Apr 17PonychanX version 2 has been released. [Thread]

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It's been a whole year since the last thread. So I figured it was about time for a new one. (Old thread: >>43172). Related fun fact: Desktop Ponies is now 2 years and 8 months old.

Full download (v1.48 released 2014-04-11):

We've seen 20 new canon ponies and a bunch of extra animations since this time last year. As well as a wealth of other improvements.

As ever you can keep up with us on the dedicated forums:
and deviantART community:
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>> No. 46671
Yeah. I tried the MDK, I tried the normal, and I tried the last stable. The MDK and the normal both give major errors. The last stable only gives this simple error here.
>> No. 46672
If I recall correctly the 2.10.x versions were a bit iffy on Mac when trying to run Desktop Ponies. The 3.x versions were much better.

Could you uninstall mono (just in case the major errors you were getting were from trying to install different versions at the same time) and then try installing MRE 3.2.7. That was the version that came before 3.4.0. http://download.mono-project.com/archive/3.2.7/macos-10-x86/MonoFramework-MRE-3.2.7.macos10.xamarin.x86.pkg

If that still fails it may be worth trying 3.2.1 since that's what I have noted in the readme as working.

I'm still working on the assumption the Microsoft.VisualBasic assembly that is reported as missing isn't present in the 3.4.0 download for some reason. The docs say it's in there but it's clearly not.

Sorry for all the fuss.
>> No. 46675
File 139789935994.gif - (1.74KB , 160x160 , moon.gif )
With so many ponies getting sent to the moon it is only appropriate we have their home available on Desktop Ponies.

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>tfw no pink wife horse to snuggle
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>> No. 39075008
File 139789879217.gif - (56.08KB , 500x286 , 909.gif )
Sorry, I don't know that feel
>> No. 39075018
File 139789916637.png - (135.76KB , 722x873 , 568947__safe_pinkie+pie_shipping_comic_blushing_straight_love+heart_cheese+sandwich_cheesepie_pr.png )
I should take up Pinkie Pie for ERP just so I get to massively cockblock a bunch of pervs.
>> No. 39075022
File 139789934935.png - (223.26KB , 1024x1024 , sunset shimmer oh hi there.png )

No place quite like Omegle.

File 139789746906.jpg - (36.05KB , 640x197 , image.jpg )
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>> No. 39075017
File 139789913982.jpg - (34.54KB , 356x252 , 10864fc0.jpg )
I guess that is the obvious answer
>> No. 39075019
test tube baby, duh.
>> No. 39075021
File 139789933571.png - (145.01KB , 809x919 , 130582370932.png )
But is it the right one??

File 139789255383.png - (59.72KB , 140x157 , FALCONPUNCH1.png )
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>> No. 40965868
File 139789261777.png - (8.87KB , 125x111 , FALCONPUNCH2.png )
>> No. 40965869
File 139789265426.png - (27.82KB , 123x107 , FALCONPUNCH3.png )
>> No. 40965878
Seen it before, you'll appear in some other thread.

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  >tfw you think your music isnt loud enough but its at the max volume
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>> No. 39075014
File 139789903213.jpg - (194.39KB , 1100x723 , turnitupto11-header.jpg )
>> No. 39075016

It goes up to 200% now
>> No. 39075020
Depends on the sound card.

File 139752064357.jpg - (62.72KB , 1680x1050 , hadraniel.jpg )
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#Open #Canon: Donut Bar #Series: The Iron Scourge #Adventure #Crossover #Dark #Violence #General #Serious #Semi-serious

Please allow me to introduce myself.

All is calm in the slums of Canterlot, but the tension rises like smoke from a devastating flame. The Gemini V has launched, and with it, the wide arsenal of the planet. Nuclear weaponry and ballistic missiles collided with satellite relays and space stations alike, plunging Equestria and its many neighboring nations into a catastrophic blackout, and leaving the Gemini all but alone in orbit, a silent sentinel in the starlit skies.

Worse still, before the thrusters of the rocket had even cooled, and before the shockwave had settled, an order has reportedly been given for an Equestrian Navy fleet to bombard the coast of a hotly contested territory between Kliberia and Novaria. Such an act would doubtlessly tear apart the uneasy peace that has fallen over the earth in light of what many are calling "The day the planet shook," and set all military eyes upon Equestria. The fleet is not responding to belay orders nor has any air traffic been reported around the ship, leaving the world holding its breath as the ship to set the world on fire marches inexorably through the icy Northern seas.

How do you stop World War Three?

Why, with a judicious application of bureaucracy, of course.

> Who are you, and why are you here?
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>> No. 40434311
File 139789744693.jpg - (79.63KB , 1366x712 , WarDoctor.jpg )
The Doctor's eyes bug out. "For God's sake...."

Holding onto the console for dear life, he braces himself for impact.
>> No. 40434312

How's her breathing?

>Once more he does not wait for a response before he goes to work. From within his jacket, Blowhard withdraws a straight razor, which he wields with preternatural dexterity which is frankly alarming to behold--which, he shudders to remember, he acquired during his brief spell as the avatar of the void. He presses it against her skin and, with a few deft flicks of the blade, shaves her chest bare; and then with a sweep of his jacket, dries it cleanly.

Come on people, get the lead out, get the strips on 'er!
>> No. 40434313
File 139789929313.jpg - (18.06KB , 704x400 , spoiler.jpg )
> There is a moment of absolute silence. The calm before the storm. In this moment of adrenaline and fright, time seems to stand still before you, loose objects hovering solidly in place, and every blinking red warning light turning solid, consistent crimson...

> And all at once, the lights go out, sweat beads your brow, and a sound as destructive and forceful as a heavy battleship firing all its main cannons simultaneously within spitting distance of you absolutely flattens your eardrums. In the cacophony of noise, the force of impact slams you mercilessly towards the ground, and had you not been bracing yourself against something, you would have most assuredly been critically injured. Even as it stands, you are wounded, albeit not lethally - those levers and dials break right off as your body weight smashes into the console, earning you countless bruises, what feels like a few cracked ribs, one possibly splintered, blood speckling your face as your head lurches down and smashes itself against the cool, metal surface of the console, and one dislocated shoulder.

> Unpleasant numbness racking your arm and chest, and sharp pains lancing up along where the endorphins had not gone to work, your grip upon the console begins to slip as the rumbling and noise all die down to a dull thrummm...

> ...

> It is dark for one brief and harrowing moment, until the door of your TARDIS falls open, revealing it has crashed upon its side. Flames and disturbed patches of dirt await you on the previously pristine grassland that the crash has just reduced to a crater.

File 139771625841.png - (286.06KB , 1149x1051 , day_12__private_pansy_by_ric_m-d5g0u06.png )
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Greetings and blessings be upon you, [STROY THREAD CREATOR HERE], chosen by the heavens to unite your scattered posters. Oh mighty OP, you were the first to bring the Big Thread of Stroai’I under one solitary rule in 2011 AD. This was followed with the merging of all the remaining Stroy Threads under your standard. As the first OP of Stroai’I, you standardized the legal and posting systems and instituted the Stroy Thread Story Pact, an edict instituting stories. You ensured the continued unification and sovereignty of the thread by your strong laws and deeds, even after your death in 2074.

Oh wise and exalted OP, your people wish for a thread of their own once more and require an OP of unparalleled greatness! Will you answer their call and don the mantle of the Lion of /gala/? Will you post a thread that stands the test of autosage?

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>> No. 1293940
Morning, Clarity.
>> No. 1293942
File 139789880378.png - (17.31KB , 590x600 , 209488__safe_solo_oc_happy_artist-colon-the+weaver_zebra_ice+pack.png )

>> No. 1293945
File 139789920589.png - (373.47KB , 901x775 , dash127.png )
Hi guys, how are you?

