just sort of tune the shipping part out, though, so the fic combined with the music had the emotional affect on me in such a way as I described in >>2482959
>> No. 2483197
File 130515541090.jpg - (26.86KB , 550x500 , derpy x dr whooves.jpg )
I like shipping.
That's right.
AppleDash isn't one of my favored ships, but I like shipping.
>> No. 2483198
File 130515549037.jpg - (22.99KB , 300x300 , 51GNBKX7W9L__SL500_AA300_.jpg )

It seemed to me that the fic approached a more mystic resolution to that problem, where the answer is somewhere in between- you die and that's the end of your self, but it's not the end of you, so to speak. I think that the ending of Ladder 49 kind of did the same thing. Great movie, btw. Manly tear-jerker.
>> No. 2483199
File 130515624579.jpg - (104.66KB , 864x925 , Pinkie insane depressed with inanimate friends.jpg )
OP, your story didn't make me cry, but it did do something to me. I feel dead inside now. I feel like I can never die happy because I'm not sure I will ever be able to have the same relationship with a group of people as the characters from this show have had. I think that may be the reason I watch the show, and why I plan to dedicate my life to bringing that kind of happiness to Earth, either through some kind of unimaginable feat of mad science, or by just being a part of this fanbase, with the hope that maybe if we spread the show and the idealism that goes along with it, we can somehow make the world a better place.
I feel like less of a man now because I couldn't cry. I just sat here, thinking and reflecing, feeling emptier and emptier inside, as I wondered if my own personality and human nature would ever allow me to have a relationship as meaningful and lasting as this. Most people I call my friends I have never really connected with.
>> No. 2483200
It was at this point I had to stop writing because I was afraid I might just lay down on my keyboard and never want to lift my head up again.
There are a few people I feel like I've really connected with, and maybe those are the people I should really be spending more time with. I feel like in a case like this I might be the first one to go, but not because I wanted to see what would come next. It would be because I could not stand to see those I loved go before me, and a return to the loneliness I feel when thinking things like this would the ultimate torture for me.
>> No. 2483201
Yeah, perhaps that's part of it. The characters all have happy, platonic friendships, which Oh never mind, I need to figure out my own thoughts before I can try to talk about them. This blasted mind of mine.

Well then, I'm happy for you. If you can enjoy it, then by all means do so.

Hey now, no need to feel so down. You're on the right track!

I, personally, tend to feel upset at how closed off I've made myself, due to various events that have transpired over the course of my life. I'm hoping to undo some of that closing, and open the ability to feel imbued with emotion again. In the meanwhile, I'm trying to be a productive part of this society, in whichever way I can. I advise you to do the same, whether it be by some creative medium, or by simply talking to others and making them feel accepted. Go out and spread the joy! Along the way you're sure to find someone who you can connect with. All it takes is a metaphorical hop, skip, and jump!

Go on, smile! Stop feeling so sad! Remember that if all else fails, you've still got Ponychan on your side!
>> No. 2483202
Thanks a lot! I was holding it in just fine....then I remembered my dog Mokie. Dammit....
>> No. 2483203
I might not be the first, but I'll go ahead and say it: the Appledash shipping ruined it for me. Not only do I oppose shipping between the main six, but the written part of it confused me... they saved saying "I love you" for their last breath, yet they were married? What kind of marriage is that?

With that suspension of disbelief broken (meaning, I couldn't imagine the story to be canon anymore), the rest of it just kind of fell apart into "I'm old and going to die like everything else. Isn't that saaaaaddddd?" Which didn't do it for me. There are plenty of sad stories that *don't* contradict the show's canon, and I find those a lot more emotional because they build off of existing characters instead of trying to make new versions of them.
>> No. 2483204


Beginning at 4:20 - The photograph burns away into floating sparkles, which explode like fireworks to the awe of everypony. Spike closes his eyes for the last time.

4:52 - "Oh...no...S...Spike..."

5:03 - "Thank you, Spike."

5:11 - Spike 'wakes up'.

5:25 - Reunion with Twilight.

5:32 - "Welcome home, Spike."

I'm not into fanfics at all but I dabble in a few for their creativity. The best ones deal with more emotionally mature subject matter than the show (like this).

Also, synchronizing music to the mood of a scene is just riveting. It gives me chills.
>> No. 2483205
File 130516410433.png - (128.61KB , 403x314 , 130092018911.png )
This got me. I was almost crying at the end of the other fiction but i didn't cry till this, I can't stop now.
>> No. 2483206
Always glad to share.
>> No. 2483207
File 130516980009.png - (159.01KB , 955x540 , 11987 - fluttercry fluttershy K3K rainbow_dash.png )

i lost to OPs challenge, that was a brilliant story/song combo.. then i read the fluttershy story.. the line "Thank you for having been my friend." did me in, man tears were shed. well done WayMoreThanRare, well done...
>> No. 2483208
File 130517191282.png - (140.04KB , 503x325 , Rainbow sad construction outfit.png )
I sincerely hope the people here never change.
I still feel kind of empty after reading this, like I really need something that'll evoke a strong enough emotion in me to really make me break down. I can't even remember the last time I showed true emotion, and sometimes I feel like I need to be able to see that I can cry like a normal human being, and just knowing I feel an emotion isn't enough if I can't express it.
It does make me a bit happier that someone took the time to acknowledge me and try to make me feel better about myself, though.
>> No. 2483209
I kinda feel like you do

There's hope for us :3
>> No. 2483210
I listened to this


Didn't cry but it was a pretty amazing experience
>> No. 2483211
And behold, everyone, this group event, something we all have experienced. We have witnessed the torment of the human soul with this beautifully written story and gorgeously orchestrated music. We have tasted the pains of reality, and it stirs something precious deep within us.

It's just a fanfic, it's just some character from a cartoon... Yes, it is. But it's what it represents. A scenario of unimaginable inner torment. To live long after all you have loved and accepted to be yours.

Nothing I nor anyone else can type will ever -remotely- express what we can feel. It's too grand and amazing to ever pile into paragraphs. You all know what I mean though, you can feel the dull ache now, I'm sure.

It is the burden of existence, the plague of sentience. But despite the pain is may bring, it's somewhat bittersweet, is it not? And we love the feeling, because it's a sign that we are not numb and that we are indeed alive.

Call someone up you haven't talked to before, or try something new in life. stay strong, friends.
>> No. 2483213
oh god damnit.
this is about half as bad as when i listened to the song about black night the cat.... but it's still pretty bad.
>> No. 2483214
File 130518652886.jpg - (201.83KB , 535x1600 , 12072 - celestia comic immortality_blues luna luna.jpg )
This may have already been posted, but I think it fits the theme quite well.

Good read. Made me think. Didn't cry though. Kinda wish I would have.
>> No. 2483215
File 130518934952.jpg - (142.98KB , 800x800 , 130231095839.jpg )
Okay guys. I think it's time to Archive. This thread deserves it.
>> No. 2483216
File 130519107442.jpg - (11.70KB , 388x317 , milly14.jpg )
Holy crap bro. Memories. Thank you.
>> No. 2483217
File 130520465873.gif - (187.58KB , 420x360 , pinkie cry.gif )

Not to deviate to far from the topic, but this particular song holds a lot of memories for me. Besides being tied to the saddest part of the Trigun anime, I listened to this song after a HUGE fight with my family and it helped me calm down and pray.

The song itself is very simple, but I think it personifies letting go of your painful thoughts and just accepting the flow of life; accepting healing and happiness (which relates to the OP's story).

