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Depends on the budget, naturally.

Generally, I think doubling how much was spent is considered good.

Breaking even isn't good, neither making less money than what was spent (of course).

/oat/Mein !Ryuuko.T1.
I'm usually to bed by 2 or 3. If I work a morning it's the worst because I get up at 6 and I rarely adjust my bedtime accordingly for it. Most days I'll be up by 10 or 11. And I'll often wake up at 9 and just lay there t

/gala/Indy !625stdGBv6
Bitch tits

/rp/Dom The Bear !f1BearzjRw
"Hehe." He looked down at his drink for a moment, then gives a small shrug and drank. Dom let out a sigh as he sat the glass down, feeling much more relaxed and warm then he had when they first came into his apartment. His ear gav

Currently languishing in Applejack's wood-fetish sex dungeon. Oh, sorry, confusing canon for my fanfics again.

/meta/Quinch !J2QQQQQQQQ
I can live with that.

/merch/DemonioBlanco, the Left-Handed
i will say nay.

but mostly because i dont like mcdonalds toys anyway.

they are ugly for me.

and lets add the little fact that i dislike EQG with my heart.

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/pony/DemonioBlanco, the Left-Handed
if it make you feel better.

i think if sombra came back on some form.
it could still do good stuff.

unlike making sunset a villain again will be stupid on unimaginable proportions

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/meta/Detective Pinkie D. Pie !Im9SILLYXo
>we merge with Neopets!
Fund it, Fenolio.


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