Equestria Daily
File com--0hhqP0gSOTg-U1HlPwtUSBI-AAAAAAABI9g-Is6E-V0ZC0w-s640-HatTrix.png - ( , HatTrix.png )
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Read more »
>> No. 819385914
>> No. 819389901
>> No. 819390435

File 138872155353.jpg - (683.61KB , 1280x720 , sleeping-dogs.jpg )
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Don't know if you guys know this or not, but if you've got a 360 with a gold account you can download Sleeping Dogs for free until the 15th.
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>> No. 131345
File 139776304172.jpg - (305.99KB , 1500x891 , VideoGameArt_Deadlight_Stella01_JoseBalloLazaro.jpg )
So Deadlight.... It's ok. For something that is a platformer it's controls are kind of off. Looks super awesome though
>> No. 131353
I just downloaded it but haven't given it a try yet.
>> No. 131357
>controls are off
tried playing it yesterday and kept jumping forward rather than catching a ledge.
The game just seems hoaky and the gritty narration for everything doesn't really help it.

File 139637592802.jpg - (23.89KB , 360x202 , This-thread-is-now-about-ponies.jpg )
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Schlechte-Witze-Einfaches-Deutsch-Nostalgie-Keine-Ahnung-Ziegen-Dämlicher-Flanders Edition

In diesem Thread wird sehr einfach geschrieben. Wir erzählen schlechte Witze. Es wird über Nostalgie gesprochen. Ziegen werden hier auch gepostet. Aber wir wissen es nicht genau. Dämlicher Flanders.

Poster – sortiert nach Aktivität im letzten Faden: Anonschuchtelei nicht mitgerechnet
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>> No. 171450
File 139789108133.jpg - (25.98KB , 240x201 , lol dude.jpg )
Morgen, Herde.

Über lange Strecken tot und/oder Loonsche "Monologe", aber ja.

Sagenhaft :D

uuh eins meiner rezenten Lieblingsmene, hau mich an, wenn du mehr Varianten haben willst (keine Garantie auf Vollständigkeit)
>> No. 171451
File 139789735869.jpg - (79.36KB , 630x440 , wat.jpg )
>Loonsche "Monologe"

Wenn ihr Zebras die ganze Zeit nur am Pennen seid und ich als einziger den Chat bespaßen muss sieht das halt so aus.
>> No. 171452
File 139789874208.gif - (3.52MB , 360x500 , 1397830577121.gif )
Deswegen sag ich ja, alle in einen Chat, fjaskdvmhlk mwmf ach, scheiß drauf.

File 139789795848.jpg - (123.87KB , 556x556 , spoiler.jpg )
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So how that PonychanX Version 2.1 /oat/? Isn't it great?
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>> No. 39074995
File 139789819116.jpg - (176.03KB , 720x720 , Suiseiseki 1392341834096.jpg )
>> No. 39075009
File 139789884508.jpg - (83.51KB , 1408x797 , lovehate.jpg )
>tfw still using v1.22
>> No. 39075011
File 139789891467.png - (66.28KB , 492x495 , 130203188888.png )
Have to admit that apart from a short period years ago I've always used the vanilla version of the site.

The work anon has put into it is pretty awesome though. He's doing a good job from the looks of it. Fixing things as they show up and such.

File 139770467414.png - (38.28KB , 600x600 , nahana.png )
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Yup, another one. Y'all know the drill!

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>> No. 1293937
spottie, elo there, howsit going at this fine hour?
>> No. 1293943
stopping in for a moment and leaving.
I can't sleep but I'm going to attempt again
>> No. 1293944
File 139789887065.png - (173.81KB , 800x600 , tucks.png )
wish you all the best!

File 139780508436.png - (207.45KB , 900x782 , silly_princess_platinum_by_catnipfairy-d4kf6g0.png )
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I would like you to all remember
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>> No. 40965873
File 139789522935.png - (167.47KB , 1024x724 , rarity__the_pout_by_takua770-d432aao.png )
I remember you.
>> No. 40965874
File 139789586542.png - (574.14KB , 953x914 , flutterworkout.png )
I don't remember anything. In fact, I have extremely poor long term memory. Oh god, this is stressing me out.
>tfw straight illuminati won't let us join in their rituals because "It would make the orgies like, totally awkward."
>> No. 40965877
File 139789861769.jpg - (11.77KB , 240x240 , 73f687a60c91d5e5ac4b4978672aec0c_240x240x1.jpg )
It's not that we don't like you, but we just don't like you in that way

File 138927412335.png - (85.25KB , 422x287 , Fillychan.png )
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Welcome to Fillychan, where everything Filly, Funtasia, or both, is what it’s all about. Whether you’re having high expectations for the show, are interested in learning more about it, or are just a random bypasser, we wish you welcome.

It’s basically a serial thread at Ponychan, and not really its own forum or board. For those who are primarily experienced with 4chan or general forums, quick step introductions are at >>1017061, and other than that, you’re free to post here and try to talk about whatever you find fitting.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 9th, 2014 06:31

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>> No. 1293227
File 139787244125.jpg - (142.72KB , 927x960 , Blossom.jpg )
>absence noticed
Ah, I'm alive! Just a busy couple of days.

I'll catch up on the thread. Sorry that the reply's kind of rushed!

>>Sounds like this is a talking point
>So you want to hear more about my experiences?
I was referring to how the other part of you "curse" could be called a talking point instead, but I'm always interested in hearing about different experiences!

I'm glad that the close supervision helped you get things under control. Bullying in schools is pretty awful, it's nice that it's starting to be taken more seriously. Bad teachers is also a problem, I'm not sure why that's still not better under control...
>> No. 1293938
File 139789739756.png - (110.25KB , 170x252 , She was suppose to be with me.png )
>The site could look so pretty! And be more usable!
It looks pretty good to me, but they could have had some publically available activities and not relying so much on Flash (Java?) all over the site.

>Sorry that the reply's kind of rushed!
Don't worry, I do that too today.

>I'd just kind of assumed that was the case, but I suppose it needn't be... Ah, so much yet to learn!
I can't imagine that they don't live at school, as the Academy ought to have enough facilities to live in and that there doesn't appear to be any towns or villages in the Academy's surrounding area apart from the oddly looking farming buildings.

>> No. 1293941
Yes, I did read that analysis, and I quite liked it. I only really avoid pony episodes and Season 4 spoilers, so I didn't mind a look at something old. The only thing I found missing was the distinct lack of boys in the classroom. Unicorn boys are so rare that if you need one in a fanfic, you kinda need to make your own. Even boy's shows have token girls... but that's an aside.

Animation errors? Eh, kind of a trick question because 3D has a lot of setting up and a lot of things that can go wrong before an animator even gets started on it. But I have noticed a few little things in investigating the trailers. Here goes:

-the teeth and gums are not attached to the inside of the mouth. That's how most tutorials do it, it's standard practice, and it lets you save up on geometry. However, that means if the upper teeth are not properly in place, you can see a gap in between the gums and the roof of the mouth. Life's a Jungle has this happen when the panthress first shows up. One of the Fillies bursting through the door in the cupcakes trailer looks like she might have this issue. There's one girl who smiles way too broadly, and her teeth may have moved forward slightly.

-Because of how things are constructed, in terms of software, a shot needs to link to different files for characters to be inserted. Textures are separate files to be linked. If the files are moved, links can be broken and the software can end up looking for, say, textures that aren't in the right place. That's how colour maps can get switched around.