I can't listen to it to this day without getting a little choked up.
>> No. 2483218
File 130522955393.jpg - (17.55KB , 397x317 , mlp-amazingthread.jpg )
/r/ thread gets archived
>> No. 2483219
Also requesting that this thread go to /arch/
>> No. 2483220
File 130523186033.jpg - (11.60KB , 301x168 , images.jpg )
Hopping on to the T/r/ain to the /arch/
>> No. 2483221
I failed. I lasted until the end. I'm going to a reading of this.
>> No. 2483222
File 130523303368.jpg - (136.58KB , 894x894 , 130437436736.jpg )
Yes! Needs so much /arch/
I've only just gotten around to the Fluttershy one. With Sigur Ros.
>> No. 2483223
File 130523350531.png - (400.26KB , 852x475 , 1298213083148.png )
Well. I lose. And then I was just sad.
But reading everypony's response and reaction to each other really made me appreciate what we have built here. Thanks for being amazing here, guys.
>> No. 2483224
File 130523480215.jpg - (126.05KB , 1000x660 , spike-remembers.jpg )
I didn't lose, not one bit, was a good story though. Just not necessarily what I find sad.
This is one of the few I've lost
>> No. 2483225
Did you write this? Got me more than OP's story (which was excellent). Have you written anything else?
>> No. 2483226
i didn't cry, but the thought of pinkie dying (it's hard to type augh) is really really sad to me :<
>> No. 2483227
File 130523786527.png - (5.44KB , 429x410 , sad.png )
Damn it. I had forgotten about this one.

Confound these sadfics, making my heart bleed.
>> No. 2483228
File 130523802797.jpg - (120.34KB , 300x360 , beard-1_1-800X800.jpg )
Years of hate have chiseled me into a true MAN

Because when you are a MAN you do not shed tears.

MEN take other's tears and use them to wet their MANLY eyes.
>> No. 2483230
File 130523861802.jpg - (41.10KB , 640x480 , snapshot20110512151410.jpg )
Damn it derps, why you gotta fight me?
>> No. 2483231
File 130523865808.jpg - (41.10KB , 640x480 , snapshot20110512151410.jpg )
Damn it derps, why you gotta fight me?
>> No. 2483233
Oh my Celestia, that is an emotional piece. I am now jealous of this guy's writing abilities.

That every Hello contains within itself the echoes of its own Goodbye. That for every person you come to know in your journey through life, no matter how long you know them, there will always come a day when you will see them for the last time.

I bawled like a baby at this part.
>> No. 2483235

Yeah, that one made me sad. More for the isolation aspect f it.
>> No. 2483237

I found this one to be the saddest in the thread. It literally made my eyes go watery. No tears fell, though. I kinda wish they had.
>> No. 2483238
I am ok with this...... it mostly reminded of personal fears more than anything but still very sad and a good read if not heartbreak material for me.
>> No. 2483239
File 130526481961.png - (168.85KB , 490x357 , Rainbow feels bad pony.png )
Well, that makes at least 2 of us.
>> No. 2483240
the heck guys. i came here for happy ponies... not reasons to cry. ;_;
>> No. 2483241
Done a live reading, with background music. Came out really well.


- Pride
>> No. 2483242
Oh man! Reasoner. I love his music, especially Instrumental #4. This is another one of my favorites by him. His songs are so amazing.
>> No. 2483243
Now, try reading it with THIS:

>> No. 2483244
Goddammit, you got me.

You have an excellent reading style, though. Well done.
>> No. 2483245
File 130532004821.jpg - (61.99KB , 746x991 , pinkie2face.jpg )
All of my other emotions were clouded by my hate for shipping.
>> No. 2483246
File 130532104539.png - (39.91KB , 209x202 , 1300178450634.png )
Possible redux, because shipping makes for poor melancholy.


No infringement intended, etc.
>> No. 2483247
Shame about the microphone quality, though...
>> No. 2483248
.....STILL not archived?
>> No. 2483249
Same thing happened here.
>> No. 2483250
What most a man do to get this archived?
>> No. 2483251

I think that was a good re-imagining. No disrespect to the original author, who had her own reasons for including the shipping, but I think a more neutral take on it preserves the purity of the overall message being conveyed by the story.

I would put the original author's name somewhere on it for posterity's sake.
>> No. 2483252
Now, let's try that version with OP's music.
>> No. 2483253
Hmm. Still didn't cry. Maybe the rage from reading the original version has tainted it forever.

But it was certainly sadder than OP's one.
>> No. 2483254
File 130539708670.jpg - (245.79KB , 1280x960 , rainy_day.jpg )
Escaped OP's challenge with some sniffles and a single tear (Shall we call it a draw?). Could've hit harder, but
>shipping makes for poor melancholy
I mean, if you enjoy both I imagine it works pretty well, but it seems a lot of us aren't comfortable with crossing the streams.

I immediately went on to fail the Fluttershy addendum challenge, though - I haven't cried like that in a long time (pic related). Bravo.
>> No. 2483255
File 130542494444.png - (1.08MB , 1000x2000 , NEXT_DIMENSION.png )
Surprised I haven't seen this posted yet - feels related even though it has a somewhat.. less serious take on cartoon mortality
>> No. 2483257
>> No. 2483258
File 130548277017.png - (715.69KB , 1440x900 , tearingup.png )
OP's story made me tear up. This one made me full-on cry.
>> No. 2483259
This is the best thing I've ever read.
>> No. 2483260
i did it

thats really all there is to say on the matter

goddamn it

it hurts
>> No. 2483261
File 130548397534.jpg - (367.09KB , 1024x768 , isaac_clarke_sadness__by_greg7k-d384rdf.jpg )
I cried.
>> No. 2483262
the shipping kinda ruined it for me, but damn...
i shed a manly tear

I think what I like about this show is that it shows us love that isn't about sex or marriage or laughing at each others' jokes but about compassion and being there for someone. That's something our modern media is really lacking these days. When movie makers want to show love they stick a kissing scene in there and say "good enough." People talk about the sexual orientation of rbd or caramel, but I think a more important issue is being able to love someone without wanting to get in their pants, which it seems most modern media doesn't believe possible.
>> No. 2483263
File 130548511442.jpg - (444.65KB , 1024x768 , 1303897857402.jpg )
I lost, but that shipping... its like a big blot in the middle of scroll.
fuck shipping.
>> No. 2483264
gotta say, it is a nice edit, but the flow of the story is better at that point in the original.
hopefully you'll satisfy all those naysayers though.
>> No. 2483265

"Then there was Rainbow and Applejack. Oh, those two..." She closed her eyes, smiling at the memory. "'One last adventure,' they called it. I can still seem them now: lying next to each other under the stars, gazes fixed on the sky, ready to explore the only place that they had yet to go.”

She sighed. "It was a wonderful thing, the bond between them. In the last years, they were nigh inseparable."

"But... well, in all the stories you've told... I thought they were bitter rivals!"

The elder pony laughed. "Oh, yes! They always were, from the time I met them to the time they…left." She shook her head. "Those two, always showing off around each other. And yet, in all my years, I have never known any two ponies who were closer."

less is more
>> No. 2483266
File 130548753435.gif - (352.43KB , 350x350 , 130464668198.gif )
Finally got around to reading this but it had no affect on me whatsoever, just made me roll my eyes when I got to the shipping part.
>> No. 2483267
File 130548773033.jpg - (105.52KB , 480x480 , tumblr_ljd9h6e16i1qigqmwo1_500.jpg )
These stories are awful, paradigmatic examples of why fanfiction is a waste.
>> No. 2483268
Snazzy. Ganked.
>> No. 2483269
File 130548929646.png - (40.01KB , 400x410 , 7821 - pinkie_pie reaction.png )
Wait? this supposed to make me cry?
>> No. 2483270
That was an amazing short story. I'm glad someone wrote about the other aspects of immortality, and of what happens when a pony dies.

I was exploring these concepts with my own character (not that he is immortal, per se) and with other people who were RP'ing as Luna and Celestia
>> No. 2483271
neh, sorry, i prefer the original.
>> No. 2483272
File 130549889846.jpg - (203.42KB , 825x718 , oh_my.jpg )
I didn't cry... but damn did that hit me...

