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I get them a lot, it usually leaves me wondering if I actually experienced some sort of half-awake paralysis or if it was just a dream.

/gala/Pic Cadenza
Cuz you watch too much Youtube.

>No, my character Valentina has some~

Good to see someone proactive around on the technical side! I hope it goes well for you.

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>that pic

The nostalgia...


New sprites for Applejack and Pinkie (and a small fix to Rarity's pony.ini)


Shouldn't the RL anime girl have no lips at all and just a gash for a mouth? A tiny gash that suddenly expands to cover the whole lower half of her face when she's yelling?

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I believe Pinkie already works for the Cakes as a Baker on the side of being a Party Planner (so RD, Fluttershy and Rarity would be working in the Kitchen with her anyway); and the Cakes could say that Pinkie always eats their entry after i


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