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>I told how why you ARE defending parasprites,
You actually didn't...
You're just saying "Don't defend parasprites." Meanwhile, I told everypony to stop paraspriting. That's al

/gala/Mami_Tomoe !RibbonJ1pc
I'd say, I'm curious about how the two of us would mix, should be fun to watch.

They told me I could ask for any wish.
I asked for one that could provide us all with endless ammounts of laughter and tears~

Hello there Fluffy.

/rp/Dom The Bear !f1BearzjRw
Oh, well I guess I would probably miss ya, I'm not here much.....what's with that...

>Motions to her her hand

/pony/Dulset Tarn !KelpieFM3Q
I don't remember predicting any episode would be good, but they've certainly been worse than I thought.

Oh, except Simple Ways. I was really hoping that one would be passable but it sooo wasn't.

How do we bring back Elvis?

actually you have I thought...when you said they were gonna be good you still disliked it

There are significant functional changes with this version. I'm sure some of the backlash is AHHH NEW STUFF, but there have been repeated specific complaints about the way things are implemented (esp. the increasing countdown timer for

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