-The eyes are modeled to look good, not accurate. Alpha and Omega has Pixar eyes on big-eyed characters (the pups especially) that make it look really offputting from the side view. Even Penguins from Madagascar has this type of eyes, but Marlene's the only one where you can really tell. In Filly, the eyes are spheres, so from the side you can see the pupil bulging out slightly along with the iris, instead of seeing the eye be cut off. It

File 139773989370.gif - (559.59KB , 382x479 , pinkie_happy_joy.gif )
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I'm not seeing a lot of delight in the show on this board these days. Are some of us still experiencing the feeling of wonderful discovery and crazy innocent joy in poni that drew us into this circle in the first place?

If you are, I think we'd all like to hear about it.
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>> No. 36754670
File 139788722577.jpg - (13.69KB , 400x300 , 1390594111834.jpg )
The honeymoon period that the OP described has been over for me since it was announced that Season 3 wouldn't have a Rarity Episode as it just made the myriad of shortcomings of the season all the more real for me. Magical Mystery Cure and Equestria Girls just gave Season 4 a bigger hole to dig out of to make up for what I considered an abysmal year for the mythos.

So far, Season 4 has been a wake-up call. Those halcyon days from Summer 2011- Summer 2012 are long gone and they aren't coming back. Not only is the show less ambitious, but the magic that surrounded Season 2 Saturdays is nowhere to be found. What's left is a show that's content with being a Good Show for its' target market, but a shadow of the genre, target market defining show that the first 2 seasons were.

It also doesn't help that the fandom has been at war with each other since February of last year, but I guess that's what happens when something this controversial still feels raw.

I will end this post with this. I'm glad the worst case scenario with Alicorn Twilight didn't come true. Instead of being the noose that killed this series for good, the concept is merely one of several weights bogging down the operation.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 23:04

>> No. 36754672
File 139789637061.png - (15.53KB , 565x512 , This is the part where we throw our heads back and laugh_.png )
>Bullshit, if things were fine Twilicorn wouldn't be stealing episodes like S4E07 and S4E16.

Like I said, you're imagining problems. Episode 16 wasn't even remotely stolen. That'd be like saying Zecora stole Magic Duel or Princess Twilight. Episode 7 didn't have anyone to steal from, it was a group episode and the whole group contributed. Fluttershy got spotlight time as a bat activist, Applejack got time as a pest remover, Pinkie Pie got time as an obnoxious crazy person, they were all there!
>> No. 36754673
Twilight didn't STEAL Bats!, but she sure as hell derailed it. Tons of wasted potential.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 19th, 2014 01:53

efchan /ef/
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>> No. 1688621
>> No. 1688622
>> No. 1688644

Equestria Daily
File com--jQVl19Vp8_E-U1HpTlzNMXI-AAAAAAABwM0-WeuNDDnshaY-s1600-Capture.png - ( , Capture.png )
1397880000 No. 1397880000 [View]
Read more »
>> No. 819362628
>> No. 819371152
>> No. 819378330

File 139267469757.png - (872.53KB , 1280x960 , 021720141654511166.png )
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Legends of Equestria Ponychan Mod

Thanks to tux3's valiant efforts at making a private server for Legends of Equestria, it is now possible to mod the game to a limited degree.
This thread will serve to keep track of a set of modifications for the game (new cutie marks, npcs, quests, items).

Want to help or just make your own NPCs & Cutie Marks?
Adding custom cutie marks:

Create a 256x256 png image of the Cutie Mark, leaving about 50px of margin on each side.
Save as cutie_[CMname], where [CMname] can be any name containing no spaces (but may contain underscores).
Save the file to [root]\users\[youruser]\AppData\LocalLow\LoE\Legends of Equestria\cutiemarks, where [root] is your main drive's root folder and [youruser] is your windows username.
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>> No. 46659
I'll look into it after the open server weekend.

>Also, since I got the freebie version of Unity, I wonder if it be possible to make custom locations with it, like Whitetail Woods?
It might be possible. I would not know exactly how.
>> No. 46670
Oooh! I wonder if we can have these new features in our server?
>> No. 46674
Why not just have %SYSTEMDRIVE%\\users\\%USERNAME%\\AppData\\LocalLow\\LoE\\Legends of Equestria\\cutiemarks in the OP so that people could just copy and paste?

Last edited at Sat, Apr 19th, 2014 01:28

File 139764992251.jpg - (64.70KB , 849x627 , skelly 7.jpg )
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>> No. 40965845
File 139788478709.jpg - (133.35KB , 640x478 , skeletor lurkingh'.jpg )
>> No. 40965846
File 139788482911.jpg - (93.99KB , 500x375 , tumblr_mk1iylKExk1s46h7vo1_500.jpg )
>> No. 40965876
This thread is legitimately one of the best I have ever seen here.

File ws-wp-content-uploads-2014-04-easter_ponies_by_selinmarsou-d5zx4a61-500x281.jpg - ( , easter_ponies_by_selinmarsou-d5zx4a61.jpg )
1397895620 No. 1397895620 [View]
422 – “Trade Ya” Written by Scott Sonneborn “Spike and the Mane 6 are headed to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange to find items they treasure. But when things don’t go exactly as planned, the girls learn that nothing is more valuable than their friendship.“ DN Rating: TBA Streams Bronystate World of Equestria Equestria.TV Brony.TV Brony […]

No. 40965739 [View]
  Back around the time I first came to ponychan, there was a user who set up a tarot card reading thread! I can't remember what his/her name was, and was wondering if any of you could tell me?
3 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 40965747
File 139786930367.png - (1.41MB , 1200x1600 , 134188815251.png )
Man. That shit was fun.
>> No. 40965748
File 139787017539.jpg - (88.33KB , 640x426 , 2507146446_90a8f17a82_z.jpg )
>> No. 40965875
File 139789610040.jpg - (10.77KB , 98x184 , 1166328895-6.jpg )
Solana used to do em too I think, I don't remember if that was on Ponychan or Efchan though.

File 139225768018.jpg - (556.65KB , 1920x1080 , 1385885577286.jpg )
40332555 No. 40332555 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Ask/invite #Canon: Orion #Ponies #Non-pony #Serious #Semi-serious #Normal #Crazy

OOC thread - check here for information and signups

Another day, another rift.
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>> No. 40434302
Umi winces, yelping in pain as the shots shred a section of his right, hind leg. His movement crippled, and his fur stained with boiling blood, Umi turns, throwing a blast of fire back at the ponies, in an attempt to cause just enough of a distraction to get into one of the shuttles.

Dragging himself into one of the hanger's occupants, he slumps into the pilots seat, working at the console, as blackness crawls at the corners of his vision. The wound had cauterized itself, in a way. The fire and the stallion's body temperature forcing his blood to create a massive scab over the wretched wound, as he lies back in the chair, hitting the ignition, and praying he would see the Orion team again. His eyes closed, the pegasus giving himself up to the gentle hands of unconsciousness, as the ship prepares to jet off into the void beyond.
>> No. 40434304
File 139789463913.png - (1.34MB , 1652x1266 , corvette.png )
Pausing briefly as they brace and take cover from the fireball, they fire upon the shuttle (with little effect) until its made it's way outside the ship. Before he passes out, Umi can hear this final conversation over the radio.

"Sir, we can quite easily turn the turrets against hi-"
"No. Did you see that shot to his leg? He's doomed, and would probably die on impact, anyway. The ship's lost anyway, let's not waste the ammo on overkill."
"Whatever you say, sir."
>> No. 40434306
Umi sighs softly, as he falls into a void of near comatose slumber. Lovely. Death, and probably ending as a smear on the planet's surface. A few final thoughts go through his head. How would pops and Copeland react? Lunacy? Styx? The stallion's thoughts finally cease, as he slips away, the shuttle flying it's charted course.

