Aug 27Come say hello to our new !!Pinkie Pie.

File 140912790174.png - (119.29KB , 900x1300 , Ember Storm - Orion The Crow - the Zefarian.png )
39378920 No. 39378920 [View]
Has anypony else noticed that the icon for the settings up at the top right of the board is the same as the one that precedes my name? Or is it different for everypony?

To me, it's the trigram for fire - is it that for everypony?
15 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 39378969
File 140912947360.jpg - (964.42KB , 1762x1830 , image.jpg )
Gosh, Ember.

>> No. 39378971
File 140912958596.png - (187.12KB , 1713x1970 , Ember Storm - Errr.png )
>> No. 39378977
File 140913002263.png - (18.17KB , 249x290 , Cornered.png )

Oh, you think that now. You just don't know the truth, yet.

efchan /ef/
No. 1806131 [View]
>> No. 1806145
>> No. 1806146
>> No. 1806148

efchan /ef/
No. 1802868 [View]
>> No. 1806140
>> No. 1806141
>> No. 1806147

File 140912716780.jpg - (31.66KB , 400x399 , Just-Go-to-Bed-9780307119407.jpg )
39378890 No. 39378890 [View]
Why aren't you asleep, oat?
Go to bed!

Last edited at Wed, Aug 27th, 2014 01:17

9 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 39378949
File 140912876581.png - (80.47KB , 392x287 , 138883061978.png )
nah, I'm good
>> No. 39378950
I am working D: !
>> No. 39378975
File 140912980502.png - (156.49KB , 318x413 , oh that tickles.png )
Am I? Are you sure that's not just government conspiracies so that they can deploy troops when we're all tucked away in our beds?

I think YOUR the one with the brain damaged! Brainwashed, is more like it!

File 140912716120.jpg - (283.69KB , 1915x816 , 1408945591817.jpg )
39378889 No. 39378889 [View]
>tfw no gf
16 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 39378970
File 140912953448.png - (131.64KB , 1191x670 , 138883032380.png )
>> No. 39378972
File 140912959746.png - (114.80KB , 250x423 , actually, i'm pretty damn fabulous.png )
My phantasmal significant other is a master of Dust magic, fancy swordplay, and is the heir to a massive corporation that probably pretty much has a monopoly on it's product.

My phantasmal significant other would rekt your phantasmal significant other. Your phantasmal significant other gets rekt on a daily basis by all the people playing DS.
>> No. 39378974
File 140912976449.png - (242.13KB , 1200x1169 , 138883005396.png )
you can't even see my phantasmal significant other unless you go to the other side of the world, go into a secret cave and find a ring that has no useful properties.
Then go into an optional part of a level and equip the ring to make a statue disappear, and then all you get is the privilege to hear her voice.

you're phantasmal significant other just gives it up to anypony around

File 140910949622.jpg - (236.00KB , 2208x1380 , Exploring the world.jpg )
40602670 No. 40602670 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Pseudo-canon #Cross-canon #Chill #Lighthearted #Shipping #General #Semi-serious #Crazy #Courtesy/Common Sense/Fun

>If you want to make a Donut Bar thread, seea suggested OP post at

All cities have dark sides, and Canterlot is certainly no exception. On the wrong side of the tracks, everything appears to be dark and cold, the rainy weather being but an exclamation mark deepening the atmosphere of alienation and lurking fear.

The atmosphere changes though, as soon as you pass the worn door over the neon sign saying, in bright bold letters [U]D NUT BAR

Inside, amongst the tables and chairs dating back to the last century, with their nicks and stains and worn out padding, you can finally get yourself dry, drink something hot and wait out the rain. There's even a antique jukebox - someone placed the damaged neon 'o' from the sign outside next to it, the stylised glass donut looking a bit out of place with the sombre décor.
102 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40602779
File 140912914757.png - (195.69KB , 500x374 , what.png )
"...That wasn't what you were telling Dawn, was it?"
She glares at you from her perch at the bar.
"So somepony's getting the wrong story."
>> No. 40602780
>Well, I hope that goes okay for you...
>> No. 40602781
File 140912972538.jpg - (431.07KB , 1024x949 , boom.jpg )
It's you.

Now fuck off and go chase a real story, whydontcha. You're ruinin' my countertop.

File 140911522387.png - (331.03KB , 1105x831 , Curiosity killed the rigodon.png )
39378648 No. 39378648 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Just curious here.

What do you feel like your part in Ponychan is? Do you feel like part of a community, or a group of friends? Is it someplace you go once you have nothing better to do? Or is it a priority for you?
61 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 39378940
it doesnt have to correlate to sexal orientation
by being here you are or were a ponyfig which is a type of fig
i said everypony, and that includes me dont it? :D
>> No. 39378968
File 140912945970.jpg - (13.93KB , 328x261 , thinking.jpg )
>What do you feel like your part in Ponychan is?
If I recall correctly from I thread I once lurked around, I have a reputation for being one of the more level-headed posters here, listed alongside others like Whole Wheat or Time Lord. So ... I guess my part here is to be a kind of counter-balance of sorts ?

>Do you feel like part of a community, or a group of friends?
I do feel this is a community of friends to me, maybe not as close as friends in my immediate real life, but friends none the less.

>Is it someplace you go once you have nothing better to do? Or is it a priority for you?
It is a place I go as something between those two extremes.
>> No. 39378973
I'm the irascible grouch.

Both on occasion.



File 140881896442.jpg - (83.15KB , 450x294 , mcclouddigital[1].jpg )
40977690 No. 40977690 [View]
We could use a webcomics thread. Just something to not just discuss, but share, talk about, laugh or cry, recommend, and generally just go completely off tangent and just shoot the shit.

There is just one rule, though. To participate in this thread, you need to introduce a comic. It can be something everyone has heard about, an obscure, finished or lost piece, whatever works.

Anyone interested? I'll start.
27 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40977938
File 140912188357.jpg - (27.74KB , 600x338 , pokeman flowers errywhere.jpg )
It got a story later. That being said, it was slow to start, and it got a bit rocky there. The first 50 comics was really just Clevinger trying to find a style I think. The later stuff is better written and has more stuff in it that I enjoy. Plus some of the earlier stuff actually pays off and there's some fun laughs at both the writer's expense and at the characters too.

Also there's a set-up that takes like...more than 4 years to pay off. But it's super funny when it does.

Atomic Robo is basically Hellboy if Hellboy took anti-depressants. It's got pulpy action, some funny characters, some clever writing, and a genuine sense of "hey, we're doing this because we love comics". It's a really good indie comic from someone outside of the Big Two or image.

Also his Infinity Gauntlet story was pretty cool. I liked it a lot.
>> No. 40977942
File 140912645124.gif - (340.70KB , 612x3629 , 20111207.gif )
Ehh, not really. Keep in mind, I've actually read the whole series, if nothing else, then out of inertia. I didn't even see the end coming because I couldn't tell the difference between Chaos and any other monster/villain/hero/obstacle the characters encountered thus far.

But anyway, I might check out Atomic Robo sometime.

Anyway, for anyone who likes XKCD, I might recommend Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. While less focused on programming, it deals more with physics, sociology, biology and dick jokes. The usual structure of a comic is that of taking a premise and taking it to a ridiculous conclusion.
>> No. 40977943
Every Sunday

I just read all of LFG. I have a new comic for my list.

File 140909582707.png - (218.77KB , 1046x789 , Pinkie Present.png )
160725 No. 160725 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello, wonderful users of Ponychan! Nimble Wing here. In case you haven't already heard from some unofficial source, which I hope you haven't, I'm going to be serving as the site's !!Pinkie Pie from this point on. Specifically, I'll be tasked with replacing !!Spitfire as the mod of /rp/ and /ooc/. Those two boards have become a large part of the reason I stay here, so I'm grateful that I have the chance to help keep them happy and running! This does, of course, mean that Artee will be stepping down as a moderator. I believe that he’s done an absolutely wonderful job of being a mod, and I’m honored that he believes I would be a good replacement. I’ve got some big shoes to fill. It’s not my place to try and explain reasons, though, so I won’t be delving into that.

