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/oat/Z̨͈͍͔̪̦̘̪̲e̪͍͕̖͠͝k̨͕̻͉̥͜͠e͚̤ R̨̼͍̹͉͟oa̸ !i.FCTHULHU
u fokkin wot m8? I'll hook ya right in the fookin gabba, I swear on me mum.
But really, isn't that a bit lewd/implying sex?

/rp/ !QuotenFhRQ
>Fossil shakes her head desperately
"You don't seem to....look! Look!"
>She fishes a hooffull of discolored sauropod photographs out of her bag
"You see th

/gala/Mag'sy !HEREsy.DzU

Anything going on in /oat/, including any new people that are oblivious to site culture and social queues, are much less toxic and difficult to put up with than the constant array of shit that you spew from your keyboard.

/ooc/Mobius One [Element of Nobility] !GMobiusDpQ
Yeah, that just about sums that all up.

Also, trying to get through enough to get to this guy over here

that game had some good area design

/chat/Pantless ninja
Hi Caterpillars, long time no see.
How are you?

One of these days....
That is not dead which can eternal lie...

/meta/Mondo !peSTIcIDes
I...think the /oat/ community is pretty okay? As far as I can tell, the site has fewer flamewars than ever before. Even Manley's threads don't spark tensions very much anymore. Sure we're not perfect, but if we're ste

yes, in one of the clips about being on a fair and walking around.

in one scene fluttershy is playing "whack a mole" twilight get this plush next to her, and she wack her by instinct, because i guess she scare her or something.

/pony/Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q
Wait, seriously??

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