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/oat/Time Lord !3klnXNcRlQ
>I like running into fake nerd guys, myself. It always is funny.
Ha, yeah... Once met a guy on /pony/ insisting that mythology was a male interest. Mentioned how women probably don't associate Hercules a

/rp/Mystic Bolt
"upper floor is great...let's me see the sun set and Luna's moon rise...."
she said smiling as she watched the box with hooves trailed behind me.

she chuckled and grabs the food. "I'm an Ex princess...I'v

There's a whole world of bread that I never even knew existed

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/pony/NÂș 441 !fOINzMA0KU
Oh yeah, right, everybody already hates her and I'm one of the last idiots who still cares.

Moving on.

/int/New J
tan vivos como un asilo de ancianos, con momentos de locura gracias a las drogas (cuando salen cosas nuevas y tenemos tiempo libre).

Bueno aun tenemos LoE, Horse Game y el misterioso cap 100.

>afraid I'll defame Celestia
Oh my, your Celestia outlook has improved!

/meta/Mondo !peSTIcIDes
No, I will not. I think Ponychan is the best name available to us, but it's just a name, I don't actually care.

Unless we can get horse.co.ck. 'cause that's still my vote.

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