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/oat/Mewtini !ffdmeOLmQE
...uh....science experiment! Yeah, that's...that's totally why I have it. Heheh...

Anyways, dinner's ready. Funny enough, I'm having pizza tonight! I'll be back later.

/gala/Boring Melt
Dear day.
Why are you not over yet.

/rp/Metroid Maniac !!yyLwV3MwOz
...What's the point?

>so ich will gut bekommen
Careful with "bekommen" and "werden".

E.g. "Ich will besser werden."
"Im Dezember wird es kalt.

/chat/Admiral Yang Wenli

/pony/NostalgiaSchmaltz !jdKt6Dif02
Hm...apparently LPS S3 is resuming in January (FFFUUUUUUU) so perhaps FIM S5 will premiere alongside it?

Or maybe S5 is going to start 3 weeks after LPS S3 resumes, just like they did with LPS S2?

There'd better be a fucking good rea

/ooc/Sonicega !Qqfli/Wj0E

I hope they dont change the functionality to an extreme which will limit the game.

i mean, getting an amiigo figure should be an option, not a rule.

Except if it is something like a Free to play game wich use the Amiibo figure to unlock s

Hory sheit, dat nigga goes fucking hard. Flow's a bit ODB-ish.

There's a German rapper who also killed himself, but due to depression not an absurd story like with Kaliber 44.

I just wanted to post this song.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4z3gkq_gWL4
All feels ya know.


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