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I was more laughing at the 'with lots of shanks?' with 'that just wouldn't be edgy.'

Though 'lustfully' 'with lots of shanks' is pretty funny too. Pinkie Pie! I didn't realise you were into

/rp/Count Elusive !Tunez1iFqE
"You must to forgive me for not shaking your hoof, however I cannot help but notice you have insects crawling though your fur."

/gala/Wizard !GANONcSi/c

Dude, you were killing me almost all the time.

/pony/EquestriaGuy !1DerpyVA.6
the question posed to Jim directly asks if EQg delays the premieres, which is your "planification". So in no context does EQG affect FiM at all. Hell, 3 doesn't even have the same writer or director as FiM does.

/pony/Marimo !Mrb.TaRPks
Possibly waiting until the right time for when enough of season 5 is done, and perhaps waiting for what they feel is the best time for ratings to start. It is very rare for any network handling any show in the US to just spit out episodes a

/fic/MintyRest !xMcCHESToY
Well, it's kind of a run on paragraph and hard to read.
And onomatopoeia like *splat* in prose is really questionable.
fallowed by Intense heat - Combo. Misspelling and capitalization error.
And you end up repetitive really qu

Bueno, de acuerdo a lo que se ha posteado en los sitios de noticias...

- Los comics definitivamente NO forman parte de la continuidad oficial de la serie.

- No habrĂ¡ referencias a Equestria Girls durante la quinta temporada de FiM

- El

/ooc/Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q
Well alright, feel free to come back with an idea you like better, and I'll always be available to help!

What's all ?


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