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/oat/★Starlight !firONHideQ
I think I got it as a gift from a friend like 15 years ago or something. Doing a quick Amazon research, it looks like it was a promo giveaway from KFC in 1998.

/rp/Demo Dick !GuNsagGuEc
The first thing I need to be done is, I need 4 men to clean and delouse your brothers from the tank.
>She gestured to the two men still getting their bearing a bit.
When they are cleaned and deloused, I will

/gala/Infectious Fungi !SpORE.5peU
Man, everything was a whole lot less complicated a couple of days ago. I wanna go back.

well f-u then

/int/Frank !qyJ4SXDYpA
Under our Spell también suena bastante mal, desafinan y la letra no rima.

/pony/Nº 441 !fOINzMA0KU
Yeah, whatever, wake me up if they ever talk about Celestia.

/ooc/Over Heat
No, but i think i might use Scootaloo.

/fic/MintyRest !xMcCHESToY
> everyon has problems with their speling at some times in their life so whats is the fus

The exact 'fus' being that you are posting advertising for a contest about reading on a board on ponychan

/pony/The Scyphozoa !SCIPIOB65.
But that thread didn't inspire Moony to write battle hymn lyrics.

also i forgot to look there

/int/Fig Newton of /oat/
It's a reference
I know the proper way of saying it, that comes with learning the language, but the point is that it's funny


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