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/oat/ !AudreyHUcY
No one knew but the person who posted it!


Ask my owner for permission!

No u

/int/Clarity !EGL9GiOd9k
Hallo. Ja, es muss wohl schon über ein Jahr oder so her sein, dass ich hier gepostet habe. Ich habe natürlich trotzdem ab und zu vorbeigeschaut, aber ich konnte nichts konstruktives beitrages.

Ist ja ne halbe Ewigkeit her, dass du gepostet hast. Noice, dich mal wieder hier zu sehen.

Schade, dass wir dir den DT nicht in besserer/lebendigerer Verfassung präsentieren können, aber es kehrt hier leider fast niemand mehr für Ponys,

Thanks :)

/gala/Rainy Days !RainyCDNSI
Because you're only on Part 3, and didn't seem like you'd been really been looking into the series beyond just watching the anime.

/rp/PinkieShine !GOOEYoXCAU

/chat/[Skittles] !Y7ctWdcox2
WIP update. Just about finished Rarity, and gonna move on to Flutters. I'm putting on my big boy try hard pants for your pictures, since you've been waiting.

/pony/Whatevs !b3EjYtb8HA
I did not care for the Pinkie x Luna one. Two big reasons: not funny at all and it was kind of treading the same territory as Luna Eclipsed with the same characters.

/pony/Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)
i don't feel its lost its momentum. but I do feel it needs to continuing changing to continue on: Season 4 has dramatically altered the way the show works, there's simply no "going home" again to The season 1 feel.


Worse, better and every synonym only exist in the mind. Something truly cannot become worse, or better because those are perceptions and not qualities.


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