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Apples and oranges.

/oat/Moony !ALoveyoutM
is the horseshoe not on the other hoof though? Is the perpetuation of ideas and humor which literally keeps other people down so that you can have your laugh not the ultimate expression of selfishness?

i am not suggesting that all offense

I'm not trying to talk about the fight scene. I'm talking about the five key episodes that preceded the S4 finale, and how they gave significance to the Mane Five in the season-long story-arc, despite their mixed reactions.

/gala/TheNoblePirate !Voodoo/C02

/rp/Ammie !e3kpSpikeM
>How about their medical condition?

"...Hey Daddy?" asks Tesla, nuzzling against you.

"How're you a dragon anyhow?"

/chat/Dream !Reaver.GYI!!RmLzHlLwSv
Same reason i dislike fat people in way too skimpy clothes and likewise things.
Not interested in trying.


/meta/Moony !ALoveyoutM
If it's a non-pony board, then it should be called that, as it actually, and literally was called until it was changed -again- back to the topic we had previously agreed was improper.

i don't think it is obligatory at all. Obliga




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