Not to mention the music ended right when I finished.
>> No. 2483273
File 130549987724.png - (257.25KB , 561x733 , 1302312825646.png )
>This Thread

-----> /arch/

Whats taking SO long, Mods?
>> No. 2483274
File 130550115825.png - (268.42KB , 720x397 , 130068214243.png )
>> No. 2483275
Well that was amazing. I love it. <3
>> No. 2483276
Alright, I won. Where's my prize?
>> No. 2483277
File 130550270801.png - (52.00KB , 655x620 , rd9.png )
Done. No problem at all. You folks are too soft.
Also, Appledash? I don't think so
>> No. 2483278
File 130550378158.jpg - (61.34KB , 640x360 , YES.jpg )

>mfw I did this challenge.
>> No. 2483281
File 130550772272.jpg - (23.68KB , 400x264 , 130207352392.jpg )
huh didn't post? ok lets try again.
While the music did make this story at the top sad to read, I found the one of Spike's final preparations
[found it, damn EQD is loaded with too much fic] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1crdqf4ubsGsRJknlUMFdp9Yt8EtmyTkJoVnH51gYo8o/edit?hl=en&authkey=CJP-tMgB#
no music, just read.
>> No. 2483282
cleaned up some copy posts that didn't show up the first time. really my computer is derpy today.
>> No. 2483283

It's been an honor, gentlemen.
>> No. 2483284
File 130550979032.gif - (2.69MB , 640x358 , 130520262392.gif )
omg all these stories have hit me hard and that never happens..... so fucking sad :'(
>> No. 2483285
too much cheese
and why must all the sad stories be about old age and death? there are worse things than that.
>> No. 2483286
File 130551040885.jpg - (76.13KB , 1910x1070 , sad.jpg )
damnit... i never cry...but i.. just did...
>> No. 2483287
File 130551063816.jpg - (48.08KB , 640x360 , my_little_pony_friendship_is_magic_fluttershy.jpg )
I couldn't. I spent 10 minutes crying. So good..
>> No. 2483288
File 130551079784.jpg - (4.06KB , 123x127 , sadrage.jpg )

Although, the shipping bit, while out of character, wasn't enough to ruin the illusion.
>> No. 2483289
File 130551148763.png - (52.35KB , 271x215 , 130427317864.png )
First challenge I have ever lost on ponychain I cried not manly crying no this was crying full on thanks op sometimes a man has to cry I think I needed that. I’m off to go bend something now.
>> No. 2483290
File 130553027893.jpg - (316.43KB , 711x550 , 9226 - pinkamena pinkie_pie sad.jpg )

Did you do this part? >>2483050

I think it's the more bawww inducing of the two.
>> No. 2483291
Did anyone say bump and archive?
Bump and archive.
>> No. 2483292
>> No. 2483293
This reminds me of a pic with a story about Spike being the last one to die. I didn't cry to that one at first, but as I was getting into bed (I read it about half an hour beforehand) it hit me full force. What also scared me is the horror (it may seem childish) that I will most likely move on from this beautiful show and community.
>> No. 2483294
File 130569895081.gif - (106.24KB , 400x475 , Bored.gif )
I hate my eyes!
They're jammed or something!
Everyone else is always bawwwwwwing their eyes out but I sit here dry as a bone.
>> No. 2483295
File 130569959776.png - (174.93KB , 490x357 , 9061_f78e[1].png )
I should really stop reading this darn fanfics, at least until I've finished the season. I'm pretty new, and I've read the Portal one, this one, and "A Circle of Friends", and it's almost making it harder to watch the show
>> No. 2483296

You happen to mean this? >>2482977
>> No. 2483297
yes. I didn't see that until Iooked around this thread after posting
>> No. 2483298
We all leave eventually, I know two great posters that did that, one of them was a mod.

I just try to enjoy the little moments we do have here.
>> No. 2483299
I wish I still had the patience to browse here regularly... Lately I havent been browsing that often... I hope this isnt going to be permanant.
>> No. 2483300
File 130573239956.png - (55.52KB , 931x878 , flutterscared.png )
Damnit OP.
I didn't cry hard, but I got so much goosebumps, my eyes watered up...I haven't felt like this months, if not years.
I hate and love you so much. And all of this community.
I will never leave this fandom. As the story says, this community won't last forever, but goddamn it, I'm gonna stay in this community until it collapses, sharing all the good and bad moments, all the emotions and feelings, because this cartoon, no, this series and this community, teached me staying alone doesn't solve any problem, and that life's almost meaningless without friends.

Damnit, I'm turning 18 in 4 months...I love these ponies and I'm proud of it. Always been, always be.

You win, OP.
>> No. 2483302
File 130573491722.jpg - (20.27KB , 320x180 , 130134820621.jpg )
That really got me for some reason, all I can say is I love you OP, as I love everyone part of this community.
>> No. 2483303
I feel the only reason I haven't let some tears shed right now is because there's someone else in the room, who would definitely be worrying why I'm sitting in a chair weeping. That was... beautiful and terribly sad.

Challenge complete, but I wish I hadn't.
>> No. 2483304
File 130574878620.gif - (2.27MB , 347x194 , 130489359893.gif )
I won. Mostly because I'm almost insane and have almost no feelings
>> No. 2483305
File 130575042199.gif - (46.07KB , 200x200 , 1293911729708.gif )
I was going to try reverse psychology, but mods don't archive things from /pony/, so it didn't matter anyways.
>> No. 2483306
It's not that we wont archive things from /pony/, it's that not a lot of stuff gets requested for archiving

That said, I'm the hardest mod to convince when it comes to moving things to arch, so far I've only moved two threads. I'm willing to be convinced while we wait and see what another mod decides however; is this a thread that people would actually go back and look through?
first impression says no
>> No. 2483307
File 130575809572.gif - (1.90MB , 378x304 , Rainbow scared animation.gif )
I dunno, this thread seems to have provoked some surprisingly powerful emotions from the people who took the time to read through the fics posted here with an open mind.
Recently, I have found that I am more afraid the community will die than I am afraid of dying myself.
>> No. 2483308
File 130575952204.png - (149.15KB , 800x1000 , derpy sad worried.png )
/arch/ed because i failed.
>> No. 2483311
File 130576087242.jpg - (55.45KB , 376x629 , Kamina39.jpg )
I didn't cry.....I think I'm not human.
No like really I didn't shed a tear while reading it.
>> No. 2483318
File 130579059068.jpg - (21.13KB , 200x268 , 2769385357_8c7c4df17b.jpg )
I kept a straight face that entire time...
Am I heartless?
>> No. 2483321
Why don't I cry? I welled up, but I didn't cry.

And Twilight... beautiful as ever.
>> No. 2483326
File 130585766133.jpg - (20.68KB , 453x292 , johnlennonhappy.jpg )
This fanfic
well I don't have words to describe it
that was one of the most beautiful things I ever read
It's not sad (well a bit) it is just so
man still with no words
>> No. 2483328
Ugh. Fanfic got archived?


Sorry, obviously I'm no fan of fanfic.
>> No. 2483329
File 130586365450.png - (24.31KB , 124x125 , rd-upset.png )
I generally don't express emotions well, so this came relatively easy to me.
>> No. 2483331
I...passed I guess, spent like half an hour staring at my bedroom celing holding a pillow and just thinking about like when my mom died, or friends I used to see every day that I haven't seen in years and probably never will again. Then spent another half hour digging though my bookshelf for the nursery rhyme book that was my mom's from when she was a little girl.

Then I read THIS, you son of a parasprite, I'm crying and smiling at the same time! What is this even called?
>> No. 2483334
File 130590622620.png - (80.86KB , 310x305 , 130544968319.png )
At first I didn't cry, but then I fell on my bed and cried heavily. What an therapeutic experience! This was the first time for years that I've cried the tears of emotionality, not bitterness.

After that I felt very great and looked things with new eyes. How some day my fate will meet the ones of these ponies. How important the few people close to me really are and will be. How I appreciate to meet my best friend tomorrow.

Thank you, OP! I love this community!
>> No. 2483335
File 130591195216.png - (81.40KB , 271x309 , Fluttershy Sad.png )
Left my eyes watery
Takes a hell of alot to do that in any situation for me
>> No. 2483336
Uhhh... Nothing doing. Sorry. I've had too many real life problems to be bothered by this. =/
>> No. 2483342
Gosh that was hard to read while not crying :/.
Sorta freaked me out that AJ and RD were lesbos. It would have been left as best friends but w/e still an excellent read and cry
>> No. 2483347
And here I thought I was good at keeping my emotions from showing... I was this close.

Beautiful stuff there. I really enjoyed that (and didn't care about the shipping, it actually almost put me over the edge).

I love this world.
>> No. 2483350
Didn't cry but was a nice reading.

