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Its a hot-button topic here in the US.

We have a ton of isolationists who don't think the US should get involved, we have a bunch of idiots people who think that ISIS is a good thing because it can finally unite the m

True, but I should try harder next time.

Hey Noble.

Saving that pic.

The zombies are just trying to hug her. Zombies can feel empathy too!

Heehee, glad to see you in good spirits. Any plans for the evening? If not, you should take it ea

/chat/TheNoblePirate !Voodoo/C02
Making music. Every single time I try, it just turns out blah, and I scrap it, and lose more motivation of trying again in the future. It's a pretty crappy recursion.

/int/I ❤ Scamps
Drama scheint dir ja zu folgen wie dein Schatten :>
>Pharmakonzerne, Lebensmittelindustrie, self empowerment
Argumentation und Wortwahl klingen nach der Motivationsseminaristenschwemme der Nuller, evtl.

/pony/Maroon Auburn !QEUQfdPtTM
"508: Fawnder over Yonder"

This is so fake I don't even

/rp/(Actually Link)
>Tranny alien plants!

>That just raises further questions about Penny.


/int/BronieBrown !mOr3xBR0NY
>Heilung findet statt durch "self empowerment"
Also glauben sie quasi an den Placebo-Effekt und machen den als zentralen Punkt ihres Glaubens und verpacken den in einen Haufen von Nonsens und teuere

Sounds like Walgreens is pulling a Toys R Us. Remember how TRU was putting the Nightmare Moon brushable set on store shelves weeks before they began filling preorders?



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