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/g/Mondo !peSTIcIDes
I was just playing Diablo III a day or so ago. It's gotten pretty fun since the various fixes, but I still prefer a lot of things about Diablo II. Path of Exile's sphere grid is super tight, but I've only gotten to maybe le

what are you supposed to even discuss on that board? i dont get it, like, fucking horseback riding or something. idk.


/oat/♀ アノニマス ♀
Bloody lies.

<a href="http://levitra.reviews">levitra online</a>

Dear sheltered PonyChan distant betheren. This is an /mlp/ RP. I'm not sure who posted this, but I should inform you that the group of people you would end up playing with are adults and this would be an adult RP.

That isn't to

/gala/EMF Crossbow Pone (Thread Pet) !.MinxyTeTI
>I'm gonna violate you!
My body is ready~

But... heh. Sounds fun.

/g/The great and powerful Trilby
I'm a huge fan of games with mechanics similar to Diablo's formula.

Does anypony here still play Diablo 3, 2, 1?

Which did you like best personally and why?

Are there any alternative Diablo-esque games you play, like Path of Ex


levetra [levitra.reviews]


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