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Guess it's not bad then. I don't know why I had this idea that you were horribly underweight.
Memory overwrite in progress.

/gala/CmdrBrony !FcmdrOpVoM

Time for work. G'day, all.

/rp/DerpleDerp[Element of New OS] !fvwgrOj.Po
=> Greenhoers: Greet newcomer.

At the counter, there is a small horse.
The small horse--roughly waist-high to such an average, ordinary human as yourself--waves a hoof at you. Its wings flutter a bit. Yes, it has wings. And it's fo

/pony/aibr (Element of Physics)
I freaking love this movie. That is all. I'm don't write that well after I have taken alcohol (I make so many mistakes, is annoying), so I leave it in that.

Awesome movie, and ironically one reason is that as Twilight fan it was

/pic/aibr (Element of Physics)

/pony/Time Lord !3klnXNcRlQ
I thought the leather pants thing was more about making antagonists sexy, but TV tropes does say victimised too, so okay.

>And that's what "strip them of their dignity" means to me. Rape. I'm so

/ooc/-Ranger L.- !dV/Slh8uZg
Apologies for not being on lately. Still unsure of when I should throw Ranger in.

/pic/aibr (Element of Physics)


Gas. Bitte.


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