Then I read Fluttershy's and Spike's passing away...oh yeah... I cried like a bitch.
>> No. 2483358
Is it bad that I found this a happy story rather than a sad one?
>> No. 2483359
with this
>> No. 2483360
>mfw I finished reading at the same time the song stopped
>mfw i have no face
Anyway, nothing.
>> No. 2483361
read it at pace to the music. Am at a day and a half without sleep and tanked on Dr. Pepper. Emotions are ranging around like a bunny stampede for absoutely no reason at all.

My reaction to the fic? slight nervousness. take that however you will.
>> No. 2483362
Curse you, all these stories made me teary eyed but nothing else, but that, your story made me cry. I feel the same way man. I sat I silence after I had watched The Best Night Ever, fearing I could never have friends as good as the show, having fun and talking all night. I know I should do better, be a more outgoing person, I will, I must, I will not sit alone all day, wasting precious time. I'm crying as I type this, I will do better making and keeping friends. I promise.
>> No. 2483369
File 130614149600.jpg - (20.51KB , 455x590 , 130579345781.jpg )

Hugs, hugs for everypony everywhere.

This is how I feel right now.

Beautiful music and beautiful words.
>> No. 2483370
File 130617209567.gif - (79.03KB , 400x272 , Raritycry.gif )
...A manly tear has been shed. That...that was just beautiful. I made it to the end, but the tear fell as soon as I finished. I'm not sure whether this is a victory or a loss, so I'm calling it a draw.

On a side note, the song ended as my teardrop began to slide down my chin.
>> No. 2483372
Ugh I lost, it was beautiful.
Well played OP.
>> No. 2483870
Oh dear god.. It was so good. I couldn't help but cry
>> No. 2483871
I quite literally shed a single tear.
Well... well played OP. Well played...
>> No. 2483873
File 130621425488.png - (114.54KB , 368x406 , aaaw.png )
I didn't cry!

Wait.... nevermind...
>> No. 2484007

Just read it for the second time.

I'm in tears just like the first time.
>> No. 2484691
>Waits a couple of weeks for fourth reading
>Starts crying at the second sentence

God damnit.
>> No. 2484692
File 130636521983.jpg - (9.96KB , 257x244 , poker-face-meme.jpg )
AM I the only one who is kinda... completely immune to this. Meh, its prbly because the moment I think pony I think of the theme song, which in my opinion, is the happiest song ever. Once I have that in my mind I can't feel anything but bliss, even if I try
>> No. 2484696
File 130639816756.jpg - (5.12KB , 154x120 , Manly tears.jpg )
So i read this nothing happend then i walk out of my room and see my parents fighting again... i go to the bathroom and cry for the first time in years... god what have these ponies done to me???
>> No. 2484798
Depending on what you were crying about, a soul or wooziness, pick one.
>> No. 2497325
File 130819647187.png - (246.21KB , 600x320 , tag your friends.png )
I did it, don't feel a thing. In a way, I'm disappointed in myself o.O
>> No. 2498522
File 130850421281.jpg - (21.16KB , 213x211 , 130286348803.jpg )
hell no... HELL NO

ponies forever <333
>> No. 2498527
File 130852362191.png - (42.35KB , 244x270 , 1299479131677.png )
I win.
Anything more challenging?
>> No. 2498532
>> No. 2499159
>> No. 2499439
I've seen worse, try reading this one without crying, no music required.

>> No. 2499443
File 130863580235.jpg - (24.78KB , 449x339 , 130819254341.jpg )
Thank you all so much. So long ago, I put up these walls to keep out the insults, the people, and the friends that left me behind just because I acted different.
For years, I have felt next to nothing and when I did it was taken away. Nearly every friend I ever made left me and I don't even know if I can trust my new friends due to the extreme paranoia I have of people. The one girl I ever felt true feelings for, left the same year I met her, before I could even begin to think of expressing my feelings to her.
For the last 4-5 years I have been increasingly strong thoughts of suicide. The walls I built were no longer helping keep out the pain. The only time I felt like I was truly feeling emotion was when I was having a break down in the shower and cry my eyes out over something like missing a day of work.
But then I found these damn ponies, and those walls shook; but just on the level where I couldn't feel it.
Every now and then I would come across a sad story and I could feel tears. It was unnerving, as I had rarely ever come close to crying from anything else.
And now I find this thread, which not only destroys the walls which I had just begun to take down after about 13 years; but showed me that those walls were letting everything in but letting nothing out, for as those walls fell, those 13 or so years of pent-up emotion flooded out, and I cried and cried and cried and I have never felt better in my entire life.
You hear all these sappy dramas about a weight being lifted off a persons shoulder when they let something go, but I had always thought it was just a bunch of crap. But now I know it is real, and even as I write this I feel happier and just all around better.
So to all of you out there, all you bronies, artists, writers, and everypony else in the fandom: thank you. All of you out there helped me release that built up emotion, and as it left it took with it all of those thoughts of suicide, and for the first time in my life I know what true happiness is. If not for all of you out there I probably would have ended up killing myself. So you guys, just by posting these stories and OP's song(which I am still listening to), saved my life. Thank you all, thank you so very much. Double goes for you OP, thanks for the thread.
>> No. 2499444
File 130863765474.jpg - (79.94KB , 887x900 , 1308036679174.jpg )
That was beautiful...I didn't cry though. Stone-cold emotionless inside-death, i guess. I have been through some emotionally scarring things before that make it hard to just break down crying all willy-nilly. Maybe it will hit me when I get to spend some more time with my friends later in life. Maybe next week, maybe in twenty years.
>> No. 2499447
File 130864188591.png - (61.89KB , 289x316 , 130801428063.png )
Try it with this:


The people who did cry to this are lucky. I even tried to make myself cry, and I couldn't. I got a little tear, didn't even run down. The only time I can cry is via Panic Attacks, and I wouldn't even call that crying.
>> No. 2499491
kinda laughed at myself trying not to look sad
>> No. 2499492
File 130888886393.png - (75.18KB , 125x124 , FluttershyEmbarassed.png )
I must read too quick, because the music didn't do much for me. A good message, just no effect. Ah well.
>> No. 2499494
File 130889362001.png - (193.66KB , 1953x1220 , sleeping_applejack_by_mellowbloom-d3hf3t7.png )
D'aw, I'm all emotional now. :c
I didn't cry myself, but I was definitely feelin' it; such a sweet story.
(right before going to bed, too...)
>> No. 2499498
Yeah, I started crying. But then again, I cry very easily. Especially things like looking back at fun times or parting with people you love and stuff like that tend to move me, so this was right up my alley.
>> No. 2499969
File 130913084220.png - (71.79KB , 640x400 , Untitled.png )
So earlier I was thinking about what it would be like if the cast of this
show were actually real. I didn't do anything sick, or nasty. All I did
was imagine how funny it would be to see them all go to the mall and
seeing pinkie having cartoon physics in the real world. I also imagined
how similar I am to pinkie pie in personality, silly on the outside and
caring of friends while hiding a bit of sadness under neath. I kept thinking
to myself that pinkie and I would be best friends if we met. Then I got sad
/arch/. I realized none of the characters I care about most will ever be able to
be interacted with. I'll never hold a conversation with my character that I've
been drawing since fourth grade, (Freshman in college now). I realized, that
while it's fun to watch these guys have fun, they'll never be able to talk back
to you. You'll never be able to hug pinkie if you feel down. You'll never see
you're character come to life and be your best friend.

They forever live in your imagination, and nothing more.
>> No. 2500122
File 130913980070.jpg - (31.52KB , 224x307 , memes_my_little_brony_good_luck_getting_a_normal_j.jpg )
I didn't cry... am inpony? (not sure if anyponys gonna get wordplay here).
>> No. 2502053
I teared up, I wish I would have cryed but the most I got was it all bunched up im my thoat. Really good story, they should turn that into an end of the season episode just for the brony's
>> No. 2502054
File 130938898131.png - (1.19MB , 1397x998 , pleasewakeup.png )
ok, fine. You got me. I didn't cry, but I sure was moved.
>> No. 2502140
400 posts. Wow, guys, wow, this is really amazing for me.