Now, some of you guys might recognize me, but I'm certain that many of you do not. I came to Ponychan shortly after I was introduced to FiM way back when in mid-late 2011. After hopping between boards a bit, I ended up making my home on /oat/. And that's where I stayed for a while. I posted quite a lot back then, so any of you back in that era might know me. After the big drama-fest following the old /oat/ crackdowns, though, I ended up moving on over to /rp/. It's been my main board ever since! I’ve also been the one updating and maintaining the site’s FAQ and Contact Us pages for a good while now, so maybe you recognize me from that. Or something. I dunno. I DO THINGS, OKAY?

For those who don't know me, I usually just go by Nimble Wing (Element of Flight) !SonicFbkn. when I post. Depending on moods and RPs, I'll sometimes use the names Jewel (Officer of the Orion) !wahaHAqNBY or Orion "Star Hunter" !Space0GGSs. My main name will always be Nimble Wing, though, and I always keep my email on my posts. I’m most likely going to become more active now that I’ve got a bigger role on the site, so maybe that’ll help with… stuff. I believe that people would be more comfortable with me as a mod if they, you know, kinda knew me. Maybe. I hope.

I’ll certainly do my best to try and make a good mod, and I want all of you guys to
77 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 160814
File 140912283321.png - (410.83KB , 987x1062 , xd.png )
^Welcome Pinkie best of luck I know you'll make us smile :D
>> No. 160815
File 140912561564.jpg - (19.99KB , 337x320 , blerblgerbl.jpg )
Best of luck!
>Artee will now be 100% funposting
>> No. 160816
Now we just have to get rid of Astra's title and all will be better.

No. 36776099 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  It's just a cartoon, they need to bend the rules of logic, common sense, physics, etc to entertain.


What if they had a real world reason for the way they grip things?

Like what the video is showing you?

Any opinions?
1 post omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 36776102
File 140912507884.png - (360.44KB , 2825x2982 , Pinkie Pie Vector Oooh, Look at This Thing!.png )
All ponies have these little hairs at the bottom of their hooves that act as a kind of super-Velcro that lets them hold just about anything. To avoid getting their hooves stuck on, say, grass or their own bodies, however, the hairs have to be willingly activated by the pony through choosing to want to pick something up.
>> No. 36776103
Why'd you have to be that guy?
>> No. 36776105
Youtube embed play button

File 138143649616.jpg - (169.43KB , 1217x657 , cyberpunk__by_mkw_chan-d656ej1.jpg )
446364 No. 446364 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Open #Canon: 6A #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #Cyberpunk

Life is hard and then you die. That's just the way it is. You wake up, you go to your shitty job, you come back to your shitty apartment, you eat your shitty processed dinner, you watch your shitty corporate TV, and then you go back to bed again. Rinse and repeat. The corporations control your life, the government controls your money, and those are controlled by groups you don't even have a name for. You're one of the little people—the nobodies, the downtrodden, the ninety-nine percent; and this is the rest of your life. You will be lonely. You will be miserable. You will wake up every morning and ride the bus to a factory job where you are shouted at by a fat unicorn who makes more in a week than you do in a year. You will spend your entire life trying not to breathe in the city smog, and you will spend your few quiet moments hoping you didn't get noticed by someone important. When you're thirty, you'll lose your leg in an accident and get a cheap augment to replace it. You will spend every minute of your life wishing you were dead; and when it finally happens, you probably won't even see it coming.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can break the chains. You can master your own destiny. You can get the fame, the money, the power, the glory—you can hold the entire world in your hooves, and hear it scream your name.

All you have to do is become a criminal.
Q: So what is this?

Sixth Age: Neon Shadows (or 6A, for short), is an imageboard RP with a twist: while characte
528 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 456313
Name: Deep Throat (laugh at it if you want, because my sides are orbiting Sirius right now)
Race: Unicorn, Non-Magic (She never relied much on telekinesis.)
Age: 23
History: One of the few ponies in modern Equestria who make a living without actually committing any crimes, she has been a journalist since she was old enough to drink. Covering any and all crimes, Deep Throat has seen a lot
of things, and now she wants to see the world of the Operator in person. Her goal? Go from journalism to book-writing.
Civilian Details: Works at the Daily Saddle during the day, churning out reports on crimes she may well have committed the other night. Goes by "Watergate", her given name, when not Operating. Lives in a low-class flat.
Grit: 3 (She's been in a couple fights.)
Athletics: 3 (She's run from a couple more.)
Hacking: 0 (She can use a word processor.)
Stealth: 4 (She's written down dozens of fights that she never got into.)
Murder: 0 (Like I said, she's been in a couple fights.)
>> No. 456314
File 140912605041.jpg - (7.37KB , 160x160 , 1376203951787.jpg )
>> No. 456315
File 140912711149.gif - (138.05KB , 125x125 , 133532420058.gif )
Hello again!

File 140901042620.gif - (359.87KB , 230x165 , Dive Dive Dive!.gif )
1527430 No. 1527430 [View] [Last 50 posts]
aka every hay thread ever

Welcome one and all to another exciting edition of the HAY, where the common themes are falling to the bottom of page one and making friends with the folk who come around. Largely the latter, if you're gonna ask.

So come on in, take a seat, and enjoy the ride, for this is the HAY

249 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 1528634
File 140912544030.jpg - (12.87KB , 320x320 , No words for this emotion_png.jpg )
It goes back to that whole cathartic belief that music is always there for us when we really need it. It's a lot like trying to reach out to others when you're in that state of mind, it's often hard but once you find the right solution, it's nice to finally have some contact.

I've considered it. Although I might have to get a second job
>> No. 1528636
File 140912609923.jpg - (11.84KB , 320x320 , Stitch exhausted_png.jpg )
Being an adult sucks.
>> No. 1528638
File 140912660101.jpg - (66.85KB , 638x877 , anti-spiral.jpg )
I really like that way of thinking. Maybe I've just been listening for the wrong reasons. Music is powerful after all

Good luck if you're planning on going for that job then. And I would really recommend that maximum spending cap

We all gotta grow up sometime

I'll be heading to bed now. Good luck with things man, I believe in you

Equestria Daily
File com--Ab3QQp5DyJI-U_1M5t98HLI-AAAAAAAA8MM-V1vv8UwrTpE-s1600-good_morning____by_sokolas-d7uy88v-2B-1-.jpg - ( , Good-morning-475248703.jpg )
1409119200 No. 1409119200 [View]
Read more »
>> No. 869335921
>> No. 869349075
>> No. 869363750

File 140537379236.png - (6.57KB , 350x390 , schumi.png )
172403 No. 172403 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Sie haben den Po kahl! Sie haben den Po kahl!
Sie haben den Po kahl! Sie haben den Po kahl!

Und was halt sonst so dazu gehört.
Aus alt mach neu, wir wollen diesmal weniger als 1000 Posts machen.
278 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 172758
File 140908833676.jpg - (904.44KB , 3072x4608 , 1365816549001.jpg )
>Es ist [sic] bringt nix.

Es bringt übrigens aus dieser Sichtweise auch nichts eine reale Person zu begehren, die umgekehrt einen selbst nicht begehrt und von der man dies weiß. Dennoch ein häufiges Phänomen, welches auch trotz Rationalisierungsbemühungen schwer zu handhaben sein kann. Hat mal jemand das "Ich liebe ein Mödchen, welches mich nicht liebt, mich vielmehr sogar hasst"-Bildchen?

Dakis für Normalfags, schweinewiderlich.

In meiner momentanen Hood gibt es eine großmäulige, unflätige, selbstverliebte und verzogene Loli mit hohem Entertainmentfaktor. Ist fast wie in meinen chinesischen Cartoons. Hab sie aber schon seit der Europawahl nicht mehr erspäht, trotz Sommerferien.
>> No. 172759
File 140912394918.jpg - (31.66KB , 500x290 , disco_rd.jpg )
>Dakis für Normalfags, schweinewiderlich.
Das Wort? Der Gegenstand kommt mir vöölig deckungsgleich vor.
>> No. 172760
File 140912478495.png - (9.85KB , 396x327 , dakimakura.png )
>Das Wort?

efchan /ef/
No. 1805387 [View]
>> No. 1805540
>> No. 1805833
>> No. 1806137

File 138927412335.png - (85.25KB , 422x287 , Fillychan.png )
1017058 No. 1017058 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Welcome to Fillychan, where everything Filly, Funtasia, or both, is what it’s all about. Whether you’re having high expectations for the show, are interested in learning more about it, or are just a random bypasser, we wish you welcome.

