"Friendship is Magic!"

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/oat/Unknownpony !UNKNOwnY.U
Don't butt me.
No sexy girl = no hugs

/rp/Dom The Bear !f1BearzjRw
>You guess? You wish I wasn't awake? QwQ

/gala/mike hawk
that's not good
at least you're a lot better now
and depression really sucks

maybe lie down and rest a bit?

glad things went well for you whatever the reason is
hopefully the happiness stays

not much really

Bist du nicht in unserer Skype Gruppe? Da wurde es besprochen.

Siehe Listenpost. Ich habe nie verheimlicht, dass ich Österreicher bin.

I found a bunch of pictures of captured Muslim terrorists and other Arabians. I best no one can guess my name. (Hint: it's not Muhammad)

wer zum fick bist du

/g/ !cpbuwI00Vo
>Really? Guess we must have had two different experiences while playing.
Well I played with pros, so go figure. Third best Wolf player in NA (dude was a dick), Bum who was the best DK player in melee (I hones

/pony/Yuuko Aioi !Ca3ZzKNVPc
far away from teh good boards (which are also not very good honestly)

/pony/Nº 441 of the Order of Solaris !fOINzMA0KU
We're just normal people, we pay our taxes one day at a time.

/meta/★Starlight Ironhoof !firONHideQ
Dammit Fen, just be straight with me!


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