Unable to land at Orion, the ship breaches the planet's atmosphere, barreling through layers of clouds, as it approaches the final spot. As the shuttle and it's cargo break the could layer, a small clearing can be seen far below. Mowed, manicured lawns, fine architecture, and a variety of ponies milling about on the ground. Where had the shuttle decided to land?

efchan /ef/
No. 1686851 [View]
>> No. 1688626
>> No. 1688642
>> No. 1688643

File 139753963297.gif - (0.99MB , 627x524 , sleep.gif )
155328 No. 155328 [View] [Last 50 posts]
I'm resigning from being a Ponychan moderator due to a conflict of interest. The position has been a lot of fun in the past, but really, I haven't been doing jack since January. So, I'm packing up.

I'll post around the boards a bit now and then, so you'll see me around. If anyone wants to talk, my skype is still what it's always been, ohthirtyfour.
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>> No. 155755
File 139785209888.gif - (940.91KB , 350x200 , Metal Gear Salute.gif )
Godspeed, you wonderful bastard.
>> No. 155764
File 139788633888.gif - (731.15KB , 280x160 , not-like-this.gif )
>best mod quitting
>> No. 155773
File 139789422467.gif - (2.16MB , 460x273 , 1361304798_dominoes_launch_fail.gif )
He's the the first domino. The one to make the whole line fall.

The mods will quit one by one, just watch.

File 139732194568.png - (305.83KB , 1110x650 , Tailbite.png )
36753577 No. 36753577 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Considering we're currently on a two-week break, why don't we rank all the episodes aired so far? Let's go.

1. Pinkie Pride
2. Filli Vanilli
3. Rarity Takes Manehattan
4. For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
5. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
6. Flight to the Finish
7. Princess Twilight Sparkle
8. Maud Pie
9. Leap of Faith
73 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36754606
File 139787200243.jpg - (22.16KB , 300x168 , 480022__safe_meme_spoiler-colon-s04e02_princess+twilight+sparkle+-dash-+part+2_twilight+scepter_.jpg )
>4. Princess Twilight sparkle 2
>16. Princess Twilight sparkle 2
Ya blew it.
>> No. 36754609
File 139787227454.gif - (44.73KB , 427x315 , 544633__safe_twilight+sparkle_animated_crying_artist-colon-terry_no.gif )

Oh Goddamnit! >.<

4: Princess twilight sparkle 2
16.:Princess twilight sparkle 1.
>> No. 36754671
File 139789410445.png - (490.09KB , 449x401 , laughingwhores.png )

File 139779001110.png - (1.85MB , 1024x1700 , You can't handle this fabulously epic scene.png )
1291144 No. 1291144 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Welcome ladies and gents, ponies and…uh whatever else things you want to post as. This is /pony/ After Dark a serial thread that has recently not been made on time until like the previous one. Anyways there is usually some copy pasta that can be inserted here, but that’s no fun and making them up on the spot is much more interesting, when you can pretty much spout out random stuff and most of the time people probably skim over these anyways cause they are the same. Anyways this is called the Pseudo epic, because of word play and stuff, but in reality it’s not epic because epic is hard to pull off. Unless you are Weird Al


>P-Never being able to ask questions without immense introductions because for some reason, sweg, it’s hard. Anyways, Have you ever done anything that was so close to being epic, and then you failed miserably? If so, share that stuff because it’ll be funny.

>A-The second and third are much harder to think of…hmmm…What about any times that you were doing something so awful and pitiful you were about to call it quits and then something epic happened like some random miracle. (Doesn’t have to be real life, could be a video game or something)

>D-Lastly, and I’m almost certain it’s been used before, What epic crossover would you like to see between Ponies and some other thing? It has to be Ponies, I don’t care if you’ve said it before or not.

>Bonus-If you DID say it before, find the post that you did say it before in. You get some serious Rarara points if you can.~
731 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 1293933
File 139789400666.png - (459.55KB , 675x681 , pinkie guh___ oh yeah, that was good.png )
Just want to add before I afk with my game for a bit.... like last month I started watching a bunch of old Jackie Chan movies. Some I'd never seen and other's I haven't seen in a while. I love the bad dubbing. It's like perfect to me somehow. Nostalgia perhaps. Anyways, that was last month but since then I have to watch this video at least once every night I have computer access...


If I had to choose one kung fu, it would be this :P

...and now I'm off to hunt things!
>> No. 1293934
File 139789412760.png - (157.37KB , 313x355 , pinkie i call this pose the 'spider pony is all 'i dunno'~'.png )

Okay. I guess there was no "DJ" or "citizen" in that name? I've seen DJs before like I said. Otherwise, you could be anyone I've seen or not seen before. That a lot of posters, heh.
>> No. 1293935
I didn't put DJ in my name..

File 139726149005.png - (3.13MB , 4030x2073 , 137746205068.png )
40421920 No. 40421920 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Ask/invite #Canon: AOS/An Odd Story #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Shipping #Semi-serious

>Off in the distance you see a timeworn yet magnificent mansion that stands alone towering over the surrounding area. Past that is a lush forest that stretches to the vast mountains beyond. Many sorts are drawn to the curiosity that is the mansion.No one knows where it came from or how long it has been there. For whatever reason you find yourself heading towards it. You may not know what tales you will weave in these winding halls. No one does, but all stories have a beginning and this one starts with a knock.

We have our own Wikia page. Note: pages that are being vandalized WILL be locked, and the vandal will receive an IP ban. Friendly and accurate editing is encouraged however.

Please read the following rules thread before joining. If you do plan on joining, then post info about your character in the rules thread. There is a provided blank sheet in the OP. Thank you: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/ooc/res/448466+50.html

Last thread: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/rp/res/40356043+50.html
322 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40434284
File 139789170955.png - (815.91KB , 850x745 , traditional_practice___noshowmillk_by_jinyaranda-d7c1t6z.png )
Seras walked down the hall, waving Apple Bloom over before heading up the stairs.

"It's a strange place I wanted to check out with someone else. You seem like you can hold your own pretty well. Especially now that you got that scythe of yours. I'm sure you wouldn't mind, would you?"
>> No. 40434286
N'hot at all
>She smiled following her
>> No. 40434300
Seras would lead them up the stairs until they reached the 13th floor.

efchan /ef/
No. 1687435 [View]
>> No. 1688638
>> No. 1688640
>> No. 1688641

Equestria Daily
File com--yAUEqefioCU-U1Hu2TkGlMI-AAAAAAABwNE-UEL7bQJ2Etg-s1600-Capture.png - ( , Capture.png )
1397881800 No. 1397881800 [View]
Read more »
>> No. 819338657
>> No. 819346867
>> No. 819362285

efchan /ef/
No. 1688260 [View]
>> No. 1688600
>> No. 1688633
>> No. 1688639

File 139518213446.png - (7.85MB , 2000x2000 , stepfinal.png )
40383437 No. 40383437 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Closed #Contained #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Serious #Mindfuck #Surreal

Hello again. Can you see through a wall? Can you see through human skin? X-rays see through solid, or so-called solid objects. There are things in life that exist, and yet our eyes cannot see them. Have you ever seen something startling that others cannot see? Why are some things kept from our vision? Is life a puzzle? I am filled with questions. Sometimes my questions are answered. In my heart, I can tell if the answer is correct. I am my own judge. In a dream, are all the characters really you? Different aspects of you? Do answers come in dreams?

There are clues everywhere, all around us. But the puzzle maker is clever. The clues, although surrounding us, are somehow mistaken for something else. And the something else, the wrong interpretation of the clues, we call our world. Our world is a magical smoke screen. How should we interpret the happy song of the meadowlark or the robust flavor of a wild strawberry?