It’s basically a serial thread at Ponychan, and not really its own forum or board. For those who are primarily experienced with 4chan or general forums, quick step introductions are at >>1017061, and other than that, you’re free to post here and try to talk about whatever you find fitting.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 9th, 2014 06:31

721 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 1527916
File 140906545027.png - (3.65MB , 1392x1250 , that familiar pose.png )
"I'll just take two days off work, that should be enough time to study for my re-exam!"
Nope. It'll be yet another try in half a year or so.

>Now that I look at the pictures of Lynn again, it seems they can't even get her hair colour consistent on the same page of an official book! She's got the orange hair in the upper pic, and pink-purple-ish in the lower pic.
It's actually on purpose this time. There's a little story about how at her first "Zauberspruch" (seems to mean "spell", or "incantation"), she became so happy, her hair turned orange. (or something similar to that)
Now, this is actually pretty interesting, because I think this is the first time we've seen orange-haired Lynn in Filly material not directly connected to Filly Funtasia. If I allow myself to speculate, it might be that they decided to change it to orange for the show (probably to make her stand out more) and that the show is already affecting the toy line, before it has begun airing. If it does mean they are willing to change the toyline to match changes made for the show, that's a pretty good sign. It took quite some time before Hasbro finally did that, I recall.

Hope it goes well!
>> No. 1527994
File 140907328989.png - (110.25KB , 170x252 , She was suppose to be with me.png )
Zejgar seems to make some new stuff every day, as in, he's literally posting new stuff on Twitter several times a day. Today it's a Tumblr post [] about Lynn's hair colour with a case of really bad timing, as he didn't seem to know about the Sammelband cap at >>1527052 nor the story behind it. However, he does write that orange-hair Lynn allegedly came before the pink-hair Lynn when it came to toys.

>"I'll just take two days off work, that should be enough time to study for my re-exam!"
Though I have very little experiences with universities, I don't think two days has ever been enough for studying to a test. Better luck next time, at least.

>It's actually on purpose this time. There's a little story about how at her first "Zauberspruch" (seems to mean "spell", or "incantation"), she became so happy, her hair turned orange. (or something similar to that)
Wow, how did I miss that one? Just to top it off, the second line in the speech bubble refers to her pink hair as "Here you're seeing me with my old hair colour". The lesson I've learnt today: Speech bubbles actually can hold very important notes and not just catchphrases or philosophy.

>Hope it goes well!
Ah, I had forgot to reply to her on that, even though I was planning to. I'll wish her luck now.
>> No. 1528622
Pinkie Pie is not old enough to be Will's mom, she never says that. She does say she's old enough to get married, which is true, and the most obvious way of conveying her age. She's old enough to be his teacher, big difference. I had several teachers in their twenties when I was sixteen-ish, so that's a thing.

>maturity stuff.

Yeah, it worries me, too. Mostly the notion of having to go out and drive places with traffic being what it is (ie a bundle of stress and accidents waiting to happen) and get my own food, not to mention getting a job.

Speaking of work, got started on Synfig yesterday, finished the first few tutorials successfully, Filly model needs to be torn down to before the facial shapes were added because I mucked up the symmetry, apparently. I don't know, the thesis thing is up in the air at the moment. Think I'll try a bit of Wesnoth this morning, then Blender, then finally get started on Quorum Sensing 3. If I do one chapter per day, it'll be done by next week.

File 140880803970.jpg - (82.49KB , 612x842 , tmp_22061-___commission_4_____by_larenn1172928724.jpg )
40977685 No. 40977685 [View]
28 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40977939
Youtube embed play button
^Roflmao. Meh I like this one better.

^Wake up /chat/!
^Say when the fuck did we get this? "The obligatory off-topic board."

Last edited at Tue, Aug 26th, 2014 23:49

>> No. 40977940
File 140912284275.jpg - (176.12KB , 591x443 , tmp_25212-EPIC bro fist-1472216675.jpg )
^I don't know how it happened? But it happened. Well NEO good night. I had fun. Thanks for the vids and chatting with me. It was fun. Hopefully we can do more tomorrow.

>> No. 40977941
^*Brofist* Yeah, mods I guess. We will chat about it tomorrow as I am also hitting the hay. Goodnight DAP I had fun too.

efchan /ef/
No. 1805168 [View]
>> No. 1805385
>> No. 1805388
>> No. 1806133

File 140909566636.jpg - (481.41KB , 1920x1080 , kennydidnothingwrong.jpg )
132231 No. 132231 [View]
you know it's true.
>> No. 132235
Kenny was a glorious man. I loved him through thick and thin.

efchan /site/
File 1341661082724.jpg - ( )
72 No. 72 [View]
>> No. 4094

File 140735792583.jpg - (34.24KB , 640x360 , 126992 - advice Friendship_is_Witchcraft Sweetie_Belle Sweetie_Bot.jpg )
159881 No. 159881 Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
I probably should have made this earlier, but this is the thread for requesting bug fixes and things that you would like to see implemented. As they are requested, I will add them to the list in the OP, and a rough percentage showing how complete that bugfix or feature is completed.

For starters, I fixed the Youtube embed thumbnails being stretched strangely, and it only took one letter to fix it!

Bug fixes
Youtube thumbnail stretching - 100%
Youtube thumbnail title - 100%>
Fix links in spoilers still showing when not hovering - 100% - you may have to do a hard-refresh (Shift-F5 or Shift-Refresh button click) for it to apply
Fix Return/Entire thread/Last 50 posts links overlapping with the quick reply and toggle post form links - 0%

Add a seperate interface for mobile browsers - 0%
119 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 160809
File 140911845791.png - (228.74KB , 480x720 , f97.png )
Nah, that was just closest to my screen, so I used that.
>> No. 160810
File 140911857097.jpg - (19.48KB , 300x199 , Yay+rin+_c67ce5e825e1898c33a2b6646515a59d.jpg )
I actually wanted to have the title show above the video, but I was having trouble getting it to fit right, and then I realized that with long titles, it would look like shit anyway.
>> No. 160813
well at the time i made the post that wasn't yet working

File 140867497786.jpg - (156.85KB , 1500x1000 , EMBLEM 3.jpg )
1521763 No. 1521763 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Welcome stranger, comrades and lurkers alike!

This is The Order of The Insomniacs, ready to accept and entertain the newest of people to the oldest of legends. Packed with exciting daily madness, your dose of unhinged chaos and of course the magical aura of this thing we call 'friendship'.

So why not introduce yourself? Make a few friends, relieve yourself of chronic boredom or even just chat along! There's a lot of oppurtunities to start up a conversation, so don't be shy! Whether be it spontaneous roleplay or your usual babbling, anything goes.

And remember, treat everyone with respect and maintain your manners.

Have a great day!
390 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 1528503
File 140911190254.gif - (770.82KB , 350x350 , 53b.gif )
>> No. 1528508
>> No. 1528619
File 140912214717.gif - (215.66KB , 150x150 , 1e3ef442.gif )

File ws-wp-content-uploads-2014-08-mitch-406x350.png - ( , mitch.png )
1409110908 No. 1409110908 [View]
Find more information on Stay Brony My Friends brings you the best of the best during this pony blackout! This time we rounded up M.A. Larson for you all! The talk centered around his new book Pennyroyal Academy as well as pony related things we COULD talk about. THEN Meghan McCarthy dropped into the […]
>> No. 123

File 137376861202.jpg - (68.26KB , 356x425 , chickuntime.jpg )
924773 No. 924773 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Chickun thread, anypony?
195 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 952179
File 140883926217.png - (243.54KB , 444x490 , 1408340099122.png )
>> No. 952236
File 140906930973.jpg - (124.53KB , 638x343 , angry scoots chicken.jpg )
>> No. 952243
File 140912053979.jpg - (110.70KB , 345x400 , frenchchickun.jpg )

File 140789379424.jpg - (41.25KB , 460x307 , image.jpg )
78198 No. 78198 [View]
This subject is one that has greatly frustrated me:

Why does this exist? Why must it exist? What point is there in it existing? Is it something to be Prohibited? For this only brings heart ache and ignorance of friendship between boys and girls.
It also brings unneeded drama, and is a weight that many do not need on their shoulders.

