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/oat/Yuuko Aioi, ruiner of lives !Ca3ZzKNVPc
there are a bunch of people all across the internet that want to make furries feel unwelcome at large because furries almost always somehow manage to prove themselves to be intensely annoying and frustrating and want to inject everything th

/gala/Zeke Roa !ska.Jj.P5I
kind of, lol. A benchmark is useless if it isn't working at all

/pony/NostalgiaSchmaltz !jdKt6Dif02
>I remember taking a look at the forums out of curiosity and they were saying stuff like it was too mean for their children to watch.

Huh, so is that why they censored "loser" out of FIM in Canada?

/rp/Avedon !vOIDLvShgU
What is it you dream of Mandy?

Wrong? I wouldn't say that. It's perfectly normal. Perfectly average. Perfectly instinctual. Hypocrisy of course. Believing in choice to only strop others of their will. Claiming to be free of sexu

Wenn der DT noch so aktiv wie früher wäre, würde ich dir zustimmen, aber bei der momentanen Aktivität ist gezielte Spaltung nicht sinnvoll.

Aber nachdem ich der Einzige bin, der diesbezüglich kehrt, ist's eh Blunzn. Einigen wir u

we must stop him

/pony/Marimo (Ultimate Miracle) !Mrb.TaRPks
Isn't this an old schedule from the Treehouse TV site? Funny enough, I don't think the parents liked this show, even when it was just season one. I remember taking a look at the forums out of curiosity and they were saying stuff l

/vinyl/DJ PON-3 !8VinyluUwY
>Wu Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with.

>Beautiful almost brought a tear to me eye. But when was it best? A lot of it is shit nowadays.


Hey guys, I found proper solutions to some of the more recent bugs. As a result, I have confirmed support for Scriptish, and Safari doesn't seem to be giving me any problems anymore either. Apparently, the main menu dropdown buttons on

/g/NeighthanGraves !!WwZ2WwZJZl
I know right :o
Is this the manly support that was rumored to come out?

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