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As one of those who are fabled to be like that: You vastly overestimate our organisational capacities.
We already have trouble deciding where to go to dinner next, let alone that we could organise something like that... though i suppose the

/rp/Dom The Bear !f1BearzjRw
I guess it couldn't hurt so bad could it?

>She said giving a small meek smile

>Ary jumps over Val as she dives, throwing the ball! Where?



/pony/Nother Nonymous (Element of Threadkilling)
These scenes from "Ponyville Confidential" made me very happy.

So did the typewriters with two keys.

/int/Fast Squirrel[Ghost Rodent] !RRODENT69A
Un bien beau mélange, en effet.

/pony/DemonioBlanco, the irritating enemy
that is almost like the last 8 minutes

/fic/Pre-reader 63.546 !vZ.Mh9z92U
Note that this list is not necessarily comprehensive. I picked out a few examples of each kind of error or problem I found. Of course, not everything is a black-and-white issue; this is not a list of things you have to fix, but take each un

/ooc/Ella !.fNJV2Jlhw


/meta/Fen !GUARD5kv/U
Dont be silly, you must be seeing things.


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