Can someone please explain to me all of this?

This comes from me, a 15 year old, who has no dating/girlfriend experience, but has heard much advice and is an outsider looking in on the events known as dating
17 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 78244
If you want some advice, take it from a man whose been through what you're going through: the stench of desperation is unattractive.

generally women want to be with someone who is confident and sure of themselves. If you go around broadcasting that you need a relationship with someone, anyone, right now, does that make a girl feel like her a relationship with you would be special? Or would that be something anyone willing to pay attention to you could have?

Make yourself stop wanting it so bad, and it's a lot more likely that something will come to you. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who needs to beg for affection.
>> No. 78247
>I have tried to start, but I got rejected a lot as all.
Why are you even asking these question, then? The answer seems pretty obvious.
>> No. 78248
I'm 17, male, and heterosexual and sometimes I feel pretty lonely. I've never had a girlfriend, although I really want one. However, I feel that a lot of teenage friendships are pretty gender segregated because of dating and I don't think it necessarily has to be that way. in my Freshman Sophomore and Junior years, I made an effort to not sit at gender segregated lunch tables which tend to be that way because people find it easier to befriend a gender that they aren't attracted to. As a result I have plenty of friends of both genders as a senior(I say both for simplicity even though I picture gender as a spectrum, not a binary). I've been going on dates with girls, but haven't had a real relationship. That being said I have confidence I will meet someone I truly love. My philosophy is to not let gender stand in the way of friendship and even if you don't have a partner yet, it will happen if you want one.

File 140856279452.jpg - (96.55KB , 693x726 , meandering bones.jpg )
40977555 No. 40977555 [View]
Stoner general
maybe draw something on MSpaint why not
i call it "meandering bones"
2 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 40977560
Nice GET, dude.
>> No. 40977927
Yeah man I just tried shrooms today
>> No. 40977933
File 140911828117.png - (164.30KB , 844x647 , rock you are a rock.png )
^not much of a stoner here I call it rock you are a rock.

Equestria Daily
File com--VgI0_h1AyHQ-U_z2rGDPVCI-AAAAAAABZEk-0F9B77M6mMI-s650-LibraryJam.png - ( , LibraryJam.png )
1409112000 No. 1409112000 [View]
Read more »
>> No. 869312002
>> No. 869323946
>> No. 869325008

File 140902142893.jpg - (32.03KB , 1280x720 , 1409021372509.jpg )
36775970 No. 36775970 [View]
So I hate to bring this up but does anyone else release the sad truth of Twilight Sparkles princess life. Judging from the experience of princess Celestia it seems that becoming a princess makes that pony immortal. The fact that Twilight is now princess and immortal means that she will watch as her friends and family grow old and eventually die. And yes ponies do get old based on Granny Smith. Even worse is the fact that Princess Candace will have to watch her beloved husband Shining armor die as well. I hate to put a damper on any brownies day but I just had to get that out otherwise I love the show
39 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36776096
This reminds me of something.

Do you think Hasbro would license fanfiction writers if they write children's books?
>> No. 36776097
they already do that.
but instead they get profesional writeres.
>> No. 36776098
File 140911721497.png - (107.66KB , 372x262 , 5(40).png )
You're going to have to be clearer on what you mean.

If you mean license a fanfic or ask a fanfic writer to do a job just based on his fanfics, then no. They can't even read fanfics, so they aren't going to do any licensing on them.

However, someone who is a fan and wrote fanfics could still be hired to do something. The thing is, they can't just be a fanfic writer, they need to be someone who's actually trying to make a career out of their writing and applies for a job, possibly with a connection. A major reason Ted Anderson, a fan since season 1, got a job on the comics is largely because he was friends with a guy who knew a guy who knew the editor, and that gave him the chance to show some sample work and pitches. Another example I could think of for a different series would be current Sonic and Mega Man comics writer Ian Flynn, who used to write Sonic fan comics. He spent four years applying to Archie, sending in sample works that he kept on revising and improving on.

Last edited at Tue, Aug 26th, 2014 22:30

File 140181260041.jpg - (75.17KB , 770x577 , interesting.jpg )
1396335 No. 1396335 [View] [Last 50 posts]
>Do you have a favorite artist pony or other/who?
>what makes him/her/hir your favorite?
>do you have a favorite medium?
>what's your favorite picture/song/video/something else? created by this artist, or perhaps by another artist?
288 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 1528254
And I miss actually having this thread alive
>> No. 1528260
File 140909908233.jpg - (23.95KB , 190x340 , vengi.jpg )
Its a few months too late for that however,
Too many people left with no contact info to be found.
There's always the possibility of making new friends or migrating however, yeh?
>> No. 1528602
File 140911784328.gif - (0.97MB , 250x250 , sensible chuckle.gif )

File 140910202356.png - (168.85KB , 335x347 , Filly Flutterjoy.png )
40977904 No. 40977904 [View]
arise chicken
9 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 40977918
File 140910705445.png - (104.63KB , 241x521 , 15.png )

this made my night!
>> No. 40977919
File 140910745463.gif - (88.88KB , 360x308 , 139742751277.gif )
You gonna get chickun'd.
>> No. 40977930
Youtube embed play button

Equestria Daily
File com--d-T-f6Vx3yE-U_z68CA5cWI-AAAAAAAA8K4-RHVRqMwy2qc-s1600-library_jam_by_jowybean-d7wrdo1.png - ( , Library-Jam-478288369.png )
1409115600 No. 1409115600 [View]
Read more »
>> No. 869320357
>> No. 869320961
>> No. 869321001

File 140869168147.jpg - (62.47KB , 871x916 , twilight__the_mind_sculptor_by_jin1515-d5p3ccv.jpg )
132198 No. 132198 [View]
So I recently got this code from the Loot Crate for the game Gauntlet which isn't even out yet.
I don't own the game nor do I care enough about it to buy it especially since it isn't even out yet.
Hoof come first serve.


This gets you the exclusive in-game helm Mask of the Wyrm Slayer

Ignore pic I just like having one on a new post.
>> No. 132204
Thanks for the code :D Your mighty kind
>> No. 132233
>> No. 132234
File 140911597510.gif - (71.49KB , 600x429 , 11764906846_f662599daf_o.gif )
Gauntlet? That's a name I've not heard in a looong time... a long time.

What do you mean "not out yet?"

Kids these days. No respect for their roots.

File 140831386617.jpg - (256.81KB , 1280x1024 , burning_city.jpg )
40592320 No. 40592320 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Closed #Canon: 6A #Chill #Dark #Violence #FiM-only #Semi-serious

You see, the city was going up in flames.


In what will be remembered as the most daring terrorist attack of the decade, a group of unnamed saboteurs turned the Central Divide into a war zone. After an unknown number of assailants—suspected by be between fourteen and twenty—ambushed a Lonestar armored convoy with high explosives and heavy weapons. The attacks left over twenty law enforcers dead; and in the crossfire, Royal Centurion Blue was shot multiple times and fell approximately forty feet onto a side-bridge. He is currently being kept in an undisclosed location, and is reportedly in critical condition. Police are advising citizens to remain indoors, and we will report more on this story as it devel—


Breaking news, folks. Mere hours after the devastating gunfight at the Central Divide, a bomb of unknown origin has been discovered aboard the Celestian Celbratory Cruiser Perfect Dawn, which was in the process of making its annual tour around the Canterlot area. The ship had been seized a group of Ibexian radicals of unknown origin and capabilities, but it is believed at this time that they were going to detonate the ship directly over downtown, which would have killed dozens in the blast. Fortunately, a Lonestar strike team was able to storm the boat and neutralize the terrorists before their plot could come to fruition. It is currently believed that the terrorists were connected to the—

221 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40602347
(My bad, edit, wrong place.)
So much for luck. Eight sat at the table, sign in mouth, waiting, hoping someone here needed dumb muscle. There was usually someone...