I think I stated this earlier, but I'm the OP in this topic (Please believe me, I posted this as my very first post on the site back when I thought this place was like 4chan and everypony had to be anonymous) and I've truly enjoyed all these posts and discussions going on in this thread. I really need to pay you guys back, and ponychan in a whole, for helping me through a tough time in my life, so I'm working on a little something for you guys. I should have a preview up later tonight (Not like anypony is going to read this before I post it though, should be within a few hours)

I REALLY want to post a preview-preview, but that would spoil it, I think. :<
I love you all.
>> No. 2502141
File 130967568369.gif - (3.88MB , 200x150 , Surpriseforall.gif )
WHEW! Here you go everypony, click the spoiler for your surprise, a little sneak peak on something I'm working on for you all! After you check it out, read the spoilertext.

First, allow me to apologize for the crappy quality. I had to get it under 4 megs and this is the way my stupid gif converter had to do it. Here's the full quality one, if you want to see it better or think you can upload in a better resolution/quality:
(I really reccomend you do this anyway because I noticed how terrible the one I'm uploading's quality is.)

Yup, it's a full animated version of the fanfic! I really wanted to make Dusky's mouth move when she says the first line, but I also really wanted to get this out tonight. Mouth movements really confuse me, and if there is a tutorial on them, please direct me to it! Also, I'm aware Twilight looks rather awkward in the first shot, I'm just starting drawing ponies (But I feel I must take this on). Voice actors would be nice, but if the whole thing has to be text on-screen, that's ok, too.

And finally, It would be nice, if not necessary, to contact the original author of the fanfic to make sure he's ok with this. But I have no idea how to get ahold of him. Anypony know him or a way to contact him?

Also, what's you guy's opinion on my interpretation of little Dusky? :P
>> No. 2502143
File 130967578410.png - (1.24MB , 1680x1050 , Isaac Clarke Advanced Helm.png )
Aw yeah.
>> No. 2502150
Here, I finally found a place to host this image without any loss in quality. Check it out!

>> No. 2502152
File 130973664965.jpg - (59.78KB , 750x600 , 130960391632.jpg )
>> No. 2502155
I smiled, it's a beautiful story, and the music is too uplifting to be sad. Death isn't the end bronies.
>> No. 2502156
File 130976264395.png - (165.20KB , 300x299 , zz53i.png )
aawwwwwww :D
>> No. 2502159
File 130980391302.jpg - (13.87KB , 305x312 , Dissapointed.jpg )
Couldn't do it.
>> No. 2502161
That was pretty touchy. Just that for the song, it didn't give a sad enough tone for me to shed a tear. But still, nevertheless I was moved. Especially when Twilight started to talk about how her friends started to go out one by one.

The mention of Rainbow and Applejack's wedding gave me a smile.
>> No. 2502165
File 130981150378.gif - (8.44KB , 125x125 , 1298761435818.gif )
Question about the surprise. Read my post before this (>>2502141) before you read this spoilertext!

Would you like it better with the shipping version or the non shipping version? I could do either one, and there seems to be mixed opinions.
>> No. 2502353
File 130990460116.jpg - (119.02KB , 880x758 , 130938847567.jpg )
Failed hard, so sad... :(
>> No. 2502403
Didn't quite get to man tears... But pretty damn close...
>> No. 2502755
I bookmarked this a month ago because I didn't have time to check this out. I was organizing my bookmarks and came back across this. Since I had time, I did what you suggested.

I lost. 2 months later, almost to he day, I lost hard.
>> No. 2502790
that was rough. super sad. i got tears in my eyes but not actual crying...
>> No. 2502817
A good friend and sometimes lover died last November.

I sobbed reading this story.
>> No. 2503429
Fantastic read that really get's me thinking about life, however, the music did not add to the theme nor did it make me sob one bit. If anything I was a bit down afterwords.
>> No. 2504011
File 131096584457.jpg - (132.55KB , 900x900 , crying_fluttershy.jpg )
Almost did...
Oh wait there it goes.... T^T
Not as much as I expected, but it was still very touching though.

I did cry when I read a story like this once, It was from the game "Lost Odyssey" on the XBox. The main character, Kaim, is an Immortal who has forgotten his own past, and during the game random memories will come to him in the "Thousand Years Of Dreams" element of gameplay. Hanna's Departure, the first story, hit me hard, and all the ones after are about immortality and the pain of the past. I would suggest it, there is probably a Youtube of it somewhere...


Here we go...Enjoy (or cry, either is fine =P )
>> No. 2504090
File 131112338923.png - (60.32KB , 200x240 , Lyra-cry.png )
The story actually hit me a few hours later. It was then when I really started realizing about the whole meaning of it and I started crying for 5 minutes.

But, I actually read it with a different song. This one:


I think this one's a lot more touching, and IMO, it even has come parts coordinated with the story. What I mean is, the song introduces some elements that makes it feel more sad, at almost the same time the fic does the same. I know that it entirely depends on how fast somepony is at reading, but still, I believe I'm average at reading, so it should be the same for everypony.
>> No. 2504091
i...i did it...barly...i was on the verge...damn...it was so powerfull man! i am amazed you found this perfect combo!
>> No. 2504092
i...i did it...barly...i was on the verge...damn...it was so powerfull man! i am amazed you found this perfect combo!
>> No. 2504093
i...i did it...barly...i was on the verge...damn...it was so powerfull man! i am amazed you found this perfect combo!
>> No. 2504094
I...I did it...barley...I was on the verge...damn...it was so powerful man! I am amazed you found this perfect combo!
>> No. 2504130
nearly did, nearly did. had to stop for a few seconds. wow. just wow.
>> No. 2504133
File 131119924736.jpg - (20.12KB , 510x443 , 1-(n1300434758974).jpg )
Dam you OP, Dam you.
I am depressed and tearing.

Dam... you...
I loose...
>> No. 2504134
Also, after reading it I don't feel good..
>> No. 2504335
File 131128943760.jpg - (85.02KB , 500x500 , big mac shades.jpg )
Ah admit, it's very well written story, but even with the song a playin' in the background, not so much as a tear welled up in mah eye.

Oh well.
>> No. 2504337
File 131129295723.gif - (2.46KB , 80x96 , dani.gif )
I didn't cry, but man did I get goosebumps.

Very powerful story.
>> No. 2504996
File 131153994335.jpg - (218.27KB , 750x1500 , finale_by_jdan_s-d3jzsko.jpg )
I remember reading this a while back. I got pretty emotional, but then the phrase ...
"do not cry. I SAID DO NOT CRY!"
came to mind and I powered through it. Great stuff though.
>> No. 2504998
too awesome for words
>> No. 2504999
For some reason I just felt... Not really said, but not really happy so I came back to this thread to release my emotional stress. Listening to that music was great. Thanks I needed this.

Manly tears were shed... Again.
>> No. 2505000
Looks like I need some sleep, haha.
>> No. 2505062
i listened to 100 years when i read this and wept manly tears,
>> No. 2505173

I'm a cynical brony, and I'm not too big on fanfic, and I don't really care for shipping.

But that was really well-done (it was so nice, I read it twice). I'm of the opinion that, if you're going to make some form of entertainment, then it needs to be from the heart. On that note, this story showed a lot of emotional content. It resonates clearly that the author has a lot of emotional investment in the characters, and that he or she understands the concept of loss, heartfelt goodbyes, and the entropy of the world. But on the other side of the coin, the moral is that loss is necessary as a contrast to the gain in life: If there were no 'downs', our 'ups' would mean nothing.

So yeah, yah parasprites yoush, even with the shipping (which imo enhances the story), this is a damn good story and you could do much worse than taking its message to heart.

(Now if you'll excuse me, I'll return to blubbering incoherently. Challenge accepted and failed.)
>> No. 2505399
I'm a Siberian hermit, living in solitude, except for my satellite internet, and this stuff makes me wish i could go back, and change it all, but i can't and i regret living the life i led. but anyways. challenge accepted, and failed
>> No. 2505400
HEY!!! somepony besides me knows who ( I think it's Ryan ? ) reasoner is ' i love his compositions

Their chord structures are so simple and melodic

" Dear world "

And " living transparent " are another two you should listen to while reading this, both by him
>> No. 2505401

Dude ..... Fuck you ..... True Love hurts more than death
>> No. 2505402

shipping in a fanfic like this is certainly acceptable ' and no one has hates shipping more than me ...