-Catherine E. Coulson
403 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 40434291
File 139789234491.png - (489.66KB , 3000x3645 , Challenge Accepted.png )
Andrew grows a wickedly wide grin. He knew that thinking back to the indian, and everything he had endured the past week, this was the climax, this was the last step before the story came to a resolution. he stood tall, puffed out his chest, and called otu to the shadows:

"It's light's out for you!"
>> No. 40434295
File 139789283953.png - (749.01KB , 1280x1024 , Red_Room.png )
With a surge of your power, you dispel the shadows from the room

You stumble a bit, suddenly feeling weak. As you sit down, you can feel your strength leaving you. The light slowly ebbing from your eyes. In a final act, you will yourself into the Dark Plain, leaving nothing but a blank copy of yourself in the asylum at that point in time. He'll remember none of what happened, only what happened prior.

The last thing you see is a room of red and your friends walking through the curtains that surround the room before you collapse from exhaustion
>> No. 40434296
[To Be Continued]

File 139752540393.png - (51.37KB , 354x283 , quick-reply.png )
155306 No. 155306 Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
Current Version: 2.1

After over three months worth of coding power and countless hours of rewriting code almost entirely from the ground up, it is an honor for me to present you guys with Ponychan X version 2. Its over 6000 lines long, yet faster than ever, free from any unnecessary frameworks. This will also serve as the support thread, for the script that requires installation, versions 2.0 and beyond.

1) Like before, install a GM-based extension, if don't already have one, for your browser.
Chrome [chrome.google.com]Firefox [addons.mozilla.org]SeaMonkey [addons.mozilla.org]Opera [addons.opera.com]Safari [www.pimpmysafari.com]

2) Install Ponychan X [ponychanarchive.net]

It is imperative that you use one of the above GM clients to ensure that you receive the latest version. The previous updater didn't always update because of issues with browsers abiding to same-origin policy. I'll go into detail about what's new on it below and add a changelog as this makes ongoing progress.
68 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 155759
File 139786669357.png - (303.86KB , 1024x768 , PX2 maiden voyage.png )
Woah, weird.
i figured out what happened: old pX and new pX were on at the same time. went to settings to turn the old version off, so tthat's fixed for me, but just wanted to bring this up. would there be a way to update the pX you can toggle on the site itself?

also have another issue--that'll be next post.
>> No. 155760
File 139786678069.png - (194.79KB , 1024x768 , PX2 maiden voyage pt 2.png )
ok, so how can i fix these links that are supposed to be at the bottom (as in, they don't get pushed down as the thread updates)
>> No. 155772
Disregard what I said in the second paragraph there. GM support for SeaMonkey may no longer exist, but I do have confirmed support for one of the previous versions of Scriptish for that browser that I just now linked in the OP.

Oh, I know what you're talking about. I've got that a couple of times when debugging the edit button. Every once in a while, the server with the edit API kind of goes into a timeout and makes the contents inaccessible...or something along those lines. As far as I could notice, these appear to be backend issues.

It might be possible. I'll put that on the checklist and see what my options are about that idea.

>would there be a way to update the pX you can toggle on the site itself?
It's a pity that things don't get done around here on a whim like that, because I'm not the one in the decisionmaking position to make site-end changes. That would be something for the admins to handle. Though until then, I can probably get the script to modify your cookies to turn native pX off on it's own.

efchan /site/
File 1341661082724.jpg - ( )
72 No. 72 [View]
>> No. 3780

File 139759739665.png - (0.97MB , 745x720 , 3-102.png )
155378 No. 155378 [View] [Last 50 posts]
I would like to pursue modship on a strict campaign platform of anime girls, funposting, and anti-furfaggotry. But to do it, I need your support. With your help, we can take a bleak today and turn it into a brighter tomorrow. All you have to do is post a THANK YOU MEINFLANK in this thread.
61 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 155769
>> No. 155770
File 139788847806.jpg - (425.84KB , 667x667 , BB Hood 11.jpg )
>> No. 155771
File 139788849543.jpg - (47.52KB , 316x516 , shirt.jpg )
mfw the furry thinks it is people

Equestria Daily

File 132855544548.jpg - (84.38KB , 767x777 , Inky_Pie Happy Detext 2.jpg )
88 No. 88 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Metal...all kinds...

Listening to ambient and drone, atm.
479 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 20652
File 139744593331.png - (4.12KB , 297x329 , 1.png )
Since the thread is dead, here is a link to the bandcamp of my Black Metal project. Everything that is up are demos I made all by myself in my room with barley anything to work with, so they are shit. I have better equipment now and a whole band so future material won't suck.


I'll also include a TRV KVLT picture of myself.
>> No. 20664
>> No. 20672
  A black metal cover of Current 93's cover of Lucifer Over London. It's p cool.

No. 128883 [View] [Last 50 posts]

As everyone should know by now, Equestria Daily has gone almost exclusively to short bullet-point reviews, except in cases where only a small number of items need to be corrected for posting. I enjoy giving longer reviews, but can no longer do so through Equestria Daily, so I will post them here. I will only do so for stories that in my estimation would have passed the old automoon system; others will get only the bullet-point treatment in the email.

This thread is only for the authors in question and me. They are free to ask questions or ask me to remove their reviews from the thread for any reason. For any other traffic, I will ask a mod to delete it. General questions about Equestria Daily or the pre-reading process should be posted here:

Note that I won't give an exhaustive list of errors; I'll provide a representative list of the types of problems I find and leave it to the author to scour his story for the rest.

To avoid repeating myself, I'll post a few of the more common discussion topics up here; your review may refer you to one or more of these.

Dash and hyphen use:
Hyphens are reserved for stuttering and hyphenated words. Please use a proper dash otherwise. They can be the em dash (Alt+0151) with no spaces around it or en dash (Alt+0150) surrounded by spaces. Some usage (primarily American) employs only the em dash, while other usage (primarily British) employs an em dash for cutoffs and an en dash for asides. It doesn't matter which system an author uses, as long as he is consistent.
166 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130175

I don't really see the issue with Scoot's aunt as piling on. It's not in addition to her inability to fly. It's the root cause. We are drilling down past the obvious and moving into her true motivations. She can't fly because she's got all this mental baggage weighing her down, and this is the baggage.

Now, having said that, I'm sure I can find a way to do it that is more satisfying. You are certainly correct that Luna should take a stronger stance in some direction regarding that revelation. I'll be revisiting it in a few weeks and I'll work on that.
>> No. 130176
It's possibly not piling on if you give it a reason for being there, but you hadn't made that connection before, so it felt more like being there for the sake of being there. Neither Scootaloo nor Luna alleged any sort of causation. If Luna's not going to bring it up, then it'll take some thought as to why she doesn't or why it never occurs to her. If this kind of anxiety has this result, Scootaloo certainly can't be the first pegasus who's ever experienced it. And be careful wandering into orphaned/abused Scootaloo. It's a cliched enough thing that you have to get it just right, or it does little more than induce an eye roll.
>> No. 130197
Note that this list is not comprehensive. I picked out a few examples of each kind of error or problem I found. Of course, not everything is a black-and-white issue; this is not a list of things you have to fix, but take each under advisement.

There's no inherent comparison for the simile here, as velvet doesn't have to be dark.

>She looks up with a feeling of unease.//
There are times you can get away with this, but right here at the beginning of the story is somewhere you need to forge a connection with the reader. Read the section on show versus tell at the top of this thread.

>Where is the herd?//
This has a nicer sound to it, but technically a group of ponies is a string. I wouldn't blame you for ignoring that.

>Where is.. is... the thing.//

File 139567965101.gif - (0.96MB , 1356x803 , 381506__safe_twilight+sparkle_princess+celestia_spike_animated_parody_upvotes+galore_rain_philom.gif )
453314 No. 453314 [View] [Last 50 posts]

A new beginning? Or simply resuming a very old show you'd forgotten you paused? Time shall tell friends old and new.