Last edited at Tue, Aug 26th, 2014 20:52

>> No. 40602664
As everyone spoke, a poor blue lump of beer-gut was lying down on the couch, making miserable noises every now and again. His cowboy hat lies over his face, blocking any and all lights. One of his hooves idly rubs his temples to try and help his splitting headache. Concerning how much he drank the night before, only Kreig would truly know the hell Suave is going through.

"...Yer... Yer gonna... Rob a buckin' store... Jus' to get some... Cheap ass damn speakers. ...Sumbitch, you guys... Can't we just slow tha hay down, an'... Buuuuuck..."

He rolls over miserably, burying his face into the couch cushions.

"...Krrrg. Rrm grrnr pyrrk..."

Last edited at Tue, Aug 26th, 2014 19:59

>> No. 40602681
File 140911354929.jpg - (43.72KB , 640x480 , We heart richard hawk.jpg )

She nodded all the while as he went and listed his other talents, right up until he came to the very last, and at that she just stopped. She stopped her nods, titled her head even further, blinked a few times behind her shades, and pursed her lips in a moment of awkward acknowledgement. She wondered briefly if this was the normal response to hearing of ones talents of shoving cans up their rectum, though at the same time she wondered if there ever could be a true and proper response to that. Weirdness aside, that actually might come in handy, she thought. Its immediate use eluded her for the moment, but someday it may just be revealed to her. In the end, she ended just as she began. With a simple nod of her head.

"Well then...thank you for being forward with us. If anyone else wants to add anything, now is the time. Otherwise...I think we might just have a use for you. If an MMCS is an issue, Igneus, as well as myself, will be able to help out."

File 138242844458.jpg - (559.41KB , 2000x1500 , 441932__safe_twilight+sparkle_photo_pony_toy_book_ponies+around+the+world_myst_cyan+worlds.jpg )
128937 No. 128937 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Reviewer #The Training Grounds
Previous thread: >>128053

Welcome one and all to the Training Grounds, the review thread authors and reviewers, both newcomers and seasoned veterans alike! With the closing of the spreadsheet, we’re going back to square one: just stories, reviews, and this thread right here. Things will be kept track of by hoof, wing, and/or claw with a listing every so often.

How to get a review: Post a story with its title, description, tags, and a link to it where applicable. Please include all of these in your post and not just a Fimfiction link to a title page.

How to review: Write what you think about a story (or review) and post it in a reply. Put a * in front of the subject field if you’d like your review reviewed.

List of unclaimed stories: >>129398

Last edited at Thu, Feb 13th, 2014 11:07

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>> No. 131008
File 140909838025.png - (290.80KB , 900x675 , pinkie_and_brain____by_white_etihw-d58ewr3.png )
This one's pretty short, but you'll see why soon enough. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
>> No. 131009
This is a re-post for the sake of making it clear that it's a review request via the Subject line.

Title: Gigglephobia

Summary: One of Pinkie Pie's greatest joys is making people laugh, but when she discovers that laughter can kill, that joy transforms into an ugly, disgusting nightmare that can only end in tears.

Meanwhile, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are off to the Everfree Forest to find and catch an elusive, needle shooting creature they heard about at school. Will they find it? Will they finally earn their cutie marks?

Tag: Comedy
>> No. 131010
Wow, talk about ripping it apart. I don't think you left any piece untouched.

Can I look forward to you more often?

I completely understand the problem with the opening. Perhaps my problem is that I keep imagining it as something animated and trying to translate it into words. Thus leaving me having to describe it like I would have to with a blind man at the movies.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, I won't be changing the point of view, but I will be looking it over to try and change things up a bit, start by zeroing in on the character first and then building outward. I think instead of doing something drastic like re-arranging paragraphs, Maybe just adding a bit at the start would be enough.

Equestria Daily
File com--fbb87DVPiZM-UIXCyt8QxLI-AAAAAAAA9zU-l1g9dPJBFQ4-s320-54950.jpg - ( , 54950.jpg )
1409110200 No. 1409110200 [View]
Read more »
>> No. 869294685
>> No. 869294834
>> No. 869302645

File 140790634891.png - (1.61MB , 680x701 , 90735__UNOPT__.png )
160140 No. 160140 [View]
From now on, Orange will be serving the site in his preferred role as a dev.

This past year has been insane for me in real life. I apologize for never being around. In the coming days, I will be working on a plan to reorganize the site's administration so that my frequent and prolonged absences will not stand in the way of the site moving forward. (Hopefully at some point my absences will be less frequent and prolonged, too.) I will post more details once I have everything worked out.
57 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 160680
>> No. 160771
File 140910900262.png - (94.71KB , 458x471 , 132623316592.png )
Just an update. The staff reorganization was a bit less cut-and-dry than I had expected, but discussions to finalize the plan are ongoing and almost settled.
>> No. 160781
File 140910977164.gif - (23.06KB , 143x130 , 138345697073.gif )

[Anticipation Intensifies]

File 137938990245.png - (200.16KB , 512x512 , 295361.png )
40094034 No. 40094034 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Closed #Canon: Destination: Equestria #Series: Requiem #Adventure #Dark #Violence #General #Serious #So close...

Fear. One of the most potent forces. An instrument to rule over others, to bind and break them. A tool of tyrants and monsters.

How grim and narrow-minded.

Fear of the dark and cold gave birth to fire. Fear of being forgotten creates truly amazing works of art. Fear of loneliness forms friendships and communities. Fear of extinction creates new life.

Sit for a while, and witness for yourself what tremendous feats a small band of heroes could be motivated to accomplish...out of their fear of death. Look to the other end of the playing the soulless monstrosity plaguing the land, its vast army...and the puppet it has created to gain my favor and sate my hunger.

Amazing what fear can create, no?

Look, they have almost reached their destination. Impressive that they managed to get the ship up and ready in such a short time, don't you think? Fear, my friend. In an way, you could say...they owe their accomplishments to me. Funny, really...that it was me causing what led us all to this point...and what will end this conflict, one way or another. But enough talk...I'm eager to meet them all.
307 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40597943
File 140874409609.jpg - (123.73KB , 1092x1280 , 1280626142_agathos_dawnofanewday_copy.jpg )
"I don't care what kind of trap this is. I'm willing to barrel through and get to whatever lies ahead. I want this to end so I can finally leave this wasteland and go back home."

Sure, the sparks of electricity ran through his body, the slight tingle of energy dancing through his fibers, but what laid ahead was all he wanted.
>> No. 40601917
File 140906710073.jpg - (87.27KB , 600x849 , Mage_by_Rummi_chan.jpg )
They Royal couple were a bit further down when the massive electric discharge happened, but not close enough to actually see it. However they did rush ahead to see what they could find....

Spiral moved along with them, looking at Shade, "He's right... we need to press on." She sniffed the air, " That's the smell of someone else getting hit by whatever that was. I think we're safe... Let's move..."
>> No. 40602678
Wheaton nodded, picking up his pace, and saying, "We should catch up with Shining Armor and Princess Cadence. I'm not sure what other kinds of traps there may be here, but we should all stay together. Be careful, though. There may be un-triggered traps down here, still."

Last edited at Tue, Aug 26th, 2014 20:28

File 140650645140.png - (82.69KB , 1320x872 , Trotswood Map.png )
40565202 No. 40565202 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Ponies

On the Edge of Equestria near the western forests. Lies Trotswood, a small town on the Edge
of civilization as ponies know it. A haven for the weird and supernatural, Trotswood has
never grown into a particularly large town and though ponies come and go, it needs more
ponies to grow. Ponies who can run shops, work jobs, and defend the town from the horrors
that lurk at its edges. The town is small right now, consisting of a few shops, some homes,
a hospital, and the bar next to the hospital.

