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Well she does have wings in that music video so you already win :P
But you won't win my bet lol

/rp/「Actually Link」

/gala/Mag'sy !HEREsy.DzU

/pony/EquestriaGuy !1DerpyVA.6
Keep this shit up, like you always, do, and you'll be fucking filtered. I filtered Dulset and Flutershutter, and I'll filter you just as quick.

edit: neutron stars are ultra dense, dead stars. it was a comment amount the amount o

/pony/EquestriaGuy !1DerpyVA.6
ya man, you can like it all you want, I won't begrudge you for it, unlike Mr Passive Aggressive up here who uses his "I'm a token foreigner, so I can constantly act like an asshole and everyone will ignore it and pretend it

/ooc/Lil Brixie
I havent rp'd in so long

/int/moidock !!L3ZTR3MwEx
Con gusto.

Adicionalmente, Hasbro sigue liberando videos musicales de Equestria Girls. Dos de los videos con dosis saludables de Sunset Shimmer:

/meta/★ StarMane ☀
Saikar, I haven't seen you in fooor ever...

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Wee wee

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What a shame!

Short on time? #

Here's the long and short of it:

  • Act like an adult, and use your common sense so that we don't have to use ours.
  • Keep the porn and racy stuff out – there are plenty of other places to find it (e.g. Canterlot Underground).
  • Have some regard for the living, breathing people on the other side of the screen.
  • If you feel a mod decision is in error, please contact us either through our IRC Client, or via email.
  • Don't post malicious links.
  • Twilight Sparkle is best pony.

For specifics, read on:

Legal #

  • Do not use this website for planning or conducting any activities which violate United States law.
  • Do not post or discuss anything sexually or grotesquely obscene in nature, whether human or otherwise, and whether photographic or otherwise.
  • Do not discuss engaging in activity on any site which violates that respective site's rules. This includes "spamming" and "raiding".
  • By accessing this site or any data derived from or associated with this site, its brand, or its users, you assume all aspects of responsibility for the content of your posts, and the direct and indirect consequences of your actions during, after, and relating to any access of said data.
  • In using this site, you agree to follow these rules and to comply with their enforcement by the site staff.

Site Etiquette #

  • Don't spam threads or posts.
  • Don't make unnecessary drama. People are allowed to like things you don't like, and to argue against such is a waste of time here.
  • Be polite or civil if you're discussing with someone, or if you disagree with someone else. Do not insult others regardless of how much the insultment is related to the topic at hand, and respect that others have just as much right to their opinion as you do.
  • Don't discriminate. Judge people based on what they do or say, not who they are.
  • Don't purposely derail threads. Nobody likes the guy who jumps into a conversation anHEY GUYS THERE'S A PONY OUT HERE DANCING.
  • Do not maliciously impersonate others, and do not sockpuppet (#3).
  • From time to time, the staff will have to make some tough decisions regarding site policy and structure. If you have any concerns about them, have any other issue, or you just want to make a suggestion, please visit /meta/.

Bans #

Before banning, a moderator must first find the answers to the following questions:

  • Is this user ignorant of the rules?
  • Has this user broke the rules inadvertently? (By posting something they thought was okay)
  • Is this user posting with full knowledge that they are breaking the rules?
For the first, the user will be directed towards this page.
For the second, the user will receive a warning, and may be prevented from posting for up to 1 hour.
For the third, the user will be banned.

Accumulating three warnings will result in a ban, however this only stays true for a specific offense - legal, manners, advertisement, spoilers, porn or gore. Accumulating three warnings in spoilers will not result in an immediate ban in advertisement, much like three warnings in manners will not result in an immediate ban about porn. However, intentional rulebreaking will result in an immediate ban (posting content that you know you'll get banned for), regardless of warning count.

Bans can range from one second to permanent, depending on the specific mod's discretion. Ban lengths are generally determined by the severity of the offense, the number of times it has occurred and the user-in-question's attitude.

The evasion of bans is something we take very seriously and offer no lee-way on except in the most extenuating circumstances. Evading a ban is the act of using the site through either a proxy, another computer or getting a friend to type your posts word for word (short messages are allowed). Please remember that you are not allowed to evade your ban for any reason. This includes discussing your ban, even if it was placed in error. Please email the moderator who banned you - you can find their info in the Contact Us page. The name of the moderator who banned you is displayed at the bottom of your ban message. In case of a permanent ban, simply email any moderator.

Ban evasion is often dealt with as follows:

  • Strike 1 = A week is added to your ban.
  • Strike 2 = Permanently banned.

There are other ways to talk with people if you are banned on the site such as Steam, Skype, IRC or email. Please do not evade bans.

If you feel that you have been unjustly banned, please email the moderators directly as threads discussing such will be removed.

Advertising #

Advertising must be approved by an administrator or a moderator. You can contact us by email.
Advertisement in this case includes - but is not limited to - promoting:

  • A charity
  • A website
  • An activity that would require users to pay a fee
  • An item

The following boards are exempt from this rule in their specific areas as follows:

  • /art/ : Artist commissions.
  • /collab/ : Projects, but not ones that would require funding be given without proof of concept, those must still be approved by the Admin or a Moderator.
  • /merch/ : Pony related merchandise

Spoilers #

Remember to use the spoiler feature: [?]Text[/?] and hide feature:


or the "spoiler entire thread" feature to hide episode content for 48 hours after the episode in question airs. Images should be spoilered under the same circumstances by using the spoiler checkbox.
/oat/ and /pony/ can post unspoilered content as soon as the episode in question has aired.

Adult content #

This section is not meant to be comprehensive. Consider erring on the side of caution instead of trying to pick apart the language here.

When posting links to other websites, make sure that the page you link does not contain anything NSFW. (e.g: linking to a NSFW artist's profile page is fine, linking their gallery or a specific image is not.)

What's Not Okay
  • visible genitalia
  • description, allusion, or depiction of sexual acts in dialogue, text, or images
  • underage sexualization of any kind
  • impending, implied, or visual rape
  • bondage/other kinks
  • toys, aids, and devices
  • tongue play, horn play, or wing play
  • sexual fluids, defecation, excessive saliva, and breastfeeding

What's Okay
  • clothing (I feel the need to put this one here, though it's obvious the ponies are usually naked, sometimes clothes are added, such as the nurse pony pictures, to add a hint of sensuality. The things these ponies are into.... Anyways, as long as nothing is implied or the clothing reveals actual genitalia, it should be fine.)
  • kissing/hugging
  • snuggling/massaging
  • seductive intent and such
  • wingboner jokes and reactions
  • general shipping

Gory content #

What's Not Okay

  • visible organs
  • copious amounts of blood
  • overly suggestive or implied gore
  • torture/abuse
  • mutilation, even if self inflicted
  • murder/suicide

What's Okay
  • some blood
  • general creepy
  • battle wounds (that don't get too graphic)
  • accidents
  • minor injuries
  • zombies (again, don't get too graphic)