Welcome, to the General OOC!

>Begin one time intro

First of all, hello again and hello for the first time to those who have never seen this thread before. I once made a promise that I wouldn't let this thread die. A promise I promptly turned around and didn't keep. I said that every day I would come here and post a new question or idea to keep things going. I was foolish to push for the change that I did. It resulted in some damage that can never be undone, I know this. And for that, I am sorry. I hope that with this I can start taking the first steps to maybe repairing some of what I did. Without further ado, let's move on to the meat of the thread.

>End one time intro.

440 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 454100
File 139788392594.png - (0.97MB , 1024x1448 , commision___diamond_tiara_and_silver_spoon_by_gashiboka-d6x17j1.png )
Sup bitches?
>> No. 454101
File 139788531317.jpg - (156.23KB , 800x600 , 88125__UNOPT__discord_reaction-image.jpg )
>> No. 454102
File 139788544056.jpg - (804.92KB , 1394x1684 , 1387466347_wolfjedisamuel_ms_ryhme_all_the_time.jpg )

File 139734473753.png - (971.20KB , 723x1024 , large.png )
36753625 No. 36753625 Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
Making this now to inform the people who don't know it yet, there is no episode today since there was a marathon going on for Littlest Pet Shop's season 2 finale. So there was a break between Testing Testing, 1, 2, 3 and this episode.

Also, this is actually episode 418 because it was pushed back for production reasons.

The next episode is Trade Ya by Scott Sonneborn.

The synopsis for this episode is, "The Mane 6 are excited to be joining Spike on his trip to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange, where they plan to find themselves some new treasures, but a series of events causes their plans to unravel and their friendships to be tested."

This episode airs Saturday, April 19th at 10:30 AM EST/ 7:30 AM PST.
175 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36754660
File 139787989019.png - (143.31KB , 1140x1024 , bustin' out the bored dash.png )
>> No. 36754661
File 139788050467.gif - (286.72KB , 550x400 , img-2492021-1-593662__safe_solo_rainbow dash_animated_dashabetes_testing testing 1-dash-2-dash-3.gif )

Look, I'm just trying to say we shouldn't make this place unenjoyable for each other. Marimo disagrees with you: that's okay, he's just trying to discuss why you feel that way.

lets not lash out at each other.

>> No. 36754664
File 139788494405.png - (270.20KB , 840x473 , 132263656094.png )

File 139399449439.jpg - (1.38MB , 2988x3003 , 100_9195.jpg )
20447 No. 20447 [View]
26 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 20659
  Punk died and it keeps dying.
Shit is like a pheonix.
Forever rising.
>> No. 20670
File 139784355975.jpg - (49.61KB , 688x415 , wutang.jpg )
>Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with.
>Beautiful almost brought a tear to me eye. But when was it best? A lot of it is shit nowadays.

>> No. 20671
Eh, it's a genre that's still thriving.

I'm gonna side with thatguy on this one:>>20659

Punk won't exist like we knew it, and maybe that's for the best. But punk will never stay dead. Always rising homey, we're always rising.

File 139775930746.jpg - (25.68KB , 346x229 , amfm8eT.jpg )
131343 No. 131343 [View]
By next summer do you think we'll have more variety in terms of PS4 games? I've always mostly played JRPGs and platformers on PS consoles.
3 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 131349
Knack and FFXIV are on the system right now.
Killzone is pretty good for multi and Second Son for a week or two.
Then all that indie game goodness. Mercenary Kings this week and Octodad is free next week I believe.

But lets be honest TC, you're still in your teens and this is the first time you could actually get a console at launch?
Spoiler; all console launches are like this.
You can't expect 200 games at launch but I actually have 24 which is a pretty good amount. I have/could have maybe completed about seven or so of them already.
>> No. 131355

Isn't IV a MMO?
>> No. 131356
Yea, plus that other part that got dropped from the name of the genre because it's usually implied; MMORPG.

File 139771924720.jpg - (112.97KB , 605x609 , no_applejack.jpg )
36754299 No. 36754299 [View]
Not in show universe, but I mean to hasbro as vehicles to sell toys.

Walking down the MLP section of the toy aisle shopping (for others), I can't help but notice that AJ and Rarity are almost nowhere to be found. Except in Mane six sets, AJ and Rarity almost never seem to make the covers of MLP items.

It seems to always default to RD, Pinkie and twilight, and then fluttershy if she's lucky. It just seems like Hasbro doesn't consider AJ and Rarity marketable compared to their other Ponies. HELL, Applejack didn't even make it into the Mcdonalds happy meals, while Vinyl, a NON mane six pony, did.

I also almost want to say there's a Wings bias in how marketable a character is, with Pinkie getting a pass only due to being pink and a "girly" pony.
24 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36754612

>> No. 36754649

so why is Rainbow on the front here, shouldn't it be twilight there as the mane character?
>> No. 36754663
Because Rainbow Rocks.

File 139622624559.png - (169.96KB , 333x551 , celestia tea.png )
127922 No. 127922 Stickied [View]
For a while now, the idea of retiring the NSFW tag has been bouncing around. At one time it was used quite a lot, leading many to come together in support of the feature when this idea was proposed by community members in the past, but its use has waned over the years. In the past 30 days, only two pictures have been posted with the NSFW tag, >>127564 and >>127701, and neither image really warranted its use (though one of them is currently set as my phone's wallpaper ❤).

Based on this data, we'd like to officially announce its removal, as a way to streamline the rules, and make things simpler for newcomers. If there's no major opposition by any /art/isans, it will be retired for good this upcoming weekend.
18 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 128013
File 139787592284.png - (848.77KB , 923x865 , planning.png )
>> No. 128014
File 139787594507.png - (523.31KB , 900x810 , Raaainbooows.png )
>> No. 128015
File 139787599405.png - (649.94KB , 1920x1536 , recovery_by_facelessjr-d61mlat.png )

File 139733641142.gif - (0.97MB , 500x250 , Happy Mask Man.gif )
131292 No. 131292 [View]
Let's here your deeper profound thoughts on various games.
8 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 131320
I dunno about the Tarzan thing, but the shipwreck and wedding invite I can believe.
>> No. 131326
File 139761009092.jpg - (24.81KB , 435x459 , hatup.jpg )
The bushes in the original NES Super Mario bros. are just clouds that are feeling green and had to lie down so as not to feel so sick.
>> No. 131354
File 139787221445.png - (33.91KB , 284x262 , doomtar.png )
Doom is really the story of a mad dog postal worker who finally flipped and bat shit insane somewhere. All the demons are in his head as well as the space bases and hell locations, and he's really just gunning for innocent people, police, soldiers, and Colorado children at hangars, bases, schools, and the South (On account of all the guns he manages to find laying around).

File 137815865562.png - (15.11KB , 596x303 , trots logo.png )
442098 No. 442098 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Ask/invite #Canon: Trotswood #Semi-serious #OOC #Unicorn Master Race

Hello, and welcome to the Trotswood RP. Now, we are an Ask/Invite RP, meaning we need one thing from you, before you RP in the thread. All we need, is a short (Or long if you want), application. Now, we don’t need anything to extensive. Just Blood type, history of medical procedures, three signed letters of recommendation, and the head of Crawmerax a brief history, including any combat, skills, how they found the town, and anything else you’d like to include.

Please, we don’t mind if you use sign up sheets from other canons, but we don’t use stats, so please leave them off. Here in Trotswood, if you want combat, we suggest you talk with the one you’re fighting about what system to use. Some of us like rolls, others like honor systems, and some of us like stat based. Talk about it before you fight, to prevent an unhappy mix up.

