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/oat/Eleanoré !c1vyUbY2Ww
ikr. Hopefully this gets the "Murphy's Law of Averages" rule and I wont get this much shit for a long while.

What cheers me up... hugs and jokes I guess.

Seriously though it feels like I haven't seen him for months.

That's okay, so was I.

Sounds pretty good to me, then. I really need to learn how to cook.

/rp/Avedon !Void.EuI.c
1d3 = 1

/pony/Nº441 !fOINzMA0KU
>the map can't talk to twilight and offer her council.
>Implying Perfect Sparkle needs council
>Implying they won't find a way even if she do

/pony/Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)
Hey, a map can't appear at the gala: the map can't talk to twilight and offer her council. The Map can't possibly bond with other characters, like Fluttershy and celestia did in Bird in the hoof.

Celestia extends far beyond

/g/Caterpillars !xTB7/9vPRE
Kirby Air Ride
'cause it's the best

I'd have to say bout "Super Mario World" and "Super Mario Galaxy". Both game are lots of fun, even to this day (considering the age of SMW).

Oui me pa yon moun sòt.

/ooc/Dr. Grace
Is it too late to change Grace's third tag skill from speech to survival? Also I'll probably join during/after the next event but please don't rush.

---edit line---
Okay, I can't take it. I can't stand 1/2 of Epic

very cool stuff rat, you did well

i underestimated you

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