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/pony/EquestriaGuy !1DerpyVA.6
lmaobuttons, Fluttershines gave her shitty Discord lamp away.

Standing by for obligatory Marimo picture, and him chiding me for not linking it myself.

/oat/ÆtherKnite !IZSpArkLeY
Comparing you to Chris-chan is the harshest thing on the planet, not even I would do that to you.
The closest thing to him is the godawful drawings.

/meta/Tp Lee !mZdy5Y4vuk
Yeah, they probably wouldn't read it and get mad about being "banned"

I think so too

Last edited at Wed, Apr 16th, 2014 17:48

That would actually be fucking hilarious. Do it.

/gala/RarijackWINS !EuLuvCoco2
That's carrot top
>sai stalking my tumblr
>not even reading my tags
>that's the only tag on that post


you've seen my stuff

/rp/Avedon !vOIDLvShgU

>Sounds decent to me.

/pony/SilPhx (The Element of Metavirus) !4kN7DOjDUo
Characters that have grown on me:
Applejack: Talk about underrated. However, the worst part of her underrated status doesn't come from the fandom, it comes from the creative staff. They seem far too willing to keep her wi

/ooc/Rainbow Crash !HellionPms
Because part of me doesn't care about reactions.

o-oops... sorry...

but now i know where i can post

/pic/Hatsune Miku !BAKAy0uwfc


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