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/oat/The Person Who Posts As Fluttershy (Element of Self-descriptive Usernames)
I suspect food poisoning, but I don't know from what. It could have just mean a nasty stomach virus.

/rp/Count Elusive III !TuneS/g3wg
>I think it's time I came clean here, I'm pretty sure everyone knows at this point, but if you don't somehow, I am the one who has been playing mysty.
>That's real

>negative K/D on a bot match

Im going to guess that it was because you weren't around when it happened.

/meta/Samonuh !3GqYIJ3Obs
How did I miss this juicy drama?

/pony/DemonioBlanco, the irritating enemy
most of the central episode of that kind of "now im your slave" episode get to the perspective of the guy which save the other guy life.

/ooc/Critical Hit
It's cool, I have quite the trouble with my internet. GearWheel can definitely vouch for that. Just post when you can, also we normally see most of our posts in the mornings in the weekends because me and GearWheel live in separate tim

/pony/EquestriaGuy !1DerpyVA.6
The episode may have started from Spike's perspective, but after the first act he becomes a problem for Applejack, and the episode transitions to her perspective. Spike isn't the central character for long, he's the set up fo

>Overall I think you were at least half trolling me by submitting this to my thread.
I will admit that Lunnas Ache was an attempt to surpass both

/int/Clarity !EGL9GiOd9k
Ja, die fahren halt auch auf Schienen und fliegen oder fahren nicht im schlimmsten Fall irgendwo hin, wo sie nicht hinsollen.


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