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/oat/ !AndreaSlS2
Well, sometimes.

/rp/Melody !Musicf8p/Y
"Well you don't have to drink it if it's bad! I can try again!"

Ah, nice. Just one of those days I guess.
Eh, whatsit, Thursday? Sleep, eventually get up and do something, I dunno.

I'm not sure how long I can keep this up lad xD

/chat/OnionBubs !HenSHIN3fw
No the difference is that I'm saying that things like the rich fucking over the poor, racial tension, and threats of war are proof that some group running the world is doing a shitty job and they should fix that because they're in

>you see these ponies in a basket

What do you do?

What to do thread maybe with pictures?

Well, aright then. Trixie is a gifted Unicorn.

Unless the current show runners contradict Faust, she is the one with power in this situation.

/pony/Jeatz !XgzPoOaLlE!!pjATRjZGZm
Here you go. A screenshot from Lauren's Twitter.

Bumping for Mein mod

/meta/Tarrabyte.exe !DJ.HeroKP6
once in a while i drop screen shots from my wii u.
I can't any more. What do?
all it says is "Drop file here"

Punch trees; get wood.


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