Like , in fanfiction ....
>> No. 2505403
File 131210118040.gif - (13.28KB , 50x50 , bravoplz.gif )
>>2482937 Fuck you!!! I didn't cry but damn!! I have that "epic nostalgia" feeling in my chest that doesn't wanna leave. So powerful. Sleeping...is going to be a challenge.
>> No. 2505404
File 131211091113.png - (687.81KB , 938x998 , 131156546582.png )
I didn't cry.

I'm a soulless monster.
>> No. 2505449
Read. With music. Didn't like it. Hate shipping. Sorry ol' bean.
>> No. 2505451
File 131218735671.png - (751.06KB , 1664x1152 , orbis.png )
It's influenced me greatly. And I saw somepony wanted fan art..
Well, I'm no good at drawing ponies, but I can sketch backgrounds and stuff. :/
>> No. 2505452
Shipping? What fucking fic were YOU reading?
>> No. 2505901
First time I read it was with the song you provided. Didn't cry, at least not yet.

Then I listened to if with this:

Damn, that really hit a spot in my heart. Try it.
>> No. 2505904
I didn't cry, but I felt something inside...
>> No. 2505905
>> No. 2505907
File 131234156698.jpg - (3.80KB , 167x161 , images.jpg )
That was close...
I didnt BAAAW but a single tear was shed.
Haven't been moved like that in a while...
goddamn it i fuckin love this sight
>> No. 2505944
OP here. That was...fantastic.
>> No. 2506001
oh god... this is unbeleviable and that fluttershy story :"(
>> No. 2506006
File 131248028618.png - (155.46KB , 1029x777 , rainbow_dash_salute_by_atomicgreymon-d3bo0dx.png )
That was beautiful... I agree with what others say in that a few tears were shed, but not because of sadness, rather the sheer beauty of it. There is no other music that could fit as well with that story as that song. So I thank you OP. For making my day.
>> No. 2506027
File 131257615301.png - (298.46KB , 606x735 , DAWW.png )

Glad you liked it.
>> No. 2506559
Manly tears were shed.
It wasn't particularly sad, but it was gorgeous.
>> No. 2506608
This is the closest I've come to crying in a long time. That was so damn hard.
>> No. 2507085
John Sappington Marmaduke didn't cry.
>> No. 2507087
>> No. 2507089
File 131268070794.jpg - (35.17KB , 480x640 , 100501-beautiful.jpg )
That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever read, I felt like when you need a good Bawww thread.....
>> No. 2508089
I did not cry.
And then I realized what had happened to me. All the emotion is inside me, protected by a husk, something that the world has made me.

I cannot cry.
>> No. 2508093
Nah, you can still cry. Try this out:
>> No. 2508094
first time i cried in years
>> No. 2508096
File 131303510969.png - (49.45KB , 1024x1024 , pinkie pir cutie mark.png )
"It is this: that all things pass in the course of time, that forever does not exist. That every Hello contains within itself the echoes of its own Goodbye." That's where the first tears showed up.
"That for every person you come to know in your journey through life, no matter how long you know them, there will always come a day when you will see them for the last time. And yet..." Tears began to enlarge
"When that day comes, I will join my friends in wherever their journey has taken them, of this I am certain." I couldn't stop the water
And the last line, "And in an unregarded corner of the sky, five friends danced and twinkled through eternity." Brought the tears back again.
I <3 you Anonymous...
>> No. 2508289
thanks for posting that, it made me cry too.
>> No. 2508296
Didn't really make me feel sad at all, really. The only fic to have ever made me feel properly sad wasn't even a pony one. It was a Warhammer 40k oe about two friends named Gav and Bob.

>Two days later a Leman Russ crushed the statuette where it had fallen on the battlefield. Nopony noticed.

My heart sank to the lowest point I can remember upon reading that line...
>> No. 2508337
I have nothing to say. Nor do I have the correct reaction image.
>> No. 2508341
Am I a monster for reading this and not even having a tear form?
>> No. 2509037
File 131389662155.png - (75.20KB , 931x878 , cryan.png )
This was the very first fanfic I ever read. I wasn't even planning on reading one, just lurking around, looking through a baww thread. I skipped over it, then noticed a couple posts after somepony had suggested reading it with that song. I figured "It's only one page, why not?"

I was tearing up as I read it, and at the end, I had to leave the room as my brother was nearby on his laptop. I went in the bathroom and cried for a good 10 minutes. I don't know if it was the story, the music or the combination of the two, but it hit me deep.

I read it again a couple weeks ago, with the music again. Exact same reaction. I cannot hear this song, or think of this story, without tears coming to my eyes. Both together? Rivers.

I was inspired to read more fics, and have been touched by quite a few others, so I'm glad I took the plunge.
>> No. 2509042
Absolutely amazing. I haven't been able to cry in about 9 years. But never has something brought me so close. This is definitely one of those moments I won't forget.

>> No. 2509091
Ha Challenge excepted and Destroyed The Song got to me at first but somehow I made it without even a tear... I feel like a terrible person now -.-
>> No. 2509113
I lost so hard ;(
>> No. 2509433
If I ever meet this Kiyyik I am going to punch him, then cry way too damned much.
>> No. 2509750
File 131464056002.jpg - (1.76KB , 80x80 , 131426346295.jpg )
Oh my god. I can't believe I cried. I lost this challenge so hard. And I'm actually proud to admit that.
>> No. 2509753
I'm sorry, but i didn't even choke up, let alone baww

Give me a challenge man.
>> No. 2509761
File 131467719733.jpg - (13.93KB , 328x261 , in thought.jpg )
I choked up a bit. Fantastic story, whether it chokes you up or not.

It makes me think of what it would be like to live eternally? Or what it will be like when I lose somepony as close as losing a Fluttershy. I've only lost grandparents that I hardly knew.

For me, it's good to think about such things.
>> No. 2509763
It was a tough challenge, but i didn't cry... until half way through this sentence. I shed a single tear after reading this. That was really sad, but happy in a way. Thinking about it almost makes me fear death, but what is death other than completing the cycle of constant renewal. Now thinking about how many people have died makes me fear death less now, but I am still left on edge. I might have missed the point through over-thinking things.
>> No. 2509764
File 131468175686.jpg - (806.54KB , 2124x1689 , Death Note.jpg )
I did not cry, but i choked up and shed a tear, but however sad this story may seem, if given immortality, I would go absolutely insane. Consumed by the power of eternal life. I would become corrupt and all of the power would rush to my head. It would become too much to handle and I would become Death, Destroyer of Worlds lost within my own mind and only after complete satisfaction and after returning to my senses, I would not be able to contain my despair and would end my life shortly after I would make the world a much better place. Now I feel like Light from Death Note. I would become their God!
>> No. 2509765
I don't think that I can handle this story very well...
>> No. 2509766
I wanted to cry. I really did. It's a beautiful story.
I feel like I should be crying, but I feel no tears building.
Perhaps I've hidden my emotions too long...
At least it's raining inside.
>> No. 2509767
>> No. 2509784
I wanted to lose OPs challenge, and while I did find the fic beautiful and bittersweet, it just didn't work for me. This one about Spike however blew open my floodgates, even without music.
>> No. 2509900
I know that feel bro.
Took me a long to be willing to admit it, but this show and it's fanfic has made me come in touch with my humanity again.
I can safely say that all the emotions i thought i had killed off (read, ALL emotion. Fuck i couldn't even get angry) have returned.
Though of course this may just be coincidental with growing up and all that. Getting out of the teenage years probably changes some shit.
Still, i can't imagine walking around for four years slowly killing off all emotion to be healthy.
Fuck i sound like an Emo. Good thing that their golden age is over.
>> No. 2509908
a-are you me?
We even call the emotional blockage the same thing.
Fuck. I havn't felt this alive, this HUMAN in years.
The wall is gone.
Yeah. I am kinda realizising this as i write.
fuck i gotta go write in word document before i clutter this.

