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Now she's alone in there talking to herself.

/gala/Coco (Asus)

It's a generic 90s cartoon, nothing more, nothing less.

explain the bias, please

>I suppose that a gender identity is not a real thing if you're talking about anything outside of transgendered people.

how about people who do not identify with a gender identity or identify as not hav

Well no it can be done, wouldn't necessarily be a good idea, but hey, what do I know, I'm just a cat with an opinion. Though if you want want more detail on my opinion it is that the idea is that you plan to ignore a big climax. W

/meta/Sam den Rena En ♀

/rp/The Old Man !TZTzSdblvY
"Alright. You have a great night, girl."

And then, just as quickly as the conversation, it ends; with the click of the phone being shut, he leaves you to your own devices, for better or for worse.

/meta/Sam den Rena En ♀

/int/I ❤ Scamps
Habe Unbekannten mit Dashie-Shirt in Wien 21 getroffen und kurz geplaudert. Ohne Fedora, athletisch und kein Arschberger.
Fazit: 5/5 würde wieder Worte wechseln. R.I.P meine Vorurteile ;_;

Unterhalb dieser dicken Schicht an Propaganda und


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