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Well, you're free to do whatever. But if you really needed something you wouldn't go months without buying it.

/rp/Rarity !Diamond5As
"So are you excited for the upcoming Hearths Warming?"

I'm good. I finally bought the Fredbear game earlier today.

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I meant, perhaps they had to give him a mod account in order for him to view the mod boards.

I'm guessing the dev account is simply a mod account with another title.

Doesn't he have that with his current setup?

/ooc/Mobius One [Element of Nobility] !GMobiusDpQ

If that's the case then what a sellout hack fraud. ;)

/pony/Enlightened Pony Purist
She was talking about how she wished she could have been there when the ponies fulfilled their destinies - Twlight's to get a kingdom, Rarity's to get a shop in Canterlot, Rainbow Dash to become a Wonderbolt, etc.


/int/moidock !!L3ZTR3MwEx
Me encontré esto.

Aunque no soy Summerfag, estarĂ­a bonito conseguir el archivo para mandarla a imprimir en 3D.

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