"Friendship is Magic!"

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Pretty nice, played some basketball and football with my brother and his friends

How about you?

/gala/Eshbaal !ddHyS.61fU
Oh no! Your affection is affectioning my affection! Affection off!

>zips up

Yeah, when a project is that personal, it's usually just plain the respectful thing to do. There are of course times when you

/rp/ !QuotenFhRQ
"Well, I'm glad for you! You planning on going out again?"

>She blinks in confusion
"B-b-but you were....I saw you! W-we talked!"

/pony/Opal !PAxevL3ims
Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season >Bloom and Gloom > One Bad Apple> Daring Don't (kicking kittens in the face is not okay dude)

Liked the new ep. surreal and good characterization but it was a little predictable but thats r

/pony/Opal !PAxevL3ims
the sombra one is still god tier > at least he was hot and the art was nice > invented rap music are you kidding me

/g/Cajun Brony (Element of Water)
The last gaming system you played is now your phantasmal significant other.
Steam counts as PC

Ok. So finally downloaded Black Flag. It's a small thing, but the captions are capitalized really weird.

/ooc/Epic Mount !Hero.tYu2g
I have said that I wanted to play to give a character of mine a try out, a test drive, as in to see how it goes.
That doesn't mean I'm being half@$$ of Epic's character as a ghoul.
As Gear said we go up a volcano, do stuff a

Oui me pa yon moun sòt.

very cool stuff rat, you did well

i underestimated you


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