Finished writing. I need a diary.
I quite sincerely do.
>> No. 2509915
File 131492297941.png - (253.54KB , 660x359 , Friendship.png )
and that, my fellow bronies, is fanfiction.
>> No. 2510622
File 131757281225.png - (3.50MB , 1980x1238 , 131723467011.png )
SO SAD, i didn't cry, i kinda just smiled like an ancient observer watching this go by as if i lived a thousand years, but still LE SAAAAD

and it made me think of this a little
>> No. 2510624
File 131758053682.jpg - (69.48KB , 714x693 , 130712722128.jpg )
I didnt cry...BUT I ALMOST DID...i was sooo close to crying...thats sad
>> No. 2510721
File 131808249182.png - (492.62KB , 874x602 , spoiler.png )
I knew this was gonna be good just based on it being a massively-replied-to thread in Twilight's Library, so I was pretty much in the mood for this when I started reading. But then, I had to be: I've read two or three sadfics for other things in the past, but they completely fail to move me. As a lover of writing, I recognize every bit of device used to artificially tug at your heart strings (heck, most times, succumbing to these devices equals bad, hackneyed, lazy writing), and I can understand it without being affected by it.

Still, the show has made me laugh and smile with joy, and even moved me a few times. With that in mind, I sat down and started reading, expecting nothing more than a cute and heartwarming story.

It was a melancholic and teary-eyed man who smiled his way through the first half of the paper. No tears fell, but I felt sad and happy at the same time.

Then, just as I came upon "And yet... it was all worth it", the music hit the 2:04 mark and the drums kicked in, filled with such life and joy.

I didn't stand a chance. And I was laughing and smiling as much as I was crying.

God damn it. I haven't cried since the death of Littlefoot's mother in The Land Before Time when I was a kid, but THIS SHOW...

Just... no chance.
>> No. 2510732
File 131818163709.png - (66.20KB , 200x200 , 7febf48319ce3130c07fa2a9207a0a2f1317862384_large.png )
It's particularly heart warming, but what Twilight said about hello's and goodbye's...makes me wonder what will happen when my closest friends pass, or they leave. Makes me wonder if I'll be the first one in our group to pass. It's a heavy, heartwarming thing.
>> No. 2510736
i know that feeling, bro.
that's just how i feel whit these stories...
>> No. 2510744
I find it weird that the music ended at the exact same time I finished reading, but it didnt make me cry, but it did touch pretty deep down. I love the ending, that final sentance is problably what touched me the most...
The AppleDash shipping though was really unnecesarry, but it didnt ruin it.
>> No. 2510749
Right before reading that i watched a whole bunch of old videos of me when i was little. Now i have that almost about to cry feeling in the back of my throat.
>> No. 2510750
Right before reading that i watched a whole bunch of old videos of me when i was little. Now i have that almost about to cry feeling in the back of my throat.
>> No. 2510752
Right before I went on I just finished watching a bunch of old videos taped when I was a wee colt and then after reading this, must...not...cry...
>> No. 2510753
sorry for reposting somewhere i did the 1st 2 from my ipod and it was beings stupid
>> No. 2510772
>> No. 2511287
I got through the actual piece without crying, I was on the verge. Then I read this comment... It made me realize how little friends I have and how lucky Twilight is to have such amazing friends. I burst into tears thereafter.
>> No. 2511288
cried like a baby
>> No. 2511289
Touching. It explored a path of thought that I had also considered before in my life. While it did not bring me to tears, it did tug at my soul for a moment. You have my thanks for bringing it to my attention.
>> No. 2511295
This story broke my heart.
>> No. 2511612
I couldnt do it
>> No. 2511613
I couldnt do it
>> No. 2511629
celestia be honored, i cried like a clopping baby right then and there...
>> No. 2511634
I have been feeling so emotionless and depressed lately, that all I wanted to do was to be alone, today was the worst yet, I thought a visit to Ponychan and see my fellow bronies would cheer me up, it did. But then I read this beautiful story, and I felt all my emotion and love coming back to me, and knowing there are people who care for and love me so much. I have never cried so much, thank you who ever wrote that, thank you so much. I love all of you...*still crying a bit*
>> No. 2511636
Did it. What now, filly?
>> No. 2511637
now i go to bed, wake up with a smile on my face,greet celestia's day, and start enjoying what time and friends i have. thanks again OP!
>> No. 2511638
well i didnt cry, but that was so sad
>> No. 2511646
File 132118122851.jpg - (26.81KB , 320x320 , 131878091490.jpg )
Mine countenance whereupon I dreamt this story, but Twilight then told about all the others in ponyville and how and when they passed away, every single pony we know and love today was gone, even the young CMC...
I cried till I couldn't cry no more, dammit...
>> No. 2511647
Meh.. I didn't cry, I could see why some one might.
Might be the PTSD meds.

But Ya I don't get really teary over the passing of people. I have seen it. It's natural. Sometimes its Beautiful. Even... In the most horrible ways some times.
>> No. 2511675
ok well first off i'd like to say both thank you and F-you to Everlight Helios for sending me here and now onto my reaction well i didn't cry but i did get that feeling you get before you cry and i say good job i don't cry or get that feeling too often from reading something
>> No. 2511677
Haha, no problem but also sorry brony, but for me this is the best story on here... When something makes me cry just by reading it, that is a special thing for me, most sad things i just go Baaaawww, and get over it, but with this... I cried for the first time in a very long time...
And when you get a dream about a story, where the story continues and it makes you cry even more, that is when you have got yourself a prize winner for me...
>> No. 2511678
i was doing so well being manly ..... oh no now my eyes are starting to water now T.T damn i'm crying
>> No. 2511697
Here I thought MLP would bring me nothing but laughter and joy, and then a story like this one appears and... well...
I've never cried so much in my life.
Somepony please hug me.
>> No. 2511713

It's okay, sometimes you laugh, sometimes you cry,
but for every single tear, there is a reason why...
>> No. 2511749
Well, I didn't cry. But wasn't far from it either.
>> No. 2511755
this may have just saved my life

im crying and it means im still here
>> No. 2511756
>> No. 2511760
File 132209905828.jpg - (508.87KB , 1920x1200 , life.jpg )
it has been 8 years since i have cried, and today i can gladly say that i have cried, not tears of sadness, but tears of bittersweet, its true, time is vast, but in the end you will always be with your loved ones. and this is why i love this fandom so much
>> No. 2511761
File 132209943913.jpg - (70.47KB , 960x1280 , 1320637990762.jpg )
there not tears of depression, but tears of joy brother, tears that we can all share
>> No. 2511762
Damn it, I am not usually one for tears or anything but I did cry. Not a whole lot a couple of tears, but that was amazing.
>> No. 2511763
File 132213414991.png - (684.06KB , 1178x690 , DAWWWW!.png )
This was simply amazing. And oddly enough I am kinda okay that i did in fact cry. Not a whole log, a few tears but it still caught me a bit. Simply amazing guys.
>> No. 2511764
Woah! Last night, I had tried this. I didn't cry, but I immensely enjoyed the story at the music. Very good.

It wasn't until just now, the morning after, that I realized I dreamed about this story! Interesting to say that I can't remember anything about this dream, but looking back I do recall that basically I was just dreaming that there was a whole lot more of the story to read.

And, I suppose, if only there was I'd be very pleased.
>> No. 2511775
I did it! HA! bow before my clod heartedness!
but in all seriousness it was sad.
although I didn't even cry during my dogs death so meh. Not really that much of an accomplishment.
>> No. 2511776
So yeah, tried doing it.
Failed miserably. Got about halfway in and thought I was going to bawl my eyes out. Luckily though, only a few tears were shed.
Better bet those tears are going to build up and some day I'm going to drown in my own sea of tears.
Beautiful song, though. Did OP come up with this challenge or did he/she see it somewhere else and decide to mirror it?
>> No. 2511778
File 132227306762.jpg - (279.27KB , 1240x1280 , 68273 - applejack artist idylliccommotion duplicate fluttershy humanized mane_six Panty_and_Stoc.jpg )
"'One last adventure,' they called it
>> No. 2511904
You are Mean :)
This made me sad.
I wanted to do some work.
No i can't.
>> No. 2511910
Meh, it was okay, quotable even.

I didn't cry because I think I've already accepted the fact that life sucks but you'll have to make the most of it, as it is the only one you get.
>> No. 2511912
File 132265999664.png - (717.34KB , 1440x900 , wow_catchy.png )
Wow, not bad. Song is great and when it ended, I was still reading, but it stopped at a good place. Definitely a good, short read either way.

Not gonna lie, though, I laughed how she said Rainbow and Applejack got married. But other than that, I did get a bit sad.

