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/oat/Zeke Roa !i.FCTHULHU
>my age group

Whitley doesn't decide how the covers for the pony comics look, does he?

/rp/Dom The Bear !f1BearzjRw
Fiiine, more for me~!

>She giggles, curling up

Ow, not so hard.

>She winces a bit, what Scipio would see is that she seems to have her arm stuck in some gears, pulling her in as Ar

/vinyl/Cajun Brony (Element of Water)

/gala/Sonic FlutterYay !SpiRal/A5w
Wait, it's like actually actually TES?

> "This cover has absolutely nothing to do with the book!"

> This is said by the same writer from the pony story with 2 covers that had things that never happened in the co

Ya dijeron que Equestria Girls no será mencionada ni en la serie ni en la película del 2017.
Por los comentarios que se ven en Twitter se adivina que al staff de DHX no les agrada la idea de meter Equestria Girls en la serie, y mucho meno

/ooc/Ella !.fNJV2Jlhw
Ah ok, thanks! I'll just wait for them to come on. That way I can think of character things in the mean time.


/int/moidock !!L3ZTR3MwEx
Hacen varias referencias al fandom, al igual que el cómic.

Al decir que los cómics no son canon, me hundieron mi fragata de Sombralestia en plena altamar. :(

Aunque tampoco han dicho nada de Ecuestria Viejas, así que aún me queda mi

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