Now, as for applications, we’ve gone over what we need, but there are a few extra guidelines. Just some basic, common sense and canon specific rules that will help us streamline the application process, and get you approved faster.

>No Humans (We’re “Show Canon” in that way. Please keep to races found in the show. However, Hybrids of show races are welcome in many cases.)
>Direct crossovers are discouraged. However, if the application sheet seems solid, there is a chance you’ll be passed, and approved.
>Please be proper with your power. We’re not going to reject you, if you’re a god, provided you’re not “Supergod The Bes Around”.

And that’s it. Once you have an application, long or short, simply post it in this thread, and the OP, and a team of “Half OPs”.
200 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 453582
lol, you're still welcome regardless!

Just remember to post them here when you get 'em dun o3o
>> No. 454017
I was never here.
>> No. 454099
Explain this game to me. I'm looking for a survival RPG but also a village builder kinda thing because I like community. Will this fit the bill? If not, explain the game to me.

File 134004406937.jpg - (447.43KB , 791x1144 , resized_for_FIM (4).jpg )
109123 No. 109123 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hello everypony,

I come here seeking feedback: critique, constructive criticism, encouragement and ideas.

I have been practicing pony drawings for about three weeks now and, as in that time I seemingly cannot put my tablet pen down and stop drawing, a record of my progress and attempts can be seen on this tumblr: http://askpeppermintypony.tumblr.com

I will start my posting with the three latest sketch batches I have done and go from there.

Image one of four
142 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 127019
File 138828661319.jpg - (1.20MB , 2328x3115 , flutterbatsketch.jpg )
Flutterbat sketch. I just had to.
>> No. 127829
This threads always been useful over the years.
>> No. 128003
File 139787036935.png - (361.95KB , 1280x1810 , resized-version-twi-back.png )
I post far too sparingly.

File 139784063530.jpg - (647.89KB , 741x1000 , Afternoon_Brush_by_extvia.jpg )
155744 No. 155744 [View]
I propose that we rename Ponychan to Furrychan because all ponies are a subset of the furry fandom! I propose that Mein should be dubbed head lover of furries and that this event should be televised worldwide and be in the newspapers, so that his mom can be proud of his furcomplishment. In usual ponychan fashion, if I don't get my way I will keep screaming louder about it and making everyone's lives difficult until I do get what I want, even if other people don't want it, and barring that I will recruit Zamoonda to my cause and execute his greatest cu d'etat yet!

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 10:05

6 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 155756
File 139785339045.gif - (964.27KB , 384x216 , tumblr_mzxbgvQ11V1qzopomo1_400 (1).gif )
I googled
>> No. 155758
File 139786613487.png - (95.54KB , 264x296 , Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 6_21_11 PM.png )
>> No. 155762
File 139786915498.jpg - (290.20KB , 1920x1080 , Initiating First Strike.jpg )
Pretty sure there's mlp likers out there besides myself who don't identify with furries. So no.

File 137390653160.jpg - (108.85KB , 960x640 , 136211750087.jpg )
924834 No. 924834 [View] [Last 50 posts]
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>> No. 945871
File 139780650687.jpg - (65.40KB , 579x600 , hnnnng.jpg )
>> No. 945872
File 139780775733.png - (222.24KB , 448x391 , froder_bugins.png )
>> No. 945875
File 139786912938.png - (1.19MB , 1024x768 , lord.png )

File 134901642915.png - (336.00KB , 640x480 , 168583 - artist denialistragic egghead rainbow_dash.png )
121064 No. 121064 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Collection #Discussion

Here is a thread for people to post their recommendations so new people can get a general picture of the highlights of fiction in the fandom, or for people to ask for recommendations.

1.) No self-promotion, your work should stand for itself and make others want to refer to it.
2.) Provide tags and some small additional information for people to know what they are heading into.

1.) Do post on this thread and promoted works that deserve the attention.
2.) If you see people asking for recommendations, direct them here and ask them to delete their thread.

That is all.
164 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 130194
> But I like to believe that this is because he really cares for the series and wants to see it do better than what it has done.

You forgot this part.

If I made a mistake and chose the wrong words, then that is my problem. But I hope that you aren't seeing things that aren't there.
>> No. 130195
File 139786827220.jpg - (62.94KB , 469x700 , sage_flower.jpg )
> wants to see it do better than what it has done.


Not too much you can do to avoid it. Not everyone is going to take the same reading from anything, but I hope you can see how it comes across that way.
It's the combination of ideas that the show needs to be better (which is a sound subjective statement), and that Nyx is interesting enough to have a universe to expand upon (also subjective).

I'm trying not to cut into your original post entirely, because you have a reasonable subjective opinion, and I haven't investigated Reality Check in detail.
If my opinion gets involved, I think I'll have to avoid him personally, but that's because I really am not a fan of single character driven monologues, Nyx, HiE, fanfic parodies, Nyx, or Nyx.
Your mileage may vary.
>> No. 130196
Oddly enough, in that case, it is in the Nyx universe that he gives Spike an epic sized Crowning Moment of Awesome.

If that isn't enough, then you might like his Alicorn Saga that starts with Parting Words. In that, instead of Twilight going Alicorn, it's the whole Mane Six. And it doesn't stop there.

File 138656241387.png - (149.64KB , 900x753 , applejack shuu color plano.png )
126874 No. 126874 [View]
applejack as Shuu
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>> No. 127920
File 139745884144.jpg - (942.12KB , 2911x2550 , Imagen (27).jpg )
not really pony related.

but smite related.

the old Basted summited by the new Bastet
>> No. 127992
File 139759966948.png - (1.28MB , 2647x2012 , bastets.png )
plain colors
>> No. 128002
Oh hey, I didn't know you were an artist.

Just today I got a crazy idea that Sweetie Belle should be painted up like an easter egg.

...Just a suggestion ;)

File 132624854821.png - (314.75KB , 1471x2001 , still_mine_by_kurokaji11-d4b8tw8.png )
673885 No. 673885 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Seems something bad happened and alot of /pic/ threads were wiped. So here is the new FlutterDash archive.

I'll be dumping pix over the next few days to rebuild things.
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>> No. 945694
File 139769337791.png - (190.36KB , 1024x765 , 568514__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_shipping_blushing_lesbian_love+heart_flutterdash_artist-col.png )
>> No. 945865
File 139777527500.png - (379.76KB , 1300x800 , pegasi___by_milkii_ways-d79b8v1.png )
>> No. 945874
File 139786010013.png - (228.91KB , 900x758 , 570413__safe_rainbow+dash_fluttershy_shipping_lesbian_eyes+closed_flutterdash_artist-colon-ciela.png )

File 139785971325.png - (8.95KB , 167x111 , iconz.png )
127998 No. 127998 [View]
#Digital #Vectors


This thing features the slightly modified GIF of Snoop Dogg with one of the MLP: EG songs that was also "modified" (Please oh please stop throwing grenades at me D:)

..Let's just say i was bored and i did it just 4 Schadenfreude
(And yes, i am the "animator")

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 15:22

File 136794010039.jpg - (115.66KB , 1171x683 , image.jpg )
128023 No. 128023 [View] [Last 50 posts]

Last edited at Sun, May 19th, 2013 08:43

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>> No. 132269
File 139700701303.jpg - (330.13KB , 1814x863 , image.jpg )
Many pony items for sale:
http://www.ebay.com/sch/djpon3/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= New items listed.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 9th, 2014 22:25

>> No. 132288
File 139723432673.jpg - (390.87KB , 958x1230 , image.jpg )
For sale 1 day only:http://www.ebay.com/itm/111324250674?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
>> No. 132346
File 139785564502.jpg - (482.84KB , 1098x1304 , image.jpg )
For sale:http://www.ebay.com/itm/111329925335?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

