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/pony/Marimo !Mrb.TaRPks
For EN, I think fan hater might be a better fit. Or whatever you would call someone who says he thinks the fanbase wants the show to abandon its positive themes, kill off most of the characters, be all about fighting, and promote racist mes

/oat/Steam Twist (Element of Jediism)
So if you were to have chocolate cake with Pinkie Pie, do you think her friends would join in to? :3

If so, for how long?

/gala/Aura !riolugP1jA
Nice. What's the job?

Hey Shoky. What was the test for?

/rp/The Canterlot Municipal Area !TZTzSdblvY
"{Necessity. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a samurai in this cesspit? Have you seen what has become of the people of my kingdom?}"

The old man, naturally, responds in flawless Ibexian. Though his diction i

/chat/Neo !dDE/GESO9Q
you are dedicated but you are not even trying at this point /thread

/pony/Fluttershutter !vBKzsttvbU

I don't think you're using that word correctly, considering I am, and I assume EN is, a fan of the show, while a hatedom hates a work.



/int/Frank !qyJ4SXDYpA
Aclaro que no me molesta que Sunset sea buena pero me choca un poco la transición tan rápida. Ojalá que en la hipotética serie nos cuenten un poco mejor como se adapta y las demás le enseñan a ser buena persona.
El final estuvo bueno,

Remember making this image? I'm wondering if you've update the data and wanted to remake the image


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