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/oat/☭Comrade Komrade☭ !cPUZU5OGFs
Voting? Who needs it?

/rp/Dom The Bear !f1BearzjRw
I think you did when you wer ein teh book...but if not, then I'll bring her around.

What aboot meeeee~?

/pony/Marimo !Mrb.TaRPks
Well since it's a metal frame that uses wheels to support something that is injured or disabled and let them walk around, I believe the more appropriate word you were looking for is a walker, not wheel thingy.

/pony/Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)

>Why are the black and white rhino's grey?
>starfish aren't fish
>Horseshoe crabs aren't cra

/meta/Mondo !peSTIcIDes
My guess is that someone misclicked.

/pic/aibr (Element of Physics)

/meta/John Areneston !SWAGOLYINE
To me they don't warrant deletion unless they break the rules or if there is a community upheaval. If people want it deleted, then the mods should delete it since it IS a serious discussion board. But it really isn't against the

Is this still active?

/int/Frank !qyJ4SXDYpA
Perdón que cambie de tema un momento pero me desayuno que murió Roberto Gomez Bolaños.
Adiós, querido. Alegraste mi infancia, mi adolescencia y parte de mi adultez. Y a pesar de las miles de repeticiones, nunca me cansaba de volver a ve


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