Trotswood is supposed to be a growing community, where there is no overall OP to handle anything
but OOC disputes and the rules. Everything is player driven, the story, the town, the ponies in
in the town. It is a place players can make an arc, and bring the whole town into it, you do not have
to make up a setting or anything, just take the town and its basics and make it into a place
358 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40602663
File 140910816745.png - (33.97KB , 285x406 , ExplosivePersonality.png )
Well, now would be the perfect time to get some shampoo!
she said smiling, while she meanwhile thought to herself
YES! I can get myself dinner with this!
>> No. 40602665
J:sadly...I don't have my bits on me....and I live in a tent right now.So I have to look for a job right now.
>Jon frown, saying this.he REALLY need to find a job.
>> No. 40602677
File 140910999511.png - (73.88KB , 1184x1524 , WhatWasThat.png )
The pony scratches the back of her head
I guess you can work for me... just warning you that these don't sell for much. they are 2 bits each, ill split half the profits with you... I hate to see a pony in need and not be able to help

File 140864068925.jpg - (465.63KB , 2250x2250 , zombiepony.jpg )
128549 No. 128549 [View]
#Digital #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Hello friends!

I have been going around ponychan for quite sometime, trying to figure out an appropriate place to post my art. I hesitate because I'm doing the concept work for a current Kick Starter of pony-inspired minis. (I tried to email a mod to see if it's ok, but I got a Derp Screen.)

If this is inappropriate in any way, just let me know and I'll take it down, but here goes for now. I hope you all enjoy my take on the pony style. :) If you happen to like the art and want to see it in 3d, I can put a link to the KS where the 3d models are displayed, but only if anyone requests it. (I just want to be respectful of the board.)

Thanks again and here goes! :)
19 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 128576
File 140902346023.jpg - (597.13KB , 1500x1500 , alchemistponydone.jpg )
And an alchemist pony. :)
>> No. 128578
File 140910682273.jpg - (859.90KB , 1500x1500 , barbarianponyDone.jpg )
barbarian pony :)
>> No. 128579
File 140910689831.jpg - (707.26KB , 1500x1500 , chaosponydone.jpg )
And last one for tonight, the chaos knight pony

Last edited at Tue, Aug 26th, 2014 19:35

File 140351176938.jpg - (108.85KB , 960x640 , 137390653160.jpg )
949677 No. 949677 [View] [Last 50 posts]
224 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 952240
I ca...I mean...
I check /pic/ for the first time and in a millisecond I'm seeing rape faces.


(╬ ಠ益ಠ)

FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> No. 952241
File 140909905159.png - (260.28KB , 720x480 , JdbWZ.png )
>> No. 952242
File 140910078121.jpg - (73.89KB , 853x480 , 137194629502.jpg )

File ws-wp-content-uploads-2014-08-woy__hater_on_skaters_by_futurecrazycatlady-d6kfen1-500x323.png - ( , woy__hater_on_skaters_by_futurecrazycatlady-d6kfen1.png )
1408985523 No. 1408985523 [View]
According to Craig McCracken, we’ll get fresh episodes every month now from September through December. Furthermore, the Buddies song is from an episode entitled “The Buddies.” That picture also fits Lauren Faust’s recent discussion topic on Twitter, but that wasn’t on purpose. @jenlago77 That song is from the episode called The Buddies & new eps […]
>> No. 123
>> No. 123
>> No. 123

File 139358828085.jpg - (4.45MB , 3600x3000 , TwiFallSSA.jpg )
127543 No. 127543 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

Improved resolutions! No more squashed pictures! This is the art that you deserved from the start!

Other than that it's the same as my old one; I'll be re-posting all my old art as is, aside from the improved resolutions, so things that I drew wrong before (Sky Breaker's eyes as an example) will still be wrong in the transfer. I think I'll stress it more this time around, I really really want to improve and if you see something about my pictures that just isn't right, I can take pretty much any level of criticism, of course, I also like encouragement and not just long speeches about what I did wrong. A balance is good.

I'm thinking about taking a request like once a week, getting the requests and accepting one on Sunday and actually doing and posting it on Monday. It being a once a week thing I didn't see it necessary to tag this with "Taking Requests".

I'm hoping this new gallery will be pleasing to everyone and that I'll learn a lot from the /art/ community. Happy drawing all! :)
107 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 128546
File 140859457403.jpg - (1.23MB , 2000x2000 , 139792191102.jpg )
Especially not the Atlas Pro.
Gotta pay extra for the pro edition.
Aaaanyway, I wish I had some suggestions for ya. You seem pretty awesome.
>> No. 128548
File 140862993373.png - (133.84KB , 914x1145 , BlushTwiSmile.png )
Thx! :)

I think the main thing that I struggle with in drawing is perspective. I have a hard time putting them in non-stock positions. I'm working on bending them around a bit, and you'll also notice I've only recently begun to do some more in depth shading; with me practicing these two new not-so-amateur techniques here, there are bound to be mistakes made, so if there's anything you see in my pics that seems like a consistent issue, I love constructive criticism. ^^
>> No. 128577
File 140909796490.png - (4.38MB , 3800x3000 , TwiLovesSomething.png )
Derp eyes!

File 140900795075.png - (179.27KB , 500x500 , watch dogs.png )
132224 No. 132224 [View]
I have been playing Wtachdogs for a couple weeks and Im enjoying it but I haven't found any MLP references yet.
>> No. 132225
File 140902321296.png - (173.58KB , 254x387 , top kek.png )
I didn't know it was possible to enjoy Watchdogs.

Well, I didn't enjoy it anyway

Last edited at Mon, Aug 25th, 2014 20:20

>> No. 132232
File 140909712444.png - (395.42KB , 4329x4979 , bat pony 4.png )
Anything is possible if you beleive.

File 140613460954.jpg - (1.24MB , 1920x1080 , Metallica mlp.jpg )
21056 No. 21056 [View]
Metalheads are douchebags always arguing over which is considered to be real metal and what is considered to be poser metal.
9 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 21129
File 140847347219.gif - (1.44MB , 500x290 , dohoho, those wacky jews.gif )
<wanting nazi comments
Better yet, cut out the middle man and go to an Absurd video. German and Nazis. Plus you have the added bonus that they're murderers like Varg. All the edge you could ever hope for!

Speaking of Burzum, has anyone kept up to date with Varg after Belus? Because his albums get weird after that. Like...fucking with synths constantly weird. Like...trying to make folk music without folk instruments weird.

Also his youtube channel is both interesting and also supremely lulz worthy.

His vlogs are both interesting and hilarious since he's basically just another Youtuber now.
>> No. 21130
>has anyone kept up to date with Varg after Belus
Not me. I enjoyed Belus, but never listened to anything after that album.
>> No. 21141
Hey it's not my fault I h8 Nazis!

File 132624854821.png - (314.75KB , 1471x2001 , still_mine_by_kurokaji11-d4b8tw8.png )
673885 No. 673885 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Seems something bad happened and alot of /pic/ threads were wiped. So here is the new FlutterDash archive.

I'll be dumping pix over the next few days to rebuild things.
1057 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 952187
File 140891611610.png - (1.35MB , 1500x2300 , save_all_my_dreams___by_alend_nyan-d7tj3oi.png )
>> No. 952201
File 140900892942.jpg - (124.66KB , 1006x904 , 691180__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_angel+bunny_winona_artist-colon-mlpfwb_owl_falcon.jpg )
>> No. 952237
File 140909491168.jpg - (71.68KB , 1280x562 , 691492__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_artist-colon-gouviac.jpg )

No. 128883 [View] [Last 50 posts]

As everyone should know by now, Equestria Daily has gone almost exclusively to short bullet-point reviews, except in cases where only a small number of items need to be corrected for posting. I enjoy giving longer reviews, but can no longer do so through Equestria Daily, so I will post them here. I will only do so for stories that in my estimation would have passed the old automoon system; others will get only the bullet-point treatment in the email.

This thread is only for the authors in question and me. They are free to ask questions or ask me to remove their reviews from the thread for any reason. For any other traffic, I will ask a mod to delete it. General questions about Equestria Daily or the pre-reading process should be posted here:

Note that I won't give an exhaustive list of errors; I'll provide a representative list of the types of problems I find and leave it to the author to scour his story for the rest.

To avoid repeating myself, I'll post a few of the more common discussion topics up here; your review may refer you to one or more of these.

