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/oat/Chocolate-Mint Swirl !!OwZGH4ZTZ1
My Little Unspecified Mammal

Hätte sie den "Zigarillo" gewollt?

/gala/Mag'sy !HEREsy.DzU
Well, lectures over for the month


/rp/Metroid Maniac !!yyLwV3MwOz

And DBZ? How did it succeed where Naruto and Bleach fail, even though it passed on many of its problems to Naruto and Bleach?

And again, what about the five key episodes? They gave Twilight's friends significance to the S4-long stor

/pony/Marimo !Mrb.TaRPks
Because a lot more people are able to get more enjoyment of the various elements of One Piece then they dislike.

It's more than just the crew members having their own role, its the world building, the creativity, the character interac

/int/Frank !qyJ4SXDYpA
¿Y Cadence Claus para cuando?
Yo voy a pedir lo de todos los años, paz, amor y ponies para todos.

My excuse is that I have never really cared bout the issue.

/vinyl/Japko !ds5LV3EDhY
Coldplay is #1 on last.fm

/g/Dream !Reaver.GYI!!RmLzHlLwSv
Oh shush, it's not like dungeon was close to the most overpowered faction in that game, the fact that tower could hand their asses to them with a few of their units didn't mean jackshit as literally all of dungeon's units wer


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