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/oat/[スキットルズ] !eo9VpT6VhU
That offends me, and triggers me.
Plants are living, breathing organisms.
Anypony who doesn't live by photosynthesis is scum that should die.

/rp/Ammie !e3kpSpikeM
"I'm their big sister."

/art/[スキットルズ] !eo9VpT6VhU

/art/[スキットルズ] !eo9VpT6VhU

/gala/Mag'sy !HEREsy.DzU
Ah, yeah, mech have stuff from different branches you can take for help.

IE magos biologis as medics, magos cataphractis as tank commanders, magos astra providing support abilities from the mechanicus fleets etc.

i h8 it

/pony/NostalgiaSchmaltz !jdKt6Dif02

They're all pretty much exact clones of their "pony" counterparts.

-Applejack is the straight-(wo)man.
-Rarity is the fashion-obsessed drama queen
-Fluttershy is shy
-Twilight still being her...self?
-Pinkie scre

/pony/SRS !F5/J/EPs/Y
If I may, I'd like to copy over my own idea for a "From Twilight to Sunset" scenario from elsewhere.

"A what-if story, where the branch-off from the original timeline(hereby called the Alpha Line) is where Celestia lets

/ooc/Chapter 1 !3bhlBNVK96
Before I approve, could you explain to me exactly what a Time Pony is? For example, do they have any special abilities?

>'slow' is a feature
It can be, yes, but I don't think it's suited for a chan

in that context it was more of a 'delete /pic/ plx'


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