But, not bad at all.
>> No. 2511913
I was about to cry.
Perfect combination with the music.
>> No. 2511917
it was getting good, then I read that applejack and rainbow got married, then i was like K, I'M DONE.
>> No. 2512327
File 132503256927.png - (59.68KB , 480x480 , 480px-PinkieShrug.png )
I got really into it, but the misspelling of PinkIE just ruined it.
I win.
>> No. 2512332
Read it all...didn't cry...
>> No. 2512336
Yeah, that bugged me too.
>> No. 2512343
Pretty sad fic, one of the best i've ever read.

But i didn't like that Appledash bit...
>> No. 2512347
File 132519832928.jpg - (9.25KB , 227x222 , moar.jpg )
I just...oh gawd...somepony hand me a napkin, that was beautiful
>> No. 2512350
It was really great, though I would have liked if the story was fleshed out a little bit more for the rest of the mane 6. Still, close to tears for somepony like me...that's something special.
>> No. 2512639
Impossibru D:
Great story, manly tears were shed.
>> No. 2512646
It was a close call, but I passed the challenge. I did get goosebumps, but no tears, manly or otherwise.
>> No. 2513640
MAN! I loved reading that, and the music made it even better! TBH, i didn't cry, but this put a HUGE smile on my face. This might have just made my day! :)
>> No. 2513642
Fuck you, sir. That brought tears to my eyes. Time to go punch a lion in the balls to regain my manliness.
>> No. 2513728
File 133193164756.png - (38.23KB , 125x125 , smilingflutter.png )
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I will report back with my results.
>> No. 2513729
File 133193202928.jpg - (12.75KB , 200x173 , hugmeplease.jpg )
Alrighty. I didn't shed a single tear. Although, my eyes did water up a bit. And I got plenty of goosebumps, too. It was still a great story.

And OP, you're a wizard. That music fit so perfectly...It's like it was meant for that story.
>> No. 2513809
New challenge:
Use this as the music while reading the fanfic:
P.S. If you want a less sadder version (for me it is), try the Theme of Love which is MOTHER 3 music.
>> No. 2513836
File 133338833718.png - (55.52KB , 931x878 , 130492084920.png )
Thank you OP.... That was the most beautiful experience. It is so hard to type right now, i'm bawling so hard. I need a hug....

Good night sweet ponys...
>> No. 2513837
Almost won, but didn't. D,:
>> No. 2513839

I dare you.
I'm still crying.....
>> No. 2513841
File 133343695137.png - (353.09KB , 603x688 , 9.png )
Didn't cry, so I guess I win. I live to be emotionless another day.
>> No. 2513842
Damn you, don't make it harder!
I tried it with this... Didn't make me cry, but I got pretty close to it. (May have had to do with seeing the anime and the scenes with this song, but still)
>> No. 2513844

I'll one-up those with:

>> No. 2513847
File 133359873445.png - (1.05MB , 672x950 , 00b5e6f7a09d0a53f8884f54b8ab1a5b-d4u4109.png )
That was just unfair! So beautyfully bittersweet!
Brava, brava, BRAVISSIMA!
>> No. 2514027
File 133384177415.png - (247.39KB , 480x360 , didn\'t%20read%20lol.png )
ADD prevented me
>> No. 2514523
I'm sorry, but is anypony else feeling that the fact that AJ and RB turned out lesbos kept the story from being god-tier?
>> No. 2514527
File 133401435542.gif - (1.08MB , 750x422 , 133221670697.gif )
That was incredibly sweet, but not nearly as sad as I expected. I LOVE the song, though.
>> No. 2514529
File 133408250838.jpg - (6.44KB , 172x151 , pegasus banner.jpg )
left me in tears
>> No. 2514532
File 133425133269.jpg - (5.66KB , 280x320 , why.jpg )
Fuck manly tears, I cried like a bitch.

I think this story has a great impact because it doesn't have to have the characters from MLP in it. You could replace the characters with other characters, or even people from your own life, and everything still makes sense. The lesson that Twilight tells her student is one of the most profound things I've ever read, and matches up very well with what William Wallace said in Braveheart:

"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."
>> No. 2514533
File 133426697314.jpg - (9.62KB , 300x168 , Derpy Hooves Seperation.jpg )
Very moving, and the song adds amazing affect. A fantastic piece of art from start to finish. I will remember this like I did with My Little Dashie. Now I have to stop posting so I can go cry.
>> No. 2514537
My emotions are broken, I read and listened with a poker face the whole time.

>> No. 2516326
File 133642364872.gif - (195.92KB , 750x422 , Lurking_Twilight.gif )
Totally failed this challenge. Then again, I wanted to fail. I like a good Bawww story.

I think, if I had to put a finger on it, the sadness is not a base reaction to the spectre of death. I have been lurking through the entire thread (thanks for the archive, mods!), and most negative reactions decry the "all my friends are dead, boo hoo!" tone of the piece.

That is not how the story affected me, at least, not at it's strongest.

The thought that the five friends had been given life eternal only to choose to die anyway is bittersweet. Death is first recognized as our adversary; something to struggle against at all cost. Later, we develop an understanding that death is inevitable, and no amount of wishing will make it otherwise.

It is a sublime and beautiful thing to see one reach the point where death is welcomed. I hope to face mine with such courage. (Not right now, please) I resonated most strongly (and, yes, tearfully) with this piece because the death they faced was one that they had chosen. A final adventure. In the arms of a close friend or lover, should you prefer the ship . Under the leaves of a great old oak tree, surrounded by the natural garden you worked so hard to make perfect. It is made all the more moving, and beautiful beautiful beautiful, because we rarely get the chance to choose for ourselves.

ONE THOUSAND INTERNETS and a pony parade for the author!

>> No. 2516583
I got a small, manly tear in my eye, and very deep, sad emotions. That was probably the most sadly touching 7 minutes of my life thus far.

Sadly, unlike the others in this thread, I remember that song from an artist on newgrounds, so goosebumps and were no longer existent a possibility. I'm sure the effect would have been stronger if it was the first time I listened to the piece. Seriously, that song used to make me extremely sad.
>> No. 2516584
Nope, still no feels.
>> No. 2516589

My first tear fell with the passing of Pinkie Pie, the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, always-wants-everypony-happy pony that I connect with the most. And just 'to see what it was like.' I don't mean that to sound bitter, but with profound melancholic envy. That is the spirit with which I want to live my last day. But I shall live every day prior in the way that Pinkie did, with the goal of making the world a happier place.
>> No. 2516959
File 134378559738.png - (184.10KB , 782x900 , Sad AJ an AB are Sad.png )
A single manly tear rolled down my cheek.

This is why I don't read fanfics. They give me feels.
>> No. 2516960
The first time I passed

thought "meh it's just a story"

second time and I'm still crying
>> No. 2516961
I'm contributing to the fandom!


AppleBloom reposted this in /chat/ and I did a reading set to Beethoven, because Beethoven is best pony.
>> No. 2516965
File 134406669949.png - (538.73KB , 946x658 , piiinkkkiii.png )
Almost when they chose to start dying but...."That every Hello contains within itself the echoes of its own Goodbye." 1 tear...
>> No. 2516967
File 134406849111.png - (50.86KB , 512x503 , dawww_tearing.png )
Oh wow, this got archived!

It made me cry back when this thread was made, and it still makes me cry now. Forget "manly" tears. I was letting it flow. It probably was the inspiration for a lot of things I do in /rp/ now.

Coming back to this was like washing away the stains and stresses of months gone by. A little more than a year, actually. I feel good. It's time for more ponies.
>> No. 2516976
I tried listening to that song, got bored of it, back to Sabbath! Also, I didn't cry. Because I'm a man. A MAN! I cried a little.
>> No. 2516992
Thanks OP, been a long time since I cried tears of joy. I owe you one.
>> No. 2517609
File 135003946343.gif - (244.84KB , 314x350 , tuYK_kJYwy5wrzm01K6e5knpmic=.gif )
May this song and this story endure forever, to remind us of the things which cannot,

I did not cry. I bawled. It felt wonderful. Those of you who actively tried to avoid it, I encourage you to actively seek it. This thread is catharsis sublime.
>> No. 2517646

I felt exactly the same way. But I enjoyed it all the same.
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