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/oat/Dream !Reaver.GYI!!RmLzHlLwSv
...And we disagree on where being civil ends and catering to the overly sensitive begins.

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/gala/EMF Crossbow Pone (Thread Pet) !.MinxyTeTI
They probably are.

But fuck summer.

/rp/Canis (The guilt master)
>I don't know any of them so go ahead. My list is

>Scythe - a young pegasi with an internship at a fashion design studio that focuses on rave culture

/art/[スキットルズ] !Y7ctWdcox2
I did originally, but some things came up that pulled me away. I've got work and other junk to do most of the week now, so I can't say for sure when I'll be able to get to those images-- but they'll be done, at some poin



thanks /chat/.


/pic/ !Glaive9Gko
In the interest of fast, easy art, I'd like to request generic pony templates.

/int/moidock !!L3ZTR3MwEx
Esa foto es de los tantos cortos que Hasbro sacó en Youtube. Son cortos y canciones independientes de la película, pero que suceden durante la misma.

/vinyl/Dr. Strangehoof !Fvt.PtNve.
Laura Olsher - Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House (Disney)


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