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/pony/Fluttershutter !vBKzsttvbU
Yeah, not a fan of Korra to be honest, the characters never gripped me.

I do like vidya, but I have a huge backlog of such.

Seems like a spontaneous suggestion, any reason you brought it up?

/oat/Mikie Pie !piNKiEPie.
i HATE adagio dazzle!

/pony/DemonioBlanco on la negra
you are going somewhere with that raft?

/rp/Annie Lee !BeaststCkI
My hero~! *lick*

Oh dude, we haven't talked in a while yeah.
You got Skype? I don't think I have you.

/gala/EMF Crossbow Pone (Thread Pet) !.MinxyTeTI
Basically. I need my dosage upping. 10mg worked at first, but...



/chat/cottagèchees !W48S2eY4nU
okay so since I find this thread annoying what kinda stuff do you not like that I should spam OP?

social justice?
fat people?
and since I wanna give you what you deserve it's only logical that it be some

>collecting a folder of 200+ spaghetti pics

Godspeed on your mission, soldier!
Make us proud!


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