Dash and hyphen use:
Hyphens are reserved for stuttering and hyphenated words. Please use a proper dash otherwise. They can be the em dash (Alt+0151) with no spaces around it or en dash (Alt+0150) surrounded by spaces. Some usage (primarily American) employs only the em dash, while other usage (primarily British) employs an em dash for cutoffs and an en dash for asides. It doesn't matter which system an author uses, as long as he is consistent.
239 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 131005
Note that this list is not comprehensive. I picked out a few examples of each kind of error or problem I found. Of course, not everything is a black-and-white issue; this is not a list of things you have to fix, but take each under advisement.

>blue and white plumage, the former color covering her head and chest with a few blue streaks through it//
So her head and chest are blue with blue streaks? I don't get it...

>while the latter coating her forelegs and wings//
Verb form. I'll also say that since the narration takes Cranky's perspective, it's odd to get this detailed description of her appearance. He's seen her plenty of times before, so why is it catching his notice now?

>One already lost almost all of its leaves//
Verb tense.

>She jabbed him gently in the side, then turned around and walked to the other side of the room.//
>> No. 131006

This won't be quite a point-by-point reply, but rest assured all of your feedback has been noted and is being put to good use. I'm embarrassed to have made so many sloppy, amateur mistakes. I am an amateur, but that's no excuse. My hyphens, dashes, participles, and so forth are undergoing rigorous retraining.

>"Why wasn't I informed of this last night," a familiar voice asks.//
>So where's the question mark?
My prereader pointed this out elsewhere, but I failed to correct my mistake throughout. Again, sloppiness on my part.

>Instead there is rubble//
>Seems haphazard of him to cause structural damage to the castle, especially since this story isn't the type for exaggeration.
Shining's door pull was intended to be a quick reaction from a surprised and upset older brother. In hindsight, it seems like a radically violent reaction to a completely nonthreatening situation. I'll mellow it out.
>> No. 131007
>Wiktionary says the vocative particle 'O' should be capitalized.
I wondered if that was the case, but I didn't go to look it up, so you win. This time...

>Proper closure feels much better.
It does, but proper closure can take many forms. I get what you were trying to do with the ending, and over-explaining it would definitely be worse than letting the reader invent Twilight's reaction. Something nice and subtle should do the trick here.

>Would you believe that, once upon a time, I was an excellent English student?
Actually, I would, because a lot of the finer points here are things too far in depth to cover in high school or the standard required college courses, which focus more on reading and formal writing than creative writing. I enjoyed the story, and I didn't have any complaints about the characters or plot needing significant rethinking, so the things that need fixing here are fortunately easy. This story is much better than the vast majority of what we get.

>Storm is my first attempt at an original character with any sort of depth or history.
I have to confess that it's been a long enough time since I read the story that I don't remember him. Don't take that as a strike against him. I just review so many that it's hard to remember details about any individual ones for more than a few days. However, I didn't point out any problems with him, so he must have seemed fine to me.

File 140840932988.png - (179.83KB , 742x1387 , rainbow_dash_intro_by_kired25-d53rgn4.png )
36775205 No. 36775205 [View]
Is it hinted at or implied that Rainbow Dash is a lesbian, given her hair colors (with a rainbow symbolizing homosexuality) and her tomboy personality?
40 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36776056
File 140908055180.jpg - (54.98KB , 1136x640 , 4123412341234.jpg )

she should have allowed rarity to work her magic, physically growing new eyelashes for her.
>> No. 36776062
File 140908673137.jpg - (200.19KB , 976x819 , sadrare.jpg )
haha, Rarity, the pony of generosity - yes. But the pony of inconvenient gifts more so!
>> No. 36776066
File 140909033696.png - (156.94KB , 822x445 , false eyelashes.png )
But Rarity doesn't even have eyelashes because she's secretly a dude.

File 140859502406.png - (408.77KB , 1280x720 , Fluttershy_final_yay_S1E16.png )
36775526 No. 36775526 Stickied [View]
Okay folks up next we have Season 1 Episode 16, Sonic Rainboom, Written by:M.A.Lasrson

The link to the episode:

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.


Last edited at Wed, Aug 20th, 2014 21:24

40 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36775939
File 140897471165.jpg - (327.34KB , 1584x1188 , RDRainboomValley.jpg )
Classic, quaint and funny. Great episode!
>> No. 36776046
Also introduction of Spitfire! Sort of anyway.

I still wish we knew how Dash's day with the Wonderbolts went.
>> No. 36776054
File 140907688342.jpg - (70.57KB , 878x909 , spitfire.jpg )

Given how Spitfire and Fleetfoot are depicted later on, I'm guessing she showed up, shook dash's hoof and then told the soarin clones they needed to stop goofing around and come do something with her.

File ws-wp-content-uploads-2014-08-686497__safe_humanized_animated_equestria-girls_cute_sunset-shimmer_chibi_shimmerbetes_artist-colon-supererikastar.gif - ( , 686497__safe_humanized_animated_equestria+girls_cute_sunset+shimmer_chibi_shimmerbetes_artist-colon-supererikastar.gif )
1409017822 No. 1409017822 [View]
Hasbro has released another clip as a sneak peak of Rainbow Rocks, set to be released in theaters next month. Check the video after the break.
>> No. 123
>> No. 123

No. 132219 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  So this will be the next entry on the series?
3 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 132223
>> No. 132229
File 140906322892.jpg - (41.68KB , 640x432 , brzzaerscremepussy.jpg )
Your opinion doesn't matter anon.
>> No. 132230
I laughed too hard at that

File 138574822436.png - (338.18KB , 941x900 , Thread Hispano.png )
169052 No. 169052 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Dead fandom edition.

Último hilo: >>151859

Bienvenidos a esta nueva edición del thread con más tráfico y convocatoria de toda la internet. Un lugar donde hombres adultos puedan debatir sanamente sobre lo que más les gusta: dibujitos animados para niñas pequeñas.
Ya todos saben como es, escriben algo en el rectángulo blanco y le dan a Reply. Pueden escribir sobre caballitos de colores parlanchines o sobre lo que quieran, pero siempre manteniendo el respeto y el decoro.

En esta nueva edición tenemos la novedad de que hay nuevos episodios de MLP:FiM. ¿Quién lo diría? La serie sigue existiendo y mas fuerte que nunca.
505 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 172739
Nuevo video con mas Sunset, mas memes y Trollestia.

>> No. 172741
¿Por qué Luna humana es tan waifu?
Creo que hubo algo de Sunset Shimmer en ese video, pero creo que no me fijé bien.

Luna me distrae.
>> No. 172745
File 140906335645.jpg - (42.81KB , 402x500 , 55b.jpg )
Según dicen las malas lenguas que le arreglaron el rosto.

Pero saben lo que me encanta de este adelanto que vemos el verdadero motivo del musical, obtener dinero para los "programas de la escuela".

efchan /site/
No. 4024 [View]
>> No. 4091
>> No. 4092
>> No. 4093

File 137952323151.png - (127.17KB , 659x654 , 341955__safe_solo_oc_alicorn_alula_pluto_princess_erroria_dubs_patrick_bateman_american_psycho_c.png )
931637 No. 931637 [View] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 952200
File 140900724912.png - (359.95KB , 1047x686 , 1396660575251.png )
>> No. 952222
File 140902858906.jpg - (34.33KB , 362x336 , 1408086087936.jpg )
big money
>> No. 952233
File 140904680990.png - (267.58KB , 400x400 , fb1.png )
>double moneys

File 140638695576.gif - (73.57KB , 392x314 , 969786_3.gif )
172495 No. 172495 [View]
Have you seen this? What is being done to the country?
The current power Putin has made this database where you can find detailed information about every resident in the territory of Russia. I checked, and found their data removed, and all that I do that. And then you never know who is out there looking for ...
>> No. 172730
>> No. 172743
Putin kicked once the ground.
And the Earth hasn´t stopped spinning ever since.
>> No. 172744
This thread would fit /dis/ better.

File 140589405839.jpg - (1.80MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
132589 No. 132589 [View]
What is your opinion on this?
5 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 132595
they could be cheaper.
normaly everything is expensier here.
normal brusheables cost $79Mx to $89Mx
while in the us are $5

Last edited at Sun, Jul 20th, 2014 21:22

>> No. 132658
File 140729816752.jpg - (53.92KB , 600x300 , Gundam-Build-Fighters-Battle-Start-Featured.jpg )
I wanna pilot Rainbow Dash in a Gunpla battle.
>> No. 132692
With blue psycho frame.