File 135295351298.jpg - (1.83MB , 2748x3664 , 101_0342.jpg )
122305 No. 122305 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hey, I posted here a while back and have come up with some new items that I wanted to share. I have been making some mlp inspired jewelry and small cosplay/display props and just thought I would share: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/SGalindoDesign/1/1/48486//

I am also on Pinterest and would love to pin some more handmade OOAK pony epicness to my Everything Pony board, so post your favorite pony products, art, cosplay etc. that I can Pin so everypony can enjoy :) http://pinterest.com/sgalindodesign/everything-pony/
169 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 131392
She looks wonderful! Nice job :D
>> No. 132343
File 139777714183.jpg - (391.47KB , 1200x1600 , 2014-04-16 19_33_45.jpg )
Just finished My Little Michonne custom :3 http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/9044786
>> No. 132345
Question for pony merch sellers/makers and pony customizers: Where do you sell your merch? I have been selling my custom ponies on Artfire, since I already sell other items I make there; I have been thinking about switching just my pony customs to my Etsy shop instead though to see if I might get more traffic? I have more luck overall and it is cheaper to sell on Artfire, but since I just sold my last item in my Etsy shop (instead of re uploading the items that expired) I thought I might try out the pony customs there? Thoughts or suggestions? I also sell my customs at a local comic shop, but I don't think that they are in a good location to be seen (bottom shelf :/) I don't want to say something, but it isn't my store and I don't want to come off as a bitch >_<;

Last edited at Fri, Apr 18th, 2014 12:03

File 136633069440.png - (625.89KB , 1920x1080 , commission__incoming__by_zutheskunk-d60k9r5-Wallpaper.png )
121351 No. 121351 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Ka-BONG! That will teach Pollux to mess with Surprise. All she wanted to do was bring you guys Thread #11.

This thread is a continuation of the ponyfied version of the Table-Top RPG called Savage Worlds and the custom-made RPG: Fallout: Equestria. In addition, we talk about League of Legends since a lot of our members also play the game.

Thread #10 can be found at: http://www.ponychan.net/chan/g/res/113516.html

Related Information:
Savage Worlds
Friendship is Savage Rules: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/078/c/4/the_savage_world_of_mlp_fim_revised_by_giftkrieg23-d4t6rfc.pdf
Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition: http://www.studio2publishing.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=3454 (We can provide a copy if you aren't able to afford it)
Friendship is Savage Character Sheets: http://giftkrieg23.deviantart.com/#/d5664ni
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>> No. 131289
The board is so slow it can't 404
>> No. 131350
File 139779820588.png - (1.14MB , 1910x997 , new-champ.png )
Champion? More like MANpion.
>> No. 131352
I know right :o
Is this the manly support that was rumored to come out?

File 137825262078.png - (2.11MB , 1280x1024 , o gigante voltou a dormir.png )
167598 No. 167598 [View]
Thread Brasileira Edição No. 3!

Antiga thread: >>143691

Vamos seguir a tradição de criar uma thread brasileira por ano, que tal? Vamos lá, aproveitem a board.

- Season 4 de MLP vai sair em Novembro.
- Se não me engano, a dublagem HUE HUE BR de Equestria Girls está em andamento.
- Rarity é a melhor pônei.

>Coisas a tratar
27 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 171050
Vi falar que esse ano, os ovos de Páscoa devem vir com estojo de maquiagem ao invés de pôneis. Pena.
>> No. 171149
File 139653482703.png - (60.24KB , 360x360 , DJ-+-Boo.png )
Não sou brasileiro, mas morei lá por dois anos, então…

Eu vi alguns episódios em português quando estava lá… não foi tão ruim. A dublagem deu certo.
>> No. 171440
É, eles acertaram na maioria da vozes. Nas músicas é que a coisa complica mais.

File 136370412407.jpg - (113.57KB , 550x574 , Stolen_in_Belgium_by_jlof.jpg )
17512 No. 17512 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Cant find the electronic general with the Search /vinyl/ threads button or google, so i maek new if thats okay with jew

Post all Electronic music

Space ambient
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>> No. 20657
  How about some nuerofunk?
>> No. 20663
>> No. 20669

File 134263864001.png - (71.14KB , 800x607 , AJ and Turkish flag.png )
135893 No. 135893 [View]
You know what I wanna see? I wanna see if there are any other Turkish bronies in here. Come on, show yourselves if you're out there!

Neyi ogrenmek istiyorum biliyor musunuz? Burada benim disimda Turk brony olup olmadigini. Eger buradaysaniz, gosterin kendinizi!
21 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 163278
File 136572213292.png - (205.97KB , 600x500 , escape_from_clopstone_asylum_by_hellarmy-d5qv5gl.png )
Gazi Koşusu'nun videosunu arıyordum buraya geldim! (yerseniz)
>> No. 163322
File 136587926368.jpg - (5.42KB , 248x203 , images (2).jpg )
I know a bit of Turkish, ama kendimi değilim.
>> No. 171437
File 139781901572.gif - (22.41KB , 110x100 , spoiler.gif )

File new_-500x281.png - ( , new_.png )
1397814082 No. 1397814082 [View]
FYI Television has again expanded their synopsis a little further than Zap2it. “Equestria Games” is written by Dave Polsky and airs on May 3. With the Equestria Games just around the corner, Spike is thrilled to be selected to light the opening day torch, until his nerves get the best of him; Spike takes drastic […]

File 139673876433.jpg - (655.44KB , 1238x929 , your-argument-is-invalid-because-potato.jpg )
77667 No. 77667 [View]
The first thing that I'd like to note here is that what I am referring to as "pseudoscience" here is not directly aimed at pseudoscientific per se, but at something that is broader yet narrower.
Pseudoscience, in my book, should be understood as wild claims, either untestable, made up, or in any way neglecting the basics of scientific method of investigation. Fighting against claims that pseudoscientific phenomena should be treated equally with phenomena backed up with actual evidence would make sense for many, but in this discussion I want to address only the ideas which should be considered dangerous when it comes to pseudoscientific propaganda and/or data manipulation.

There are obvious branches of pseudoscience that are very common, often cringeworthy, such as UFOlogy, creationism or astrology, but they are usually mostly or even completely harmless. We can argue with people supporting them for fun, but personally I don't see anything directly wrong in believing in such stuff.
Things get complicated when beliefs in myths can indeed be harmful for the believers and their environment, both indirectly and directly.
Anti-vaccination movements, which basically kill people and significantly lower herd immunity
Anti-GMO propaganda, which greatly contributes to hunger in 3rd world countries.
Organic farming activists, whose ideology leads to less efficient and thus unecological growth,
Natural medicine organizations, which lead people away from drugs that help them with health problems
The list can go on.
But it is not my goal to make the list of harmful ideas. My goal is to find a good way to get through to people who follow such ideas. We could laugh in their faces and feel superior, but that would change nothing. The biggest problem is that pseudoscientific solutions usually are supported by huge lists of miracles provided by the idea X, which seem very compelling. Plus, they usually attack the established solutions as outdated, toxic and otherwise evil (usually the arguments regard government and pharmaceutical conspiracies). On the other hand, we have the solutions brought by science. Backed up by observations, rigorously tested and proven
9 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 77717
Yeah, learning the types of logical fallacies is very important and useful. Though I also noticed that they usually just make the opponent angry. Those who consider inviting pseudoscience into logical reasoning tend to think of themselves as "open-minded" and putting them into the logical fallacy basket gets them piiiiiiissed.
>> No. 77719
The irony, of course, is that pseudoscience is actually less open-minded than regular science.
>> No. 77720
lets vaccinate our children thanks

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