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/oat/CPU Nepgear !DESU/dTf9A
Join Starfleet, and become captain of the Enterprise!

/chat/Vince McMahon !ssCENAbRWw
Well alright.

/gala/Tangerine Cookie !pJuOfripPc
Belly rubs?


Why not?

Literally, "New 3DS" and "New 3DS XL" were announced. They are a Gameboy Color/DSi refresh of the 3DS.

/rp/Metroid Maniac !!yyLwV3MwOz
...She likes you, I guess?

/meta/Admiral Yang Wenli
It hasn't happened to me yet, has it?

/ooc/Nimble Wing (Element of Flight) !SonicFbkn.
Hmm... I think I'll start off by giving you a second approval. I didn't realize you'd gone this long with just one.

But our RPs are held on this site's /rp/ board, which you can find a link to up on the top of th

/meta/Nimble Wing (Element of Flight) !SonicFbkn.
Well, that's a difficult one to answer. As it stands, my main RP has been kinda fighting to stay above the water for a while, and so we've been trying to work to bring it back into full swing again. That's been difficult enou

my GL account is hellbond

Topkek, gegen so eine Heisltruppe musst du auch erst mal ausscheiden. Wenn ich mir im Park spontan 11 Hobbyspieler zusammensuche, besiegen die Helsinki.

I think some of the characters will not be revealed even after the game comes out.

just so people could look to some surprise in the game.
until they read it on the internet


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