File 139684543755.jpg - (175.90KB , 500x500 , tumblr_n2ewpfYQqm1t0f7kgo1_500.jpg )
453875 No. 453875 [View]
#Ask/invite #Canon: BND #Adventure #Ponies #Serious #Normal

#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

Welcome to Brand New Day
Where all characters are welcome and where the end is nigh.

Officer List:

Lost !wsiPSoull.
Pill Popper !MePilljLDc
[Goddess of Technology] Carrot !Top/sHa8kY
12 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 456252
Hello? Is this still a thing?
>> No. 456257
It's dead, m8.
>> No. 456308
File 140902066888.jpg - (94.49KB , 960x834 , omniknight.jpg )
Technically I own it, but I'm keeping it stashed away in my special vault.

File 136159160058.png - (258.71KB , 900x933 , bloodraine__the_courier_by_he4rtofcourage-d5jff90.png )
412290 No. 412290 [View] [Last 50 posts]

Thank god I had the tab open

Now I do remember there being a Fallout Type RP about a year or two ago so I think it might be time for another. This won't really be biased on the fan fic as much as just the idea of ponies in a post apocalyptic Equestria about 50 years after there was a nuclear war between ponies and zebras that had just pushed the entire world into hell. As hellish as that sounds I do not want to have to have this be a thread where it's all serious and long post, no, I want this to be a canon where people can have fun with it mostly. So no super long stat chart, skills, or other abilities that you need to account for. Though there will be a few things you will need to keep tract of here and there that'll hopefully not be too much for everyone.

Now keep in mind this is my first time actually making a canon and I will understand if no one wants to deal with someone with the lack of experience but, I'm aiming this to be a canon not ran but just one, but by everyone who feels the want to add a story line to this thread. I will also have a few friends help me out here and there, and I will of course try my best to help get things straight.

The main character (main characters being the one you are going to play if you decided to join this RP) are all going to start in a Stable (Vault) and will be, for some odd reason, forced out into the harshness of the wasteland and either work together to survive every day or decide to fend for them selves and disregard their fellow stable brothers. keep in mind that everyone in a stable knows everyone and has know everyone since birth/when they first entered the stable before the bombs actually fell. So you're going to have account for that when making a character, so know that they will know other characters closely as well. Unless you're going to play and antisocial ninny. Which works too.

The Stable is a 5 level underground bunker under the Applewood mountain in Los Pegasus fit to hold about 250 ponies with supplies for all those ponies for 60 years. The bottom level being where the generators, air filters, water filters, and so on are. 4th and 3rd floor is w
565 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 456048
File 140746489858.png - (644.95KB , 790x810 , Borderlands 2 Gaige15.png )
I dunno, probably. I suck at GMing. If I do start this up again it'd probably be less serious and laid back or something along those lines.
>> No. 456277
Youse guys still hiring? I might be able to do a little help with DM work...

Last edited at Sun, Aug 24th, 2014 21:39

>> No. 456306
File 140901995322.jpg - (237.08KB , 1860x1395 , AMERICA!.jpg )
Not at the moment. Nope!

File 137815865562.png - (15.11KB , 596x303 , trots logo.png )
442098 No. 442098 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Semi-serious #OOC #Unicorn Master Race

Hello, and welcome to the Trotswood RP. Now, we are an Ask/Invite RP, meaning we need one thing from you, before you RP in the thread. All we need, is a short (Or long if you want), application. Now, we don’t need anything to extensive. Just Blood type, history of medical procedures, three signed letters of recommendation, and the head of Crawmerax a brief history, including any combat, skills, how they found the town, and anything else you’d like to include.

Please, we don’t mind if you use sign up sheets from other canons, but we don’t use stats, so please leave them off. Here in Trotswood, if you want combat, we suggest you talk with the one you’re fighting about what system to use. Some of us like rolls, others like honor systems, and some of us like stat based. Talk about it before you fight, to prevent an unhappy mix up.

Now, as for applications, we’ve gone over what we need, but there are a few extra guidelines. Just some basic, common sense and canon specific rules that will help us streamline the application process, and get you approved faster.

>No Humans (We’re “Show Canon” in that way. Please keep to races found in the show. However, Hybrids of show races are welcome in many cases.)
>Direct crossovers are discouraged. However, if the application sheet seems solid, there is a chance you’ll be passed, and approved.
>Please be proper with your power. We’re not going to reject you, if you’re a god, provided you’re not “Supergod The Bes Around”.

And that’s it. Once you have an application, long or short, simply post it in this thread, and the OP, and a team of “Half OPs”.
330 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 456295
Well, uh...No, the only real time we had an archive referring to the world of this canon itself, the site got shutdown shortly after.

I'd be glad to answer any questions though.

Sorry again, I had to leave the house for several hours.
>> No. 456297
Hey, no problem! Everyone has bio. I, for example, am writing from work! I'll notarized my questions and get them to you.
>> No. 456298
Alrighty! Thanks for being understanding, and I'll reply as soon as I can.

Last edited at Mon, Aug 25th, 2014 19:34

File 140780451073.jpg - (482.11KB , 620x858 , My-Little-Pony-Friendship-Is-Magic-Spooktacular-Pony-Tales-post.jpg )
132664 No. 132664 [View]
5 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 132688
File 140889222398.jpg - (757.63KB , 1024x768 , 4e8452f3d02ee390445d22df7fe940ee.jpg )
Is rarity in socks

jesus christ

sock ponies has ascended.
>> No. 132690

I so wish (I would prefer Halloween Rarity or Dash), But I only saw the Pinkie ones, they were in a bin of Halloween dollar-deals and all the other socks were like Miney Mouse, some disney princess, barbie, then there were some "boyishy" ones with mickey, Cars and a vampire Spongebob. I'm guessing the company that makes 'em only picked one character off each show to make. But maybe closer to Halloween there'll be other merch stuff with the other vectored Pony characters.
>> No. 132691
File 140894202712.jpg - (52.32KB , 500x500 , pTRU1-18036523dt.jpg )

Oh wait, never mind, you meant the image on the box, not the actual socks.... Umm, Have you seen the Toys R Us "Pony Mania" sets yet? They have every pony in socks and thigh-highs from the mane-6 (minus AJ), to Celestia and Chrysalis.

File 136172383413.png - (270.74KB , 1166x1506 , discord_purchases_fluttershy_by_mattyhex-d4b7rlu.png )
125933 No. 125933 Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
The old plushie general has been archived.

This is the new one! All things plushie go here - tips, advice, critique, advertising, general questions, etc. etc. Let's try to keep the random threads from popping up and be organized, like Twilight Sparkle would want!

Last edited at Sun, Feb 24th, 2013 09:38

215 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 132685
File 140881394597.png - (1.02MB , 1000x967 , Pone.png )
I kinda lost my motivation for pony plushies so I digitized my plush pattern and made it available. If any of you guys want to get it, you can find it on etsy:
>> No. 132687
File 140886709633.jpg - (2.90MB , 2448x3264 , The greyness.jpg )
So, I've had a 4DE Pinkie for a few months now, and she's starting to look a little... discorded. Like, she's literally turning grey (You can still see some of her original pink on her belly in the pic) I'm not sure if it's dust, or what. She's not handled much, just sits on my bed(which admittedly had been getting very dirty until recently, just got a brand new set of sheets on it, won't let it get that bad again).

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about washing her up? I couldn't really find much online about cleaning microfiber, which I believe the 4DE plushes are. All I know is that she is supposed to be surface cleaned only(according to her tag), so no dunk in the wash, and the basic gist I've gotten online is to use a mild detergent solution to clean them with, but I'm not sure what to use. I don't want to discolor it (worse than it's getting) or anything. If anyone has a how-to for me, I'd really appreciate it.
>> No. 132689
File 140890109498.jpg - (10.36KB , 242x208 , extreme_concern.jpg )
I'd be worried about the potentially toxic pink paint rubbing off on your or your belongings
>tfw when owning a plushie actually gives you cancer

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