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thanks, that actually makes me feel better.

He did say, "maybe later"
but dangit! I don't wanna wait 1-3 years!

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From the way it's drawn, it seems like it doesn't line up correctly, or if it did, it's far too thick. There just seems to be some sort of disconnect when you look at the right leg from both sides of the left leg.

...But hey

This example might work as a case of patriarchal privilege if she can establish Young Justice was overall about as popular as Friendship Is Magic.

Speaking subjectively, it seems to me t

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>Executives don't cancel shows because they have a periphery demographic, they cancel them because they're under performing with their target audience.
It sometimes happens that even when it's

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Now, now, thats a lie. No reason to lie.
Thats a finely written character, I fussed over the numbers and everything.

I didn't make the cut.

Don't go blaming that character.

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yes. that is a part of the example, to show how I think the conversation topic is ridiculous.

so what's next? "would you date a girl broad shoulders"? "would you date a girl with lower than average eyelashes"?

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Muchas gracias colega, lamentablemente ese enlace no me funciona. De todas maneras pude bajarla de otro lado. Todos en la universidad de ciencias, y sobre todo el licenciado Chómpiras, agradecen su cooperación.

Ahora, a empaparme de Rain


I give up.


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